If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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I can't stop staring at your...


FLOWER! Yes, flower! >_>

Damn those ninjas.

Get out, End. You don't belong here, you belong in the Russian mountain forests!

Sorry but not even this will make me get a PSVita[1]
She is the lass from Gravity Rush, right?
Also curse you FirstToStrike I wanted to make a bad pun about End.

[1] Not that there's anything wrong with it, besides the price @_@

Why do people keep bringing swords into bed today? And yeah, that's Kat from Gravity Rush.

The price is more than worth it with those games and PS+ freebies.
In my opinion.

My iPod! D:
It's gonna fly off and break dang it!

I evolve them all into Espeons! Every single one of them!




Eh you don't have a knife behind you, do you?
@VanQQish: Well sure probably, but I don't have cash to spend on that kind of thing, not if I want to eat anyway...
If I could I'd have ALL of the consoles.

Please to not link to Fapop. PLEASE.

Ooh, an action figure!

O_o You are going to cast a curse on me, aren't you?
@Haily: Fix'd, sorry I just linked the first thing I found -_-'

Nice view. City doesn't look bad either. :D

Uhhhhh, is there an issue?

Broken link.

I can tell that guy is liked by both genders.

I hope you're legal. Otherwise I'm very happy.

Huh, what's this soft thing?...


Oh shit. D-:

Are you... feeling okay?

Nope, she's perfectly all right! That smile is just perfect you see...

Broken link.


Ummm... someone stuck tape to your hat!

Please wake up. Was I that bad?

I'm allergic to fur! *sneeze*

Why are you hurt?

:o you play? let's jam...<.<

Why do you have two ta- oh, those are ribbons.

Rock on indeed. :P

Abe!? I.... uh... I'm not sure how to feel about this.. what's with that pose!? Are you trying to be sexy for me!? But uh... as badass as you are, I don't swing that way... want some Brew?

You are a funny one! Both of you.

Bene. :3 Provided that axe isn't meant for me anyway. 0_0

Why do you two not have arms?

Your eyes are beautiful.

You seem to be having some alien anatomy issues. I'll let you sort those our on your own.

I am ok with this.

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