If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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The hell is up with your cat?

Why are your parents here as well O_o

I'm very ok with this.

I'm also okay with this.

I am NOT okay with that!

I'm not okay with this either.

Still nope!

.. I hope we didn't sleep together, else I think I'll be going to jail..



Wait, did we sleep together?


(Your image is broken so I'll respond to the next one above) When I asked for a waterbed, this isn't what I had in mind. Also, did someone glue your fingers together?

AAAAAAAAAAAAH! COW! Wait, how'd you get here anyway?

Not sure if legal or not. :/

I hope this one isn't broken...

Oh my god hotness I wanna BANG you! Egoraptor is awesome. :3

Captcha: more better

...That is not correct grammar Captcha! >:O


*looks at time* Huh...so I guess that makes you my valentine, eh? Me gusta. :3

I think she has less clothing on than I do >.>

As long as you don't explode me, I'm a happy guy!

She seems very interested in that dandelion.

Uhh...you've got something on your...umm...you know what, never mind.


I like apples, how did you know?

I feel like I wont the lottery.

Edit: You dirty little Ninja!
OT: Aw, she's still asleep. Now to escape before the cops come. *flees*

Oooh, she's a fun one... (don't take that literally, I'd be in jail if she was human I bet xD)

Oh my, Mio!? Were you this bold!? W-wanna do something lewd?

Oh, uh, um, uh. I'm sorry? Pwease don't hurt me. Pwease. I'll just step far, far away...

I can't stop staring at your...


FLOWER! Yes, flower! >_>

Damn those ninjas.

Get out, End. You don't belong here, you belong in the Russian mountain forests!

Sorry but not even this will make me get a PSVita[1]
She is the lass from Gravity Rush, right?
Also curse you FirstToStrike I wanted to make a bad pun about End.

[1] Not that there's anything wrong with it, besides the price @_@

Why do people keep bringing swords into bed today? And yeah, that's Kat from Gravity Rush.

The price is more than worth it with those games and PS+ freebies.
In my opinion.

My iPod! D:
It's gonna fly off and break dang it!

I evolve them all into Espeons! Every single one of them!




Eh you don't have a knife behind you, do you?
@VanQQish: Well sure probably, but I don't have cash to spend on that kind of thing, not if I want to eat anyway...
If I could I'd have ALL of the consoles.

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