If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Huh? I'm in the future? sweet


WTF o_O'?!

*paws around for shotgun*


As long as the police don't get here until after I manage to crawl out from between them, I should be fine.

oh shit! I'm inside Hatoful boyfriend?!
I would like to say before I go on, I have never played this VN, I read a cracked article about it. Seriously! its right here:
I don't want to be judged for knowing this


Uh what are you all doing in my bed?

The hell.

That's...a little unnerving...

The difference between you and me fight now is that I'm the one actually looking through a sniper scope.

sorry dude you have to leave

I think I have some laxative in the bathroom. Please don't follow me down there.

Go away, please.

No picture, no person, no love, no emotion. I hope you're happy about your c-c-c-combo breaker.


Oh shit!

Who's this douchebag?

why did you sleep with a suit on?

10 points if you know who she is

Who cares about the points? All I care about is my dignity. To that end...

*pulls out shotgun*

Who are you people and why are you holding soup? This seems like its about to go in an odd direction

At first I was satisfied, then he showed up from nowhere and yelled "2!"

Zerochan should never be used here.

Zerochan should never be used here.

So it doesen´t work, eh? Lesson learned then. Thanks for the information :-)

OT: Can I make a song request for some Pendulum?

0_0 Meep.

They didn't enhance you where it mattered did they, GTFO!

Never liked anything to do with Alice.

teach me how to do the fire thing!

You again!?

...Can I have a bite? :3


...fine, as long as Dr Roxo doesn't follow you

Oh Hai Henry Rollins! big fan of Black Flag... and love your social commentary work...<.<

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