The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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a dime

lets se, to my left... a stuffed dragon...Yeah, I'm dead.

An Argos catalog. Sorta heavy, could possibly do damage. Spine of it is pretty stiff. Not exactly durable though. Overall I'm screwed but if I can make it to nearby police station I can get more weapons.

I've thought about this to hard haven't I?

My freshly cleaned hunting rifle, SKS-AK with banana clip, stripper clips, 10X scope, and flash suppresser.

Oh, and a swedish stress sqeeze dool.

A flimsy plastic bag of organic chocolate covered almonds.

Yeah, I'm screwed.

Don't worry dude I got your back, just hold the stress doll for me. And pass the almonds ya stingy bastard.

oh wait, i just checked, the sign is pointing to your avatar!

I have a chess piece from Pirates if the Caribbean chess set(Specifically the Bishop which is also will turner.)

Anyone else think i'm screwed?

A leather Belt.

Well, shit.

To the left of me is my game shelf..i like to keep a small hidden knife in the wooden box of "Far Cry 2 Collectors Edition" so yay i'm gonna live!

The cap from a Saxby's ginger beer bottle. It has fairly sharp edges for a bottle cap. Maybe if I flattened it out, I could turn it into a tiny frisby of death?

a small torch and a ps3 controller what the hell am i meant to do with these


Wow did you just make this thread because you have a fucking Rambo knife near you?

Anyways, my desk is a mess so I have alot of useless shit, except for some scissors.

A bowl smeared with crusty chocolate cake from 3 days ago...

Happy Hunting!!

My keyboard... I just have a question... What is a weapon apocalypse? I think you mean like zombie apocalypse or something...

A printer. Well i guess as long as it doesn't run out of paper i can just make paper airoplanes to throw at them. Lets see (ruffle) 16 sheets, well that'll last at least a minute

An empty glass.

I guess im not TOTALLY screwed, as I can just smash it over the enemies head and use the sharp glass as a last resort lunge-stab-stab-stab weapon.

I wish I had something better though...

A hardback copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix.
And some wicked sunglasses. Bring it on!

Sharpened pencil?
I can work with that.

A wall.

I may be the most screwed of all posters here.

A tea cup... Not as screwed as one may be lead to believe. I direct you to the Chronicles of Riddick.

I am always ready for a thread like this. To my left is a medieval shortsword and to my right is a homemade, thick, wooden shield.


A Canon EOS 400D with a battery grip and a Sigma 50mm F1.4 lens... 1.2kg of plastic, metal and glass... could be worse.

B.C. Rich Warlock Bass guitar. This is going to be a fucking awesome apocalypse.

First object on my left... a box filled with random computr cables, some Jolly Ranchers and a pack of vitamin tablets >.>
Not entirely useles, but no good as a weapon.

The closest thing on my left that COULD be used as a weapon... is my lamp...
Still screwed >.< I keep my knife on my right side -.-

A pillow. A nice soft pillow. I could smother someone with it I guess. Of course, if it's a zombie apocalypse, I could always throw it at their feet and hope they trip over it. Also, I could find some ladies and hope they have a sexy pillow fight with it.

A Wacom Tablet


Or maybe stab some people with the pen....

I'm currently wearing a Smith and Wesson M&Pc 9mm on my left hip, so I'm going with that. Headshots do double damage.

Blanket... umm parachute to safety? Yeah I'm fucked.

My cane. Hmm...well, at least it has some weapon properties...

A black bin bag filled with cuddly toys. I'd hate to be the other guy.

my Blackberry. At least I can Bbm people before I die...

A 2 inch locking knife. Let me stick 'em!

Well, on the downside, its a book.
On the upside, its a copy of Ulysses, so its pretty thick.
I could hit someone with it, or just stun them with confusion be reading passages aloud.
Also I could user it as a shield, since its thick enough to stop any short blade.

To the left of me I have a small 12 inch knife, I think I'll be SOL, however, on every other wall and in every other direction, I have a 2 compound bows, a cross bow and a wide array of swords (bit of a collector). But to my left...just a small knife (that isn't even that sharp). oh wait I have a Nintendo DSi too!

A wii-remote attached to a nunchuck with a Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles sticker skin.

Matches though, right? right?! *nervous laughter*

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