The above user should never...

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Never say Justin Bieber is better than Kurt Cobain at a Nirvana fanclub.

Never say that Justin Beiber is good around me. I will ground you into meth and smoke you!

shouldn't have bit fish

should not google blue waffle

should not google manly berserk hentai.

should not google their own name + the Hedgehog

Should not look up Harlequin baby...

Should never change their username

Should never disappear for ages


Should never have missed me...

*Has been in the RP forums a lot and only lurks in a single post in Forum Games.*

Should never abandon the forum games...

Should never have thought that I would abandon my favorite past time.

Never give a rottweiler a slab of meat with the intent of taking it back...

Should never ever run for Mayor of Impotenceville.

Should eat 3 year old chocolate that has been in a heated room for all that time...

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