The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to destroy twinkies!

Wishes to be that guy.

Wishes to be all the guys!

Wishes to see everything at all times.

Wishes to destroy the very fabric of time for his own nefarious needs!

Wishes to turn into a lamp.

Wishes to rule over all lamps!

Wishes to convert all lamps to lamp posts! D:

Wishes for a secret wish.

Wishes for a public wish.

Wishes for less toast.

Wishes to be taken off the record

Wishes to steal all the records! D:

Wishes sell all of the records on Ebay.

Wishes to have their mind unbroken

KFC. He's been lying to us for months!

Wishes to join my traveling nautical rap crew!

Wishes to have the greatest rap battle in history.

Wishes to rap battle Vlad.

Wishes to go to a rap battle.

Wishes to battle a Toad from Mario.

Wishes to ride a Yoshi!

Wishes to ride off into the sunset.

For another good long talk.

For a substantially long and productive talk.

For the legendary Golden Bagel.

For badges with cool effects.

For emoticons to shout their feelings.

Secretly wishes to hug an emoticon.

For badges with cool effects.

Make that more badges with cool effects and yes I would.

OT: Secretly wishes to know the current Black Knight.

For a 90 decree perspective shift.

For a complete 360 degrees shift.

For a blue spider.

For meat vision...

Bacon whenever I want it? Fuck yes!

OT: Wishes to become rich and famous without knowing how he did so.

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