Rate the song above you!

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6/10... it kind of sucked at the start... and by the end I still didn;t like the singing or lyrics... but it certainly picked up instrumentally...<.<

Pretty good, liked the guitar, but everything else kind of bled together for me.


While I liked the electronic melody it's by itself far too boring for me. The singing also doesn't provide much, with some of the segments seemingly completely decoupled from the beat. Especially unfortunate, since her voice, while somehow reminiscent of pop-songs, has kind of an interesting tone to it that contrasts well with the song in general...

How about some more jazzy rock?

Not my cup of tea but it's not bad. It's sound too samey throughout. Reminds me of one of those bands you would see Phillip Schofield introduce on This Morning.

The most badass song on a kids cartoon - you agree?

It's cool for a kid's show, but otherwise... it's eh...

6/10. A solid track, but far from the best of the Persona universe

9/10 That was awesome.

Down Under - Men At Work


Damn. That's just mean. I was basically conditioned throughout my whole childhood to like this song by thousands and thousands of hours of listening to those bloody radio stations (or the one I listened to, anyway) playing this song over and over and over again - until I practically knew every inch of it. And you know what's worse? I bloody love it! It's ungodly catchy and I even found myself doing a karaoke of that particular song a month or so ago. And considering I can't sing and can't stand karaoke....that's saying something...at the very least about the amount of booze I had >_>

How about one of my favourites, a song that I could perhaps describe as "post-rock" meets violin with a shot of Simon-and-Garfunkel? Whole album is free by the way...

4/10, decent, but kind of boring, and it didn't hold my interest for the whole 11 minutes.


The song was fine, but nothing really stood out about it. (The video on the other hand was pretty well animated. lolflash.)


Good, but the drum is a little bit repetitive

7.5/10 Now I don't really get into the heavier Ramstien (And you'll probably hate me for comparing them)like bands but that was probably the best "That type of music" I've heard. Still I'm yet to get into the heavier metal.

Guess who gets to see these guys and so many more folk acts tomorrow?
Yeah it is me.

6/10, pretty good. Not a big fan of them though.


I'm actually a fan of this band. Love the vocals.


Powerful song. Especially the beginning utilizes that great beat it has very well. Unfortunately it relies a bit too much on it as well as the refrain until the bridge at around 2:50 kicks in and that only lasts about a minute. Fortunately the refrain comes back only for perhaps 30 seconds and the part starting at 4:00 really works wonders to close the song and makes it a bit more varied overall. Definitely an enjoyable experience - second listen already has me a little bit hooked.

How about I try to give a link this time, such that I can share some songs that GEMA doesn't allow me to view on Youtube? This one featuring a rather well known rock-band using an acoustic guitar.

EDIT: Those Ninjas!


Love the laidback feel to the song. The song is extremely catchy and I'm on my third playthough at time of posting.


On the one hand, the vocals just suck. On the other, I love the instrumental soundtrack to the BlazBlue Games and also this track. But more importantly it's the song to fucking Bang Shishigami, pretty much the most ridiculous character in that series (with Taokaka of course) so the vocals and the lyrics are bloody fun if you know him. So either that would get the song an 8 if I take those vocals purely as harmless fun, but a 4 if I take them as an integral part of the song - the instrumental version is just vastly superior.

How about something slow but evil?

3/10. Sorry, not my kind of metal.


The song does capture the creepy feel of this game pretty well. (basing its creepiness on its name and some opinions of people who've played it) But the song itself kind of falls flat. I was kind of straining myself to listen to the second iteration of the loop.

And now, a song we ALL know. (I think...)

9/10, one of my favorite MCR songs.

2/10 My friend Elias loves those guys... I don;t... instrumentals are just your usual pseudo metal stuff, with only the drums really standing out... and the vocals were just abysmal, just hurt listening to them... nothign but angst ridden self absorbed squealing...<.<

I really started to like it around the 3:30 mark when it got a little funkier. I could take or leave the bit before though.

8/10, that was quite funny.


Pretty good, but I felt the screams were more forced than natural. They didn't fit in that well with the rest of the song. Other than that, enjoyed.

Now, let's slow it down a bit...

7/10. Love the hyperactive drums. Also love how much it sounds like a Capcom fighting game.

It didn't really feel like there was very much passion behind what the singer was singing. He felt very apathetic, but this genre is not really my thing. You should probably take what I say with a grain of salt.


Nice and calming with really good vocals.

6/10 nice and relaxing rhythm. It does get a tad repetitive but I like it.


Ooookay, that was weird...

What!?! Blocked in Amurica! Dirty European socialists...

Seriously though, 8/10. It's pretty awesome.

7/10, that was very good. I haven't heard Bright Eyes since I was a freshman in high school.


It reminds me too much of being frustrated in a tony hawk game trying to collect something stupid... Sorry, I've been pavloved into disliking it.

3/10. No offense at all to you sir, but I really don't enjoy this kind of thing, what I consider "radio metal". Sounds a hell of a lot like Slipknot.

1/10... equal parts cheesy and aggressively melodramatic... there's just nothing good about it... the instrumentals switch frantically back and forth between, eveything that I hate about 80's music, and everything that I hate about hardcore pseudo metal...and I didn't mind the screaming at first, mostly because it was the kind of incomprehensible drug induced screeches that I like, but the more it went on the more he tried the screaming, "Technique" which kills any amount of charm it might've had, which was very little from the start... and I'm still stuck wondering why the Wizard was playing in the background... but either way, it was really, really bad... not even aggressively bad, it was just insulting... and I'm not even sure why...


Demon Days is a bloody brilliant album. While Oh Green World is not the best song on that album I really like those scratchy electronica sounds , the almost experimental use of effects contrasting with that persistent rhythm. It has direction without being too experimental yet manages to surprise more often than not. Very good song.

How about grindcore....among other things....?

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