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10/10. I adore ADTR. This is arguably one of my favourite songs thye've done, and it was really interesting to actually watch the video for once. c:

Nice, catchy bridge melody.


Slow start, but pretty good once the vocalist comes in. I like him a lot.


Sort of meandered and didn't go anywhere for me. : (


Not much of a grunge fan.

4/10. I find it hard to listen to those kind of video game tracks alone.


I always prefer the darker Death metal screaming over the more high-pitched usual metal-core screamo-stuff - in this case it sounds good enough and gives the song some character. Unfortunately, it really lacks anything interesting elsewhere and the quiet core parts clash with the violent screaming parts too much for my tastes.


That was a pretty good mash up. Sounds like it would have taken a while to mix.

I did listen to it after I saw the ninja but forgot to change the rating. XP
It was clever and cute.
Reminded me of Tenacious D.

Haha no worries, just wanted to spread the beardy goodness around.


The music wasn't too bad but his voice, my god, his voice, sounds terrible. It could just be the fact that my laptop's speakers aren't the best but he doesn't sound good.

P.S sorry if it's a favourite band of yours or you really like the song, I just don't like his voice.

4/10 I've always found the Beastie Boys to just be really bland and boring. Just not really listenable for me...


I think that just gave me a headache. Singing is okay but everything in the background just clashes so horribly with itself and the vocals that my brain feels like it was just put into a blender and removed through my nose.

9/10 Fortunately I've always loved the Zanarkand soundtrack, unfortunately there was a certain part in there where whoever was playing just stated pressing all the piano keys and it kinda ruined the mood of the whole thing...


Much better. Enjoyably lively. Its chaotic nature gets a bit annoying at times but mostly meshes well with the theme and enhances the song to a good degree.

5/10, while not that bad, just a little boring. It's just hard to listen to these songs on their own. I'm sure it'd be better if I was playing the actual game.

2/10 Not my style.

Toxicity is permanently ingrained in my DNA since middle school, even if I don;t listen to them that much anymore.
Though not one of my favorites from that album.

6.5/10. That was...umm...a change of pace? I guess? It's wasn't bad or anything, and it was interesting but...um...

Someone please just call 911 already
it was okay

5/10, while it wasn't bad, the song drug on waaaaay too long.


Would have been nice without all that unnecessary screaming.

Surprisingly decent. At the first buildup I was thinking "Oh great, here comes the too soon cliche big chorus."

But no that was a pretty nice little pop song. :)

5/10 I don't know about that one. It was just a bit forgettable for me. Had to go back and listen again.

7/10 I like classic Sabbath but not as much as I used to.


I'm not too much of a fan of the metal bands of old - it's a little bit too gritty in terms of sound and I don't particularly enjoy the kind of singing they usually employ. This song, however, has a really nice almost progressive feel to it, with a very persistent, calm and clean rhythm which provides a nice backbone to the singing. While I still don't enjoy it too much I really don't mind I also don't mind the singing too much here. The only thing I actually do mind is that it's about two or three minutes too long for my tastes.

That was very very nice.

3/10. INXS hasn't been good since Michael Hutchence died.

I really don't know what to say about this one...It really didn't have any defining sound or interesting parts, it was just fairly boring and unimaginative for most of the song 4/10


6/10. It's not a bad song, but I just never cared for Elvis.


6/10 It was alright, nothing really stood out with the song at all.

This is an Anamanaguchi track.

Heh that reminded me of Ape escape for some reason.
It's pretty good ambient techno; not to repetitive and never to thick in the sound.

This has been stuck in my head for no good reason.

It was just....really goddamn catchy..There isn't too much to say about it other than it's a fun little song and I enjoyed listening to it :D 8/10



Well that was cool. Haven't seen the movie yet but after someone in this thread already posted a song I listened to the soundtrack a few times - and damn is it good. Not only do I finally know where a lot of tunes I recall from somewhere actually originate (or at least they got featured there) but it's also catchy and uplifting as fuck. This song doesn't deviate much from that formula: it's not as catchy as the other songs but that lively atmosphere still works wonders...

Kürsch just always knows how to write lyrics and songs in such a way that they transport an epic story without coming across as either too pretentious or too inane....

@Chrom: ;_; /10. Blind Guardian makes me cry. Not a fan of speed metal, but leave it to the Germans to make it freaking beautiful.

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