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2/10. I really don't like indie music. It's all just so boring.

While it wasn't my usual cup of tea, I found myself tapping my foot and really quite enjoying it ^_^ 7/10


3/10. As a Faith No More fan, I can't say I enjoyed it.

It was a journey, a fun one. I appreciated all the changes, but overall it doesn't seem quite coherent enough for me.
Still enjoyed this though.

5/10 Alright song, but the synth felt rather flat and monotonous.

NICEE!!!! It had such good feeling and so much life to it, I really liked that :D 8.5/10



The Blunderbuss album is pretty good altogether and I especially like how he always manages to do something considerably different with each song - that, however, doesn't mean I particularly like all of them. This one, for instance, has a lot of character and breathes liveliness but it sounds far too generic and bland throughout for my tastes.

3/10. What's the point in going through six different genres if you're not really good at any of them? Points for ambition though

4/10 Has a nice bassline and jangly guitar, but it ultimately just feels like they wrote one solid verse and thought fuck it that'll do, in lieu of writing an actual full length song.

Epic metal.
Not my bag at all.
The music under the growls and drums seemed pretty good but I couldn't really hear a lot of it fully. The Solo was probably the best part of the song.

5/10. I have no strong feelings one way or another.

4/10... well that was lame... I guess it wasn't outright bad... it's just your typical whiny annoying emo rock, with a singer that sounds like a botched attempt at a castrtoto... and lyrics that are just over the top, mellow dramatic, and self indulgent to the point of alienation, to anyone that isn't whoever it is that wrote the lyrics... everything else was just typical, at best... and annoying at worst, like that opening guitar riff... though, most of the time just devoid of creativity... so, yeah, that kinda sucked...<.<

Really on a Built to Spill binge lately...<.<

5/10. Not bad, but not great. Pretty boring.

Man that guy straddled the line between an intentionally loose flow and almost just being off time.
Haven't heard anything quite like that, so thanks. : )

Very interesting sound wasn't really my thing though. This song just makes me think of a song I would hear in a medieval Irish tavern. :P

7.5/10 Can totally see the appeal but not for me.

7/10 Hmm.. interesting, yet not enough for me to really like it.

7.5/10. I never cared much for Muse, but I really liked that song.

2/10 Really bad... Just note what I said for the last song, you posted, just add a bit about how bad annoying screamo is...<.<

I do not like it, there for it is bad.

(I actually like Modest Mouse and I'd give it a 6/10, but maybe ease up just a bit on the personal attack-ish tone? It's souring the mood here a bit.) ; )

4/10. It's the type of metal I don't really like (aka almost all metal), but that album cover is fantastic.

6/10. I liked the music, but the vocals really brought this song down.

7.5/10. Admittedly, I've been out of the metal scene for awhile, but I've heard a few songs from Underoath before. I've grown accustomed to more growls and less clean vocals. But I genuinely enjoyed that. ^_^

Now for a massive departure:

9.10 That was terrifying. It sounded so unbelievably immense I couldn't even believe it. I can't say I like classical enough to listen to it again, but it was really goddamn good


I don't really listen to that stuff but I had no complaints.
8/10 :)

6/10 ... Mellow chords and occasionally nice melody, but the vocals seem hard to listen and at times unsuited to the audio.


Well on one hand it's too long and it's pretty unspectacular altogether. The last 3 minutes for instance are needless baggage - there's no need to drag it out so long while the song fades out. On the other, I think it works really well as an ambient song at the start and the lively dance-y parts successfully turn this song into a much more faceted and enjoyable experience with time. I might look for more there....

6.5/10 That was quite catchy, I wasn't fond of the chorus or the vocalist, but the melody in between was nice and upbeat.

Not much of a sountrack/orchestra guy but I found some parts interesting.
Good moments.

Ooo, I really didn't expect to like that as much as I did. I didn't like the vocals when they came in, but they quickly grew on me. by the end I was really liking it :D 8.10


5/10. I like Hugh Laurie as an actor, but his music isn't that great.

@TheFunPolice Yeah, that vocal effect fits great with the song. That whole album is full of different sounds!

OT: I really disliked the last 20 seconds of vocals. I'm not big into that whole genre, and I really hate breakdowns. Also don't really like heavy into happy sounding.
But I'll give 5/10

I shall continue with more!

9/10 I really liked that! :D It was consistent, I enjoyed the lyrics and the tune quickly became soothing in it's own way.

1:29 for happiness (To me...at least)

Wow, that was interesting. It's name seems to perfectly describe the sound!

I hope 7 minutes isn't too long. There's just too many long songs I want to share. :c

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