the ^ < V game

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^And let them play among the stars.

< Wants to see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

V In other words, hold my hand.

^ *holds his hand*

< Is listening to Paramore for the first time in.. quite a long time.

v Has recently rediscovered a band they used to love.

^ Not really.

< Is going to clean up his room soon.

v Doesn't need to.

^ Wrong, but I can't clean up my room because I have no room to put anything.
< Ran out of shelf space for manga and have nowhere to put my sister's old laptop, which I brought back with me.
v Has plenty of space.

^ Ha! Yeah right.

< Kind of bored.

V Likes sleeping in.

^ Wrong, actually.. I just can't do it.

< Is actually really tired right now.

v Is thinking about going to bed.

^ Not for a few more hours.

< Needs to eat something.

V Has/had a garden.

^ Just because I'm Mexican that doesn't mean I'm a gardener! >:O
< Ain't good with plants, besides eating them of course.
v Isn't racist like Fiji
I'm just joking.

^ is totaly wrong. I am incredibly racist
< hates all you people with your visible heads and such. Makes me sick
V Will have a witty retort.

^ Make me.

< Blarg.

V Knows who I am.

^ Sort of. Not really.
< ...I don't really know anyone on here.
V Feeling good for some reason.

^ eh...
< feels good for helping a friend, but still confused about many things.
V Opensaysme!

^ Make me >: (
< Can cook stuff :D
v Can't cook stuff : (

^ It's not that I can't, its that it isn't very good.
< Doesn't cook often
V will make me a sammich.

^ Make your own friggin' sandwich.
< Is not NoOne852's personal chef.
V Is the one from my dreams.

^ Definitely.

< Doesn't want to go to work tomorrow.

v Has plans for Valentine's Day.

^ Nope!

< Is fine with it.

V Has sang karaoke before.

^ Yup, and I was really bad.

< Has nearly finished her cappuccino. D:

v Has had breakfast today!

^ Yes, 18 hours ago.

< Might go get something to eat.

V Will bring me foooooooooooooooood

^ No. These are my mini cinnamon thingies.

< Isn't up at 7 in the morning very often.

V Has an alarm clock.

^ I do.
< But I don't use it unless I need to get up before 10.
V Wants to bake something with me.

^ Yus, especially if they're cupcakes!

< Is drinking orange juice.

v Wants to do the Caramelldansen para para dance with me.

^ Hell yeah!

< Is now dancing

V Who else will join me?

^ Maybe?

< Dislikes having to use his phone to access the internet.

V Will pay my internet bill so that I don't have to worry about it.

^ sorry, I am broke.
< wishes he had money so he could get Gary's Mod
V will buy Gary's Mod for me...?

^ Sorry, spent my gaming money on Nino No Kuni. :/

< Is a cheap bastard.

V Is overly generous.

^ Yar.
< Conference call!!!
V Like OP anything.

^ What?
< I don't get it.
V Understands it.

^ sorry, but swing and a miss
< should be a TF2 character due to his love of hats
V Has a closet full of them and will share their collection with me!

^ No. I don't own any.
< Don't wear hats.
v Seldom wears hats.

^ True, I have limited it to specific occasions until I get more variety.
< Doesn't have many hats :( (I do have an awesome top hat though)
V Doesn't want to talk about hats anymore.

^ They are OK but not great conversation pieces unless they look completely ridiculous.
< Will talk about shoes instead, I prefer gigantic steel tipped boots over anything else.
v What kind of shoes do you wear?

^ Usually skate-style shoes... which is awkward since I don't skate.
< These shits are COMFY though.
V Wears things for style over comfort.

^ Nope. If that were true I wouldn't be wearing the same shoes for the last couple of years.

< Just woke up.

V Has a really funny shirt.

^ I have nothing BUT really funny shirts. Makes job interviews awkward.

< Just had a job interview.

V Has at least one warning in the forum health bar.

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