the ^ < V game

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^ Nope.

< Taking a small break from New Vegas.

V Reads web comics and such.

^ Yeah. Mainly Antics.
< Not caught up with most web comics.
v Reads Unsounded.

^ Never heard of it.

< Is extremely behind on most of the web comics he used to read. Will probably never catch up on most of them.

V Ate lunch today.

^ Nope.
< Not hungry.
v Can't eat unless hungry.

Curses, ninja'd.

^ Naw, I eat if I'm bored too.

< Has little drive to do anything lately.

V Owns something Alienware.

^ Nope!

< Should eat today.

V Got tricked today.

^ Not really.

< Played CoD for the first time in many months.

V Hates everything.

^Nah I love it all!

< Not high.

V Has been high once.

^I'd love to, but nah never.

<Second or third time posting here.

V Can drink milk.

^ Actually drink lots of it.

< Has self-loathing issues.

V Has great mental health.

^ Probably not.

< Tired.

V has a fishy hat.

^ Incorrect!

< Has cold hands.

v Is only happy when it's raining.

^ No, I can be happy at other times too.

< Hates it when his phone fucks up for absolutely no reason.

V Will make my phone stop acting stupid. Please?

^ I can't let you do that, Star Fox
< Misses my N64.
V Wants to play Star Fox 64.

^ Not really but if I wanted to I do have it laying around.
< May play F-Zero X.
v Can't drive very well or at all.

^Nah I'm not a bad driver.

< About to have breakfast.

V Has had pancakes recently.

^ No, because I am not Para.

< Linked this post to Para.

V Is Para in disguise. *pokes*

^ Actually am Para. SURPRISE.

< Responding to thread level Redlin5.

v Wants to be my snuggle buddy.


< Mean

V Has seen a musical.

^ Indian cinema is something... Especially when you're trapped in a household that watches it EVERY SINGLE TIME. -.-

< Bored of games for the time being.

V Most likely thinking of playing a fun game.

^ Nope.
< Complaining about a cruddy person.
v Likes complaining about cruddy people.

^ Who doesn't?

< Hungry.

V How have you been?



V Sport is meh to them.

^ Indeed.

< Meh.

V Had a sandwich.

^ Nope.

< Is annoyed because the neighbours love to have their shitty music play on max volume and sing along.

v Has good neighbours.

^ I do rather enjoy my neighbours.

< Feels good, looks better.

V Thinks that it is a great day to be alive.

^ Aye

< Watching comedy

V Loves stand-up comedy.

^ Meh.

< Is really annoyed that YouTube now has a 144p option. Why would they even think that is a good idea?

V Has a nice car.

^ I do it's a ute it's purdy.

< Manly too.

V Forgot what they were supposed to do.

^ Not yet.

< Took a shower not long ago.

V What is your quest?

^Too seek the Holy Grail.

< green!

V Owns a screwdriver.

^ Many.
< Mostly my dad's, but I do have one for myself.
v Never needed to use a screwdriver before.

^ Nah I've used one every workday for four years now.

< Prides himself on his screwing

V Didn't appreciate that pun.

^ Right. It was pretty batman.
< That was horrible.
V Appreciated that pun even less.

^ Nope, I love puns.
< Loves puns.
V Loves puns?

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