the ^ < V game

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^ Yes. B(

< Needs to vacuum the carpets. Not looking forward to it.

V Has a vacuum that isn't being held together by tape.

^I personally do not own a vacuum. I have people for that.

< Watching Friendship is Witchcraft

V Is annoyed with me for sharing the above bit of information.

^ Not annoyed! Though I've never heard of it, so I don't really have an opinion on the matter.

< Listening to music tagged with 8-bit on

v Intends to play games today!

^ Already am.

< Taking small break to check Escapist.

V Has something planned for later this week that they are looking to.

^ Yeah... fun times ahead..
< It's a secret though.
V Is bad at keeping secrets.

^ Nope! I'm really good at keeping them.

< Is drinking ALL the water right now.

v Enjoys healthy snacks more than unhealthy ones.

^ I'm like both more or less equally.

< Eating dinner.

V Has to go deal with a spy now.

^ Would you imagine how exciting that'd be?
< Is saving money for a computer.
v Has a better computer than the one I'm writing this on.

^ I don't know, do I?
< I used to be able to run Skyrim at slightly above mid settings. Now I have so many mods that my cpu has a panic attack. GPU is fine, though.
v Doesn't have the patience to work with computers.

^ Neither the patience nor money.

< Listening to Justice's Cross album and loving it.

V Has/had a beard.

^ Has a far better computer than mine.
< Is thinking of becoming a video game developer after he graduates from high school.
v Has a PS3

^ No, but I wish I had gotten it instead of an Xbox. If I had, it wouldn't be covered in a deep blanket of dust.
< PS3 has the only exclusives I care about. I'm not talking about the in-house sony ones.
v Likes Japanese games.

^ For the most part, yeah. (Lol NoMoreHeroes.)
< Is now going to find someway to create a beam katana.
V Likes lasers.

^ Aside from when they're being used against you, who doesn't?

< Bark.

V Has/had a beard.

I wouldn't call it a beard yet.

< Short Goatee.

V Read that as Goatse.

^ ...You just had to remind me of that, didn't you?

< Lost his appetite

v Knows what I'm talking about.

^ I'm.. somewhat aware of it. I'm happy being mildly clueless, though.

< Woke up less than an hour ago.

v Has work today.

^ If by work you mean more vacuuming, then yes.

< Hates it when his browser resets itself.

V Is it time?

^ No, it is not quite time. Adventure time I guess?
< Watched 2 episodes but didn't get into it.
V Likes Adventure Time?

^ Yes I do, though it wasn't quite what I was referring to.

< Something something, life, something something blah.

V Is the president of something.

^ Yes. I'm the president of nothing.

< Is growing bored of spending 10+ minutes per turn in Civ V just to manage his towns.

v Knows that the only manly way to win in a civ game is Conquest.

^ Never played them.

< Elbow hurts quite badly.

V Has a nickname.

^ Used to. ...I'd rather not talk about it.
< Seeeeecreeeets.
V Suddenly reminded of bras.

^ ?

< Has no idea what DotSlash is talking about.

V Does.

^ Nope.
<Not a clue.
v Wish they knew.

^ I just said that.

< Wishes his elbow didn't hurt.

V Has a cure for the stupid.

^ If I did my country wouldn't be turning fascist right now.

< Can't honestly understand how people whose grandparents suffered under the nazi occupation are so willing to elect a nazi party

v Lives in a country where the far right is getting laughed at.

^ I'm not sure.

< Doesn't pay much attention to politics. Nor the news for that matter.

V Likes staying up to date on all news.

^ Kinda, but I never actually do it.
< Practically live under a rock.
v Thinks I'm a starfish.

^ Only if your real name is Patrick.

< Eatin' pancakes.

V Likes coffee.

^ Is not wrong.

< Prefers tea.

v Knows what @DotSlash was talking about, but is not telling anyone else and is thus a poohead.

^ Nope, not this time.

< Has to leave the house soon.

V Likes camping.

^ I already said I don't

< Bleh.

V Has more than one pair of shoes.

^ Is correct.

< Doesn't care for shopping.

v Loves shopping.

^ Nope.

< Has a headache.

V Hates mornings.

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