Poll: my avatar could beat up yours.

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Oh, come off it. What's cuter than Boris, our favourite bumbling Tory politician? Jus' look at his widdle face, and his big floppy hair and his cutesy-wutesy series of campaign posters adorning the streets of London.

its dog..you dont get much cuter than that...

"daaawwww...he thinks Vault boy is food!"

Yeah, I'll give you that. Dragons aren't very renown for being cute. But then I don't like cute things, so...

My avatar could beat yours in a contest

because he is kirby.

She will kick your ass with a well timed cooking screw up.

Which will also be comical and slightly embarrassing.

Sadly, my Yukari avatar isn't much for cuteness.

I was sure I had this, until I read the spoiler.
Funny, my captcha tells me that was a foregone conclusion

Incorrect, my icon is incredibly cute and as a bonus it is freaking Calvin & Hobbes.

I agree...so does the Kremlin

Mine is the Godamn Batman.... Who would never harm a little lamb, especially not the little guy from Shaun the Sheep! :)

i'm gonna go out on a limb and say NMM could be cute if she wanted to be.. >.> and it wouldn't be hard to be cuter than yours either. just sayin'. anyway, i went with split decision.

My badass avatar will slaughter all of your cute avatars and roast marshmallows over their adorable, charred corpses.

Huh, well my Avatar could seduce the hell out of all of your other Avatars without even putting down his PFP. He's just that awesome.

Beat that you non-Godly avatars!

Mine is Kharn. Kharn likes kittens. I win by default in all things because of this.

You guys are small time. Check mine out. nothing is cuter than a dog. Especially one that cares for it's dead owner.

My avatar (the girl on the right) cares very little for your cute little avatar and will create hell for it if provoked.

The girl on the left is too busy looking sad to care.

my avatar could beat yours in a contest.

I was gonna come and say you were wrong....then i opened the spoiler....

Still think my one could beat yours

Squirtle Kamina throws your avatars to the curb, and outcutes everything!

Squirtle Kamina throws your avatars to the curb, and outcutes everything!

Dead End is totally cute.

My srs face won't be cuter but it'll definitely make you rethink your life

The mane 6 in portal turret form instantly win any cuteness contest with theit soft spoken messages of friendship, tolerance, and murder.

am ork boy, not very cute but awesome none the less, poines for the win though!

Cuteness, propably not.

Fred Fredburger is less cute than he is awesome. If it was a contest of awesomeness, he would take the cake. FRED FREDBURGER, YES!

My shemale slowly running through a black and white field of flowers is what wrote the book on cuteness, people!

Dude, Ammy is Sun Goddess, whose touch makes the very ground she walks on sprout with life.

Also, she's a wolf, and there's nothing cuter than a canine.

I think the Witch King could defeat you avatar.

My avatar is a heart that frequently has heart attacks.

I think anybody could beat it in a fight.

Aww... but the plasters make it cuter...

Uh... mine is of a 6 foot tall immortal goth who is host to a demon.
If he were 'cute' it would be in a "D'aww or Die" situation.

Dude obviously you have never seen daryl dixon, zombie killer expert. Plus he's got a smiley face head. You die either way

Mine already it beat ITSELF up!

And it does it every few seconds!

Now THAT is toughness.

Me and Ronald were really confident about this one until we read the the spoiler. Now it's just him that's still confident. I wouldn't dare question him, and neither should you...

I'm not so sure about that ;) What's not adorable about little killer assassins?

Doubt it. Medic's gonna wreck you up.

Are you kidding, General Lee could beat that little sheep of yours with one hand behind his back, even in his old age!



What??? Damn it.....

I may have to call on the army of North Virginia for this one! Men, Ready Musket!!

Son you just brought a knife to a cuteness gun fight.

Mine is an evil scientist laughing maniacally. I feel confident I'd win ;)

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