A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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No! Don't you lay a finger on my childern! Even if we techinically abducted them from their real parents and they just think I'm their mother because I happened to be there when they hatched, they are still mine!

Oh, I thought you meant they'd be a problem. ...Now I'm not sure how much to trust you...

I like my spider eggs over easy thanks.

*Pulls out frying pan*


I don't think your weapon will do much, it will probably make them angry.

Pff ... they are eggs, what CAN they do- ...

*sees on hatch*

Dear God, everyone run AWAY from the giant spider!

Don't run away! They think you're prey when you do that! I must teach them to side with us so we can overthrow the apes on this planet!...Or we can just leave, but that is not fun.

*Still running*

Too late!
And we should never side with spider ... the only good thing they are good for a fire source!


NoOne, I don't think these spiders will listen to you, they will probably attack you. On the other hand, I suggest you try to reason with the spiders. Let's see what happens...

Yeah...I'm with the big guy; you first.

But... they already helped us kill the hipsters on the moon and let me saddle them D:

*Comes back with flamethrower*

No ... because ...

Spiders must die!

But they just want to help us! DX

(also I'm just getting a broken image.... :I)

I HATE SPIDEEEEEERS *Goes into rage with flamethrower*


(Don't worry, it's just a flamethrower being shot. :P)

This whole ship is infested! Are we gonna have to abandon the ship that has saw us through 50 pages of adventure?

Well it is either that or we all start getting picked off one by one "Aliens" style because spiders get everywhere.

I'm not staying here. We can get a new ship, surely - technology's probably progressed that much if we really have gone into the future.

I've already planted the bomb ...

It's my thing.

"Captcha: roflcopter"



*defending myself from the spiders using my sword* Guys, get in. GET IN NOW! *jumps into the copter*

You didn't literally plant it like a flower though, did you?

Because I found a funny little lump of dirt back there marked with a stone, and I thought it was pretty odd..

Everyone to the Roflcopter!

*Jumps and hangs onto the railing.*

... this is comfortable.
Now who is driving and stay away from the water!


I am not flying this. I don't even know how to drive a vehicle.

I am not flying it, I would end up crashing it into the ship. Since my umbrella can fly, I will just float around as you guys figure this one out. Oh look! Something shiny! *flys to shiny object on beach*

Can someone give the 501st a Cliff's Notes about our mission?

We just fell into a black hole, and now the ship is sinking and we have to get to the chopper.

Having said that, I jump straight inside the helicopter, without even touching the skids first.

All you crazy diamonds...

We aren't sinking anymore, we launched out of the ocean and crashed into a cliff. And the ship is infested with giant (misunderstood) spiders so everyone is jumping onto a helicopter that nobody is piloting while I look at the shiny things on the beach.

EDIT: Oh! And there is a bomb that was planted on the ship somewhere.

Don't worry, I have the detonator!

*Drops it*


*swan dives into choppa*

Well, our vessel served us well, let us do a viking burial before it totally sinks into the black hole *throws booze at ship and hits it*

Hey guys, we are now out of booze...

Nice plan. You seem to be a master of forward thinking.

*Is still hanging on the side of the choppa*

Pff ... we don't need boose, we only need-

Diet pep-

*The stranded ship blows up*

*climbs out wreckage.*

hey... HEY! Some of us were trying to sleep.

*sees everyone cling to copter*

Make room for me!!

*takes a running leap at the chopper*

Wazzat? Oh! Right, you guys are leaving on the chopper since we lost our ship. But good new everyone! I found the source of the shiny thing! *fly into chopper holding object in his hands*
What do you think it is?

I'm not sure, but...I don't want anything to do with it. It's shining for a reason, and as far as I can tell, it's not a very nice reason.

Shining? I guess too much sleep is also bad for you. -.-

Who is piloting the choppa?

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