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My German paper on the history of the Reichstagsgebäude. Its not going well since it was a boring field trip anyway... Well at least compared to Stuttgart or München.

What is your middle name?


Did you inherit any "family" names--one that no one ever uses but people keep giving them to their kids generation after generation?

[1] I actually had to think for several seconds to remember it.

Well, I'm named after a certain "Granda Jack", father of my grandmother on my mother's side, and I think Alexander(middle name) comes from my Grandfather's middle name.

If you were a tragic hero, what would your tragic flaw be?




What would yours be?

At this rate you're going to return from Germany as a full-blown alcoholic, T0ad.

OT: Not being assertive enough for my own good in RL.

If you were a superhero would you prefer to live in the Marvel or DC universe?

DC. As heroes aren't hated, despite the property damage and stuff. And because I know I'd forever be better than Aquaman.

Who watches the Watchmen?

Copper Zen:
At this rate you're going to return from Germany as a full-blown alcoholic, T0ad.

OT: Not being assertive enough for my own good in RL.

If you were a superhero would you prefer to live in the Marvel or DC universe?

I'm already back! :D

OT: The seekers of course!

Which came first the chicken or the eggs benedict?

Chickens probably existed before anyone figured out what to do with the eggs.

How many people die in your favourite anime series?

Shingeki no Kyojin is my favourite anime at current, so most of them.

What is your favourite non-pet animal?

Tigers! RAAAAARRRR!!! :D

If D&D dragons existed in the real world--everything from Pseudodragons and Fairie Dragons to mountain sized leviathans that sleep for centuries between rampages--would you want to try to domesticate one or would you hunt them? Remember--these dragons are sapient.

I would befriend one. Then ride it.

Have you ever ninja'd anyone?

Nice try, but I'm not a ninja! <_<...O_o...>_>


Here's real tough one: Beer or chocolate?

Chocolate beer! Nah, I've been trying ales recently so I'll say beer. But I hate you for making me choose.

Are you able to resist Amazon's 'related items' section when purchasing something? What's another few quid for that nifty little thing, amirite?

Easily, I only go on Amazon to buy specific things.

Do you own a laptop?

Yup. In fact my laptop is my only computer.

Do you have a "life's pursuit" i.e. a primary goal you're chasing after in life (climb Mt. Everest, etc.)?

Nope, although I once wanted to 'acquire' a sign from every city/town I lived in. Although I've not left Glasgow since the last one though, so I guess I could still accomplish that goal.

If you could commit one crime and go unpunished, what would it be?

Steel enough gold from Fort Knox to live on easy street for the rest of my life. Hey, sometimes the simplest plans are the best plans.

Okay, here's a scenario I've been thinking about making a thread of in R&P: Aliens appear in the skies above us. They're an ancient (by our standards) star faring civilization with common sense about peace and war, etc. Basically they're what most of us consider to be highly sophisticated and amazingly mature as a society--what we're aiming for.

One catch--just as our religious folks are lining up to convert these aliens to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc the alien's own priests and priestesses appear to convert US to their own religious beliefs.

Question: How would you react to this ironic turn of events.

Why is this ironic? ...Um... Hear what they have to say I guess.

What am I supposed to do in that situation?

hide or just lie and get pretend to accept what they have to say, if it keeps you alive, its all gravy.

does anyone else use the phrase "its all gravy"

T0ad 0f Truth:
Why is this ironic?

Sorry, but if you don't visit R&P very often you may not realize that the concenpt of "advanced civilizations" and "religion" are incompatible in many R&P regulars' eyes.

For example I made the thread and lo and behold one of the first responses:

OT: Only during Thanksgiving. :D

No, seriously, I haven't used that phrase in years.

What is your favorite catch-phrase these days? I remember in high school the kids ran around saying "I hate it for you" every five seconds--I never used it because it grated on my nerves.

"I hate my life and everything in it." I use it when things go wrong. And they ALWAYS go wrong

Doing ok?

Juuuust fine today, thank ye.

What do you get when you fall in love?

No idea.

Do you own a pocketwatch?

As a matter of fact I do! It's a cheap one, though, and one of the buttons fell off so I don't use it anymore.

You have to choose: Pizza or hamburgers for the rest of your life--you can never again have the one you don't choose! D:

I'll take it to the next level and choose neither.

Are you a junk food enthusiast?

Not by any means, nor do I really want to be.

Getting/got Project X Zone?

If I ever get my hands on a 3DS, I'm prioritizing SMTIV over it. IF THEY EVER RELEASE IT IN EUROPE, THAT IS.

Ever played an Atlus game?


Have you ever played a Hidden Objects game?

I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it.

Do you watch Arrested Development?

I've heard of it and I believe we have the series on DVD, but no, I haven't seen it.

Have you even been so bored that you consider watching a TV series/play a game/etc. that ordinarily you would never give the time of day?[1]

[1] This is how I got into My Little Pony, and might be about to start on Shingeki no Kyojin.


Which versions of Pokemon do you own, if any?

[1] This is also how I got into My Little Pony. Shingeki no Kyojin is good.

Original Blue, Yellow and Gold; plus N64 Pokemon Colosseum somewhere, I think.

Which was more awesome: Blastoise or Feraligatr?

Feraligator by far!

Who's the better trainer, Red or Gold?

Gold actually beat Red outright, so, yeah.

Has a boss ever drained your will to defeat it by being too impossibly hard?

The FINAL FINAL boss of Dark Chronicle. I hear you need specific items so difficult to find the recipes for they might as well be part of the metagame. It's really sad considering it's my favourite JRPG ever.

Ever been to a 'Con of sorts?

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