Poll: Should the state ban abortion?

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Actually being completely logical would make the distinction even greater. They wouldn't have any emotional investment in the "potential Vulcans" as you put it, so they'd be okay with abortion.

Not really. If they recognized their unborn as either Vulcan or potential Vulcan, and they realized the two concepts are the same, then they would consider abortion to be murder. Unless they were okay with normal murder, they wouldn't be okay with this form of murder.

Uhm, yes there is, because all the bullcrap about blastocytes and fetuses being exactly the same as a grown person is religious nonsense.

You base yourself on completely irrational religious assumptions, and totally ignore people's rights. Wait, they have no rights because they are women. But wait, life is sacred including theirs and people must never be killed. Except when they sin against the faith, in which case they must be put to death. Oh, and of course people go to prison for fun because they feel like it, so killing people is quite okay.

Having the nerve to speak of logic after arguing like that is quite something.

To some people it might be religious, and to you it might be religious nonsense, but to me it's logical, philosophical and scientific. I don't base myself on completely irrational religious assumptions; when have I ever used the soul as an example of my argument? (Not that I think using the soul as an argument is irrational.) I've even made arguments that yours/others beliefs are more in-line with religious beliefs than mine are, since the soul =/= mind.

Don't worry, I agree that in some cases religious people do not have any ground to stand on when so many wars/so much persecution has been due to religion. One of my biggest concerns with religion is that anyone who doesn't follow their belief is somehow going to Hell. Even if you're a perfectly good person, but don't follow Jesus or whatever, you're still going to Hell. That's complete nonsense to me, since religion is only meant to be a life guideline and if you're doing well without it there's really no need for it to begin with.

People do go to prison because they enjoy it more than the outside world, why would you bring that up?

p.s. Continue with your anti-religious dogma all you like, it doesn't effect me one bit. It's probably effecting innocent people reading in on this a hell of a lot more than me.

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