Must watch movies to open your eyes!

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Wow, that got out of hand quickly and I don't see this thread lasting a whole lot longer so some hints to the OP
1-Anytime you are new in any place, ever, wait for a bit to see what the tone and beliefs of that place are. That doesn't mean that you will have to conform to that, I mean I am a right wing christian in a left wing atheist environment, you just have to see how to engage with people.
2-Lose the persecution complex, it makes you look petty and shows a very thin skin.
3-It is fine to post things that are highly controversial, I mean we have full blown facists, communists and anti-islam zoophiliacs here, but make sure you put them in a thread dedicated to them, or they will drown out anything else you have to stay.
4-Don't assume people are American, it annoys them
5-DOn't be a tool.
6- If you are going to make cracks about people's intelligence, ensure that you don't have a lot of basic spelling and grammar mistakes in your post.
Hope that helps

the clockmaker:

anti-islam zoophiliacs

Danyal's gone clockmaster. For a kinda dumb reason which probably made him feel as self-righteous as ever, but he's finally gone man. R&P has entered into a new era.

I dont really get zeitgiest. It depends on a LOAD of crazy un available technologies and lack of real world flaws. And i dont really get what its supporters do to make it happen other than go "WOULDNT IT BE GREAT IF EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT?!" Well fucking yes. Heres what ELSE you can do. Get a degree in one of the sciences. Start working to make such technology possible to create an abundance of all resources. Until you do get out. And many of us took science degrees (biology ftw) to help move toward such technologies without the label, mission statement and weird video.

So basically:

Zeitgiest is basically only a far fetched idealistic aim.

The aim is attainable and being worked toward by people without belief in zeitgeist or any kind of other movement.

The movement itself contributes nothing toward the aim other than pointing out how great it is.

Ergo the movement is totally redundant and unneccessary.

Im not very keen on ANY movement/holybook/person/scripture that claims to "open your eyes" and then claims a persecution when people say "Thats bullshit". Knowledge is RARELY ever properly discovered by "opening your eyes". Its carefully worked toward. "You hate it because youre deluded" also makes you very few friends.

Over the years, starting at about 2008 or 2009 I stumbled upon Zeitgeist: The Movie which at the time totally blew my mind. Nowadays, it's gotten some good sequels, lot's of feedback and is actually widely know. We are living in times which are changing at a very quick pace and which has radical consequences. So no wonder there are a lot of movies out there nowadays that are supporting similar views. Because of this I made a list of my personal favorites and some of the most important documentaries that should be watched by anyone who is actually interested in such things
Now this list is far from perfect & I'm sure some of you if not most disagree with a lot of the subjects found on many of these films. So do I. In fact, many of them have bits that I don't agree on or am outright against & some just lack facts but most are pretty convincing I'd say. Then again, everyone has their own opinions. In the end, just have and open mind about it.

Anyway, if you are not familiar with these films, feel free to watch'em. Almost all of them are on youtube(except for TROM which host all their videos on their own site).

Also, if anyone has any other films similar that they want to share, feel free to do that too. In addition, I'm very interested in what the escapist community thinks about these films.


2)Zeitgeist: The Movie
3)Zeitgeist: Addendum
4)Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
5)The American Dream
6)TROM: the reality of me
7)Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (Carl Sagan)
8)James Burke: Connections
9)Culture in Decline

Here's a list of a little more pesudo'ish films or the ones that talk about the whole 12/21/12 thing. So I put these in a separate category. I guess you can also add the whole spirit science series here...

1)Beyond 2012: Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age
2)Killuminati The Movie
3)Ancient Knowledge

For shows that can make you think, I can recommend a couple.

James Burke also did another series called "The Day the Universe Changed" which is a wonderful way to look at how our perceptions of how the world works have changed over the centuries.

Robert Wuhl did a couple of shows called "Assume the Position" putting an interesting spin on how we look at history.

In the same vein, Terry Jones did a short series called "Crusades" that does puts those years in a new light (at least it did for me)

And finally, few movies have really made me consider racism and how we don't see many of the reactions/assumptions we carry around with us as District 9 did. On that level, it was a very hard movie to watch, but certainly eye-opening.

A personal favorite, but Harlan County USA. It's one of the few things put to film that gives an honest and un-stereotypical view of people in my region and background.

It also drives home that you can still be white and be regarded as disposable trash by the powers that be if you're not from the right income level or breeding.


the clockmaker:

anti-islam zoophiliacs

Danyal's gone clockmaster. For a kinda dumb reason which probably made him feel as self-righteous as ever, but he's finally gone man. R&P has entered into a new era.

I know... he was just like one of the key figures that sort of defined this place.

I've enjoyed some Charles Ferguson films but for the most part I can't stand "open your eyes" type movies because it sucks spending two hours watching a constant stream of emotional manipulation and assertions for which I want citations. With a movie like Zeitgeist that insists the conspiracy goes so deep it's essentially beyond being able to verify any of the claims of the movie itself, it gets a cult following of people that believe in it entirely and all conversations on it are framed by that cult following vs. everyone that's not convinced, which in and of itself means no one's mind is going to be changed by the endless argument that follows.

Not a movie, but The Wire is an amazing tv series that highlights social and institutional problems in a massive five season arc unlike anything else that has ever been on tv. All the while the individual plots are highly entertaining and well acted. The Stringer Bell sub-plot over the first 3 seasons basically puts Macbeth to shame just by itself.

The Act of Killing

Just in case anyone still harboured any illusions about the morality of man. Or that hilarity through refuge in audacity isn't alive and well.

I just looked at the channel of that Debunking Ancient Aliens video I posted on the first page and it turns out the guy, whose name is Chris White, has debunked a lot of stuff like that including a certain video listed in the OP

you can find his channel here:
you know, so that the next time we have a thread like this we can just plop his video down and be on our way

I'm bookmarking this guy right next to potholer54

So what's Zeitgeist about anyway?

If it's a documentary I really can't be bothered with one that's over 2 hours long.

Think Loose Change, but instead of 9/11 it details the massive conspiracy of Jesus being the Sun (this makes the most sense out of all of them. That does not say anything positive about the film.), the banks controlling the world somehow, and there was one more topic I think. I forget, it's been awhile.

haha, your going to get flamed to hell and back for posting those movies, but I sympathize

I've seen Zeitgeist and Addendum when I was 18 (21 now) and at the time I was enthralled by it and really was my entrance to these "alternative" ideas, but I only had respect for it for a couple of months before I realized it was total bullshit. Really Zeitgeist is like a conspiracy movie for newbies, partially since it's so widely known. What Zeitgeist does to those who have no knowledge of this kind of stuff is it initially shatters their world and makes them open to all kinds of suggestion. What it does is give you a tidbit of some "truth" that's not well known to the public, like how Christian traditions are largely reflections of pagan ones based off of astrology, but then concludes that Jesus literally was the Sun and that he never existed and so you've been enslaved by a lie. The movie totally ignores stuff like the Council of Nicaea where the dates of Christian holidays were altered for political reasons. It's an avocation for atheism out of pure misrepresentation of facts. Then I see all over the internet these self deluded semi-intellectuals claiming that Jesus never existed and it really starts to annoy me. In reality these Zeitgeist people ironically hold on to their belief of the movie like it was a religion it's self. Then the movie goes on, for almost no reason because it's not tied to religion in any way, to stuff like the Fed and 9/11 and then tells half truths about those. It really all seems like a means of putting the ignorant into a vulnerable state where the Venus Project agenda will seem like a good idea, with the Venus Project being simply a psudo-communist form of top down control, who's goals would be impossible anyway. And if you want to get conspiracy-y about it, it should be noted the creator of the film, Jordan Maxwell, was a former member of the CIA. I haven't watched Moving Forward because I became disgusted by the whole thing before I got a chance (though I should just to know what the Zeitgeist zombies are up to).

I've also seen The American Dream and for a while as an avid believer in it, and even posted it on these forums back during the Occupy Wallstreet fiasco to help show who we should really be fighting against and while The American Dream was a well made show that summed up the banking cartel in an entertaining half hour, it left out very critical pieces of information and mislead people with a pro gold bias. Gold isn't the answer because it's been hoarded by the banking elite for generations and thus can control the money supply just as easily as they do with the central banking system. The answer in my opinion is a democratically controlled monetary policy which can only be achieved by returning the power of printing money to the government and keeping it fiat (so people can't hoard what it's based on).

The banking cartel is a major issue and just like what Zeitgeist does, people can be given a half truth and lead astray. For example, anyone who only knows of the Federal Reserve through Zeitgeist or The American Dream will believe that the Fed profits off of the interest accumulated by their loans, when in fact all profits must be returned to the American government making the Fed a better investment. That doesn't change that they're criminals, it just makes the issue far more complicated. I mean, if a guy with no knowledge of the economy can suddenly know that we're being screwed over by watching a half hour video on youtube, don't you think the professionals would have noticed it by now?

The most informative documentaries I've seen on the banking cartel has been The Secret of OZ:

and the money masters:

The other movie that you listed that I've seen was Thrive, which I enjoyed when I saw it a couple years ago when it first came out, but been meaning to watch again to develop a second opinion. I remember it was that movie that first opened me up to things like sacred geometry, which I'm studying right now, but I also remember it talking about the Ancient Astronaut theory which I've thoroughly come to disbelieve mainly due to this very well researched documentary simply called Ancient Aliens Debunked:

But good on you for having an open mind to these kinds of ideas, but just remember that the road to truth never ends. Don't get presumptuous that just because you've found out something paradigm shifting that your suddenly this well informed insider, or even that what you've come across is true.

nice movies there. thanks for sharing those.

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