The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Phoenis rolled his eyes and went for the "Staff only" Door but was greeted by some guards.
ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap ok act nor- nonononon nit normal likelikelike...aaaaaa
"er... Sup playerz, you getting some...fine ass...ass?, for shizzle negro?"
One of the guard took of his glasses and stared at Phoenix, He was Black...
He punched Phoenix in the face and they dragged him off into the backroom.

Sev took the lightning bolt to the chest and exploded. Drek was able to redirect the lightning into the sky. Drek pulled a spear out of midair and hurled it at Rugal, who easily dodged it. Right behind him, in the air, Severin reformed, grabbed the spear, and drove it into Rugal's foot.

"HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT???" Rugal screamed in pain as he removed the spear.

"Hm? Oh, you mean," Sev ripped off his arm and started waving it around, "Oh noo! My arm's gone! What happens if I do this, maybe it'll get better!" Sev proceeded to light his legs on fire, which fell to an ash pile to the ground.

"Oh now that's just made things worse!" Sev sighed. Suddenly the ashes came together to reform his body in full. The Elementalist cracked his neck.

"Ah... much better"


Rugal gave Sev a mean stare.
Gggrrrrr...How can I beat these? it...
He then grinned and disappeared in a breeze before reappearing outside the Manor.
All he needed was enough time...

Somewhere across the universe...

A figure floated listlessly in the vast arena of space, his long blonde ponytail as motionless as the robot body attached to it. He had been a warrior, a Hunter, known for his fighting and his never-faltering sense of justice, but he was taken from his home and subjected to the unfamiliar and dangerous adventres of this world. He had fought. He had befriended many. He had won and he had lost. The challenges became harder, until he was eventually swallowed up in the chaos that was this world. He didn't bother struggling anymore. He didn't care where he ended up. Now, his eyes half-lidded, he relaxed...

Then a voice spoke.

"The world has changed. The chosen ones of now will not know you, but what you have done will never be forgotten..."

His body started to glow, dissipating him into particles that scattered and disappeared. He smiled. He was leaving and he didn't care where he was going A wave of content washed over him as Zero disappeared into the universe.

Sev whistled. He suddenly jumped out the window but was saved by a flying white horse. Sev also became naked the second he touched the horse. He struck a few poses and flexed his bod, but stopped once he spotted Rugal. He then pointed to the sky and screamed, "FERTATA!"

Nothing happened.

Rugal just stared at Sev.
And this guy took over the world?...
He lashed out with several lighting bolts.

Sev was hit by ze lightning and fell of his horse. His clothes immediately reappeared. His cybernetic eye flashed, and Sev regained his composure in the sky, floating on a platform of diamond. His eye flashed, and fired a massive bolt of compressed heat rocketing towards Rugal.

"I guess your goose is cooked," Sev chuckled.

Rugal merely brought up a strong wind and sent it off course.
He fired off a few more bolts.

MeanWhile the Ground forces of the Manor prepared to open Fire.

Matt looked up at the bare mountain in front of him, covered in cuts from his fight. The demon had turned out to be a lot quicker than it looked and the fight had raged for a few minutes. He only won because he got lucky and cut deep into the demon's leg with his sword. When it went down, Matt was finally able to put a bullet into the back of its skull, making its face explode outwards. Matt was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a loud roar from the sky. When he looked up he saw the dragon and the man from earlier laying waste to the island. He didn't care what they did, as long they didn't interfere with his mission. Turning back towards the mountain, Matt began his long climb up.

Dillon was guessing that Phoenix had run into trouble, but he couldn't leave his spot in case he'd arouse suspicion. The Golden iPod had the ability to assimilate any technology it touched, however he hadn't had the chance to give it something cool like a laser.
His main strategy counted that no one would be watching the back room, especially since anything even tangentially connected to Rugal was probably hopelessly Incompetent. the backup plan involved a rather strange scheme and a large dance number. what's more if Phoenix were to shout "somebody help" The ear-buds(headphones) in his ears would inform him. luckily there were no screams, yet.

Phoenix feared more for his life now than ever before.
He was tied to a chair with a Ball Gag in his mouth in the back surrounded by the entire Black population of the Bouncers.
"Might want to pass this onto the Big Guy, he is the lawyer that shut down the "Saint's Flow" Scam in Steelport..."
"No...that won't be needed...there won't be a body to dump...hehehahahah"
ahhhh....Its Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 all over again... Phoenix thought.
The door to the Back Section was closed and the DJ turned up the music to cover the screams of Phoenix getting the shit kicked out of him.
Dillon ears were blasted.

Tomoya was sitting on the moon, meditating and focusing his mind on the task at hand. He knew that the rest of the heroes were scattered and Rugal was planning to take over the world...again, sure he was surprised at the return of Sev and Drek but it didn't stop him meditating.

He has trained in space for a long time, he thought that space was on a different time but he didn't care, he easily opened his eyes to spot the slivers of electricity coiling around his body and the nothingness around him. He looked towards his ship, the StormCraft and was thinking, Soon.

He wished the best for Dillon, Phoenix and Matt even though that it is a slim chance, he hoped that they can fulfill their tasks and reunite the heroes.

Tomoya then formed the stone of light in him palm and twirled it around in his hand and absorbed it again. He though of a good idea, he rushed into the ship and grabbed a small disk from the armory, it was a holographic recorder, he remembered that he used one to speak to the alien queen, he started the message.

"This is Tomoya, the lightning Archangel, you may remember me or not, but you must understand that I live and we are the only people who can stop the villains. I don't know who will become the mastermind of this clan of evil, either Sev or Rugal...we have to unite the heroes to stop them. Keep in mind that I will be watching, and I will come when the time is right...end message" Tomoya said lastly and a bleeping noise came from the small device. Tomoya gripped the device and combined his holy lightning into it and threw it towards the Earth, making it aim towards the location of Dillon and Phoenix.

After he saw that the disk travelled back to Earth, he headed into the craft, waiting...

Matt stood at the entrance to the large cave in front of him, exhausted from the climb up. Not really caring what was inside at this point, Matt walked in with his machine gun ready. As he went further into the cave, he began to see bones scattered here and there. The further in he went, the more bones there were along the cavern walls. After awhile, Matt finally found what he was looking for, a two-handed greatsword laying flat on a plain looking altar carved into the wall. While it was as tall as he was, it looked like a plain old sword with a red gem embedded in the hilt as the only outstanding feature.

Seeing no harm in taking it, Matt walked up and picked up the sword. Even though his augments let him pick up fridges with no problem, the sword was lighter than he thought it was. Suddenly the gem in hilt flashed a bright light and Matt felt as if he was being scanned. After a few seconds the light disappeared and the gem glowed with power. After a few minutes of nothing happening, Matt guessed that the sword chose him as its wielder.

As he was turning to leave, Matt felt his sword move a little by itself. Suddenly the entire sword disintegrated into a swirling mass of metallic dust. Forming a ball in the air, tendrils of the dust shot out at him. Soon the tendrils of metallic dust were entering his body through the various cuts he had gotten while on the island. Matt didn't know what happened after that as he quickly passed out from the incredible pain.


Rugal was fighting off the Two Sweds...and winning.
Their combined powers were still no match for Rugal's New Found Power.
He Grabbed Sev by the throat and sent in down to earth with an airborne "GOD! END!" .
"NONONONONONONONONNNNNOOOOOOOOOO" Sev screamed as the two of them rocketed to earth, meeting with a lake with a massive explosion.
A massive crater was all that was left.
"One Down...One To Go..." He said before disappearing in a gust back to the Manor.
Sev crawled out off the crater, in extreme pain he said "...Why did I explode?...

Ah, the wind was good, the air was musty and our pact partners were busy being their usual selves, destroying demons and whatnot. Following whatever winds the dragon could wind her wings through, the two found themselves coming close to a mountain.
The dragon craned her eyes and chuffed to Caim, "Ah. It appears one of our old group has appeared..."
Caim began to look around, "Who? And where can you see them?"
The dragon chuckled, "Your eyes are but mortal, no match for the superb sight of a dragon's. Regardless, the one I see is the man who remained at the bar during our trial. The drunk."
"Ah! That makes sense. Let's get him then. Maybe he has some idea of what the hell is going on."
The dragon couldn't help but laugh at her comrade's choice of words.

Dillon noticed something falling to earth, he quickly excused himself and went outside, opened his angel wings and flew up to catch the falling object.
It was a golden disc
"Hmm this could be useful, YES."
Dillon then decided Phoenix, "his golden Head-phones were specially made and were filtering out the music, so he could hear Phoenix's screams.
Dillon had no time for subtlety he quickly changed he was in his normal clothes (Jeans t-shirt, Black cotton jacket, black Reebok's) except for his cane which he kept with him, he went back into the club, people thought he was someone else as they never looked at his face.

Phoenix was toed to a chair unable to scream the needed code word due to pain
"Gentleman." came a call from behind the thugs
They turned to see Dillon standing there his cane was held oddly
"Hey what are you doing here?"
"Oh Well you see I Could have done my business and left but my companion here has something of mine, also I don't leave my friends to suffer at the hands of ruffians."
one of the bouncers was tired of the little wise cracker and lunged at him, Dillon managed to dodge roll out out the way, when the stood up again he was beside phoenix and he had recovered his golden iPod. once that was plugged in he untied phoenix.
His eyes began to glow a bright blue.
"now then you just have to ask yourself one question, dou you feel lucky?"
Dillon's cane was in fact a custom sheath for his katana, He unsheathed the blade which crackled with electricity
"Well, do ya, Punks?"

Phoenix stumbled his way behind Dillon.
"Oh crap..." One of the bouncers said as they began to back off.
Dillon asked Phoenix "You OK Back there?" without taking his eyes off the Bouncers.
"*gasp* yeayeayea...just...*gasp* Gimmeasec...Ohhhhggghhhhh...." Phoenix repiled while performing a self check on his face, he took a petty bad beating there.
One of the bouncers tried his luck and reached for a Steel Chair and had at Dillon.

From a corner of the strip club, one of the patrons suddenly noticed something under the chair. Moving backwards quickly and spilling his drink, then complaining about it in an almost-fake Russian accent:

The thing that had caused the disturbance came out from under the table, looked at Dillon about to get chaired in the face and dived at the would-be assailant, landing a kick square in his wrist. As he fell to the ground, dropping the chair to clutch his arm, the other bouncer started to back off, then ran for the manager's room. Electrified katanas and now blue hedgehogs? he thought. I'll have to tell the boss about this...

"You gonna stop him?" Sonic asked Dillon.

The Bouncers stared at Sonic.
...Yep...this is weirder the Marvel vs. Capcom... Phoenix thought
"What the...GET HIM!" The Head man shouted as they all went to pile on him.

A Phone Rang at Manor Rugal, but no-one answered due to the battle.

As about twenty-five bouncers tried to pile on Sonic, he quickly jumped up to the disco ball hanging off the ceiling, leaving the others all simply piled up on top of one another. Gotta be careful with these guys, he thought to himself. They break much easier than Eggman's-- Before he could follow the thought any further, Dillon fired a bolt of electricity through the bouncer pile, throwing them all backwards away from where they thought Sonic was. A few of them who were on the outside slowly started getting back up. About half of them weren't so lucky.

Dropping down from the ceiling and leaving the still-conscious bouncers to Dillon, he walked up to the bar as if nothing had happened and asked for a chili dog.

Dillon was a bit miffed about the chair thing.
so he used his lightning power to zap the bouncer.
Dillon then broke into the room, downloaded all the files, and for an added measure confiscated all the phones that had been taken away because they were filming the dancers and planning to upload the videos for profit. Dillon planned on using the phones to build some sort of transmitter. he also snagged the CD player because he'd need it for his long term plans.

once that was done he informed Phoenix that it was time for them to go. They had a bit of fighting to go through but Dillon was confident
"Hey sonic I just have one question?"
"What's that?"
"Why was a Young hedgehog at a strip club?"

"I'm honestly not sure why I arrived here of all places," Sonic told Dillon. "I was just told to find you, and apparently this building was the closest possible place. I don't even...Never mind."

He pulled a note out from between a couple of his spines and showed it to Dillon. "You're Dillon, right? Celestia wanted Shadow to go meet back up with you, but they still have...issues. With one another. I heard he ripped a guard's leg off last time. So, she sent me instead." Hopping down off the bar, having heard Dillon say they had to leave, he finished, "So what's the problem?"

Phoenix was in awe of the powers of these two before him.
"Ok, let me at those refund...bills...OK, got it, I've found some communation bewteen Rugal and a assassin called...uhhhmmm...'Craig Boone'...See if we can't get a transcript..."
The Ipod brought up a Speech to Text Program and made a document from the Call File.
He turned to Sonic and said "A Few of our friends were Tried for a Crime and were found guilty because a man named Rugal...interferred...just tring to prove it..."
The program finished and printed it out.
1. Assassin Transcript
Phoenix then said "Alright! Now lets get the fuck off of here before the Cops show up...Wow...Never thought I'd Say that..."

Sirens started sounding outside. Someone must have set off a silent alarm. "You're surrounded!" a policeman called out. "Come out with your hands up!" The people inside couldn't see, but there was a man in black standing behind the speaking policeman who had actually sent the police there to get his hands on 'supernatural evidence'.

Inside, Dillon rubbed his forehead with both palms. "Well, can't go that way," he said. "Well, we could, but we'd have a lot of people to murder..." He started looking around, then spotted the boss's office. "Maybe there's a secret passage through there." Sonic dashed up and opened the door, allowing Dillon and Phoenix to see inside.

The manager was a fat man, possibly in his late 50s and clearly worried by the presence of the people who'd just knocked out all his security. "W-what do you want?!" he asked, terrified.

Phoenix Started to Panic.
"ohmygodohmygodohmygod I CAN'T BE SEEN HERE!"
Phoenix then noted a large window behind the manager.
"Look! the Window! Might be able to get out though there!"
He Rushed past Sonic and the Manager and started tiring to open it but failing.
"Come on. come on. COME ON FOR FUCKS SAKE!"

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