The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Something hit him in the ribs and he slowly woke up. "Get up asshole, your not allowed to be up here," he heard someone say to him. When he fully stood up and opened his eyes, he saw a security guard looking at him. "What's your name so I can file a report," the guard asked him. He was amused by this so he decided to indulge the guard. "My name is Kenneth Black but I prefer to be called by my middle name, James," he replied to the security guard. He saw him write it down in a notepad along with something else. "Tell me sir, what do think it would be like to be inside the sun?" James asked the guard.

"Well I thi-" he was cut off from saying as he and the top half of the tower were suddenly engulfed in a star. When it disappeared, the only thing left was James standing on a small glowing platform floating above the city. "Time to find what happened to me," he said as flew off to the east.

Phoenix had gathered his things was was ready to leave.
He said to Dillon before he left "If you ever need help in court, give me a call." as he gave him a business card.
He said he farewells and him and Stella/Amaya left the airship for a dock in Japan.

James had stopped at a bar in a small town to get a drink. While there he learned that he had been gone for almost a year. This meant he was either in stasis for a year or he traveled through time somehow. Whatever the case, he had almost completely blank slate to work from now. He was definitely going to have some fun. James then finished his cheap beer and walked out, leaving the bodies of everyone in there to rot.

Art of Fire: Shimmer - Level One Art:

The simplest of the Fire Arts. A simple mirror effect, the same as a mirage in the desert. Useful for hiding one's self, but not perfect. A better (and very common) use is to obscure one's face while eating or drinking. With enough power, however, one could obscure an area the size of Chicago.

Edge popped an olive into his mouth. "Ah, this is good. I haven't eaten anything good in months. Did you make any pizza, by any chance? Guy like me loves pizza." Edge looked around. "Has anyone seen Boss around?"


Boss raised his hand. He was soaking wet, and looked exhausted. "Right here, don't worry."

Edge cocked an eyebrow. "Are you OK? You crap, frankly."

"Oh, I'm fine, my head just feels a little hit by a flying submarine is all." Boss shuffled over to the food table before colappsng onto a chair and resting his head on the table. "Is this normal?"

"You'll be fine, just take some aspirin." Edge said.

"Worst two hours of my life!" Boss moaned.

"You're being melodramatic." Edge said. "Besides, there's pizza."

Boss lifted his head, shuffled over to the pizza, and helped himself to a slice. "Totally worth it." he said.

Youmu saw Boss sitting down next to Edge and asked the latter in between bites, "You two know each other?"

Dillon decided to get some sword practice in.
he made his way to the training room.
Dillon couldn't help but smile, normally when people did this kind of exercise they used an iPod for music, but Dillon was trying to learn how to sword fight without using the iPod.
Dillon slashed at Steampunk clockwork dummies the arms would swing in padded punches, Dillon tried his best to block or dodge any incoming punches, he really did try , that didn't mean it always worked in fact about twenty minutes later he was soaked in sweat and he was certain he was going to have bruising all over his torso.
He looked at himself, he was tired, sweaty and he ached all over.
"Maybe I should ask Youmu for some lessons." he mused aloud
"In about an hour." he said collapsing on a cot.

Edge nodded. "Yeah, me and Boss over here are old friends. We came here together, in fact."

"Youmu, isn't it?" Boss asked.

Youmu nodded. "I think I saw you two together before...Though, I've only spent any amount of time with him." She jerked her head at Edge. "What are your names, anyway?"

Boss looked to Edge. "I'm Boss, friends call me Boss. He's Edge."

"Howdy." Edge said.

After Tomoya finished eating he left the canteen and left the others to clean up, he had returned to his old room. As he walked to the center empty space of his room he pressed a button on his computer watch and a holographic bubble engulfed him and sent a projection of himself to a white room that has a bench with three people sitting at it.

"Council, I have the last mission's report" Tomoya spoke to the ordinary looking beings, "Ah Tomoya, we were expecting you" One of the beings said, "You were?" Tomoya said as he threw a USB to one of the people, "Yes, we have another assignment for you" The third member said, "What is it?" he question them. "To get your power back from this...Dillon, no matter the costs" They said together in unison.

After a couple of minutes of briefing Tomoya exited the bubble and it disappeared, "Damn it!" He yelled as he sat down and began to meditate.

Youmu nodded slowly, standing up. "There's something I'd been meaning to do a while ago, but I got distracted. If you don't mind, I need some privacy for it." She started walking back towards the cabin she'd claimed as 'hers' back when she boarded the ship.

Justin stepped forward, knowing that one wrong move would cost him maybe a limb, not his life. As he said, he had been dead before.

"What my wife means to say, what are you doing? And how can we get in on the action? Don't think you can just take all the copy rights and legal papers, this company use to spew liquid malice, and forge hatred. Our company was burning the world, hell we did a LARP! AND NUKED DC JUST TO DO IT!" Justin sighed. "And damnit, I'm a leading man, the lies this company use to weave were so damn intricate. We didn't come here to take it back, oh no, but to be part of the machine this company use to be, set it in motion, and set the world alight for shits and giggles!"

Wesker smiled. They would do perfectly, or at least the boy would. Just point the way so it seemed, and watch it work.

Glados shot a look at Justin, angry with his outburst. This wasn't the plan, he was about to ruin it.

James was surfing the Internet for clues about what happened to him. After about an hour of fruitless searching, he found a strange article. It told of how LA and DC were nuked by the same villain but some kind reset had put everything back to normal. James saw that the author was regarded as crazy but somehow he knew it wasn't. As he scrolled down further, he saw that the villain had been seen around the Aperture Science HQ and James knew where his next destination was. After looking up where the place was, James packed up his stuff and started his flight over there. Hopefully they would have some answers.

As Tomoya mediated he saw a vision, a vision of a sword, he couldn't make it out since it was blurry and could only make out its overall shape and a bit of its surroundings, then whiteness surrounded the vision, to be replaced by darkness, the vision was replaced by a burning plane, fire surrounded everywhere, buildings collapsed, bodies everywhere, the only thing Tomoya could point out in this fore coming nightmare was a man, he felt familiar and was on fire, he walked up to Tomoya, "I see you...hehahaha!" he laughed creepily before fire sprouted from his hand and consumed Tomoya.

"AH!" Tomoya yelped loudly through-out his room before sitting up from his bed, panting and sweating greatly, "W-who was that?" he questioned the surrounding darkness, he takes a second to look around him and out the window, it was night, Tomoya sighed as he remembered that he went to bed after seeing the vision of the sword, "These powers are double edged..." Tomoya said before fading out of consciousness again.

Wesker smiled, Justin and Glados were divided, time to strike.
"Well...I like your husband's work ethic...Alright, first some ground rules:
1. Stay away from the Testing Areas, I'm using those to collect combat data for our new T-104 series and It is hard enough to clean up as it is.
2. No flashing objects, they damage the Manji, The Soldiers around here have been infected with a parasite called Las Plagas, it ensures...control.
3. No Access to Red Level Chambers, if you do, the T-103's will take care of you.
Finally, Never, And I mean, Never, interact in any with a man named Victor Von Doom, He was a member of a Cartel that I was in, it fell apart a while back and now he wants my head, If I find you working with him, I'll do to you what you did to your Test Subjects.
Also, I'll need a blood sample from each of you, for reference.
aside from that, you will work for me and Tri-Cell, these are my terms, do you accept?

Phoenix and Stella landed after a long and awkward flight.









Word of Rugal's Demise finally reached the ears of the monarch, Victor Von Doom.
"Bout damn time that fuck German twat was iced, NOW BEGIN THE ATTACK! I want that Neo-Wannabe Wesker so I can stick my foot up his ass until he pukes up his own shit! MOVE!" He shouted at his Doom-Bot Army.
The left to attack the Former HQ of Tri-cell, unaware of the Move to Aperture.
As the last of the Doom-bots left, Victor pulled out his Rarity Pony Doll and started stroking it's hair in his fingers.
"Soon...Humanity will belong to Doom again...Ain't that right, Rarity?, Yes it will,yesitwill..." he cooed to it.

James landed in front of a shack in the middle of a field. I'm supposed to believe that this is a HQ for a major company? Guess I'll knock, James thought to himself. When he did knock, a large man stepped out and just stared at him. "I'm looking for Aperture Science, don't suppose you know where it is do you?" James asked the man, secretly preparing in case he attacked.

Glados frowned. "I don't know who you think you are telling us where we should and shouldn't go, I ran this place, hell if the aperture core was working I could have the very walls escort you out."

"I assure you, its mostly for your own... Safety." Wesker said.

"Be damned safety!" She said stamping her foot. Justin put his hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him. Her eyes portraited the anger she had. Her home, her child, was now being corrupted by some guy who watched the Matrix one too many times.

Justin's stare was not what she was expecting, he was angry as well, speaking to her with just his eyes she saw he was just as enraged as she was... Perhaps... She jerked away from Justin's touch. She couldn't let Wesker know.

"Alright where can I give blood?" Justin said "Just careful with mine." Justin said has he transformed his arm into a blade and slit his wrist, black blood began to dribble out towards the floor, only to begin to flow along the floor and back towards Justin. Sinking into his clothing and back into his system. "It can bite too." he said smiling smugly.

As James descended down in the elevator he began to think some more on recent events. He didn't really care how he leaped forward in time anymore now that he knew these "stories". Now he merely wanted if they were true or not and see what this other version of him was like. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the elevator stopping until the man behind James pushed him forward. He was escorted into an office with three others inside and was a few feet inside. "I came here to speak to the people who might know me," he stated out loud to everybody in the room.

The Men stared at James as several Soldiers entered the room with blast shields and shock batons.
They surrounded James as the Men pulled out syringes and advanced hoping to subdue James.

Wesker went to his desk and pulled out an empty syringe and said "I assure you...I've dealt with far worse..." as he stuck it in Justin's arm.
He winced a little as it filled with his mutated blood.
Wesker pulled it out but the blood began to cause the vial to shake wildly.
"...Incredible..." Wesker said spellbound as he used both hands to hold it in place as he gave it to one of the Tyrant-103's.
"Ahhhh, yes, these are the new worker drones, a special version of the combat model T-103's, re-programmed to preform more advanced orders, still has the standard mutation after being heavily damaged, but we can still keep total control over them, and by we I mean me..."
The Tyrant left the room.
"Your sample should greatly advance our T-104 Project...Now, head back to the one of the top levels, one of the T-103's or the Majini should have something for you to do, you are dismissed..." Wesker said as he went to the window behind his desk and stared at the new Test Subject Storage unit.

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