The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Knife swears, and throws the 'Hog in reverse, the shot that would have hit dead on impacting infront of the car, and lifting it up before sending it crashing down, ruining one of the tires and the fronts suspension. Knife keeps up the fire though, and the rocket gunner gains several laser blasts to the chest for her trouble.

Angelus took the chance to shoot at Darkside, as their weapons were currently being used against Knife. She waited patiently for her magics to hit peak, as she could feel them building; but not enough... At least for now. Caim seemed to have lost any sort of sullen thoughts from earlier, and had begun to take pleasure in the battle. Mental whoops and shouts of encouragement poured into the dragon's mind; and she was more than happy to oblige.

Cortex Nodded and fired several Missiles after Twister, but Being a F1 Racing Car, she'd managed to avoid them, even after the close call with the laser.
Sensing death from both Knife and Angelus, Darkside's driver opens the Mounted gun again and let's it mow down everything that was too close, a clear gesture for "FUCK OFF!"
The Racers neared the bridge, Cortex spilt off from the group in case his Mech broke the bridge and instead waited for his team to return.
several miles past the bridge was a old ghost town with a checkpoint, that was the goal.

Shadow saw his first targets pulling up onto the suspended bridge. He began to line up his sights on the first target.....

Dillon and Carol had been staying ahead of the group weaving through the gates and dadoging projectiles while throwing up barricades obn the dools and shields for the heores (as in to defend them) DIllon was also creating ramps for The violet devil to get airborne, this made them a harder target as well as let them gain incredible speed of course They were reliant on their allies not trying to trick them but they assumed they weren't that selfish.
Dillon then realized there was a sniper, learning from last time he created a violet shield in the front to deflect any bullets.

Shadow saw his first targets pulling up onto the suspended bridge. He began to line up his sights on the first target.....

Kagome, seeing as she was being observant of the situation (along with Dillon) also took notice of the sniper above. Because he was so far, she didn't know if he was part of the Dolls or with them. For one, the dolls were all chicks.. but because he wasn't racing with them- this figure could of been hired to handle her team mates. She would have none of that so she started to focus her magic once again into the cannon and prepare if ... this man pulls the trigger on them.

Knife ducks as Darkside's mounted gun fires, smashing his windscreen. He gets his turret to return fire, the laser fire quickly turning Darksides mounted gun to molten slag.

Alucard and seras pulled away from the group, only the outside of the car looking damaged, meanwhile the engine was still protected from underneath. Alucards head was showing because of a missing chunk in the roof.

They were soon on the bridge and crossing it, paying no notice to the man about to rain death.

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!! DIE AMERICAN DOGS!!!!" Shadow yelled as he took a shot at one of the dolls. The fifty cal hit and since the bullets had explosive tips it also blew up instantly destroying the doll and the car. He then took a shot at Dillion, seeing as how the shield protected him he aimed the girl charging the cannon and fired twice. He then realoded his Beret.

The Calypso Industries Garage: Prior to the Start of the Race

*Puce and Kurumu exited the elevator, having just left the meeting with Calypso, and headed towards Spectre. Jumping into the car, Kurumu hyped herself up. While they weren't the fastest car on the road, Kurumu had shown that she new how to handle turns. Plus, since the drivers had all agreed to be on the same team, she didn't have to worry about Carol or Kagome messing things up for her.*

*Pulling out of the garage, Kurumu and Puce saw the Preacher.*

*Puce felt sorry for him. He had seen mental disorders before but this one seemed especially sad. Railing against a building and praying for its destruction. Kurumu on the other hand felt angered. This race had brought out the worst emotions in people and she felt that the Preacher was absolutely right. It might be better that no one ever be able to compete in this contest ever again, especially after that meeting with Calypso.*

*As she sped forth in the Spectre, Kurumu felt grumpy and unfocused. She needed to do something to blow off some steam. She got her inspiration as they passed a large building on the way to the start of the course.*

*Slamming on the breaks, she exited the car and began rummaging through Puce's bag, pulling out a few cans of spray paint and began painting on the wall, that was located next to the only road that headed towards the starting line.*

*A few minutes later, Kurumu stepped back and admired her handiwork. It was crude but it got the message across and, most importantly, it made her feel a lot better.*

*A few minutes later, Crimson Fury passed by the wall and was puzzled to see new graffiti plastered on it. The driver wondered what the meaning was before she mashed the accelerator and sped off to the starting line.*

*Painted on the wall was a giant middle finger with the words "To Carol and Kagome" painted above it.*

*Kurumu laughed all the way to the starting line*

Carol and Dillon knew that the bullet would aim for carol they rthem moved the sheild
"Man That is one dumb snipe What kind of moron would assume we couldn't-"
But Dillon was cut off as the second bullet hit him in the shoulder, shadow did guess they could move the shield so he knew that once Dillon moved the shield to protect Carol he would be vulnerable, thus now Dillon's shoulder was badly damaged Carol, not liking this for an instant fired a powerful energy burst right at Shadow.

Shadow nearly shit his pants as he saw the charged cannon fire. He ran a bit away from his last location and set up quickly. He still had a good vantage point and this time he fired on Alucard and his car.

Knife hears the sniper more than he see's him, but he knows the only logical place he could be, and flips the bird in his direction, daring, just daring him to shoot him in the face.

Angelus ducked and weaved from Darkside's fire. The minimal bullets that did hit only caused minimal damage to the dragon. Also, as she was lagging behind the group, she didn't really notice the sniper ahead.


Shadow nearly shit his pants as he saw the charged cannon fire. He ran a bit away from his last location and set up quickly. He still had a good vantage point and this time he fired on Alucard and his car.

"That sniper isn't allied with anyone- figures." Kagome had just the amount of magic gathered up to launch a laser at this guy and hopefully get him out of the competition. As soon as she was about to fire, Darksider bumped into Wedding Crasher, making Kagome miss which the green laser went right past Shadow and caused a bill board to fall over onto the road.

Shadow held up a detonator in his hand... he held it there for a few seconds before pressing it. As he pressed it a row of smoke grenades went off hiding his presence. He used his goggles to see through the smoke and at his targets. He saw knife and decided he would be his next victim. He lined up the shot and fired....

Seras and Alucard cleared the bridge, only to find a bilboard in their way. "Up and over!" Seras said and gunned it. Sher ramped off of the billboard and was flying though the air.

Time froze and some back country announcer began to speak.

"The duke boys had gotten into allot of trouble in their past, but things mostly worked out. This time things may not be as bright for them boys-wait... these aren't the duke boys! Ah well, things aren't lookin too perty for em, so watch anyways." he said and time unfroze, letting Seras and Alucard land and take the lead.

Shadow just looked at Alucard and his car and laughed before re aligning his sights on Dillion. He took a couple of shots at him and then switched over to one of his friends seeing if he would fall for it again.

The Starting Line

*Spectre pulled up to the starting line, Puce taking stock of the road ahead. There were an inordinate amount of curves up ahead, a thought that made Puce's stomach lurch.*

*Sure Kurumu was a great driver but he didn't know if he could handle those corners.*

*Seeing Angelus and Caim at the starting line, Puce came up with an idea.*

"Kurumu, when the race starts, drive over the side of the cliff!"*Puce ordered her.*

"What? Are you crazy?"*Kurumu retorted in wide eyed protest.*

"Do it!"*Puce ordered again, firmly this time as the starting horn sounded*

*Cursing under her breath, Kurumu floored the accelerator and headed for the side of the cliff with Puce concentrating in the passenger seat*

*In front of the Spectre, a patch of asphalt came to life and formed a ramp, completing just as the car started climbing it.*

*Time seemed to freeze for a second as the car became airborne, flying over a surprised Caim.*

*The body of the Spectre Mk.1 seemed to glow as it began to reshape itself as anyone staring at the kamakaze duo lost sight of them as they flew below the lip of the cliff.*

*Seconds later, a black 2 seat mono-racer screamed up the canyon walls on the other side of the cliff before performed an immelman and settled over the race course, engines screaming.*

*Sighting the other racers ahead, Kurumu twisted the accelerator and assumed a chase position, the plasma cannon trained on the Dolls' cars.*

*Lining up on Darksider, Kurumu fired the Spectre's quad machine guns. Sparks flew as the 20 mm slugs chipped at the truck's armor, causing it to veer away from Kagome.*

"She's mine! No one messes her pretty face but me!*Kurumu yelled over the radio*

Carol and Dillon were close up with the others they got closer top Kagome
"OK here's the deal we shield you then we both get that bitch Kurumu, agreed?" Carol proposed.
Dillon used his ring, with some difficulty aiming, and got a shield around Kagome.

The shot flys forward through the smokescreen and strikes Knife in the shoulder. Grunting in pain, he reaches into his jacket and withdraws a megaphone. "You call yourself a sniper? My grandmother shoots better than you! I think...." He says, moving te steering wheel with his knees.

Shadow didn't say anything he just began to let more bullets fly.

Moments ago, before Angelus had begun her attack
Caim gaped at the machine currently flying past his head


and then focused upon the events ahead of him; chalking up the plane to the madcap possibilities his allies presented.

Much carnage later, to the current point of time.
Angelus was still ducking and weaving around Darksider's attacks, interchanging his attacks with her own. Fire and bullets were flying at one another, the sound of explosives rang in the air; and the smell of burning earth and asphalt filled everyone's noses. If anything, Angelus was now keeping Darksider very distracted.

The 'Hog dodges and weaves against the sniper shots, though the odd round still gets through. "Come on! Hit me, one shot, right through the think pan!"

Shadow steps fast out of the smoke and lines up his sights. He aims fires and hits the hull of the car causing a small explosion.

The 'Hog rocks on it's wheels, and Knife sighs. "Your the worst sniper I've ever seen!" He says, before putting the megaphone down and digging his own sniper rifle out of his jacket. He lets loose a volley of shots towards Shadow's direction, more to make things interesting than anything else, despite how close the shots are landing to him.

Capatcha: 'Yee Haw'

*Aboard the Spectre Mk.2, the on-board computer beeps, having analyzed the situation. It notified its pilot about the .50 caliber bullets that have been streaking towards the various cars on the road and plotted their trajectory back to their source, on top of a hill overlooking the road.*

"Kurumu! There's a sniper in the hills over there,"*Puce chimed in, reviewing the computer's data.*

"Whoever it is, they've been firing at our teammates,"*Puce informed her.*

"Good, maybe they'll knock some sense into some of the contestants,"*Kurumu remarked coldly.*

"Kurumu! Stop this now!"*Puce warned her. He could see now that something was affecting her judgement. Something that made him consider pulling them out of the event.*


"Okay... okay..."*She replied, her mind clearing up a bit.*

*Seconds later, the Spectre disappeared. No one could see it nor could they hear it.*

*Moments later, on the hill, Shadow was lining up another shot at Knife.*

*Suddenly, the Spectre reappeared, a scant 5 feet in front of him, engines roaring at full blast, causing a shockwave of noise and headaches.*

*A few feet behind Shadow, something metallic dropped into the brush.*

Seras and Alucard had made good time since they were now far ahead. They were about halfway to the town when alucard decided to put a song on.

"I remember killing hippies to this song... weird brownies though." he said as they tore around a corner.

Shadow nearly shit himself again as he heard the metallic sound. He was stunned for a second but then realized he was in deep shit. He dropped a smoke grenade at his feet. He then turned around to fire at the metallic what ever it was, only to have a bullet pierce his shoulder from the cocky sniper. He panicked for a second before he looked down and saw Dillion's car going by. He took his chances and jumped, he hit the shields hard and literally bounced off into the top of his car. Shadow coughed and spat some blood out before he sat up and loaded his gun planning on shooting at the cock sniper some more.

On the Hill Behind Shadow

*The bushes rustled behind Shadow as some sort of animal approached him from behind.*

*Turning, he sighted his rifle at the source of the sound and fired a couple of shots. The sound of the .50 caliber slugs ricocheting off of metal was puzzling, as they were designed to go through engine blocks.*

"Dafuq?"*Shadow muttered as the thing got closer and finally emerged.*

*Walking towards him was a metallic creature with the body of a winged turtle. Its wrinkled face looked up at him.*


*The turtle was not having a good day, a few seconds into its new life, it had been chucked off the side of an airplane like so much litter. Not only that, after it landed, someone fired some rather large caliber bullets at him.*

*For some reason, it felt very curious as to who was trying to kill it. It didn't know why but it was struck with a wave of curiosity that it couldn't explain and so it plodded forth towards the rude person.*

*Emerging from the bushes, it stared at Shadow with narrowed eyes. It didn't like this man, especially since he had a rather large rifle trained on the Metallic Flying Turtle.*

"Duhhh... hey mister. Why did you shoot at me?"*It croaked its question. A look of confusion plastered all over its face.*

*Its confusion was deepened as he watched the rude man jump off the side of the cliff. Plodding over to the edge, he watched as the man slammed into the shields of a passing car.*


*Lining up on Darksider, Kurumu fired the Spectre's quad machine guns. Sparks flew as the 20 mm slugs chipped at the truck's armor, causing it to veer away from Kagome.*

"She's mine! No one messes her pretty face but me!*Kurumu yelled over the radio*

Carol and Dillon were close up with the others they got closer top Kagome
"OK here's the deal we shield you then we both get that bitch Kurumu, agreed?" Carol proposed.
Dillon used his ring, with some difficulty aiming, and got a shield around Kagome.

Before the current events

Dearly this was just, unbelievable. Kagome behaves and even saves two allies from being gunned down- and here she is, having one of her team mates wanting to strike her down (well then again she did save her just now so...) but another team mate wanting Kagome to take that one team mate down- it's a retarded cycle really.

"You all must be kidding me..." Kagome face palmed and tapped the shield away from her face, but wouldn't budge much because it was forged by Dillon's ring. She sighed and punched it, making the shield budge off her along with focusing back onto the race itself. "We'll deal with rivalry later, we just need to beat the Dolls. Understood??" But seems after, shots were flying around them by that sniper, and crap was just getting random. Kagome shook her head and decided to speed up her car to the max, to see if she can get past all the chaos going about.


The present

Though not in front of everyone yet, Kagome was actually making her way through and reaching up to the Doll's that were up front (two of them to be exact). Kagome was charging her laser, using the circular green aura around her forehead to do so- but out of the blue, Darksider sent a missle towards Red (which missed, the dragon being good at dodging) but since it was heat-sensor type missle, it was going downward... towards the Wedding Crasher since fire was blazing on the roof still.

Hearing the sound coming up, Kagome noticed it right on time before making impact with her car. "Of ALL the-" It hit the side of her car, pretty big explosion but luckily was on the side where her seat was missing thanks to the fire consuming it and had to be cast out. But because of the massive force it dealt to the car, half of it was damaged and caused Kagome to swerve the car towards her right- right into Puce's Mk. 2 from aback.

It jolted them, and Kagome's seat belt snapped sending her to slide and tumble into thier Mk. 2- Kagome's legs on Puce's lap and Kagome's head onto Kurumu's lap- her face looking right up at hers. (Luckily Kagome's foot tugged onto the auto drive bar so the Wedding Crasher is driving right alongside the Spectre Mk. 2).

"... This is truly, the most unfortunate moment of my life."


"Holy shit!" Tomoya muttered in his helmet as he heard the shot being fired. "A 50 Cal...shit" Tomoya said to himself as he was in between Dillon and the rest of the group. He saw that shit was up and it was his turn to do something.

He started to zip and zig zag across the road. Passing pedestrians and other racers until he got up behind Dillon. "Got to protect him" He muttered once more. As he got behind Dillon a man bounced right off the shield and onto the car. He could only feel his presence as he wiggled in the air. "Really!" Tomoya yelled once more as he looked out for the enemy racers. He then noticed the two doll rights behind him. He flipped several switches which led to the EMP charging up.

Knife sees someone fall onto the top of Dillon's car and assumes it to be the other sniper, mostly because of the large rifle he's holding. Knife lines up a shot, and a round bounces off the top of the vehicle, no doubt catching Shadow's attention, who would see Knife flipping him the bird.

Shadow was pissed. He took a few shots at the enemy sniper but realized he was to injured to fire strait. He coughed up some more blood before he decided to use a trick. He had a guidance/computer system in his beret. He used it to help him aim, after a few second he said "stupid stupid cocky dog" he fired a shit (Woops shot) and hit him in the shoulder on purpose he didn't want to ki him right away. He wanted to kill him slowly....

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