The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

The Cleric gave the machine a heavy look over, taking in the machine's design with delight. The shades of blue paint, the curved horns, the harpoon; with it's obviously ocean motif, were the mech not not called the "Goddess", the girl would have dubbed it "Poseidon".

"Hmn... Perhaps she's more of an Amphitrite..."

"I'm sorry?"

Breaking from her thoughts, Teri gave a smile and said, "Oh nothing. I was just admiring it. And here I was thinking that mechs just had to be functional. As for what you said earlier, it's good to hear that magic has been made usable. Even if the channelling is a bit rougher, I bet a few of my buffs can go a long way out there.... Which reminds me; Dimitri, I'm going to need you to send another message for me..."

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Caim only snickered in amusement as the small man made his duck-like noise, and Angelus asked in a quizical tone, "I've no idea why the Striders would allow such an excitable child on this ship... Perhaps it is one of the Crew's cadets?"

However, she gave a snort of irritation when the man asked (to her) was dreadfully obvious, and then muttered under her breath about the faults in humanity and their inability to tell the difference between their own species and those posing as false ones; to which Caim gave a rebuttal,

"Perhaps you've been playing the part of human well?"

This was enough to calm the dragon down, but it did not stop the little group from staring at the short bald man...

AIM: Wesker | Bruiser | Inuart | Furiae

Wesker explained as Bruiser said "Might want to put the thingy on her arm before she goes and kills everything that managed to survive that."

Inuart nodded at Bruiser's suggestion and said, "Once the coast is clear, I'll put them on her again. Until then, she's been very helpful and nigh invulnerable. I'd hate for her to get hurt while in her normal form. I do not believe it would be as ineffective as such attacks are to her now.... "

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange led the cleric over to the lift to the cockpit. "How about I show you how this baby purrs? There's gonna be some things that will be different, but you look like a smart gal. You'll be able to pick those things up easy!" The cockpit of the machine had a lot more curves than was usual, and the color scheme inside showed the water motif extended to every part of the machine.

"If you want to call her something else, go ahead. Personally, I'd like the name Thalassa or possibly Nereid. What do you think, Teri?"

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

The short bald man raised his voice in protest. "Hey, I'm a fully grown man! Besides, I'd like to see you be tall when you've been bitchslapped through buildings! Still, I bet I could... oh crap, even the dragon chick's stronger than me. Why can I never come up against someone that I could actually beat in a fight?!"

Devon sighed. "I never thought I'd see someone that never knew how to shut up. How the hell did you get here, anyway? We had to get warped up here, and you aren't part of the Rising dawn. After all, we never heard any quacking there."

Our Bald Little Friend Talked in a raised voice. "Hey, it's this or be constantly bitched at by the greatest Bitch of them all. So when the Dragon Popped up, I told Little Green to get me somewhere safe. Good little kid, even if he was a bit weird from being around that Guru dude. Besides, I'm safe here from him..." THat awful laughing ran through his head again, and the man went pale.

"Anyways, I'm Krillin, and besides the crazy dragon chick and the dude that feels like a mute Vegeta, I'm sure we'll get along just fine!" He went up to Devon, sensing that his power level was much lower, and patted him on the back.

However, said pat on the back was ignored as Devon got another image of what was going on at the AIM base. "And that red headed tool's still content with her being an attack dog rather than putting the bracers back on and defending her himself. Caim, when we go there, please let me punch him in the face. I know it's asking a bit much, but the fucker deserves it."

Riki| Kud | Chief Petty Officer Grineal

As the couple watched the outer reaches of space, they were approached by a short-haired woman. "I'm Petty Officer Grineal. I know the view from here's incredible, but could you two please follow me? I'd like to get you on board the Hagane where it will be a lot safer for you two." If it wasn't for her uniform, she could easily fit in at Riki and Kud's old school.

The photo is too stronk!

Storm-178 & etc.
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

The Spartan heard the young elf behind him advice him that Tomoya's fleet is on the other side of Earth.
"It matters not. I can fly there, my suit is fast ... maybe I can try and take over one of his own ships and save myself while doing so." Storm said whilst sounding a little bit selfish when he said "myself", still irritated by the fact that he might lose Tomoya and himself in this battle. He will not let such a thing happen, but yet he still has the feeling that he wants to save the Earth and everyone on it.

"You really shouldn't do this ... I worry for you." A soft voice spoke out as the AI too miniature form beside him. Storm was almost close to losing it.

Riki & Kud.
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

As Petty Officer Grineal introduced herself to the two and told them to follow her to the other ship both Riki & Kud were examining the girl. She indeed looked like someone who could instantly fit into their school as a third year, "Um, okay. Let's go Kud. Riki said as he held out his hand to his younger lover.

For Kud on the other hand she was looking directly at Grineal's breasts and simply staring at them, feeling the old memories of jealousy that she had of her friends. When Riki grabbed Kud's had she snapped instantly out of her trance and decided to tell the Petty Officer what they need to do as well.

"We ... We also have a goal to accomplish. So ... when everyone storms the Blackhawke we need to be there too." Kud said with a most serious face. The two knew that the stone could purify the corrupted, so it could purify some of the Blackhawke's inhabitants and make another ship rebellion.

AA Shaun
Location: Blackhawke | VIP Prison Cell 1.
Part of ship: Section 2.

The Blackhawke began to get noisy due to the on-coming battle, and Shaun knew it was going to happen soon.
he could hear shouting like ...
"Get those fuckin' batteries to the cannons!"
"Where the hell is Jenkins!"
"Hey man have you seen you newest episode of My Little-Oh Jesus!"
Shaun could hear before a small explosion was heard from near by.

The whole ship was up in arms and it seems most of the prisoners/hostages were getting reckless.
The explosion came from a demon trying to create a bomb but failed miserably, just exploding his own cell and himself.

Meanwhile Shaun was just lying on his bed, awaiting for either rescue ... or death. (Though if he did meet Death he would just do a "Dante's Inferno" on him)
Yet he was humming a tune he knew from a familiar game.

"Soon unnecessary blood will spill ... " Shaun frowned as he got a view out of his generic, cold prison cell at the heroes army on the other end of Earth.

Shaun in srz RL.
Location: The West of Australia.
Time: 9pm.

The entire building which Shaun resided in had music playing loudly as he was typing up his post.
The Two Step to Hell music got him in the mood to post and so did the music after that.
Once seeing Diablo's picture post the only reaction it got out of Shaun was.

*Right click*
*Save image to desktop*

"I bet I know what he would cosplay as now ..."

Shaun said as he had finished up typing his latest post.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

The Cleric looked around the cockpit with a small smile on her face. Even inside the machine was suited to her. The water motif certainly made things quite at home for Teri, something that made the idea of piloting this machine seem a little less terrifying. As the two continued exploring, she said, "Hmn... Nereid implies she's one of many, and Thalassa, while a good name, I don't think suits her... I like Oto-hime. Graceful, but still able to show a fierce side. She certainly has the horns."

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Angelus's teeth ground together at one of Krillian's offhanded comments, "'Even' the dragon chick, eh? Now tell me, little human, do you say that because I a woman or because the notion of dragons is not a properly defined concept in your world?"

She turned, her red eyes piercing directly into the beady dots that constituted Krillian's, "If it is the former, I can tell you with confidence I've met a child half your age who do things you'd only dream of. If the latter, then know this, little human. You are lucky I bound as I am right now, or I'd have you for a snack... Your puny frame would fit easily in my jaws...."

After saying this piece, Caim lightly patted the dragon on the shoulder and shook his head sadly, "Don't get angry at the ignorant and the foolish, Angelus. It's a waste of time and effort."

The dragon snorted upon hearing this and jabbed Caim in the chestplate, a sly smile on her face, "If that were the case, we'd have broken our pact long ago, fool human."

The warrior silently laughed, the motion being unnerving to the uninitiated, but was quickly ceased when Devon gave his newest status update regarding Furiae. With a frown he 'said', "Hope you can make do with a corpse."

While all this was happening, as Krillian tried to get on the better side of Devon, he felt a light tugging on his pants leg, and turned to see Ton Ton, little lantern glowing and knife gleaming (Cadolbolg had decided to roost on Caim's shoulders after Angelus gave her miniature rant). With a shake of the lantern, the creature gave a friendly, "Hello!"

Storm-178 and Melethia
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

Melethia stood in front of the man, putting her arms out to the sides in a way that showed she wasn't going to let the man through. "Mister, you're bein' stupid. What you're tryin' to do is like swimmin' across an oean in a day. It's not gonna happen, an' you're just makin' things harder than they need to be. So please, just think about it for a minute, 'cause I'm not gonna just let ya go out there an' kill yourself." She stared the man down and eyed him up. If nothing else, she could try that Sonic Boom she'd learned earlier to knock him down.

Riki, Kud, and Grineal.
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

The Petty Officer shrugged. "I'll go and see what I can do, but I'm only involved in cooking meals. There's only so much I can do, after all. Maybe you could try talking to someone a bit more high-ranking than me? I'm sure that something could be worked out for you two. While we're on the subject, could you two please put these rings on? It's a safety measure, and I don't want to see either of you getting hurt." She handed the both of them a fairly simple ring, sized to fit the both of them perfectly.

Before long, the three were at the massive hybrid carrier/warship and boarded it without too much difficulty, although the young couple got the feeling that they had at least two sets of eyes on them while they walked through the halls.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Sadei voiced her mental approval. Oh, I like that one! It really seems to fit this machine. It's weird, but it seems like it was built just for you.

While Teri was inside the cockpit, Coulange began pointing out the weapons systems, 'accidentally' brushing his hand against her arms a few times. "Well, there's the power switch, there's the switches for the balancers, over here's the gauges for your machine's stamina and physical status, and here's where your wolf will be staying while he's here. It's a bit small for him, but believe me, there's more than enough room for him here." He confidently rattled off the technical specifications of the machine, and the amount of detail was just enough to stop Teri's head from spinning.

"You call it whatever you want, Little Cleric. It'll do what you need to get done, and that's the important thing."

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Devon rolled his eyes. "Look, could you just calm down for a second? The way you're talking, you're gonna wind up dead by someone. So just try to hold on for just a minute and collect yourself."

Krillin kept talking, though. "It's just that everyone else here is stronger than me but not like it was with Frieza or Vegeta or Guru or that Dragon that could grant three wishes and oh god, I can not shut up when I'm scared."

Devon could only shake his head before responding to Krillin. "Well, you should start learning how to, then. Caim, I've got no problems with punching the corpse. Just make sure that there's something left for me, will you? And how are you doing, Ton-Ton?"

Krillin looked down at the small creature right next to him. It couldn't be so bad, could it? It looked so muck like Little Green!

Then he sensed Ton-Ton's power level.

"Oh god damn it! Even the Little Greens here are stronger than me!" He was clearly frustrated.

Storm-178 and Melethia
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

Many voices spoke inside the Spartan's head.
His inner feelings told him to save his best friend.
Some told him to save himself ... the author.
Yet the ones talking outside of his helmet held the most logical point.

Grinding his teeth inside his helmet he spoke, "Fine, open the door!" He yelled out. Immediately Alpha opened the airlock doors and Storm walked fast out of the airlock and passed Melethia, who could easily tell that the superhuman was in no good mood.

Storm decided to mute all noises coming out and into his helmet so he could get some peace and quiet as he roams the ship to cool down.
He only wanted to save everyone.

Riki, Kud, and Grineal.
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

As the couple passed into the massive hybrid carrier, Kud was gasping and surprised by the experience and didn't make a single word for the whole trip there. Riki certainly found the site of both space and the carrier amazing, but he could not move his eyes from the slight view of the Blackhawke which dominated most of the moon area. Worst of all it had seem that a weird black aura surrounded the ship as well. Riki knew that nothing good was going on, for everyone on this side and everyone on that side.

His thoughts only remained on his objectives.
To save Tomoya, Shaun and even the world.
Though a sense of warm came to him as he viewed Kud, who was immersed in the environment.
"So who should we contact to get permission to go with the raiding team." Riki said as the stone hung around his head.

Akane, Aftan, Gabrielle, David, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

David Chuckled as Akane asked him.
"To hell with that, I'm going to be right up in their face and beating them to death with their own skulls!" He boasted as he stood up.
"An announcement! I, David West, have modified myself to serve this team better. Thanks to a serum I got off our friend Shadow, I have, Duh-duh-duh-duh-duhhhh, Super Powers!" He boasted as he showed them off by punching the ground with enough force to cause the room to shake.
"Done are the days of me being completely useless, Hell, I could beat fucking Rugal now! Now, I know what you're thinking "What's with the weird zombie like veins?" Minor side effect, I'm told they will fade once this serum gets used to it's new host. So basically, I took a few million levels in badass!" He explained with smirk on his face.

"" Jenny was shocked to hear this, he must have done it on a impulse after Elena "Betrayed" him.

AIM: Wesker | Bruiser | Inuart | Furiae | M.Bison

"....Fine, "IT" might come, but I want it brought under-control once we reach the Command Center, I've had enough of dealing with Freaks for one day..." Bison Growled as he lead the group towards safety.
"Alucard might be nigh unstoppible, but once we "Clean up", he'll be as dead as the monsters he wrought."
"I take it you mean the turrets?"
"Wait...if you had those, why aren't we using them?"
"They've been set only to kill Everything, a last resort to be used in the event of our defenses being breached or in this case, to "Clean up". Everything outside the safe zone will be shredded."
"What about Cortex and Doom?"
"Does anyone really care?"
"...Good point."


"Nope, Sorry Senor. Only Missiles and Tequila!" Doom answered as he wadded though the remains of several bodies.
"Sheez, some people just can't handle their drink..." He stated, completely unaware of what was going on.
"Why you need a pigeon for anyway? Text, Email, IM, Use Doom's phone if you have to..."

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

"Do I look like I have Blonde hair, a muststash and a red suit?..." Kazuya answered, keen to point out just how wrong the Rising Dawn were about letting that man join their ranks.
"It's just unusual that you have that power within you now, there was no trace of it when we last met and this isn't the sort of power that just falls out of trees, you had to be born with it within you." He explained as he walked over to his "Static Target".

"This is a Mu ren zhuang or "wooden man post". It's used to improve your defense and offence. Every-time you strike, it strikes back. Sure, I could get an robotic target to spar with but Modern isn't another way of saying "Better". I used these a lot back at my old school, while it mightn't exist anymore, I still find it's teachings to be far more relevant even in our times...Try it, See if you can hit it without getting hit back."
Thus, Kazuya stepped aside to let the Drow square off with the wooden man post.

Akane, Aftan, Gabrielle, David, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

When the man delivered the groundshaking punch, the young Ensign quickly spoke up. "Hey, watch it! This ship's already going to take enough of a beating soon enough here without you doing whatever you can to mess it up even more. If you have so much energy to work off, why don't you find Commander Tajuh?" He clearly didn't want to see more shows like that, and the attack made Date nervous. What would happen if the man became unhinged?

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

Slindis began sparring with the post, finding it a workable item yet feeling a bit disappointed. "This is better than a normal dummy, of course, but it doesn't beat training against an actual person. I don't mean to disparage your methods, but it only goes as fast as you're willing to, yet someone in a real fight would not hesitate to find your weaknesses and capitalize on them. For example, if someone was wearing something flammable and was aiming at ending the fight, all I would have to do is this."

She slowed her strikes before lashing out with one fiery punch that set the wooden post ablaze.

Slindis expended 5 Ki to attack with Fires of Purity: You strike an opponent, backed with the power of flame. Your attack will deal 2d6 additional fire damage at the cost of 5 Ki.

Ki left=36

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

Kazuya was less then pleased as the post went up in flames
"...I would prefer if you didn't light it on fire next time..." he said as the fire quickly consumed it.
"You'd have to understand, back then, we weren't getting sparring partners daily, I found it useful as a child and I still remember everything it taught me..." He explained as he called for it to be removed.
"Tell me, You figure out how to do that all by yourself or did you have a teacher? That Flame punch was rather impressive."

Melethia, Hiryu

Melethia watched as Storm marched off, unaware that she herself was being watched.
"...Impressive." A Voice said from behind, giving her a brief scare.
She turned around and found Hiryu behind her, smiling.
"I was going to ensure that who ever was tampering with the Airlock didn't, but it seems like I didn't need to. You're one of the Rising Dawn, aren't you? Strider Hiryu." He introduced himself, offering a hand to shake.

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

She put her left hand on Lupito's head while the post was taken away. "It must have been a different time for you, then. No matter what, there was always someone or something to hone my skills against due to the conditions of where I used to live. It was not the kindest place, but I tried my best to make it a safer place. Not that it's done much good in the end, but it was worth it when I could see people walking down the streets in relative safety. As for that punch earlier, all I needed was for someone to show me how to handle a fist fight. Now he was one of the hardest teachers I've ever had, but those five minutes in the ring with Bernstein showed me far more than I would guess even he planned."

The fact that Rugal had taught her was disconcerting, but referring to him by his last name in such a formal manner showed that there were some issues with the man.

Melethia, Hiryu

Melethia quickly eyed up the man as she shook Hiryu's hand. "Well, we had that tin bucket gettin' ready to jump out into space to attack the fleet that's clear on the other side of the planet. Now, I couldn't just let him go off an' kill himself tryin! Besides, it wasn't that hard to just get the door open there. The only thing that scared me when I was doin' that was that some of the wires had already started burnin' through their casing. Ya might wanna get one of your guys on that before it locks the interior Airlock door open."

As Hiryu looked at the girl, he could notice that she was already wearing a ring, and reports had said that every member of the Hagane was seen wearing one as well. "Anywho, Mister Hiryu, ya can call me Melethia. An' do ya mind not sneakin' up on me like that again? If I'd been distracted, I mighta messed somethin' up there!" She pouted and looked up at the man with an endearing frown before it broke into a smile.

Riki, Kud, and Grineal.
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

Grineal heard the growling of the two's stomachs and gave a light sigh as she shook her head. "Well, it sounds like you two would like some food. Would you like me to prepare some for you while you get settled in your room, or would you rather head to the mess hall? I think the Commander is currently busy with the assignments, but I'm sure that he's arranging something for you."

The vampire looked at Doom and just stared for a minute. "Riiiiiiiiiight... Well... I'm writing my weekly death threat to the pope. I send them in by carrier pigeon because I've been doing it that way for the past few hundred years. Since the pope existed really." He explained, finishing up the after and using his ring to seal the letter.
"So... If I could just be pointed at the pigeon pens, that'd be glorious."

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

Kazuya soured a little at the sound of that mans name.
"...So Rugal trained you?...Figures..." He grumbled, getting annoyed at how short term the crews memory seemed to be.
"...Explain to me why. Why are you letting that murdering egotist assist you? When he has done so much harm to the world. Why are you so quick to forgive him?" He pressed the issue, keen to find out how exactly Rugal had done it so he could undo it.
Those morons are going to get themselves killed, I need to ensure that whatever Rugal is planning is stopped before the attack starts

Melethia, Hiryu

Hiryu quickly glanced at the wiring, some of which was sparking.
Pressing a finger to his ear, he said "Hiryu here, repairs in sector 2: Airlock wiring is damaged."
Turning back to the elf he added "Striders are know for being everywhere, yet nowhere. Our Skill is legendary and we make use of it everyday. Observe."
Before she could say anything, another voice spoke behind her exactly as Hiryu did.
"Hate these hot-wire jobs, why can't they just snatch the code like everyone else?"
Appearing from nearly nowhere, a repairman began to fix up the wires.

"The first thing we teach how to be totally invisible. Now come Melethia, I'm certain someone is looking for you."
Hiryu then lead the way over to the Hanger, awaiting any other questions.

AIM: D 0_0 m

Doom stared blankly at Alucard for a moment before bursting into spiteful laughter.
"Seriously!? You still use those!? Please, even the Pope has a twitter account, get with the times Grandpa!" He mocked as he strolled over to one of the venting machines and made a selection.
"Still, Should've been some in the Lab, right next to the Nerco-morphs thingys Cortex was working on."
Then it hit Alucard, he remembered seeing them there, Pity there were all dead now.
"Still, if you want it sent THAT badly, just use the pods, everyone does. Even Doom. Right, d6, d6, d6 $1.50 *Grumble Grumble*..." He finished as he went to buy some Frozen Yoghurt, which he called Frohurt.

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

Slindis gave a hard look at the man as she heard the scorn in the man's voice. "Kazuya, do you know how long I've known of what he's done? It's coming up on fifteen minutes now. I don't know what the rest of the crew knew, but I'm not about to go making judgments on that especially considering none of them even bothered to inform me. You can say whatever you will, but unlike some people, I'm not about to shoot myself in the foot with this situation looming over our heads! I've given him one chance to show that he can change, and before you go and say nobody can change, I've done so myself."

Melethia, Hiryu

As Hiryu led the way, he could see the discreet eyes of the Hagane's crew keeping an eye on him. "Mister Hiryu, if your guys are supposta be helpin' us, why'd they go and attack someone on that other ship? I mean, it showed me right where it happened, an' I can still see the blood from the punch..." Now this may be news to the Strider for two reasons. One, it showed that the Hagane had made sure to give its crewmates a way to communicate between all their members. And the other is that some of the others on the ship were clearly unhappy with the man's decision.

"I use them because you can't just delete them like a message. Plus, it's fun to watch then scramble around and try to catch the bird before it gets to his holyness." Alucard said and began to walk for the entrance to the bunker. "I'll find my own." He shouted back at doom.

She had been looking over the plans to aperture and was amazed at its size and all of the sealed off sections. "Wow... It's really big... All those experiments laying down there..." She said and looked over their experiments.

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

Kazuya scoffed at Slindis's "Excuses" as he saw them.
"Oh come now, it's not as if he tried to hide it or at least do it well. One of his underlings, A program called Viscus ended up using the First attack to plot a en mass sabotage of the US Military, so Rugal could line his pockets with the reparations..." He explained, clearly unaware of all the facts and that Viscus was trying to kill Rugal.

Melethia, Hiryu

"...You see...Even before we set up our home out here in the vacuum of space, we existed and thrived, but always out of sight. Then they contacted us, asked for our aid. As the leader just under the Grandmaster, I agreed. Some of us though, didn't. Looking back, I should have asked, but then they've have just made things even harder." Hiryu explained as he thought of Hien and his constant attempts to undermine him.
"...Still, until this battle is won, I will do everything in my power to prevent a battle from breaking out."

AIM: Doom

"Yeah, Yeah, I hear ya Edward Cullen, go screw Bella or something..." Doom grumbled as he began to insert $1.50 worth of pennies into the machine as the Crimson Fucker walked off.

AIM: Viscus

Viscus was going though some of Wesker's old files, Namely relating to the Air Emulsifying Element and the Original Viral Strain that his Super Serum was based off.
"Those passwords Wesker gave us will grant us full access, though it will be some time before the Lab is fully operational. Also, The remaining Type 3 Plaga subjects seem to have taken up residents during the time of inactivity. This leads me to believe that other Test Subjects might still be in the complex."

Alucard stopped in his tracks when he heard that name. He turned around and looked at doom. "I'll have you know I personally killed that pansy and his girlfriend. Now, if I ever hear you refer to me as that pathetic excuse for a vampire, I'll shove my foot up your ass." He said then picked it up again. "I'll shove it so far up your ass that when I pull it out, it'll be covered in nachos and burritos." He said then spun around and continued walking. "So I'm just going to keep walking now and pretend I didn't hear that."

"Sooo... What are you saying about the infected? We're going to need to do some house cleaning?" The girl asked him. She was sort of looking forwards to fighting, but it was also an annoyance. However, she could test her suit.


Doom was looking at Alucard with an offended expression.
"Well....Excuse Doom. Though, He heard it different, He heard it was that Black Guy who did it..." He said as he let the Vampire walked off.
"Still, nothing Simon Belmont couldn't handle...$1.03, $1.04, $1.05, $1.06..." He cooed as he resumed the purchase of his Frohurt.


"Affirmative. I would recommend that you use Small Arms, Fire and Flash Bangs." Viscus advised as the Pod began to descend near the base.
"....Brace for landing.
The entire pod began to shake as it scraped along the ground before coming to a halt next to the enterance.
"Landing Compete. Awaiting Orders."

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

She turned back on the man. "Said program was also planning on having the whole group killed there in that jungle, so don't you go off acting all self-righteous like you'd have the perfect solution to every problem that we face. Like it or not, a good deal of how we're even here to talk about this is due to him joining the Rising Dawn! Now, I do appreciate that information you gave me on that Gilliam, but we've worked with the hand we've been dealt."

Melethia, Hiryu

Melethia put a hand on the man's leg, "Mister, it's really nice that ya opened up your port to us here, an' don't let any of those stuffy guys you're with say otherwise. But who's the they you're talkin' about? I mean, they must have lotsa resources if they could get that ship here..." The girl's head raced, trying to think of who could have gotten the ship here like they did. It couldn't be Firebrand, because it didn't have the smell of sulphur on it at all.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

While Teri was trying to collect her wits, Dimitri spoke up again, "For what it is worth, Madam, I will be able to help you review the schematics of the ship in your down time. That, and the spell review you wish to share with Mr. Bernstein should prove to be fruitful on the eve of battle. This may be a lot now, but this AI has confidence in your ability to learn."

Teri gave a thankful typing of keys in reply to her AI, and did her best to take in the information, even if it was making her head spin, "Whoo! This is a bunch to take in... But you're right Sadei, the connection is uncanny..."

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Ton Ton looked at Krillin with confusion, but kept his happy demeanor, "My name is Ton Ton, not little green; but I suppose that is an appropriate description of me. As for your question, Mr. Devon, I am doing just fine, especially after destroying that beast a little while ago. How about yourself?"

AIM: Wesker | Bruiser | Inuart | Furiae | M.Bison

Inuart gave a solemn nod and held up the bracers, "She's accounted for. A shame about the Doctor though..."

Waving a hand to Goddess!Furiae, the little group continued their advance towards some of the ruins of AIM.

Akane, Aftan, Gabrielle, David, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

Akane watched in dismay as David showed his disintegrating sanity. "David! Why are you doing this to yourself..."

"Stand down Mr West. There is no need to damage the ship and show off."
"If you really want to test your powers, why not try to find Caim for a fight?" Akane suggested.

She then placed a hand upon Enisgn Date's shoulder. "Calm down, he's normally nice, if a little down for being 'underpowered', I think is the best way to put it. He always looks out for the team. Besides, if you think we're cute, you might find yourself with some new friends to party with, tee hee hee." Akane winked and said in a suggestive voice. Akane's honey laced words sounded very good to the young Ensign.

Gabs laughed. "So Akane, when are you gonna stop playing with your food and eat it?"

Akane just laughed and patted Gabs on the head. "I'm not playing with him, I'm keeping my skills sharp. You and Aftan know I love you both dearly. He's just so kawaii, I can't help it!"

Akane, Aftan, Gabrielle, David, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

"Welp, I might just do that, Teach the Mime a thing or two. Still, Best check up on Tajuh first....Huh, keep thinking I'm saying that wrong...Oh well, who cares?" David said as he finished his drink.
"See you in space, Ladies and Gentlemen!" He said as he hopped up and made his way towards the captain.
Jenny was visibly disturbed by David's new attitude after what happened in DC while Blade just looked confused.
"...Took a few levels in annoyance as well!"

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

"I never claimed my solutions were prefect, but none of them involved allowing Rugal to get this far. He brag about killing Tomoya once? That was the truth, he also took his power afterwards to try and make himself into some kind of demi-god. Now that Tomoya has gone rouge, I think he might try again. You saw the power he has first hand, now imagine Rugal with that power.
And that instability..."

Kazuya's words hung in the air, what if he was right and Rugal was in fact merely playing them to get his hands on the power of the Demon Prince?

Melethia, Hiryu

"Calls himself Gilliam, some kind of commander from another realm apparently. I guess the threat of Tomoya was enough to get him concerned. He's using our base as a staging area for the upcoming battle as well as a rally point." Hiryu explained as they walked, getting some dirty looks from passers by.
"....They may be my kin, but they don't seem to act like it..." He sighed, remembering how his past demotion and bring Blade and Jenny to the Blue Dragon affected his standing.
"Still, when there is a crisis, They'll fall in line..."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange called to Teri. "Hey, if you don't mind, I'd like to get some of that finer tweaking done for you, my dear Cleric. Nothing but the best for you, after all~"The man was beginning to get overly flirty with the Cleric, which annoyed Sadei.

Who does that guy think he is?! I mean really, it's easy to see what he wants here!

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Devon sighed. "Honestly, a bit down since Ella left to go wherever she had to go. I mean, it can't be safe there for her, but she made this whole act just so I wouldn't go after her. What's a guy supposed to do, keep her stuck there and smother her?"

Krillin nodded. "No problem, Little Green! Now, Devon, unlike that couple there that looks like they just want to murder everything in sight just like Vegeta, I think I know a bit about how to handle a relationship!" He looked at the Bard with a smile on his face only to be rebuked by the Bard.

"Yeah, it doesn't look like you've ever had a meaningful relationship. So Ton-Ton, do you know anything that could help a guy out here?"

Akane, Aftan, Gabrielle, David, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

The man sputtered and nearly choked on his soda when Akane made the implications, still clearly blushing even after he stopped coughing. "Wh-what do you mean, someone to party with? I'm not that much of a partier..." He failed miserably at keeping a straight face as he continued to talk to the women, and it was clear that he didn't know how to not make a fool out of himself.

Kazuya, Slindis, Lupito

The Drow's tone became extremely calm as she said the next statement. "Should it come to that kind of situation, I would end him myself. Every man must have the chance to prove they are better than they were in the past. If I am proven wrong, though, I do have ways to ensure that he won't be able to seize the opportunity. Ways, I might add, that I will keep to myself."

Melethia, Hiryu

Melethia nodded. "Does he have Long purple hair an' wear some kinda suit? In any case, he's made some great defenses on that ship he brought here" She beamed up at the man, and Hiryu could see the incredibly sharp eyes the girl had. Wherever she'd come from, she probably could have made a name for herself in some circles.

"Still, you seem really nice, even if one of your guys were really hotheaded, Mister Hiryu."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Teri looked at the staff with confusion, "Okay, I will admit the names are a little irritating from time to time, but I don't know quite what you're talking about..."

As the Lt. began working, Teri spoke up, "Er, thank you. Is there anything else that needs to be run through? It looks like you're keeping yourself busy with that; and I'd hate to impede any progress...."

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Angelus gave a throaty laugh at Krillin's comment about relationships, Caim looking away to avoid showing the smile growing on his face. It had appeared that the little man was not able to sense the bond between the two. But no matter. As Cadolbolg clung to his parents, Ton Ton thought for a moment, and said, "I'm afraid that area is completely without any expertise on my part. You'd be better off asking Caim and Angelus. They've got a successful thing going right now... I think. Right guys?"

The duo continued their reverie, deciding to let Krillin fill in the blanks for himself.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

If Sadei could facepalm, she probably would. You really don't see it? In that case, I'll just let you see it yourself.

Coulange called back up to Teri. "Maybe you could move the machine's limbs around so I could get a feel for how she needs to be calibrated? It wouldn't take all that long, Miss Gravel." The man winked at Teri and gave a thumbs up.

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Devon looked over at Caim after hearing Ton-Ton's statement, clearly a bit anxious. "Caim, is it right for me to be so worried about someone I care about if I let them go off on their own? I wanted to go with her, but she seemed really set on me staying here..."

Meanwhile, Krillin looked down at Ton-Ton. "Hey, Little Green, maybe we could convince these murderholics and musicians to head on that ship that just boarded? I remember them telling me it's called the Hagane, but I don't know how to use it. I tried saying Popo everywhere! At least the toilet doesn't yell at you there..."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

"Yeah, Sadei, I've no idea what you're talking about. I think he's just one of those people who an 'in your face' type. A bit forward, yes. A little annoying, maybe a little. But he's helping me figure this mech thing out, so I think it's only fair that I'm nice back...."

And with calm dictation from Dimitri, the girl was slowly lifting the mech's arms to the necessary height for the 2nd Lieutenant to continue his work.

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Meanwhile, Krillin looked down at Ton-Ton. "Hey, Little Green, maybe we could convince these murderholics and musicians to head on that ship that just boarded? I remember them telling me it's called the Hagane, but I don't know how to use it. I tried saying Popo everywhere! At least the toilet doesn't yell at you there..."

Ton Ton nodded, and alerted his companions of this fact, "Krillin is right. Mr. Tajuh did say that the Strider base wasn't too keen on us sticking around on this ship. The sooner we get to this Hagane thingy, the better for us... Perhaps we could continue this discussion as we walk?"

The pact partners looked at each other, and with a silent look of agreement between the duo, waved Devon on and proceeded towards the ship in question. As they did so, Caim rubbed his chin in thought, "Well, it depends upon what you mean by going off alone. For example, if your lady love is getting milk from a market and you're fearful for her life, I'd call you a bit on the paranoid side. However, given your tone, I'd have to say that it's perfectly normal to worry about those you care about. This girl of yours, you said you wanted to follow her somewhere dangerous?"

"Pretty much...."

Caim waved his hand, "And she tried to force you to stay behind with a ploy of not caring. There you have it. She's just as worried about you as you are of her. I think it's perfectly natural...."

Angelus tsked at the notion, "Why you humans insist upon not expressing your real thoughts and feelings on matters has always boggled my mind. I could rattle off many conflicts that begin with withheld thoughts..."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

After a not too long amount of time, the machine was fully calibrated. "You're looking pretty good from where I'm standing! Now keep in mind that it's not going to be as easy to cast your magic, although I'm sure you'll get the hang of it as you use it in combat."

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Krillin hurriedly led the group back to the ship, not wanting any of them to get attacked. "Hurry up or else the Striders might attack us!They already want to kick out asses, and I'd like it if that didn't happen today... C'mon, Little Green, let's lead the way!"

Devon continued talking to Caim about the issue as he tried to keep up with the mute's pace "Still, why would she want to face something so dangerous on her own? I can understand it from an independence standpoint, but if she went back to her home, well, it's not exactly the safest place..." The Bard was clearly torn up about her safety even though it was clear that he was also trying to keep his focus on the problems at hand.

Akane, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

The man sputtered and nearly choked on his soda when Akane made the implications, still clearly blushing even after he stopped coughing. "Wh-what do you mean, someone to party with? I'm not that much of a partier..." He failed miserably at keeping a straight face as he continued to talk to the women, and it was clear that he didn't know how to not make a fool out of himself.

Akane and Gabrielle laughed away at the young man's expense. Aftan sighed and placed a hand upon the Ensign's shoulder. "I can see you are well out of your depth here, Ensign. My advice would be to return to your previously assigned duties. Akane is a Kitsune, and if you do not know, they prey upon men, no, humans for sport and pleasure. Gabrielle is no better, though her games are a little more unconventional. I do think sometimes that I play the role of their mother somedays, not their lover."

It was then that Jake and Lt Cmdr Browning entered the mess. Jake grabbed some food that was on offer and sat down with the gathered Rising Dawn members. "Ah shit, sorry Mr Browning. Do you have other things you could be doing? I'll only need to find my quarters and have a sleep after I eat."

"It is nothing Captain. I see young Ensign Date here is done with his current errand, he can show you all to your quarters when he is done." Browning said, giving a nod of his head before leaving.

"Yes Sir. Guess I'm stuck here Aftan... Captain, I am Ensign Date, Engineering." The young man said, seeming a little more at ease with another man around.

"Pleasure to meet you Ensign. So, by the colour of your face, I'm gonna guess the girls have been having a go at ya? Yeah, the fact you're going even redder tells me all I need to know. Oi Akane! You been toying with Mr Date? Oh shit, no wonder eh! Hahahah!"

Akane and Gabrielle started laughing again, even Aftan couldn't hid a smirk. A head popped out of the mass of tails. "Hey Jake! How's it going, being the big bad Captain?"
"Hmm? Captain? Of this ship? WOW SUGOI!"

"Yeah it was news to me too, but what else am I gonna do in this fight? It's an honour to be given a ship, I just kinda assumed control of the Rising Dawn... Anyways, you two better stop picking on the young Ensign here, he's part of my crew now, or I should say I'm part of his crew now." Jake said between a bite of something on his tray. He was that hungry he didn't care what it was, but it was good.

The two girls hugged each other and made a sad face at Jake. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Jake just laughed.

Jenny, Blade

Watching Akane and Gabrielle mess with Ensign provided a source of entertainment for the two pokemon, but Jenny was still worried about David, even if he wasn't.
Still, it was nice to simply mingle with the others.
"So "Ensign Date"? Where did you get a name like that?" she asked, hoping to take her mind off David


Kazuya merely shook his head.
"You say that now, but one thing I learned from my years under his command, The longer you leave him be, the worse the damage he causes. I simply pray you all come to your senses before it's took late..." He said before he returned to practicing with his Training dummy.


"...How did you know that?..." Hiryu merely asked, starting to wonder just who exactly she really was, being a new arrival to the Rising Dawn made sure records on her were slim.
"...Still, Yes, he has considerable resources, that is certain..." He said before trailing off under his breath.
"...I'm starting to wonder if mine was the right decision. Should they attack..."


All the while, Rugal was in his quarters on the Hague, thinking about the ultimatium Slindis had laid down.
And what? Who will take over? Bison? Doom? Wesker? He thought, 3 men who would only track him down to finish him off.
Or even her and Melethia.
Sighing, he went to check his AIM updates, receiving a "Server Down for Maintenance" Message, leaving him unaware of the mess that Alucard made while he was gone.
He did however find 2 Emails from Teri received during his meeting with Kazuya and Slindis, first asking where he was and the other informing him of her relocation and asking for some help with some spells.
Yeah...because this wasn't hard enough as it was... he sighed as he sent back:

Sure, where are you and what needs going over?

As he sent that, he left his room and began to make his way off the ship.
At the very least, it was taking his mind off his fear of being in Space.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

"Spells will be a bit harder to cast... Got it."

After the calibrations were done, and Oto-hime's arms were lowered again, the Cleric noticed that she had another message from Rugal,

Sure, where are you and what needs going over?

With a smile, she typed up,

In the Hangar of the Hagane, going over basic schematics for Oto-Hime (the mech) with a 2nd Lieutenant Coulange. I'm pretty sure we're almost done, but I'll need to double check that. As far as spells go, I've found out that they've modded her to where I can cast out there. However, they said it'll be a bit harder to do than on solid ground. So, I was wondering if you'd be able to determine what'd be the most combat effective; what with, you know, doing this sort of thing for a while.

After sending the message, true to her word, she called out to the 2nd Lieutenant, "Is there anything else that needs to be done to Oto-Hime, sir?"

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

"Alrighty, Mr. Krillin!"

With a cheerful wave of the lantern, the little creature followed after Krillin as fast as his little legs could carry him, soothing Krillin's fears, if only a little. If anything, the short man couldn't sense any inherit malice in the Tonberry.

Cadolbolg gave a small yawn before settling himself on Caim's shoulders, finally falling asleep; to which the mute gave an adoring grin and scratched the little turtle with a free hand. As they continued walking, Angelus spoke, "Isn't it glaringly obvious? She did so for your own well-being. If this place she is descending into is truly as terrible as you say, then would you not do the same if prompted in a similar situation?"

Teri, Rugal

Understood, en route

Rugal hit send before stepping out of the Hagane, taking a deep breath as he was reminded of where he was.
After getting directions, he made his way towards her location, still uneasy about the whole idea of the incoming battle.

He soon arrived, albeit a bit more pale then usual as he approached the Cleric and those around her.
"Good evening, got your message, sorry I was late...had a..."Run in" with someone I didn't expect. So tell me, what can you use in this Mech?...I take it these are Hagane Mechs? Doesn't seem like the Striders Style...." He asked as he examined the Oto-Hime.

Jenny, Blade

The Ensign looked at Jenny with a bit of relief, especially since it allowed him some space from Akane and co. "Ensign's more of my rank than my name, but if you really want to know, my first name's Touya. It's nice to meet you, ummm..."


Slindis began going through the motions of some of her punches while Lupito did his practice by ripping and tearing at some off the dummies in there. "Call it what you will, but I've been working with what's been given to me. I know it's not been the ideal solution, but when you consider what we've had to work with and what's been thrown on our plates, I'd like to think we've done a decent job. Unless you expect us to be able to save every single person on this planet. Honestly, do you think I like how New York City turned out? Do you think I liked what happened in that temple? Do you think I enjoy what happened in DC? I don't know what you think I am, but I'm no goddess. Khyber, I'm not even the best person!"


Melethia chimed in. "I just remember seein' a guy like that right before I went on the Banshee again, an' I was just curious. Really nice guy, an' he gave me a few of the bags here. Call it what ya will, but I think ya can trust him! If you're really worried, I'll try to see if I can help ya with keepin' an eye on 'em." The young elf smiled, trying to instill some confidence in the man.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange called up. "Main thing now is working out how you're going to fly out there, but that can wait until later. Would you be opposed to a nice dinner, my little cleric?"

The second Lieutenant had heard the other man, but he wasn't quite familiar with who the man was...

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Krillin was still a bit worried about Little Green (Ton-Ton) mainly because even the tiny things here were stronger than he was, but he got the group to the ship soon enough. "Here we are, guys. The Hagane.Probably the only place here where we'll be safe!"

Devon looked at Angelus. "I know, but you don't understand how bad the place she going is. It's where I got my training, and believe me, it's not exactly the kind of place where you'd set up a summer home. Heck, if I were in the same situation, I wouldn't go in alone, because that's just crazy!" He was getting a bit worked up, but it was clearly out of the concern that he felt for Ella.

Jenny, Blade

"Jenny. And this is Blade." Jenny answered, giving them a formal introduction.
"Just what about the "Date" part? That part of your rank as well, Touya?" He asked as he leaned back in his chair a little, getting more comfortable.


Having said his piece, Kazuya was uncaring of what Slin's thoughts on the matter were, at the end of the day, all he was going to do was make sure Rugal didn't hatch some scheme to use this conflict to become a God or something, like he usually did.
It was then he glanced over and saw her motions and couldn't help but watch.
Real Natural Talent, rough around the edges, but it can be sharpened... He thought before he added "Seeing how you are staying, do you wish to spar? You said yourself, 5 Minutes with Rugal was all it to took to get you this far. What's 5 against me?"


"You would do that?...Mmmmm..." Hiyru poundered, while this wasn't a big deal for Melethia, the Striders could learn a lot from whatever Gilliam had on the space station, a Mole of such.
"...You know what? I'd like that, help ease the tension by ensuring that the Hagane has no intention of pushing us out of our home like everyone thinks it will."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange called up. "Main thing now is working out how you're going to fly out there, but that can wait until later. Would you be opposed to a nice dinner, my little cleric?"

Rugal Perked up at Coulange's offer and flatly stated "That would be a Yes, Lieutenant..."Coulange".", Reading his name tag out loud as he towered over the Second Lieutenant.
"She, along with myself, would be rather opposed to that arrangement..." He calmly said, letting his huge frame do all the intimidation as he tightened his gloves to add to his posing as the Nightmare Father that every would-be ladies man feared.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

When Teri heard the call for dinner, she was about to 'shout' back that she wasn't hungry... That was, until she heard Rugal's little bit of intimidation. With a light sigh, she took the lift down from the cockpit, Garm in tow, and did her best to suppress a smile. Even if Coulange was a nice enough fellow, Teri had to admit it was a little funny to see her 'Dad' tower over the officer; especially after being called 'my little cleric' one too many times. What was the deal with that anyways? Giving Coulange a sympathetic nod, she 'said', "Apologies, Lieutenant, but I had already made arrangements for the time after this orientation was through. However, you're more than welcome to go grab dinner yourself. I wasn't really hungry anyways."

Garm, on the other hand, continued his routine of pushing himself between the Lieutenant and his Pup. Even if the Senior Caretaker (Rugal) was near, he did not like this human's attitude towards his Pup. Of course, seeing this only further cemented Rugal's suspicions, especially when Lupito was keen to do the same to him.

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

As they approached the Hagane, Ton Ton gave Krillin a happy jiggle of the lantern, "Thank you, Mister Krillin. It is good to know we'll be under safeguard here. Even if I am able to handle myself in combat, constant infighting is never fun to deal with..."

As the Tonberry warmed up to Krillin, Caim gave a sympathetic pat on Devon's shoulder, and continued, "It is good to worry, Bard, but ask yourself this. Do you trust her? Her capabilities? If so, then you needn't worry. If not... Then you need to go after her. Otherwise, unless the two of you have set up a means of communicating with one another, then there's nothing you can do."

Angelus nodded, and made sure to watch her step as they entered the Hagane, "I do not know much about this woman, save that she was foolish enough to spar with Caim, among other things, and actually managed to handle herself for a time. I think that is credit unto itself."

Jenny, Blade, Engisn Touya Date

He pulled up a seat for the Gardevoir as well before pouring two glasses of soda for the couple, managing to ignore the playful teasing of Akane and Gabrielle for a moment. "It's actually my last name, kind of like how you two have your own individual names. It comes from my family line, but it's not that impressive... Any idea of what everyone else on your guy's side is gonna do once that fight starts?"


Slindis looked the man over, getting the feeling that he was a fairly dangerous opponent: just the kind of person that would be well-suited for this type of thing. "I think we could both learn a good deal from that kind of sparring. I'm more than willing to do this, but we both have to agree on a limit here. I've already let Lupito know to intervene should either of us be ready to fall, and I promise you that should you submit, I will tend to your injuries. Can you agree to these terms?"

Lupito let a low growl issue forth, not comfortable with the Alpha's way of fighting and showing Kazuya that if he went for the kill on his master, Kazuya would likely regret it.

Hiryu, Melethia

She nodded. "Okay, Mister Hiryu, but I'm only gonna tell ya about what's goin' on there. Just cause you're a nice guy doesn't mean I want everybody knowin' what's on a ship. Besides, I saw some of those other guys earlier. They sound like real stuffy-headed jerks, an' they'd just attack when they could get the chance. I mean, we're all here ta beat the everlovin' hell outta those kinslayers, so why do both sides gotta act like the other's out ta kill em?" Now that she'd had some time, she had become accustomed to the ship. Of particular note to Hiryu was the very real possibility that each of the bags around the girl's hip had the telltale signs of Hammerspace in their extremely sturdy design, and it was someting that no child would normally have, even if they were on the Rising Dawn.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange was a bit intimidated by the overly large man, but he quickly recovered. "You're going to be busy? That's a shame, but I'll make sure that you and your father will have the meals sent to your rooms. It's some really nice roasted salmon on top of wild rice with a side of lightly steamed carrots. You need any more help with the Princess, you know the man to call~!" He cooly waved and walked off, making a point to give that winning smile to the group before he left.

Sadei laughed inside Teri's head as the Lieutenant left. Teri, that man's so transparent! I don't know how you can't see what he's trying to do. Hehe~

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Devon seemed to calm down a bit at Caim's reassurance. "Sorry about making you worry about my problems when you've already got more than your fair share, Caim. I'll try to keep what you two said in mind, even if I wish she hadn't had to do that in the first place altogether. Still, it seems like most of the fighting with your sister and that jackass has calmed down for the time being, so why doesn't he put the bracers back on? What, does he enjoy having her listen to his every whim?"

Krillin patted Ton-Ton on the head like he was a dog rather than a Tonberry and gave a goofy grin. "Little Green, you aren't too bad. And if you want to talk about stress, there's a fun little story I could tell you about a month-long trip where there was a bitchy bluehead that insisted on prancing around in her underwear the whole time, Oh, it was so good to find that cave when we finally landed..." The point was one that would easily pass over the heads of most of the younger people there, but the implied date with Rosie Palms didn't pass by Caim, Angelus, and Devon.

"You're really going to bring in that kind of metaphor right now? Really?"

Jenny, Blade, Engisn Touya Date

"Never fought up in space before, but I'm guessing we'll try to get some Units inside the ships with the Teleporter before letting them ruin the ship from the inside before teleporting back to the base. The Shields should be enough to withstand whatever they throw at us so I figure we'll get though the battle handy enough. That being said, We NEVER fought in space before...."


"I accept, on the condition that you don't hold back." Kazuya answered before taking off his top, revealing decades worth of scars, unlike Rugal, his were larger and greater in number, it was clear he done this many times.
The second the fight started he opted to go in with a Heavy Hook, hoping to get in close and stay there.

Hiryu, Melethia

"Because that's how both sides have lasted so long. If you arrived here a few years ago, you would have been killed on sight. Old habits die hard." Hiryu explained as they neared the No Strider Zone and he began to slow his steps for fear of inciting an attack.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Rugal merely shook his head disprovability as Coulange walked off.
Thinks he's gods gift to women...freaken punk... He thought as he turned to Teri and asked "So did our "Friend" there say what spells you can and cannot cast or are we working off guesswork?" as he inspected the Mech.
I am NOT going out in one of those... He promised himself, while it was basically a Walking Tank, he wouldn't trust it up here in Space.

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