The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

"Yeah, Sadei, I've no idea what you're talking about. I think he's just one of those people who an 'in your face' type. A bit forward, yes. A little annoying, maybe a little. But he's helping me figure this mech thing out, so I think it's only fair that I'm nice back...."

And with calm dictation from Dimitri, the girl was slowly lifting the mech's arms to the necessary height for the 2nd Lieutenant to continue his work.

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Meanwhile, Krillin looked down at Ton-Ton. "Hey, Little Green, maybe we could convince these murderholics and musicians to head on that ship that just boarded? I remember them telling me it's called the Hagane, but I don't know how to use it. I tried saying Popo everywhere! At least the toilet doesn't yell at you there..."

Ton Ton nodded, and alerted his companions of this fact, "Krillin is right. Mr. Tajuh did say that the Strider base wasn't too keen on us sticking around on this ship. The sooner we get to this Hagane thingy, the better for us... Perhaps we could continue this discussion as we walk?"

The pact partners looked at each other, and with a silent look of agreement between the duo, waved Devon on and proceeded towards the ship in question. As they did so, Caim rubbed his chin in thought, "Well, it depends upon what you mean by going off alone. For example, if your lady love is getting milk from a market and you're fearful for her life, I'd call you a bit on the paranoid side. However, given your tone, I'd have to say that it's perfectly normal to worry about those you care about. This girl of yours, you said you wanted to follow her somewhere dangerous?"

"Pretty much...."

Caim waved his hand, "And she tried to force you to stay behind with a ploy of not caring. There you have it. She's just as worried about you as you are of her. I think it's perfectly natural...."

Angelus tsked at the notion, "Why you humans insist upon not expressing your real thoughts and feelings on matters has always boggled my mind. I could rattle off many conflicts that begin with withheld thoughts..."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

After a not too long amount of time, the machine was fully calibrated. "You're looking pretty good from where I'm standing! Now keep in mind that it's not going to be as easy to cast your magic, although I'm sure you'll get the hang of it as you use it in combat."

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Krillin hurriedly led the group back to the ship, not wanting any of them to get attacked. "Hurry up or else the Striders might attack us!They already want to kick out asses, and I'd like it if that didn't happen today... C'mon, Little Green, let's lead the way!"

Devon continued talking to Caim about the issue as he tried to keep up with the mute's pace "Still, why would she want to face something so dangerous on her own? I can understand it from an independence standpoint, but if she went back to her home, well, it's not exactly the safest place..." The Bard was clearly torn up about her safety even though it was clear that he was also trying to keep his focus on the problems at hand.

Akane, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

The man sputtered and nearly choked on his soda when Akane made the implications, still clearly blushing even after he stopped coughing. "Wh-what do you mean, someone to party with? I'm not that much of a partier..." He failed miserably at keeping a straight face as he continued to talk to the women, and it was clear that he didn't know how to not make a fool out of himself.

Akane and Gabrielle laughed away at the young man's expense. Aftan sighed and placed a hand upon the Ensign's shoulder. "I can see you are well out of your depth here, Ensign. My advice would be to return to your previously assigned duties. Akane is a Kitsune, and if you do not know, they prey upon men, no, humans for sport and pleasure. Gabrielle is no better, though her games are a little more unconventional. I do think sometimes that I play the role of their mother somedays, not their lover."

It was then that Jake and Lt Cmdr Browning entered the mess. Jake grabbed some food that was on offer and sat down with the gathered Rising Dawn members. "Ah shit, sorry Mr Browning. Do you have other things you could be doing? I'll only need to find my quarters and have a sleep after I eat."

"It is nothing Captain. I see young Ensign Date here is done with his current errand, he can show you all to your quarters when he is done." Browning said, giving a nod of his head before leaving.

"Yes Sir. Guess I'm stuck here Aftan... Captain, I am Ensign Date, Engineering." The young man said, seeming a little more at ease with another man around.

"Pleasure to meet you Ensign. So, by the colour of your face, I'm gonna guess the girls have been having a go at ya? Yeah, the fact you're going even redder tells me all I need to know. Oi Akane! You been toying with Mr Date? Oh shit, no wonder eh! Hahahah!"

Akane and Gabrielle started laughing again, even Aftan couldn't hid a smirk. A head popped out of the mass of tails. "Hey Jake! How's it going, being the big bad Captain?"
"Hmm? Captain? Of this ship? WOW SUGOI!"

"Yeah it was news to me too, but what else am I gonna do in this fight? It's an honour to be given a ship, I just kinda assumed control of the Rising Dawn... Anyways, you two better stop picking on the young Ensign here, he's part of my crew now, or I should say I'm part of his crew now." Jake said between a bite of something on his tray. He was that hungry he didn't care what it was, but it was good.

The two girls hugged each other and made a sad face at Jake. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Jake just laughed.

Jenny, Blade

Watching Akane and Gabrielle mess with Ensign provided a source of entertainment for the two pokemon, but Jenny was still worried about David, even if he wasn't.
Still, it was nice to simply mingle with the others.
"So "Ensign Date"? Where did you get a name like that?" she asked, hoping to take her mind off David


Kazuya merely shook his head.
"You say that now, but one thing I learned from my years under his command, The longer you leave him be, the worse the damage he causes. I simply pray you all come to your senses before it's took late..." He said before he returned to practicing with his Training dummy.


"...How did you know that?..." Hiryu merely asked, starting to wonder just who exactly she really was, being a new arrival to the Rising Dawn made sure records on her were slim.
"...Still, Yes, he has considerable resources, that is certain..." He said before trailing off under his breath.
"...I'm starting to wonder if mine was the right decision. Should they attack..."


All the while, Rugal was in his quarters on the Hague, thinking about the ultimatium Slindis had laid down.
And what? Who will take over? Bison? Doom? Wesker? He thought, 3 men who would only track him down to finish him off.
Or even her and Melethia.
Sighing, he went to check his AIM updates, receiving a "Server Down for Maintenance" Message, leaving him unaware of the mess that Alucard made while he was gone.
He did however find 2 Emails from Teri received during his meeting with Kazuya and Slindis, first asking where he was and the other informing him of her relocation and asking for some help with some spells.
Yeah...because this wasn't hard enough as it was... he sighed as he sent back:

Sure, where are you and what needs going over?

As he sent that, he left his room and began to make his way off the ship.
At the very least, it was taking his mind off his fear of being in Space.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

"Spells will be a bit harder to cast... Got it."

After the calibrations were done, and Oto-hime's arms were lowered again, the Cleric noticed that she had another message from Rugal,

Sure, where are you and what needs going over?

With a smile, she typed up,

In the Hangar of the Hagane, going over basic schematics for Oto-Hime (the mech) with a 2nd Lieutenant Coulange. I'm pretty sure we're almost done, but I'll need to double check that. As far as spells go, I've found out that they've modded her to where I can cast out there. However, they said it'll be a bit harder to do than on solid ground. So, I was wondering if you'd be able to determine what'd be the most combat effective; what with, you know, doing this sort of thing for a while.

After sending the message, true to her word, she called out to the 2nd Lieutenant, "Is there anything else that needs to be done to Oto-Hime, sir?"

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

"Alrighty, Mr. Krillin!"

With a cheerful wave of the lantern, the little creature followed after Krillin as fast as his little legs could carry him, soothing Krillin's fears, if only a little. If anything, the short man couldn't sense any inherit malice in the Tonberry.

Cadolbolg gave a small yawn before settling himself on Caim's shoulders, finally falling asleep; to which the mute gave an adoring grin and scratched the little turtle with a free hand. As they continued walking, Angelus spoke, "Isn't it glaringly obvious? She did so for your own well-being. If this place she is descending into is truly as terrible as you say, then would you not do the same if prompted in a similar situation?"

Teri, Rugal

Understood, en route

Rugal hit send before stepping out of the Hagane, taking a deep breath as he was reminded of where he was.
After getting directions, he made his way towards her location, still uneasy about the whole idea of the incoming battle.

He soon arrived, albeit a bit more pale then usual as he approached the Cleric and those around her.
"Good evening, got your message, sorry I was late...had a..."Run in" with someone I didn't expect. So tell me, what can you use in this Mech?...I take it these are Hagane Mechs? Doesn't seem like the Striders Style...." He asked as he examined the Oto-Hime.

Jenny, Blade

The Ensign looked at Jenny with a bit of relief, especially since it allowed him some space from Akane and co. "Ensign's more of my rank than my name, but if you really want to know, my first name's Touya. It's nice to meet you, ummm..."


Slindis began going through the motions of some of her punches while Lupito did his practice by ripping and tearing at some off the dummies in there. "Call it what you will, but I've been working with what's been given to me. I know it's not been the ideal solution, but when you consider what we've had to work with and what's been thrown on our plates, I'd like to think we've done a decent job. Unless you expect us to be able to save every single person on this planet. Honestly, do you think I like how New York City turned out? Do you think I liked what happened in that temple? Do you think I enjoy what happened in DC? I don't know what you think I am, but I'm no goddess. Khyber, I'm not even the best person!"


Melethia chimed in. "I just remember seein' a guy like that right before I went on the Banshee again, an' I was just curious. Really nice guy, an' he gave me a few of the bags here. Call it what ya will, but I think ya can trust him! If you're really worried, I'll try to see if I can help ya with keepin' an eye on 'em." The young elf smiled, trying to instill some confidence in the man.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange called up. "Main thing now is working out how you're going to fly out there, but that can wait until later. Would you be opposed to a nice dinner, my little cleric?"

The second Lieutenant had heard the other man, but he wasn't quite familiar with who the man was...

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Krillin was still a bit worried about Little Green (Ton-Ton) mainly because even the tiny things here were stronger than he was, but he got the group to the ship soon enough. "Here we are, guys. The Hagane.Probably the only place here where we'll be safe!"

Devon looked at Angelus. "I know, but you don't understand how bad the place she going is. It's where I got my training, and believe me, it's not exactly the kind of place where you'd set up a summer home. Heck, if I were in the same situation, I wouldn't go in alone, because that's just crazy!" He was getting a bit worked up, but it was clearly out of the concern that he felt for Ella.

Jenny, Blade

"Jenny. And this is Blade." Jenny answered, giving them a formal introduction.
"Just what about the "Date" part? That part of your rank as well, Touya?" He asked as he leaned back in his chair a little, getting more comfortable.


Having said his piece, Kazuya was uncaring of what Slin's thoughts on the matter were, at the end of the day, all he was going to do was make sure Rugal didn't hatch some scheme to use this conflict to become a God or something, like he usually did.
It was then he glanced over and saw her motions and couldn't help but watch.
Real Natural Talent, rough around the edges, but it can be sharpened... He thought before he added "Seeing how you are staying, do you wish to spar? You said yourself, 5 Minutes with Rugal was all it to took to get you this far. What's 5 against me?"


"You would do that?...Mmmmm..." Hiyru poundered, while this wasn't a big deal for Melethia, the Striders could learn a lot from whatever Gilliam had on the space station, a Mole of such.
"...You know what? I'd like that, help ease the tension by ensuring that the Hagane has no intention of pushing us out of our home like everyone thinks it will."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange called up. "Main thing now is working out how you're going to fly out there, but that can wait until later. Would you be opposed to a nice dinner, my little cleric?"

Rugal Perked up at Coulange's offer and flatly stated "That would be a Yes, Lieutenant..."Coulange".", Reading his name tag out loud as he towered over the Second Lieutenant.
"She, along with myself, would be rather opposed to that arrangement..." He calmly said, letting his huge frame do all the intimidation as he tightened his gloves to add to his posing as the Nightmare Father that every would-be ladies man feared.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

When Teri heard the call for dinner, she was about to 'shout' back that she wasn't hungry... That was, until she heard Rugal's little bit of intimidation. With a light sigh, she took the lift down from the cockpit, Garm in tow, and did her best to suppress a smile. Even if Coulange was a nice enough fellow, Teri had to admit it was a little funny to see her 'Dad' tower over the officer; especially after being called 'my little cleric' one too many times. What was the deal with that anyways? Giving Coulange a sympathetic nod, she 'said', "Apologies, Lieutenant, but I had already made arrangements for the time after this orientation was through. However, you're more than welcome to go grab dinner yourself. I wasn't really hungry anyways."

Garm, on the other hand, continued his routine of pushing himself between the Lieutenant and his Pup. Even if the Senior Caretaker (Rugal) was near, he did not like this human's attitude towards his Pup. Of course, seeing this only further cemented Rugal's suspicions, especially when Lupito was keen to do the same to him.

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

As they approached the Hagane, Ton Ton gave Krillin a happy jiggle of the lantern, "Thank you, Mister Krillin. It is good to know we'll be under safeguard here. Even if I am able to handle myself in combat, constant infighting is never fun to deal with..."

As the Tonberry warmed up to Krillin, Caim gave a sympathetic pat on Devon's shoulder, and continued, "It is good to worry, Bard, but ask yourself this. Do you trust her? Her capabilities? If so, then you needn't worry. If not... Then you need to go after her. Otherwise, unless the two of you have set up a means of communicating with one another, then there's nothing you can do."

Angelus nodded, and made sure to watch her step as they entered the Hagane, "I do not know much about this woman, save that she was foolish enough to spar with Caim, among other things, and actually managed to handle herself for a time. I think that is credit unto itself."

Jenny, Blade, Engisn Touya Date

He pulled up a seat for the Gardevoir as well before pouring two glasses of soda for the couple, managing to ignore the playful teasing of Akane and Gabrielle for a moment. "It's actually my last name, kind of like how you two have your own individual names. It comes from my family line, but it's not that impressive... Any idea of what everyone else on your guy's side is gonna do once that fight starts?"


Slindis looked the man over, getting the feeling that he was a fairly dangerous opponent: just the kind of person that would be well-suited for this type of thing. "I think we could both learn a good deal from that kind of sparring. I'm more than willing to do this, but we both have to agree on a limit here. I've already let Lupito know to intervene should either of us be ready to fall, and I promise you that should you submit, I will tend to your injuries. Can you agree to these terms?"

Lupito let a low growl issue forth, not comfortable with the Alpha's way of fighting and showing Kazuya that if he went for the kill on his master, Kazuya would likely regret it.

Hiryu, Melethia

She nodded. "Okay, Mister Hiryu, but I'm only gonna tell ya about what's goin' on there. Just cause you're a nice guy doesn't mean I want everybody knowin' what's on a ship. Besides, I saw some of those other guys earlier. They sound like real stuffy-headed jerks, an' they'd just attack when they could get the chance. I mean, we're all here ta beat the everlovin' hell outta those kinslayers, so why do both sides gotta act like the other's out ta kill em?" Now that she'd had some time, she had become accustomed to the ship. Of particular note to Hiryu was the very real possibility that each of the bags around the girl's hip had the telltale signs of Hammerspace in their extremely sturdy design, and it was someting that no child would normally have, even if they were on the Rising Dawn.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Coulange was a bit intimidated by the overly large man, but he quickly recovered. "You're going to be busy? That's a shame, but I'll make sure that you and your father will have the meals sent to your rooms. It's some really nice roasted salmon on top of wild rice with a side of lightly steamed carrots. You need any more help with the Princess, you know the man to call~!" He cooly waved and walked off, making a point to give that winning smile to the group before he left.

Sadei laughed inside Teri's head as the Lieutenant left. Teri, that man's so transparent! I don't know how you can't see what he's trying to do. Hehe~

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Devon seemed to calm down a bit at Caim's reassurance. "Sorry about making you worry about my problems when you've already got more than your fair share, Caim. I'll try to keep what you two said in mind, even if I wish she hadn't had to do that in the first place altogether. Still, it seems like most of the fighting with your sister and that jackass has calmed down for the time being, so why doesn't he put the bracers back on? What, does he enjoy having her listen to his every whim?"

Krillin patted Ton-Ton on the head like he was a dog rather than a Tonberry and gave a goofy grin. "Little Green, you aren't too bad. And if you want to talk about stress, there's a fun little story I could tell you about a month-long trip where there was a bitchy bluehead that insisted on prancing around in her underwear the whole time, Oh, it was so good to find that cave when we finally landed..." The point was one that would easily pass over the heads of most of the younger people there, but the implied date with Rosie Palms didn't pass by Caim, Angelus, and Devon.

"You're really going to bring in that kind of metaphor right now? Really?"

Jenny, Blade, Engisn Touya Date

"Never fought up in space before, but I'm guessing we'll try to get some Units inside the ships with the Teleporter before letting them ruin the ship from the inside before teleporting back to the base. The Shields should be enough to withstand whatever they throw at us so I figure we'll get though the battle handy enough. That being said, We NEVER fought in space before...."


"I accept, on the condition that you don't hold back." Kazuya answered before taking off his top, revealing decades worth of scars, unlike Rugal, his were larger and greater in number, it was clear he done this many times.
The second the fight started he opted to go in with a Heavy Hook, hoping to get in close and stay there.

Hiryu, Melethia

"Because that's how both sides have lasted so long. If you arrived here a few years ago, you would have been killed on sight. Old habits die hard." Hiryu explained as they neared the No Strider Zone and he began to slow his steps for fear of inciting an attack.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Rugal merely shook his head disprovability as Coulange walked off.
Thinks he's gods gift to women...freaken punk... He thought as he turned to Teri and asked "So did our "Friend" there say what spells you can and cannot cast or are we working off guesswork?" as he inspected the Mech.
I am NOT going out in one of those... He promised himself, while it was basically a Walking Tank, he wouldn't trust it up here in Space.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Teri shrugged, at both her staff and Rugal, "Both him and Tajuh said that I would be able to cast in it, but with a bit more difficulty. What I was wondering was what would be considered the most combat effective for a mech. The first thought that came to mind was the fact that since we're in space, all of my summoning capabilities kind of fall flat, ice constructs or no. Otherwise, I'm a little lost..."

Noticing Rugal's pale face, she frowned, "You didn't have to walk here... I could have met up with you later, sir."

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Ton Ton tilted his head to the side in confusion at Krillin's joke, and look at Cadolbolg's parents, "Why was he happy to find a cave? Was he able to get away from the 'bitchy bluehead'?"

Angelus shot a glare at Krillin, but spoke carefully, "Yes, little one, he was able to get away from the unpleasant woman from his recollection."

However, Caim found his attentions diverted by Devon's words, "There's a good lad. I'm not telling you to be an optomist, but to keep going, despite adversity, is something I will always encourage... However, based upon what you've said about Furiae, she changes based upon her emotions, right? Maybe if she calms down, she'll revert naturally. However, that does not mean I condone Inuart's actions around her... Gods, even if it was him who got her to the technology, I will not show him any mercy..."

Jenny, Blade, Engisn Touya

The ensign finished up his drink as he looked around. "That sounds like a plan, but what's the backup in case they have ways to block the teleport? I mean, there's ways to shunt it off by just a bit to send the people trying that into space if it's based just on the technology."


Slindis shifted into the Water Stance and moved to the side to avoid the first hook while going for a sweeping low kick, all the while taking note of how Kazuya fought.

Water Stance, less strength for much more survivability, you know this whole song and dance by this point.

Hiryu, Melethia

Melethia gave the man a high-five. "So, how do ya want me to get in touch with ya? I don't want those stuffy guys to get the info and try sinkin' the ship, an' ya know they'd do somethin' like that. An' considerin' my mom an' Wheathair are there, that'd be all bad for everyone involved." Her upbeat tone did a good job at hiding the message of the girl retaliating well to most anyone else besides Hiryu, but the way she so casually mentioned that showed that she thought herself fully capable of such an action even after finding out about the Striders' stealth skills.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Sadei chimed in. Well, Teri, maybe you can try something like a smokescreen with the obscuring mist to mess up the sensors? Chill metal might make your machine a bit harder to find if they're looking for heat, also. Mind if I try talking with Dimitri to see if there's some things I can see about how this machine works?

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Krillin looked at the ground. "God damnit, it's just like Bulma again, except this time she can bite my head off instead of bitching at me. What the hell did I do to deserve this?"

Devon didn't even bother turning around to justify Krillin's statement as one of the passing members of the Hagane. "Hmm, seems we should have these rings on for safety. Not exactly what I had in mind for security, but they seem to have their heads on straight. Anyway, Caim, after a while, you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if it does sometimes get lodged firmly in someone's ass."

Krillin snapped at Devon's complete ignoring of him. "What happened to make you so much better than me, huh? Just because you have some suit on and a guitar doesn't make you a hotshot. What crawled up your ass and died? Just find some other chick and give her the wink wink nudge nudge."

THe bard took a moment to respond to Krillin. "Look. I don't particularly care who you are, but the past few months of my life have been far from simple. I've tried keeping calm and laid back about it all, aand I didn't come here to make this a pity party. Just know that Ella's the first person that's made me feel like thingswould be just fine, like my life hadn't gone to hell in a handbasket. If you're going to tell me to just find someone else again, we're going to have problems real fucking fast, and I'm going to find uses for a plastic spoon that will boggle the mind. Understood?"

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Sadei chimed in. Mind if I try talking with Dimitri to see if there's some things I can see about how this machine works?

"Hmn... Lemme see what I can do. Engage Silent Mode for a channel with Sadei, Dimitri."

Light blue text scrolled across the screen as Dimitri opened the floor for the spirit of the staff, "What would you like to know, Ms. Sadei?"

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

The pact partners gave each other knowing looks after Devon's outburst, the warrior of the two smiling faintly before pointing at Devon, "You know, I don't really like the Authors as a whole, but this guy... He's alright."

The dragoness shook her head with a laugh, and looked to Krillin, "You're fighting a losing battle, little man. Furthermore, if you think women are so easily disposable, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your priorities in relationships."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Sadei looked at the AI's text then thought. Hmm, what's the armor like and how's it going to handle actual space combat? I was also thinking that maybe I could be the conduit for Teri's spells, you know. Help her with the magic, because it's probably not going to be that easy altogether.

A search through the database told Dimitri that it was relatively lightly armored and likely intended as a light skirmisher. For the combat issues, it would be more of a flanking force, although Sadei's assistance could allow some of the offensive spells to directly attack the enemies out there.

In all, if it worked out right, Teri would have a good number of options.

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Krillin looked at the group with a sense of betrayal. "Well, excuse me, dragon, but when every woman you've dealt with is crazy, a bitch, a gold digger, or some combination of the three, you stopcaring about the personalities and go for the end result, because that's all they are. It's also something this little wannabe rock star needs to get through his head before that bitch he's going for drains his ass dry-" He would have gone on longer had Devon not coldcocked the man, knocking him straight on the ground.

"What the hell was that for?"

"I warned you, didn't I? In case you didn't didn't get the hint the first time, stop talking about things that you know nothing about." He had clearly had enough of Krillin's nonsense.

Krillin owned count: 1

Jenny, Blade, Engisn Touya

Blade shrugged when Touya pointed out the Strider's Plan.
"I don't know. Hell, I'm not even sure if we'll even be able to get a lock on the ships..." He admitted, showing Touya that the Striders were a lot less prepared then they'd put on.
"Aside from that, I guess we'd send men in with pods. Just even 1 Strider on one of their ships can inflict a massive amount of damage." He added, hoping to instill some confidence in the Ensign.

"Also, we might be able to use the Teleporter in order to send over explosives...." Jenny added, causing Blade to freeze.
"...You honestly never thought of that?..."
"...No...No, I hadn't."


Kazuya rolled a nine to dodge the kick
Hopping over Slindis's sweep kick, Kazuya followed up with a quick Left, Right, Backhand combo followed with a large Sparta like kick to the midsection.
DC5 per attack to block/dodge: 4 attacks

Hiryu, Melethia

As Melethia talked, Hiryu reached into his utility belt and pulled out a small coin shaped mic.
"Just keep this on you, should be both powerful and low-key enough to get the job done. Just act casual keep an eye out for their Command. That coin will do the rest." He said as he flipped it with his thumb for her to catch.
"If anyone asks, you picked that out of someones pocket. We never talked, Understood Agent?"

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Rugal was delayed in his answer, but finally said " not sure what I can advise then...Just....that....ummm...."
It was clear that now the topic of space is back on the agenda, he was clearly un-nerved.
"...Well....What Spells can you use in that thing?..." He asked, trying to figure out what he could say.

Jenny, Blade, Ensign Touya

Touya nodded. "You know, I never thought of it either... but now that I give it some thought, it could do a lot to disorient them! Jenny, you should go and tell someone else about that plan. Make sure it's someone that'll listen to that, though." He nodded before thinking it out. "Besides, Commander Tajuh's already seemed to assign the machines to the others, from what it feels like." The two there couldn't quite tell, but every person that was assigned a machine knew what it was and where it was in the battleship.


Slindis parried the first two attacks from the man, but the backhand caught her by surprise. However, she was able to recover quickly enough to throw in a rapid flurry of jabs and kicks while the man was caught slightly off-balance from his powerful kick.

DC5 to block or redirect each attack: 8 attacks.

Hiryu, Melethia

She winked as she looked at the man. "I'm sorry, mister, but who are ya again?" Hiryu got that she wasn't going to say much of anything, but he could also see her going over the mic in a way that showed that she'd try to find out exactly how it worked.

Jenny, Blade, Ensign Touya

"I should do that. Thank you Touya." Jenny said before she got up and went to make her way off the Hagane to find Hiryu while Blade asked " fought in space before, right? Just...IF the Teleporter WAS off target....what would happen?..."
Touya noticed that Blade was uneasy, he was most likely part of the "Lucky" ones to go for the attack.


Kazuya was expecting Slindis to counter, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't blo-
"OOF!" He grunted as took a jab clean to the face, opening up for Slindis's offensive.
Despite managing to get his guard up, she managed to sneak in another 2 attacks before he could get back to attacking.
Tsh, guess he actually bothered teaching her... He thought before moving in for a Light Jab, a Medium Kick, a Heavy Straight followed by a Rising Elbow. (Cross Rush)
DC5 to block or redirect: 4 attacks

Hiryu, Melethia

As Melethia checked out the Mic, "I'm sorry, mister, but who are ya again?".
She looked behind her and saw Hiryu with a speaker in his hand, replaying her voice on tape.
"Loud and Clear...." He joked before Jenny neared and he hid the speaker behind his back.
"Master Hiryu, I was talking with some of the others and we were wondering. About the "Teleport Offence" What about explosives instead of Striders?"
"Out of the question, we don't have enough bombs to deal with that many ships. All we have are personal mines and grenades, don't have something large enough to do enough damage to warrant the usage..." He explained, in ear shot of Melethia.

Jenny, Blade, Ensign Touya

Touya grimaces when he thinks about. "Well, if you're lucky, you'd be sent out into space."

"...and if you're not?"

"Have you ever seen the first tests with the teleporter where something'd get lodged within an object? I'm gonna admit it: I lost my lunch seeing a buddy of mime who made that that mistake. He only had a week until graduating the program, too..."


Slindis gained 3 Ki from the successful attacks! Her Ki is now 39.
Slindis redirected the energy from the first jab, making it much easier to have Kazuya expend more of his energy before moving around the man, delivering even more punches and kicks as she moved. What she was focusing on now was how one would handle such a rapid attack, even if she wasn't holding anything back with the attacks.

DC5 to block, parry, or avoid. Number of attacks: nine.

Hiryu, Melethia

When she heard the communication, she grinned. "Hey, just 'cause you can't take out the whole ship doesn't mean that the bombs aren't useful. Fir example, what'd happen if the bombs were to hit key areas, like the steering or the engines? Ammo areas are also a nasty spot for a stray fire or somethin... Ya don't hafta take out everythin, but take out a few of 'em. Ya know, spread some panic and discord in their ranks? When ya got lemons, ya make lemonade. When ya got explosives, ya make the kinslayer's life a living hell." Her eyes glinted deviously as she planned out the various ways that the small amount of weapons could cause Tomoya's fleet problems.

"Alucard just shrugged, the reference made him chuckle a bit. "Oh You..." Alucard said and set off for the entrance to the base.

Dani walked forward and opened the door. She found the elevator waiting for her. Dani walked into it and let her wireless signals tap into the facility's systems. "Ok Viscus, activate any working defenses and clean out what you can, then give me an approximate number of remaining "tenants" in the building." Dani said descending.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Teri could see that the conversation was getting nowhere, and grabbed on the man's sleeve lightly, "As far as I know, there is are no limitations. And with what Sadei and Dimitri are talking about, Sadei will be able to help mitigate some of the strain. Dimitri, email him the spell list. Translate as much jargon as you can, and do what you can to simplify the descriptions of what the spells do..."

"Right away, Madam.... And done. Mr. Bernstein, you now have a simplified file for reference."

Teri gave a thankful smile to her AI, and tugged Rugal sleeve a little more, pointing at Oto-hime, "Now, it won't do you any good to stick outside here. We can take a look at Oto-hime's cockpit, if you're thinking about piloting a mech in the upcoming battle, or we can go elsewhere. I don't want you to keep suffering out here for my sake..."

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

After seeing Devon's display of irritation towards Krillin, the warrior and his companion gave little shrugs, and motioned for Devon to follow after them, very much wanting to get away from the irritating short man.

Jenny, Blade, Ensign Touya

Blade grew advisably nervous as Touya gave him a prediction of his fate should the Teleporter get interrupted or set incorrectly.
"...Jenny, please for the love of god tell him to use the bombs instead..." He groaned as he facedesked at the fact he could die before the real fight even began.


Years of experience managed to get him out of most of Slindis's attacks, most, but not all, 2 stray hits getting though.
Toughing it out, he looked for an opening.
"Not bad. I'm starting to see some of the "Lord God" in you..." He commented, referring back to Rugal's days of delusion before answering back with a assault of his own, neither side getting a advantage over the other.
Some lighting fast jabs, some well placed kicks, a hard hitting gut shot followed by his Demon Screw Uppercut.

DC5 to block, parry, or avoid. Number of attacks: ten

Hiryu, Melethia

"And on top of that Master, we wouldn't need to risk any of our ranks in the event the Teleporter gets jammed or disrupted." Jenny added as Hiryu thought it over.
"Besides, no offense Master, but do you think you could convince our men to take such a risk given the current situation?..."
".....Understood...Very Well...I guess that it would be better suited to send in bombs rather then ourselves, though some of the more "Proud" Members will still relish the idea of storming a ship or two."
Jenny was clearly relieved to hear that and could only imagine how good Blade would feel about it.

On Command, Viscus proceeded to tap into the Base's defense grid and began to try and reboot it.
".....Unable to reboot Automated Defenses from here. Back during the attack that left most of this Lab in ruins, the Mainframe must have been compromised. Establishing Visual Link...."
Bringing up a Live Feed, The Surviving Infected Soldiers had set up a kind of underground city, made of tents and crude buildings.
The feed also showed a Mutated Mr. X Tyrant and a few Soldiers walking Evolved Lickers around like pets with leashes and all.
In the years since Weskers ownership, they really began to live peaceful lives underground, though they only swelled in number thanks to attacking and infecting those who came down there.
"Estimated Number: Main Entrance: 231, 24'142 in total though out the complex, all of whom will be removed once the Lab's Reboot is engaged."

Thus the lift descended into their world...

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

"...No...I'll...I'll take a look inside...seeing how...I'll be piloting one..." Rugal said as he followed Teri into the Mech's Cockpit.
Opting to sit down inside it in order to get a better look of her Giant Space Coffin Mecha, He calmed down slightly as he speed read though her spells.
"Okay, got a few ideas:
1. Use Doom[1] on an enemy unit, Mech or not, the effects will be the same.

2. Ice Beasts should still be able to form, the lack of heat in space will allow for their formation. From there, they can leap off the front of your Mech and at enemies.

3. Entropic Shield[2]. Entropic Shield a LOT.

4. In close quarters with another mech, use Ice Slick to blind them.

5. Shield of Faith, no explaination needed.

6. Resist Energy might stop a laser or 2.

7. Make Whole[3], Use it right and it might just save your life.

8. Ice Shape for something to attack with, a Lance for example.

9. Magic Vestment might apply. MIGHT

.....You taking these down?"

[1] One subject takes -2 on attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, and
[2] Ranged attacks against you have 20% miss chance
[3] Repairs an object

Jenny, Blade, Ensign Touya

Ensign Date put a hand on the Grovyle's shoulder. "I didn't mean to scare you, but I've seen that... it's a horrible way to die, and it's something you needed to know about." He was genuinely worried about the Grovyle, mainly because he was one of the few Striders that seemed sane.


Slindis gained 2 more Ki from the attacks, bringing her Ki up to 41

Slindis saw that the combination move that Kazuya was doing relied on his momentum, so she picked it apart through fluidly moving around some of the attacks and parrying some of the others, culminating in a slide under the man as he did the uppercut. Just working her way through that combination had taught her a great dealon how to work around someone trying to shatter her defenses, and she didn't let the man rest as she went in for some more attacks, holding absolutely nothing back.

DC5 to block, parry, or avoid. Attacks: seven

Hiryu, Melethia

Melethia nodded. "I gotcha, mister, and they can still pop up on the other ships if they really wanna. Way I look at it is why work hard when we can cripple their fleet with a few well-placed moves?"


Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

Sadei made an approving noise before talking to Teri again. Well, he did bring up some really good spell choices there.

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

As he left with Caim and Angelus, Devon was approached by Krillin. "Hey, I'm sorry that you're a bit moody, but you really do have to be careful around women. They can be vicious, spiteful, and snap at you for the stupidest things. Still, how about we have that all be water under the bridge, huh? Just me, you, and Little green against the world!"

After taking a moment to think it out, Devon shook the man's hand reluctantly. "Look, just... be careful, will you, some of the people here are really strong, ans some of them wouldn't hesitate to slap you through a house."

Krillin laughed at himself. "It wouldn't be the first time... Friends?"


"Eh, close enough."

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Rugal

".....You taking these down?"

The Cleric looked up from her list, hands still typing on the keyboard of the Tablet, "Of course I'm taking notes! What, do you think I'd ask for guidance and then not heed it?"

Shaking her head with a smile, she continued, "However, Sadei did bring up another idea earlier. How well of a smokescreen do you think fog would be? She mentioned that it could throw off some of the heat seeking sensors, as well as provide cover. I do have a similar spell called ''Obscuring Snow'[1], and if what I've seen about Oto-Hime is true, then I bet she's pretty resilient to cold... Aside from that, how do some of these sound:"

1. Create Water: if it freezes as soon as it's made, maybe it could bind like Ice Slick. Or, even better, I might be able to blind a viewing screen.
2. Bestow Curse[2]: Kinda like Doom, but more damaging, and harder to remove.
3. Brumal Stiffining[3]: Might be able to screw around with the mech's armor, and make it easier to break it.
4. Darkness[4]: Kinda like Obscuring Snow, it's an effective cover because even things with darkvision can't see through it, and most conventional lighting doesn't pierce it. However, REALLY strong floodlights or high enough levels of magical light can dispel it.
5. Searing Light[5]: The damage is reduced a little with constructs, but it's insta-damage to whatever it hits. Shame the Angels aren't employing undead, this would SO insta-gib them..."

Caim, Devon, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and Krillin

Ton Ton looked over Krillin with interest, and wondered aloud, "You've been slapped through houses..? That doesn't sound too healthy..."

Following that, he tugged on Devon's pants leg and asked, "What's an Acquaintance?"

[1] A swirling snow vapor arises around you, and follows you from that point on. The snow obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet.
A creature 5 feet away has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker cannot use sight to locate the target).
[2] -6 to an ability score; -4 on attack rolls, saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action.
[3] Brittle weapons' hardness reduced by 5
[4] 20-ft. radius of supernatural shadow
[5] Ray deals 1d8/two levels damage, more against undead.

"Well, we'll see how my shield works now. Time to have fun Viscus." The android said booting up the pack. It began to hum quietly and softly, a shimmer in the air around herself as the shield came up. "I designed it to deflect lasers and block bullets. so a sitrep on their weapons would be good." She said as the elevator stopped at the bottom and the doors slowly opened.

Okay, it is time to start the space battle. So anything that needs to be done or said can be done during the battle or in a flashback.
Also to people that I didn't quote ... sorry.

~ Shaun.

The dark blackness of space was quiet and uneventful. The Earth's atmosphere was almost crimson and filled with the metal from destroyed satellites and space stations. On each side of the Earth was an army which was soon to collide, and the people of Earth could only look up and wonder what is going to happen, will they be saved or condemned? In each of the spaceships, carriers or battleships the only thing which populated the air was the tension of battle.

Everyone was preparing for the on-coming battle.
The Spartan was in the hanger, waiting for the moment he could fly and battle so he could just infiltrate the Blackhawke, so he can at least have a slim chance of saving himself and his best friend. The anger still sat inside of him, he some what knew why this was all happening.

The young school students on the other hand were looking outside, admiring the cold space until the point lasers, missiles and everything else will fly both at them and away. They had the same goal as the spartan but had more and less information. They wished to save and protect everyone from the slaughter, but they know it cannot end that way.
The two held hands and the stone was in-between the palms, giving off small light. That stone was their only way of accomplishing their goal.

The imprisoned author was lying on his cold jail bed. The Blackhawke was as impressive even though he designed it, which made him worry about the heroes side. He wanted good to win no matter what, but he is only human and wondered about his own fate. Will they accept him back, will they blame him ... and will they kill him? The author known as Shaun didn't really care about that, he only wanted to save his creations, no, his friends.

The Archangel of Fire sat in his Command chair, he worried not about the battle, but he only worried about his brothers. He could not leave him like this, and he will definitely leave him to destroy the Earth he fights to defend. Michael still has his doubts about the so called 'heroes' in his opinion, though when he remembered the stone he smiled. He knew what he had to do as a smirk appeared on his face.

The cloaked stranger was ready to finish this. He was determined to destroy those who hurt him and his older brother, yet he was scared for unknown reasons. The question of his existence still remained in the air, yet the answer was that he was suppose to exist but yet not exist. The lack of knowledge made him angry and curse the God he knew all too well. He still wanted to bath in the blood of the people who hurt him.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

The evil smirk of the newly made Demon Prince shattered any emotion in the Command Center.
He was ready to kill once more and his body has become fully healed and adjusted to this new change.
The darkness which swirled around in him only grew more.
Yet he did not question much, his only objective was to kill everything and everyone. This is the only thing he could think of thanks to the person who held his strings like a puppet master.

"Okay, let's end this. Fire the main cannon on my go. Then charge in." The evil Tomoya could only say to the people on the computers behind him. Both armies could see the Blackhawke charge up a giant rail gun which sat at the front of it's bow. "Send them to Hell." Where the words muttered.

In the next second a giant blue beam emerged from the bow and sailed across space and managed to catch one ship in it's fire. Tomoya continued to smile as he allowed his whole fleet to charge the opponent. The Dark Angel fleet soon began to sail across space, firing at the army of hero ships.

Time Skip: A day later!


The second the first shot was fired, the entire base entered high alert, Sirens blared as Striders and Hagane troopers rushed to positions.
Among them was Jenny and Blade as they ran to rally the group.
"Tomoya's attacking! Now or never people!"
"Pilots, To stations! Boarding Crews, to Teleports!"
Despite past tensions, soon it was all dropped as the Enemy neared.


Hiryu meanwhile was attempting to contact Tajuh in order to call out their Bombings and Boarding Crews to prevent either friendly fire or wasting missiles and ammo.
Also, hopefully get a Strider Teleporter on the Hagane for ease of access or, should the battle be lost, ease of escape.


With shaky hands, David took his latest Serum Shot, easing his shaking a little.
"D-damn side e-effects..." He sighed as he took up his weapon and went towards one of the boarding crews, his shakiness would throw off his aim, but when you can punch though walls, who needs it?


After a nervously waiting for this moment, Rugal donned his Omega Armour and made his way towards the first empty Mecha and slowly made his way inside it, taking his sweet time, putting off going out There as much as possible.
He spent nearly all of yesterday talking to Teri about being prepared for this moment, but dread filled his every action as he sat in the cockpit and waited for the order...


The Day after his sparring with Slindis, Kazuya was overseeing the main screen, viewing the space above earth, labelled with ships and Mech Units.
"Well...Moment of truth..." He sighed as sat down to relay orders between the Striders and the Hagane.


"Mostly small arms and possibly some RPGS. Good Luck, if you die, I will be able to break our deal and we'll both be a lot happier."
The lift opened with a *DING!*, alerting every single BOW in the area.
The Door opened and they all stared at the Woman as she stepped down.
They weren't attacking at first, they just seemed to confused at what to do, having done so long without having to kill everything on sight.
With a somewhat bewildered look on his face, one soldier fired his AK-47 at Dani, leading the way for others to do the same.
THEN the bloodlust returned and the entire hoard charged into battle.

(I'll get to actual posting later)

Time Skip: A day later!


Having fully rested up, He went over to the Hangar. Tajuh had pulled him aside to show him his machine. Although it was supposed to amplify some of the uses of his magic, he was still unsure if he could fully pilot this machine. Still, as the machine booted up, he saw that the machine was more than capable of fighting.

The trick would be how those side bits would be piloted, then he remembered the imps.

"Ignis, Flagrun! Mind helping me out in this one? There's a few things that this Cybuster that would be perfect for you two!" The first ones he'd found in Hell nodded and jumped into the small side pods, and a nervous confidence filled him. He wasn't quite sure how he'd make it through this, but he wasn't going to die before he saw Ella again.

As he boarded the machine, a song began to play within his head.

Lt. Cmdr Browning, Hiryu

Hiryu's messages were responded to by the same man that had initiated contact. "Strider Hiryu, in the event of an emergency, we are prepared to take your Striders on board. If you wish to coordinate the attacks, consult Captain Jake. Just take note that Commander Tajuh has already assigned a detachment of machines to aid in the defense of your station."


After being fully rested from the previous day's excellent sparring match in which the two fought until both of them had been too tired to move and they were both dragged out of the room by Lupito, she found the machine that Tajuh had assigned. Although she didn't know too much on how to pilot, he had told her that it would be just like fighting normally.

"The name's a mouthful, though. Ialdabaoth? What sane person names their equipment that?"

As she got in the machine, she felt her Ki mix in with the machine, and putting on the lightweight gloves and boots allowed her movement to directly control the machine's movements. Upon booting up, it showed a small video of what it was capable of.

"I think I can work with this. It's a good thing that match yesterday gave me a lot of endurance training."


As he sat in the cockpit, the machine began to boot up. As he saw the various weapons systems, he thought that they would be fairly effective. Maybe he could live through the fight with a semblance of dignity.

Then an image of the machine flashed on the screen as the OS fully booted up before it clipped to a readout of the weapons systems, and judging by the image, the machine was called the Fairlion G Type.

If he could stomach the appearance, the Fairlion was supposed to be a fairly agile machine. The mentioning of this W-I3nk system was a bit odd, but it didn't sound too bad. But who would be piloting the S type?


The bald headed man went over the radio to contact the Striders and came in contact with Kazuya. "Heheh... guess they shoved you aside as well, huh?"

On the other end, Kazuya felt that something was up with this man being there: every man he'd seen for both the Striders and the Hagane seemed far more confident and capable than the person he was talking to. Was this some kind of joke?


As he saw the others head into their machines, he walked over to his pride and joy. He'd fought with this machine for many years, and he knew the machine's ins and outs, every single one of its quirks. The Typhoon may look fairly plain, but that was a mistake many made once.

The resulting aftermath didn't allow any room for them to think of anything much more.

"Typhoon, it's about time we showed those men outside who they've angered." He jumped into the cockpit, immediately feeling at home.


As she looked around the hangar, she jumped into the machine that Tajuh had pulled her aside and shown her the other day. Shortly after, she'd spent a large amount of time in the simulator to find out the intricacies of how the machine responded, and she clearly enjoyed the large amount of versatility that the machine afforded. Sure, it looked a bit off, but when she took a look at what it could do, it was worth getting laughed at a few times. After all, they wouldn't get a second chance.

"So, this is the S type, huh? I'll show those Kinslayers exactly what I can do!" She ran over the information from the other day, having gone through a grueling amount of combat training to make sure she knew how this machine worked. After all, if the person in the G type was a bit bad, she'd have to take control for them as well.


It was only he saw the on-screen specs that Rugal realized just what he just got into.
"....What?....This is a Joke....Jesus christ...." He sighed as he brought up the built in AI.
"Okay....Now....I just have one request....I might get squeamish out there....and in the case of me getting...."Nervous"...I would like you to filter out the screams....Can you do that?..." He asked as the time came up for him to blast off, dreading the seconds as they passed.

Slindis and Melethia saw one of the radios turn on.
"-What? No! not the radio, for the love of god, I said I wanted to see the ESCAPE PROTOCOLS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM COMMUNICATING TO YOU!?.....Wait...We're live?...What?....Blasted Intercoms..."


Kazuya stared at Krillin as he assumed he was stuffed aside for everyone else.
"....You ever assume anything like that, you will not wake up the following morning..." He flatly threatened before returning his attention to the main screen.
Krillin could tell from the scars on his face and his Power Level that he could blow him away in a heartbeat.


Tajuh was the first to launch as he took a look at the large fleet inbound. "Those of you defending the Striders, don't let even one of them through! Everyone else, work together in small teams to pick them apart! Tomoya's fleet may have numbers, but we have the technology and experience to tear a hole through them!" After the launch, he started the attack by shooting out the radar systems of one of the ships as the Hagane put up his barriers, then he zigzagged in an extremely erractic pattern to close in on the fleet at high speeds. One thing he knew from hundreds of years of experience is that no matter what the defense systems of a battleship were, its options plummeted at close range.

That was unfortunate for the first Angel ship, as Tajuh punched straight through to the bridge and tore a hole in it, sending a massive blast of electricity to destroy the weapons systems as well as killing the command structure of the ship.

Slindis, Melethia

As the two launched, Melethia contacted Rugal through a video feed. "Wheathair, you're in the G unit? I think we'll both be workin' together to tear through those kinslayers! Don't worry, I've got ya covered!" She began firing Salvos from the Rolling Launcher to give some breathing room for the others to head out.

Slindis heard the transmittion to Rugal and opened a Comm Link after a bit of fumbling around. "Look, Rugal, I'm expecting an answer for that question after we finish." After heading out, she went into the Water Stance to allow her to keep completely focused on the battle as she punched through a few of the Angel Units that got too close to the Hagane.

On Rugal's part, the AI silently acknowledged his request as it brought him to the launch pad.

Kazuya, Krillin

Krillin laughed at Kazuya with a bit of nervousness. "Hah, joke's on you! The Little Green from Namek made me immortal right before I came here!"

Slindis, Melethia, Rugal

"Ok, Launch. Here we go. Just stick the...The Mech on auto and...We'll get back safely...I mean, how bad can i-"
Rugal's audio cut out as the on board AI heeded his wishes of not letting his fear be shown in such a matter.
While most Mecha's blasted off, Rugal's....Just sorta fell toward off the launch pad due to him not starting the trusters and started spinning head over heels, all while the Mecha kept a perfectly rigid action figure like pose.
Thus the Mighty King of Fighters spun towards the battle zone until he actually managed to get the Thrusters online.
The feed came back about a minute to a red faced Rugal who just spent his entire time screaming in fear off-screen.
"-AAAAHHHH! OKAY! I THINK I GOT IT! OH MY JESUS! WHY DIDN'T WE JUST FIRE UP SOME NUKES!?" He said over the radio as he attempted to get used to the flight controls, a expression of sheer terror on his face the whole while.
Thus his machine began to use it's Rolling Cannon on the incoming Enemies.

Kazuya, Krillin

Kazuya merely glared at the small man.
"If that is truly the case, then perhaps you wouldn't mind me stuffing you in a punching bag and having a nice course of anger management then?!" He threatened as Tajuh took out one of the Battleships.
"Devil to Tajuh, Ignore that ship, We're sending over a Strider to finish off the survivors, Over." He commanded as he watched as Blade stood ready to lead the charge, hoping he wasn't going to be sent into the wall of the ship.


"Understood. Kazuya will mark out our targets for our Teleport Raids, they will disable the ships from the inside so please abstain from attacking the ones we call out. May fortune favor us." Hiryu said to Browning as Kazuya sent the first team.

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