The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

Slindis blanched a little bit as she immediately checked the bottle for any signs of tampering. Said behavior was a bit odd, but then again, Rugal had never seen her take a drink that she hadn't poured herself. It was not a frantic search, but she would rather be safe here. It hadn't been the first time someone had tried to drug her before, and just because Rugal had served it didn't mean someone had added anything extra to the drink prior.

Canteen: Jenny

Another one of the Imps walked over to Jenny and waved to her. "Jenny, what would you like to eat and drink? We're trying out some Poffin recipes, and we think you would be a good judge."

Advanced shooting range

Melethia shook her head at David's negative statement as she continued shooting, even though her aim was subpar outside the groin shots. "Well, part of the thing is that even with the ammo, you're limited to how strong the gun's shots are. It's not a problem when fighting most people without much training, but when you're up against wholesale slaughterers, you need that extra edge that ammo alone can't provide. It's part of the reason why I designed your wristgun with that initial strength. I mean, I could also remake your arsenal to give my extra little touch to it, all while keeping the upkeep the same. Sound like a plan, Keeneye?"

Bar: Slindis, Rugal

Rugal sighed blissfully after taking in the nose of the wine before sipping.
"Mmmmm...You can taste the effort that went into it, can't you?..." He said, getting slightly annoyed that Slindis seemly couldn't even have a drink without fretting all the time.
Then, an idea hit.
"Slindis, turn around with your back to me."
"You'll See~" He answered as she did what he asked.
Rugal then gently laid his hands on the Drow's shoulders over the counter and began to massage them.
While his knowledge of the human body and it's pressure points wasn't on par with hers, he did know what spots to hit from personal experience.
Slindis could feel decades of built up tension ease away with every stroke.

Canteen: Jenny

"Well...I never was one to turn down Poffins of all things! I'll take a few Blue ones please. Oh, and see if you can get that nice sweet topping!" She said to the Imps as they went to get them.
"Tell me Devon, where did you meet these guys? I mean, Imps aren't really too common around here..."

Advanced shooting range

"...Normally, I'd be a little bit hesitant to let a 12 year old muck around with my kit, but you clearly know what you are talking about. Sure, I'd be game for that, Still, do try getting a scope for your bow." David said as he watched her slowly improve her aim.
"By the way, consider that gun yours, Stock included. Think of it as an advance payment for all the work you'll do for me!"

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm, Rugal

"Teri, be a dear and watch your sister for a while."

"And Teri, after a while, there's still some things that I'll keep held within. I mean, the Yaulthoon incident with the Taken was bad in itself. Those cries are ones that will stay with me."

Teri shrugged as her parents left her room, and called after Slindis; "I just meant talk to us if you need someone too! ... I don't expect you to tell me everything...."

Mounting up on Garm, the Cleric began looking about for Melethia, amused that she had gotten out of bedrest in the meantime.

"Just like college... Man I could use some caffeine... Ever had anything like that, Sadei? Stuff that makes you feel more awake?"


After getting this information from Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, Caim couldn't help but smile a little when the Cuties began to vocalize a want for Caim to see Devon's new move;

"Come on, Friend Devon! Show Father your stuff!"
"Besides, this could simulate battle conditions in which you're caught whislt still fatigued! The enemy doesn't wait for you to rest!"

In the meantime, Angelus squinted at the Boss and Edge in curiosity... Something seemed familiar about the duo.

Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

Slindis blanched a little bit as she immediately checked the bottle for any signs of tampering. Said behavior was a bit odd, but then again, Rugal had never seen her take a drink that she hadn't poured herself. It was not a frantic search, but she would rather be safe here. It hadn't been the first time someone had tried to drug her before, and just because Rugal had served it didn't mean someone had added anything extra to the drink prior.

As she got the massage, she felt able to relax a bit even if it took a while for it to sink in, although she still avoided the drink. Thanks to what Slin had told Rugal, it was clear that her Journey to where she was now had a lot more foes than friends. "Thank you for the kind offer, but as soon as you're done, I think I'll make my own drink..."

Canteen: Jenny, Devon, Caim

The imp nodded. "So, one blue one. Would you mind trying out a few others to see if we got the recipe right?" It went back in the kitchen to prepare the meal.

Devon heard Jenny inquire about the imps and responded. "Well, I met about 6 of them when I was training. I don't really know why they flock to me, but if they're going to trust me that much, I ought to return the favor and do right by them."

It was around that time that the Cutie Bruisers urged Devon on to show Caim what he'd learned. "Really? You two know that was more tiring than it looks... Still, how can I refuse those faces?" He sighed then smiled. It seemed that he'd have to show Caim this today as well...

Advanced shooting range

She nodded. "Well, I'm sure you want the appearance to stay the same, but what kind of mods did you want on the weapon? I can do plenty, and the stuff on the weapon should transfer over to each shot." SHe held the pistol and looked it over, grinning. "As for this, I'll remake it once I know how the inside of it works."

Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

"If that is what you wish, though rest assured, There is nothing out of place in that drink." Rugal said as he kneaded his partners shoulders, humming slightly as he took her glass.
"I understand your distrust of others, After all you endured, It'd be hard to trust another, though know this. After what we have been though, I'd like to think I've earned the right to handle your glass." He added, taking a sip of her glass prove his point.
"Now then, just sit back and relax..." He said in a calming tone as he slowly moved his hands down across her shoulder blades, bringing them up and down her spine.
"If you want, I could bring you down to the spa, give you a proper back massage..."

Canteen: Devon, Caim

Caim waved a hand, and the two were off on their way to a training room. Upon reaching their destination; Caim gently lifted Cadolbolg from his head and allowed Cadolbolg to go airborne; Ton Ton leaping to land on the dragon turtle baby. After the two hovered a safe distance in the air, Caim readied his blade, and pointed at Devon. The bard could see that the warrior had already slipped into 'teacher mode'; his eyes focused and expression grim as it were in any other battle.

"Show me this technique of yours; and I'll see if it's up to snuff!"

And with that, the pact bound warrior charged.

Hallways: Teri, Garm

Having no real leads to go on, Teri activated the Hagane ring, and sent a message to Melethia; "Hey sis, mind letting me know where you are? Mum and Dad wanted me to check in real quick on ya."

Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

Slindis nodded. "That would sound nice. It's nothing against the drink, and I'm sure it's a fine one, but I'm not fond of wine altogether. I hope you can understand where I'm coming from, but all it takes is one time..." With that, she stood up and began walking with Rugal to the Spa area.

Canteen: Jenny

In a short amount of time, the Imp arrived back there with some Poffins. Although the taste was a bit odd to Jenny, it wasn't bad, either. They had clearly tried out some things, although they could improve in the way they mixed the batter as well as the variety of berries.

Advanced shooting range - outside

As Melethia got outside, she contaccted Teri through the ring. "I'm by the training area. I was working with Keeneye so we could both work on some stuff."

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Devon started with a grazing attack from the blade that still left him winded, but he stood up and tried to get into the flow again. It would take a little bit to find the rhythm, though, and he still had to contend with Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg. C'mon, I just need to focus here...

The boredom was slowly getting to Matt so he decided to leave the canteen in search of a shooting range. The one place on this ship that would be able to calm him. He easily found one and walked inside to see that there were already people here. Paying them no mind, he took the farthest lane away from them and drew his M1911. It was the first gun he had ever owned and the one trained the most with, becoming an extension of himself. He turned off all augments that helped him with shooting to prove to himself that he didn't need help.

After pushing a button to bring out a target and getting into a firing stance, Matt started to tune out the rest of world. Soon there was nothing but him , the gun, and the target. The next few seconds went by in a blur as he raised his gun and quickly put all 7 rounds downrange. Calling the target to him he could all rounds had hit the center of the head in a tight grouping. Just the way he liked it.

Shooting Range - Melethia, Matt

As the young green-haired elf waited for Teri, she heard the practice shots from farther in the room and walked in to see how he used his weapon. It was a bit hard to make out how he fought, but he looked like he would go for the kill more. It was worth a watch while she waited for Teri. although it would be better if she didn't talk.

Thus, in the meantime, she checked the pistol David had handed her to get a feel for how it worked. The slight amounts of noise could be heard in the intervals in between the shots, but it wasn't so loud as to be distracting.

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Canteen.
Time: ???.

Storm snickered for a single second after listening to Jenny's apology.
"That's no problem. I was trying to figure out if we have had met before since my memory was messed with a while back." Storm smirked but remembered the whole Tomoya scenario which was complicated since he was one of said people trying to kill everyone until he got his ass beat.

"Well my name is Storm as you probably know, that's just my UNSC code-name though, I do have a real name but I would prefer to keep that secret." He went back into a neutral face as he remembered his young career as a musical prodigy which led up to the point of his kidnapping and parent's death.

Switching that topic out of his brain he responded to Dimitri.
"Ah another A.I I see ... well hear. That's good to hear, I'll check the holding bay at one point, though I was more thinking of more personal supplies. Well unless this ship has a convenience store ... that would be great!" Storm said to the A.I
"(Hmm, he sounds more mechanical then Miku. Does this age have less advanced technology? Also do we have shifts where we have to take on roles on this ship?)" Storm thought to himself.

Canteen: Jenny

Quality aside, Jenny still enjoyed them and she reckoned it was a great first attempt, seeing how likely it was that this was their first time making them.
*Mouth Full* "Mmmm...Pretty-good, though-it's-still-kinda-lumpy." she said as she munched on one.
Taking a moment to shallow, she then added "What kind of berries did you use? Just this blue one has a lot of contrast in the taste depending on what part you eat. I mean, this side is a little sour, this one a bit spicy..."

She then turned to Storm and said "No problem. It was good to personally meet you Storm."

Spa: Rugal

"Understandable. I guess that means more for me then." Rugal joked as he took the bottle with them to the Ship's Spa.
It was clear that the previous owner, Dillon, spared no expense in the extras, hell, that bottle of wine one its own was 7'500.
A short walk later and they arrived, Rugal hitting the lights and getting the place warmed up.
"There should be some robes in the changing room. That being said, shouldn't worry too much, I still can't see beyond a multicolored blob." He said, somewhat disappointed.

Shooting Range: David

David woo'd at Matt's skill with his hand gun.
"Not bad, not bat all at all, Alex Murphy." He quipped as he fiddled with the Target settings, setting the range twice as long.
"Still Robocop, can't beat the classics..." He winked before pulling out his M500 and repeating the feat that Matt just did, The Targets head getting blown off.
He then looked expectantly at the Cyborg Merc, A challenge was laid down...


There was a moment as Dimitri ran through some processing cycles, and answered, "Depending upon what you need, we may very well have it! However, if what you require is something you wish to remain private, I can easily answer whatever questions you have on your terminal. What is it you require, User: Storm?"
Advanced shooting range - outside

"I'm by the training area. I was working with Keeneye so we could both work on some stuff."

"'Keeneye?' Ah whatever, I'll see soon enough. Be there in a minute."

There was a few more moments of quiet as Teri followed the signal of Melethia's ring to the training room in question; riding in on Garm; a bit unusual, since Teri didn't really didn't do that outside of battle (save for when she was in a hurry). When Garm reached Melethia, Teri finally dismounted, wobbling a little after the descent and gave a wave, "Hi there Mel. Everything doing alright?"

Upon hearing a shot from the men working with their guns, Teri turned her head in curiosity and pointed, "So, which one's 'Keeneye'? I see two guys over there..."

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Caim kept his assault up on his pupil; and noted that his sons were decidedly staying out of this tussle; "Want me to have all the fun, eh? What are you two up to..?"

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Canteen.
Time: ???.

Storm was in the middle of his thought process but looked back towards Jenny.
"Likewise Jenny."
Storm smiled as he picked up his iPhone like phone (It wasn't an iPhone) and stuffed it into his pocket.
Alpha was still quiet and probably will be quiet until they leave.

A sigh was about to come out his mouth again but he looked up, as if he was talking to another power.
"Nothing much, clothes for my unusual body and possibly a few technical parts ... but if they are in the hold I'll probably go look for them later. Though it would of been really cool if there was a secret convenience store here ... there still might be. Exploring this place sounds fun." Storm's thoughts began to flow into a different direction.

At unique times his mind would become childish, so the though of a secret convenience store filled with candy seemed exciting to him. The spartan grabbed his used bowl, washed it up and then waved his hand as he left the canteen to do something else.

(EDITED NOTE: Sorry for not being in chat ... but sleep calls)

"Eh, I can take 'em or leave 'em. I usually just pick whatever's handy for the job though I do prefer anything with a ton of power behind it," Matt said as assembled his M107A1. He attached the suppressor that was made for it since he didn't like blowing out other people's eardrums. Matt set the target for triple distance and took aim. He again put all the rounds in the head until it wasn't there anymore. That was when he saw light shining through the back of the range. "Forgot I only use armor piercing rounds for this gun," Matt said with a quick laugh.

Advanced shooting range: David

David gave a small clap that would have more suited to a game of golf then a shooting contest.
"Impressive...Then again, with a M107A1, how can you miss, am I right?" He smugly said as he got a new target set up at the same range.
"Let's get all John Wayne up in this shit." He said as he stood in a High Noon stance, ready to draw his weapon.
He was going to try and match Matt's shots with a handgun.
Alright, don't fuck this up... He promised himself, unsure if he could keep it.

A Buzzer went off and he went into action, drawing his weapon and fanning the hell out of it's hammer with some rather impressive aim.
Once he had his 5 shots, he then looked at the hit marker: 3/5
"...Eh....From this range, no scope..." He shrugged, hoped it'd be enough to beat Matt's showing.

Teri then walked in and asked for "Keeneye"
"That would be me, T. "Keeneye", Rolls off the tongue, don't it? Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen-eeeeeeeeeeeyyyeee." He said afterwards, trying to psyche out his rival.

Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

She ensured she wasn't able to be seen even beyond the blob as she switched to the robes. They were certainly ornate, and more than Slindis had ever been used to. Of course, she kept her pouch with her equipment nearby, and the well made wraps stayed on her person. She'd learned well enough in her past to never go unarmed even in calm situations thanks to events from her home and the attack on Dillon's wedding.

"I'm ready for this massage, although it does feel a good amount grandiose to me." Even with the talk she had with Teri earlier, she was still keeping an eye for something to cut her down here. And people thought being evil was something that kept you on edge...

Canteen: Jenny

The imps responded, describing berries that would Jenny had heard of all around the various regions. "We'll have to work this out more, but we can work on the blending technique. We might be able to pass some of these over to the humans, after all. It would do them good, considering the rather imbalanced diets some of them have."

Advanced shooting range - outside

She gestured to David West as she checked the weapon over, seeing where she could improve on it. "Looks like they're gonna do some kinda competition."

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Devon got hit his fair share of times by Caim while somehow managing to parry some of the attacks, bfore he managed to tap into the rhythm of the fight. Now, Caim had been around massive battlefields so he had a bit of an affinity for the pulse of battle. Thus, although he was able to parry or block a number of the attacks, he could feel from the attacks that slipped through that Devon was definitely on to something.

"You know I got a keen eye for knives, swords, and other sharp objects. Maybe I could call myself Keeneye as well," Matt said mocking David. He then pulled out a S&W Model 629 and loaded it. "And personally, I prefer 'The Man with No Name'," Matt said before shooting at a new target. When he was done he brought the target forward to see his handiwork. 5 out 6 six shots in the head.

Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

"Not at all, I don't believe that a life of honesty means the same as a life of poverty..." Rugal said, Irony kicking in for a moment as she laid down.
"And I'm certain most of the crew would agree that you need this. Otherwise, the coil of tension in your life will just snap again, like it did in the Temple." He added, somewhat regretting bring that back up during Slindis's relaxation time.
"And on top of it all, one good turn deserves another, lord knows I owe enough to you..."

Sometime Later, After copying and pasting some treatments he received from past spa sessions, Rugal felt content that he helped her unwind a little at the very least.

Canteen: Jenny

"Yeah, Not many really know the benefits of a good diet...Still, top notch work none the less!" Jenny said, enjoying one of the better made Poffins.
"Tell me though, Where did you get all those berries? Where they just in the hold? I don't know many places here where they can grow."

Storm's Phone: ???

Alpha kept to herself as Storm checked out the ship, least until she got a notice from the phone's Inbox.
It was strange, it was in the spam folder and it was labelled "OHGODJESUSSENDHELPPLEASE! q_q".
It was from a unknown sender and it was only to Storm's phone, not the Rising Dawns Network.

Advanced shooting range: David

"Wow, Nice shots! That's actually pretty good." David smiled and nodded, not wanting to let Matt know he was getting to him.
He began to sweat slightly as he set the next challenge, New Targets, same range, only now they were mobile and moving.
Right...Heres hoping... He thought at he took aim and got 2/5.
...Please, don't get better...

Advanced shooting range - outside

Teri smirked at the nickname bequeathed to her by David, an unintentional reminder of simpler times in a realm of normalcy. "I haven't heard that monkier in some time... It almost makes me miss the forum. Too bad the forum wrought more than we had thought..."

However upon hearing Matt's remark to David, Teri decided to cheer the Irishman on. The man needed the ego boost, especially since she knew of what had happened between him and Elena. Leaning against Garm for support, Teri cupped her hands and shouted,
"You gonna let him talk shit to you like that, Mr. West? Come on! If you could pull that stuff off with that shotgun, you can wipe the floor with this guy!"

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Caim could feel the pace of battle picking up as training went on; and decided that perhaps this would not prove a dire enough situation for Devon to utilize that technique again; if adversity was what unlocked it. Tapping into the Wheel, Caim pulled out Windsinger, a nasty looking polearm and thrust the blade forward; his reach doubled with the thing in hand.

"This takes me back to my days training as a SEAL. Though I'm not as good as I was back then," Matt said as he took aim with his reloaded revolver. After firing all 6 rounds he stopped the targets to see that half of his bullets hit their mark. "I need more practice. I didn't realize I had gotten that bad," he said.

Advanced shooting range: David

David gave a smile and a nod to Teri as Matt got half of his shots on.
Okay, still standing, Quit while your ahead, Quit while yo-
"Tell you what? Next round for the title of master of the universe?" He said, instantly regretting it as he picked the hardest settings he could.
The targets vastly increased in number and began moving blindingly fast.
"Highest score wins, Handguns only, you game?" He asked, part of him hoping he'd say no.

Matt thought about it for a second before making up his mind. "Let's give it a shot. I like a good challenge. But it can't be for master of the universe, Sir Patrick Stewart owns that title," Matt said jokingly.

Advanced shooting range: David

"Alright, Fair enough." David said as he went to take his shots first.
Alright, we can do this... He thought to himself before opening fire on the targets, getting a decent 13 with a 5 round clip.
He let out a sigh of relief as he felt he had it in the bag.
"Guess Sir Patrick Stewart is going to have to share, eh?"

Outside the spa: Slindis, Rugal

She got back from the changing room after the massage, a good bit more relaxed and focused at the same time. Rugal had noticed an incredible amount of tension in the muscles, probably from having to watch out for others that hadn't meant well at all. She hadn't gotten where she was from trusting everyone, and the fact that she'd opened up enough to let Rugal massage her had required a lot of trust. "Perhaps in the future, I could show you more of my former home. I know that it may not be to your liking, but it was lively in its own way." She made her way over to the Canteen with Rugal, ready to have a bit of food between the two of them. Non-alcoholic, of course.

Canteen: Jenny

The head imp responded to Jenny. "When you're where we were, you tend to pick up a good diet if you can get it. That is if we're not sent down to Gluttony to prod the Americans there, and that was a full-time job in itself. And the berries were started when we crash-landed in the desert. They had a surprisingly good market even if the berries were used mainly for alcohol, and the brewing of it."

With that, some of the imps went around and gave samples to those that would try them.

Advanced shooting range - outside

Melethia took a look at the two firing as she got a feel for the weapon looking to see what she could implement. "Sis, it looks like they're both good in their own ways. Interestin' to watch, isn't it?" From where she stood, she had the feeling that she really could learn a lot more from David as soon as she could get the shooting right...

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Devon continued on with the Dance, thrusting the blade forward to redirect the blade in a rich baritone thrumming before he tried to move closer in to see if he could find a way to use the blade's reach against him. A few repeated thrusts were thrown out by him as he tried to keep his focus on the pulse of the fight. It was certainly getting a bit harder to parry Devon's attacks due to the timing of them.

Matt stepped up to the booth to take his turn. When he was done he saw that he had gotten a 9 from 6 shots. "Well this has been a fun little challenge though be glad I had decided to turn off select augments beforehand. Anyway I humbly admit defeat though don't expect me to call you anything other than your name," Matt said.

Outside the Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

"On the contrary, A realm that can produce someone like you mustn't be all bad. Might pick up a few things..." Rugal said, fully content with the idea as the pair entered the canteen.

Canteen: Jenny

"Really?...Didn't think the desert could support such growth..." Jenny mused as she took a few more bites of her poffin.

Advanced shooting range: David

David gave a small air punch at this victory when Matt wasn't looking.
"Yeah, still, Good game, good game..." He said as he reset the targets, going to keep training.
As he took aim though he paused and remembered that wrist gun.
Mmmm...I wonder... He thought as he equipped it and holstered his M500.
He then took aim at targets and opened fire, landing a perfect hit.
And another.
And another.
He was soon basically spraying ammo at all the targets, the computer showing a clear improvement in his accuracy rating as a smile grew on his face.
He only stopped firing when his clip was out, then he laughed "...David West is back in the game..."

Canteen: Jenny

With that, some of the imps went around and gave samples to those that would try them.

Out of curiosity, Angelus took a poffin and bite down on the strange square; wondering what made them so appealing to Jenny....

Advanced shooting range - outside

Teri nodded with a smile, "Certainly seems that way. However, I'm guessing that you're not here just to watch them shoot."

She gestured at the gun in Melethia's hands, "Mr. West's teaching you how to use that I take it? I'm not trying to pry, but if you don't mind me asking; what prompted the urge to learn? You're already proficient with your knives and your bow."

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

As Devon's dance began to take root, Caim's face hardened into a glare; finally able to take this exercise a bit more seriously, "And here we go... Now, let's change things up again!"

The Wheel turned, and Caim had swapped to a green longsword (Slaughterism); and began trading off more blows with Devon; the change in weight necessitating an adaptation of the battle dance. However, Caim was certain this sort of consistent changing was exactly what Devon needed to keep his stance strong.

Outside the Canteen: Slindis, Rugal

Slindis mused as she sat down relatively close to Jenny. "You may, but there's a lot there that I faced in lots of areas. I won't lie - it won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination. Who knows, perhaps we'll find something for you to wear."

Canteen: Jenny

The imps gave a guttural laugh as they responded. "Jenny, those mortals were going for their fix. If they couldn't see a way, they would make one. All we had to do was cultivate it onboard, and even a Dretch could do it."

Advanced shooting range: David

Melethia gave a congratulatory handwave to David before shaking Matt's hand. "That was nice speed out there, Trigger! I'll try to see if I can pick that up, but I'll check up on Keeneye."

With that, Melethia responded to Teri as she went to check up on David. "Eh, I just wanted to learn, see how it works. Maybe I could change up the designs? I mean, it could happen, and there's lots of different ways to make it better."

She then took a few minutes to watch her weapon being used so skillfully and responded. "Ya think that's good, wait until I revamp the rest of your weapons Keeneye."

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Devon was fully in the flow, and the speed of his attacks punctuated the higher pulse of the combat. If Devon was getting tired from all this, he wouldn't say as a few more of the blows were traded between the two. The fact that Caim could actually feel the hits instead of ignore them altogether meant there was definitely something to this whole 'symphony of combat' thing or whatever Devon was going on about.

The hard part, of course, was keeping the dance going. Plus the whole 'No Magic" rule put in from the start meant that he couldn't work that in until Caim felt ready to sign off on Devon's progress.

Boooored... Boss thought. So booored...

Maybe you should have sparred with the others?

Boss sighed. Nah. I don't know how far it would have gone. It was a miracle I didn't crush pink-wand-girl the othe-

"Hey." Edge was tapping Boss on the shoulder with his foot. In both his hands was an enourmous sandwich. "What's wrong?"

"Ehh...nothing, why?"

Edge took a bite out of his sandwich and swallowed. Boss always thought it was a little unnerving how he could do that without taking off his mask. "If you're bored, go out and fly around. Or teleport to the moon. Or...something."

"Nah." Boss said. "Just not feeling it."

Edge sat up. "Is...something wrong? Seriously wrong?"

The answer was yes; a lot of things were bothering him, but Boss wasn't sure he wanted to talk about it in front of...well, everyone. Instead, he teleported next to someone he hadn't spoken to yet; a blonde woman wearing a red dress. "Hiya!" he said. "I'm Boss. What's you're-"

"WHAT THE CRAP!?!" Edge said.

"...talking." Boss said, gesturing to the blonde woman. "I would think it was self-explanatory."

"That's Angelus!" Edge said. "Do you not remember her, either?" Boss slowly shook his head. Edge stuttered for a second, then grabbed a salt-shaker and threw it at Boss: it bounced it off his shoulder harmlessly. "The hell is your problem!"

Boss shrugged. "Well, what I said still applies. Name's Boss. Pleased to meet you."

One of the imps had appeared on the table in front of Edge, and was chittering at him, clearly angry. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it won't happen again. It's just so frustrating. This is an awesome sandwich, by the way, props to the chef."


One of the imps had appeared on the table in front of Edge, and was chittering at him, clearly angry. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it won't happen again. It's just so frustrating. This is an awesome sandwich, by the way, props to the chef."

The imp gave a slight bow at the compliment and handed him a red muffin. A note on the tray for it said it was supposed to be spicy and sweet, and a bite into it certainly proved that. The texture was a bit off, though. Said note also stated that they'd appreciate it if they didn't keep bursting in while they made the herbal brownies.

With that, they checked up on the drinks to see what the two were having. Even if they were being more than a bit messy, they were otherwise finr.

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Dark hallway ?.
Time: 2Pm (Gonna guess).

After about an hour of childish exploration and a maze of dark hallways Alpha received the message on Storm's phone.
Storm sighed as he pulled out his phone. "Done pouting yet?" Storm tried to get a response out of his female AI partner. "I'm not pouting! ... I just couldn't talk around that nice lady." Alpha yelled out with reason.

Storm smirked, but Alpha decided to tell him about the message.
"Umm ... Sean, you might want to see this."
Alpha said to Sean/Storm who bought out his phone and finally managed to access it.
"We also need a map of this place." Storm was worried that he was lost, but finally got into his spam box and weird named message.

(I changed his name to "Sean" so it wouldn't be confusing.)

To Whom It May Concern:
We ask you very kindly to stop barging in and out of the kitchen. Not only is it rude, but it interrupts the delicate process of cooking.

Also, we have made this delicious muffin for one brave soul to try; it is meant to be sweet with a hint of spice; any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Be warned, the texture may be off a bit.

Thank you

The Kitchen

Edge read the letter with mild interest. Sweet and spicy? he thought, looking at the muffin. It looked...perfectly fine, if a bit small-ish. Worth a try.

And so, Edge ate it whole. Instantly, the concentrated Habanero Pepper extract hit him; it was like his entire face had been set on fire. No, that didn't quite cover it; it was as though his face had suddenly been transported into the heart of a burning star.

"TO HOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!" he screamed, jumping up and clawing at his face. "NEEED WAAAAATEEEERRRRRR!"

And with that, Edge ran out of the mess hall to the nearest source of water, screaming as he did.

"That...that's Edge." Boss said to Angelous.

A distant shout was heard from outside the Mess hall. "....howwwwwwwwdyyyyyyyyy!!!"

"...he's not usually this much of a spaz. Must be something in the food."

Edge tore through the ship as fast as he could, barelling over several piles of boxes and one large person with white hair in a trenchcoat (who he rudely knocked to the floor, unfortunately). Quickly, very quickly (but not quickly enough) he was back to his quarters, and miracle of miracles, the tub he'd used to heal himself was still there. He violently thrust his head in; for a moment, he thought the pure heat may evaporate the water before it was able to touch him. But that was nonsense, and after a couple seconds of using heal, he was fine.

But he was pissed. Even if he couldn't blame the imps, just getting hit like that out of nowhere pissed him off.

Training room - Devon, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Edge knocked on the wall of the Training room.

"I'm pissed and want to hurt something." Edge said. "What rules are we playing by?"

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