The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Shadow had just gotten a drink from David at the bar. He wasnt sure where he was, but he felt happy. After chatting with David for a bit before going over to where Taytum was sitting. Along the way He spotted Charlie, and Puce(I believe thats the name... sorry if I spelled it wrong.) He then finally got to where Taytum was sitting and sat down. They were in the middle of a nice chat when Shadow said he had to go to the bathroom and got up....

Loaction: The school. Or whatever its name is.

Shadow awoke to see a blue sky. He was happy he had taken the nap, it had been pleasant compared to the dreams he had been having.

He looked to the side to see Taytum resting on his shoulder. Shadow smiled under his hood as he slowly lifted Taytum off his shoulder and leaned her against the wall, trying not to wake her up.

Next, he looked around for a bit before hearing...

"Kali ma...Kali ma...Kali ma,."

Shadow looked around the corner to see the yellow hulking being dead with his heart ripped out and lying on the ground dead. After that Shadow saw the person that had shot arrows at him before.

"YOU! Why did you shoot arrows at me!" Shadow yelled as he approached. Thats when he saw David standing farther away complaining about the school. "Hey David! Would you happen to have anything to drink on you?" he asked.


When Shadow confronted her, the young green-haired girl waved at the man. "Sorry about that, Mister assassin! I was laying down some cover fire for Keeneye. Besides, I didn't hit ya, so no harm, no foul, right?" One thing that was a bit odd was how she seemed to be a bit too young even for this school, considering it was mostly filled with high school students.


He dispelled the illusion when the fight ended, feeling that something had changed within him. Sure, it was a small fight in itself, but it felt like a breakthrough to him. After all, in a fight, controlling what your opponent sees could make a huge difference...

Devon has taken his 11th level as a Bard, and gained the 4th level spell Greater Invisibility!

In addition, he uses his one spell swap this level to exchange Charm Person for Hideous Laughter.

Devon looked over at David and nodded as Ella stabbed it a few times to ensure the thug was dead. "Me and you doth, David. Me and you both..."


Slindis handed Rugal and Caim some jerky. Although it was tough, at least it was edible. The same couldn't be saidd about the "food" for lunch. "Don't be so sure, Rugal. You're still in here, and the pain could still be felt."


David looked at Shadow in disbelief.
"...Out of all the people to run the hell did you ever get her-...You know what, I don't even want to know..." He said as he wiped himself off from all the blood that he was covered in (Again).
"Yo, D. (Devon) Little help over here?" He asked as Ton Ton handed him back his M500.

"Thank you Misser Class." The Janitor Lady who caused all this said as she stood in the middle of the hallway, holding a bottle of Lemon Pledge and an entire packet of wiping cloths.
"Clean that up. Pass class." She said before throwing them at the classes feet and walking away, her facial expression not changing in the slightest as she left.


"Still, We have no idea how real this "Reality" even is. For all we know, we are all just asleep back on the Airship." Rugal said as he tried some of Slindis's Jerky, using his Slashing Aura to cut it into bite sized pieces with his fingers.

Teri | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg

After Hook had did his work needed, he wandered back to the summoner in question, to which Teri patted gently with a small smile, "Nicely done, Hook."

After a few more moments, the Crocodile of ice disappeared into thin air, leaving only a few shavings on the ground where he was. Following that, Teri began to wander to the class in question and asked if anyone was hurt. But, before the words could escape her mouth, she felt a change within her too:

Teri has taken her 8th level in Cleric! After some rest, she'll find that she has a level 4 spell slot for use, as well as a bonus 3rd level slot on account of her Wisdom stat going from a 15 to a 16.

Cadolbolg flew down from the distance and saw David getting the gun from his pact partner, and wondered aloud, "How is Friend David and Friend Ton Ton doing? Alright?"

Ton Ton gave a small nod and motioned his head to David as well, "Thank you for letting me use your weapon, Mr. West. But I think I would be a bit more effective sticking to my knife."

Caim | Angelus

Caim gave Slindis a grateful nod and set to nibbling on the jerky, the taste bringing back memories of more time in the Union army. As he did so, the PDA continued speaking for him:

"My theory still stands. If we are aware of what our environment is, we should seek to try to change it. Maybe burrow through Mark's delusions to find out where the thing we're looking for is."

Angelus shrugged as she finished the last 'meal' the group had grabbed, "You heard what Lucifer told us. If we try to break the world too greatly, we could be trapped here. We just need another lead... Hmn.... I wonder if this Mark's creation would have the same scent as he did? It is a part of him after all...."


"Well.... I guess I dont really give a shit anyways... but where exactly are we?" Shadow questioned as he looked around.

David, Mel, Devon, Teri, Shadow, Cutie Bruisers, Ella

Devon walked over to David, noting all the blood that the gunman was covered in. "Here you two are" Before too long, the Prestidigation washed over them and removed all of the blood and dirt off them and their weapons. As the others went by him, he cleane them off with the spell as well. It took a minute to clean them all, but they all looked respectable.

Ella went and checked for anyone else before halfheartedly cleaning the area, and Mel waved to Teri. "I'll see ya later, sis. I just wanted to get a bite to eat."


Slindis shook her head. "We still have to take care here, though. Injuries here may transfer over. The smell might be true, but the issue there is sniffing one person out in 300+ students." Caim and Rugal found the meat to be a bit tough, but the light seasoning of the meat made it have a bit of a kick to it.


"Some crazy ass High School Shadow. Some Crazy ass High School..." David answered as Devon's spell cleaned him up.
"Thanks. I'll start paying ya when we get out of here." He said as Ton Ton Spoke.
"Just needed an extra gun back there is all. No Sweat." He answered before he picked up a cloth and gave the place a once over.
It got rid of most of the blood, but the hallway was still tinted red.
Pulling out his timetable, he saw the next class: Shop Class with Mr. Dr. Doom.
"Christ, Kids with Power Tools, what could possibly go wrong?...Well, least we have some time before the next class starts..."


"That and I'm certain that going around sniffing every student in the whole building won't do down well with the other teachers. It could be..."Misinterpreted"..." Rugal added after Slindis, more or less shooting down the scent idea as Melethia arrived.
"Melethia! Out of class so early?" He said, clearly happy to see his daughter.
"So...Learn anything?"

Shadow started following David solely because he trusted him far more than he trusted any of the others.

He had almost forgotten.... Shadow turned around and yelled out for Taytum. Who quickly came into view about 10 seconds later.

"So how was your nap?" Shadow asked.

"It was a good dream, also a good break" Taytum replied as she started following Shadow, who was in turn following David.

"So what exactly are we doing in the school?" Shadow questioned.


Devon moved around the cleaned up areas as he walked with Ella. "I don't really need to be paid, David. I mean, that spell's easy for me to use. I do appreciate the offer, though. And buddy, I don't know why we're here."


She shrugged. "Nah, it was nothin' much. Just some really weak zombies in the biology class and some people that don't know what a Killing Zone is in the Home cleaning class.

...why are you looking at me weird?"

Slindis had known the school was in a bad state, and this only reaffirmed her beliefs. "Don't you think it would be safer for your sister if the two of you stuck together?"

Hallway: David

Smirking at Devon's free service, David said to Shadow "Just woke up in this mad ass place. Been getting attacked every class. Except for Music, but still. At this point, we're just waiting on someone to get a portal for us to escape here."
He then stopped to check his new weapons, partly showing them off to Shadow: Wrist Mounted pistols, designed by himself and Melethia.
He also noticed the Sniper wasn't using his M500 as much anymore.

Canteen: Rugal

Rugal grew rather concerned after hearing Melethia's statement.
"What?!...Are you okay? Jesus, why didn't you call us?" He asked before checking her for injuries.
"This place clearly isn't safe. What about the others? Are they okay?" He asked, a somewhat jarring scene for Caim and Angelus, seeing how they knew Rugal before his change of heart.


David, Shadow, Taytum

"Well... shit.... wait... Music? As in a class? Do we have to go to class!?!?" Shadow asked as he felt a bit of panic set in. He had been raised in a facility in Russia. He was never actually sent to a class with other kids. Everything he learned was in the facility and when he was out on missions. Of course that was until he was captured.

"Just between you and me... Ive never gone to a school...." Shadow said hesitantly.

Teri | Cadolbolg | Ton Ton

Teri waved goodbye when Melethia decided to leave them for lunch, and went back to helping in the cleaning of class. After that was all said and done, she saw on the schedule the next class was shop Dr. Doom, and wondered aloud,

"Shop... I would hope nothing goes wrong there. At least I can reattach freshly lost fingers...."

Ton Ton laughed sheepishly at David's words, and kicked around the floor a little, "Sorry I wasn't much help in that regard. Perhaps you could show me when we reach the Dawn again? I'd like to be helpful if a situation like that happened again!"

It was strange, hearing a voice so eager to aid to come from the little creature; especially in the art of slaying. However, there was nothing malicious to the Tonberry's intent when he spoke. It was almost... Childlike in it's innocent quality, but was offset by the subject at hand. It was almost as if using a gun was seen as an art rather than a means to kill.

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, happily landed on Devon's head, and began chattering happily on how he helped out on the front lines for once, instead of feeling like a liability.

Up next, Doctor Doom's Shop class!

Canteen: Caim | Angelus

As Rugal fussed over his daughter, Caim and Angelus exchanged a single surprised glance, and noticed how their treatment of Cadolbolg looked eerily similar to how this scene was playing out. However, Rugal's line of questioning did have merit. After all, they should have a semblance of what happened to their party. Stepping in, metaphorically, Angelus spoke, taking up her role as the voice of reason:

"Calm yourself, Rugal. You forget we have the rings. Were something truly terrible to go wrong, we would have gotten a signal. Not to mention Melethia's calm manner does not suggest anything too volatile has happened. Isn't that right, little one?"

Caim, on the other hand, was already doing as Angelus suggested, and began to get a sound off on all members of the Rising Dawn carrying the Rings for status reports.

Devon, David, Shadow, Cutie Bruisers, Teri

He scratched the back of his head in a hesitant response to David.. "I'd like to say more, but taking the quick way out is like getting rid of a bomb by throwing it in the toilet: it'll blow up and the aftermath will be so bad you'll wish we did it the right way..."

He adjusted the seat for Cadolbolg as he made his way to shop with the others and talked to Shadow. "Just play it easy. Act like this is some kind of delicate mission where you can't afford to tip off the targets and you'll make it through fine."

A bit more and he waved at Teri. "I think I can patch one up too, so don't worry. I've got you covered, Teri."Right after that, he explained the situation to Caim.

Slin, Rugal, Mel, Caim, ANgie

Mel laughed and quickly took a piece of Rugal's Jerky. "Wheathair, it was only some zombies and idiots! I mean, come on. Ya think I wouldn't know how to fight them? Really? I know we haven't fought many here, but I think I know how to gut the undead."

Noting the shocked look on Rugal's face, Slindis gave a weary sigh. "I know this may come as no surprise to you, but those talents you saw in the library were not spontaneously learned. She's had them for a while... So much so that one of the leading martial organizations hired her for some work after they saw firsthand what she did to the Karrnathi zombies."

Hearing about them, Melethia perked up. "Now those, those were some fun guys to take out. Dodgin' spells, taking out their arms, destroying their spines... Oh man, ya have to go up against them someday!"

Shadow, David, Devon, and whoever the fuck else

Shadow knew he was in for a shitfest.

He decided to wait for the others to see what they did and just copy that.

Hallways: David

"And judging by what the hell has been happening here, you never will!" David reassured Shadow as Ton Ton asked him about firearm training.
"Eh, You weren't doing too bad. If I gave you a smaller gun, left you to your own devices, I'd say you'd get the hang of it rather fast." He said as the group began to head to the next class.
"Yo. D. (Devon) T. (Teri), ever taken Metalwork (Shop) Class before?" He asked, recalling his own high school days.

Canteen: Rugal

A strange mixed feeling filled Rugal:
A). Pride that his daughter was fully able to care of herself.
B). Sadness at whatever taught her to do so.
He nodded at Angelus's statement, if something really bad happened, they were bound to get a message, still...
"...I see. So long as you and the others are okay then...Next time though, you call us. If you get ambushed like your mother did..." He said, somewhat conflicted inside.

"Just...Do you find amusement in killing?..."

Hallways: David

Devon shook his head, keeping a perfect posture the whole way through. "Never had it at my school, I think." As they got closer to the room, they could smell the metal in the air. It seemed that there was no waiting to do things on the first day.

Canteen: Rugal

Melethia nodded. "Okay, I gotcha... Better to have someone st your side? I can handle myself. And if something's goin' after me, sis, you two, or even that weird bard guy, the thing attackin' won't be goin' home. I mean, ya gotta stick by those that help ya out."

Slindis communicated to Rugal over the ring for a private conversation. "I understand that she does sound harsh, but you saw that jungle. She... she's had a fierce independent streak, and I know you've seen how loyal she is. I would have loved to have her just stay at a home, but you saw what she did in that library. Could you find anything that could hold her?"

Hallways: David

Cadolbolg and Ton Ton had the luxury of having pact 'speech' available, and were able to send back a quick response to Caim, as well as reports on the students who weren't wearing rings. After that Ton Ton answered David's remark with a cute sort of clapping motion between his hands (paws?),

"Thank you, Mr. David! Hmn... I don't know how I'd make use of such a weapon though. It is worth a thought."

"Yo. D. (Devon) T. (Teri), ever taken Metalwork (Shop) Class before?" He asked, recalling his own high school days.

Teri shook her head as she answered David, "Can't say I have. I took art classes and horticulture (plant care) classes, as well as some linguistics work. The only one that's really stuck is Japanese, and that's cause I was also taking it in college... Well, before stuff happened. I do know Aquan fluently though, so if you want to learn that, I can teach you!"

After this, she gave a nod with an obvious look of gratitude and answered Caim's questioning in her Ring. But, after her task was finished, she noticed a familiar, sickening smell fill the air. Feeling her breaths grow shorter, Teri clutched her bag and gulped as the group progressed, the hated scent enveloping and covering her. After a few more moments, the Cleric stopped and said, "On second thought, I think I'll be cutting class. Food sounds reaaaally good right now. Or who knows, maybe I can get some other stuff done we need doing! That sounds like a great idea! I'll be doing that. BYE!"

And with that, Teri began to turn tail and power walk in the other direction, leaving the group to look at each other in confusion, and Cadolbolg asking the million dollar question:

"What's up with her?"


"Soooo what does this class have in store for us?" Shadow questioned as he watched Teri walk off.

New Class: Mr. Dr. Doom's Shop Class of Reasonable Expectations

Soon after the clusterfuck that was their Home and Careers Class, our young students entered the metalwork room and took their seats, as you do.
"GREETINGS YOUNG MINDS! AND WELCOME TO FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIVES!" shouted a teacher attempting to out Ham Dr. Cortex and doing a frighteningly good job of it.
The sound of armored footsteps and bulldog like grunts revealed their teacher for the upcoming trainwreck of a class.

"I am Mr. Dr. Victor Von Doom and he will be teaching you how to make music with metal...
...That...isn't already shaped into some kind of musical...instrument or something.
*Hacking Cough* Right, so Doom is going to show you all how to make stuff. There should be some Iron on your desks, it for a sec..."

True to his words, there was a number of small Iron Ingots at each of their workstations, David picking one of his up and taking a look at it as the teacher went looking for his "Notes".
"Alright, I've done Metalwork before. This should be uneventful."

Canteen: Rugal

Rugal looked over at Slindis and nodded after Melethia answered his question.
"Alright then...Just the moment you start looking forward to killing people, you've set yourself down a slippery slope...Personal experience has taught me that..." He said, memories of his infamous collection of Human Metal Statues coming to mind.
"I mean, by all means, defend yourself and others, just don't become something others have to defend themselves from. You understand what I am saying?..."
After saying that, he sent back to the Drow " much does she know about..."Old" me?...."


Doom's Shop Class

A whistle could be heard as something sailed through the air and landed on David's desk. The ingot Successfully putting a dent in his desk, and knocked off some ingots.

Across the room Shadow was looking strait at David with a big shit grin plastered across his face.

Hallways: Devon, Teri

Devon looked up to Cadolbolg. "Hey, little man, could you keep an eye on Ella for me?" He ran over to Terl and hoped for a bit of luck as he started talking to her.

Devon activates Human Versatility and takes 10 on his diplomacy roll to achieve a score of 51. It's official, he could sell someone a car they already owned.

"Teri, could you hear me out for a second? I know you really, really don't want to be in there, but I really need to let you know something." He looked her in the eyes, giving the exact right amount of space for her to still hear him out without scaring her off.

"Please, Teri. I can understand why you're scared, I really can. But the man that caused your fear is gone. Remember? You finished him with your own hands in the gulf of Mexico? He's dead, and I promise you he won't be heading in there to hurt you."

He took a bit of time for that bit to sink in before continuing. "If you head out on your own, though, this place is filled with lots of things that are really dangerous. You saw what they did to Slin, right? Running off would be the worst possible choice you could make, especially alone. And if it does get too bad in there for you, I can always get us out of there with a Dimension Door. Remember that spell I used to get to Furiae? I always have that spell in my head, and all you have to do to get out of there is ask. So please, put some trust in me. I wouldn't suggest this if I didn't know I could keep you safe. Besides, like the Shadow told us, it's better to face our fears, right?"

Canteen: Rugal

Mel nodded. "Okay, Wheathair! Now let's look at that next class... Metalworking with Doctor Doom? I wonder what I could find out from him~!"

Slindis took a bit of comfort in knowing that Rugal would be there to help her out when it came to keeping an eye on Mel. Tira knows she needed it.

Hallways: Devon, Teri

Teri considered all Devon had to say, and, even if she was terrified about going into that awful metal smelling classroom, she knew that Devon was right. They needed to stay in groups, or else they could be picked off one by one in this madhouse of a school; herself being high on the list of vulnerable targets. With Sadei and Garm downsized, she had no mundane means of defending herself. On top of that, Devon spoke the truth regarding Bruiser's death, and what could be done if the experience proved to be overwhelming.

With a shaky nod, Devon could hear the answer faintly tumble from his friend's mouth, "Okay. Let's go."

"Atta girl! Now, before we're late... We better vamoose!"

Metal Shop Class

Devon took a firm grip on the Cleric's shoulder, and in the next instant, they appeared right outside the door to the class, entering right as the bell rang. The smell was overpowering to Teri, a knee jerk reaction of her's being to grab her cross in pocket and wind the chain of the necklace around her wrist a few times to make a makeshift bracelet of sorts; as well as providing her with easy access to her divine spell focus. Devon found that leading the girl along to the shared table between himself, Ella, David and the Cuties; Cadolbolg having fun roosting on Ella's shoulder and playing with her lengthy hair.

"Look Friend Devon, I have a toupee!"

Ton Ton, on the other hand, had contented himself with sitting on the table, and watching the proceeds carry on.

After Teri, who was beginning to resemble a sheet with the amount of color draining from her face, was seated, she stuck her hand back into her pocket to get the Sadei-pen, in hopes of finding a little more bravery in her friendly staff.


After getting a decent amount of information to all the students, Caim looked to Slindis and said, "As we suspected. Nothing to worry about so far."

After saying so, he felt a small tug on his mind from Angelus, who mildly prodded, "The little one reminds me of you... So eager to prove her strength, but not always realizing what comes with it. I see why you enjoy her company."

Caim smiled faintly as they watched the father-daughter pair leave, and 'sent' back, "Far more competent than the lad with the Golem. It is refreshing...
So, are we going to await his return, or continue our search without him? Then again... Where do we start?"

Shop Class: David

"WHOA SHIT!" David said as Shadow threw a massive iron block at him, if his throw was off, he could have been knocked out.
"Cut that shit out you fuck russian prick!" He shouted as Teri sat down, clearly not looking the slightest bit comfortable in the metalwork room.
David picked up on this.
"...T...You okay? look like you are about to puke..."

Canteen: Rugal

Rugal couldn't help but smile at Melethia's energy as she went over to her next class with Doctor Do-
"Wait...WHAT?!" He shouted as he realised what this meant, "They" were in this school.
"Out of all the people to...Ummm...You 3 go check out the student records...or something." He said to Slindis, Caim and Angelus before taking off after Melethia, much to their confusion.

The pair of them got to the class with incident and as Melethia took her seat, Rugal went to have a "Teacher to Teacher" talk with Doom.

Shop Class: Devon

Devon patted Teri on the arm. "Need me to help a bit?" He readied a few spells to help as He ggot comfortable in his seat. Before Ella had the chance to yell at him, he lifted Cadolbolg on his head and Casted a Prestidigation to untangle her hair.

Shop Class: Melethia

As Melethia sat down near David, she got ready for the class. After all, this was her home field. Woorking metal was her specialty. if nothing else, she should have a clear edge.

Cafeteria: Slin, Caim, ANgie

She looked to the two. "Would you like to help me look through the records? You're a bit more familiar with what would be a common name here."


Doom's Shop Class.

When a student looked away from his desk for a bit and then back down he noticed he was missing an iron ingot. Shadow still had a big shit grin on his face....

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Infirmary.
Time: Fourth period.

After several minutes of carrying, the musical professor reached the infirmary. Sean/Storm's blood ran cold as he remembered all those injections that was forced upon his child body, though only one scar remained which was the place they injected most of the chemical concoctions.
"Hm, we should be able to rest here until we know what boarding room we're in" Sean said as he walked in a placed Miku on the corner medical bed.

Other then watching over her Sean pulled out his precious vial of blue liquid.
It was the key which he had planned from the start. His invisible genius.
It looked like a science test tube filled with mana which was common in RPGs.
Finding an injection kit, Sean sat down at the table, strapped his arm and proceed to inject.

After quickly disposing of the evidence, Sean's body began to feel heavier then usual.
An effect of the injection, it was a process he had to go through to unlock his superhuman attributes again.
He would need them in this place.
"Hm, one injection ... it should take five hours to fully cycle." Sean wondered, but then he remembered that food would reduce it by one hour.

Looking back at Miku, Sean pulled the blind around her ... but before that he moved his face close remembering what he did before. His feelings were in a pile ... a pile of anger, rage, love, jealousy and all other kinds of emotion. One emotion spoke to him when he looked at her, and it began with an L. Quickly shrugging Sean ran out of the room to only find the canteen close nearby.


As everyone in the canteen was talking, eating and everything else a notable athletic figure with white hair entered the room.
It was obvious who it was and a cold, dark aura with the slight hint of confusion surrounded him.


David looked on as Devon attempted to comfort Teri, something had clearly freaked her out.
Then again, after getting involved in some drug deal gone horribly wrong last class, it was somewhat understandable she'd be worried about this class.
Shaking it off, he watched as Mr. Dr. Doom put something up on the overhead display.
"Alright Class, Doom wants you to take your Ingots and use them to make a helmet. So arrange your ingots in this order..."

It quickly became clear to everyone that Doom had no idea what he was doing.


Dear lord, he managed to become even more of a moron... Rugal thought as he saw Doom's attempts to poof in a helmet by just arranging the ingots in that formation, no processing, no heating, no shaping.
"...I have a feeling you'll be the one carrying this class..." He whispered to Melethia.


Doom's Shop Class

Shadow looked ahead at Doom and just stared for a minute at Doom's stupidity.

After that he looked over at the others to see if they were doing the same thing. And thats when he saw it...

He had turned around to see what Taytum was doing, and had found out she had somehow made the the helmet....

"HOW THE HELL?!?!" Shadow questioned as Taytum just looked at him smiling.

Shop Class

Teri tried to stay calm in shop class. She really did. After all, Devon had convinced her that sticking together was the best course of action in this madcap school. But, with the smell assaulting her senses at every turn, she found that her ability to be such was not working. Her breaths where short and wavering, and her knuckles white with clutching her holy symbols. However, her torment saw a small reprieve when Devon offered his aid in the issue, to which she responded with a fervent nodding motion, and whispered, "I'm having a little trouble breathing in here."

As Teri waited for a response, her eyes darted around the room, and caught sight of Rugal and Melethia in the room as well. When did they show up?

Cadolbolg, a little miffed that his play thing was gone, but happy to be on a familiar perch, spoke: "Hard to breathe? It smells pretty bad, but nothing one can't handle... Right?"

It wasn't that the baby turtle-dragon was being cruel. He simply didn't know the significance of the scent to the Cleric. Still, it was rather silly to watch Doom, well, being Doom. When he saw Doom arrange the ingots as so, the turtle dragon tilted his head in confusion, "I thought the metal was supposed to be melted...? Ton Ton, grab some ingots, I have an idea!"

The Tonberry did as asked, and grabbed a couple of the items in question, arranging them as shown, and Cadolbolg took his place and sent out a jet of flame, slowly melting the metal into a crude helmet shape. A fresh whiff of the horrid stench filled the air, but it seemed to be better progress than what Doom was making. And if Teri looked like she was gonna puke before, she looked much worse now that the fresh scent filled the air.


Caim and Angelus gave simple affirmations with Slindis as they got up to leave and comb the archives. On the way out, Angelus gave a quick rundown to Sean and Miku as to their current objectives, and where they could be found.

Shop Class

Devon immediately noticed Teri's clear discomfort and looked over to her. "Teri, breathe easily, okay? I've got just the thing to help you."

In a short space of time, there was a low humming in the area - not enough to be distracting, but the others could hear it. However, to Teri's immense relief, the smell had changed to that a long-needed rain for their area. It also got to just the right temperature for all those within the radius.

"Does that help you?"

Devon casts Sonorous Hum to ensure that his Major Imagespell will persist! He'll have to make a check if he gets hurt to keep the focus, but even then, the illusion will last for three rounds after the Sonorous Hum does. That means he has more than enough time to get both spells up.

Meanwhile, at Melethia's table, our young elf was stunned at the sheer stupidity of Doom's paltry excuse for making items out of metal. After nodding to Rugal's statement, she made a helmet of her own the proper way - heating the metal with a wand she kept in one of her bags, working it, and finally cooling it.

I don't know how he thought he'd just get a helm by putting the stuff there and wishing for it..." She quipped to both herself and Rugal, clearly not seeing that Taytum had done so already.


As they checked the archives, the three (five if Miku and Storm had joined them) began commpiling names that stuck out to them, with all of them checking them at once. When they finally finished, they checked to see if there were any names that struck them all as uncommon.

Shop Class

David was more focused on this work, without the fancy magic or powers of the others, he'd have to make his the old fashioned way, starting to draw and measure out pieces for his helmet as Doom looked at this neatly arranged Ingots expectantly.
"Okay, I'm thinking of going with something like that Mark 1 Iron Man armor, The one Tony built in a cave with a box of scraps. Just going to need something to..."
He froze as he looked around and saw that nearly everyone but him was already working on the finishing touches before he could even get started.
"...Seriously guys?...Guys?....Seriously?..." He said, dropping his plans at the sight of their work and resigning to waiting this class out.
There was no way he was going to get anywhere need a good finish as these guys..
Why am I even here anymore?...

Rugal meanwhile watched as Melethia effortlessly bended the metal to her will, mostly using her own tools rather than the ones that the school gave her.
"To be honest, I don't think he's a real doctor..." He joked as Doom poked the ingots on his desk, still expecting them to form into a helmet.
As she worked on the finer details, he looked over to Teri and saw that she was a lot calmer around the metalwork room now all of a sudden.


Shop Class

Shadow had gotten Taytum to make two things for him.

The Eiffel Tower, and a giant hand made out of metal that has the middle finger flipping everybody off. She made it so it would fit like a foam finger. Luckily because of his strength he was actually able to carry it without any problems.

Shadow's grin widened as he put the metal finger on and took the Eiffel Tower in the other hand. He then shouted "Hey David! Fuck YOU!" as he flipped David off with the giant metal hand.

Shop Class

When David took a moment to look over at Devon's table, with the exception of Cadolbolg, he and Teri hadn't gotten that far. At the very least, he wasn't the worst in here. This was probably helped by Devon having to put out a fire that had been caused by Ella's sleeve being a bit too close to Cadolbolg's fire breathing.


As the helm fully cooled down, she looked over to Rugal and caught an eye of Shadow's work in the process and shook her head. What's the use in that stuff? You can sell it, sure, but that won't protect you any.

After that thought, she turned to Rugal. "Need some tips for makin' that helmet? That teacher doesn't know the first thing about really makin' stuff!"

While Matt could use the traditional way to make his helmet, he did something else. Clutching two iron ingots in each hand, they were quickly devoured by his nanites. After they were done, Matt layed a single finger on the table in front of him. His nanites used his finger as a starting point to build a helmet.

Matt even had enough iron left over to create 3 inch tall miniature horse. "Look at my horse, my horse is amazing," Matt sang as he held it in the air. Ken on the other hand was asleep from boredom.

[quote="bluecrimson" post="540.101127.17088928"][/quote
Shop Class

After watching the displays of Matt and Shadow, David just sighed and pushed his ingots to the side, clearly outmatched by the Metahumans.
Eh, I least I know I'm better then the teacher anyway... He thought as he leaned on the back legs of his chair as Matt began rubbing his horse in people's faces.
...Fucking Bionic Twat....

Rugal meanwhile more or less played supervisor as Doom was clearly not able to.
"Between you and me, I don't think he even knows the last thing about making anything..." He added as Doom began hitting the ingots with his hammer, yelling at them to get a move on and form.
"Personally, the days of me making weapons is long gone, though I will say this: The second you start using modern day technology in your work is the day you become unstoppable." He joked as he examined the helmet.
"...You think about a Visor for this?"

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