The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

Rugal waited until all the boxes were in the right spot to be lowered down to their boat.
"Alright everyone, Starting attack in 3...2...1...Go."
Within the blink of an eye, Rugal lashed out at the goons behind him, a flash of blood appeared for a moment as the duo watching them had their throats slit.
He followed this up by kicking the pile of "Worthless" guns off the ship along with throwing the people lowering them down into the boat.
"Slindis, Get the Refugees out. There should be a boat for transportation on your side of the ship large enough to get them to shore.
Melethia, Blow when you are ready.
Angelus, Jake, Happy Hunting."
He ordered over the rings as he brought up a "Dark Barrier!" on his forearm for defense during their raid on the boat.
"Alright, who wants some of this?..." He asked as the Da Nang opened fire with their "Normal" weapons, AK's, Uzi's, Boring stuff like that.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

The group tending to the refugees watched as a Black Hawk appeared on the horizon, as well as the Guards clamor for an RPG, only to realize that their shiny new weapons were recalled as part of the deal that Devon brokered.
"Oscar Mike to Flashpoint. Watch your position down there, I won't be using missiles but you are still Danger close." Jake said as he began to do flyby's, targeting the guards stationed on top of the Containers to reduce the risk of friendly fire.
As the Da Nang panicked, they were in a good spot to get the Refugees out.

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

Jenny nodded before motioning for Melethia to blow the bombs, sticking her fingers in her ears in preparation of the explosion.
As she did, she wondered if they factored in the effect that water had on Explosive Force and Power.

Somewhere near Blackwater City: Viscus

"Well, I have no idea who you are, what you are doing here or what I could do to help you. Maybe if you explained yourself a little better I could try to understand what you're talking about."

"Very Well. My current "Goal" is the downfall of the Rising Dawn, Dani: Current CEO of Aperture Science and the former members of the Bernstein Cartel." He explained, conveniently leaving out the part of him taking over the world and turning humanity into robots afterwards.
"Explain yourself and if our interests align, I will be returned to my Realm."

Somewhere near Blackwater City: Viscus

"Explain yourself and if our interests align, I will be returned to my Realm."

"Bernstein..." The very mention of the name along with the Rising Dawn instantly filled him with rage, though he didn't let on. At the most, he looked to Viscus as if he had a bad mouth ulcer. The idea of that power hungry warmonger leading one of the few groups defending that Earth, sickened him. the image of the Archangels, their transparently fake guilt, their arrogance and claim over humanity, what they allowed to transpire....

The lightning around his gauntlet flared and forced him to discharge it, firing a bolt at a church tower in the city, melting the spire in a flash. Viscus's power meter would be off the charts. "My name w- is, Fionn. I was a bounty hunter that got caught up in the angel attack, I'm sure you know all about it." He began to think about the 'justice' he enacted on the angel fleet, the vivid memories bringing him a twisted sense of satisfaction.
"Soon after, we ended up here. They fixed their ship and returned to their own world. I stayed to deal with a few... matters. I've been here ever since."

He turned to face the city, reflecting on his work over the past while. "I resumed my old job, stopping the bad guys, saving the helpless etc. Compared to what I fought in your world, stopping crime bosses here was nothing." Fionn had a lot of time to practice his skills, perhaps he sub-consciously believed it to be practice. "It was cathartic to be honest, getting to inflict the same terror that they instigated on their victims. It helped me remain creative." The energy Viscus initially sensed flared up sightly as Fionn finished that sentence. He turned back to face Viscus on one foot, even if he suspected him to be another megalomaniac, I'll need something to pierce his armor at a distance, it was still somewhat nice to talk to someone who could understand what he was talking about.

Somewhere near Blackwater City: Viscus

[INTERNAL MONOLOG: Power discharge several levels above average: Experienced Magic User: Exercise Caution.]
"If the Entity claimed we had similar goals, then you two desire the ruin of some of these people...Bernstein in particular..."
Viscus stated as he kept monitoring Fionn's power level, starting to find use of him as a one of his pawns.
While he was powerful, Viscus felt he was more then capable of making him serve his interests.

Captcha: Describe "U.S. Army" with any words: "...Meh..."

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

Devon was thoroughly disgusted with the man he had pretended to make a deal with. If he hadn't been spewing that bullshit to keep him going, he probably would have attacked him sooner. The best thought, though, was that of him skewering the man with the blade Caim left him. Tell Ageha I sent-

As he dropped the illusion and went for the blade, Cadolbolg had taken the moment of shock to blast the gang leader with a crackling sphere of electricity. you? Huh, never had that happen before.

"Rugal, take the lead. I'll cover your back!"

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

As the attacks went on, Slindis shouted to the refugees. "All of you that can run, follow me! If there's someone next to you that can't move, aid them! We're getting off this ship!" She followed her example by covering the confused Ashworth scion. Judging by how the refugees fled, they at least understood that Slindis and Teri were there to help them.

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

Surprisingly enough, as Melethia coerced the wand to fire, Jenny found that the explosions were rather small. If it wasn't for the fact that the blades of the propeller and the rudder were sinking into the depths, they'd hardly know what happened.

"Miss Jenny, it's not the flashiness of the boom that matters, it's what happens because of it. Now, that ship won't be goin' anywhere without help."

SPLASH DOWN! Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

As soon Shawn heard the news about Deadshot his eyes opened suddenly and he immediately got his body up.
Since he had his helmet off his hair was all wet and moist from the lake water. Luckily enough he had placed his rebreather on before the truck hit the lake, it had seem he floated out of the cab when it crashed. "Well that isn't good." Shawn sighed as he got up.

Looking around the area, Shawn could see a few people gathering around the area. The truck was in the water and their was a specific outline of another person, it seemed it left a blood trail. "Seems he went that way." Shawn muttered to the group, the eyes of the Wanderer looked towards the injured people during their downhill derby, the ambulances began to show up too. Shawn was relived but knew the police were coming.

"Lets get up and get going to catch this guy. I would hate to get caught by the cops." He said to the other two.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

"What th-" David was about to say, until a bullet whizzed right by his head and into a wall. The young lad nearly leapt out of his clothes in terror. Well, he would have done that, but in his current state, the least he could do is nearly fall on his back and let out a panicked cry.
"OH GOD IN HEAVEN!" David shielded his head as a torrent of bullets came down on the Da Nang. Angry, terrified shouts in a foreign language, and the sound of gunfire bouncing off metal echoed around him. "WHERE THE HELL DID I LAND IN NOW?! A WARZONE OR SOMETHING?!"

Another bullet flew right by his face, and he cried out. A slender hand gripped his shoulder and pulled him out of harm's way.

Somewhere near Blackwater City: Viscus, Fionn

"If the Entity claimed we had similar goals, then you two desire the ruin of some of these people...Bernstein in particular..."

"If by 'ruin', you mean 'fitting punishment for their crimes', perhaps." He considered the android's words for a moment, the advantages of an alliance against the Rising Dawn and how it could get him closer to bringing down the Angels. The thought of delivering 'justice' to them overriding most of the reservations he had. His head now jumped from whether or not he could trust this machine, to the logistics of bringing Rugal in.

"I'm assuming you're behind your current state of existence", the mage inquired in reference to Viscus's armor. What sciences are you read up on?" Fionn's main disadvantage was his equipment, he knew full he would outmatched in terms of firepower should he attempt to fight The Rising Dawn.

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

"Watch your own! I've got mine!" Rugal laughed as he lead the charge though the ship, his Dark Barrier soaking up incoming bullets from afar.
In order to get into the Range Game, he used their reload time to sent a projectile of his own.


"Shakunetsu!" He cried out as a burning red Fireball flew towards the enemy, igniting him on contact with all the pain and suffering that'd follow.
"SNAKEHEAD! I'VE COME TO TALK ABOUT OUR DEAL!" He shouted, more to get the attention of the guards nearby then the man himself.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

As Jake rained down fire from above, they managed to find the Boat.
It was large enough to hold the Refugees, but there was the issue of getting them on board.
Angry shouts in Korean, followed by gunfire, marking that the Da Nang weren't going to wait for them to escape with their hard earned "Property".

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

There was a slight tinge of disappointment in the Gardevoir, from how she was hearing it, it going to be like something from a Michael Bay movie!
"....Right. Come on, lets get top side, I'm sure they could use our help." She said before making her way back to the ship.

Wanted Level Removed Shawn, David and Ton Ton VS Deadshot.
Location: Garica Streets.

David began to stir thanks to Ton Ton's prompting, holding his head from a gash he got in the crash.
"uhhhhhh...why does this only happen to us..." He groaned as the Tonberry pulled him up to a sitting position.
"...Shit! Deadshot!" He shouted as he followed Shawn after the blood trail.
It lead from the Pond, though the park and onto the road.
Once they returned to the road, the found a dead body of Taxi Driver and some tire-skid marks.

Deadshot must have carjacked a Taxi before driving off. He was gone again...

Somewhere near Blackwater City: Viscus, Fionn

"What sciences are you read up on?"

"Do you count how many breaths you take?" Viscus boasted as he "Flexed" his weapons systems, Energy Sword, Missiles, Minigun, He had more guns than most towns!
"Perhaps an alliance is in order. With your Mastery of Magic and my limitless Databanks of Knowledge, We would make a Force to be reckoned with. Arcane Powers with the most advanced weapon system in my world." He pitched, already plotting ways to terminate Fionn if he needed to.
"So what say you?..." He asked as he extended a metal hand for a shake, thinking such a human gesture would make his offer more appealing.

Somewhere near Blackwater City: Viscus, Fionn

"So what say you?..."

Fionn looked Viscus up an down as he contemplated his response. On the one hand, a chance to put the Angels, Rugal, and his old colleagues in their place, On the other, he will probably be working with an entity he'll have to deal with as well. Would bringing in Rugal and Storm be worth aiding and abetting a possible megalomaniac? He knew exactly what 'a force to be reckoned with' entailed, and it wasn't that appealing.

It took him a minute to form a response, "Listen, I'll handle your old buddies for you, all I ask for is one thing". Fionn decided, Viscus would be brought down, but he had other priorities first. He walked up to Viscus, unimpressed by the robot's display of weaponry. The mage stared directly into the androids 'eyes', "I want all the information you have on The Rising Dawn, The Angels, and their Enemies. Their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, tastes in dance, everything. You give me that, and I'll see to your 'friends', is that understood?"

Within a flash, the two were back in San Francisco, The Man had teleported the two back, just as promised. "I guess it is."

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn
I guess it is."

Viscus seemed to be angered by being returned so abruptly.
"...What?!....WHERE ARE YOU!? YOU WILL TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE! YOU. WILL. TELL. ME!" He shouted to the skies, kinda like Davros, enraged that whomever sent him didn't so much as comment on what happened.
"...Very well. Stand back." He answered Fionn before motioning for the Gun-Mage to move out his way.
His eyes's flashed blue as a Holographic Display with several dozen folders appeared in front of them, each with a Mug Shot of the target or group they contained data on. (The whole Tony Stark's Computer thing)

"This Holographic Display contains all the data I have on these subjects. I will be on Stand-By until you are done."

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

Devon shook his head in annoyance as he drew the blade Caim had loaned him. "Guess it's too much to ask for a bit of backup, huh? Rugal, hold on and I'll get us up top." He might have been a bit confused when he immediately got on top of the ship and in the hail of gunfire, but at least they didn't have to make their way through the entire hull of the ship.

Devon casts Dimension Door to get the three of them out into the open.

Time before next level 4 spell: 12 seconds

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

Slindis let David go as she raised her voice to address him. "You can ask questions later. If you want to live, follow the others and dump off the ship!" The gunfire continued and SLindis communicated with Teri over the rings. "You have Fog Cloud prepared?"

"I do, but the bulllets will blow it away at this rate. Did you have something to counter that?["

"I do. Place it near the northern end of the boat."

Although she was a bit confused at the request, Teri got off Garm and casted the Fog Cloud near the tip of the ship. To David's surprise, though, he saw her brush her left arm with her right hand before pointing at the area of the ship that Teri's spell couldn't cover. And was there a slight glow under the cloth? It could be the stress getting to him.

The fog that resulted easily absorbed all of the bullets being fired, and David could faintly hear the rounds dropping to the deck of the ship after five inches.

Teri and Slindis casted Fog Cloud and Solid Fog to cover the retreat. The Fog CLoud makes most ranged attacks have a 50% chance of missing, while the Solid Fog just stops almost all non-laser ranged attacks altogether.

Time until Teri's next level 2 spell: 24 seconds

Slindis is out of Solid Fog evocations of her Dragonmark for the day.

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

Mel laughed. "I know, ya thought it might be a big boom. Still, they'tr gonna be crippled for a long time. Heck, they might have to find a new boat! Let's head with Miss Ella, she's probably providing some cover fire right now."

Judging from the Succubus doing her best to fire the rounds while flying around in the sky, it was getting rather heated altogether.

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn

"This Holographic Display contains all the data I have on these subjects. I will be on Stand-By until you are done."

"Fancy." Fionn produced a small bar of gold, pulled out a pocket knife, and sliced off a strip of the metal. He then walked over to an electronics shop at the end of the street, walking out five minutes later with a tablet, a laptop, and a few hard drives. Looking at the untouched display, he tried to see if there were any voice commands. "Just copy the information onto these please", the hard drives in his right hand.

Fionn had to wonder that, for a machine, it was extremely full of itself with its displays of power and sophistication. If it was human, he must have been one hell of an egotist.

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

Rugal was confused by what Devon meant before they were teleported to a different part of the ship.
And Right in the middle of a group of a dozen Da Nang members.
"{WHAT THE-!?}"
"Oh Swell..." Rugal deadpanned as he quickly began cutting down everyone within range as the others ran for cover, toughing though the bullets as he did so.
In the distance, A rather angry looking Snakehead was being led towards the other end of the ship but 5 other goons, no doubt to escape while he still could.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

The Da Nang keep pumping lead into the both the Thick Fog and Fog Cloud, the lack of visibility preventing them from knowing that their bullets weren't having any sort of effect.
Thanks to Slindis and Teri, the Refugees were able to get away from the ship to the safety of the city.
However, even though the Refugees were gone, the Da Nang were still running over to their end of the boat, unaware that the escaping prisoners had already escaped.

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

A quick ladder climb later and the pair of them were on the deck of the ship, which itself was in the middle of a huge battle.
"Oh my...I hope they got those people out in time..." She said while throwing up Reflect barriers all around them, worried about a stray bullet hitting them.
"Right, come on, we need to find the others."

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn

"Just copy the information onto these please"

Fionn watched as each of the holographic folders "Flew" into the devices he was holding, followed by a "Bing!" as the transfer finished.
"Now that you have the data you require. I need something in return. Tell me, what experience do you have in Stealth Operations? Namely "Corporate Espionage?"" Viscus asked as he realized that they were back in San Francisco.

Doctor Shawn returns, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Garica Streets.

Looking at the dead body that Deadshot left behind his trail left Shawn in a state of annoyance and sadness.
Simply changing out of his battle armor and into his Doctor/casual outfit, The Wanderer closed the dead Taxi Driver's eyes in a move of respect and then clasped his hands to pray for him. Getting up, Shawn looked towards everyone. "We lose the trail, but I'm sure he will return back in the future ... probably soon." Shawn said to everyone before eating a mentat.

"We can either track this type of car or we can go look for everyone else ... or we could go on our own separate ways." the Doctor looking Shawn said back to them. He was worried about the future, what will happen now that they let this person go. Although, Shawn felt that wasn't the only thing going on in the world.

"*Sigh* Strange races, Angels confirmed and multiple forms of myself ... how can this week possibly get any worse?" Shawn muttered to himself.

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon/Cadolbolg

"Oh no you don't..."

Cadolbolg left Devon's shoulder at this point, and barreled in with Rugal's assault, bringing his bladed tail down on one of Rugal's attackers to help take some of the pressure off of the King of Fighters. With his small form, bullets flying his way had a much harder time reaching the turtle-dragon-baby than the wall of muscle that was Rugal. As he kept assisting Rugal and Devon, he felt the connection with his pact partner finally clear up, and the little creature called to his pact partner....

Da Nang Ship: In The Sky: Caim/Angelus/Jake/Akane/Jake's Chopper/Ella

Before all hell broke loose

As Caim and Angelus waited for the signal, the mute quietly wandered through the Armory in his mind, looking for a particular blade that would aid in the fight far better than one of the weapons in his current arsenal. Upon finding the blade in question, Caim found that all sorts of cane was beginning to be raised; and if he wanted to put that weapon to use, now was the time.

Caim has replaced the weapon "Wisdom" with "Hymir's Finger".
((I'll drop a weapon post after this one to reflect this change))

Taking a firm grip of the heavy heap of iron, Caim waited for Angelus to fly by and bombard the Da Nang with a salvo of fire and leapt from the dragon's back, bringing the heavy blade down upon the ship and causing a heavy shockwave around his impact point. Switching to a lighter weapon, Caim then began to tear into the next gangster that he laid eyes upon, dark mirth filling him as he was able to vent out his recent stressors of the day into his blade work: Also known as cutting a bloody swath into the Da Ning.

Angelus, on the other hand, had her fun in picking off Da Ning members with her homing fire; as she knew that plenty of the Rising Dawn's members were still on board (as well as the odd remaining refugee that could be finishing an escape.)

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

With the Da Ning panicking all over the ship, especially with Caim starting to carve up the forces trying to make sense of things (on top of the combined power of helicopter/dragon/guntoting succubus/rudder explosion/escaping refugee related chaos), the men and women of the gang were starting to get a bit more desperate, and thus, a bit more inclined to not be the most organized of troops. Unfortunately, this had a similar side effect of making the Da Ning advance in Slin, Teri and David's direction.

Looking around herself Teri realized that she and her comrades were surrounded by the very thing that she had focused study in- Water. Running to an edge of the ship, Teri held her hands (cross necklace still wrapped around one wrist) over the water below and concentrated on her turn attempts, beginning to burn through three of them as water elementals began forming and rising from the waters below. Squishy, as was his usual way, was the first to arrive, but Teri noted that the next two were taking their sweet time in showing up... As this was going on, she shouted in Aquan to her faithful elemental, "When the other two show up, place yourselves around differing parts of this ship! From there, use your abilities to start washing enemy forces off the ship. You're the only one most familiar with my allies, so I will also need you to make sure the other two don't accidentally kill the others! Understood?!"

The elemental shouted back an affirmative bit of Aquan, and waited patiently for the other two elementals to show up before the plan was carried out.

In a process that will take a total of 18 seconds, Teri burns 3 turn attempts to summon 3 Water Elementals (Squishy, Gyo, and a third yet to be named) to aid in the fight (6 seconds per water elemental summoned). Each elemental will last for 1 minute's time each on their own separate clock of time. (For example, by the time all three elementals arrive, Squishy will have already used 12 seconds of his time in waiting for Gyo and the third elemental.)

Turn attempts remaining: 4 3 Undead, 4 2 Fire

After telling Squishy these instructions[1], Teri tapped her ring with a finger and projected to the group, "To those who are still on this ship, a word of caution. Avoid the water while on this ship! I repeat, avoid the water! Things are about to get freaky in a few seconds, and only one of the Elementals will know who you are!"


Doctor Shawn returns, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Garica Streets.

Ton Ton looked between the two men and gingerly tapped David's leg, "I'm all for tracking this man, Mr. West, Mr. Wanderer. Also, I apologize that my Chef's Knife was used in an attempt on your life, Mr. West... May I please have that back?

After asking that, Ton Ton paused as he got a message from his pact partner, who was jubilant that Ton Ton was faring well enough, and had a quick conversation with the turtle-dragon-baby regarding the events occurring with the rest of the Rising Dawn. After that, he looked up at the two and answered the mention about regrouping,

"Speak of the devil... I got a message from Cadolbolg that our main group has engaged in a fight with a group called the Da Nang. Something about them faking a deal with said group to get rid of those crazy guns and help save some innocent people. So, that much we do know about our other comrades; if we still wish to regroup with them. So long as Cadolbolg keeps his mind open, I can trace him, Mr. Caim or Ms. Angelus back to the Da Nang ship. But, with them already engaging with their enemy, they might be finished by the time we arrive... and Deadshot gets an even bigger head start. I elect that we continue our pursuit, if only to keep him away from hurting any more people with his use of those weapons. If he's the reason zombies showed up in that neighborhood, I loathe to think of what he'll do next on his own..."

[1] Water elementals in DnD have an ability call water mastery (scroll to the bottom). Aside from improving their accuracy while in the water, this ability also affects how they interact with ships. As written, and I quote: "A water elemental can be a serious threat to a ship that crosses its path. An elemental can easily overturn small craft (5 feet of length per Hit Die of the elemental) and stop larger vessels (10 feet long per HD). Even large ships (20 feet long per HD) can be slowed to half speed."

With all the technobable aside, it means that, at their level (4 hit dice), Squishy and friends can overturn crafts that are 20 feet long, stop vessels that are 40 feet long, and slow ships that are 80 feet long to half speed. In this vein, Squishy and friends intend to use this to start sweeping water overboard and wash away Da Ning fighters.

Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Garica Streets.

The Lone Wanderer smirked at his new found friend's suggestion. "I'm always up for a good old hunt anyway." Shawn's smirked ended as Ton Ton suggested that Deadshot might do something even worse to this already injured location. "Judging by what we have done to him there is a high possibility that this may be his last stand ... which makes it all the more dangerous. He will probably up the ante and make his task more dangerous which will also put him on edge. Though I'm sure everyone will be with us then." Shawn said to the TonTon before looking to David.

"We got two votes, whats yours?" The sweaty eyebrow of Shawn's was raised towards David, but the Wanderer was not only thinking about Deadshot, but also the person or people who supplied in weapons. There were too many questions to answer today, and his only hope was to beat Deadshot and get the truth from his lips. Other then thinking about the state and fate of this place, he was thinking about what his other forms or brothers were doing.

In other places in life.

Storm/Sean & Alpha/Miku
Location: Rising Dawn | Firing Range.
Time: Afternoon.


Were the noises that came from the firing range in the Rising Dawn's armory. A unarmored Sean was firing his pistols to make sure they were in top form. Running out of ammo he switched to the other one. Each bullet fired only reminded him of everything he worried about. His home world, the Angels, his brothers and most of all ... the darkness, the same darkness that possessed him. The Shadow Demons were the ones at fault for everything back then.

The fleet.
And himself.

Yet he did not know if they were actually 'demons' to say. Darkness lurked in everyone, it can infect anything. From the lowest plant to the highest being. Angels were not even exempt from being 'infected'. It only annoyed Sean that this exists and that he cannot help in any shape or form. The sweat from his brow dropped onto the bench littered with ammo below. Wiping it he only wondered what he could do. "I'll protect them all" He spoke to himself, making a silent vow to not only protect his most cherished person, but to also protect those that Tomoya fought to protect.

Around the corner from the armory was this "Cherished person" that Storm was thinking about. It was the person ... or rather AI that have been with him since the very day he had inherited his "Cursed body". Alpha had the ability to hear and see all of Sean's thoughts, but only when she was close or near him. It made her worry, but in her own head or processing center she makes herself happy so that she will cheer him up.

In her mind, she will get rid of anyone who tries to hurt him. It was a feeling that went both ways of the relationship. Finally calming her mind down she decided to do what she was made for, to protect her loved one. Smiling and raising her hand she knocked on the door to the firing range. Her face sparkled like glitter as he turned around to see her, hoping that she would 'infect' him with her happiness.

Author Shaun & Shorn.
Location: Rising Dawn | Firing Range.
Time: Midday.

There was no wind in the place that the Author and second-form character were. There wasn't even air, only dust and the stupid speculation of cheese. It was just gray dust that humans barely step on. In the crater of the moon they had parked and decided to set up shop. "Honestly I thought it would look better." The Author remarked as he turned away from his 'project' and towards the rotating Earth.

"You can't say that to me." The Wizard version of Shaun said right back to him. The two were creating their own little base on the moon. Shaun was creating the housing with his new power which he gave himself, so he wouldn't become 'infected' again and go crazy with his powers. So he limited his powers for this world, so no one around him would become hurt.

The Wizard known as Shorn was creating a "air bubble" around the crater with his air tome. "To me it looks beautiful. My people can only dream of doing this kind of thing." Shorn snapped back towards his original form as he finally finished the bubble. Looking back towards Shaun he could only see what could be described as ...

"A sand igloo?" He cocked his head as he saw it. "No it isn't that. It's from a movie I once saw and I have no idea to use these powers damn it! The Author pouted before walking inside, the Tactician followed suit. Inside it was more larger, there was a entrance with corridors leading to multiple rooms. "Okay, I only made the room and corridors but we need to go back and buy everything for this place." Shaun said before flicking a sign made out of dirt.

"Not bad at your first attempt in this field, you even made signs. Though this is only the creation side of Alchemy and even only basic at that. You need to perfect creation and then you can go into destruction." Shorn said with the aura of knowledge, but he only knew little about Alchemy. He did find it cool how he could cast it without a circle. So the two went back to the ship since there was nothing in their new home.

Location: Hikarizara | Japan | Key Universe.
Time: Late Night.

During the late of night and directly after Tomoya and his family had just finished dinner, the previous Archangel heard a mental bell ringing. The family was watching re-runs of an old cartoon and Tomoya got up from his floor cushion. "(I forgot that we need milk for tomorrow, I'll be right back.)" He smiled as usual and directly headed out of his apartment and down the stairs.

The mailbox was filled with just one letter. One that was just delivered. Stuffing the envelope into his pocket he walked out to the front of his apartment and he spotted a man in a business suit and fedora. He had a familiar aura surrounded him, one that Tomoya knew all too well. "I see the spy network is still operating." Tomoya said inside his own head.

The Spy Angel gave a tip of his hat before walking away and out of existence. Checking the letter, Tomoya confirmed the amount which they have him, nothing too much but also not too little. It was the regular check they kept on giving him as a gift and a apology for keeping him away from his world for all too long. Walking away from the scene and to the convenience, Tomoya only wondered how everyone in the AA world was doing. The Angels, the Storm group and especially the Rising Dawn group too.

The money which was given to him was usually spent on a growing fund for his child's learning experience, his Dad's alcohol rehab, towards his parents in-law's bakery and other people that surrounded him in his life. He was glad to get out of that world.

Archangel Barakiel
Location: Heaven | Angel HQ | Lightning Archangel office.
Time: N/A

The Headquarters for the Angels was busy as usual. Non-combat staff were running around with permits and other papers which relate to many worlds, Hell and Heaven. Everyone was busy due to another gigantic battle which ran in one of the inner circles of hell. It was the circle of life to them. In the Lightning Archangel's Department, Barakiel was looking down toward his desk where one permit laid on it. "Less power to first world countries" It said in it's headline.

The Archangel of Lightning was just staring at it. Sure he controlled any Electricity and Lightning, so energy sources were in his department. "Why ... do I have this?" was the simple question he asked. If the power went to somewhere else of importance such as Third World countries he would sign it straight away. BUT the permit only had the header on it and a brief description.

"Ugh ... God da- ... UGHHHH" The Archangel moaned as he pushed his glasses up, he still wore his usual punk attire. "Jenkins please get in here." He said in his bold yet annoyed tone, in a few seconds a short angel girl with a cat hoody walked in with two coffees on hand. "Is this what you wanted sir?" She asked in her usual cheerful happy voice.

"You are MY personal angel Jen." He suddenly smiled as he took the coffee and leaned back in his chair. "What about the permit sir?" She asked but when she looked down at the table she only saw a black outline of where the piece of paper had been. Looking towards the Archangel of Lightning and pouted, "Flattery will only earn you more work" She said in a almighty voice.

"I know, I know ... " He made a swipe of his finger and the paper was back in it's original form. "Before I finish this coffee and go back to work can you tell me what the network had spotted." He went into his serious tone. Jen quickly told him of what has happened. "Foolish humans, revenge isn't something you should spend your life on. We don't need to interfere with that world, they already have heroes ... and villains. Get the Human Unit ready but tell them not to do anything." Smirked the Archangel before he tried to once more get out of his world.

"(I wonder when the annual ball is?)" Barakiel asked himself thinking about the abilities, strengths, weaknesses and taste of dance of his future partner the Archangel said as he looked at Jen.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Rugal/Devon

Seeing that someone was looking to flee (and from what he could see, it looked a lot like Snakehead) Devon did a small dance for Cadolbolg and Rugal before speaking. "YOu two can hold things here, can't you? I've got some business over there to handle." With that, the man flickered in and out of sight as he made a beeline for the group of six, wincing with the few shots that managed to connect but still making his way through. Man, I need to learn more from Caim about wearing something a bit more protective when we leave here.

Devon performed an Ironskin Dance providing Rugal, Cadolbolg, and himself with a resistance to damage before casting Blink to ensure he can make a clear path to Snakehead's men, or as clear as it's going to get here.

Duration on Ironskin Dance's effect: 2 minutes and 56 seconds after the duration boost.
Bard songs left: 14

Blink Duration: 1 minute and 6 seconds
Time until next level 4 spell: 6 seconds
Time until next level 3 spell: 18 seconds

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

Although she would have liked to serve some retribution on these attackers, Slindis knew that David Ashworth was in no condition to really be fighting with his panic. Well, that and the fact that the coming elementals might get him washed up in the attack. "David, keep calm. I won't let you die on me, so trust me and get away from the water!"

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia, Ella/Angelus

Melethia nodded at the statements of Jenny and her sister then passed over a flask to Jenny. "Ready for some explosives? I'll show ya what I didn't down below!" She pulled out a few flasks of that ruddy green liquid she'd used at the betting shop and tossed one into the crowd. It was a good bit less effective due to the open space, but it would still hurt a bit.

In the air, Ella joined up with Angelus in her shots and quipped to ANgelus. "Ya know, this reminds me of the fights back home. Man, the greedy sobs were always kind of amusing to see... Humans are the craziest, aren't they?"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Los Santos
Time: Whenever


What rubbish. Lucieon thought grimly. He slipped farther back into the alleyway and peered back out into the open street. The shambling dead were everywhere, searching for the potency of life that they hungered for. What human resistance that was driving them back was rather slow. Of course, the Los Santos police force was more than equipped with the personnel and equipment to deal with a Defcon 1 disaster. The zombied did not pay much attention to Lucieon himself, it was more than likely that they thought he was one of them. But more than once had a curious corpse tried to eat his scarce supply of humanity when the Undead Merchant turned his back, and so now Lucieon moved through the less populated areas of the infected zone.

He looked up and brushed his golden hair from his eyes and stared at the airship floating gently out in the distance. All would be solved if he could just return there. Strengthening his resolve, Lucieon drew Estoc from its sheath and hopped the brick wall at the end of the alley. Determined to make his way back to the Rising Dawn, and his bonfire.

Red Mage

The Mage in Red appeared atop the very building that Lucieon was hiding behind. His hat flapped in the heavy sea breeze and his silk billowed in lieu of his old cloak. The scene before him offended him at some level, but he couldn't altogether put a finger on what or why. RM bit his lip and skipped backwards, scanning the area for the elusive undead which had set a bonfire alight in the Rising Dawn.


Titania was still flummoxed, and was not sitting in bed with her clothes askew. She was almost sure that Red Mage had an obsessive glint in his eye that she had seen elsewhere, and his absence made the room seem dull and cold. Without thinking much more, Titania lay her head on her hands and closed her eyes. She dreamt sweetly of the courts at home.

Sea of Chaos
Location: LoN's Cafe
Time: Indistinguishable

Red Mage | Nessaj | Armageddon | BlackHarte | LoN

"What do you mean you want out," LoN asked. Although the group of misfits could not actually see her eyes behind her perfect blonde bangs, they felt them narrowing. Her glare was as heavy as concrete. Her black dress swept about her as a cold wind filled the lively cafe. In that moment all the patrons stopped and began to stare.

BlackHarte took a step backwards, his olive skin ran heavy with goosebumps and he sent a sidelong glance at Armageddon. The warhorse shot back the same look of defeated confusion. Not knowing whether they should stand their ground or run while they still had legs to run with. Nessaj sat behind them calmly sipping his tea, oblivious to all and hopeless as usual.

Though the two powerhouses of nature were backing up in abject terror, the man before them wasn't standing down. And indeed had a aura of powerful determination he had not had for many many years. Red Mage looked at LoN with his eyes, sparkling like emeralds. His own gaze was as hard as LoN's. "I want to leave with BlackHarte and the Chaos Knight." Red Mage repeated slowly. "A fire has been lit that pierces through the Dark. Through that I find calling. Allow me to pass."

The Lord of Nightmares, who has no definite form, and ruled all of the universe in which her creations inhabited did not answer the Mage in Red. She was furious, indeed, furious beyond furious. When next she spoke, her voice echoed through the room as if a thousand mouths were screaming her words. "You died outside of your domain," she said, "you were brought back only because of my mercy. I will not have you defying any more rules."

LoN placed her hand on Red Mage's head and forced him to a knee. Her voice settled down suddenly into her 'usual' sweet tone, "Know your place. You are already well into my graces, and you will not have another." Red Mage looked up at her and bowed his head. His hands were trembling and hi veins ran cold. It had been a long time since he'd remembered exactly why Gods stood above all others in the planes of existence. And simply put, because there is nothing that you can do to work against them. His hopes were as crushed as his body. He would not return to the world of the living, and he would not entertain any more notions of the sort.

Then the Lord of Nightmares turned her attention to Armageddon and BlackHarte. She placed a hand on BlackHarte's forehead and pulled out the Stone of Darkness, reducing the technomorph back into his original state. Then she turned Armageddon back into the fiery steed he was originally with a glance, much to the disappointment of the female staff currently working. At last she walked up to Nessaj and placed the Stone of Darkness in front of him.

Though the Chaos Knight was senile and a buffoon. Though he was utterly hopeless in every respect and completely useless, Nessaj looked up at LoN with his eyes full of orange flame and smiled knowingly through his dark steel helmet. It was a rare occurrence that his competence surfaced, and his true colors as a Fundamental was revealed. And this was one of those times. No longer playing the part of the meandering fool, he grabbed the small obsidian stone with a burning gauntlet and placed it inside his breast. Inside the churning orange chaotic flames. It would have to be kept for later.

LoN waved her hand and Nessaj mimicked her, and the two sent Armageddon and BlackHarte back onto the Rising Dawn.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Los Santos
Time: Dunno


The little technomorph landed as a pile of black teeming goop on the floor of the Rising Dawn. He squirmed, the sudden recomposition had disoriented him. He had gone from a centralized nervous system to the hivemind in an instant, and the force of a trillion minds trying to sync with each other had him catatonic. However eventually BlackHarte regained his 'posture' as it were and reformulated his optic sensors. The single green eye lit up in the middle of his black goopy body, and without another word he returned to his duties.

Clean the ship. Repair the ship. Improve the ship. Serve his master.

However, with Alice, Tabitha, and Red Mage dead, while Kyre was missing, who was his master now?

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn

"Now that you have the data you require. I need something in return. Tell me, what experience do you have in Stealth Operations? Namely "Corporate Espionage?""

Fionn had to stop and think about that one. 'Corporate Espionage' could mean anything from sabotage to assassination to theft. Then again he was a bounty hunter, stealth was a skill of his. Not a fully developed skill, his approach to stealth was 'wait in hiding just long enough to make that explosion or gunshot that more devastating', thievery was never a forte of his. Still, given what he's seen of the people around here, breaking and entering shouldn't be too difficult, especially given his ultimate target.

"What would you have in mind?" If it was at least another corrupt company, he could deal with the bosses if they've committed any crimes. It seems Justice requires Machiavellian means in this world....

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

Rugal was easily able to overpower the group attacking him, through there were more than a few dozen bullets lodged in his body before Ironskin was triggered and he was not looking forward to getting them pulled out.
"Oh, that's going to scar..." He winced, while it didn't seem to slow him down, it wasn't exactly comfortable.
"Get the Snakehead. I've got these guys!" He shouted to Devon as he went to intercept the fleeing gang leader.
"Alright...Who else wants some!?" He taunted, clearly trying to get their attention and anger.

As for the Snakehead, He saw as Devon made his way towards him and stopped dead, despite his groups urging for him to continue to their escape boat.
The Bard watched as he stepped forward towards him before motioning to be handed something.
Soon, one of his men handed him a sheath for a Samurai sword
"...I will not die running. Come. WE SETTLE THIS HERE!" He declared as he brought up his blade and got ready to die on his feet...

Keep in mind this guy is, like, 90.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

As the ship was consumed by both the fighting parties and MASSIVE water elementals, the Dan Nang weren't fighting anymore, they were running for their dear lives.
Nothing else to really add here, the Refugees are safe and the Da Nang numbers were shredded by the combined attack from all corners.
The only way this could get any worse would be if the boat actually sank underneath them.

Da Nang Ship: Water: Jenny/Melethia

Jenny meanwhile watched as Melethia threw the flasks and got an idea.
"If I may?..." She said as the flask paused in mid air as she picked it up with her powers and changed it's path to increase the number of targets hit.
"Keep them coming, This is fun....
Ugh...I'm a bad person..."
She sighed, realized she was enjoying this.

Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Garica Streets.

David was sitting on the sidewalk, a 1000 yard stare in his eyes as he remembered the man Deadshot used to be.
"...Huh?...Oh yeah, sure..." He said as he handed Ton Ton the knife, wiping some of the blood on it off the leg of his Uniform Pants.
"...Focus on Deadshot...I've got to make right..." He said as he went to hail over a car to commandeer, waving his badge at incoming cars.
"...You know Deadshot, don't you?" Ton Ton asked as he checked his knife.
"...Care to...."Fill us in"?"
"...He was soldier in my old unit: European Anti-Terror Task Force. We were stationed to protect the city of Moscow during a large monster attack, Long Story. The short of it was, we got our asses kicked. Badly. Something...Something about that creature...she made us..."Turn" on each other. We ended up fighting each other...300 men, just...Bang...

I never got his real name, that was just his nickname, showed me a few tricks...Oh, who am I kidding, he might as well have taught me everything I know...I found him...picking off some people who tried to get away...Lined up the shot...Well, you saw his face...We done?..." He explained as he pulled over a 4 door Sedan.

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn

"What would you have in mind?"

"There is a large corporate headquarters that belong to Omni Consumer Products, a corporatocratic mega corporation that creates products for virtually every consumer need." Viscus explained as he brought up another display showing their location in the city.
"They are mostly based in Detroit, but they have branches all over the world. The San Francisco branch contains technology that can be considered dangerous in their possession and invaluable in ours. You are going to enter the building, Locate the Technology and bring it to me. Any questions?" He flatly explained as the display brought up the building in question.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Los Santos
Time: Whenever


As Lucieon made his way out of the "Decontamination" zone, a strange sound could be heard as he walked through the alleyway.
The papers and trash in the alleyway flew up into the air around him as a Transport from the Rising Dawn landed near the Undead Merchant.
"Greetings Lucieon. I figured you could use a lift..." The Friendly AI from the Rising Dawn said as she opened the transport doors for him.

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn

"They are mostly based in Detroit, but they have branches all over the world. The San Francisco branch contains technology that can be considered dangerous in their possession and invaluable in ours. You are going to enter the building, Locate the Technology and bring it to me. Any questions?"

"Just One, you assume I'd automatically do this without a second thought purely based on our agreement. Is this technology being used for, less then reputable means? Or by 'corporate espionage' do you mean doing your dirty work to get rid of your rivals?" Fionn was fully aware he would be just following Viscus's orders for this and of his own ignorance of the intricacies of corporations here, he wasn't going to be a pawn again in some petty power struggle. I've already fought enough wars for the greedy and the cowardly.

As he waited for an answer, he looked at the building schematics, already devising tactics to get in without anyone being injured.

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn

"Just One, you assume I'd automatically do this without a second thought purely based on our agreement. Is this technology being used for, less then reputable means? Or by 'corporate espionage' do you mean doing your dirty work to get rid of your rivals?"

"The Technology in question is a storage device that was taken from "Advanced Idea Mechanics", the former stronghold of Rugal Bernstein. It contains data used for weapons manufacturing, as well as insight into the operations of my AI. With it, they can make their own AI Armor. And sell it to the highest bidder..." Viscus explained as he brought up a display of the Device, a strange looking hard-drive.
"By stealing the device, we can prevent armors like mine from entering the market. It will also contain information on experiments involving Robotics and Magic, some of which will greatly enhance our capabilities." He added, while it was clear that this was for his benefit, Fionn would also get something out of it, as well as prevent OCP from making another Viscus-type AI.

"I would go myself, but the building as countermeasures to both my Hacking and Infiltration skills. The second I enter the building, EMPs will deploy. As a Biological Being, you have no such issue."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Los Santos


Lucieon looked at the transport vessel and raised an eyebrow. "A talking golem. That is something new." He took three quick steps and made his way onto the transport, tucking the Estoc under his cloak. It was convenient that the construct had an intellect to it. Perhaps if he ever made it back to Candor he would make use of such innovation.

Nonetheless Lucieon settled into a seat and waited patiently to be whisked back to the Rising Dawn.

Red Mage

Red Mage eyed the transport warily, ducking behind a building when it landed. A.I. Vermillion's past hostilities against him were still rather fresh in his mind.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Los Santos


Vermillion quickly flew the Transport back to the Rising Dawn, Docked over the Santa Maria Beach off the coast of the city.
"From what I heard from the Police Scanner, they have the outbreak under control. There are still a large number of infected, but it seems that there will be no more added to that number, thanks to their containment." the AI explained as Lucieon returned to the Rising Dawn's Hanger.
"If I may, the rest of the group are current counteracting more of "Deadshot"'s activities in the nearby San Fierro region, if you would like to be brought there..."

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

"I'm trying my best, but it's pretty impossible for me to be CALM right now, ma'am!" David was flat on his belly, wrapping his arms around as the boat was tossed about to and 'fro by the water elementals. He didn't want to let go, lest he gets tossed overboard. The Da Nang were being picked off by the dozen, as waves relentlessly slammed onto the deck and dragging them into the water. Those that the water elementals didn't get were picked off by Teri and Slindis. The boat rocked off to one side, and the young Ashworth's bookbag slid off from his shoulders, and sliding on a one-way course overboard.

With a shout, David released the pole and slid across the deck. Right before his bag slid off the edge, David grabbed onto a strap, and with his other hand, grabbed the railing. The Ashworth gave a triumphant laugh, which was cut short when he realized what kind of position he put himself in, dangling off the railing of a cargo boat a scant few meters above the churning waters below. Before he could get a chance to curse his recklessness, a large wave rose up in front of him. Moments passed in utter silence as he gaped at the wall of water, until eventually, it came down upon him.

Or it would have, had Slindis not intervened and pulled him aboard before he was consumed by the ocean. At the rate this was going, David would need to pay the Drow back the equivalent of two of his family's estates.

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon

Devon brushed off the Blink spell while approaching the man, mainly because he didn't want to have to deal with the spell interdering with his ability to fight. "I'll show you the respect you failed to show every one of the people you sold into slavery of your own greed." With that, he limbered up and went in with an unexpected slice with Caim's blade. Just like in your practice. Feel the tempo of the fight, then hit him when he doesn't expect it to get him where it hurts.

The young man went in with a few more slices, aiming to wear down the man as quickly as possible. In any case, Snakehead probably hadn't ever seen this kind of fighting in his life.

Devon ends Blink prematurely as he goes into the Snowflake Wardance! By using his mastery of Dance, Devon can hit enemies in between the natural beat of a combat with greatly increased accuracy and damage.

Bardic songs left: 13.
Duration of the Wardance: 14 rounds, or one minute and 24 seconds
Cooldown on level 3 spells: 12 seconds.
Level 4 spells are no longer on cooldown.

"Show me how a cur dies." Devon was filly into the fight with the man, even with the crashing waves around them making it difficult to stand.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

After saving David again, she did her best from flat-out yelling at the student. "Really? YOu're in the middle of this kind of fight, and a satchel is your highest priority?! Khyber, you're a handful... Even though the fighting had died down, it still didn't help the rocking of the boat that the elementals were causing.

"Teri, You need to call off the elemmentals!"

Da Nang Ship: Jenny/Melethia

"Hey, it's all about ventin' that stress, ya know. Plus, these guys were jerks, so it's no skin off my back. I'll toss ya some more, just keep them out of the water unless you want a stronger reaction..." With that, she handed the rest of the flasks she pulled out to Jenny.

Melethia was easily able to keep her balance on the rocking ship as she went to her bow and started firing arrows on those she could get shots on. Unfortunately for those boys that were hit with the arrows, they found that it was rather hard to stop the bleeding.

As the morning sun rose the brilliance of the morning star. a constellation depicting a brave young man fighting with two swords, two stars each glimmered bright, representing his intense eyes. As the heroes of the rising dawn fought they could swear they could see something bright in the sky. Something bright fast and definitely powerful was coming down, a horde of henchmen couldn't help but look up and stare, this turned to be an error when the entity made impact.
The Impact was strange with the speed and mass the ship should have been torn cleanly in half instead the entity seemed to let out some sort of energy discharge before it touched the energy caused the ship to violent shudder and rock. the henchmen were knocked unconscious and for a 20 foot radius everything was scorched.
a young boy stoood in the center he opened his eye revealing white glowing obs before seeming to cool and revert to noral eyes, icy blue.
"I'm back" he said with a smile.


Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A
The Impact caused the walls to shudder and the boat to rock the henchmen all froze at this
"Ummm did one of you guys do that?" the joe-schmo asked the heroes.

Da Nang Ship: Hull: Rugal/Devon/Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg continued his tag team with Rugal, shooting more lightning at whatever Da Ning reared their ugly head near him or Rugal,

"I gotta protect Captain Bernstein and Friend Devon! It's just like what Mother and Father do for the rest of our group! This shouldn't be too hard... Right?"

However, being in midair, Cadolbolg hadn't noticed anything weird had happened outside the bridge.

Da Nang Ship: Deck: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

"Teri, You need to call off the elemmentals!"

The Cleric didn't need telling twice, seeing as how her elemental friends did their task much better than she could have imagined. Holding her hands high in the air and cried out in Aquan, "CEASE YOUR EFFORTS! It is done! Return to the realms from whence you came with my thanks!" the elementals stopping their assault upon the ship almost immediately after the command was uttered. It was surreal, to see the water return to it's placid condition after raging moments ago. It was even more so when a soaked Caim staggered over to the group and wiped his hair out of his eyes, his PDA shaking out, "I don't think I want to be on another boat for a long time. Status reports? And....."

His eyes wandered to the Ashford heir and his eyes gave a spark of recognition, "You look familiar...."

As this line of inquiry went on, Teri turned inward as she patted her (now very wet) wolf buddy and spoke to Sadei "Note to self, water elementals are not toys, and should ALWAYS be treated with a great deal of respect, if I haven't already been doing that. You okay in there, friend?"

However, this query was given right before Dillon landed in the ship, and the Cleric would have found herself being knocked off of her feet; were it not for the protective oversized wolf she considered her best friend. As she straightened herself out, Teri looked at the impact point and wondered what the hell could have caused that, as Caim took the initiative and ventured ahead to the impact point with his sword drawn, then lowered it when he knew for a fact who was the blond standing before him, "Dillon?"

When the name reached her ears, Teri found a face filling a palm while she muttered, "Just had to make a grand entrance, didn't he? Wait...."

Suppressing a groan, Teri remembered the long standing feud between Rugal and Dillon and thought to herself, "He's gonna be gunning for Dad's blood the moment he knows Dad's here.", before tapping her ring, "Daaaaaaad? We got a bit of a problem. How good was your last parting with Dillon?"

Da Nang Ship: In the Skies: Angelus/Ella

Angelus only chuckled at the Succubus' assessment and gave a nod, "Preach. I've been dealing with the mad race in my many years of life, and I'm no closer to understanding them than when I started trying to... Even Caim can be a conundrum to me from time to ti-"

The dragon paused when she heard Caim's query in her mind, and gave an odd noise, shaking her head as she began to descend towards the ship, "Well, this is a new development... Come, Ella, I think our role for this attack has finished. Let us see how our respective fool humans have held up without us."

Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Garica Streets.

"You had no control over what you saw."

"A demon was possessing you. They do terrible things to people when that happens."

"I don't think it was your fault..."

Ideas of things to say ran through the Tonberry's mind as David explained his story, but nothing served to his satisfaction as proper words of comfort. Ton Ton did not know what could be said that would grant relief to the tired sounding soldier, feeling that anything he said would never give the man peace. The Tonberry only followed after David into the car, making his place on the dashboard as the two men began settling in the car. Whoever was taking up passenger was about to have a small Tonberry shaped bundle on their lap when the ride continued.

Da Nang Ship: Snakehead

The Snakehead was clearly confused by Devon's assault, but the thing that really sealed his fate was when he let his focus leave the fight to watch...whatever it was that was coming from the sky.
"{....What th-}URK!" He said before a single swipe from Devon was enough to end him, Just because he could stand upright with a sword didn't mean he knew how to use it.
An awkward silence filled the air as the Da Nang members who were watching the fight...well...Former Da Nang members looked at each other and fled, some of them so desperate to get away they literally jumped off the boat and swam for the shoreline.
Every other gang member stayed, because they were dead.

After an extremely one sided battle, the Da Nang, their Advanced Weapons and the threat they posed were defeated.

Da Nang Ship: Rugal

Rugal was in a good mood all things considered.
He was alive, the weapons that were stolen were all ruined by seawater and they just bust a major Human Trafficking Ring.
While he had more than a few bullets in his body that would need to be removed, The Former King of Fighters could mark this off a good da-

Then "He" landed.
Reeling from the shock of the boat being hit, He then instantly called the others over their communicator rings.
"Rugal to all parties, what the hell was that?!?" He asked, wondering if this was some kind of summon or something that one of the more magica-
He froze as every chance of this day ending well just flew out the window.
"...Oh...No..." He said as he realized his former nemesis was standing in the middle of the battletorn ship.
Dillon?....But.....I thought he was..... He thought to himself as he realized how bad things were going to get.
"Daaaaaaad? We got a bit of a problem. How good was your last parting with Dillon?" Teri sent over the rings.
"...Last time we met...I burned a private Island of his to the ground...
stole half of his money...
and buried him along with his daughter...Make that buried alive, apparently...Just....Stay with your mother...."
He sighed as he buried his face in his hands, the implications of this filtering in.

"...Oh well...Might as well say "Hi"..." He decided as he made his way to the Ground Zero of Dillon's return.
When he stepped out of the smoke and ruins before his former enemy, he was a far cry from the Rugal he met: sure, his Red Suit was there, covered in Blood and with dozens of bullet holes, but at the same time..."Different".
"...What exactly do you say to something like this?..." He asked a man whom he fought several times, the burning of the ship and the groans of the defeated gang doing little to break the ice.
"...Hello Dillon..."

Da Nang Ship: Jenny

Jenny was helping Melethia throw some bombs when the impact happened, giving the Gardevoir the fright of her life, mistaking Dillon's re-entry as a bomb she threw.
"OHMYARCEUSJESUSALLAHSHIT!" She swore as she threw herself on the ground, ducking and covering from the impact.
"....Melethia...please tell me before I throw a bomb that big." She asked the elf, completely unaware that it was Dillon's arrival that caused the blast, not her.

Da Nang Ship: Ella/Devon

As she saw Devon, Ella nodded to angie's remark. "I'll be back with you in a second. I'll just get Devon and then we'll get to whatever shenanigans we were going to try."

Now that he had a moment to give to the rather big explosion, Devon went to the rings to contact the others, catching a breath as he did so. Pardon my french, but the hell was that? Ella swooped down and tsked at the damaged outfit, and she laughed at the Bard's having to cool down. "Wow, never knew you had such a hard time defending yourself against an old man." However, she had a playful grin on that showed it was nothing more than a joke.

It was a little bit more before he finally caught his breath, but when he was done Ella put an arm around him. "Dev, let's see who was the smart one to crash down here... I hope it's not ome of those angels. They're so dogmatic it's not even funny, and I honestly don't want to hear it." With that, the two slowly made their way over to the crash site.

Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

The staff known as Sadei gave a small 'nod' to Teri's statement. I'm fine, but that crash was something odd... What was that? Of course, it did its best to support Teri physically and mentally to the extent that she could.

SLindis, however, was showing a healthy amount of caution. "Teri, do you know that man? I'm not too sure what to make of him myself, but it would be nice to know if we're opening a can of troubles here."

Da Nang Ship: Jenny

Melethia shook her head. "I never handed ya ordinance like that... Looks like some kind of human, although I doubt it. To be safe, though, I'm gonna keep a few arrows at the ready." After all, whoever that guy was, he wasn't someone to joke around with.

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