The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Cadolbolg, Shadow, Slin

If SHadow had any sense, he could feel the shift in how Slindis held herself - from the loosening of her muscles to the subtle shift in how she breathed, it was clear a line had been crossed. If Rugal was looking over at Slindis, he could also clearly see the shift that indicated she's been made angry.

"Leave this room. Now. Head directly to the Fencing Instructor's room or detention, but you will not be in here any longer." She motioned for Cadolbolg to get off of Shadow's head as she looked half-ready to toss him out herself.

Jenny, Teri, Devon

Devon shook his head. "I keep an ear out for what he says in there, but that doesn't mean that's all I am. It's just a facet of oneself, and one that you need to take some time to fully harness. Bottling it up won't do you any good, though."

Melethia, Rugal

Melethia seemed almost bored as she took some of the notes along with the other 12 year olds in there - anyone under the age of 13 had been exempt from this portion of the class.


"See ya" Shadow said with a grin on his face. Shadow casually walked out of the room, but not before yelling "hey David don't fuck up!"

He then left the room and went to go fetch his sniper.

Shadow, Cadolbolg

Upon seeing Slindis' gesture, Cadolbolg lifted off gently from Shadow's head and fluttered over to where his pact partner was talking with his class partner.

Ton Ton, David

Ton Ton looked up from his crocodile tears, "I dunno, I think we're done... Nice job for improve!"

Holding up a little paw, David could see the Tonberry was trying to go for a high five. However, this was interrupted with Cadolbolg landed on David's head with a glum expression,

"I think I got me and my partner in trouble..."

Jenny, Teri, Devon

"So you want to hurt someone that hurted you? I understand, it a normal reaction to being wronged. I myself do want to "Go to town" on some people. Just whom is the target of your aggression?" She asked the Shadow.

There was a dark, hissing laugh from the Shadow after that question pierced the mental air, and the Shadow answered, "Oh? She didn't tell the resident therapist about her problems? Then again, she doesn't tell anyone much unless it's forced out her. The Whole is a stubborn one like that, always bottling up her troubles and her feelings; resolving to solve it all on her own... Isn't it 'tragic'?"

The hissing laugh resounded in the air, "But, that's getting off subject... You know very well who it is. I would know, since I helped Write him. Me and Darren... Ah, we're such a creative team. Wrote a horrible, mean, character into existence and use him to torture someone so sweet. And then, we brought back again, and again, and again... Oh, but it was for the sake of drama, for conflict!

But of course, you know why she never mentioned this to you? Because she felt so bad about it! Hindsight is always a bitch like that, especially when things come to bite you in the ass...."

With that being said, images began to flow in Jenny's mind, those of a familiar and terrifying face; and how the bearer of that visage appeared, captured the Cleric, and all that followed. The desperation, the fear, the paranoia; all Jenny had come to see for herself. It all ended with the last few moments Teri had seen Bruiser, when she brought the Reppuken to his brow, and the dark pleasure she felt for it.

"Now do you see? Why it was so heavily guarded. Why it was not spoken of to YOU especially... She'd want your forgiveness, even if it did not feel deserved at all. After all, we collaborated on that monster, and what was suffered was reaping what was sown.... And that, is why I want to kill him again, and as many times as it will be needed should he rise again."

In the meantime, the bearer of that Shadow did not pay heed to what it showed or said, as she did not want anything to do with it while she could keep her mind away from it. Instead, she focused upon her conversation with Devon,

"...I suppose that is true. Tell me, what do you do to keep him calm?"


As Shadow was sent off, Rugal made a note to contact Caim, seeing how he was the "Fencing Teacher" and all.
Pulling out his ring, he said "Caim, heads up, one of our own was acting out in class, Slindis is sending him your way. Just a heads up, keep an eye on him and watch for the security. Rugal, out."
Once it was sent and Shadow was gone, he looked to Melethia and said "Eh, least we ain't getting shot at, right?"


"Wait, it's over? Huh...Nothing on abortion? I mean, I'm not a baby killer-Except for that one time where we fought Satan or...something, but I think that option deserves at least a passing mention, right?" David said as he sat out, glad that his 5 minutes of infamy were over.


Jenny was stunned by what she was seeing, What Bruiser did to Teri, how he was "Killed" only to return, she couldn't believe it.
"....I....Don't know what to say...." she stammered, Teri had something to do with Bruiser's creation? What? This didn't make any sense to her.
"...I'm sorry, I have to go." she said before cutting off the link between her and the Shadow while she processed all this.

Rugal, Melethia.

Melethia finished the notes as the class wound down and looked up to Rugal. "I dunno, would make it a bit more of a challenge. Make ya think on your feet, at least, and it'd help ya remember more."

David, Slindis

Slindis shook her head. "It would be a topic for another class, really, but it would deserve a mention were we staying here longer. Now then, do you mind if I could patch you up?" Cadolbolg could see her rummaging in her bag and pulled out one of the more tender and larger chunks of jerky to offer him.

"You were not at fault for doing your best, even if you did stumble. What Shadow got was all his own doing."

Devon, Teri

Devon thought for a moment before talking. "Well, even if he is a spiteful bastard, he still does want to be listened to. Not saying that he's always got the best ideas, but acknowledging him seems to keep him tamed."

Rugal, Melethia.

"...True..." Was all that Rugal could say as Melethia stated that shooting at students might be helpful for quick thinking.
Hell, that time in the training room with Slindis was proof of that.
"Still, as much as I agree with you, We've had too many close calls in the past and I'd rather not see you actively get yourself into a fight, understood?" He said as the Students began to leave.

David, Slindis

"...Yeah, Sure. Me and Russian-Mc-Jerk-Face had a bit of a scrap before the class started. Hence the aggro in the room." David explained, proving his piece about "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." was total BS.
Taking off his jacket to reveal more of his painful looking bruises, he said "Fire away, S."

Caim, Angelus

As the pact partners wandered down the halls, Caim paused for a moment upon receiving a note from Rugal, "Caim, heads up, one of our own was acting out in class, Slindis is sending him your way. Just a heads up, keep an eye on him and watch for the security. Rugal, out."

With a bit of curiosity, he sent back, "Understood. Would you mind telling me which one I'll be up against? Gives me a bit of time to prepare for what comes..."

After that, he gave a nod to Angelus, and the duo began their walk to the practice area for Fencing Class. After all, in this mad place, it was dangerous to go alone.

David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg sniffed the jerky piece and licked his chops happily before taking it with his claws and nibbling a corner of it. After a moment, he spoke up, "So Girlfriend Shadow getting in trouble wasn't my fault?"

As David was getting doctored up, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg had to move positions to a desk close by, the Tonberry answering his pact partner's question, "Yeah, you're doing fine, buddy. And don't forget, you should say thank you when people give you nice things...."

Giving a nudge to the turtle, Cadolbolg realized what Ton Ton was trying to tell him, and spoke up, "Oh, right! Thank you for the nummy treat, Teacher Slindis!"

As Cadolbolg continued teething on the piece of jerky, Ton Ton took a good look at David's wounds and shook his head in disbelief, "You certainly are touch to keep walking around after taking a beating like that, Mr. West..."

Devon, Teri

For a moment, Teri paused, wondering why the chatter in the back of her mind finally ceased, and then answered Devon, "Well, I think you certainly are on the right track. Jenny and her seem to have quieted down... I'll take up what you said. Now, I just need to find an outlet for her, aside from conversation..."

After another moment of thought, Teri laughed, and shook her head, "A shame they don't have any self help books about pleasing your inner psychobitch! All I've ever seen is "release your inner goddess" or some silly new age thing like that!"

As she giggled at her silly joke, her gaze turned towards the door, and she saw Rugal leaving with Melethia in tow,

"Maybe I could ask Dad after we get out of here? He seems to have himself under control most of the time, occasional angry screaming aside."

Rugal, Melethia.

She laughed. "Trouble already finds me, WHeathair, so I don't have to struggle for that. I won't throw that first hit, but I'll be landing the final one..."

David, Slindis

The Paladin worked rather quickly at healing up the most major injuries first, leaving the more minor ones for her next passes. "He's lucky that this wasn't something a bit more physically inclined, or I would have put him through the wringer. Now, this will still feel sore for a while afterwards, but that's going to happen after so much healing in so short a time."

She gave the go ahead for David to do as he wished as she focused on the Bruisers. "It was not your fault, Cadolbolg. I'm glad you enjoyed the treat, though. Lupito happens to love them." Right around that time, said pup jumped in the room and on one of the tables.

Devon, Teri

He finished packing up and responded to Teri. "Well, maybe working it out through some training? It seems like a start, at least. I was going to go to practice some with Caim, anyways, but it's all about finding a safe outlet."

Rugal, Melethia.

Her father echoed her laugh soon after.
"That's all I want, Dear." Rugal said as he looked at the time: 4pm, nearly the end of the school day.
It was then he got the message from Caim, to which he responded "Someone named "Shadow", Russian, appears Superhuman. Have fun."

David, Slindis

Once he had a minor patch up thanks to Slindis's magic, David gave his thanks before putting his jacket back on.
"Thanks. Just getting man-handled around here is starting to feel like a full time job." He said as he did a quick self check after being healed, the pain was still there, but at least he didn't look like someone that got tag teamed by several people much stronger than him.

Devon, Teri, Jenny

All that was going through Jenny's mind was what Teri's Shadow had told her, that Teri and someone named Darren made Bruiser...somehow.
This was a real shock to the system, her face was blank as she tried to comprehend this.
As the Class ended and everyone set out, she meekly walked away, going straight past Teri and Devon as she did.

Caim, Angelus

"Someone named "Shadow", Russian, appears Superhuman. Have fun."

Caim rolled his eyes at the message and went to his class with Angelus in tow, and waited for the person in question. Along the way, he received a message about Devon and his sons coming as well, and let Angelus know about what was to come. With a smile, the dragon allowed a fire to flicker between her fingers,

"Perhaps while you handle this Shadow character, I can aid in tutoring your student? His lack of practice in the arcane whilst training with you cannot be good for him, hmn?"

The warrior only chuckled silently at the assessment as the two wandered to his classroom.

Slindis, Devon, Teri, Jenny, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, David

After seeing David off in a better condition, the Cuties fluttered back to Devon's side, the two landing on their respective spots as he began walking and talking with Teri.

"See, there's no need to worry, Cadolbolg. Mr. West will be just fine..."
"Right... Hmn, Friend Devon, where are we to go next?"

Teri, on the other hand, taking note of Rugal's watching over Melethia, decided to turn to Slindis instead. After all, the woman kept a very firm grip on herself. Perhaps the Cleric could take a lesson or two from Slindis's teachings as well. However, before she could move, she saw Jenny speed past herself and Devon, and tilted her head in confusion. Had the Shadow said something mean to her? But before Teri said anything, Jenny was long gone. With a sigh, and a wave to her friends, Teri wandered over to Slindis, and with a hope her mother wasn't busy, Teri lightly tapped Slindis' arm to get her attention,

"Hey Mum, are you busy...? I kinda need to ask you something."

Rugal, Melethia.

Her father echoed her laugh soon after.
"That's all I want, Dear." Rugal said as he looked at the time: 4pm, nearly the end of the school day.
It was then he got the message from Caim, to which he responded "Someone named "Shadow", Russian, appears Superhuman. Have fun."

Melethia looked up at Rugal after putting her notebook in one of the pouches. "So, what are we gonna do to get out of here? I mean, it's really boring here."

David, Slindis

She nodded. "If I kept track of all the times I was beaten down, I'd have no time for anything else. Not to say that your complaints don't have merit, but the main thing is learning from those beatings. You find yourself low on stamina? Work on that through high-intensity runs and swims. You find you don't have the right strength behind your punches? condition your body. There's always avenues for improvement, but you have to have an open mind to see them at times." With that, she walked over to her shaken daughter.

Devon, Bruisers

Devon looked up at the Bruisers as he and Ella began to walk to the fencing room. "I was just about to start training with your parents. Ella already told me she wants to come as well, so maybe we can all pick some stuff up. Sounds good to you two?" As they walked to Caim's room, a notice that the Fall Dance was canceled was passed to them, and Ella was visibly displeased.

Still, they got into the Fencing room without too much trouble and saw Angelus waiting for them. "Oh, Caim's busy with that Shadow guy? Kinda wanted to work with him a bit today, but I guess I do need to work on my magic a good bit. Unless there was something you wanted me to focus on more, Angelus."

Teri, Sadei, Slindis

Slindis nodded and asked Teri what was going on with her. She hadn't missed how her pupil and daughter had been inattentive in the class, and something had bothered her. "Teri, if you want it, we could focus on something to help you with these issues. We wouldn't be able to devote as much time to your magical training, of course, but it will help you in other ways."

Sadei did that traditional soothing chiming before talking to Teri. I think it's worth a shot, if only so we can get that crazy lady in your head to chill out...

Devon, Bruisers

"Sounds good, Mr. Devon. Perhaps there is a way we can help you as well?"
"If you want, I can shoot more lightning at you!"

After a few more moments of wandering, the little trio came to the classroom to find the pact partners waiting patiently, but the (former) Prince of Caerleon looked a bit surprised to see Devon and the Cuties.

"Back for more already? I would oblige you happily, Devon, but as you probably know, I've already got a previous enagement."

With that, Angelus took the reigns and wandered to Devon's side, giving Cadolbolg a little pat on the head.

"Oh, Caim's busy with waiting on that Shadow guy? Kinda wanted to work with him a bit today, but I guess I do need to work on my magic a good bit. Unless there was something you wanted me to focus on more, Angelus."

Angelus gave a small nod to Devon's assessment, "Yes, working with your magic would be a good idea, as you often spend your time with a blade... Now, over here. Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, please detach yourselves from him before we begin."

With a soft pat on her son's head, she waited a moment for Ton Ton and Cadolbolg to detach themselves from Devon's shoulders and get a bit of a distance away, and Angelus began her lesson, beginning with a small flame flickering on her tip of her finger and a slight pacing too and fro from her standing point. The minute flame stayed in its position for a moment, and then the dragoness smiled as she allowed it to dance and twirl between her fingers,

"I have noticed, Devon, that you are gifted with a power few possess. The use of magic, and the control of an element of nature. Both of which I see you sorely neglect to practice nearly as much your combative maneuvers. A pity, really, considering it has so much to offer, the wind especially. Complete control of such a thing,"

She flicked the flame in Devon's direction, and it roared intensely with a strength that was not hinted at a moment ago, taking upon the shape of it's mistress' true form, it's jaws closing in near Devon and- ... stopping. The flames, burning bright hot, stayed hanging in the air for a moment, and then receded back to the single ember on her finger,

"can be one of your greatest assets. See how the flame never touched you?"

Indeed, it had not. There wasn't even ash on Devon's clothes. Strange, considering how close it was to him a moment ago.

"Had I not the proper concentration, my fire could have burnt you alive. However, there is a secret to all of this. As the flame is a part of me, the winds are now a part of you. To utilize the energies within you properly, you must work with them and be one with them. For myself, I do not use fire, I AM fire. Fire is in my veins, I have had it since birth! Without my fire I am not a dragon. The winds you have gained are now the same for you. To deny the use of them is to deny yourself a part of who you are. Now, send a gale at me. Let us see if you can extinguish this flame?"

She stopped her pacing, and then planted her feet firmly on the floor, the ember in her hand now rising to more of a torch light, and began to float in the air above the dragoness.

Teri, Sadei, Slindis

Teri couldn't help but flinch a little at Sadei's classification of her Shadow, and answered the staff, "Well, Sadei, that 'crazy lady' is technically a part of me. I guess I'm a bit crazy then. But hopefully, Mum'll help me reign her in a little more."

After that, she gave a soft nod to Slindis' suggestion, and answered, "If I don't get her under control, no amount of magic will be able to help me. I'm ready to take on whatever you want to throw at me. Now, where do we start?"

AA High (End of Arc)

As Rugal went to answer Melethia, he paused for a moment as a Blond girl began to make her way over to the "Entrance" of the school (Which was locked to stop anyone from leaving).
"...Hey, isn't that one of ours?..." He asked as she took several deep breaths and started preparing herself for...something.
Alright, Lucretia, You can do this. Mom could do this...least...I hope she could... Lucretia West-Volkov took herself as she focused her power.
"...What is sh-?...!!! GET DOWN!" He shouted as he turned Melethia away from a huge blast of light that filled the entire building, a perfect purple flash engulfing all the patrons of the strange school/prison/hell/what have you.

David smirked at Slindis's pep talk.
"Listen, I get it, try hard and all that. Just they don't teach ya how to throw down with demi-gods in the Irish Army." He said, recalling MUCH simpler times before all this bullshi-
"Eh!? What the fuck-" David managed to get out before he too was consumed by the purple light...

Jenny was walking away from the others, her mind wondering what the hell the connection between Teri, Bruiser and this "Darren" was.
Was that Voice lying to her? Was this some ruse meant to toy with her mind?
As she was deep in thought, she didn't notice the light until it was too late...

It raced throughout the entire building, seemingly seeking out certain people and "Taking" them from this place.
In the space of a few seconds, the weird and wonderful people of the Rising Dawn left AA High as quickly as they came...

End of Arc

Rising Dawn Airship

And just like that, in another seemingly random cosmic influx, They were home, as if nothing had happened at all...


The first thing Rugal did after the flash was open his eyes, his vision seemingly restored after that strange trip.
He looked around and found himself standing in one of the many metal hallways of the Rising Dawn, Hugging Melethia in case that flash was an explosion of some kind.
Taking a few nervous breaths before relaxing, he quipped "...was that exciting enough for you?..."
"...Yes?" Melethia answered, as confused as he was.
He then let out a few laughs as he realized that they were out of that madhouse


One moment he was in a sex ed classroom, recalling his army days, the next, his cheek was pressed against something cold, hard and smelling like someone after a night on the town.
He stirred as he opened his eyes, finding himself slumped over the counter of the Rising Dawn's
Looking around with his head pounding, he found a empty bottle of scotch and a shot glass nearby.
"...So that's what that was...Uhhhh...maybe I should cut back...just a little...tomorrow..." He slurred as he reached over and got another bottle, figuring the mental ass shit he just went though to be some booze induced blackout.
Tsh, like that girl was my kid, that would be stupid... He thought as he went to work on his next bender, hoping to get a blackout set in the 1900s Ireland.


The Kirila Gardevoir too reappeared on the airship, coming too on her bed in her room, back in her adult form.
"mmmm...Hm?...Wha-....Was I sleeping?..." she asked herself as she looked around.
The fact that she was in her own room in her own bed seemed to support that notion.
Rubbing her eyes, she got up and found herself back on the Rising Dawn.
...Does that mean...What that voice said...
More and more questions, some of which were actively changing, plagued her mind as she looked for the others.

Note: Spawn where-ever you want on the airship

Location: School before the end.
Time: ?

Before the wave of cosmic energy transferred everyone back to the original AA world or turn back this world into the original AA world, a lone girl stood in the hallway, examining the school. "I wonder what would happen if I went to school at the beginning." The girl without a childhood thought about a new life. A life where she would climb up the ladder of maturity, to never be exposed to a life of idolhood or crazy adventures.

The only thing that held her back was one person, without this life she would of never met her love. "I shouldn't think of that ... he is the person who has protected me for the longest time." She thought and felt a wave of energy in-coming, the lingering thought floated in her head before she was taken away.

"... will I have this bo-" She was taken back before finishing her thought.

Shaun, Shawn, Shawn and Shorn.
Location: School before the end.
Time: ?

The quad group of a Author, Tactician, Super human spartan and mutated human gathered in the basement of the school. Each one of them had a way to get back to the original world. Shaun wanted to find a way to Rewrite the world ... which would take numerous amounts of timelines, worlds and original copies of himself to do ... oh and the power of the Aurora Borealis and the world, quite impossible. "I blame visual novels!" He remarked to the three after they had rejected his plan.

Storm suggested a blackhole on his part of being superhuman smart and all, but he didn't want to risk killing his girl via summoning a blackhole and shredding each of them to pieces and sending them to different worlds. "Don't look at me ... I'm too lazy to think of another idea." Storm gave a hint of his original personality.

Shorn suggested finding a magical spell. Though that kind of stuff was restricted in this world. "..." He sat in silence.

Funnily enough the last idea was the one they went with, and it came from the very crazy mind of the survivor/mutated Shawn. Due to having a high level in the science he thought of making a dimensional bomb that would eradicate all evidence of this universe and the original Universe would take it's place. Though by the time they made the full plan the wave of cosmic eradicated energy had already hit them.

"So ..."
"... Yup."
"... God damn it."
"I really ... really wanted to bomb this place."

The last commented was awarded with weird looks.
"What ... I AM the violent one." Shawn muttered as the wave took them back to the original world.

Shaun, Shawn, Shawn and Shorn.
Location: Origin Plains.
Time: Midday.

Four lone figures stood out on the field below the Rising Dawn.
"So what now?" Storm said out loud, he pulled a key mechanical part on his armor and soon it began to fold back into it's original suitcase form, though multiple items fell out. Including his Violin case and original family katana. A sad frown appeared on his face, being reminded of his pastl.

"You stay on the RD, we'll the Lightning Hawke and stay in touch." Shaun said but noticed the sadness on Storm's face and poked Shawn.
"Uh, umm ... hey look over there!" Shawn used his perception and pointed towards the opening hanger of the Rising Dawn, and a figure dropped one of the tactical extendable/retractable drop ropes.

"Fucking kidding me." He said as he ran towards the ship and smiled instantly when he knew it was.

"Missed me~?" Her voice jingled upon the wind. It was Alpha in her semi-humanoid form coming down the rope. Once in range she jumped off, "Hey do-" Sean said as he was instantly tackled to the ground by the falling girl. "Stupid ... stupid idiot!" She yelled in his chest. Smiling the Spartan wrapped his arms around her.

"There, there, I'm here no-OOF" He was hit in the stomach by Miku's head.
After a brief hug the two got up. The other trio came up to the two. "Umm ..." She wondered who these three masked people were. "These guys are friends ... I'll explain later." He smiled


The three said as they climbed aboard the Rising Dawn with Miku and Sean.
Once the five were in the hanger, the trio instantly ran into the Lightning Hawke, hoping that no one would see them ... but they already knew that some people knew they were there. Once the ship was fueled and ready to launch the trio were inside the cockpit.

It was a short goodbye, but they were always connected to Sean.
The ship shortly soon flew out of the Rising Dawn, leaving Sean and Miku to themselves.
"Um ... so, how did you-" Sean was talking but was surprised by Miku hugging him around the neck.

"Welcome back."
"Thank you."

The two then shared a equal kiss, short but sweet.
"Hehe, we should talk more about ... us." Sean finally introduced the topic of them being a couple. Miku nodded as she forcefully separated herself from her love.

The two began to walk to their room.

Rugal, Melethia.

She took a moment to look around and laughed. "Man, it's good to be back here! Finally, somewhere where I can do my stuff without any stuffy people shutting me down!"

Devon, Angie

It took a bit of effort, but Devon was able to use the winds to dissipate the flames through one strong gust of wind in the general area. It wasn't impressive or really even the best use of the talent by any means, but picking up the fine control would help a lot.

Still, there was a lot of work that would have to happen before the bard could get that fine Wind Control... Caim focused more on making the spells work, so of course the mentality had rubbed off a bit on Devon. "Was that all you were trying to have me do?"

Teri, Sadei, Slindis

Slindis led Teri to the training room. "This will be much like your earlier training, but you'll need to learn how to go with the flow of a fight.Yu may not hit quite as hard, but the insight gained is invaluable."

Sadei sounded a bit disappointed at her form change back into a quarterstaff, but her response was still warm. No reason why she wouldn't be able to, Teri. All you have to do is learn, after all.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Standard Noontime

Lucieon Shalfa de Rossacita

The girl he held in his right arm had vanished. Her soft, warm skin had slipped away from him in a flash of white light. Her Eerie golden eyes, her pale smooth skin, and her gentle naivete was gone. It was a missing warmth that jarred him, because for the first time he realized how much he missed Az. For the first time he realized how much he missed his old home in Candor. He put a gloved hand and tousled his hair, brilliant in sheen like locks of spun gold.

There was a sadness in his sapphire eyes when he finally spoke, "I guess this world and my world aren't all that different," he was talking to no one in particular, perhaps to himself to ease his sudden lonesomeness, "people come and go at the drop of a hat... and there's nothing you can do about that."

Lucieon placed his hand onto the Manus Catalyst and brought it to bear, tapping the heavy wood on the metal floors of the airship in assure himself that he was once again in his proper body. The memories of his youth were already dying away, but the cold stickiness of the Dragonwaif still stuck to the back of his neck, as persistent as the Summer's heat. "And some things never want to leave you."


Avatar Adventure
Location: Siberia | Russia
Time: Standard Noontime

Red Mage | Titania

The two crimson casters lay in the snow, both of them panting, their faces red with exertion and foreheads drenched with sweat. Titania's petite chest rose and fell rapidly under her robes, and her white hair mixed into the fresh fluffy snow. Beside her, not two feet away, Red Mage lay on his back as well, staring into the endless grey of the Siberian sky, watching the soft wisps of cloud vapor drift by in the jetstream.

"Do you give up yet?" Red Mage gasped quietly, his hand tightening around his redwood staff, "even a demigod loli like you has to be worn out by now."

Titania's own breaths were too short to formulate a reply, but slowly she managed to force the words from her dainty lips, "Same... goes... to you. Even... beings... made solely... of magic... have to tire..."

There was a soft silence as the two let the cold Russian wind blow over their faces. The soft snow fell in flakes upon their cloaks and staves. Then after a while, Red Mage broke the silence with a hearty laugh. It started softly at first, nothing more than a madman's chuckle. But then it erupted from deep within Red Mage. A great hearty manliness that no one could have though he could ever exhibit.

Caught off guard, Titania chuckled too, a laugh of a girl. Controlled and soft. But soon she too sucumbed to the absurdity of the situation and burst out in high-pitched happy laughter. And the two lay there, deep in the snow laughing at the calm grey sky. Great mages, forgotten by all. Too engrossed in their fight to forward their age old plans.

"The anti-mage. She's been gone for so long!" Red Mage laughed as he rolled over to his side to face Titania. She was a cute girl, at least in that form. Her skin was nearly as white as her hair, and her eyes were the same brilliant emerald green as his own. Her hat was smaller than his and hung loosely on her head of long interwoven locks. Her eyes were big and wet, like a doe's, and they shone brightly even in the sunlight of the Siberian plain. Her lips were small and red, unspoilt even after their year of combat. As she laughed, the corners of her mouth were pulled into a shining grin. She was pretty cute in that body.

"That is the truth," Titania replied between residual chuckles, "she was such a tragic girl too. I'd love to have had more time to play with her."

"The will of the other Gods are a very abstract thing aren't they?"

"Says the many who tried to kill them."

"Strictly speaking," Red Mage pulled himself into a cross-legged sit in the middle of his sentence, "that man was not me. And that man is very much dead." He held out a hand and titania received it warmly, pulling herself up to face Red Mage.

The two seemed so out of place, wearing their billowing crimson cloaks and wide-brimmed hats in the field of endless snow and stone. Red Mage smiled, closing his eyes. Titania returned the gesture. You got to know a lot about a person by fighting them. And with the amount of time they were in combat, they had become nearly as close as siblings, if not a little more.

After another pause, where the only voice was the Russian wind blowing the flakes of snow across the clean air, Red Mage stood up and picked up Titania in a bridal carry, much to her embarrassment, and started walking. "I think we passed a town on our way out here. We could probably find our way back to the Rising Dawn from there."

Titania couldn't help smiling, and a little redness came to her cheeks. The Queen of the Fairy found herself a new toy for the time being. And she had little doubt in hr heart that she'd be giving up this one as easily.

Rising Dawn

Ken and Matt appeared in an empty room onboard the Rising Dawn, both of them fully restored to their normal selves. "Well that was certainly an experience. Hopefully we won't have to go through something like that again. Though why you ended up here is beyond me," Matt said as he slowly got up from the chair he was sitting in. "Well whatever the reason I'm going to leave before the heroes feel like picking a fight that I'm not in the mood for. What I will do is leave them a little parting gift," Ken said as he pulled out a little black box that was a perfect 6 inch cube that was completely smooth and had no seams whatsoever.

"I present the EMP Cube. Once I activate it it will stay for an estimated 100 years. However I can set a deactivation code to turn it off sooner but it can never be reactivated again turning it into a paperweight," Ken said as he started setting up the cube. Once he was done the cube was set to go off in 30 minutes and its deactivation code was the answer to a riddle that he had written on a piece of paper that lay next to it.

"With that done I'm going leave now. Want to come with me? I still have those contracts if your interested," Ken asked Matt. Matt agreed and Ken threw him a small black ball before they both disappeared in a bright flash of light.

The Riddle:
What does man love more than life
Fear more than death or mortal strife
What the poor have, the rich require,
and what contented men desire,
What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves
And all men carry to their graves?

Devon, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

The transition back to the Rising Dawn was recieved well enough, as the group was deposited in a training room; with the proper equipment returned to each being. After a moment to adjust, Caim saw Angelus take the helm, and take it well, and wandered over to the Cutie Brusiers, picking up Ton Ton gently with one arm while Cadolbolg landed on his head. With a soft smile, Caim said to his partner, "You seem to be doing well on your own. I'm going to take the children to the Canteen and get them something to eat. Do you want anything?"

Angelus gave a small grunt and waved Caim away as Devon asked his question,

"Was that all you were trying to have me do?"

She shook her head and ignited the flame again, "No. It was a test to see how you would go about it. As I thought, you are too raw in your use of the wind. Rather than working with it, you merely point and tell it to flow. But, we can improve upon that. Again."

As Devon began to drive wind in her direction to put the flame out, he saw that she was beginning to move it around in differing directions, twisting and dancing with the flame itself as she dodged the winds,

"Focus! You do not nearly need that much to reach this fire! Work with the wind, be one with it! Feel it's pulse in your veins! Does not the desire of it cry out to you when it is so brutally channeled?!"

And like his sword master, Devon found Angelus was a harsh mistress when placed in her specialty.

Caim, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg are wandering the Dawn on the way to the Canteen. If you want someone to interact with, they are readily available.

Teri, Sadei, Slindis, Dimitri, Vermilion, Garm, Lupito

After a moment of transition, and the group appeared in a Rising Dawn training room, Dimitri and his (happily restored) partner in digital crime found themselves back in the Rising Dawn systems once again. Dimitri had taken note about how many of the users complained about a faulty security on the ship, and confided this in Vermilion, who agreed that a scan of the ship would bode well; especially after being gone for so long. After a few moments, Vermilion's scanners homed in on... Something in a room. Adjusting the cameras, the two found the cube that was recently deposited, as well as the riddle contained next to it.

With a frown, Dimitri decided to go back to his home Tablet for a moment and sent a message to his Lady before training began.

In the meantime, Teri and Slindis were laughing it up over Garm's reappearance in the training room, seeing how his sudden regrowth had split Teri's satchel in to several pieces, and the various things contained within it were scattered on the floor. The wolf himself looked very embarrassed by the whole ordeal, especially since Lupito had somehow appeared with Slindis in the room. After a few more moments of laughing, and Teri poofing in a new satchel (this one in black, water proofed material), the Cleric set to putting things back in the new satchel when she got an communique from her AI,

"Your Ladyship? Can I ask you something?"

Blinking in surprise, Teri answered back, "Shoot."

"How good are you at riddles?"

Teri looked at the Tablet in confusion, and spoke again, "I know some. What's up? Did someone ask you one or something? Or do you need one of your own?"

There was a pause, and then Teri saw text scroll on her screen:

The Riddle:
What does man love more than life
Fear more than death or mortal strife
What the poor have, the rich require,
and what contented men desire,
What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves
And all men carry to their graves?

Teri looked at the screen with interest, and then a spark of joy appeared on her face, "Oh, I have heard of that one! A college friend of mine stumped me with that for a long time! The answer's nothing!"

"Are you certain?"

Teri nodded with a smile, "Of course. The guy who told me that riddle was a royal dick about it. Of course I'd remember! Anything else?"

Dimitri's avatar shook his head, and then disappeared, racing to go put in the answer as Teri shrugged and turned back to her mother,

"That was random. No matter. So you were saying about training? I'm ready when you are!"

Rugal, Melethia

"And I've only gained from that experience." Rugal added as he took a moment to observe himself in the mirror, returned to his true form, long blonde hair, mustache, his eye, all was finally as it should be.
"Just don't go blowing up the ship and I won't need to get "Stuffy"." He added to his daughter before Caim and his "Children" arrived.
"Ahhh...Good to see we weren't the only ones that got out. Any thing out of place since we returned Caim?" He asked, half expecting something along the lines of an altered timeline or something.


All the while Jenny passed along the ship's hallways, deep in thought over what she had learned back "there." (With no idea if There was real or not.)
Either way, she made her way along the ship past the trainin-
"...OH HELL! RAVEN!" she exclaimed, realising that they never took the would be assassin into account before they were warped out.
Thus she ran around the ship, looking for him.


As for the man himself, Raven had spent the past while in the Brig eyes shut behind his glasses, meditating in wait for his chance to escape.
"....No, I don't want anymore spicy gruel." he answered an Imp that was just about to offer him some more.
Eh, at least Hien isn't screaming his head off at me...

Rugal, Melethia.

Mel gave an exasperated sigh. "Oh come on, I only did that one time! Unless you're counting ships in general, but that's beyond the point. Anyways, I think we should take a look-see around." As she walked up, she saw a slender man with golden hair in the canteen.

Devon, Angie

After hearing ANgie's next response, Devon commented. "Well, you're the only proper teacher I've ever had in it, okay? I had to learn it by on my own, so of course it's going to be rough."

This time, he found it a good bit more difficult to keep up, partly from the little amount of wind that she wanted him using and also to the fact that he'd never had drilling this intense. To be honest, it was a bit tiring, but he wasn't going to take a knee because he was a bit tired.

Every so often, Angie saw a glimmer of potential there that let her know it wasn't useless teaching him.

Teri, Sadei, Slindis

As it started, Slindis looked Teri over. "The basics that we'll be learning here are all about the footwirk and how to move. Honestly, right now your movements in a fight are still clumsy and awkward, and that's what we're going to change. To start, I want you to dodge these punches I'm going to throw your way. We'll start slowly and gradually increase the speed so you know what to expect."

Raven, Imps

After the last serving, the Imps left a notebook and a pen in the room - not much, but there might be something Raven could use to leave.

Rugal, Melethia, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Caim gave a small nod to Rugal's assessment, and before he answered, he knelt down so the Cuties could dismount from their perches, and spoke with the aid of the PDA, "You two go on ahead with Melethia to the Canteen. I'll catch up with you later."

Cadolbolg fluttered to the air while Ton Ton contented himself with wandering around like a normal person. Before going, the tiny turtle gave a small headbump to his father while Ton Ton gave a wave of the lantern cheerfully, and the Cuties wandered after Melethia.

As Caim watched the two go, Rugal could see that the bloodthirsty warrior looked... Relaxed, even more so than usual. It was rather jarring, considering how much he of a brutal side he had seen in Caim's actions, and how on edge he usually looked. Always ready for a battle, at least, he used to be that way. In that brief moment, Caim almost looked like a normal man seeing his kids off for a day at school. After a few more moments, Caim turned back to Rugal to answer his query,

"To answer your question, I haven't seen anything unusual or out of place. Aside from my usual entourage, all I have seen was Slindis, your daughter and their wolves in one of the training rooms. Our group is probably scattered all over the ship, which would explain the lack of seeing many around here... How about you? Just popped into this hallway, I take it?"

Canteen: Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Lucien, Melethia, David

As the Cuties made their way to the fridge, Cadolbolg saw an imp and remembered that they were the little people that worked and cooked under Devon. So, he asked one in a very kind tone, "Mr. Devon's cooking friend, would you be so kind to make a meaty sandwhich for myself and Friend Ton Ton?"

As Cadolbolg did this, Ton Ton contented himself with jumping on the counter and observing the area, such as the man with the golden hair, or David passed out at the bar. Never the less, Ton Ton watched the whole thing with interest, and kept his eyes open for any new developments, as well as whenever Caim decided to show up. Otherwise, the Tonberry's posture suggested a friendly demeanor as well as an openness to whatever conversation came his way.

Devon, Angelus

"Well, you're the only proper teacher I've ever had in it, okay? I had to learn it by on my own, so of course it's going to be rough."

The dragon gave a harsh laugh, and avoided another stream of wind, "Then you have been a sore teacher to yourself! Come now, can't even use that little amount of wind to suit you? You are naught but a hatchling, using all you have for the easiest of tasks!"

Ah, she was resorting to jabs at Devon's psyche. An attempt to rile him up, as well as force him to control himself, lest the wind get away from him.

Teri, Sadei, Slindis

Teri laughed nervously at Slindis' assessment, but nodded along, removing the satchel and her Tablet from herself and giving them to Garm to take to the side of the room. Taking up the stance she could best recall from her minute amounts of Quarterstaff practice, Teri 'sent' to Sadei,

"Everything she said was true. I am clumsy as hell. Well, here's hoping I don't get hit too much, right?"

Oh, she shouldn't have spoken (in this case, thought) too soon. The moment she finished that thought, a punch landed right in her face, and Teri was knocked off her feet. Oh, this was going to take a while....

Captcha bonus: You win. HA HA, NO.


Rugal waved his daughter goodbye as her and the Cutie Bruisers went for the canteen.
"...Indeed, we were just leaving one of the classes and there was this strange little girl, think her name was..."Lucy" or something. She just appeared and fired something at us and the next thing I know, me and Melethia just arrived here. I swear, there are going to be some changes around here, we just can't have every unknown entity in the realm making us their playthings!" He stated as he began making his way for the bridge, keen to get his bearings on the ship's current location.


The noise of everyone in the canteen caused David to stir, the smell of drink drowning out all others in the room.
With all the grace of a man with a hangover, he sat up in his seat, glancing at all the others in the room.
"Ohh....Hi guys!...How are you all?...Man, I just had the weirdest dream. Like, all of us were in high school or something. It was trippy as hell..." He laughed to the others, despite the fact that what had happened was indeed real as hell.
"...So how are you?..."


As this was going on, Jenny made her way towards the brig of the ship, keeping an eye out for any of the Imps that Devon had sicced as it's caretakers/guards/etc.
Raven DID try to kill them, but it wasn't his choice and she owed him a favor or two, he couldn't let him be locked up like that.
Thus, she nervously knocked on the door...

While Dimitri had thought it would be as simple as saying the code, Ken had thought ahead. As soon as the code was spoken the cube did a scan of the room to see if a human was present. Detecting none, it activated several security measures. "Removing deactivation code and shortening timer to ten minutes. Increasing weight to one ton," the cube said in a computerized voice (think Moonbase Alpha). The increase in weight caused the table it was sitting on to give way, the cube hitting the floor with a loud thud and making a dent.


Kalastryn had also fallen asleep, in her room of course. She was back in her Asmodian body sleeping on a cloud (as daevas were known to do) with wings furled around herself for warmth. The cloud she had been sleeping on turned from a white fluffy one to a heavy storm cloud as her sleep was troubled by the blast, and as sudden as the blast was from her point of view, so sudden also, was her panicked jolt awake. She held her head for a moment, gave herself a once over in a mirror, and decided to head to the canteen, hearing David's hangover explanation of his dream in a brief stint as she walked in.

"So you had the same dream too? Was it a lucid dream like mine? If so... I don't think this could all just be coincidence..." She said as she poured herself a drink.

Normally she'd pour it from her bottomless flask of rum/wine/whatever... that was non-alcoholic, which had traveled with her to Fernia when she was a little bit too close to her friend at the time, the drink in his hand getting whisked away with her. Of course the secret to why he was never drunk from it was easily revealed when it was the only thing to drink for miles during her long stay, (It's an entire dimension almost completely devoted to fire, what do you expect? Water?) However, having assumed minutes ago she was back at the front of the line going straight to hell, in what she hoped was just a dream... she could use a drink.

"So... I take it, forgive me if it's just meaningless conjecture on my part, that we've all had the same dream? If that's the case... well I really hope this isn't the work of the Quori." She said, almost hoping the rest of the room's occupants had any knowledge of what that was.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Standard Noontime

Lucioen | David | Kalastryn | Ton Ton | Cadolblog

Lucieon leaned back against the cool glass of the Canteen's large observation window. Something his predecessors had the same tendency to do, and remarkably, at the same exact point int he large sheet of reinforced glass. He looked solemnly at David and Kalastryn before speaking softly, "That was no dream. I do not... sleep. So it would b impossible for me to recall the same ethereal events that you describe."

The Undead Merchant's hand fell to Estoc and shifted the rapier in its sheath. Indeed, he could still feel the transient humanity imbued upon him by that mysterious and amnesiac girl.

"Whatever you remember from your dream, I can assure you that it almost did certainly happen to you." He was missing the point somewhat, but he took a long drink from his Estus Flask. Letting the burning sunlight that the emerald cask contained flow into his throat.

David (Heads up, Going offline after this)

David seemed a little puzzled as the facts started to flow through his mind.
"Huh...Wait....This all happened to you guy-...Wait...Yeah, You were all in my...dream...." He mumbled on as he realized that maybe that WASN'T all a dream.
....Huh...Thankfully, I already don't remember..." He slurred as he refilled his glass.
"So...Magic-Lady-Who's-Name-Escapes-Me (Kalastryn)...Small Blondie (Lucien)...How are you?..." He managed to get out before face met counter again and his snores filled the room.


There was no answer at the door so maybe Jenny managed to get past the Imps guarding Raven after all.
Huh...Maybe getting him out won't be so hard.. she thought as she walked in and found the would be Strider Assassin attempting to pick the lock to his cell with a ballpoint pen, freezing once she walked in.
Thus she set about helping him get out.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Standard Noontime

Lucioen | David | Kalastryn | Melethia | Ton Ton | Cadolblog

"Whatever you remember from your dream, I can assure you that it almost did certainly happen to you."

Ton Ton tilted his head in thought as he waited upon Cadolbolg to return to his side, "You don't sleep? I remember being able to do that for a while... But, if what you say is true, then that strange world is real somewhere... I wonder if I could learn how to traverse worlds so easily. It'd help me find someone I've been missing for some time... Do you know anything about that, sir?"

Lucien could hear a soft sadness on the edge of the little green creature's voice, and despite it not showing any expression on it's face (as Tonberrys are hard pressed to do), it was clear in Ton Ton's voice that whoever this person he spoke of, they were deeply important, somehow.

As for the turtle dragon baby, he heard Kalastryn mention some kind of quarry, and giggled, turning to the Tiefling, "How could a rock quarry make us all dream the same thing? That's silly!"

Judging by the tone in the turtle dragon baby's voice, he was quite young, and probably had no idea what Kalastryn was talking about.

After the imp wandered off to the kitchen, Ton Ton fluttered over to Melethia's side and landed on her shoulder (after all, the head is only for people like his Father or Devon), and asked, "Rock Quarries can't affect dreams, can they?"

Dimitri and the Cube of DOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!

Dimitri balked at the sudden restriction caused by his actions, as well as the cube's reaction to his meddling, and called his colleague, AI Vermilion over, "Er... Ms. Vermilion, about that riddle cube..."
"Yes, Dimitri?"

It was then that the AI began to explain the situation to his far more red counterpart, to which she took the helm and activated a laser cutter, and began to heat the cube, "If it weighs as much as you say, super-heating it will force it out of the ship. Repairs can be made afterwards."

Dimitri drooped at his inability to aid in the situation, but found his cheek warmer for only a moment, to which the Red AI continued, "Your processing cycles, even if they are a part of your programming, are highly illogical for this situation. You acted quickly and resolved the problem as much as you possibly could. Besides, I do like taking the helm from time to time..."

The Blue Butler could not contest that point, and the two watched as the cube began to sink into the floor, and crash its way down to the depths below, never to be heard from again....

Melethia, Cadolbolg, Kalastryn

SHe looked up at Cadolbolg first, thinking to herself. "I'd have to ask my mom about them, but I think it's something a bit different than a mine, Leatherback. So, do ya wanna get a drink in here?"
Not really caring about the looks, she walked near Lucieon and took a look at the drinks that were there.

Devon, Angie

He wasn't about to give in as he continued with the gusts, still rather rough in form but still improving bit by bit. "I'm here to learn, Angelus, not listen to your feeble attempts at humor!" A defiant glare was focused on Angie, which was a far cry from the Bard's usually calm demeanor.

Teri, Sadei, Slindis

As it started, Slindis looked Teri over. "The basics that we'll be learning here are all about the footwirk
Slindis shook her head as she addressed Teri again. [color=c200]"Stop thinking about where I am punching. Focus on where I will be! I know you're smarter than this!"
She threw out a good deal more punches, not too painful by themselves but definitely enough to leave Teri sore.

Meanwhile, Lupito began his own training with Garm.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Standard Noontime

Lucieon | Ton Ton | Kalastryn | Cadolbolg | David

The Undead Merchant took a long sideward look at the Tonberry before opening his mouth to speak, "I do not know much about transportation between worlds. Rather I am more well versed in stepping past the boundaries of time." Lucieon rand his hand over the white soapstone that sat in his pocket, "Jumping between worlds is principally the work of Gods. I would advise strongly that you talk to whoever governs your existence, strange little green creature."

He lifted his eyes from the Tonberry and looked out the Canteen window, "We all have things that we hold dear to our hearts. Sometimes those things are beyond our reach, toys of beings above us. My honest advice to you, little green creature, is to forgo your impossible ambitions, and live with what terrible life that has been bestowed upon you."

"How could a rock quarry make us all dream the same thing? That's silly!"

Judging by the tone in the turtle dragon baby's voice, he was quite young, and probably had no idea what Kalastryn was talking about.

"No, no, you misunderstand I wasn't talking about a rock quarry, I was talking about the Qouri... back home they were a type of monster that had a lot to do with dreams, and the mind. Some of their worst abilities were things such as entering, controlling, and infinitely prolonging dreams, so you'd never wake up again, from a nightmare or a sweet dream, depending on what they saw fit. I remember and old rogue friend of mine named Jeets... If it weren't for me going into his dream and pulling him out, he'd never have woken up again."

She said as she gulped down her glass of wine. Also remembering when they attacked her once, trying to dominate her mind when she woke up by destroying her willpower.

"Another thing they can do is just as bad... when your asleep they can look through your mind for the representation of your willpower... once that's broken, they can make you do anything they want you to, all the time, and you have no ability whatsoever to retaliate." She said, deciding to stop her description there, not trying to make the tiny dragon afraid to sleep at night.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Standard Noontime

Lucieon | Ton Ton | Kalastryn | Cadolbolg | David

Cadolbolg took this all in carefully, and then smiled widely, "I don't think I'd need to worry then! My friend, Ton Ton,"

Cadolbolg indicated the Tonberry, who was in the middle of a conversation with Lucien, "Protects dreams, and keeps dreamers safe from all sorts of nasty things. I bet he could keep us safe from the Quori monsters. It's his job to keep dreams safe, so I don't see a problem!"

Speaking of said Tonberry, he was listening intently to what Lucien had to say, "Jumping between worlds is principally the work of Gods. I would advise strongly that you talk to whoever governs your existence, strange little green creature."

He lifted his eyes from the Tonberry and looked out the Canteen window, "We all have things that we hold dear to our hearts. Sometimes those things are beyond our reach, toys of beings above us. My honest advice to you, little green creature, is to forgo your impossible ambitions, and live with what terrible life that has been bestowed upon you."

Ton Ton's shoulders sunk at the Undead Merchant's advice, the flame of his lantern following suit with it's wielder for a moment before reigniting, the Tonberry rising with it. He shook his head softly, desperation lacing his words as he began to speak, "I.. I cannot do that, sir. The person I mentioned, she is far too important for me to just abandon. It because of her I live. It's because of her I exist! If I don't find her again, something terrible's gonna happen to her.

I have spoken with the being who used to rule my fate, and that being has set me free from it, and I have spoken with others who traveled worlds, even if it was by accident. Those people aren't gods, and we're not gods. And if we're able to world hop, even by accident, then that gives me hope to find her again. Please, sir, don't tell tell me I cannot. My hope in finding the Mistress is all I have..."

Sitting down again, a small sniffle filled the air; sounding almost like the Tonberry was about to cry. Cadolbolg, sensing the sorrow and pain filling his pact partner, lifted off from Melethia's shoulder for a moment and huddled around his pact partner, giving the Undead Merchant a sharp hiss, "I don't know what you said, but I certainly don't like it if you've upset my friend this much!"

Also, at that point, Cadolbolg remembered that there was a question from Melethia still hanging in the air, and answered, "If there's orange juice, Friend Ton Ton and I will have it, isn't that right buddy?"

Ton Ton only gave a soft nod to the question, still feeling that old wound of his misplaced Mistress deep in his heart.

Devon, Angelus

He wasn't about to give in as he continued with the gusts, still rather rough in form but still improving bit by bit. "I'm here to learn, Angelus, not listen to your feeble attempts at humor!" A defiant glare was focused on Angie, which was a far cry from the Bard's usually calm demeanor.

"Joking? Oh, you misunderstand, Devon. I'm not telling jokes, you're having a hard time dealing with the truth when it's right in your face!" Angelus tsked at Devon's jest, but did note that her student was slowly improving. Perhaps her prodding was doing better than she thought. With a sly grin, she upped her ante in dodging about the winds, twisting and making it that much more difficult for Devon. If he was making progress such as now, then certainly she could push a mite bit more out of the bard.

Teri, Sadei, Slindis
"The basics that we'll be learning here are all about the footwork."
Slindis shook her head as she addressed Teri again. "Stop thinking about where I am punching. Focus on where I will be! I know you're smarter than this!" She threw out a good deal more punches, not too painful by themselves but definitely enough to leave Teri sore.

"Foot work... Foot work... I know nothing about footwork! Ah!"

Teri found another punch hitting her shoulder when she tried to dodge about from the Paladin, and winced for her efforts. Sure, it hurt, and that in of itself was discouraging, but what Teri was truly having an issue with was trying to glean what Slindis asked of her. Things like this were not something that came easily to the Cleric as her healing magic, or her bond with her wolf. No, this was uncharted territory for Teri, and the punches felt all the more disheartening for it. Still, Teri pressed on, not entirely sure if the lesson would literally be beaten into her or not.

"Wants me to watch her movements... Watch her movements... SHIT, THAT HURTS!"

If anything, Slindis could see that Teri was trying to get a better view of the Paladin's motions before she attacked. It didn't stop her from getting hit, but it was better than the flailing she was doing a moment ago.


Kalastryn thought for a minute or two on what exactly could have put them there, what with Ton Ton being more than capable of keeping them safe from such an attack from a Quori. She came up with nothing. "You've got a fair point about that, I guess it'll be a mystery unsolvable at this point... I can't think of anything else." She said, honestly at a loss for what to say before overhearing what Lucieon said.


"We all have things that we hold dear to our hearts. Sometimes those things are beyond our reach, toys of beings above us. My honest advice to you, little green creature, is to forgo your impossible ambitions, and live with what terrible life that has been bestowed upon you."

"... and sometimes stranger, they are well within reach. I lived my entire LIFE living with the FACT that no matter how well I behaved in this life, however many lives I saved, however many villains I helped to turn their lives for the better, that I was headed straight for hell! Being told I was a creature not even half worth talking to, constantly assumed to be a liar and a saboteur to the good and a bolster to the wicked! Now, however, defying that life and seeking a greater life has made me reborn!" She says, sporting the wings to prove it, a hint of rage in her voice at his statements.

"Living with what life is bestowed upon you? What a load of BS! Who are you to say that fate is out of reach? That destiny is not our own? I myself am living proof otherwise! So don't you dare say for anyone other than yourself to give up, or accept defeat, because that is NOT what life is about, and any "god" who would create such a thing as an uncontrollable fate, is NOT worth acknowledging!" She said, her rant over... ending with,


The Tension hung in the air after Kalastryn ranted at Lucieon, only to be broken by: "Christ, you ever hear of an Indoor Voice!?"
David began to stir again, figuring he wasn't going to be able to sleep this off here, slapping himself once or twice to wake himself up a bit.
"Look, I don't shit about fuck...but you seem alright in my book, you haven't tried to kill me yet so that's an bonus. Here's to you...Crap, I was hoping I'd remember your name. Oyyy...You sure that was all Real back in the school? I Feel a LOT more...Drunk then usual..." He said to Kala as he attempted to stand.


"Look, I don't shit about fuck...but you seem alright in my book, you haven't tried to kill me yet so that's an bonus. Here's to you...Crap, I was hoping I'd remember your name. Oyyy...You sure that was all Real back in the school? I Feel a LOT more...Drunk then usual..." He said to Kala as he attempted to stand.

"My name's Kalastryn, and you have my apologies for raising my voice... as I said I'm usually far more composed... my stay there wasn't exactly pleasant and, yes, I do think that even if it wasn't strictly speaking real, it was far more than just a dream." She said, then giving a sigh about the drunk statement. "That might be because you've been drinking a lot more than usual?" She said under her breath, hoping he didn't hear, but... she was probably right.

then, she apologized again to Lucieon


"Sorry about telling you off like that, it's just that I feel very strongly about the subject. If it suits your fancy to be glum all the time with memories of goals you've given up, or things you've lost that's fine by me, but don't try to dampen the hopes and dreams of everyone around you. At least not with the argument of goals being out of reach, and life being handed to you, or being set out before you without your say in the matter... because I know for a fact that this is not the case."

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