The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"... And after all that, all was forgiven and he was sent home? That is... interesting news... to say little at all." Aftan mused.
"Well, if Dark and faggy EmoDoucheTomoya can get away with all that, we should be scot free! Free I say! Teeheehehehehahhahahahahahahaaaa!" Gabs cackled Madly.
"Ara ara Gabrielle, have you forgotten yourself so quickly? Mele, all that is sugoi! I can not believe your story, yet it is true! I am saddened we missed such a grand battle, we would have enjoyed ourselves in getting lost in it I think. but what is done is done... And the party seems to be kicking right off. Shall we wait a bit more for the alcohol to work it's magic, little elf?" Akane said, winking.

"Thanks Slindis, but don't worry about me. I've beaten Dillon's author before, and he is an extension of that. My message for Caim is as follows: 'I have not forgotten my words, but it seems I have a new purpose for the time being. You will find me aboard the Rising Dawn, attempting to keep her long lost now returned Captain in check. PS-When is the wedding?' Thanks again. Hey Lupito, I do hope we meet again mate. Drinks on me, yeah?"

As Jake got up he tipped but a single mouthful of his remaining rum down the big wolf's throat before Slindis could interrupt. With a grin and a wink he moved far quicker than he normally would, seeking the safety of range against the Paladin. Coming up to the Lt Cmdr, he offered a handshake.

"Sorry for my dereliction of duty in battle sir. I would stay and party, but I have another ship to attend to now. If a command rank is still upon my shoulders, I hereby relinquish it to you. That weight off my shoulders, could I trouble you for a favour? A pilot and a shuttle to get to Earth, and the Rising Dawn."

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape - Jenny can glean in on this

The Shadow absorbed a good chunk of the Bard's energy as a large amount of armoring appeared on him covered with pictures of everyone the man had known or had been attached to him, which was a surprising amount of people for someone that had apparently done nothing of worth. "Look, if you attack me now, it's gonna end up just like with all those Seraphim, except this time you'll be fucking both yourself and your dumb fuck of a toy over. So just do me a favor and go kill yourself while you've still got the time. That Tonberry's gone, after all, so you're not getting any help at all. Here, I'll even let you move so you can do it. After all you'll be seeing him in hell anyway, so it's a win-win!" The wind coalesced into a pitchfork as the Shadow Devon firmly grasped it in his right hand, and it was clear that it expected Ella to kill herself.

Melethia, Akane, Hadrian, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jake, Slindis
Slindis shook her head as Jake ran off. "I'm going to send Lupito to your room if he starts vomiting! The slight scolding was filled with laughter, but Jake knew that Slindis would likely follow through on her promise/

Browning saluted the author as she shook his hand."I accept the command shift, and there will be a pilot there in a small transport. He'll get you to where you need to go, and he'll reinforce you should you need aid. It was a pleasure working under you for the short amount of time you were here."

Melethia's eyes lit up upon hearing Akane's last playful phrase."So, what'd ya put in it, Akane? I know that kinda grin anywhere..." It was clear that she wanted to take part in whatever the Kitsune was planning, and the small group could see Ensign Date eating some salmon and wild rice in the corner.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

"Why am I alive?"

The answer to that question came not long after Ton Ton had begun experimenting with his abilities of locomotion. In the corner of his eye, he saw movement; and then a tendril of shadow approach the one with whom he had taken residence with. Without thinking, the Tonberry yelled at the tendril, "Hey! Leave her alone!"

The shadowy creature in question turned to the Tonberry in confusion; wondering how that a stuffed animal was up and moving around. That was when instinct seemed to take over, and the Tonberry was upon the Dream Daemon as the mongoose to the cobra. As he fought, and was harmed for the first time (the Daemon was able to get a lucky hit on his torso), Ton Ton could recall watching the Mistress playing a game with him sitting in her lap. When one of her characters attacked a creature that looked just like him, she pointed and said,

"See, Ton Ton? These are what you are. You're a Tonberry. Well, you're special. You're nice, and don't like to hurt anything unless it hurts you. But look, they're about to do something nasty..."

It was during that battle that Ton Ton had first used Everyone's Grudge. The true potential of Chef's Knife would follow later on; when the circumstances were a bit more dire. But for now, the Daemon was vanquished, and the Mistress was undisturbed. Other Guardians like himself would later tell him that when the Daemons were combated, something about the world around them 'changed', so the Masters and Mistresses never seemed to notice the clash of battle around them.

Ton Ton sat there for a good moment after the Daemon disappeared, and then looked to his Mistress again. When he saw the peaceful look on her face, his heart was filled with joy. She looked as if nothing had happened at all. That was when another memory from his former state kicked in. It was the morning prior, and the Mistress woke up with a scream; clutching his form as she did so. When her mother came in to see what was wrong, the Mistress explained to her mother that a horrible dream overtook her; and it made sleeping nigh impossible for that night. No matter how much the girl begged her parents, nothing seemed as if it would help. Clutching Ton Ton's soft form, the girl cried,

"You understand, don't you Ton Ton? You always do... Please. You're the only one who listens."

He was borne from a wish, and the pure trust from one who believed in him. How could he not feel loved when he was charged with this task? HE was the one who was asked to be her Guardian, her Knight against the darkness of the realm of Shadows and Daemons. HE was intrusted with the secrets that the Parents could not know. He was Ton Ton the Tonberry, and he would not suffer the Daemons to hurt anyone every again.

Ton Ton's eyes focused again as this memory played in his mind, and noticed the large cube looming overhead. That's when he also heard Ella and the Shadow version of Devon talking, picking up this piece in particular,

"Look, if you attack me now, it's gonna end up just like with all those Seraphim, except this time you'll be fucking both yourself and your dumb fuck of a toy over. So just do me a favor and go kill yourself whine you've still got the time. That Tonberry's gone, after all, so you're not getting any help at all. Here, I'll even let you move so you can do it. After all you'll be seeing him in hell anyway, so it's a win-win!"

"... Mr. Devon. Ms. Jenny..."

Forcing himself back up on his own two feet, Ton Ton grabbed his Knife and his Lantern once again; knowing what he had to do. Leaping into the air once again; the Tonberry readied his knife. The block did not come out so lucky. When he was done, Ton Ton landed on the ground gracefully, the Lantern burning bright as he ran to Ella's side, and hit the pitchfork Shadow Devon was wielding with his Knife, causing an awful clatter to fill the air. The Shadow's eyes widened when he saw the creature so renewed and full of vigor. Wasn't he supposed to be dead?!

"I was born to protect the Mistress, and the Mistress put her faith in me! If that love is false, than I must be false. So what? What I feel I know to be real! What I remember I know to be real! She put her trust in me because she loved me enough to do so, and you can never take that away from me, Daemon! Now go back from whence you came!"


While Ton Ton and Ella fought Devon's inner demons, Jenny was starting to fade in and out from the pain Devon made her re-live.
Soon, the pain overwhelmed her and she passed out, falling limp on top of the sleeping author.
Still, with the psychical between her, Devon and Ton Ton intact, they were able to stay within the author's mind until they managed to get to the bottom of his troubles.


Rugal merely chuckled at Teri's lack of self confidence.
"Teri, There are many, MANY ways to kill a man with nothing but your hands and a working brain. You think you are the only person in the history of fighting that didn't have Muscles?..." He said, flexing a little as he did.
"Even if you can't do a push up, there are many things I could teach you. Death Touches, Pressure Points, where to hit, where not to hit. A good fighter uses his, or her, strength and drive in order to win a battle..."
He then leaned over and said "...A great fighter doesn't have to...
Though, I will admit, it helps at lot."

Feeling his PDA go off as Vermilion contacted him, he left the training room to take the call.
"Captain Bernstein, A "Dillon" has boarded the ship, He wants to authorize a rescue mission and to return to the post of Captain."

"...Bastard wastes no time, does he?....Okay, Shit...Hmmmmm...Uhh, Grant him access over his own ship, though I'm not certain if the rest of the crew would accept him as a Captain after his repeated transgressions in battle..."
He glanced back at Teri, practicing her new move, working on getting it to hit the mark.
It reminded him: He'd have to leave them soon anyway...
"....Vacate the post of Captain...This was only until the war was over anyway. If the rest of the crew wants him as Captain, so be it...Rugal, Out." He said before closing the feed.

Unfortunately for his "Family", he made his choice to Slindis's ultimatum.
AIM would live on, with or without him and best they suffered the evil they knew.
Still, he had tonight left, he was going to make the most of it.


Browning felt like he was watching a car crash in slow motion as he introduced Hiryu to the joys of drink.
With expected results, his face mask now being worn on his head like a "Gangsta" bandanna, his uniform all messed up, his spikey hair now a mess of clumps as he rambled on and on.
"-So he was all like "Well, that's not how a ninja looks!" And then I said "...Well, when did you ever see a Ninjahahahahahah-HAH!" He slurred as he patted Browning on the back hard enough to make him spill his drink.
This was going to be a long night...


All the while, Blade was laughing his ass off as Hiryu seemed to be even worse around Sake then he and Jenny were.
"Oh man...HEY! WHO HAS A CAMERA?!" He shouted to the crowd, prompting a wave of lightbulb flashes that would haunt Hiryu tomorrow morning....

Rising Dawn
Dillon completed his training session; he had more or less nailed down using Dark Excalibur.
He exited the training room. After showering to clean off the sweat and rehydrating himself he figured he was as ready as he could have been for the rescue, however he didn't want to go in alone.
"Vermillion would it be at all possible to see if there were any nearby heroes? I'd rather not storm the castle gates alone."
He fiddled with his iPod, maybe not entirely alone......
He sat in the lounge of the Rising Dawn. He had a moment to think, a plan was forming in his mind, but the problem was this.
He was in a world that near as he could tell, was borderline hostile to him. He would have to ensure he didn't make any sort of mistake.

Melethia, Akane, Hadrian, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jake, Slindis
Meeting the salute, Jake smiled. "Thank you Captain. The Hagane is truly a wonderful ship and I"m sad I didn't get to lead her to battle. I'll only borrow your pilot and his shuttle as long as necessary, I'll send him right back. Thanks again, and good luck and good hunting."

Jake turned and spun on his heel, making his way out of the bar and party towards the hanger bay. He entered the manned shuttle that was there and gave it's pilot a friendly handshake. "G'day mate. Captain Browning has kindly loaned ya to me for a short hop to the surface and back, one way for me. Our destination is the airship Rising Dawn, at these co-ordinates." Jake said, showing the pilot the co-ordinates Miss Vermillion had sent him.

Akane smiled. The elf couldn't be faulted for her enthusiasm. "No little one, not yet," she said, shaking her head, "everyone is sharing their own drinks, and there are already several lightweights here. What we do, is quite simple, we enjoy ourselves and wait for the alcohol to take it's effect. Then we will be free to act." Akane said, sipping her own drink.
"Whilst I would like to watch the madness you three will sow, I feel tired and shall retire to our room. The same as last time we were here, you should all be able to find it without trouble." Aftan spoke. She did have something on her mind that needed peace and quiet to think about.
"Oh? Hmm, well, yes, rest would be best for you then my love. I will make sure Gabs does not cause too much destruction."

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape
After the pitchfork was knocked down, it faded off into the ether as all of the tombstones from the graveyard began floating around the Shadow in circles at a high speed in multiple layers.

"Damnit, why do none of you just keel over and die?! Nobody loves you two, NOBODY! So stop putting it off like little fucking kids that need to bathe and drown in the fucking tub!"

The Shadow sent a few dozen tombstones at the Tonberry, hoping to silence it. However, even though Ton-Ton managed to slice through them, the Shadow didn't seem affected by it at all. Unseen to the two fighting to rescue Devon, though, the pictures associated with the destroyed tombstones changed into a small amount of dirt.

Browning, Blade

Browning gave a jovial laugh at the lead Strider enjoying his brew. "Oh, I could tell you some stories myself! It all starts with these two cocky teenagers breaking into someone's house and having the balls to tell the head man there that his choice in food sucks, and it gets hilarious from there!" Either the man couldn't handle his drink, or he was one of those drunks that happened to be a storyteller.

Melethia, Akane

Melethia smiled as she pokes Gabrielle on the side. "Don't worry, miss. We'll still have lotsa fun here! They won't know what hit 'em." She pulled out what Gabrielle recognized to be quite potent explosive charges, even if they were quite small. "Miss Akane, teach me all ya know. Heck, we might learn somethin' from each other!"

Jake, Pilot

"No problem, Sir. I'll get us there quicker than getting up the Snake Eater Ladder!" He began punching iu the coordinates, and before long, they were at the Rising Dawn Mark 2.

"As the Lieutenant Commander said, Sir, I'm under strict orders to protect and serve under you until the issue with the Rising Dawn is fixed!" The pilot delivered an impeccable salute as they got ready to disembark the Transport that fir in very well with the updated Rising Dawn.

Garm| Rugal | Teri

When Rugal walked back in; Teri was in the midst of charging another Reppuken, this time from her 3rd level slots. As she concentrated focusing the spell energy in her hand, the Tablet spoke up,

"I thought about what you said a moment ago, before you got that call... REP-PUKEN!"

Another burst of energy streamed from her hand, and, finally, hit the burnt spot that she had been aiming for since practice began. The Cleric gave a whoop and whirled around to Rugal,

"I'm in, as long as you're willing to teach me, sir."

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

Ton Ton began a similar maneuver to when the wall began to fall down, and started hopping from stone to stone; slowly making his way to Shadow Devon. The Lantern glowed brightly, a reminder of the Tonberry's renewed faith,

"I'm not falling for that again, Daemon! I remember my reason to live, and it does not involve anything you say!"

Browning, Blade, Hiryu

Blade laughed as he saw the state the 2 men were in as he sat his master down in a seat in order to limit how much damage he could do while drunk.
"Go on. I like where this is going..." The Pokemon said as Hiryu began grabbing at his bottle of sake.
"Oi! Get your own!"
"Ohhhh....That's a fine way to treat the man who raised you..." Hiryu slurred back, clearly offended.

Rugal, Teri

...Goddammit, what have I done?... Rugal thought, knowing that the news would crush her, he shouldn't have let himself get too attached.
"And I am willing, But Tonight is a time to unwind...Besides, While I'm not going to lock you in a pitch black room and fire arrows at you, It'll take years to master what I have to show you and frankly, I'm rather tired after all we've been though fighting Tomoya." He said, Rare footage of Rugal actually not wanting to spar.
"Now then, shall we get to the party food while there is some left?"

Dillon was in the lounge.
"Hmm company? However I was given no warning which means that they're expected, well then may as well be a good acting captain and introduce myself."
Dillon quickly arrived at the Hangar waiting for the new arrivals.
"Welcome to the Rising Dawn," he said bowing low out of respect.
"I'm sorry to say the current Captain is not present so please accept I the Former Captain to say Welcome on behalf of the ship, is there anything I can help you with?"
Dillon tried his best to sound persuasive; he didn't exactly need another potential ally turning on him.
He hoped being dressed for a fight, a black bullet proof trench-coat didn't harm the impression, his chainmail at least was underneath his clothing making it more secretive and the mail didn't rattle around loudly.

Rugal, Teri

"Now then, shall we get to the party food while there is some left?"

Teri was surprised by Rugal turning down the want to spar; but did not complain. Instead, she gave a nod and said, "Yeah, I did promise Mu- I mean, Ms. Slindis I'd take five after I was done with my tasks..."

Her hand wandered to the amulet for a moment as she said this, being reminded of the absent Archangel. Perhaps Hell was partying on account of a former agent of the Lord screwing up royally?

After that train of thought, she realized that she had trailed off, and continued, "Right, food! I wonder if they have hot fries..? Well, it doesn't really matter, I guess... I could poof some. But enough of these trifles! We must make haste, Mr. Bernstein! Our munchies depend upon it!"

Hurrying on to get the door, and Garm taking his position as seeing eye dog, Rugal and Teri began their 'epic quest' for munchies.

Rugal, Teri

Tch...Kids... Rugal thought, smirking at Teri's sudden enthusiasm for food.
The pair of them set off, soon entering the main hall where most of the party was taking place.
Rugal paused for a moment before they entered, letting go of Garm.
....Alright...Just a little bit of focus and... He said as he appeared deep in thought for a moment.
Before Teri could respond, he managed to lead the way towards the food court, using his "Energy Sense" as a kind of guide.
While it would take some getting used to, Rugal quickly found that it was viable means of replacing his sight as he effortlessly avoided several hazards and spills to reach his destination: The Sauerkraut Balls.
"Heh...Nailed it." He said smugly as he picked up a plastic plate started to search for his target with his sense of smell, not having as much success.
"....Or not..."

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

The shadow began throwing more tombstones at the Tonberry, and Ton-Ton recognized some of the names there: Ton-Ton, Jenny, Ella.

"Go on, Little Knight. Try to hit me! You'll just save me a lot of time since this shithead will be taking the damage, not me." Something about the way the Shadow held himself told Ton-Ton that it wanted him to attack the tombstones, and it might be a bad idea to do what it wanted.

Meanwhile, the other tombstones that had been destroyed converted more of the pictures into dirt, and For some reason, Devon felt off at the same tine. He couldn't quite place what it was, though.

Browning, Blade

The Vice Captain of the Hagane glared at Blade. "Never mess with a man's alcohol during a celebration." After that snap, he continued telling various stories, including one where a man tried to ram a ship that had a drill on the bow.


She felt that the party was starting to die down and walked out of the room. Although she knew that leaving Melethia be wasn't the best ides, she trusted Akane to keep an eye on her. Before Long, she met up with Rugal and Teri.

Rugal, Slindis

After some trial and error, Rugal finally found his target and munched on a Sauerkraut Ball skewered on a cocktail stick, still wondering where they got German cuisine from.
He paused as Slindis entered his sense range and turned to greet the drow.
"Good Evening...I don't know much about this organization but I do respect their skills and resources, not many people can afford to keep a station like this running, let alone a secret..." He said as he finished the one he had on his stick before using it as a toothpick.
Remembering the fact his face was covered in bandages, he added "They are just for sake of looking tidy. I'm perfectly fine otherwise. So...Tell me, after "Saving the World", What's next for you? Travel? Recreation? Training for the next conflict?" am I going to tell her?...

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

The shadow began throwing more tombstones at the Tonberry, and Ton-Ton recognized some of the names there: Ton-Ton, Jenny, Ella.

"Go on, Little Knight. Try to hit me! You'll just save me a lot of time since this shithead will be taking the damage, not me."

Ton Ton frowned, and continued dodging his way around the tombstones; still keeping his advance to the Shadow well on his priorities. As he passed around, he noticed that some of the destroyed tombstones did in fact bear their names... There was his, one with Jenny's, another with Ella's and one with Teri's.... What was going on here? This, along with the words the creature said bothered him; and he called out to Ella, "Miss; don't attack the tombstones! Something's funny bout them! You focus on getting Devon out of that there coffin in the meantime!"

Rugal | Slindis | Teri

As Rugal dug into his treat of choice, the Cleric was pleased to find that skewers of various meats were on the menu; and grabbed several for herself and her wolfy companion. Wandering back to Slindis and Rugal; the Cleric happily munched on a beef stick as her Tablet spoke for her, "Hullo, Ms. Slindis! Enjoying yourself?"

Slindis would be happy to notice that her student seemed to have finally relaxed, for once. Perhaps the task she ran off to do went well? That, and she saw how her wolf companion was already being spoiled... Didn't they tell you feeding canines table scraps led to begging?

Dani was cut out of the picture, but stella was worried. "Ok, please stop you two, that's enough." She said stepping out in the middle of the battlefield. "I don't want to see anyone get anymore hurt." She said, each side showing sides of battle.

Phoenix had regrown damaged portions with a few scratches and a large portion of Soul's deck in the graveyard.

Soul nodded. "You're a worthy fighter." he said before he reverted back to his original form and everything went back to normal, save for the wounds and scratches they each received.

Dani meanwhile had picked up a slight energy spike outside the base, but there was nothing on her scanners. Phoenix's items came, the mask and his projection suit that would make him appear normal to others.
"Soul, i'd like you on standby, Phoenix, here are your items, on the way out, have stella report anything odd outside of the base to me. That's all." she said and the items were set out before phoenix.

Stella looked at him concernedly. "You ok?" she asked him.


"Go on, Little Knight. Try to hit me! You'll just save me a lot of time since this shithead will be taking the damage, not me."

"Miss; don't attack the tombstones! Something's funny bout them! You focus on getting Devon out of that there coffin in the meantime!"

Slowly and painfully, the woman pushed herself up off the ground as she heard the Tonberry's plan. Yes. She would free Devon from his prison.

"(I should at least be able to do that. God...)" The woman paused for a moment as she remembered that saying her name could no longer cause her discomfort before her thoughts continued. "(...God... only know that that's the least that I can do for him. Even if I left him behind, I should have been honest with him about what I was doing. I owed him THAT much.)"

The Half Succubus' eyes flared for a moment as she tapped into her daemon powers and retrieved her chained kamas from her weapon wheel, a gift from the slain Not!Caim whose soul she absorbed not so long ago. Running towards the coffin, the blonde did her best to dodge the tombstones, sometimes sliding under them or rolling over them as they sped towards her until finally she had reached the coffin.

"Devon! Devon it's me! I'm gonna get you out!" She screamed as she pulled her arm back for the first strike.

A.I. Vermilion

The A.I. holographic projectors had already been fired up and the hanger doors had been sealed shut by the time Dillon arrived to great Jake and the shuttle pilot.

As the boarding ramp for the shuttle openned, the Australian Author was greeted by the familiar sight of A.I. Vermilion in her redish cloak, bowing as he stepped onto the hanger desk.

"Greetings Master Jake. The ship tells me that she is quite happy that you have returned and yearns to command the skies once again with you at her helm." The cloaked A.I. stated courteously before offering a more personal greeting; a ghostly hug.

"I believe you have know of Master Dillon." She said, gesturing towards the Airship Rising Dawn's former captain, though since Captain Rugal had allowed him access to the ship, he was technically the ranking member of the crew until Master Jake's arrival.

"Master Dillon, I took the liberty of jumping the ship to an area just outside Aperture Labs as you requested. There are currently no other members of the Rising Dawn nearby barring Master Jake here." She informed the former Captain with the same matter of fact tone that she had been using with him.

"Master Jake. I received a message from my Creator moments ago. It was addressed to you." She said as she produced a golden envelope and placed it against the Author's Compaq laptop.

Dillon nodded, he turned to Jake.
"Thank you vermillion,"
He turned to Jake.
"Well Jake knowing that I'm at Aperture I was hoping to have some heroes by my side but I guess the only backup I might be getting is you, I don't know you and you may not know me but I have my family to save. If you want to help I'd be grateful but it's your choice, I'm leaving once I get my swords.
With that Dillon headed back to the lounge and started strapping the swords to himself Dark Excalibur on the left hip, Red Fear on the right and Excalibur on his back.
He then got on the rest of his battle armour, leather gloves with a metal band hidden inside the knuckles, a prescription set of shades that would adjust to the light but conceal his eyes, a set of steel toed boots with metal plates on the front.
He headed to the Hangar he hoped Jake would agree to assist that would give him a much better chance in his assault on Aperture.

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

Since it was distracted with sending even more Tombstones Ton-Ton's way to get rid of him before he did anything else annoying, it really didn't have the time to focus on getting Ella out of the way. As she wound back for that first punch, the pictures shifted around to show Kurumu smiling in an attempt to unnerve Ella. By this point, Devon was clearly getting more sluggish in his attempts to escape. Another disturbing fact was that due to the maelstrom of tombstones, a good deal of them were crashing and colliding into the other, causing more and more pictures to shift over to soil.

"I know you two dunces were known by this fuckwit, but you don't have to be exactly like him. SO get this shit right and DIE!" As Ton-Ton was surrounded on all sides by the tombstones, Ella could see small bits of frost forming on the chain that attached the coffin to the Shadow.

Slindis, Teri, Rugal

Slindis responded to her pupil first. "I'm holding up well, although these kinds of parties all blur together after heading to so many of them. Of course, this is the first one without any Warforged here as well, but the principle is the same." Dimitri overheard the question and pulled up an image of what a Warforged was from various sources on the internet.

She then turned back to Rugal and stroked Lupito's fur with her right hand. "Well. this kind of situation pops up a good amount from what little I've seen, but I'll try to work with Teri and the others hereto keep an eye on things here. After all, from what I've seen, drow are a very rare sight here, and there's hardly any way I could smoothly integrate."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: There are no more tags!


A long sleep it was, and one of great restfulness. The magical fire that swirled about him, burning the humanity that he had sacrificed to kindle the flame, leaving nothing but the pure white ash at the base of the planted sword. This was a bonfire, and the source of all power for a Undead creature such as himself.

The fire restored his body, and the ash restored his mind. That acrid pinch of soot livened his being. His gold hair rolled down the nape of his neck and down his shoulders, which where quite well muscled from his years of survival. His skin bore smooth, as fresh as a newborn's. The Manus Catalyst lay to his side, the old wood rewound through time, and it's dark essence was still as unnerving as ever. Through two whit eyes, the Father of the Abyss looked out at his conqueror, and in fact both scorned and adored his successor. Lucieon stood up, placing each foot tentatively against the cold metal of the ship hull. His body was wreathed in robes now, a customary rebirth. In a blaze of mystic flame, those too burnt into ash, and his regular traveling clothes fell upon his once bare frame.

The blonde merchant-medicine man smiled and picked up his Catalyst before starting a slow toward the Canteen. After all, while the Undead did not indeed need to eat, there was a difference between eating for comfort and enjoyment and eating for sustenance.

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

"I know you two dunces were known by this fuckwit, but you don't have to be exactly like him. SO get this shit right and DIE!"

Ton Ton continued ducking and weaving around the tombstones; but found that with numbers, the weak could become strong. In this regard, several tombstones converged on our little Tonberry buddy and elicited a cry of pain from the creature. However, this only meant on thing. Ton Ton looked directly at his assailent, lifted his lantern and choked out,

"Sorry, proffessor, I'm afraid I don't understand the question. Everyone's Grudge!"

And the shadows from the lantern began to grow....

Slindis, Teri, Rugal

Teri nodded appreciatively at the picture that Dimitri pulled up and looked to her master again, "You traveled with a sentient golem? Sounds interesting..."

She finished off the beef skewer and began working her way on a chicken/vegetable combo skewer; and wandered to get Lupito one of his own. The wolf had worked to keep her behind safe just as much as Garm did during the battle with Shaun.


For the second time in her life, Ella prayed. She prayed that her strike would break through the clear coffin top and allow her to free the man into. She prayed that her strike didn't damage the coffin's sole occupant, the man that she was trying to save. She prayed that nothing else would go wrong and when she was done praying, she struck.

The strike was true and the Succubus put at much of her strength behind the blow as she could without wanting to strike the hostage inside the coffin.


The vibration from the strike would have caused the Kama to fall from her hand if it wasn't for the fact that there was a chain that bound the weapon to her wrist. The strike, although strong, was not enough to even scratch the surface of the coffin lid. Frustration took hold as she stuck again and again and again to no avail.

"I know you two dunces were known by this fuckwit, but you don't have to be exactly like him. SO get this shit right and DIE!"

The succubus slammed her fist against the lid of the coffin in frustration as she saw the man she loved growing weaker by the moment and lashed out at the Shadow blindly, throwing the Kama at the monster. Whether it was dumb luck or something greater, the chain held the Kama just short of the monster and the succubus watched as her Kama fell towards the ground, striking a link of chain on the way down.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen - Rising Dawn
Time: :(


The firs thing that struck Luke as he walked into the Canteen was a sudden, soul-crushing sense of loneliness. Eris was not before him, sitting cross legged with her great-sword across her lap. Her smile curved into that beautiful little red bow. LiuFang's ghost didn't flicker in and out of the light as he tried to remain enigmatic. His straw hat was gone, and so were his eastern robes and his shining katana. They had never spoken a word to him, and yet he longed to hear their voices again. To start in pantomimed conversations in the reflection of the bonfire.

They were ghosts to each other, and yet something deeper than blood bound them together. It was a strange thought indeed that he could be even more lonely as he walked free from Cataclama than he was trying to climb out of the shadows and back into the Light. Upon this thought Luke mused, obstructing the doorway as he thought. Habits one picked up in the infinite lonesome of the Dark city seemed to fade slowly when reintegrated back into society...

He was alone in a sea of souls.

The Sea of Chaos
Location: LoN's Parlor
Time: Distorted

BlackHarte | Nessaj | Red Mage

"For what reason have you taken this creature from his rightful reward and planted him in a plane that would be conducive to nothing but torture?" BlackHarte was deathly serious, his eyes told the tale of his great annoyance, and the great absence of his patience. The three men sat over a small decorated table in a small tea and coffee shop. Red Mage held tight to his cup of raspberry rum as he studied BlackHarte, who himself brooded over a thick black cup of sugared coffee.

Nessaj smiled idly at the Lord of Nightmare's as she worked behind the counter. His small china cup was filled with a fragrent eastern tea.

Red Mage answered darkly, "You know well that there are people from his world called Abysswalkers. Humans and undead that have gained the power to travel the Sea of Chaos without corruption."

BlackHarte glared ever onward, "Those who make pacts with the beasts of the Abyss, yes." He placed a hand on a fresh muffin and brought it to his mouth, gently breaking off the crumblings atop the pastry so that the baked blueberries rolled onto his tongue. Nessaj saw it fit to pick up one as well... and then slather it with honeybutter.

"Only the strongest of the Abysswalkers will make it here. I did not merely pull a single man from the realm of the Dark. All those who cross will be sent to this world," Red Mage finally divulged his work to the cause of his 'probation.'

BlackHarte was indignant, he threw the rest of his muffin at Red Mage and caught the Magician straight in the jaw. "Not to mention all of the Warriors of the Sun, Chaos Servants, Princess Guard, Darkmoon Blades, Forest Hunters, Gravelord Servants, and FUCKING STONE DRAGON COVENANT IDIOTS YOU ARE ALSO LETTING INTO THIS WORLD! ALL OF THEM COULD HAVE A COVENANT WITH THE ABYSS!"

Nessaj grunted, "Settle down, Chaos Servants not bad. Just misunderstood. They care for the Fair Lady."

"You only say that because you're a alumni of the Chaos Servants!" BlackHarte snarled back. His usual stoic and calculated nature gave away into unbridled anger and emotion unfitting of the small companion machination he once was. The power of the Stone of Dark was a scary thing indeed.

Red Mage picked up his cup and sipped a small portion from it before answering coolly, "you yourself should know first hand the power of humanity. Let them pour into this world. Maybe we will finally have something interesting happen. And given time, even the most sinful creatures can be freed from that crystalline prison."

"If I could have a word," Nessaj intervened, placing his butter-laden breakfast back onto his bread plate, "the sudden influx of Undead will require a great deal of bonfires to be lit. Not to mention sustaining such a large population that so readily require humanity, is not an undertaking that their world can handle." Nessaj finished articulating his current thoughts and resumed the buttering of his pastry.

BlackHarte sat down again and took a long drink from his coffee.

"Needless to say they will acquire a great many souls and humanity from the dying of that world. The naturally fatality rate of humans is more than enough to suffice for even the greediest of the Undead. All should be well according to my plans."

BlackHarte slammed down his mug, completely finished with his sugary beverage, "Chaos. You're betting everything that Chaos will sway the events toward your favor. Is that it?"

The Lord of Nightmares waved her hand and a crystal golem tore itself from the wall and poured BlackHarte another cup of coffee.

Red Mage interlocked his fingers and placed his chin on them while looking back at BlackHarte with all seriousness, "I do, and I respect that Chaos will do what it feels best."

The Chaos Knight grunted in agreement as he downed the buttery disasterpiece of a pastry.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen
Time: :(


How he found himself sitting at a table and chewing idly at a leg of lamb was as much a mystery of Luke as his appearance in this world. But that was of little importance. His eyes were glued to his Book of the Guilty, a roster of all the other Abysswalking Darkwraiths in the current realm. And a bit of panic rose in his chest as he watched the number climb higher. More and more were breaking through the Gate of Oblivion. And undoubtedly not only did his kindsmen reach this world, so did all of his mortal enemies.


Hadrian frowned at the empty bottle of Jagermiester that sat on the bar. With a huff, he grabbed the bottle by the neck and let what little alcohol that remained drip into his mouth. Wiping his lips, he set down the bottle and leaned an elbow on the bar, examining the various bottles that were littering the shelves.

"Hey Gabrielle, mind joining me over here?" Hadrian said out loud, addressing the Shadow Knight that sat at one of the tables behind him. He looked over his shoulder and grinned. "It's getting a bit too quiet for my liking."

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

The shadows rushed into the Shadow Devon, but it laughed as the only effect it it had on it was causing the pictures on its armor to fade away, which was clearly something the Tonberry didn't expect. At the exact same moment, a massive burst of wind raced up the chain, nearly shaking Ella off as it went inside the coffin and reduced a great number of the pictures to ash. Although the Bard did what he could to save what few pictures he could, a great amount of pain coursed through his body as he howled in agony.

"Wow, are you fucking dumb or what? I told your dumb asses at the start: you're only hurting this dumb shit! Lovely setup there, and it's basically what he's earned. Now then, class is in session, and I'm not about to stop until the lesson's pounded into your fucking skull!" The Shadow held itself in an arrogant wide open stance as more of the tombstones went at the Tonberry, aiming to get this pesky warrior dead.

Now, Ella had fully seen the incident with the chain, and if that last attack was any evidence, attacking the Shadow right now would only serve to harm the already writhing man even more. another thing of note was that it made sure to keep itself between Ton-Ton and said chain.

Slindis, Teri, Rugal

Slindis tsked a few times as her student returned with the food and fed it to Lupito. "Not Golems. Warforged. There is a very distinct difference there, Teri, in that they are just as capable of rational thought and having an independent personality or will as any other person. It would be like me stating the personality in your computer was just a drone: it would highly offend a great deal of them."

Lupito quickly snapped up the food as she continued. "Still, I see that you've been training with Rugal. Self-defense techniques, I'm guessing?"

Melethia, Akane, Gabrielle
Hearing Hadrian ask her to come over, she cupped her hands to her mouth and blew him a big wet raspberry. "Hey doggy, why dontcha come'er and party with us?"

Akane smiled at the little elf. "Ha ha ha ha ha! I do admire your enthusiasm Mele, but perhaps, the first lesson is patience. We will strike our targets one by one. First, I want you to watch this."

The Kitsune pulled out a small pouch, full of vials and herbs, something that had never failed her. She opened it and deftly drew out a small vial. Grabbing the nearly full bottle of sake on the table, she poured two drops of the liquid into it and gave it a swirl. "A favourite of mine, this is a special attack. Go find the Strider Blade, who will be nursing his own bottle of sake and shall be very hammered if my ears serve me well. Swap the bottles, bring his back to me, do not drink anything you are given or taken. I will be watching you, to see how far we can go. A test, indeed. Then I will explain what we have spiked him with, or you can wait and see for yourself."

Jake, Miss Vermillion, Dillon, Pilot
Jake marveled at the reception he got. He could only accept the hug from the AI, he felt horrible he could not return the favour.

"Thanks Miss Vermillion. Good to be back, she's my new home..." Jake said.

He read the message, and turned straight away to the pilot. "Thank you pilot. You won't need to babysit me, I'm capable enough. I do have orders for you. You are to return to the Hagane, and get two knights and a kitsune. They may be heavily drunk and/or sleeping with each other, I'll send them a message. Await them in the Hanger. Good luck and Good hunting, dismissed." Jake ordered, meeting the young man's salute before he disappeared into his ship and flew off.

He turned to Dillon. Jake saluted the man before offering his hand.

"Whilst Rugal was off the ship, I was her Acting Captain, Avatar Adventures Author Jake Dunks. Thank you for having me aboard Dillon. Hopefully we can form a dynamic team whilst I stay aboard this ship. I ain't gonna mince words, she's changed since you've been gone. Miss Vermillion here is one with the ship, and the ship herself has changed dramatically. I am happy to act as your Executive Officer, looking after the Rising Dawn whilst you go playing Hero. As for Apeture Science... I will follow you in, but it sure as shit ain't for you or your family. I have a character down there I must find and apologize to. Do we have an accord, Mr Dillon?" Jake said fiercely, the fire behind his eyes unmistakable.

He would not back down. This ship had become as much his as it was Dillon's. Time changes all.


Seeing that there was nothing that could be done for Devon, at least not by her, the Succubus launched herself off of the coffin and started running back towards Ton Ton to support time.

"Ton Ton! Cut the chain! Cut the Chain!" The Succubus screamed as she ran as quickly as her two legs could carry her, crimson bolts of energy crackling loudly as Ella's blood boiled at the thought of Devon suffering from this creature.

Even though her mind raced, she tried to keep herself calm, remembering that anything she did to the monster she might as well have done it to Devon himself.

"I've had just about enough of this." She muttered as she started whirling her Kamas' chains around her head, the ends whistling in the air.

Moments later, she released her built up energy in the form of deflection barrier that surrounded not only her but the Tonberry.

"Ton Ton. We need to get you to the chain. I need you to cut the chain and connects that monster and Devon, otherwise we're just hurting him." She said as she continued the whirl the chains around her and Ton Ton, deflecting the head stones off their course.


The engines of the airship seemed deafening to the girl as she walked through the corridors of the ship. It would have seemed that way to anyone who had spent all their life in silence, alone with just her foster father, nature and training.

Still, the girl moved as if she knew the ship intimately, turning expertly as she made her way towards the Canteen, sure that this was where she would find him.

The door to the canteen slid open easily for the girl, even if it was dead bolted, there was not one place that the girl could not go, not one door that could stop her. Looking around, she noted how empty it seemed, save for the canteen's sole occupant.

Sniffing the air, she smelled death and her acute eyesight could see that whatever it was that sat there wasn't as human as he appeared to be. This was not unexpected however. The members of the Rising Dawn were a motley conglomeration of different people and creatures. Her Foster Father had told her that there was even a daemon that served aboard the ship at one point in time.

Sitting down at a random table, she said nothing. She only silently waited for HIM to return to the ship.

Melethia, Akane, Gabrielle

Melethia nodded. "No problem, miss Akane. Easier than a salvage op!" She quickly snuck up to Blade's Bottle and swapped the drinks, then got back with little problem.

"Can ya give me a real challenge next time?" The little elf looked up at Akane as she put the bottle that Blade had been using on the table in front of the Kitsune and made a note to keep her pouch that had her potions firmly tied.


It took a few minutes, but the Pilot was able to get back to the station without an incredible amount of difficulty. He would head out to look for them, but Jake had said they would be on their way.

Hadrian, Gabrielle

Hadrian shook his head at Gabrielle, making a small dismissive wave.

"Maybe I'll take part in those little pranks some other time, but could you just join me for a moment?" He asked, tapping his glass. "I just want to talk with you for a little while. If you don't mind of course."

[quote[quote="Charity Case" post="540.101127.16706669"]

Melethia, Akane, Gabrielle
"A challenge? Well, sit still for five minutes was my first thought, but that seems mean. Very well, can you tell me the effects of alcohol? And what effects alcohol has upon most potions and other drinks?" Akane asked seriously. She placed the small vial down infront of Melethia and took the nearly empty bottle of sake, draining it.

"That vial contains a potion from ancient times. It... helps one come to terms with their inner opposite. Men become feminine, women become masculine. Differing levels of the potion have differing effects. Mix in another drug, and watch fireworks happen. Normally, half that vial would be required to make Blade change mannerisms to if her were a girl, but tonight we are experimenting with the removal of his inhibitions by alcohol. Normally, I would slip this into tea served upon greeting someone or entering their home, I do not recall giving it to someone quite so drunk before. So, we watch and wait, and look for our next target."

It took a few minutes, but the Pilot was able to get back to the station without an incredible amount of difficulty. He would head out to look for them, but Jake had said they would be on their way.

As Aftan meditated in her room, the small piece of electronics lay neatly in the collection of her gear. The message went silently missed.

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

"Right! Thanks for the cover, Miss!"

Doing his best to dodge around the tombstones, not wanting to cause anymore accidental breakage and all, Ton Ton eventually found his way to the chain; and began hacking at it with his knife, in hopes that Devon would be freed from his cruel doppelganger.

Slindis, Teri, Rugal

Lupito quickly snapped up the food as she continued. "Still, I see that you've been training with Rugal. Self-defense techniques, I'm guessing?"

The Cleric nodded, and took another bite from her skewer; her tone hinting along the edge of excitement as she continued speaking, "Close, but not quite. Mr. Bernstein taught me a move called the Reppuken. Unlike the normal method of using Ki, we figured out that using spell energy works just as well. Interestingly enough, I also found that depending upon which spell slot I dip into, it can make the attack stronger or weaker!"

Reppuken? Slindis had heard that name during her training sessions with the King of Fighters...

Shaun and Tomoya.
Location: Hikarizaka (Tomoya's home).
Time: 12Pm.

The author and creator stood at the entrance of the small Okazaki apartment. A few minutes ago Tomoya cried his eyes out once more which raised a few questions from Nagisa and Ushio. Though Shaun had solved the problem easily by saying to the two that he raised a few emotional memories and then apologized, which granted both Shaun and Tomoya and easy path past suspicion. Though Shaun had told Tomoya he should tell at least Nagisa after he leaves.

"(So Shaun this here is Fu- ... Okazaki Nagisa.)" Tomoya said but suddenly blushed as he remembered the beginning of their married life. "(Nice to meet you Shaun-san)" Nagisa said in a soft tone and bowed, Shaun did the same thing with a shy look. "(And this is Ushio.)" Tomoya said as he pointed to behind his legs where a young girl hid. Shaun smiled and held out his hand, "(Nice to meet ya, I am Shaun.)" Shaun crouched and held out his hand.

Ushio slowly approached out from Tomoya and shook the author's hand.

The family and outworlder headed inside the small apartment and the four surrounded the table. They talked for a good thirty minutes about how Shaun and Tomoya know each other, though the two boys blurred some details about the different worlds and nasty 'heroes' they met.

Once the girls left to get dinner (Shaun had rented out the apartment next door, cause he needs a holiday) Tomoya and Shaun could finally relax. "The people in that world drained the energy out of me ... and had weird names." Tomoya announced and Shaun laughed loudly.

"I know what you mean, I have a mental list."
"Try me."
"Red Mage."
"Killer Tranny."
"A good leader though I was there beside him."
"... Rugal?"
"... never say that name in this house."

A silence filled the room but the two laughed.
"But seriously do NOT mention that name ... again!"
"I have more."
"This is going to take a while." Tomoya sighed as the two began to talk for the longest while.

"That reminds me ... I have to shoot Jakeman when I get back, not to death but in his foot. Same with DC. When someone tries to kill another they must expect some form of retribution" Shaun sighed as he checked his computer watch which Tomoya gave him.

Riki and Kud
Location: New York.
Time: 2Pm

The couple had somehow managed to find a good parking spot in the New new York city. It was crowded as one would expect, tourists, workers and cars littered the street. Riki and Kud had finally arrived at Times Square and were amazed at the sites. "Wow, this is amazing!" Riki could only yell as he hated the fact that he did not have a camera on him at the moment.

"Hmm, this is awesome Riki. Now we only have to go shopping~!" Kud yelled out between the two, Riki's face drained at the word "shopping" was mentioned. "Wait, before we go." Riki said as he pulled his lover extremely close and took a photo. Riki checked the photo and smiled, "That looks nice, I can't wait till the others see it." Kud said as the two walked away to explore the city which had been destroyed many, many times by this writer.

While away Riki bought a sling bag similar to Tomoya, many clothes for their room, a computer watch similar to Tomoya and a couple of essentials. Riki counted himself lucky as he got Storm's contact number before he had left, so he could get a lift back to the Rising Dawn. Kud did the same thing, she bought a backpack, clothes, other essentials and a dog whistle.

Location: Lightning Hawk | Japan.
Time: 5Pm.

Meanwhile on Storm's end, he was in the middle of Tokyo in Japan.
He was helping Gabriel's angels as they started to repair the last part of Japan which was burned to a crisp.
The angel soldier on the ground were reviving human life and the ships were rebuilding the buildings. Storm wiped away his sweat. He had just finished pulling out some wreckage to save some people, after this rebuilding he would go back to his new ship and repair his wrecked armor which Rugal broke.

"Alpha, can I please get a report of the progress." Storm said to his AI which appeared in holographic form from his pocket.
"We have rebuilt 88 percent of Tokyo. We only have the remains of the suburb left. We're doing well though." Alpha said as she faded away.
"Back to work then!" Storm said in a happy tone as he ran to the next location.

Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape

The Tonberry found that the chain was unusually brittle even though it appeared incredibly tough. If he delivered one good strike, it was almost certain that there would be a break in the chain. A side effect of Ella's defense was that each redirection caused the tombstones to crash into each other, wearing and chipping them down.

"Do whatever you fucking want, Whorebiscuit, IT WON'T CHANGE A GODDAMNED THING! Shitheels like that Dingo Humper and his pet Anime Hot Topic Slayer get away with whatever they FUCKING WANT and still go back to their FUCKING FAMILIES even after all they did! Yet this FUCKUP can try whatever he wants and no gods or angels would stroke his nutsack and coo soothing words and say it's not going to be alright like what happened with those two! Say whatever you want, BITCH, but the only reason you even gave a damn about him was because he busted your sorry ass out of Hell! Just let me kill him so you can go do whatever you fucking want to him in hell, because we both know that's where he's going! At least he managed to not fuck up how he looks, am I right? So I'm really doing you a favor!"

Slindis, Teri, Rugal

Slindis patted Teri on the shoulder as she realized what Teri had learned. "That's fantastic, Teri! Now we just need to teach you how to use your quarterstaff without any interruptions. It doesn't seem like something that will happen tonight, but there's a great deal of things the quarterstaff can do."

Lupito looked at Rugal and got the feeling that the man had made his choice, but simply gave Rugal a look that let him know that it was better to let them know/

Melethia, Akane, Tajuh

Melethia rubbed her arm as she responded to Akane. "Well, that would be really tough... but with the alcohol involved, it either makes the potion a lot stronger or makes it act a lot weirder. It all depends on the potion involved and what the person drinking it is like."

Meanwhile, the two could see Tajuh entering the room and proceeding to drink some whiskey.


The pilot tapped his foot, waiting for the three to make their way to the Hangar.


The Author saw one single message on the computer watch when he booted it up.

I am not as forgiving as those angels. Shaun Pittman, realize that you are being heavily watched, and there will not be a second incident if you value the lives of yourself, Storm, Riki, and Kud. Do not test me.

Have a good day knowing that you are directly responsible for slaughtering two billion people.

Were anyone else to look at the screen, though, they'd see the normal boot up screen.


Rugal scoffed at the idea that Slindis wouldn't "Integrate" with society.
"I wouldn't worry about that. Think about it, all the "Super-Natural" in the world is starting to become so varied and common in everyday life, I bet that the world will be as varied as your home was. May not be Dragons walking the streets, but I bet you would find a sub-culture of sorts for beings like your self pop up before Melethia's 18th." He said, recalling data he got explaining the rise in fire-arm purchases among Xenophobes.

"As for Teri, While she lacks your natural talent for the deadly arts, A blast of Spell Energy would do much like a blast of Ki Energy. Who knows? We might see her do a Kaiser Wave in the future!" He teased, slowly twisting the knife he was digging into himself for what was going to happen when he told them the truth.


Akane and Melethia watched as Blade managed to keep the drugged bottle away from Hiryu, sparing him further embarrassment, un aware of what they were doing to him.
He knocked back the remainder of the bottle, using Absorb in order to get the bits that spilled onto his neck and chest, the tainted booze seeping into his system.
It was only a matter of time now...


Hiryu meanwhile began to stumble gleefully out of the Hagane, going off to his room in order to pass out before he did something really stupid.
Like exit though the Hagane's Hanger...
Oops, Too late as he stepped into the area, having a hard time staying upright as he did.


Unable to leave the horrible lab quick enough, Phoenix led Stella out past the remains of the former B.O.W.s, carrying the much smaller woman on his shoulder with a suitcase packed full of the disguise Dani had made for him.
He scribbled a note and gave it to Stella:
There is something about a card called "Monster Reborn" that annoys me after blasting my way 3 "Blue Eye's White Dragons" like that...

Taking the lift up from the Labs below, Phoenix's mood lifted when that Airship hovered overhead.
"{Oh thank god!} HAYYYY! LOWER TERE! (Hey! Over here!)" He shouted at the Rising Dawn, hoping to get picked up.
However, this had the effect of showing Dillon the image of a Horrible Monster roaring at the ship with Stella seemingly in his grasp.
This could only end well...

"So basically, I'm retiring from Soldiering once I'm back on the ground, Might take a long vacation..."

Fionn nodded at David's comment. "I don't blame you, after what we've seen, I'm surprised the civvies are still sane." He necked another glass of whiskey and turned to siphon some whiskey from David's 'reserves', "So, think the others will be alright after all this? I guess this what they usually deal with, yeah?" He leaned back, still contemplating the ramifications of incidents like these occurring on a regular basis. "Here's hoping we dont see another apocalypse for awhile eh?" He smirked as he raised his glass, knowing full well what David felt at this point.

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