The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Kaishihara Pharmicutical West Hallways Entrance: Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru

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Having made the most of Kalastryn's spell while it lasted, Rugal began to return to his normal size as he looked around the damage he had done, calmly fixing up his collar and suit once he was done as if nothing had happened.
"All in a day...Second we get out of here, You need to show me how to do that." He said to the Tiefling as he stepped over the broken remains of those that stood before him as he re-grouped with the others.

As he was doing that, his Persona was viciously stabbing and curb stomping on the dead and dying Shadows, mostly just to vent his own raging blood lust.
Proof of this was when Hercules plunged his claws into one that tried to crawl away before hoisting him up into the air.
The Dark Persona then tossed it at the ground at Slindis's feet before making a throat slit motion, clearly he was still bitter about how his ploy for dominance was foiled.
Though it should be noted he only did so when Rugal had his back turned...


"I'll take that a compliment, Slin. Alright guys, move it!" David ordered his group as he went to support Fuuka's team, figuring that the rest of his team was in a good spot for now.
It seemed to be a good call as him, Melethia and Angelus managed to help out the Officers against the hoard, Apollo doing his best to score as many 2-for-1 and even 3-for-1 shots as possible.
"Sweeping fire, Push them back. Fucked if I'm having another blood bath here...Long story." He said to the officers as they held the line, leaving out the part about the elevator full of blood from the last few guys.


As the battle downstairs turned in their favor, Jenny still stuck behind Devon, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg for the most part while Corvus took on the main force with the others.
While she wasn't one to aid in their offense directly, there was still the odd Reflect springing up at the last second before enemy could land a hit.
A good case of this was when Wanderer was getting too wrapped up in the Laser-O-Death show to see an incoming Shadow with a knife from behind.
Some quick thinking later, she tripped it up, causing it to faceplant and bury the knife in it's own head, resulting in it's demise, Wanderer's safety and a rather large cringe on Jenny's part.
"Oh...O-okay then..." she said as she kept close to her little group, Sure, she was no stranger to killing, but it was not something she liked doing either way.
Though Corvus meanwhile seemed rather okay with it as she swept though the hallways.


Deadshot meanwhile was retching slightly as Teri touched him...Up.
After all, he was still coated in a rather large amount of blood and as it began to dry, it only smelt worse.
"Urrrggggg, Just think of the money, just think of the money..." He thought as he realized that he missed out on most of the fight thanks to Corvus, not that it upset him much, less work for him.
"...Okay....*NOW* can we blow this place up and call it a day? Hellspawn's a pretty good sign of the guy being evil. Just saying." He panted and spitted as he walked though the fading battle, it'd be months before he'd be clean again.
His point was hammered home when he accidentally followed Mitsuru into the Main Lab, finding all the evidence that this guy was Evil and then some.
...What....The Fuck?...Even Area 69 wasn't this bad! He thought as he looked around and saw rather alien looking experiments that were worse then ACTUAL Alien experiments he glanced at back during the San Andreas gig.
"...think of the money, think of the money, think of the money..." he muttered to himself as he quickly turned around and left the lab and began making is way upstairs.

Selena | Vanessa | Violet | James
Location: Floor 69, G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Late Morning

Violet did seem a little wounded by Vanessa's choice, but he managed to shrug it off when Selena stressed the importance of getting to Icarus before he did something stupid.
"Alright, I'll send word to Edge, I'm sure he'd want to get back to Boss anyway. The Vault can wait for another time then. I'll send Icarus's location to him and get him a transport, unless he wants to hitch a ride with you. I'd go myself, but with Kazuya out, I'm kinda "In Charge" and he'd kill me if something happened on my watch. Seriously, tha-that's actually something that worries me greatly...Well Tell him I said hi!" He said to the others as he sent word of the operation to Edge.

Boss | Icarus
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Boss very quickly came to two conclusions; one, there was no County Market around for at least a hundred miles. Second, Rob had deliberately sent him right into a deathtrap, although why he would do something like that was beyond him.

"Icarus?" Boss said, as quietly as he could. "I need you to do something for me."

"Right now?" Icarus whispered, not taking his eyes off the dragon.

"No, later. Assuming that both of us live through this, if I ever mention someone named 'Rob', I want you to remind me that last time I took his advice, I ended up on a floating castle staring at a dragon the size of a mountain."

Icarus nodded as the dragon shook its mighty head.

Selena | Vanessa | James | Edge
Location: Canteen, G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Late Morning

"And welcome back to The O'Riley factor. As Fox News has been reporting on for several hours, the city of Los Angeles was recently attacked by a group of mercenaries affiliated with G-Corp. While we know the victims of the attack, the international peacekeeping group known as Desparado, the motive of this crime-"

Edge, Billy, Nicoli and Biertov were sitting in the canteen, watching television and eating. Edge had propped The Armor Breaker up against the wall behind him, and had only a cup of tea in front of him. Nicoli and Biertov had a number of Russian foods on their plates, and Billy had a little bit of a lot of things.

Nicoli shook his head. "I do not know why you would want to watch this terrible program, Billy."

Billy, who had taken off his mask now, pointed at the screen. On it was a powerful-looking man in a smart-looking suit. "That man. Senator Stephen Armstrong."

"The Senate Defense Committee-" Senator Armstrong said over the television. "-is working with the owners of the building to file warrants with several international courts to search all of G-Corps buildings-"

"He seems like good man." Biertov said, nodding. "Certainly not a man that would murder children. Or forcefully make them soldiers. Or even lie about terrorist attacks. Of the three, that last one is worst, I think."

Billy looked back over at Biertov. "I'm sure you think you're jokin', but I can tell you for a fact you're wrong. I worked for Desparado for a couple 'o months; left literally as fast as I could. We were slaughterin' unarmed civilians in Africa. And that man-" Billy pointed back at the screen. "-gave the order."

"Do you have proof of that?" Edge asked.

Billy frowned, and looked away. "I was there m'self. I saw 'im with my own eyes. But no, I don't have 'proof' in the way you're talkin' about."

Edge nodded. "So he covers his tracks. That's good to know, if nothing else."

Billy nodded. "An' he's runnin' for president of the U.S. soon. If he gets elected, the whole world is fucked."

The picture switched to a scrawny looking man in a white lab coat and green scrubs wearing very strange goggles. "So what are you going to do?"

"Stay here." Billy said. "Fight if I have to. Japan isn't such a bad place, all in all, and G-Corp hasn't done wrong by me yet."

"Da." Biertov said. "Is good plan. Not very high chance of failure."

"I know nothing of world policy." Nicoli said. "But I do know that when man with crazy goggles named Doctor Insano has become voice of reason, things have become fucked."

Edge said nothing.

"Edge?" A young, sharply dressed intern had approached the table the four of them were sitting at. "Violet had me come down here to tell you...we've...we've found..." The intern looked at the small piece of paper she was holding. "...your...current employer? In any case, I would like to state that G-Corp has limitless possibilities for a man of your skill and abilities. And you already seem to be getting along swimmingly with the staff." The young intern smiled. "Is there any way you could be persuaded to join G-Corp?"

Edge looked cluelessly at the poor intern. "I think you've got the wrong person, dear. I'm not employed by any-"

Biertov slapped the table. "I know! She is talking about your friend with strange name, Boss." Biertov turned to Billy. "You should go with Edge, scope out your perspective fuck buddy! It will be much fun!"

Edge stood up. "Let me see that." The intern, a little scared now, complied. "I'm sorry..." she began. "I just saw the word 'boss' and assumed-"

Edge looked over the paper and nodded. "No, it's fine, you did good." Grabbing The Armor Breaker as he went, Edge strode out of the canteen. "Take me up, and tell me more on the way."

Boss | Icarus | ???.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

The figures gazed toward the Dragon, a small growl came from the mountain-like Dragon, the inhuman noise became louder as the creature seemed to grow more aggressive. Almost launching an attack, a thunderous sound came from the head. Then suddenly the Dragon's head dropped quick as lightning, yet the figure on the head was not moved, in fact it looked like he was the one to stomp the Dragon. With the head on the ground, the figure got off the head, the Dragon lifting itself with a whimper.

If the two could see the small figure, it pointed at the ground, and surprisingly the Dragon simply slumped down like a dog that belonged to a family. Next second, the figure was gone, "Hello there!" A loud voice came behind them. If they turned around suddenly, the figure was actually a young man, glowing blue eyes and a aura that looked like lightning streamed from him. Yet the presence seemed overwhelming.

If anyone recognized the figure, it would be this person.

"Sorry boys, I was training my new pet ... never knew someone would come here, it is quite forgotten, especially by mortal beings." The man said with a smile, looking mostly towards Icarus. If they knew who this was, it looked like Tomoya Okazaki, the Lightning Archangel of the world. Yet he should not be here, if they had heard, he was banished back to his world for almost destroying the universe.

He should not be here.

Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

As the show was coming to a close due to the raging Armstrong and the questioning Doctor, Bill was in his infamous like state that he had done so much more. Yet one event happened that he did not count on, and it was all due to a story done by FOX News themselves. An explosive like kick came from the doors to the studio, figures dressed in black came in like if they were dripping with authority.

The truth was that they did have that kind of authority.
All of that came from the next figure who entered.

And with everything happening, his booming voice called through the studio.

"BILL, my foot is going up your ass!"

Wanderer + Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru
Location: Kaishihara Pharmicutical | Top Floor: Kaishihara's Office.

With all the adrenaline, speed, and mysterious drugs that ran through the Wanderer's body, he seemed not to fear anything. With the enemies he just breezed right through them, either shooting them himself or allowing his own Persona to shoot instead. Running with the group, Kannon was not besides the Wanderer at the moment, he wanted all the energy he wanted. "Woo, yeah!" was all he said as they marched rapidly to the office of Kaishihara.

Coming into the office, the Wanderer charged in until he came before the man.
"Mr. President, we have questions!"

It would be strange, but what made it worse was the weapon he was suddenly holding.

There was also blood on the chainsaw, so it was certainly 'used'.

Yu just stood there, his mouth agape.
"... wow."

"This ship costs approximately $20 billion to make but it was all funded by our best client. Thanks to timing, you get to meet this client in person," Ken told the "recruit". After a short walk they stopped outside a door and Matt knocked. "Come in. Hey Matt, good to see ya. Who's the tagalong?" Ken asked as they came in.

"Good to see you too. This is a recruit I picked while on that job you requested. Thought I'd show him who funds the majority of our operations," Matt as he sat down and grabbed a drink. He then secretly activated the powerful electromagnets in his feet so that he wouldn't move in case what he thought was going to happen happened.

"The name's Kenneth Black, CEO and owner of Black Industries, Inc. What's your name recruit?" Ken asked him as he held out his hand for a handshake. Knowing this was probably the person that wanted to kill him, his reflexes were at the ready.

Boss | Icarus | Tomoya.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Boss's eyebrow of confusion quickly turned to a smile of joy. "Tomoya! BUDDY!" Boss walked over to the angel and threw his arms around him like an old friend. "It's been forever, man, how've you been? Are the other guys alright?" Boss pointed a thumb at the dragon. "And how did you get fun-size here as a pet?"

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

"OH SWEET MOTHER OF SCIENCE!" Doctor Insano shouted, before falling to the ground. "I GIVE IN! I GIVE UP! I SURRENDER! JUST DON'T USE THE SEPTIC TANK ON ME AGAIN!"

O'Riley, however, was not so spineless. Pulling a shotgun out from under his desk, he shouted, "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, YOU SCUMBAG!"

"Why would you say that to him?!?" Doctor Insano asked. "You know he'll kill you! With feces! That was half of his campaign platform! Do you just not follow the news?"

Boss | Icarus | Tomoya?
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

When Boss called out his former partner's name, the man slapped his forehead instantly. "Ah fuckin' shit, I forgot again!" He said to them as he softly pushed Boss away. "Sorry to tell you Boss, Tomoya is not here, if I remember he is still banished to his own universe ... but you do know me in a way. Even your friend here knows me in a way!" He said taking steps back, the Dragon in the background glad that his 'owner' was away for now.

Taking enough steps back, it seemed that the form of Tomoya was being manipulated and changed to a whole different figure. The blue hair becoming lighter, almost white, but mostly blue. His eyes were almost completely glowing, and the biggest difference were that two big white wings formed out of lightning came from his back. "I am not Tomoya ... I am his Archangel half, I am Barakiel, the true Lightning Archangel, one of the original seven Archangels." Barakiel said with his booming voice.

"And the person who many hate because of the whole ... "Angel War" thing." His voice became softer. "But I'm only here on my holiday. Maintaining the whole intelligence network of Heaven is tiring ... well technically I'm dodging work. Also, that is Sparky in the background. The Lightning Demon Dragon Tomoya, I, and many others defeated when giant monsters attacked the Earth, I took Tomoya's form to make her ... more obedient." Barakiel said and took in a heavy breath, even that glittered with sparks..

"Man, I hate being reminded of that moment. Damn Shadow demons ... okay, if you have to shoot me, stab me, explode me or anything else, do it, I'm not going to exactly die ... also Sparky might attack, if he is a good pet that is." The Archangel gave a bad look to the distant Dragon, who immediately looked away with fear, knowing who exactly annihilated it.

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

Coming in nice and fast, The President gave a nice look to the cameras, before focusing on Bill. "Bill ... don't you do that. You should listen, to your guest." A harsh voice came from the big man himself, but all these men in black purple started to surround Bill. As they all came closer and closer, Bill decided to point his shotgun at them, but yet when he came to point it back to The President, one thing was in-front of him.

It was nothing good.
Especially on film.
And The President was about to give him a 'homerun'.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Angel War? Boss thought. How did I miss that?

"No one is going to be doing any shooting, stabbing, exploding, bludgeoning, capping, hacking, smacking, mind-nuking or anything like that." Boss said. "Not while I'm around."

Boss turned to Icarus. "Do you know anything about this 'angel war?'"

Icarus shook his head. "No, not really. It was before my time."

"...really? I just kina..." Boss shook his head and turned to Barakiel. "Tomoya; I wasn't here for the Angel Wars. Would you mind filling me in?"

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano | The Fox News Posse
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

As Mr. President hovered over Bill with The Doctor Manhattan, he was oblivious to a large group of robed figures approaching the presidential caravan. The other members of the caravan, however, were not so oblivious. One of the soldiers gestured, and him and three others took defensive position against the robed figures. "YOU! IN THE ROBES! FREE-"

The lead robed figure waved his hand; all four of the soldiers that had taken point, as well as twenty other soldiers and two cars, went flying to the side.

"Mr. President!" the lead robed figure shouted. His voice was cold, raspy, and ferocious. "It's about time we met face to face."

All at once, the robed figures pulled back their hoods, revealing themselves to be-







And leading the group, the most powerful, and currently ranked at eighth most evil man walking the earth...RUPERT MURDOCH!

"You may be powerful, Mr. President," Rupert Murdoch said. "...but nothing on earth is as powerful as The Murdoch Empire."

A dead silence fell over the studio. Mr. President and his force were powerful indeed, but if there was any force in heaven above, hell below, anything in the seas or the earth or the skies that could match him blow for blow, it was News Corporation and their stupid.

"Why are you wearing robes?" Dr. Insano asked.

The group was taken aback. "It's chilly out!" Sean Hanity shouted.

"No it isn't! It's ninety degrees out! We're in the middle of one of the worst heat waves-"

"No we're not!" Hannity shouted. "That's just what the Global Warming Mafia wants you to think!"

"Global wa...Oh no you didn't." Doctor Insano stood up and saluted the president. "Mr. President! I'm usually affiliated with the INSANO party, but a man of knowledge such as myself cannot let such an affront to SCIENCE go unpunished! Let me join you in beating these clowns within an inch of their miserable lives! WITH SCIENCE!"

Kazuya | Matt Hargreave | Kenneth Black
Location: Hargreave's Airship
Time: Morning

And there he was, the one that caused so much damage what felt like so long ago, Standing right in front of Kazuya.
He willingly accepted the Handshake before firmly gripping on it and saying "Names are for friends, so I don't need one."
Before anything else could be done or said, he then grabbed Kenneth by the neck and eye lasered his target in the face.


Boss | Icarus | Tomoya?
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Boss was a bit surprised but he suddenly looked and saw Icarus was looking at The Archangel, black lightning was coursing through his fingers
"Icarus wait don't-" suddenly a bolt was aimed directly at Barakiel, but surprisingly Barakiel didn't seem to be harmed by the attack as it continued, a streaming arc of electricity, Barakiel aimed his own at Icarus, what Boss didn't know was that these were not attacks they were actually communicating.
I know of you but you do not know me, My father knew your other half he told me he was a good friend, and very loyal he was saddened when he learned he was banished. You know this lightning is familiar its your lightning a spark inside my father remained and It went into his children, but something else is inside me you can sense it can't you?

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

Armstrong was in awe of the sight in front of him as the President of the United States and a random Evil Scientist began to fight all the big names at Fox News with...Feces and Dildo bats...
"...To any viewers still with us, remember when the news was treated with respect and dignity? I do. My Name is Steven Armstrong and I urge all our viewers at home: Don't let this become the legacy we leave for our children. Fighting Credible Journalists with human waste and...something I can't describe in this time-slot. Vote Armstrong, keeping War off our Shores." He spoke over the battle before he had his feed cut.
But as he watched the scene on Fox from his office in Denver, he couldn't help but smile.
"Heh, at this rate, I won't need to do anything except fund raise..." He smugly said to himself as he lit up a cigar and enjoyed the show, even if the President won today, there was no way that his polling could ever recover from a scene like that.
"Someone hit record on this, I want this for the attack ads at the NFL timeslot...And get me some popcorn..."

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Boss stood horrified as the two angels attacked each other. Why did I tell them I wasn't going to mind-blast them? he thought. What do I do now?...

Desperate to stop the two, Boss jumped between them, trying to deflect their attacks away from one another. Lightning crackled around him in a sphere; he was quickly thrown backwards and skidded along the ground. Lacking other options, Boss decided to just knock the ground out from under Icarus; but between his still-fresh injuries from the battle with Darkside, and his own panic, when he waved his hand, the entire part of the castle that Icarus was standing on was cut off of the castle proper, and fell to the ground. ...well Boss thought. Better just roll with that.

Boss walked over to the new lip of the castle. "I should not have had to explicitly add 'shocking' to the list of prohibited behaviors..." Boss shouted "...but for the sake of clarity shocking is on the list of prohibited behaviors. I don't have any problem with you, but Toyoma over here is a friend of mine. If you're going to pick a fight with him, you're going to pick a fight with me." Boss pointed to the dragon. "And that's not to mention half-pint over there. Can you take him? I think I could if it came down to it, but I'm not so sure about you."

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

Listening to the conversation, The President was right next to Bill holding the giant blue phallic shaped bat next to him. Dr.Insano wanted to fight as well, just after the News Corporation revealed themselves. It made everything only more better for The President. Taking the situation into his own hands, he had already swung the bat smashing Bill O' right in the head, this made the man fly behind his desk and into a wall, probably more embarrassed than hurt.

"Take a Dubstep Gun." He said to the Doctor. Suddenly one of the President guards slid a giant case towards Dr.Insano, when he opened it, the rumors suddenly became true, The President WAS making dubstep warfare a real thing. It was the dubstep gun! Meanwhile The President turned to the News Group with his floppy penis bat, "Oh Rupert ... I've finally drawn you out. How shall we settle this?" The President said with a charismatic smile.

"This happened because you're still angry about that first incident. The time where I was not President and marched in here because I couldn't get a chocolate milkshake at the local Freckle Bitches![1]" The President announced, and by this time, the video feed to the studio was cut. The people at home did not need to see all of this.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Confused at what Boss just did, Barakiel smiled and shrugged. "That was not an attack ... but communication between our elements." He said with a chuckle, the thing that these mortals do that just charm him. Walking to Boss he looked over him, electricity came off from his skin, no, it was like his skin was electricity. It slivered off the Archangel's hand and onto boss, it coiled up him, but yet it did not hurt at all, in fact it felt nice.

The most surprising fact was that it started to heal his injuries. "Only talking, also I'm not Tomoya any more, we were separated during those wars. He lives his happy life in his universe, so do not worry." Barakiel said in a calm tone as the electricity faded away to reveal no injuries. The Archangel turned to Icarus, his eyes still glowing faintly. "You don't need to do that, indeed it is familiar, but it is a far familiar, I myself have lived many thousand years. I know a lot, I know almost too much, I knew about my own torture yet I could not do anything." The Archangel started to cringe about the part of Rugal torturing them.

"But I cannot interferer with anything, the last time I did that ... those wars happened. I can tell you to live your life, but just know that there will be people for you ... but what they will do is weighed on you, little one."

Looking back to Boss, he remembered his question. "Too much happened, and I do not want to taint the image of him, but if you want the truth, I can give it to you."

The Archangel's face looked like a mortal feeling, fear, an Archangel feared. It's connection to his former partner is strong enough to make a strong enough bond to worry him, even though the Archangel of Lightning, lightning incarnate lived in the world far enough.

[1] Yeah, this some backstory

Ken's head fell forward, smoking rising up from his face. Kazuya held Ken's head up to inspect the damage when his eyes snapped open, glowing bright red with the power of a sun behind them. Suddenly Kazuya felt he couldn't move as his body was locked in place by a plasma forcefield. Ken took this opportunity to remove the balaclava that Kazuya was wearing, revealing his identity.

"Kazuya Mishima, CEO of G-Corp if I remember correctly. How's that teleportation thing coming along? You know my company already has teleportation nailed down. We're even building teleportation hubs in every major city on the planet for public use. Enough about that, I want to kill you in a fight but there's no room here. I know, let's take this outside," Ken said with an evil smile.

Ken proceeded to melt a hole in the wall and he and Kazuya were sucked outside and falling towards the ocean. While Kazuya could move again he saw that Ken had surrounded himself in a giant orb of plasma that quickly took on a humanoid shape about 20ft tall. "Let's fight!", Ken shouted at him with a crazy slasher smile. Meanwhile Matt ordered the helicarrier to cloak and move far away from their current position.[1]

[1] Don't know if controlling Kazuya that much is out of line but I wanted to get that out of the way as fast as possible

Kazuya | Matt Hargreave | Kenneth Black
Location: Hargreave's Airship
Time: Morning

I know this was going too well... Kazuya thought as he was in freefall over the ocean, this entire operation was going south in a hurry.
Needless to say, the fact that Ken had caught onto him and was now engaging him in battle while Matt fled the scene, either Matt was in on it or he was too much of a coward to fight, either way, Kazuya made a note to cancel that payment.
"I don't fight. I kill." He boasted as he began to get engulfed in a dark aura as his body began to mutate as he entered his Devil Form.
With his wings unfolding, he began to charge at Ken, firing off more laser bursts as he did.

The plasma giant effortlessly avoided the lasers showing that it could move fast for something so big. The giant retaliated by firing a massive gamma ray burst from its hand at Kazuya. The hands of the giant also got whiter as they got denser and would feel like getting hit by a mountain.


Matt made his way through the ship and found his second-in-command. "I want a status report on our secret project," Matt told him. "We are currently at 70% and will be finished within two months. The guards at the entrance have killed two separate people with false papers. One was driving a big rig full of soldiers that was quickly destroyed before they could attack," the second-in-command explained."Good, double security. We might be getting more activity in the coming months," Matt told him.

Kazuya | Kenneth Black
Location: Ocean Airspace
Time: Morning

The Gamma ray burst was avoided as Kazuya let himself descend to around sea level as he glided above the water, still firing off laser bursts as he tried to figure out a way out of this situation.
Grrrrr...Never a vial of T-Minus when you need it... He thought as he kept avoiding blasts and fists.

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano | The Fox News Posse
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

"Oh hell the fuck yes!" Insano said. "Geneva be damned; I've always wanted one of these!"

"I ain't a big fan of Geneva, either." Mr. President said. "Are y' ready?"


"You fool!" Murdoch spat. "Do you think that any of this is not by my design? I was my plan all along that you would come here, on this day, as your troubled presidency comes to a that I may finish you off myself..." Murdoch-and the rest of the Fox News Possee- pulled red lightsabers out of their robes. "...once and for all."

"But..." Megan said. "I thought that we were here to do a round table discussion after ice cream..."

"SILENCE!" Murdoch shouted. "That, too, was part of my plan!"

"Hate ta ruin you're plan..." Mr. President said. "But ya wouldn't be the first old man I've beaten to death with a dildo. HAVE AT THE, FUCK!"

Just as the two mobs met, there was a flash of light, and...


"HO HO HO HO!" Santa Christ said, walking into the middle of the battle. "Greetings my chilren! And what are we up to today?"

"Those ass-fucks were going to attempt to brutally assault the president with lightsabers!" Mr. President said. "Granted, they were bound to fail, but it's the thought that counts, right?"

"Indeed it is." Santa Christ said, jiggling his belly. "Now evil Fox News possee, it's very naughty to try and assault the president. What do you have to say for yourselves?"

"I wasn't trying to assault him," Murdoch said. "I was trying to kill him! I mean, look at him! He's a gangster and a thug! It was even part of his campaign slogan!"

"Third Street Saints for life, motherfucker."

"Exactly!" Murdoch said. "My point is he is less fit to be President than any bum I could pluck up off the street. And I'd know; where do you think I found Mitt Romney? Am I supposed to just let this go unfought?"

"Now now, Murdoch..." Santa Christ said. "He was still elected President of the United States by a wide margin, even regarding how terrible his speeches were."

"Bitches love the purple."

"Exactly! Bitches love the-" Santa Christ scowled at Mr. President, then turned back to the Fox News Possee "...anyway, look at you! You, who claim to be the most American of Americans! The most loyal and stalwart of Americans! Do you just not know what the word 'loyalty' means?"

"...I can't read..." Hannity admitted.

"Don't worry..." Megan said, patting him on the back. "I can't either."

"And I'm Australian." Murdoch said. "I have no loyalty to this country. My only loyalty is to PinkHealthbud."

Insano, in the back, laughed. "Hey, I got that joke!"

"What are you doing back there?"

"Fixing the video feed, why?"

"...anyway..." Santa Christ said. "Quite a lot, actually. But the rest of you! Ask yourselves this; if it were a possee of MSNBC newscasters attacking the president, wouldn't they be treasonous bastards?"

"OH MY GOD HE'S RIGHT!" John Stossel shouted.

"See, he knows what I'm talking about." Santa Christ said. "Now let's all put this aside and hand out some presents! Mr. President! Here's one for you!"

The President opened his president, a long, thin package. "A special edition Christmas Skin Dildo Bat? They only made 50 of these! You're the best homeboy ever, Santa Christ! Definately better than Pierce; motherfucker always be changing the station. Fuck Pierce, he's a bitch."

"Ho, ho, ho, ho!" Santa Christ said. "I do what I can."

Murdoch stepped forward sheepishly. "Do I get a present, Santa Christ?"

"Oh, well let me see..." Santa Christ said, pulling out a large scroll. "Not there, not there...AH! There you are! Number 8 on my naughty list!" Santa Christ nodded. "You're right under Vladmir Putin! Oh, hey, he's moved up a little bit! Good for him! In fact..." Santa Christ said. "ALL of you are on my naughty list! Except Mr. President, over here."

"What the fuck?" Doctor Insano shouted. "I haven't tried to kill anyone all year, not even that imbecile Spoony!"

"Yes, but you still did fix that Jaguar CD for him."


"I don't care!" Santa Christ said. "It was still one of the naughtiest things I've ever seen!"

Insano tried to come up with a response, but ended up just stuttering.

"Don't worry, Insano." The President said. "You can keep the Dubstep Blaster. My treat."

" you mean it?"

"Have I ever said anything I haven't meant?"

"...not that I can recall..." Spoony said, trudging back to the control panel.

"HO HO HO HO!" Santa Christ said. "Well, if everything's settled, I've gotta go get all these adorable puppies to a no-kill-"


Santa Christ's smile slowly faded from his face as he and everyone else realized what had just happened.

"Always wanted to kill Santa Christ." Ollie North said. "Uppity bastard thinks he's better than everyone else."

"Alrighty, video feed is fixed, what nNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-"

Ollie shot Santa Christ six more times before he fell to the ground.



Selena | Vanessa | James | Edge
Location: Just outside G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Late Morning

Selena had been waiting but as she saw the Giant dragon and some sort of angel she was happy for the support. Edge and some Strange man was following him, asking him odd questions about someone called Boss. She sighed and the strange man was eyeing her especially her legs. she then started to take off, she saw a few other people getting into a large helicopter, she gestured for them to follow her. She used her crystal ball and the scepter, somehow she could use the black scepter to get a direction of Icarus. They were moving fast, fast as Selena's broom could manage it was magically enhacned but a skirt and blouse weren't super aerodynamic.
"We may have to be cautious Icarus may think we plan to attack him so we'll have to be gentle, if he thinks we're coming to capture or harm him, he'll turn very aggressive and you saw how dangerous he can be" she was speaking over a basic headset communicator, she was broadcasting the message to Edge she hoped the ninja whom she saw the two fighting Darkside together.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Icarus and Barakiel concluded their silent communication, Icarus turned his cloak flaring out in quite a Garish manner, he sat on a ledge looking out at the many clouds turning to storms nearby.
"Mister Boss, do you ever think that maybe, maybe sometimes some sort of deity spits on you, because he's bored? because he has nothing better to do. Sometimes I get that feeling and I don't know if there's anything I can do about that."

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Boss scratched his head. "Not...not really." he said. "No. I mean, I've had strings of bad luck before, but never anything so bad that I'm like, 'Oh, God himself is spitting on be because I've failed to meet his bewildering expectations!' And truth be told, even if that were to happen, I'd probably find God and piledrive him into a black hole. Especially if he was doing it because he was bored. I mean, who the fuck does that?"

Boss turned to Barakiel. "No offense to you, buddy."

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano | The Fox News Posse
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

The world went in slow motion for Mr. President as Santa Christ was shot. All eyes were on the jolly man as he started his decent to the ground. By the time of the thump of the corpse, Mr. President was already in a enraged state. Next thing that Ollie North felt was the nob of a rubber penis against his forehead, the Christmas special Penetrator smacked the military man in the face, allowing him to fall to the ground ... also in embarrassment.

"Nooooooooooooooooo!" Mr. President yelled as he could, the studio was filled with his voice. Dropping the penis he ran to Santa Christ's side. "Santa Christ, Santa Christ! Please don't go!" Mr. President said with tears welling in his eyes. Everyone at home was witnessing this horrible event. Children were crying, and even their parents had tears welling up, each of their minds were processing that FOX News was a horrible corporation.

The Men in purple surrounded the Fox News Posse with maximum aggressiveness. Each of them were tackled with angry passion, some were even beaten up for a second. Bill who had just got up surrendered himself immediately as he saw the dead figure.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

"That wasn't needed ... especially since when some people call me "The Archangel of Luck" as well." Barakiel said with a smile but shrugged. Feeling the atmosphere around the two, the Archangel turned into a electric like substance which crawled to the ledge as well, easily forming back into the human form. "I doubt that though little one, God is complex, even complex enough to make us confused. To work life out is impossible, it is an impossible system that no know can find out about ... but if people do get the worst of it, I'm going to say it has to be for a reason." Barakiel said but got frustrated instantly.

"Ahh, it is impossible to put it into words! I wasn't made to talk about how life works, I'm here to control my elements." He said finally before going quiet, gazing over the atmosphere which was still stormy like. The giant Dragon in the background was beginning to fall asleep. "Anyway ... why are you guys out there?" He said trying to make conversation, hoping to not be dragged back to his job to be spoiled about this question.

Ken was getting bored chasing Kazuya so he sped up, formed a giant club in the plasma giant's hand, made it as dense as he could get and started swinging at Kazuya as fast as he could.

Vanessa | James | Violet
Location: Floor 69 Lab, G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Late Morning

As Selena had moved off to search for this 'Icarus', Vanessa finished off her food and sighed a bit as she noticed James being too busy speaking with Violet to notice her waving. Hearing about Edge, she tilted her head a bit. Ah right... He helped me out over there. I never did get to finish talking to him, but I guess now isn't the time for that... She leaned back onto a chair and pulled out her PDA, starting to play a game on it to pass the time. As such, she wasn't able to pick up on Selena's message as it was broadcast.

Kazuya | Kenneth Black
Location: Ocean Airspace
Time: Morning

Needless to say, this entire plan was going so much better before Ken knew he was coming, Kazuya was still trying to figure out how he knew, Matt most likely.
Still, he did his best to avoid the massive plasma fists as he flew over the sea, only to get swatted into the water by the massive club he had made.
It took a while before he was able to process the fact he was in the water and quickly began to swim for the surface, firing another laser blast or two as he did.
"You think you can kill me?! YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL KAZUYA MISHIMA?!" He roared demonically as his enemy had him on the ropes.

Ken was waiting for Kazuya when he surfaced and quickly trapped him in a bubble of plasma. "It is the bottom of the 9th with the score tied at 3 runs as Allen Craig steps up to the batter's box. A home run would win it for St. Louis," Ken said as the giant lightly tossed the ball up in the air a few times. The club that the giant was holding transformed into a baseball bat.

"Pitcher winds up for a fast ball," Ken as the giant tossed high up in air and quickly got into a batting stance. When the ball had fallen to the right height, the giant swung the bat hard. "A pitch straight down the middle. Allen Craig hits the ball...AND THAT'S A HOME RUN! THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS WIN THE GAME 4 TO 3! We will see you tomorrow," Ken said as the ball, with Kazuya inside, rocketed off into the distance. "Sucker must be going at least Mach 3 or something," Ken said as flew off to his base. The bubble around would last for about a minute before fully dissipating, giving Ken plenty of time to vacate the area.

Location: Ocean Island
Time: Morning

Whatever happened to Kazuya after Ken sent him packing was anyone's guess, because he certainly didn't know.
By the time he woke up, he was laying face down on a sandy beach, pain shooting all over his body as he tried to pick himself up.
His wings were bent from when he bounced against the water, one of his arms was completely limp and the rest of his body was bruised and cut from the rough landing.
But the worst pain of all was to his ego, Kenneth fucking Black and he let him escape. Alive!
Thus he did the only thing he could do and merely rolled on his back as he attempted to regain his strength.

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano | The Fox News Posse | SANTA CHRIST!
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

The President rose up, grasping his super-special-Cristmas dildo bat as he did. "I'm gonna make ALL of you suffer!" he shouted. And then he dropped the bat. "But not like this. None of you bastards are worthy of a Presidential beatdown, and Santa Christ deserves more respect than this. We're gonna give you the whole fucking works, Miranda rights, trial by jury, and the best public defenders we can find. You're gonna get put away for a long time, and there isn't going to be a damn thing you can do about it."

Rupert Murdoch laughed. "There isn't a jury on earth I can't just buy! I'll be scoff-free by this time next week!"

"LIKE HELL!" Doctor Insano shouted. "You just tried to kill The President; that's fucking treason! If he wanted, The President could seize everything you own!"

"No he can't!" Sean Hannity said. "That's unconstitutional!"

"Actually..." Doctor Insano said. "The government has the right to seize any assets used in the facilitation of a crime, including property, large sums of cash, and even domain names. Now, proving what you did and didn't use in committing treason will be tricky, but it's a fair bet that you at least used the Fox News network to facilitate your crimes, being as all your cohorts work there."

"No...NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Murdoch screamed to the heavens as he was taken away.

"Suck on THAT, Murdoch!" Doctor Insano said.

Santa Christ coughed. "Mr...Mr. President..."

The President ran back over to Santa Christ's side. "Save your strength, Santa Christ, you need to live through this!"

"No, I..." Santa Christ coughed. "I need you to know something, Mr. President. I voted for you. I believe in you."

The President nodded, trying as hard as he could to hold back tears. "You have no idea how happy that makes me, Santa Christ. If you weren't literally dying in my arms, this would be the happiest day of my life right here."

"...and...and I need you to do something for me..." Santa Christ said. "Promise meeeeee...."

"Anything, Santa Christ, fucking anything. You want me to make it Christmas every day? Done. You want me to wipe Michigan off the face of the map? Done. You want me to fly to a fuckin' star billions of miles away? I've got a spaceship, I can do that shit."

"Promise'll bring children..."

The President nodded, unable to hold back his tears anymore. "I will, Santa Christ. I'll fill all the children with so much fuckin' joy they won't know what to do with it!"

"Good..." Santa Christ said. "That's all...I ever...wanted..."

"For you, Santa Christ..." The President said. "I will become...BOSS CHRI-"

"NO! No, no, no, no..." Santa Christ said. "Don't...don't do that."

"...can I be Santa Boss?"


"Can I be Insano Christ?"

"NO!" Santa Christ shouted. "Why would you even ask that?"

"...I just wanted to be loved..."

By now, paramedics had arrived and were loading Santa Christ onto a stretcher. "Just...just bring joy to children. Don't use my name, and bring joy to children."

The President nodded. "For you, Santa Christ! You're the best homeboy ever!"

"DON'T USE MY NAME!" Santa Christ shouted as the ambulence doors closed.


Vanessa | James | Violet
Location: Floor 69 Lab, G-corp, Tokyo, Japan.
Time: Late Morning

They were soon approaching the forest that Selena had determined they must be hiding they could see in the distance a black floating castle and a giant dragon.
"We'll be there soon we may want to be careful we don't want them to think we're a threat I can count at least two Angels, Icarus is there and something very powerful is close to him. The scepter started to get hot, She wasnt sure about the dragon that was sitting patiently.
"Avoid the Dragon, it seems to be passive."

Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Icarus saw in the distance a large helicopter. He suddenly get another feeling of sickness and retched. he shook his head.
"Urgh oh goddess my head feels like its in a vice." he
"S-sorry, I was hiding, I made a small home for myself when Boss came in, by the way umm we should be expecting company by that I mean you should." he started to leave Boss grabbed his shoulder
"are you planning on running?"
"More like I need somewhere I'm not going to throw up." he shrugged Boss off with his wing and ran to a lower level.

Kaishihara Pharmicutical West Hallways Entrance: Rising Dawn Crew + Yu Narukami + Mitsuru

Kaishihara Pharmaceutical: Top Floor: Kaishihara's Office

Mood Music

Kaishihara's question brought a rather blunt response from Slindis, who at this point was rather tired of all the nonsense. "You know who we are, and you know why we're here. I don't take you for a fool, and to be honest I'm not having any of your formalities." The glare Rugal's Shadow gave her was a bit troubling, but her top priority was getting this over and done with.

Devon and Ella were both a bit shocked by the bluntness, since it wasn't what they would have normally expected from the normally calm paladin. Still, they knew enough to understand that this man would probably lie out of his teeth if he was given a lot of wiggle room.

Finally, Melethia took a look at the room for hidden traps as she knew that Shadows weren't the only thing that could hurt them here...

As the group was on the way up to Kaishihara's office, Kala responded to Rugal's request with. "Magic is a hard thing to learn. That one was a fairly basic ranked spell, but... well, it can take college level amounts of studying to master." she said, then actually remembering how easy it was for her to learn. She started by awakening to magic abilities, and then furthered it through study. If everyone here was capable of using persona... (Eh, who am I convincing. Rugal isn't stupid. He'd be a much easier "student" than the idiot covered in blood over there.) she thought glancing to Deadshot. (Eh I guess I could give the whole teaching thing a shot.) She resolved.

"Though I guess if you really wanted to learn the basics... I'd let you take a look through my spellbook sometime."

fast forward to the office

Slindis's bluntness came as a slightly lessened surprise than the others experienced. A surprise nonetheless. Slindis certainly wasn't the type to charge in without asking questions. Then again, being swarmed with shadows just a floor or two down... there really wasn't a point in negotiating anything. Deciding to let the others do what little talking could be left, she kept a tight grip on the sword at her hips.

Kaishihara Pharmaceutical: Top Floor: Kaishihara's Office

Mood Music

"You know who we are, and you know why we're here. I don't take you for a fool, and to be honest I'm not having any of your formalities."

With Wanderer's Chainsaw at his neck, and Slindis making it clear that no nonsense was to be had, the businessman in the chair could see that there wasn't much point in trying to worm his way out of this one. With a savage grin appearing on his face, Kaishihara looked to the party, "Well then, I suppose there is no more point hiding it anymore. Still, wouldn't it have been great if you came all this way, only for me to point you in the wrong direction? I mean, come on, with what I've seen from you sorry sacks, you can barely make your way out of a paper bag without getting angry, crying, or getting one another killed!"

He snickered, and the lights in the room begin to flicker, creating the effect of the shadows cast to move and shift. Melethia and Kalastryn (seeing as they were on high alert about the room rather than it's occupant) noticed this small change in landscape for a moment, before Kaishihara called their attention again, "I mean, I've been keeping an eye on the whole lot of you ever since I noticed Philemon did SOMETHING to the borders of our little realm several weeks ago! (A point in time that Yu remembered hearing from Mitsuru and Fuuka about the visions in the first place) What he sees in all of you, I've no idea. None of you are special. You're a bunch of freaks who happened to get some form of power in one way or another. Be it through praying enough, pumping enough iron, messing with science, fucking a dragon, having enough guns to constitute a small armory, or whatever else; you gathered together and thought- had the audacity- to think any of you make a difference. The moment you drop dead, you'll be forgotten. Your efforts will be thought of as insubordination or arrogance. Your kind will destroy themselves, and I will sit here and laugh while you put yourselves under."

Ton Ton pointed his small knife at Kaishihara (despite sitting on Devon's shoulder) and demanded, "How do you know so much? And what makes you think that you know everything about how people and the world works?"

Not minding the chainsaw at his throat, Kaishihara began shaking with more laughter, holding his sides as his honey colored eyes began to glow faintly in the gloom, a strange aura beginning to manifest on the man's shoulders, "How do I know? Oh, isn't it obvious?"

Kaishihara's face began melting away, his body following short after, and reappeared as the ginger haired man from the beef bowl store[1], sunglasses and hoodie bearing Walter o'Dim[2], pudgey Nise Mono, and the Owner of Club Escapade. Between these shifts, each had one shared feature: A pair of honey colored eyes.

"I've been watching all of you this whole time. I am the whom has over 1000 avatars and faces, and through them, I could see your every move; and I watched with amusement.
As for how I know about your ilk? Why, I am the darkness in the soul, the incarnation of your desires for hatred and destruction. I know what each of you truly want. How do I know? Because I. AM. ALL. OF. YOU."

"Kaishihara"'s face shifted between each member of the party as he punctuated this, and the darkness covering him overcame him again, enveloping the "business man" and spreading to the floor and the walls of the room, the colors beginning to invert and change as the true nature of this complex was revealed, as the walls seemed to peel away and reveal a new landscape.

Mood Music 2.0

The true mastermind arose from the ground, his black murk and mire sliding off his true form as he declared his nature: "I am Nyarlatothep, The Crawling Chaos. I know your desires. I know your hidden wants. Deep down, in all of you, is the desire for release. I will grant this wish by sending you to Nyx[3] myself."

[1] He was also on the scene when the shootout almost started in the candy store. He talked to Deadshot and Akane about seeing a grandmother
[2] From the flower store? he sniffed Rugal
[3] The Avatar of Death itself in this series. Think of the Reaper from earlier as simply that: The Reaper.

As the room changed into some nightmarish, hellish landscape, Kala could have been confused that she already died. Seeing the monster in front of her, and her friends around her, ground that thought to dust. She wasn't going down easy. Whether out of theatrics or resolution, she spoke to "Nyarlatothep" "I know what it feels like to want to die. I desired it once, but no more. I've fought before, with the faint wish to have my opponent the victor. I can understand the appeal of casting this world's cares away. Then I learned that it's complete BULLSHIT to waste the life you have on wanting to get rid of it! If you even so much as think you know what I "really want" is to die, then you don't know me at all. You seem so high and mighty but if your anything like me, as you so claim, you wouldn't be such a damn zealot! If you were me, you'd have the humility I do, understanding that no matter what you do, the worst is going to happen. I'm okay with that now, my question is... ARE YOU?!" she said, taking the first move.

Kala summons Demi to cast lightning bolt!

(provided he's not immune to electricity at the moment, does 47 damage)

Lost in Nightmares: Rising Dawn Crew Feat. Yu Narukami Vs. Nyarlatothep


Needless to say, the idea that the one they had been searching for was right in front of them the whole time was rather infuriating to Rugal, seeing how he actually killed one of his incarnations. (Mr. Skin)
"If you truly know my desires, then surely you can see where this is going..." he boasted as he brought up his own Tarot card, shredding it to unleash his Persona once the room had distorted.
While his persona was making his usual entrance (I.E. Clawing though the floor), He went head first into the fight, vaulting over the remains of the table before leaping off it and Striking with a Ki powered fist.


"For once, can't the CEO guy just be that? A guy in a suit?!" David cringed as he realized that they were about to face the one forced Philemon's hand straight on.
This wasn't part of the plan! He thought it was just about stopping some loyalist or something, not some nightmarish freak of...SHIT!
Alright calm down, we've killed Satan before...kinda...maybe...Yeah, I got this, I got this... He told himself as he looked at the dozens of faces before him that made up Nyarlatothep's form.
After all, he's just-...Faces...and Faces...have Heads...Holy shit...
With renewed glee, he pulled out his M500 as he took aim at the faces, quickly firing a shot at one and moving to another just as fast in hopes for getting as many as possible before he had to share with Apollo, Deadshot and [Null]


While at first, Jenny was going to go back to her usual routine of waiting in the wings and passively supporting the crew in battle, but there was something about this villain said that seemed to spark something in her.
"...A "Freak"?..." She repeated, letting out an exasperated sigh at that comment, granted she wasn't "Normal", being a Pokemon and all, but there was something about the way Nyarlatothep said that which rubbed her up the wrong way.
"...Alright...I'm not one for violence...but...You just made it really easy for me..." She calmly said as Corvus was about to enter battle, only for Jenny to halt her and swipe her staff.
"You'll pay for what happened to Jake..." She warned before rushing into battle, holding one hand to her head to send off Psychic blasts at the enemy.


"...told you we should have bombed it..." Deadshot mused as he watched the CEO they were about to rob ("That's what we were doing, right?") turned into something that looked like "The Persistence of Memory" crossed with millions of Guy Fawkes.
"...Mmmm...I'm getting the fuck out of here. Good luck kids!" He said before looking for the nearest exit, he was being paid to find the source of the virus and deal with it, not fight Philemon's mortal enemy for him.
This was until [Null], his Persona was brought out and began pulling him back into the fray by the collar.
"OH DUDE COME ON! I WAS GOING TO COVER THE EXITS! MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T CALL ANY MINIONS! HONEST!" He whined as his Persona opened fire, Ice shots impacting against the enemy while his master flailed behind him

Bill O'| Mr. President | Senator Armstrong | Dr. Insano | The Fox News Posse | SANTA CHRIST!
Location: The O'Riley factor | FOX News.
Time: Morning

And so Santa Christ was taken away, not knowing his fate The President of the United States gave a respectful salute with a tear in his eye. Looking towards the Men in Purple, the Commander-in-Chief gave them a stern look, a look which was filled of a large sense of justice and disappointment. "I never expected anyone to shoot Santa Christ, not even someone like you guys. It ... it is just disappointing, I don't want to see you again. Take them away boys."

After The President spoke, the FOX News group was taken away. Some were silent, most were screaming, and Bill ... he was sputing the nonsense that usually came out of that gaping black hole of a shit mouth. With them gone, Mr. President turned to the rolling cameras, he could just feel the many eyes on him. "Men, women, boys, girls, and even the people who are in-between or wearing hotdog costumes. It is a grim day."

A sad look came from the viewers who viewed this. "One of the most jolliest and helpful people in the world was just shot. Not shot by anyone, but by FOX News and Senator Armstrong. People like this, people with no love or sense of homie-ness. They cannot be trusted, they will just backstab you or try to blow up a boat with you on it. That boat is America, and if you trust and vote for people like that, you will be on this exploding boat. But with me, I will make sure that boat does not explode, and even if it somehow does ... I will get them back." The President continued to speak, his charismatic voice speaking to the millions.

"So I would like to announce that this day will be now known as "SC Day" in the name of Santa Christ, and it will be a national holiday for all. No one will work, and everyone will be happy. Other then that, I also place Stephen Colbert in charge of FOX News so it may change it's ways. Stay safe and stay happy America, your home-by the President, out!" He said and gave the signal to cut, which Dr. Insano did.

Not only should that make the memory of Santa Christ not in vain, but it should also deliver a kick in the balls to his future competitors. Thinking about that, The President began to walk out back to his helicopter.

He had a date with a septic truck and a certain someone's house. And that someone should be very pissed off, hopefully stomping angrily on his cigar that almost set everything on fire.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel.
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

"I worry for him." Barakiel said in a concerned tone, his eyes gazing at the escaping Icarus. "While I cannot interfere too much, I hope people like you are there to comfort him and guide him onto a better future. It would be bad if those black wings become true to their meaning." Barakiel said, his face scowling back to the large forest that laid in front of them. Boss and the others in the helicopter would feel that the weather had become much more calmer in past couple of minutes.

"And here come the expected guests." He said to Boss, a better smile apperaring on his face. "Oh how I love meeting new mortals ... especially those who do not want to kill me, or those I don't have to kill." Barakiel said with a light chuckle. By now it would feel like this Archangel of Lightning would be a good character to act as Loki. The Archangel got up from the ledge to address the incoming helicopter.

"Welcome mortals! About time you showed up, sorry about the weather~!"

His voice boomed and echoed, reaching the people in the helicopter especially. The Dragon quickly raised it's head in caution, it's head was high enough to level it's eyes with everyone in the helicopter and it was pretty close as well. Yet the figure standing up on the castle ledge swung his arm wide. "Stay." He softy said, yet his voice was heard by all. Reluctantly the giant Dragon lowered itself once again, not wanting to feel the pain it had felt many time before. It would rather be in the company of an Archangel then the Demon Princes of Hell, much better treatment that way.

"Well ... I bet they are here for Icarus. Hopefully they are also the ones to stop him from flying into the sun."

Rising Dawn Crew Feat: Yu Narukami and Mitsuru Vs. Nyarlatothep
Location: Lost in Nightmares.

The truly not Lone Wanderer

Each insult, each word went by the Wanderer's ears. By the time he was laughing the chainsaw was removed from the throat, the man was not truly human, he did not fear that kind of death. Jumping backwards towards his comrades in arms, the Doctor witnessed the environment changing to darkness that gave a crawling feeling in his mind, as if he had been taken back to that Alien ship.

One thing did not surprise him, and that was the change of Kaishihara. "Pff, how cliché." The Wanderer said after the transformation. His mouth opened and with an angry scowl called, "My kind has almost destroyed themselves before, my armoury makes all the difference in that world though. BUT right now I'm going to call bullshit on you with everyone else!"

The muffled voice still called loud and true. With everyone else pulling out their weaponry and began firing, the Wanderer was about to fight himself, yet he managed to spot Yu who was just standing. Running over, he shook the boy's shoulders, no response. "Shit! Guys, we got a dazed here!" He yelled loudly, but the fighting seemed to distract most people. Sighing quickly, Wanderer stood in front of the original natural user and pull out his own weapon.

"I hope you like lasers ... because I'm going to fuck you with them!" A crazy smile called out.

Ah, lovely finale music.

"Kannon, lets give them a meal of justice!" The Wanderer yelled with passion, his voice calling out his Person which was summoned underneath him, carrying the user into the air. "More lasers! Ziodyne!"

The Persona fired an electrical attack (In the form of lasers) towards the big bad Nyarlatothep.

Yu Narukami.

Velvet Room:

When the Crawling Chaos drew near, Yu saw a blue butterfly appear on his shoulder, and in the next instant, he felt himself in a familiar space.

"Ah ... here."

We all know what to expect here

Igor looked up from his seat and gave a smile to Yu,
"It's been some time, young man. You have come searching for another truth that seeks to disappear like smoke. Because of this, it would appear that The Wild Card calls to you again. Use it well."

With a wave of Igor's hand, two cards appeared before Yu:


and a voice entered his mind: "Thou art I, and I am thou...
From the sea of thy soul, I come...
From the very moment of my emergence, I have been a guiding light shed to illuminate thy path...
I am the original god...

Before the vision of the Velvet Room faded away, Margaret gave her usual cold smile as well and added, "We'll be watching..."

*Yu has Access to the Wild Card again!*
*Yu feels the power of his Social Links again!*
*From the Depths of Yu's Soul, Izanagi-no-Okami has returned to him!*

Giving a courteous bow to the two,
Yu's mind turned to white as he was returned to the real world.

The final horror was in front of him.
In a place of darkness which had become a thread to them all.

Yet Yu did not move, not out of fear but out of determination. Gaining all his social links was like a flood of memories.
He had remembered why he was here, he was fighting, not for himself and not just for the world. Yu Narukami was fighting for his friends, his town, his love. To protect all that was dear to him. "Hmph." Yu huffed to himself with a smile. "Sometimes I'm the dumb one." He said quietly to himself, collecting the memories that were the most import to him.

How it all began.
How it became.
How it was all loved.
How it is now.

The surge of power came to Yu. All of his Personas came back to him. The Wild Card came back to him. Placing his sword to his side, he thrust his hand out. "Michael!" Yu yelled, the first Persona of Judgement was summoned.

Persona finale music.

"Heaven's Blade." Yu called and Michael suddenly moved towards the enemy, dodging by Kannon and pointing the spear right in front of him for an attack.

Boss | Icarus | Barakiel | Vanessa | James
Location: A Long Forgotten forest
Time: Afternoon

Vanessa blinked twice as Selena's warning came out over the airwaves and into the transmitter she had in her ears. A dragon....? Those things exist here...? This is crazy... Just as she sighed, she noticed a pair of rather large and obviously reptilian eyes appearing out of the blue, staring her and the rest of the helicopter group down. She froze up almost instantly and her eyes widened immensely as she stared back, mouth slightly agape, sweat dripping and fighting with all her might to not wet herself right then and there. ...Well, shit. Guess I should just assume candy people then... This is way too much to wrap my head around, provided this thing doesn't just roast us like in the fairy tales...

Giving her a slight bit of relief, a loud, booming voice came loud and clear to her and the others on the chopper. It seems whoever was there was waiting for them and they had control of the dragon as it lowered its head on command. She sighed before looking outside and seeing what looked to be a lone figure, with massive black wings, on a castle ledge in the direction where the voice had come from. However, the castle seemed to be composed solely of black clouds. Vanessa blinked blankly before burying her face into her palm. Even with the dragon making her open, a cloud castle was a bit too much. Her mind just kept flooding itself with more and more questions ...I can't even tell if this real life or if it's just fantasy...

Seeing that the helicopter was somewhat close, the woman didn't feel like waiting, wanting her questions answered asap. She hopped out of the open side of the helicopter with no parachute, much to the dismay of the pilots. Two flashes of blue light almost instantly manifested themselves just behind the falling woman's back before suddenly taking the form of an odd set of wings . The wings lit up and hummed as the woman suddenly shot forward in the air and after a moment or two, slowed to a stop over the castle roof. If unfettered, she'd land on the roof, slowly drifting onto it. Seeing the Archangel standing before her, she seemed even more flustered. Not knowing where to start, she simply bowed toward the winged demi-god in front of her. "Hi... Um... Sorry if this seems odd, but wh-what are you... and how are we not plummeting to our deaths right now?"

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