The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Back outside on the dam: Ryan, Faith, Angelus, Mikhail, Cadolbolg, Darren, Psycho/Milk

Once they were out of the, for lack of a better term, "Rain", Mikhail seemed a little guilty for scaring Cadolbolg like that.
"Awwww, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to eat you, little guy...My name is Mikhail and I know what Red is! It's this color!" He happily explained as he booped his nose against Angelus's scales, seeming to have missed the point entirely.
"You really don't remember anything? Hmn... Strange."
"...Remember what?" The white dragon asked again, proving the older dragon's point.
"The wars? With myself and the black dragon?"
"Hmmm....No, I don't remember any Wares...Apart from-Oh! Yeah! I remember! I was asking you if you saw Zero. She's this pretty lady that I love. I was flying around with her until the green thingy showed up. You didn't happen to see her did you? Could you help me look for her?" He began to ramble as only a young dragon could, kinda like Cadolbolg actually, only bigger and even more of a child it seemed.

Back with Darren, he looked hard into Ryan's eyes with his own twitching ones before letting go of his fellow Author.
"Believe me, the second I figure how how the hell that works, you will as well..." He grumbled as he looked back out on the Dam and storm outside.
"....God dammit...I really am back here ain't I?....Motherfucker..." he groaned once more before literally pulling out some of his hair from his head, the closest this man would get to a haircut it seemed.
Turning back to Ryan, he walked back up to him and said "Right, now you are going to tell me what the fuck is going on before I throw you off this damn fucking dam myself!" right before grappling the guy once more with all the strength of vigor of a homeless man and twice the anger.

On a more calmer note, Psycho was grinning in a rather unsettling manner as he talked to Faith, noting how she seemed to be unable to get in touch with her friends and that there was a fair bit of chaos going on, just the kind of place a sweet female like her could go missing in.
"Oh, I ain't go no ball n' chain, Faith. Psycho does what Psycho does, no one to boss me around. You should try it, it's pretty sweet." He explained as he began to move in even closer to the Gardevoir, someone who clearly didn't understand what personal space meant.
"I mean, if you want, I could help you find your friends if you want, maybe I might even stick around if they are half as wonderful as you are..." The ghost said, a brief little ruse to get her to even look at him.
The next thing she knew was-

Look into my eyes, look into the eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes *Finger Click* you're under. When I click my fingers, You are going to drop what you are doing for a few minutes and have a bit of a snooze some place, maybe just sit down here and have a nap. When you wake up, you aren't going to remember me being here and you will not remember us even talking. And my name is just Psycho, I was just calling myself Milk for a flirt. 3, 2, 1. *Finger Click* you're back in the room.

Faith wasn't entirely sure what exactly had happened but as Psycho's attempt at Hypnosis began to sink in, she felt...kinda tired...more like REALLY tired...

Black Mesa: Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Selena, Kane, SNAKE

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 17: Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid

As the Acid storm whirled Selena's cold white eyes looked around as the bullets flew towards her she let out a scream, this was no cry of fear it was a feral roar and a wall of force erupted from it essentially knocking out the bullets, they fell to the ground uselessly.
She then took in a deep breath and then put her wrists together, her palms facing outwards aiming at Snake and the other inhabitants. An orange glow appeared for a split second before a cone of flame Erupted, The good news for Snake was he wasn't directly in front of Selena so he wasn't instantly incinerated, the Bad news was being in the middle of the fire was still pretty damn hot.
Selena's Wild Magic became a Cone of Flame, The Acid Vortex has Dispersed.

Selena stared at the Burning chaos she had caused, her hands had minor burns from the spell and her clothes were partially damaged by the acid. The part of her brain that was registering pain had reduced it to a tingling sensation but the adrenaline would run out once she was out of danger but could sense her opponent was not downed with one simple attack.

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insano, Assassin, Elise, Nadalia

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

Just as Insano reached out to take the Apple from the dark-skinned assassin, Elise and Nadalia crashed through the celing of the room, screaming and cursing. Quickly-quickly enough that Insano didn't see it, and certainly quicker than a man his age ought to be able to move, he put the orb back in his robe and drew a sword from somewhere on his person. Insano barely had enough time to put his arm out to stop the assassin.

"{It's alright.}" Insano said. "{They're with me. Likely sent here by the same thing that threw me here.}"

Did we ever figure out what that was? Insano thought.


A resonance cascade? Insano thought. That's insane. That could have had catastrophic consequences. Insano paused. How small scale are we talking here?


That's not bad, actually. Insano thought.

Insano stepped in front of the assassin, speaking to Nadalia and Elise. "This man is not hostile, but he doesn't speak English. He's speaking some form of Arabic from the thirteenth century. And he has higher tech than I do." Insano adjusted his goggles. "Tech he wants me to look over. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to get it back to the ship to do that." Insano lowered his arms, slowly. ""And I'm not going to run the risk that the thing he has is keyed specifically to him, which means we need to get him back to the ship alive. Would you two be willing to help me with that?"

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte, Nadalia, Elise

Random Encounter No. 14: Predator: Predator Series

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

The assassin seemed more then a little confused as these two strange women just dropped in out of nowhere and began conversing to the even stranger man from before.
He was starting to question his sanity as things just seemed to get weirder and weirder the more time went on.
{"...Perhaps it is wise to resume my travels with allies..."} Altair meekly said as he kept the apple out of view, he had strange visions before and this could all easily be another one.
{"I do not want to seem ungrateful at your offer but-...I'm starting to believe that this world is not my own. As such, I believe I should re-focus my efforts on getting back to my hom-"}
A massive bang filled the air, as if a nearby cannon was going off as the room shook slightly, Blackharte was able to stop the blast from causing any real damage, but it was still a PRETTY big bomb.
Quickly that became the least of everyone's problems as a Alien looking creature stumbled into the room, looking rather wounded as it nursed the bleeding stump where his wrist used to be as well as the large number of knocks and bruises his last hunt had inflicted upon it.
{"My God!? What is this creature?!"} Altair shouted, even for a man like him, this wasn't like anything he had seen before as the Alien roared at the group, pointing his Plasma Caster at everyone in the room in a threatening fashion

Black Mesa - Spawn 5 - Armory Kayta, Level 72 Bandits Vs. XCOM

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 6: XCOM Soldiers: XCOM: Enemy Within

The Goliath was quickly starting to snowball out of control as he swatted aside both Bandits and XCOM n00bs alike, getting "Dem Mad Gains" as his size and power began to increase with every kill.
Quickly the battle became less about who would win in a fight: Lilith or The Volunteer and more just trying to put down this raging monster before he managed to do the same to them.
After Katya was thrown like a rag doll against Lilith, The Volunteer brought up a Telekinetic field that managed to keep the Goliath out, but as a few of the bandits found out, made it impossible to attack him.
"This barrier is only to going to last for so long, if anyone has any ideas, now would be a good time!" The Legendary Psi Operative explained as the monster bashed his fists against the field, screaming in rage as he did.
"Hold on, I got this..." Lilith said before phasing out of existence, a faint outline of her being able to be seen as she managed to slip behind the monster.
Once she was in position, she then struck it in the back of the head(?) with a massive flaming blast, blinding everyone on the inside of the barrier.

The air was tense for a moment as the fire consumed everything in the room (Aside from the field), leaving it a ruined black mess as smoke masked what little remained.
There was a moment of hope, least before Lilith was suddenly thrown right though the fading barrier at The Volunteer, revealing a burnt, bruised but very much alive GOD-liath standing and charging towards whoever was still alive.
And for anyone who was thinking of possibly trying to slip away, the hole the MEC used to enter the room was located and which might be used as a possible escape route was located behind the GOD-laith.

~Have fun!~ <3

Black Mesa: Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Selena, Kane, Snake

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 17: Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid

Snake was quick to drive out of the way of Selena's, getting some proximity burns but little else.
Kane on the other hand...wasn't so lucky.
"NO! I AM THE PROPHET! I AM THE MESSIAH! I AM KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" The NOD Leader shouted right before he was burnt badly by Selena's attack, reducing the Tiberum Prophet to a flaming wreak (yet one that still clung to life strangely enough).
Snake meanwhile was busy ensuring that the next body to hit the floor wouldn't be his as he discarded his pistol to instead pull out something that would hopefully have enough kick to ensure his continued existence: A FIM-92 Stinger.
Quickly locking onto his target, Selena soon found a large missile racing towards her back.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Location: Unknown Dimension / Characters: Ryan, Darren

"...Oh come the fuck on...Where the fuck do you people even get these fucking things?!" Darren groaned as yet again, an attempt to get answers from someone involved him getting put inside some kind of pocket dimension.
It didn't take long for Ryan to reappear and then actually explain the situation, a rare first considering this kind of adventures.
"Oh great, just what I need, you make a stupid group of villains once and it's the gift that keeps on fucking giving..." He cursed, once again, his love of playing "Bad Guys" has cost the lives of so many people, just another mountain of sin to add to the entire planets of the stuff he carried around.
"Alright...Assholes are being assholes, didn't need to fucking create a reality just to tell me that, Ryan..."
"You probably have a million questions for me. That's fine. But, first off .... when we leave this place, you will not address me as 'Ryan' .. rather-"
Darren watched on with a bored and annoyed expression as Ryan began to dramatically change his appearance to something that REALLY pissed the Suicidal Author off.
"Refer to me as .... Uchiha Madara."

There was a long silence as a glare of sheer malice and resentment as Darren glared at Ryan for a moment, followed by a long sigh and a faceplam.
"...Ryan, Mcpop couldn't make me care about that stupid magical preteen ninja anime bullshit, you won't either. Now just get us back to Black Mesa so I can try and un-fuck the situation before I make Slenderman again. Don't fucking test me, I've officially reached the point in my life where being brutally maimed by an Internet Meme is the highlight of my day..."

Location: Dam Generator, Section #107 / Characters: Faith, Psycho

"Dear Dairy...Jackpot!" Psycho gleefully said as he rubbed his hands while Faith passed out right in front him.
"Alright, time to get to work..." The ghost-type said before rolling up his shelves(?) and gathering a whole bunch of dark energy as he plunged Faith's mind into a horrible Nightmare...

Time passed, Faith couldn't know just how much as she could see the room she was in, she was now standing and...Moving?
She tried to turn her head, but she couldn't.
She tried to move her hands, but she couldn't.
She tried to send out some kind of message, but she couldn't!
What she could do was look out her eyes as her body seemed to move and talk entirely independent of any input on her end, seeing a large crowd of staring people though her limited vision as the most embarrassing thing to have ever happened to her in her life...happened.

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: NOD Baracks | Black Mesa Base
Kindle not the fire that you cannot extinguish.


Do not dare run from conflict. BlackHarte's voice rang out from the shadowed side of the barracks. A wave of black rain came forth, hail raining from the cloud. It stuck to the Predator and forced his arm to the ground. More and more the black mist advanced and attached to the Predator like moss. It weighed him down, forcing his body to the ground. Do not dare turn your back on an enemy. BlackHarte enveloped the Predator's body and collapsed his own form, forcing the Predator out of the top of his body.

BlackHarte reared his head and let loose a soundless scream. From around the Predator strange bugs appeared out of nowhere. They swarmed the Predator. Bats rose from below and bit him, spiders dropped from above and slammed him towards the ground. From the left and right came wasps and mosquitoes, each the size of a shoebox, to assail him. BlackHarte backed up against the corner and wall-teleported under the Predator.

Heat at 100%. F Inverse.

BlackHarte's body opened up and let loose a dense beam of violet energy, consuming the predator and launching him skyward. Meanwhile the insects continued their assault. Crimson at 1% portal decay imminent. On the last hit of F Inverse BlackHarte canceled out of it and expanded his body. Overdrive - Crimson Depths! The bug onslaught doubled, and below BlackHarte reconfigured his body again.

Heat at 50%. F Inverse - Overdrive

A thicker and more violent flurry of energy hit the Predator again, sending him back into the air. The bugs came again until BlackHarte's meter ran out. The Predator hit the floor with a dull thud.

And never raise arms against non-combatants.

201 Hit Combo.

BlackHarte raised himself to his full height. Though he was naught but a limping mess of back liquid, an uncomfortable sludge made by skittering machina barely visible to the human eye, there was something noble about him. An uneasy truce between madness and order, a compromise that defied the very nature of common sense. He was horrific and charismatic. He was a friend and an enemy that seemed to exist on the thin border between dreams and reality. More human than man, more devilish than demons. A creation born of equal parts love and hate.

And perhaps overfond of his own competence.

He was madness given corporeal form. If you are still able, his voice boomed with a sinister sophistication, then stand. That baritone bass hung in the air, giving the timbre of his voice an awesome quality. Wordless orders. An emotion that carried beyond language. It instilled the basest form of communication - a covenant. And that covenant conveyed one undeniable command. Kneel.

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hanger Bay: ARES 35

Random Encounter No. 10: RED Spy/BLU Pyro: Team Fortress 2

As the red spy's deathcry sounded out through the VTOL, and the pyro was kind enough to have that (admittedly pretty damn sub-par) piece of equipment to smash the sapper with she got up and gently patted the pyro on the back with a "Thanks... that guy needed an anatomical correction. He didn't just have an asshole, he was nothing but an asshole." Looking to the now Re-dead pilot on the floor, she walked over into the cockpit and used the radio to try and signal Kazuya and anyone else listening at the Hangar of the Rising Dawn. "Hello? This is ARES 35, this extradimensional bullshit is really getting on my nerves not that I have a nervous system *ahem* I just thought it prudent to let you know that the VTOL we have deployed in Black Mesa's hangar? Well the interloper is dead, but... so is the pilot. I could provide more details if necessary, do you read?"

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte, Nadalia, Elise, Blade

Random Encounter No. 14: Predator: Predator Series

Random Encounter No. 19: Assassins: Assassin's Creed

After getting his ass kicked once more, the Predator was unable to make much of a protest other then a low snarl, but aside from that, he did little else before submitting to Blackharte's command, still nursing his bleeding stump as he did.
During the combo, his Shoulder Mounted Plasma Caster was broken off his armor and now laid inert on the floor next to the Nanoswarm, just in case he wanted to take a prize from this encounter apart from the pride of this alien being.

Loot Get! Predator Plasma Cannon: Classic 80s energy weapon with authentic sound effects! But like many thing in the 80s, it's not very energy efficient...

Altair watched keenly the whole time, unbelieving of what he was seeing but extremely thankful none the less, though it was hard to tell from all the shock on his face.
{"...I-...never knew such things could be...I thank you for your efforts...I-...Guess it might be best if I leave this in your hands...I think after this, I've seen enough for one life..."} The elder assassin said before slowly pulling out the orb again, this time handing it to Insaneo.
{"If this is the world in which you live, then you are truly worthy of your namesake Dr. Insaneo."} he said before starting to shuffle out of the room before the next crazed monster jumps out at them.

Loot Get! Apple of Eden: Influence and even control minds lesser then your own, but at the cost of your HP.

Good think too, because not long after he left the area, a familiar Grovyle stumbled in, black, red and blue from burns, stab wounds and bruises as he wielded a pair of bloody but cool swords which had a harsh demonic aura around them.
"...Oh-....hey guys....can we go home now?..." Blade wheezed as he walked in, clearly after having the fight of his life as he attempted to brush back his hair/head leaf, only to find nothing but ash.
"...why do I always get the fire ninjas-..Wait...IS THAT THE FUCKING PREDATOR?!"

Rising Dawn - Hangar (In which I actually respond!): Kazuya, Violet, Kalastryn

Kazuya was quickly starting to feel the pressure, sweat pouring openly from his forehead as he still failed to receive any contact from the rest of the crew, least until ARES finally managed to get though.
""Hello? This is ARES 35, this extra dimensional bullshit is really getting on my nerves not that I have a nervous system *ahem* I just thought it prudent to let you know that the VTOL we have deployed in Black Mesa's hangar? Well the interloper is dead, but... so is the pilot. I could provide more details if necessary, do you read?"
"ARES? We read. There should be another unit in the Hanger that can take over. Find the others and regroup, we can't allow Wesker to escape again!" He practically shouted into the radio, more out of stress release then anything else.
The fact they were even able to hear back from one of the crew prompted minor cheers from the Hanger Bay staff.
Letting out a slight sigh of a relief that he DIDN'T just march the entire Rising Dawn to their deaths, he the finally got back to Kalastryn.
"Very well. I have our Comm frequency set to the signature of your communication rings. You can you that to keep in touch. Get over there and, this is important, find out what the US policy for such a situation is. I don't know how we are going to deal with this storm with our current resources. Go, GO!" He then ordered before trying to reach their people on the ground once more.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Location: Black Mesa Dam Exterior / Characters: Ryan, Darren, Faith/Psycho

"...Urg, fine. Just so I can get this over with and go back to having a spike driven though my head..." Darren said before they were brought back to their dimension.
Looking around at the storm, he rubbed his temple for a moment as a bolt of green lighting spawned a Mr. Saturn just in time for it to get run over by Sweet Tooth nearby.
"...Alright...Good news, now, if I remember the plot of Half Life 1, the only reason the Resonance Cascade kept teleporting shit in after the Anti-Mass Spectrometer was turned off was because an Alien in Zen was keeping the link open. Now, seeing how we're basically ripping off every popular copy-written property, that must mean the device is still running or at least not entirely blown up yet. So hopefully, when Wesker most likely tries to blow the entire place up, it'll take the lab with it and this bullshit will stop. So, we just need to find Wesker on his way out. He'll most likely try to take a helicopter or something so he'll either head to the Hanger Bay or to a secondary exec-only helipad at the top of the Mesa. Least that's how I'd write this shit if I was running this retarded ass scene. Urg, and I thought the arc where Bison took over Asia was a clusterfuck..." He explained the plot to Ryan before-


The Fallen Author's chest exploded as a stray .50 cal bullet raced though it, but at this point in his "Life", Darren was so used to such injuries he didn't even really react to it as his flesh quickly healed over, even regenerating his clothing.
"...Also, that was kinda a good shot, considering it was from a moving vehicle. Right, better find the other characters then..."
As he said that, Faith had managed to make her way up to the top of the damn, quickly stopping once she saw what the hell was going on.
It was then that Ryan was able to hear something he hadn't before: Faith's actual voice.
"Holy Shit! The fuck is happening here?! Man, I got to get out of here!" She stammered before quickly making her way into a wall an-...Walked right into it?
"OW! SON OF A-...oh, right. Corporeal form..." She said as she rubbed her head from the impact before attempting to make her way towards the desert away from the battle.
This got Darren's attention as he looked over to the Gardevoir, quickly groaning before asking "...Alright...who was the one who ripped off Jenny? I want names!"

Black Mesa - Hangar: ARES 35

Needless to say ARES was more than a little bit relieved that communications weren't being interfered with by whatever was going on throughout the compound. "Copy that Mr. Mishima. I'll begin searching for the others as soon as possible, but first I figured something Wesker said about how this rift functioned was interesting. It could be key to finding a way to fix whatever is going on here. Just before he initiated this... if you would pardon my French, clusterfuck... he commented a theory that one of his researchers had been working on, and I think this is how this all might work."

"They were working on more reliable inter-dimensional travel though I could hardly say this was any result any sane person would look forward to. He said that while they were all aware of multiple dimensions, connected to each other, but they think they'd discovered how. He believed them to be all connected in some form of hub, shaped like an hourglass, and that when grains of sand pass through they would do so naturally through a narrow gap. His theory was that the dimension we are currently residing in is in the middle of said gap, and acts as a junction for all matter in the infinite worlds passing between sides... hence explaining the only part I've yet to really grip what he meant entirely- "How we get so many "guests" from other worlds."

*ahem* "That all being said however, and only because I thought the insight would be helpful if correct, I'll begin searching as directed."

She says as she gets out of the cockpit of the VTOL located in Black Mesa's hangar. Passing her pyromaniac "friend" and the smoldering corpse of the kneecapped international man of mystery she informed the mute "Some friends of mine may come by in a while. Do be on your best behavior. If you want to burn something... I'm not opposed to overcooked French fries after today."

Hoisting her rifle over her shoulder, she set out to explore what of the compound she could navigate through, engaging her stealth module again and again the second it became available... she did *not* like that damn impostor, and she wasn't going to leave herself prone to being spotted by anyone with more of that equipment.

Speaking of equipment, the first location she seemed to run into was the armory. If it wasn't for the commotion inside, she wouldn't have any cause to be there... but she did decide to at least take a peek in through the entryway before letting herself be known.

Rising Dawn - Hangar: Kazuya, Violet, Kalastryn

"Understood. I admit I'm rather unversed in how all of these political things work, but I guess that's why I've always usually had to take a more blunt approach like at MIT. I expect you'd be able to feed me information on anything else you'd need to ask?" she asks, rhetorically before rolling her shoulders performing a few little magic tricks before anything else. First off, her wings are out of course but second she casts a Seeming spell to appear otherwise human. "If I'm going to stand in as a diplomat-
We may as well be smart about it and not look like we're ready to SCREAM "devil's advocate" at a moment's notice?
Yes... that... sometimes I forget you're even here.

This being done she does exactly as Kazuya had said before and dives out of the hangar door before unfurling her wings and letting the velocity they gained from a moment of freefall carry them forward rather quickly, taking a good moment at least to survey the ground below... and give a wide berth to the storm and the fighting around the compound as she flew to the Daedalus.

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte, Nadalia, Elise, Blade

Insano took the small orb in both hands, looking it over thoroughly. Several...very odd things had happened all at once, but his scanners said that the thing that had taken over the predator was a friendly, so he wasn't especially worried about that. "{I thank you.}" Insano said to the robed stranger, bowing. "{If you are ever in need of aid, seek me out. And please, be safe on your travels.}"

Turning around and picking up his rail-pistol, Insano said (in English) "You can leave if you want; the old man might know the way out. I'm still going to find Wesker and kill him before he does something that can't be fixed with a vaccine." Insano looked around, then appeared to wander off in a random direction. "But first, I'm going to shut down the resonance cascade. The longer it stays open, the better chances are that something...particularly unpleasant crawls out of some crack in the world. And I won't be having that, either."

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hangar Bay/Armory: ARES 35, Nickolai

Nickolai had no idea what he was looking at, except that there had been two people stumbling out of the cockpit in quick succession. Recognizing Violet's voice and taking a wild leap of faith, he rushed into the armory where the heavily armored person had just gone. "I can fly the helo!" he shouted, nearly breathless. "Where did the fruity man say we needed to go?"

Location: Black Mesa Dam Exterior / Characters: Ryan, Darren, Faith/Psycho, Edge

Edge walked up to the group of assorted G-Corp and NOD soldiers a little too late to see 'Faith' doing her best Miley Cyrus impression, but not quite late enough to see her climbing up to the top of the complex. Feeling something was off, Edge followed her, taking in the surroundings as he did.

That same green lighting that had bombarded The President and his men was striking everywhere. And every twenty or so strikes left...something in its wake. Something different every time. A human-shaped mass of water that evaporated as soon as it touched the air, a spinning ring of swords that flung itself into the ground, a puppy that was immediately ripped apart from the inside by some kind of demon-looking thing, cream truck armed to the teeth? Edge had seen something like this happen before once; there was a name for it, but he couldn't recall it offhand. Something to do with artificially forcing particles to vibrate at different frequencies than they normally did or something. Screwy super-science was just a little bit above his pay grade.

What he DID know was that it wasn't a natural occurence. You had to have very specific-and very delicate- machinery to do it. And what he was hoping was that between him and Faith, they would be able to either avoid or stab to death any resistance the encountered and get to wherever the machinery keeping the lightning-strikes going was.

Climbing over a rampart, he saw Faith...smack her head into a wall? And she was walking with an odd

...where was Ryan in all this?

...oh no...

"Faith!" Edge shouted, running over to where she was stumbling around. "Are you alright? Where's Ryan? Look at-" Edge knelt down, grabbed Faith by her shoulders, and spun her around to face him. "Look at me. Are you alright? Where are you-" Edge shook his head and began searching through the pouches on his belt. "I have to have some fucking paper somewhere-hold on-"

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Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Merlin 'n co.

Pre-Set Encounter: Zero: Drakengard 3

Caim stumbled forward in surprise at Zero's sidestep (as well as her sudden lack of being right in front of him), and allowed himself to fall forward into a crouch. Caim's gambit was certainly a risky one, however, as he heard the edge of Zero's sword make a nasty "SHING" as it slide off the back of his armor. But now was not the time for thinking! Spinning back around in his lowered position, Caim brought his family sword in a deadly arc towards Zero, her catching his blade in another stand off again! Hmn, if the direct approach wouldn't do, perhaps he could throw her off with something else. Reaching into the wheel, Caim replaced his family blade with Windsinger, a wicked looking polearm. Caim was hoping that with his new reach, and change of weapon, perhaps he could disorient her enough for the kill!

Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research: Teri, Garm, Ton Ton

Random Encounter No. 3: Vergil: Devil May Cry

"...Well?...what are you waiting for?"

Teri gave a small sigh of relief at Vergil's willingness to cooperate, considering that he was easily strong enough to take on some of the heavier hitters of the Rising Dawn, and quietly had Garm follow after the younger Son of Sparda. Not too long after the group began their search for Rising Dawn members, Garm's ears perked up in curiosity, "Hey, I hear something funny."

Vergil turned, his expression not necessarily looking amused, and looked ready to say something - but stopped. There was indeed a - thudding? It seemed to be in the distance, but grew louder and louder until-


Rugal flew through a nearby wall, a groan echoing from his throat. Teri perked up immediately, and shouted "Dad!" with a mixture of excitement and relief (after all, she did see the guy disintegrate via Wesker's lightshow earlier). Unfortunately for the Cleric, her call to Rugal was drowned out by the resounding call of
"SAXTON! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-", followed by an incredibly burly man with a plot of chest hair shaped like Australia burst through the wall. At the sound of the gentleman's entrance, Rugal chucked a piece of rubble at him, shouting back, "OH GIVE IT A REST, IT WAS ANNOYING THE FIRST TIME, AND IT'S ANNOYING NOW!" Before he could say anything else, Hale tackled the King of Fighters, and the two began rolling around the floor, punching and kicking in a way that was akin to an old cartoon; all that was missing was the dust cloud.

Garm's tail wagged slightly at the sight, and perked up at Teri, "And you were worried. So, should we jump in?"
"Hmn, I think so. Dad might be super tough, but this guy looks like an even match for him."

In the midst of the fighting, Hale's head looked up, a jolly laugh echoing from his belly - "...Dad?!....Bernine Boy, you got a kid? AND A TALKING DOG?! I THOUGHT I HUNTED THOSE TO EXTINCTION AGES AGO!" Which quickly lead to a punch in his face, Rugal shouting, "YOU LEAVE THEM OUT OF THIS!"

A low, deep growl errupted from Garm's throat, the wolf's hackles rising from the back of his neck as he practically barked, "YOU DID WHAT?!"
"I thought you were a wolf, Mr. Garm?"
"I am! But the principle remains! This -thing- is worse than the Pack-Slayers! Tear-ri, prepare yourself, this thing will probably target cubs the moment it breaks from Alpha Rugal's grip."

True to Garm's prediction, Saxton Hale did in fact break from Rugal's grip, and turned, baring a jovial smile, "Oh, I like the moxie of you- I'm going to turn you into a feather duster!"
Rugal lept on Hale's back again in a manner akin to a monkey and pulled the Australian back, "WHAT-DID-I-SAY-EARLIER! THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!"

Teri flinched unintentionally at the sentiment, and began to hear Toyotama whispering in her mind again, "Ouch. That's a bit rich, coming from someone who couldn't handle 'himself'..."
Biting her lip, the Cleric opened her mouth to say something, but stopped when she heard Hale speak again, "Bernie Old Boy is right, girlie, let the men do the talking, and I'll let you walk away with your prospective rug. This is between me and your old man!

Still unsure of what to say, Teri couldn't get a word in edgewise before the Shadow began whispering again, " gonna just let him talk you and your dad and your wolf like that? You got Vergil McBadass, Garm, Ton Ton, and yourself with Dad. You can do it. Dogpile his ass. Tell him to suck your balls. Show Dad that you're awesome and that you're not worthless. Make that asshole pay. Do it. Do it. Doit.Doitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoit."

As the jeers from her Shadow began to echo in her mind, Teri quietly got out a bottle of water and place a single drop on Sadei, chanting an incantation over the staff and creating an icy sheen after she waved a hand over it. Following that, she willed the staff into its bow form, and readied a stance on Garm's back. Drawing and launching a series of arrows at Hale, the Cleric shouted, "HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS, MR. GARRISON?!"

Teri has cast Frost Arrow! yadayada, Ice buff, moar damage, it'll last for 48 seconds.
18 Seconds till next 2nd level spell

Back outside on the dam: Angelus, Mikhail, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Faith, Darren, Psycho/Milk

After Mikhail made a promise not to harm him, as well as give Angelus a friendly 'boop' on the side of her flank, Cadolbolg fluttered down from his mother's head and landed on what appeared to be a saddle on Mikhail's back.
"Zero... Can't say me or Mother seen anyone with a name like that. I bet she rides around on your back like Father does on Mother. You even have a special sitting place right here! Mother, why does Father not have a special sitting place?"
Angelus had to refrain from answering for a moment, a less than clean thought coming to surface for the briefest moment before she finally gave the cop out of, "...Because he doesn't need one."

However the mention of Zero and a "green thing" did intrigue her. If Mikhail, from some point in time that he didn't recognize Angelus, had appeared, then did that mean one of her sons disappeared? Almost immediately on cue, Cadolbolg spoke up, "I asked Friend Ton Ton about the Zero lady, and he doesn't know what I'm talking about. He said something about a Vergil and a Mr. Garrison who threatened that big black wolfie friend of our's. Mother, maybe you could ask Father?"

Yes, perhaps Caim was the answer... Reaching into the pact link, Angelus found her partner in an absurdly hot place, where demons were playing among the magma. However, the moment she interfered in Caim's mind, the moment that she felt herself being ejected outwards again, with only "Busy now, talk later." and the sound of swords clattering ringing in her ears. With a disgruntled "Hmph!" the red dragon shook her head at Mikhail, "I'm afraid we cannot aid you, Mikhail. However, your description of this Zero is rather vague. Could you tell us more about her aside from being 'really pretty'? That term is rather objective in nature..."

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: NOD Barracks | Black Mesa
Raison d'etre.

Fateless Child

BlackHarte picked up the plasma gun and swallowed it. Time passed. BlackHarte's body started to calm down from the active combat state and reform into a more stable mold. Infirm tendrils grew into long sinewy strands and bound themselves into muscles. The calcium he had ingested fused with steel mesh to create steel bones. A soft leathery layer wrapped itself around his innards to finish his transformation. He was much smaller than he was before, denser. Still he stood larger than he was before the fight. About the average height of a man. Though his long slender limbs and economic body made him look like a creature torn from nightmares.

He turned toward Blade - and Nadalia and Elise - and spoke. His voice lacking the gravitas that he had held a few moments before. "Is there anything of which I can be of assistance?" The sound of BlackHarte's voice was tinny - sharp and high - but gentle and reserved. It held a quality similar to wind chimes. "I am built to assist the members of the Rising Dawn as a supplementary Artificial Intelligence developed during the ALICE Initiative. Please allow me to make your acquaintance if you are unfamiliar with me. Master Blade, Mistress Elise and Iron Queen Nadalia."

He bowed his head. "I am Niflheim of the Master Core Processing Unit. However, you may refer to me with the same moniker reserved for other units - Black Heart. I was drawn here by the same temporal mishap that brought you all together."

He reached inside of himself and pulled out a Max Potion before handing it to Blade. "I believe this will help you recover."

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hangar Bay/Armory: ARES 35, Nickolai

The first thing to come to ARES' mind when Nikolai shouted from behind her was, given the chaos inside the armory that they are just feet away from... to shut him up. Now normally this would mean having shot him given her programming... if he didn't identify himself as an ally by bringing up Violet (more or less by name... kinda the only person she knows that fits the descriptor of "fruity.")

However having him be so loud right behind her while she tried to hopefully get the drop on or just avoid the havoc in the armory was still... not ideal. Ergo she whirled around and cracked him in the side of the head with the butt of her rifle and then covered his mouth saying at a near whisper. "Shut it... it is really not a good idea to make a lot of noise at the moment with whatever is in the next room. That said, you weren't really told to go anywhere... but Violet instructed me to try and track down the rest of the Rising Dawn's crew and gather them together after Wesker decided to make an escape route by... oh, what any sane person would do- tearing a hole between dimensions this being said... your welcome to come along, but keep your voice low."

Though as she let go of Nikolai, a few things felt... off to ARES. Not in the sense of impending doom, so much as she already knew from the moment Nikolai spoke about Violet and presented himself as willing to help... why was she even able to hit him? By all means she shouldn't have been. ... God damn it Frenchie... I'm going to have to run a system diagnostic when we're finished here. she thinks, figuring that her encounter with every spy's favorite machine disabler may have had some lasting effects on her programming.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Black Mesa: Armory | Katya, Level 72 Bandits, Psychos Vs. XCOM
Get ready to feel my fingers in your eyeballs!

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 6: XCOM Soldiers: XCOM: Enemy Within

"Get ready to feel my fingers in your eyeballs!" The Hulking God-Liath screamed as it continued to beat on the psychic shield that the Volunteer had erected, each blow causing the shield to get smaller and smaller and smaller. While the Volunteer concentrated on keeping the God-Liath's fingers out of their eyeballs, both Lilith and Katya concentrated on formulating a plan that would keep their eyeballs intact.

"You know what? I'm going to teleport him into space!" Lilith finally said after a few moments.

"J00 c@n d0 7h@7?" The Rising Dawn's Hacker Heroine asked much to the confusion of both Lilith and the Volunteer. She was speaking English, right? It sounded like English except... not English. Clearly the two would need to spend some time with Katya if they were going to understand her, not that Katya would mind given how Lilith looked.

"You're thinking perverted thoughts about me, aren't you?" Lilith asked, glaring holes into the young woman.

"33333rrrrr n0?!" Came the unconvincing response.

Still, teleporting the God-Liath sounded like a plan and so it went that Lilith started concentrating really, really, really, reallyreallyreallyreallyreally hard.

"I'll BREAK you in half!" The God-Liath bellowed as he started to float, he arms flailing about as he tried to reach the floor... and then he was gone.

"Phew. That's all done." Lilith said as she mimed brushing dust off her hands. Which brought us back to the Volunteer versus Lilith. The two glared at each other for a moment.

"I CAN'T BE STOPPED!" Screamed the God-Liath from the other side of the room.

"Oh crap. I literally teleported him only 10 feet didn't I?" The Siren asked rhetorically as the Volunteer re-erected the Psychic Shield that kept their eyeballs unfingered. Looking around the armory, Katya could only notice a crap load of empty guns and the wreckage of the X-Com Mec, it's legs ripped from it's body but its arm... and more importantly the Kinetic Strike Module was still intact.

"H3y 1 g0tz an 1d3@!!" The Digital Drama Queen reported to the others who gave her a blank stare. Breathing in, Katya spoke more slowly and properly, "I have an idea. I need you to teleport that MEC up to the ceiling and drop it and teleport it back up to the ceiling and drop it. Do that until it reaches terminal velocity."

As she told Lilith her plan, she walked over to the MEC and started reprogramming the Kinetic Strike Module to engage one it touched the God-Liath.

"Alright... go." Katya called out and the MEC Disappeared... and reappeared... and disappeared.. and reappeared and disappeared and reappeared, this time flying horizontally and directly at the God-Liath. There was a short hum as the Kinetic Strike Module sensed its target and powered up... and fired.

SPLORCH!!!!!! Went the God-Liath.

"Phew!" Went the three women.

The Hacker Heroine smirked at Lilith as she wiped away an imaginary bead of sweat from her forehead.

"You're thinking dirty thoughts about me again, aren't you?"

Wanderer and Old Snake West.
Location: not Dystopian future | Tiberium Refinery Complex.
Serious song

As if the New Vegas bullet had hit him again, Wanderer felt a sudden anger in him. Enough to make him turn, and as David has seen many times before, his blue eyes turned crimson. When he noticed those eyes, it seemed that black revolver already appeared in his hand and raised right in front of the old man's eye. "I feel you did something that changed... me. I dislike that." He muttered to the elder.

It seems that the survivalist barely squeezed the trigger, before forcing the gun down with his other hand. The more dark Wanderer took a couple of deeper breaths. "Point... made. I believe I need to get out of here, ASAP." He said, the tone containing something that almost snapped.

Merlin 'n co Vs [Mech-Zangief.]
Location: Black Mesa | Fury's Core.

With the loss of Lancelot, the two knights and magician simply signed. Merlin was especially disappointed, who groped his forehead as if he contained a headache. "You'd think a Knight of Camelot would solve this problem..." He muttered, before turning to the other two, who looked at each other. Noticing the slow walk of the mech, the three jumped several steps back.

Gawain nudged Bedivere. "Uh, I believe this is your turn to prove yourself, good sir." Gawain said with his false nice tone and smile. Shocked Bedivere waved his hand. "Oh this is how your playing it. No, sir, I'd hate to get in the way of your glory." He feigned manners, also with a smile. Gawain smacked his armour, "well, you know what they say. Age before beauty." He said, still giving his smile. With a high volume of anger, Bedivere's face gave away his rage. "Age... Age?! I'm only months older, you wench plower!"

Rolling his eyes in the background, the mage gave a magical, non-physical push at Bedivere, who was forced a couple of steps from the mech. Turning around, he showed his watering eyes. "I'm a guard. I guarded her in the final hours!" He wept, trying to invoke sympathy. Seeing the deadpan faces of his so-called comrades, Bedivere bit his lip. "Y-you... Churls!" He yelled, turning around and attempting to strike the mech with his rage.

The President
Location: Daedalus 2.0 | Hanger.

When the chaos erupted from the facility, the giant airship that is the Daedalus moved away immediately, especially due to the 'courageous' acts of Pierce, the stand-in Commander on deck. The green lightning licked at the machine, but it escaped safely as it returned to a reasonable distance away from Black Mesa. The actual Commander was on-board, who retreated to safety after the concern of G-Corp.

Yet The President was in the hanger, smoking a joint and laying back on a couple of metallic containers. The chaos spread to the ship, where the soldiers ran around, gathering weapons, and preparing for any attacks. It seems natural that The President would spend his time in here. "Kanye West... Fucking Kanye West wants to run for President?! What the fuck, I'd rather have a literal gay fish in charge! Ah, bleh, that leaves a bad taste..." The President bellowed in his thick cockney accent.

Location: Daedalus 2.0

Flying around the entire circumference of the storm to avoid being bolted to god knows where certainly made the flight over to the Daedalus a bit longer... and so naturally as Kala would finally be able to set foot on her destination, her wings were more than a little sore.
damn... I need to-
actually start using such a great gift on a regular basis? I mean by the flame you were such a saint that gods you never even knew about decided to give you the ability to fly and extend the courtesy of their clerics to resurrect you whenever they die, and you hardly ever use them!
... Demi you can cease mocking me you know. Though you have a point. and those clerics to a piss poor job from what I remember... or what I didn't for that matter.

Oh... there was also the matter of... well, would whatever armed forces they have on the equivalent of Air Force One really just let land without a lot of guns in her face? ... would they? Well, there was only one way to find out.

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte, Nadalia, Elise, Blade

"Reptilian beast?!...Urg, if I didn't just nearly get my ass kicked, I'd gladly show you I'm much more then that..." Blade grumbled before taking the Max Potion handed to him by Blackharte as the Predator snarled a little more from his defeated stance.
"Thanks man...Just-...The fucking Predator...God, I did not see this coming when I woke up today..." He said before quickly spraying the entire bottle all over himself like a can of deodorant, his flesh quickly knitting itself back together as well as his "Hair" quickly growing back.
After Insaneo revealed his intent to try and shut down the device causing this, the Strider answered "Okay...while he's doing that, I say we start to link back up with the others. I just got lucky in that last fight and the others mightn't be if left without aid.".
Once he as done with the contents of the potion, he brought up his communication ring and said Blade to all points, I'm with Nadalia, Dr. Insaneo and Elise in what appears to be some kind of living area for the base's soldiers. State your position."

Black Mesa - Spawn 5 - Armory Kayta, Level 72 Bandits, XCOM

Once the GODLiath was finally felled, there was a collective sigh of relief from all parties in the room, least the ones that were still alive anyway as the MEC dusted itself off.
Upon it's death, it dropped all the weapons it had grabbed before Katya was kind enough to enrage it, but at the very least, they were getting rewarded as guns flew all around the air and landed on the ground near them.
Katya herself got smacked in the head with one of them, the weapon in question landing at her feet with an orange glow, something that was weird because the Rifle was mostly blue.

Loot Get! Maliwan Volcano: It's like a Flamethrower, only you don't need to stand right next to what you are burning.

As for the others in the room, they looked at each other with a equal amount of understanding and distrust before silently parting, seeming to have moved past the senseless violence they had met until.
Lilith and the Volunteer shared a similar moment, nodding respectfully at each other in mutual understanding.
Least until the Volunteer's expression soured for a moment, followed by the Legendary XCOM Solider violently slapping Katya on the check.
"Really?! You honestly thing I'm going to start making out with a woman I met less then 15 minutes ago!? And Psionic power doesn't work that way you damn pervert! Urg, And to think I saved the world for you people..." She shouted at the hacker after a NSFW glance at how her mind worked.
With that little bombshell out of the way, she went back to her own soldiers before ordering "Right, everyone start to redraw. We ain't done yet until we get back to base!" while Lilith did a similar order towards her own group, granted, they were more people with common interests then an actual group, but hey, she got some cool guns out of it.
Blade to all points, I'm with Nadalia, Dr. Insaneo and Elise in what appears to be some kind of living area for the base's soldiers. State your position." The rings then rang out while the dust settled.

Black Mesa - Spawn 6 - Hangar Bay/Armory: ARES 35, Nickolai

After ARES contacted the ship again, the Pryo began to mingle with the other G-Corp soldiers, ultimately joining them in a sweep of the nearby rooms, in the distance she could still make out it's rather gleeful giggling though the sounds of screaming/burning NOD soldiers.
As for her new objective, she was able to make a start once Blade's message came though, the interference of the resonance cascade starting to allow communications to be sent again.
Blade to all points, I'm with Nadalia, Dr. Insaneo and Elise in what appears to be some kind of living area for the base's soldiers. State your position."
Apart from that, the forces in the hanger began to push back into the base, quickly regaining the ground they had lost during Wesker's trap as well as arresting a man in a black cloak who seemed to have lost both of his legs and was now being tended to by medical units. (While being handcuffed of course).

Black Mesa - Spawn 1 - Fury's Core: Caim, Merlin 'n co.

Pre-Set Encounter: Zero: Drakengard 3

This one was proving to be a right pain as Zero was forced on the defensive when Caim brought out the polearm, the extra range proving to be a massive pain as she did her best to parry his blows.
When he had an opening, he went to try and behead her as Windsinger raced towards the side of her head, only to instead embed itself in her arm when she brought it up to block it.
"Wha-!!!" Caim stammered for a second as the polearm only managed to get halfway though the arm, leaving him open for attack!
Zero lunged in with her free hand, the one with the sword as she tried to ram it into Caim's gut.
In a quick move, he launched himself backwards, the tip of the enemy's blade barely nicking his armor as he retreated, landing on one of the shielded pipes running over the lava flow.
Once he landed, he was a little put off by the fact that her "Arm" was still lodged to his weapon, exposing a strange stump and making her even more angry. (Then she was already?)

"First you lecture me on stealing, then you steal my whole fucking arm!?" She barked before a large roar got both fighter's attention as the huge mass of Berial was sent flying towards the platform Zero was standing one.
Caim was out of way so he got a good view of the massive demon crashing into the buildings coming out of the rock, causing the entire room to shake a bit as rubble rained from above.
But despite that, it wasn't the end of Zero as he was able to make out the white clad warrior racing though the air, hopping from one piece of falling rubble to another as they fell from the ceiling as makeshift platforms.
In one last motion, she seemed to glow pink for a moment as she launched herself though the air before racing toward's Caim with her leg outstretched, forcing the swordsman to dodge and making her strike the pipe instead.
The section she hit shattered and the force was enough to nearly knock Caim off his feet before the warrior landed right next to where the pipe broke, liquid coolant now creating a small landmass in the open magma below them.

"Where did you think you were going? You wanted a fight, you're sure as shit getting one..." Zero added before attacking with some kind of Gauntletss on her remaining limbs, opting for a more "Rugal" approach with her next offensive.

Random Encounter No. 1: Mech-Zangief: Street Fighter

Back with the Wizard and his knights, Bedivere went to strike at the Mech, but much like Lancelot, it wasn't working as it was like trying to break rock with an egg spoon.
In response to this, Mech-Zangief brought back his arm to punch Bedivere in the face, quickly causing the knight to back the fuck up as the robot got ready to swing.
...Still get ready to time for Bedivere to glance back at his allies in confusion.
...any second now...
...There it does as his metal fist hit nothing but thin air, seriously, I'm running out of ways to write how STUPIDLY slow this guy moves.
After that "attack", the Mech got more offensive as it bellowed [VOD-KA-BREATH!] before flexing in an impressive manner, the steel of his muscles creaking together as the pressure forced them to screech against each other.
Much more worryingly was when the Mech then fired a EXTREMELY hot jet of superheated fire, almost hotter then the freaking lava in the middle of the room, right at the nearest target, namely Bedivere.

Round Timer: 79

((Rest of Reactions to come))

Wanderer and Old Snake West.
Location: not Dystopian future | Tiberium Refinery Complex.
Serious song

Old West nearly had a heart attack when Wanderer pulled his weapon, almost certain he was going to get a rerun of last time and maybe lose ANOTHER arm to the doctor's rage.
But when he put the weapon down, a massive sigh of relief escaped Old West's chest as he asked "...I take it whatever happened between us "Happened"...Shit, sorry man....Gah, I want to make this right somehow..." before putting his hand to his chin in thought.
"...Alright, bear with me for a moment, I think I got an idea..." He said before bringing up his wrist mounted computer and quickly typing out a message for an employee of his:

To: D'

RE: Kicking my own ass


This is going to sound weird, but I want you to take the portal to the date and time I have attached and, this is important, kick the shit out of me when you see him.
This will make a lot more sense when I get back and if you do this for me, I'm totally getting you that new compound hunting bow you've been eyeing up.

Thanks in advance XxX


PS. Not too much, I like being able to walk"

Email will be sent in: 20y 11m 29d

After hitting the send button, he closed up his computer before asking " do you feel now?..." right as Wanderer remembered something else other then lead going though his head that day...

Black Mesa - Spawn 3 - Tiberium Research: Teri, Garm, Ton Ton, Rugal, SAXTON HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLE!

Random Encounter No. 3: Vergil: Devil May Cry

Vergil was less then impressed with what he was seeing, first he ended up in this strange world, then he was watching some kind of family squabble involving people he didn't know/care about.
As a result, he mostly hung back during the fight, opting to instead take out his aggression on the passing soldiers, using his summoned swords to strike them all down like ducks at a shooting gallery.
"Humans...Just when I think I reach the depths of their stupidity..." He groaned to himself as the fight raged on.
Hale meanwhile looked around for this "Mr. Garrison", only to suddenly have a shotgun's worth of sharp ice sharps bury themselves right into his chest.
This prompted some surprise from the Aussie, followed by sheer joy, "HA! THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT, KID!" before leaping up into the air and landing right next to the Cleric.
The next thing Teri felt was a massive fist rocking her mid-section, lifting her right off her mount before Hale let her fall gracefully to the ground.
Moving onto Garm, he then grabbed the beast's muzzle before getting him into a headlock and attempting to tear it's head open by shoving his hand in the wolf's jaw and trying to pull it wide open enough to do so.

As he was doing that, he looked over to the half-demon in the background and shouted "OI SISSY! YOU DOING TO LET THE KIDS DO YOUR FIGHTING FOR YA?!"
This actually got the Son of Sparda's attention as he slowly turned around before pulling out his sword a little.
"...My power is absolute." He boasted before racing towards Saxton an-
"OOOOOOOOORGH!" The demon screamed as a massive Mann Co.TM Hunting Boot met with his reproductive organs mid dash, allowing Hale to take his hand out of Garms mouth before wrapping it around Vergil's head and giving both him and the wolf a large Stone Cold Stunner, you could almost hear the demon's jaw being dislocated.
Standing up over his two "Sparring buddies", he laughed once more "Now that's REALLY MANN FIGHTING! DON'T BRING A KNIFE TO A FIST FIGHT YOU LITTLE SISSY COWARD!" before kicking Yamato away from Vergil's hand.
However, this left him open to another attack from behind from Rugal as he managed to get him in a chokehold again, only this time he added to it with a Slashing Aura stab to the back, but even THAT was having a hard time keeping Hale down.
"WHY?! CAN'T!? YOU!? JUST?! DIE?!" The Rising Dawn Captain yelled in frustration as he tried to get the upperhand.
Hale meanwhile was just happy his old "Rival" was finally able to stop pussyfooting around and give him a real fight, even if he did have girls fighting on his behalf.

Back outside on the dam: Angelus, Mikhail, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Faith, Darren, Psycho/Milk

Mikhail had to think for a moment of how best to describe Zero-sama to his new friends.
"Well...She's really cute, she has white hair annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she wears a lot of white, but sometimes it's red after she's finished having a fight with someone. Oh, she also has a pretty looking flower in her eye. But it's not pretty because she says it's bad. But I kinda like it. And sometimes, she doesn't wear anything at all when she's wrestling with one of the Disciples!"
As Mihkal began to officially give too much information, Angelus began to focus on Caim once more, starting to get the mental image of a woman in white (And red with blood) with blonde hair and a flower in her ey-....And that was who Caim was fighting...
...uh oh...

Back with Darren, he was rather uncaring of the fact that Ryan was currently being choked to death by Annie, even as his pleaded for his life.
"Ryan, relax, usually theses people are doing to kill ya, just make your suffer. It'll hurt but take it from me, the more it hurts in the short term, the less it will in the future..." He calmly said while the young Titan kept strangling him.
"...Okay, maybe you should let up now. If you want to vent, you could snap my neck a few times. It's okay, I'll walk it off..." He then offered.
After Annie either did snap his neck or didn't, he then said "Okay, we need to get inside the base now and try and trap Wesker before he can escape. If you two are done catching up, I say we get a move-on, I want to go back home today dammit..." Before making his way towards the base.

Back with Psych-..."Faith", she waited around for Edge to do his thing, rolling her eyes as she did.
However, rather then wait for him to try and suss him out, Faith suddenly looked up into the sky and shouted "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" in order to get Edge's attention, right before giving him a nasty Sucker Punch to the nads and running towards one of the VTOL's, hoping to escape from the madness with his prize intact.
Hey, Host Lady, you don't happen to have a pilot's license do ya?.... an unknown voice asked the REAL Faith as she still had no control over her own body.

Black Mesa - Spawn 2 - NOD Barracks: Insaneo, Blackharte, Nadalia, Elise, Blade

Insano glanced at his 'allies' and walked away, still intent on putting an end to whatever was causing the resonance cascade. He didn't feel like dawdling.

Back outside on the dam: Angelus, Mikhail, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Faith, Darren, Psycho/Milk

Faith rolled her eyes and smacked Edge's hands off of her shoulders. "Look, I don't need your help." she...said? Edge was pretty sure that Faith didn't talk, or couldn't. She hadn't spoken to him, and her behavior had indicated that she couldn't. Something was wrong.

"UUhhhh .. I mean ... yeah, patch me up cowboy?"

Edge suddenly rememberd the phrase that Ryan had used to describe Faith. A gava-whatsit. A gava-whatsit. She might not have been the only one of her kind. And whomever he was talking to...might not be the person he thought she was.


Edge, still lost in thought, glanced up, and Not-Faith...gently tapped him in the groin region, and ran off, like something out of a Loony Tunes sketch. Edge sighed, pulled a pair of knives out of his chest bandoleer and threw them into Faith's shoulders. Both of them hit with a wet thunk sound, and Faith toppled forward.

"A nut shot? Really?" Edge said, walking up to Faith's bleeding, injured body. "Do you have any idea how long I've been fighting? Do you have any idea how long people have been trying to kill me?" Psycho-and Faith, who was still riding around in the back of her own head-heard one of Edge's swords slip out of it's sheath. "Keep that amateur hour shit out of here." Edge sqatted down, and slammed his blade into the ground, tip first; the blade sunk an inch and a half into the solid concrete, not an inch from Faith's eyes. "Now if you think you're half as smart as you think you're clever, you'll start talking."

Black Mesa: Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Selena, Kane, Snake

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 17: Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid

Selena turned and a barrier appeared but the blast from the rocket was intense and the shock-wave sent her falling onto scrap when she stood up she was in bad shape she was covered in bruises her clothes were burned and torn. the makeup on her face had been wiped away showing the scars on her face a gruesome reminder of a past filled with pain. Her eyes glowed white in fact her entire body began to glow, with a flash everyone close by became nearly blinded by the Painfully intense light.
Selena's Wild Magic became a Radiant Burst
As the room was still reeling from the Flash attack Selena took aim at SNAKE and willed her magic to direct it's full force at her opponent. A bolt of greenish purple energy flew from her fingertips and hit snake square in the chest.
Selena's Wild Magic Became a Poison Bolt,
SNAKE Has been Poisoned

Misunderstood Intentions
Location: NOD Barracks | Black MESA
Raison d'etre.

Fateless Child

The dark that lived trembled slightly. He nodded at Nadalia and Elise. "An honor that you accept me." His voice had an unexpected warmth to it. A genuine sort of gratitude that would have shocked any cynic. A mass of silicon and gallium that could truly feel emotion - it was a hard thing to stomach for most people.

While Blade called to the rest of the crew, he watched Insano leave immediately.

"What a most distasteful manner that man has about him, if I should say so. It is of little mind though." He stalked forward before turning around. He shimmered, the air around him filled with the glimmering of small lights, drifting lazily about him like flower petals. Niflheim was happy though, he had found two people that accepted him - though they may not have known better. To a man forgotten. to a man with no home, to a man who had no one to love or be loved. It made his heart flutter.

Aye. A man. To what end made a man. Was it the content of his heart or the machinations of his mind. Was the shape of his body what made him human? That he ought hold four fingers and a thumb on each hand. Have two eyes of brown, blue, red, green, grey or gold? Was it the hair or the mouth? The language he spoke or the expressions his face made. Or was it something more basic. Was a man built from his genes and his will to survive? To live - to reproduce. What was it that the essence of life was given.

To what end would it take to be known. To be loved. To love. To know. To lose. He had once lost everything and it had torn his heart asunder. Rendered still, a bleak coal that occupied the empty cavity in his chest. Niflheim put a hand on his chest. There was nothing there. BlackHarte's black heart resided in a world far away wallowing in anguish and pain. The creature trembled at this realization. This realization that he had suddenly been acknowledged. Become an individual. Aye. That's what it means to be alive.

To be an individual. To be a person - a consciousness. To be something that could not be replaced. To be able to be lost. Niflheim understood - he thought. What the master unit had been yearning for.

His heart sung. It fluttered with the sound of music. Into far skies a sweet tune of wind and rain. The azure sky, the alabaster clouds. The sun above - the water below. The earth trembling. To think is to be. Aye. To be thought of is to live. Aye. To be able to say "me" was bliss.

"I think," he said. His voice was trembling with some sort of emotion - though he could not say what. He wanted to cry, but he couldn't. He added silently to himself - therefore I am. "That proceeding alone would be a foolish move. Given that the apprehension of Albert Wesker will not be easy. In his rush he will put himself in perilous danger."

He tapped Blade's shoulder, "Let us go then. Gather those who are gone so that we may face the adversary as one."

Coming of Age
Location: Library | Rising Dawn
Be still my fluttering heart. Tremble not, as my knees do, when I face him.

Dolores Selmy

I am twenty-four years old, I think. It's been hard to remember ever since I woke up. My brain is all fuzzy. I keep hearing this buzzing at the base of my neck. Oh. I've been sleepy too. So tired. I'm twenty-four years old. My name is Dolores Selmy. My hair is blonde and my eyes are green. My skin is pale and burns easily in the sun. I'm five foot and four inches tall. My mother was Major Selmy of the United States Counterintelligence Unit.

I was born in Palo Alto, California. I grew up in Northern California. I went to college on the East Coast and enlisted shortly after my graduation.

I am First Lieutenant Dolores Selmy. After being discharged from the Air Force I joined the Rising Dawn. An international anti-terror group that focuses on large-scale disasters.

I put my head on the book. The pages are cool against my forehead. I think I might have a fever. I can't remember why I was discharged though. Ue te shu malu kao gatte. My head hurts. Ah... This sharp pain. It comes right here through the temples and radiates out toward the back of my head. The buzzing gets louder too.

Molli was talking to me about it. I haven't been the same ever since I deployed. Ato meishuru ka itena mudde. There's something off about my behavior. Like there's someone else in here with me. But I'm not crazy. I know that. I raise my head a little. The soft voice of a violin fills my head. It's call is so sad - it speaks of longing - but it speaks with such energy I can't help but feel my heart flutter. Every time Molli pulls the bow across the strings I feel something stir inside me. An excitement I can't explain.

It's a mix between sadness and arousal I think. I want to cry, but I also want to embrace her. I can't stand staying still. I want to move, to feel something in my hands, my arms. I grip the book and try to read the words on the page. It's a list of universities in the United States. It has their ranking and description alongside pictures of the campus. I couldn't remember my alma mater even though I only graduated three years ago.

I thought I went to Georgetown, but looking at the pictures says otherwise. Its lawn, its buildings, they all look foreign to me.

I thought I was part of the military, but I can't remember any of my training.

I close the book and put it away. The library's bookshelves were lined with all sorts of obscure information. It was like an encyclopedia on everything. After Selena's outburst a lot of the books had to be replaced. Molli had been overseeing that, feeling a bit responsible for spooking the magician.

Although because Molli was part of the engineering team, she didn't know a thing about organizing books. The intelligence department had sent some staff to fix the bookshelves and reorganize the fallen volumes. Molli had picked up her violin and began playing to pass the time. Those who came were John Langley and Jack Jormeau from field research. They were tall broad shouldered men with brown hair. The both of them. John had longer, wavier hair. He had a soft face, a bit childish, but a thick jaw. It gave him a trustworthy look. He had small eyes that were close together on his face. They were a sharp blue. Jack worse his hair short and styled it neatly. He was much more chiseled than John. He had rough features and a face that was squarish and accented with scars. He had eyes that were a mix of blue and green with flecks of gold. They were really beautiful eyes, kind but intense.

Tame iuo clo matre hibusumu.

Jack led a group of imps in the restoration. John worked alone in the back, keeping a catalog of all the items damaged or lost. Molli was a little sweet on John. He was more pretty than he was handsome though. Not my type personally. Thinking on it, I don't recall every really seeing a guy that was my type. Lamme i cando kabbe.

I pulled a book from the shelf. It was old and cloth bound. The pages were yellowed with age and printed on a thin paper. It felt as if it would fall apart at any moment. I turned it over and looked at the cover. It was blank. Nevertheless I set it down on the table and opened it.

Principia Philosophiae by Renati Descartes. Translation with explanatory notes by Valentine Rodger and Reese P. Miller.

The publication date listed 1983. The book was much older than me. Molli pulled hard across the strings again. Her fingers danced on the neck of her violin and made it sing. The air trembled with its sweet cry. Mord iese. I flipped through a few pages. The words were densely packed and in small print. From what I gathered it was more or less a fancy textbook. A lot of the phrases, though in English, made little sense to me.

I close the book and closed my eyes. The dark was inviting. Molli's music drew me into a much deeper sense of melancholy. I thought hard again.

My name is Dolores Selmy. I am she who suffers. I am Dolores Selmy, twenty four years old. My hair is blonde. My eyes are green. I work for the Rising Dawn. My mother raised me alone. I have no father. I have no siblings. I have no real friends other than Molli.

When did I meet Molli? I felt like I've known her for my entire life. We had to have been friends since we were kids, right? But, now that I think of it. I can't remember where she's from. What she studied. I can't remember anything about her other than that she's my close friend.

Oh my head. It hurts.

My collared uniform feels tight today. Around my neck. Its sticky. Despite the cold of the room I was sweating a bit. Maybe I really did come down with something. And this buzzing. Louder and louder. Drowning out Molli's violin. Please. Ah, I just want to relax. My body feels off. Unsettled. I try to unbutton my shirt, but my hands are trembling. I grasp at the white cotton. It's too smooth. I can't seem to get a hold on it.

It's choking me. I'm suffocating. I can't breathe. So hot. Ah. I slip my fingers into my shirt and pull strongly. Cold air rushes against my skin, chilling my neck and chest. I stop, breathing heavily.

"Dolly," Molli said suddenly. The music stopped. I feel a little better now. "What are you doing!?" She runs forward and throws a blanket over me.

"What was that for?" I'm confused. I was just unbuttoning my shirt. She looked a little pale, her eyes watched me with a strange worry.

"Dolly, try buttoning up your shirt for me."

I reached down and tried to find the buttons on my dress shirt. I grasped nothing. I looked down, startled. The shirt was torn all the way down to my waistcoat. The cloth itself had been torn instead of the button line. I paused, clawing at my bare chest for a moment. Ita no ka we. I closed my eyes and leaned onto Molli.

"Okay," I said sleepily, "maybe I'm not so okay. Can you take me back to my bed and get one of the medical personnel to look at me?"

Molli was replying, but I couldn't hear her. My head just fell, hitting her stomach. She stumbled. She was so warm.

Who am I really? I can't remember. Does it matter? Cogito ergo sum.

I heard Molli calling for help. I hoped that it was John who carried me to my room. Molli was always a little sweet on John.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Black Mesa: Armory | Katya, Level 72 Bandits, Psychos Vs. XCOM
Whatever happened to Love and Peace?!

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 6: XCOM Soldiers: XCOM: Enemy Within

Blade to all points, I'm with Nadalia, Dr. Insaneo and Elise in what appears to be some kind of living area for the base's soldiers. State your position." Came a crackling voice over the radio ring? When did Katya get a ring she wondered as she looked at the object that surrounded her right ring finger.

"He... hello? Is this thing on?" The Rising Dawn's Digital Drama Queen and Lecher spoke into the ring as both the surviving X-COM squad and Pandoran Psychos looked at her like she'd lost her mind. You know you have problems when Pandoran Psychos look at you like you're the crazy one.

Katya waited for a moment before speaking into the ring once again, hoping that someone was listening.

"This is Katya. I'm with a few... others..." She glanced at the X-COM soldiers and Pandorans, "We're in some sort of Armory which unfortunately doesn't have any more ammunition if you were thinking of restocking here."

The Volunteer and Lilith looked a little guilty at the mention of there being a distinct lack of anything useful as far as killing went. At best they had some rather expensive looking clubs... at worst they had those Sub-Zero Jackets that felt like they were made out of cat hair.

"I'll see if I can't download a map of the installation and track everyone down."

As the Hacker Heroine spoke, she accessed a local computer terminal and started rapid fire typing into the keyboard. She could have used B3WP to start hacking into the wireless network, access the security cameras and track down the locations of not only the Rising Dawn crew but designate the locations of all the security personnel on base. Unfortunately the nano-machine that had been bonded with Katya's body had other priorities.

As she stood there, a black mass snaked out from her right leg and started snaking over to where the corpse of the dead God-Liath was. The mass started churning and bubbling as the nano-agents started harvesting usable tissue and biological components from the corpse.

"BURP!" Katya burped unconsciously as she continued to type... though it was more from the bottle of BAWLS in her right hand than B3WP's feeding.

Wanderer and Old Snake West.
Location: not Dystopian future | Tiberium Refinery Complex.
Serious song

After minute or so recounting that certain event, Wanderer blinked several times. "That is so weird to recall." He said, shaking his head, still amazed what happened. Remembering the consequences of universal and time travel, the survivalist checked his body multiple times. "Okay... okay, I'm all fine." He muttered before focusing back onto Old West. Taking a couple of deep breaths, he gathered his thoughts, and remembered what needed to happen.

Gathering all information he has he just gained, Wanderer nodded to himself. "Now that I know you guys have such tech. Would it be possible to travel back to that universe, or possibly punch Wesker in the nads and stop everything?" He spoke with concern, looking around the environment, wondering if he would need to travel with the older sniper. Yet as expected, the eyes on his body changing like a flick of a switch, the familiar crimson took him.

"Preferably the latter." He said with that all too familiar devilish smile.

Kalastryn & The President.
Location: Daedalus 2.0 | Hanger

From Kala's perspective, the Daedalus was a skeleton crew from where she flew. The top deck was mostly empty, apart from some tactically placed purple and gold plated jets, awaiting on the runway. If her vision could see, it seemed that there were wires attached to the jets so they wouldn't fly away in mid-storm. Of course the storm itself seemed nothing the ship could handle, and lights were everywhere.

Even as she descended, Kalastryn could feel eyes on her, in fact, see could feel several laser sights on her before darting away. It seems that the ship already knows she is there. The most inviting and safe spot was the opening to the hanger, which was slightly open. As she entered, several groups were running around, carrying large equipment, and weapons. Yet the most unusual feature of this hanger was the staff manning it. Then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, ninjas had weapons pointed on her.

If that wasn't bad, an extremely weird car started approaching her. If this wasn't the worse point, the car's cigarette starting threatening her by shooting flames. Instantly one of the ninjas demanded, "who are you, and why are you here?!" While that was going on, the woman could easily spot the Commander-in-Chief himself, standing on a large pile of metallic boxes, on his phone. "Kanye West, more like Kanye BITCH! Man, I endorsed your Power song years ago, and now you want to run for President soon... You wanker, I'll whip your ass and define you as a gay fish in the dictionary before I let that happen!"

He wasn't happy.

Merlin 'n co Vs [Mech-Zangief.]
Location: Black Mesa | Fury's Core.

Gawain and Merlin at the back seemed to step back as the flames licked at them. As they dispersed, it seemed that Bedivere was kneeling, except the back of his armour was touching the ground as if he dared to slide under the flame. Noticing the movement of the mech, the Knight immediately ran back to the main pack. "Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope~" His words dashed from his mouth until he arrived.

Internally, Merlin sighed. This little exercise was proving for naught, and this group of holy knights couldn't work together. Is this because they are spirits? He though, looking upon the Lancelot that manged to get back to the group via a long jump. "I believe we should r... R-grr... We should run, damn it!" He ended up yelling through his dark armour. The two other knights seemed confused, and Lancelot pointed to the counter. "It's like a timer, except going down. So we wait for that... Or the Wizard to finish his plan." He muttered as he started a brief jog.

The others shrugged as they didn't want to face the metal monster again. "I could just use Excalibur on it!" Gawain yelled as the group ran, well, minus Merlin who just seemed to float along with them. "I wouldn't do that... You might destroy everything, including this facility, and our allies." He said giving a smirk. Well, it's a start. He thought as he looked back at the slowly, chasing mech. "I wonder what happens when that thing's time is up?" Bedivere remarked as if a unlucky jinx fell upon them.

Wanderer and Old Snake West.
Location: not Dystopian future | Tiberium Refinery Complex.
Serious song

"Nah, we tried that once. It-...Didn't really end well. Besides, there is also the issue of if we went back in time to chance the course of events of our own lives, it might wipe us out of existence. I mean, if we went back in time to stop Wesker, then we wouldn't have traveled back in time in the future and-....Look, it kinda works out in this situation because Past!Me was already fucking with history and we just sorta "Un-fucked" it, but I'd rather not blow up the universe with a time paradox or something. Rectons don't really work out too well in real life..."
With that rather technical explanation of the mechanics of time travel out of the way, Old West too a moment to send a "Thank you" message to be delivered in 20 years, 11 months, 28 days, 23 hours and 50 minutes from now.
"Still, I think I can give you a few pointers that might be able to help you. First, the next time you are talking to, "Your" Me, Tell him this exact message: It's okay to bang that guy's sister. It works out pretty awesome in the end, just make an honest woman out of her. Oh, Include that last part. It'll save him from getting mauled by her brother. As for Bison and Wesker, whatever you do, don't-"

Before Old West could spoil the next chapter of the arc, the green lighting returned before zapping him back to his own time, leaving Wanderer with mere relationship advice and little else.
Well, not only that, it seems like he dropped something in the blast, some kind of gun...

Loot Get! Old West's M600: It's the future so we added another 100 to the old model!

Not long after Old West disappeared, another Green flash appeared behind one of the refinement machines, this time of David West, now battered and bruised as he crawled into view.
"ohhhh...medic...awwww....shit, who the fuck was that green haired bitch?..." he groaned, most likely minus a few intact ribs and possibly another head injury.

Black Mesa: Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Selena, Kane, Snake

RANDOM ENCOUNTER No. 17: Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid

Snake understandably was affected by the poison now flowing in his veins, quickly starting to fade and loose strength as time went on.
Seeing that his current tactics weren't really working, he reached into his pocket before pulling out a sheet of cardboard and began to unfold it into a-...Wait, what?.
Once he had the "Tank" unfolded, he quickly climbed inside, one would wonder why, I mean, Selena clearly saw him climb inside it so there was no point using it to hide.
It was then that the turret slowly turned towards the witch and-*BANG!*, a small but potent tank shell was fired right at the witch while Snake attempted to purge the poison in his body, several empty ration packs being thrown out the back of the "Tank" as it opened fire.

Merlin 'n co Vs [Mech-Zangief.]
Location: Black Mesa | Fury's Core.

The mech slowly moved towards them...again...
Imagine someone cast "Slow" on someone 15 times, that would be roughly what we were dealing with, but it did seem to be all but immune to all forms of damage, hell, even when one of the other fights going on the room caused rocks to fall from the ceiling, they bounced harmless off the robot's hair(?).
It was when he finally got onto the bridge that there were concerns, even just stepping on the bridge massively shook it as the metal began to bend from the sheer weight.
Eh, least the lock was running down...

Round Timer: 39

Kalastryn & The President.
Location: Daedalus 2.0 | Hangar

A visible bead of sweat emerged from Kala's forehead. Almost immediately scowling with one of her eyes twitching in frustration. "Tch, this is why I never really got involved with politics. I'm here from the Rising Dawn, who I may mention the president asked for personally on national television. Let it be known I'm just trying to be civil, set up some communications, and as I was instructed to specifically ask "What the U.S. policy for such a situation is." Though... this does all seem rather unpredictable." she comments as she regains a bit of her composure.

"I understand that the leader of your country is across this very room from me, but I did come here unarmed. If there's any paranoia about "angels" after an event I recall as well... to put it simply I'm anything but, I just have the wingspan."

Finally commenting on the elephant in the room. "That's an... interesting vehicle as well, but strategically unsound to use in this scenario. I don't burn."

Wanderer and West.
Location: Actually not a Dystopian future. "Whoops." | Tiberium Refinery Complex.

Before he could ask any questions, the futuristic David West disappeared in the same green lightning that took him here. "Man, I have no idea where I am." He muttered before looking over at the gun he left behind. Excited by the sleek, chrome revolvers, he picked it up. "Okay, this makes things a little better... Just a little."

Loot Get!
Old West's M600: It's the future so we added another 100 to the old model!


Looking upon the recent David West, Wanderer examined. "How did you get here?" He muttered with interest, before walking over to David and remembering what the future West said. "Oh yeah, funnily enough, I met your future self. By the way, he told me it is totally okay to... uh... bang that guy? Yeah, that's what he said, so you meet a guy, you totally bang him." He said with a smile, confident that he got that little note right.

("Yeah, you tell yourself that.")

An awkward pause was left for a couple of seconds, before Wanderer noticed what he had just said.
"I believe they use the phrase 'no homo' these days."

Merlin 'n co Vs [Mech-Zangief.]
Location: Black Mesa | Fury's Core.

As the Magician and three Knights ran out onto the bridge, they watched as the mech followed them. It twisted the metal beneath its feet, placing heavy pressure upon the bridge. Lancelot actually seemed worried, after all, molten lava, which was right below them, was not that common in the Kingdom of Camelot. "Okay, I have an idea!" Yelled Bedivere, who jumped in front of the group. "You might want to grab onto something." He said and sliced downwards, hoping to cut the bridge in two.

Though he didn't know how modern bridges worked.

Kalastryn & The President.
Location: Daedalus 2.0 | Hangar

After stating she was from the Dawn crew, most of the group vacated the area. Some either simply walk away, and some jumped into the shadows. It seems that this 'army' was made of both soldier and ninjas, yet they ALL wore ninja outfits. Naturally, this was all thanks to the President, and boy, if this was an average day, just imagine what casual Friday looked like.

It usually involved hot dog suits, in fact, it looked like one crate was full of the damn thing.

Two of the 'ninjas' that stayed behind, and both seemed fairly awkward. One started to talk, who seemed a little more professional.
"Still, we have to check over you. We don't exactly trust G-Corp, and seeing how they're connected to you guys this time around..." A Sargent said, full of formality. "Plus the Saints have dealt with demons before, so we have a little problem..." The private of the two said, before looking at the woman in front of him, almost with a little too much attention to detail.

"B-but... after looking, I have no problem anymore." He admitting, lowering his rifle and scratching his head. "Private, one of the Commanders is a half demon... angel thing."
"Sargent, the point is that I have no problem anymore.
"Yeah, like you have a chance. You're not even a main character."
"You think I can help that?!

Before anything else could be said, the weird vehicle rolled by, followed by a yell. "What the hell do you mean, you didn't put the breaks on?! Well, shit, get after it!" The Sargent yelled, running off. The Private slowly joined him, but not before he could point to the giant pile of metal crates with a man in a metal suit complaining on a phone. "He's right there. Call me!" He said running off. As the tiefling walked over, she could easily hear what the man himself said, although that goes for half the giant hanger too.

"You... You still don't get it?! Fish, stick. Fish, dick. It's simple, do you like fish sticks... Uh huh. Do you like to stick them deep into your mouth... ... Yeah, you're a gay fish... Well fuck you too!" He hung up his phone, before throwing it across the room, somehow hitting a pile of gigantic dildos. "God damn it! My collection." He said, spotting Kala. Taking a deep breath, he sat down at the top of the pile. "How can I help you Miss..." He said, voice trailing off as he tried to tag a name to this new, unique, girl.

As silence was left in the air, and if she could see, The President mouthed names. "Angelus, Teri, Jenny, Faith, Melethia." He then mouthed all the other female crew names, both past and present, until he got to, "K-k..."

The Batter
Location:Tiberium Research

"It's better this way..."
-The Batter

"Strange..." The Batter thought as he drifted through darkness. Everything was supposed to be gone and everyone was supposed to be better off. Perhaps this was the afterlife? A never ending void? What a strange afterlife then. He drifted for some time before The Batter had to cover his eyes as a light appeared from nowhere and blinded him. He let out a grunt of annoyance before the light was too much and he was soon unconscious.

He awoke to the sounds of explosions. Immediately awaking, he grabs his bat and sits up. He clutches his head and tries to shake the headache away as he looks at his surroundings. A small room with what looked like a portal closing. The Batter merely sighs as he stands up. He spots his Add-Ons slowly coming to and forming up behind him. He shows no emotion as he begins heading for the only door in the room.

He soon takes a step outside and looks around to spot a large pile of bodies next to a destroyed wall. The sounds of combat are right around the corner. He slowly takes a step forward and steps on and over the bodies, getting a lot of the blood on his shoes. He rounds the corner and spots the rather... peculiar fight. "I wonder if I'm forever destined to live a strange life." He mutters to himself as he stares on.

The fight was rather strange and a bit unfair he had to admit. Though that wasn't part of his mission so he shouldn't interfer-. What was his mission now? Was it to continue purifying spectres? This world obviously had them if what he sensed coming from at least one of the fighters was any indication.

For now he simply stood and observed the fight. His uncaring expression never leaving his face.

Location: Back outside on the dam / Characters: Edge, Faith, Psycho/Milk

Edge looked over to the seven soldiers. G-Corp soldiers. "Points for originality." he said, rising. "But points docked for poor execution. Don't go anywhere."

Seven of them. G-Corp soldiers. That complicated things a bit, but not too much. Not for someone like him.

Edge teleported behind the man in the middle of the group, hit the back of his knee, and slammed his head into the pavement. Swinging his second sword in a wide arc, he quickly cut open the rifles of the two men closest on either side of him, and tackled the person to his left, slamming into two more soldiers in the process and sending them flying. Just as the last two soldiers pointed their rifles at him, he threw two knives into the barrels of their guns. "That's me being nice." Edge said, walking back over to where Psycho was still lying on the ground. "Don't make get mean. I don't want to have to explain to Kazuya and Poofy-Sleeves why I had to kill half a dozen of his men."

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, The Batter

The Batter watched as the "girl" fell from the sky. Though if he had to be honest she looked more like a snake. Though the screaming diminished any intimidating value she might have. He muttered something about just leaving the entire area but simply stood there. A few shards flew towards him but he simply ignored the glass as it lightly cut him. The being's moaning did nothing to appeal to The Batter but he studied the being with curiosity. His mission had not allowed him to explore his curiosities before but now he didn't have a mission. He studied the girl's body (not in that way you perverts) and came to the obvious conclusion she was some kind of snake girl hybrid.

She began muttering, "Where am I? This isn't Darling's room ..." While The Batter simply stared on. Upon spotting him she began freaking out. The Batter questioned her logic since she was a snake girl hybrid and she was freaked out by what appeared to be a normal human, at least to her. She began rambling off about her darling and who The Batter was. The Batter didn't particularly care and was more concerned with the fact he couldn't tell if she was pure or not. She wasn't currently possessed by anything nor did she have a sinister aura. She didn't have a good one either but more of a neutral one. It reminded him of the Elsens before they were burnt and purified. He would allow her to live for now.

"You wouldn't hurt an innocent girl now, would you? Surely you know ab-about the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, right? .. Mmmmhhmhhmhhh-" The Batter simply tilted his head. Beginning to form the idea that they were from two very different places. She didn't know where they were however so she couldn't help him with that. The Batter only listens to her mumbling for a few moments longer before tilting his head to the side and asking in a monotone voice. "I have no clue what the... "Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill" is. I assume you don't know how to get out of here?" He completely ignored her flustered behavior and ramblings.

Locations: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, The Batter

"... Huh? You've never heard of the law between humans and interspecies before? Hmmm, how can I put it?"

The Batter listened intently to her explanation. He didn't actually know if she was from this world, but if he couldn't use this information to help him through the world, he could at least use it to learn more about who he was talking to. Why would humans care about making peace if they had the obvious firepower to demand this "Bill" from the hybrids or perhaps they were more of a stalemate and neither wanted to lose numbers. Such thoughts were not for the Batter however. He had a mission to escape this place and continue with finding his new mission.

He also ignored the part where she began talking about her Darling again. He couldn't care less about whoever this man was. The Batter watched with mild amusement as she began rushing around looking for a way out that was obviously not going to be easy.

"Weren't you asking me how to get out of here? ... Help me escape and i'll pay you or something. But don't get an.. any ideas. I belong to Darling ALRIGHT????" The idea of getting out faster tempted The Batter. However, her demeanor pointed that she most likely wasn't a combatant and would have to be protected. "Very well. You will have to stay close however. I have already spotted multiple deceased beings in this area which indicates danger. Is there anything you can do that will help us find the exit faster?"

Location: Tiberium Labs / Characters: Miia, The Batter

The Batter almost became worried at the girl's face when she heard about the nearby deceased soldiers. Her stuttering did nothing to help his nerves. It was then The Batter heard gunfire coming from behind him.

His slowly squinted as he stared at the two soldiers. He was preparing himself as he watched the first soldier get slaughtered by whatever was around the corner. This was closely followed by the second soldier's head exploding. The Batter was just getting into a defensive stance when he was blindsided by the Lamia standing (Slithering? Sliding? Idk)next to him while she screamed so loud it would make near everyone deaf.

The surprise was more than enough to knock The Batter off his feet and send him sliding across the ground. He merely grunted as glass and other debris cut his back as they slid. As they came to a stop, The Batter realized that he could feel his body being crushed. Sure he was far more durable than any human but she wasn't human herself. She had trapped one of his arms but he used his other arm to try and get free. He didn't make a single sound while she squeezed him. "OH MY GOD-T-THOSE MEN J-J-. .HSSSSHHhhhhHHhahahas- IIIIAAHHHHHHHHHHHH AHAHg .UIAAHAHA-"

The Batter would have sighed if he wasn't being crushed. He reached with his free arm and bopped her on the head rather hard. Hoping that whatever was around the corner hadn't noticed them yet and that he still had time to get free.

The Batter didn't hate the girl but she was indeed getting on his nerves now. Before the Batter could scold the girl for her aggravating noises, she remembered what she was screaming about in the first place. His annoyance grew as she grabbed his arm and lifted him up over her. She quickly led them around a corner only to set him down and cover his mouth. The Batter wasn't planning on saying anything anyways and since he technically doesn't need to breathe he wasn't too bothered. He merely watched her breathing in deeply and trying to keep herself calm.

He was about to say something when she looked at him and said some inane thing about her Darling yet again before peaking out of cover again. "If she mentions her Darling one more time, I may end up feeding her to whatever killed them..." She looked at him again before saying. "TThshchchch- It was JUST THERE A MOMENT AGO. I sa.. saw something and now it's gone. It co. ..could be anywhere!!!"

Then something dripped on the girl's shoulder and The Batter immediately gripped his bat more securely. Upon looking up he could only describe the creature as maybe something of an insect. As his companion lost all motor functions, the batter stepped up to the plate (get it? A baseball joke because... oh nevermind.) and swung his bat at the creature on the ceiling and knocked it down as the girl shrieked.


The Batter's Add-Ons immediately came into play and began slicing through the creatures as The Batter muttered. "Purification in progress."

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