The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
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ARES | Bison| Caim | David | Katya | Mio | Nadalia | Teri | Antoinette | Benedict | Sundowner | Armstrong

Bison knew the drill, he had owned prison camps before, set up in his name to house those who would stop him.
He also recalled his brief stint in UNIT after his last "Failed Empire", so he knew the best way to get out of this in one piece was to shut up and do what you were told when you were told.
It didn't make it any more enjoyable but as others were soon finding out, acting out would get you nothing but beaten up.
As such, he managed to keep him mouth shut after his first outburst (Now, if only the womenfolk could do the same...)
He let out a sigh of relief when Katya was hauled away, glad he wouldn't have to listen to her raving, possibly ever again depending on who was unlucky enough to get her a cell mate.
While the Rising Dawn were lead into their cells, Bison didn't struggle or need much prompting as he marched into his own, already trying to figure out a flaw in their system or some weakness he could use to escape.
He was not beaten, he was not lost, he was not finished, this was merely a setback, that's what he told himself.

Pangs of guilt began to un-nerve him as he started to recall his first failed effort to remove Armstrong from the equation.
It was so simple, Bruiser would go to one of his meetings, posing as a client, then murder the shit out of him and anyone else nearby.
He never learned what became of his co-worker and friend since then, only that Armstrong still lived and that he never heard back from the Machoke.
Grumbling slightly, he resigned himself to a meditative pose on his bed, focusing his energy to try and force himself though the T-Minus in his veins.

David meanwhile tried to stay calm as the situation began to grow more and more intense as time went on.
Katya was taken away, Teri was loosing her cool and Nadalia just got the shit kicked out of her.
Gritting his teeth as he was shoved into his cell, trying to figure out what the hell he could do to help.
"...We even going to get a lawyer?!" he spat before pounding his fist against the door.
There was little he could do even as Nadalia got her ass kicked, wincing as he heard the beat down.
"ahhhhh, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!" He cursed as he began pacing in his cell, not really able to much else.

The Prison soon became far more noisy as an alarm sounded: "Attention! CEO on the floor! All Guards to Positions."
Right on cue, every single guard dropped what they were doing before returning into formation, standing at attention and keeping their eyes open for any attempts on their employer's life.
Two figures began to make their way down the hallway, each Cyborg Guard giving them a salute as they went past.
Leading the way was World Marshall's top official: Sundowner, clad in heavy armor as he ran his machete along the bars of each cell he passed.
And right behind him: Armstrong, Sentor of the great state of Colorado and de-facto dictator for the entire city of Denver.
Both men merely glanced at the rest of the Rising Dawn, looking rather content with themselves as they stepped up to Bison's cell.
"....You here to gloat, Armstrong?"
"Oh don't be like that. I'm certain you would have been just a graceful a winner as I am."
"...So not at all then?"
"...Well, no. I guess not."

"Oi! 4-eyes! You in the suit! You were after Bison, right? So what the hell do you need us for?" David pointed out, seeing if he could use his Irish Charm to talk his way out of this.
"Simple. You're with him. After all, why else did your organization stage a major attack on not only on one of America's greatest cities, but also on MIT and one of our most secure military bases?" Armstrong answered with the most punchable faces in the world.
So much so that David attempted to do so anyway, despite the cell door getting in his way.
"Add that in with a majority share in Fox News and I can spin this any way I want. My client paid top dollar to ensure that your people wouldn't get in the way and I intend on delivering. Namely because unlike some people, he actually pays. The Presidency is a nice bonus, not to mention that little "Toy" you put in orbit..."
"...What are you talking about?"
"The Orbital Defense Initiative. ODIN. That space weapons platform we passed the funding for?"
"...But it was never designed to work-"
"I know, it was part of your scheme: Run for office, get that scrap heap up in orbit, turn on that magical "Psycho Drive" of yours hidden inside and then have your brainwashed followers crave a 5th head into Mount Rushmore..."
"How did you-"
"Oh come on, it's America. Who did you think owned the company the state contract went to? Some Silicon Valley dickweed? Only unlike them, I actually know the value of such a weapon in the right hands..."

"You seriously think UNIT or any other of the global powers are going to let you put a death ray into orbit?" David asked, knowing how UNIT would most likely react to a US President building a kill-sat above their heads.
"...Well, first, it's not a "Death Ray", it's a orbital kinetic bombardment weapons platform. Second, It's alright up there. Bison, once again, was rather helpful in that regard. With all eyes on the world on him, they didn't notice when I stepped up the launch schedule after the attack on MIT. All I need know is the authorization to launch and with the front-runner "Dropping out" of the race..."
"Can we just skip to end of this? You already gave away your plans, you're now going to insult us and explain why you'll never be stopped. It's bad enough you're hitting every cliche in the book, but you're not even doing it Well."
"...Fine, fine. Allow me to leave you with a token of my thanks for all the...assistance you've given me over the course of this election cycle...Bring him in."
Upon command, Sundowner nodded before whistling to a group of guards dragging along a rather large prisoner with a bag over his head.
"...What is this?"
"I suppose you can call it the the part where "I explain why I'll never be stopped". Because none of you are leaving this place, Alive, Death or anything else. I don't let anything here got to waste, regardless of it's usefulness or my personal opinions about them. Case in point, I brought over an old friend of yours..."
", you didn't-"

The Door to Teri and Mio's cell swung open as Bison edged closer to watch the large prisoner get thrown onto the ground and he was HUGE, even made Rugal look small by comparison.
It was hard to tell under his stained prison uniform but he clearly wasn't human, most humans don't have pale blue lizard-like flesh or survive the kind of injuries he sustained during his stay here, a rather mutilated arm, several broken bones that were never set and there was a number of scars running along his arms and body.
The bag off his head was removed to reveal a head almost akin to a crocodile's with a number of broken fins on his head.
"I shall you leave you to your reunion. Sundowner, oversee the next shift. I'll be placing the FULGORE on guard duty when he's done hunting down the rest of the rabble, he'll relieve you then. Make sure their stay is-..."Engaging"."
"Believe I can arrange that, Have a good one, Boss." Sundowner happily said before motioning for the guards to resume their duties (And beatings) while the prisoner began to wake up.
"...You son of a bitch...ARMSTRONG! I SWEAR I WILL FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS AND I WILL END YOU FOR THIS?! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I WILL NOT BE BEATEN HERE!" Bison began to shout at the leaving Senator as the unknown prisoner let out a low groan as he seemed blinded by the light in the cell, but he was able to get out a single word.


Rising Dawn:Med Bay: Icarus, Selena, Garm, Danny Boy, Rory Mercury, Kazuya Mishima Staff

After Selena and Icarus had their peaceful moment Icarus saw a strange youthful looking woman glaring holes into Icarus and Selena Danny Body Had taken place in the corner.
One thing Icarus had realized was he felt alot better than he had any right to be he was back to 85%. "Selena we should go, We need to help the others. I have a Plan but I need to check something" Selena nodded "Also Have you seen my Cloak I feel cold without it."
Selena took Icarus's Hand "I wasn't sure how to have it cleaned with all the feathers. I think Your wool cloak is in our room.
He nodded and the two left Danny boy suddenly perk up his ears. A figure slowly became visible to Rory a tall figure in a black cloak with a deep hood you could just make out the long beak from a raven mask. He held a black oaken stiff Moat notable was a silk bag at his belt the fine purple silk seemed to have an energy, inside were souls of the dead within the bag He was a reaper, He was The Raven King. He waved to Rory, Bowing low out of respect before fading away into black smoke, a moment later he reappeared but he was a spirit, He looked in the direction of the girl WHom had asked him a cryptic question.
"You are young and you are innocent, You ask if peace could last forever, This is sadly not truly possible peace ad love will last as long as it can bu t like life it is temporary, all things change and all things end. I may seem eternal but even my existence is finite As is Rory's eventually she will change and as bizarre it may seem she to will meet an end some day. I wish I could provide a better answer. I must depart but I shall not be taking your soul, He waved and faded away into smoke.

Icarus had retrieved his Midnight blue woolen cloak he had wandered until he was in a silent part of the Dawn "Dad if you can see this.... I'm sorry.
He took a deep breath and pinched his nose "Rising Dawn emergency code: 4BBB 5U 7G." he looked around he might have been able to fool AI into thinking that was his fathers voice, he was sure he had the right password but nothing happened.... Great now he felt awful AND his plan wasn't working.

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
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Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

The ones controlling Jenny remotely were clearly confused about the situation as it seemed to be both in the middle of a silence effect and fully functional.
While this unit was designed to work without Psionics, it wasn't designed for this kind of metal lockdown, quickly knocking much of it's systems out of whack while they tried to find a work around back at HQ.
Jenny screamed in pain as the outstanding order to attack with Psychic power was starting to become her downfall, only snapping it out of it when they order was cancelled.
When Kalasyryn attempted to attack her with lightening bolts, the unit quickly took steps to mitigate the harm, absorbing and parrying the projectiles with her Psi-blades.
Once she was done with her barrage, she then scraped the blades along each other, releasing the charge back into the sky above her.

While her Psionics were interfered with, it did limit her offensive abilities but the rest of her Cyborg frame was still rather strong, as proven by the fact she carved up bits and pieces of the area around her before launching them skyward with speed and skill that could match Rugal.[1]
In-between attacks, the handlers on the other end attempted to run tech support, trying to undo whatever hex or debuff Kalastryn had put on their weapon.


"...If I was suffering from a terrible hangover...and having a really off day...and only had to use my teeth..."

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
[Sorry, that was my "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" audiobook.]

ARES | Viscus | Dimitri

ARES's "Un-cooperative" actions did not go un-noticed by the staff (I mean, how could they not?) as they scrambled for safety.
While they worked with weapons and Cyborgs all day long, they wouldn't know the first thing about an actual fight and the entire room was a chorus of "GET THE EM FIELD UP FOR FUCKS SAKE!" as they all hid behind their desks and consoles.
The Security in that sector was used to this kinda thing happening, countermeasures for electromagnetic pulse technology were getting more and more common in their world, nevermind others.
As such, the nearest Cyborg guard pulled out a Specialized EMP Blade before firing it up, massive levels of live current arcing from it as she did.
Vaulting over one of the computers, he then struck at ARES with the weapon, the impact of which, when described in biological terms, felt like all the oxygen in her body leaving all at once.
In more accurate terms, it rendered a massive surge of power though all her active systems, effectively shutting them down until they could be rebooted.

"How many damn times do I have to tell you, you put the EM Field up THEN you scan the subject!" The Guard yelled at the staff as they were able to get the fabled EM field active, their excited nature at getting such an advanced weapons system clouding their judgement.
With it active, a small spinning device came down from the ceiling, saturating all non-World Marshall equipment with specialized EM waves, though to avoid all the headaches that would case, it was localized solely to the android rack.
As she recovered, she saw the Lab Tech with the Bison hat standing over remarking "Clearly self aware and intelligent. Get the rack back up and finish the scan. No need to get feisty, just want to see what makes you tick-tock..."
Her little outburst made her the most interesting thing in the room, least more interesting in Boring stone masks and A weird gold bar from Australia.
They notable examined the large gaping hole in her chest, least now that they were safe and protected by a annoyed looking guard.

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie and Ryan

With the area cleared of Giant Monsters, the RAY units were able to deploy safely, if a bit far away from where the actual action was.
Still, they secured their LZ and forced the enemy to give up ground, another step in the on going process of evicting the Rising Dawn and G-Corp from the city.
The FULGORE was not yet finished however as it attempted to keep up with the fleeing Titan, using it's Camo and jet systems to keep himself moving at a similar pace to the monster before coming to a halt on a nearby rooftop and uncloaking.
[My Employer's offer still stands. Surrender now and no further harm will befall you. The City is under World Marshall control. You will not escape...] He droned as Annie could see the mechs int he distance roar before seemingly unfolding their wings and-

Bright sparks in the distance soon resulted in a much larger missile barrage then the first one they barely survived began to race towards them.
Seeing how it was a carpet bombing-style missile strike, the FULGORE ensured it's own safety by leaping off the building and using the incoming missiles as platforms in midair, keeping him airborne and outside of the missiles effective blast radius.

dolly's story

"Venia dignus error is humanus"

Naamah leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. She had a mild headache. The rhythm of passing souls bombarded her sensitive eyes with a display of obnoxious color. Naamah grimaced and closed her eyes tightly to try and down out the cacophony of souls in a sea of internal darkness, but the density was too much to shut out and the bright colors of emotion leaked into her dark sanctuary. The reds were bright and sharp, cutting as knives, the blues were deep and cold - such that they burned her bosom, and yellows and greens danced on her skin like blunt strikes - a feeling she was not so keen on feeling twice in one life. Her body was bare against these emotions of pain, fear, hate, and worst of all, hope and they took her lack of protection as an invitation to cover her young body with their slimy dispositions.

Now of all times she remembered why she hated mortals. She absolutely despised them, short-lived, short-sighted, ignorant and dangerous. They were as fireworks - amusing to gaze at from afar, but quite dangerous and malicious when in close proximity. Now the young queen wished for her alter-ego to come out of that accursed shell of hers and take over while she rested.

Being Naamah was hard. "Yes indeed," she muttered under her breath, opening her eyes a little as to check on the current state of the observation room. Besides the swirling eyesore of colors that mortals called 'souls,' the conduit that she liked to call Rory was now standing facing the glass of the operating room.

Naamah perked up. There was something else in the swarm of cancerous colors, a twisting entity fighting against the very fabric of creation. Naamah closed her eyes and braced herself. The air around her burned with ice and grew both wet and dry - a crackle of soft static filled the inside of her ears. She opened her observing eyes, glowing green and burning with gold embers.

The color of the souls grew to such a degree that it physically pained Naamah to look. Each of those souls clamored for an observer to fortify their being so that they would not fade back into the oblivion where they had once been born. Between the sea of clashing colors Naamah saw... something. A sea of gold. Something bright, warm, metallic. Something which by it's very nature defied the senses. It was... nothing as far as Naamah could tell. She strained her eyes further to try and make it out, though the only response was a sudden overwhelming wave of emotion - this time born out of neither a mortal nor an immortal. The very though flooded her mind and swept her up like the ocean it was. An infinitely vast sea that was at the same time infinitely deep. A liquid light that washed across Naamah's body with the consistency of warm milk, enveloping her body like gentle hands caressing each inch of her skin. She breathed deep and willed the vision to vanish, but it persisted. It was swarming in through a breach in the world - an emptiness that was the space once occupied by the soul of the girl named 'Dolores Selmy' - and the very nature of it's being was relentless and without mercy.

It struck deep into Naamah and filled every corner of her body, a groping hungry liquid. It sought to shine a light into her deepest depths and peel off the layers of protection the young queen held around her black heart. Naamah struggled, doubling over in pain and effort. She tried to close her eyes, but found that she couldn't. The light held her body in bondage.

It's strength grew the more Naamah acknowledged it. It now came surging forward, wrapping it's tendrils around Rory and Molly and seeping out of the observation room into other places on the Rising Dawn. There was this strange desire for her to let go, to allow this sea of light to sweep her away into thoughtless oblivion. Tears wet her cheeks through the washing waves of liquid gold. Her heart felt so heavy. She just wanted to cry. Living was hard.

"Yes indeed," came the answer. The very nature of the sea spoke and when it did it trembled, sending a deep penetrating thrum into Naamah. It was uncharacteristically calming. It sounded... like a mother's heartbeat. Naamah let her head rest against the surface of the golden sea and found it warm to the touch. The thrums came again, quelling her anger and rage. The texture of the liquid was smooth but tight, holding a strange softness that she would not have attributed to water. It was like laying against the gentle embrace of her mother. Naamah tried to stifle her tears.

She remembered little of her mother. Like Naamah, her mother had been a member of a harem. A glorified sex slave sold off to wealthy individuals in an ancient world, she had known her scarce, being torn from her bosom in her infancy and raised with other girls in a slave house. Though she could not remember the face of her own mother, Naamah could recall the baked stone and bright paintings that had been the walls of her cell for ten years. She hated colors. Those reds and blues and purples and greens that mocked her from high above. The portraits of uncaring gods, and the grinning faces of fat lords. When the flames of war tore the walls of her city apart she could not have been more ambivalent. She wandered the smoking ruins bloody streets as the army of bronze came storming through the city day and night. She remembered them seeming more like machine than men. Dressed head to toe in gleaming metal and wielding not spears, but strange flat leaves forged of black rock. None of them had paid her any heed. They had not come to rape and pillage - they had come to bring laws to a lawless land and the glory of god to a godless realm.

"Tell me more," the voice whispered as it delved deeper into Naamah's heart, peeling back each layer of black scars with a gentle tug.

Solomon. Naamah's Solomon, came the week after the city had fell. Unlike other kings he did not ride upon a horse nor was he carried by slaves. He walked barefoot across the carnage wearing robes of white and gold. He had a gentle smile and caring eyes. Behind him the sun gleamed like a halo, announcing his divine right for all to see. Where Solomon went, miracles followed. He bid that there be temples to the greatness of god, and the earth exhumed bodies of stone to construct those temples. He bid that all the children of god would rise, and they rose from the rivers of blood unscathed. Then he bid that those who were of the dark faith repent, and they fell to their knees and begged god for forgiveness. Around him spears turned to plowshares and shields to wheels. The very roads smoothed so that he could walk unimpeded, and when he smiled the sun grew brighter so that all could witness him and revel in his joy.

Naamah approached him when he had come on the third day. She was a naked wretch that bore the scars of battle on her young thin body. When Solomon saw Naamah, he had smiled. The clouds above parted, and where it had been raining to wash the city of blood, now sun shone so that Naamah would be warm. He had bent down and embraced her. His robes felt weightless and cool as if they had been woven from clouds.

One of his retainers had approached. Why this one? He had asked. Naamah looked at him. She was still naked, though no longer so cold nor so hungry. The pains had been washed away by Solomon's embrace. Solomon stood up, cradling Naamah in his arms. Why not? He had said. Look at her eyes, they are as emeralds.

A child of savages. The retainer said. He gazed upon Naamah's naked form with contempt.

A child of God. Solomon corrected him. What is your name?

Naamah did not answer because she could not. Naamah had no name.

Then you will be Naamah, my wife. Solomon said. And as he said it, it was so. Naamah was Naamah, and Naamah was very happy to be Solomon's wife. Naamah's Solomon, and Solomon's Naamah. This child, this Naamah is blessed by god, for god has bid her to seek me so that I may be given a most virtuous companion. For I, god's prophet, son of David, and King of Israel would not be found in the company of those who are not god's own. For look, this child is the daughter of kings and descendant of the line of these pagan lords. These emerald eyes attest to her lineage, we may find a most treasured girl of royal blood amidst the palace ruins is divine providence.

Such did Solomon speak, and so it was.

Solomon owned seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines, but it was Naamah only who bore him his son. So Solomon had on thousand women, but only Naamah had Solomon. Forevermore Naamah would then say that it was Naamah's Solomon and not simply King Solomon.

Naamah was crying now. Tears streamed down her cheeks in heavy droplets, and she hand found herself tucking her knees into her chest as she cried. Her eyes had dimmed and the sea of light had grown less material.

Naamah was crying because Naamah's Solomon barely spoke to Naamah anymore. Naamah was crying because Naamah had outlived Rehoboam. Naamah was crying because Naamah hadn't cried in many years. Naamah didn't understand where the pain in her heart had come from, but now it was pouring out like water. Like Naamah's tears. Naamah couldn't stop it. Yes indeed, Naamah couldn't stop it. Naamah could only sob and think and regret and cry more. With each tear Naamah felt the pains in Naamah's heart ebb away, the aches in Naamah's muscles lessen, and the fatigue in Naamah's eyes vanish. Naamah was sleepy. Naamah was tired, "Yes indeed..."

No, I am not Dolores Selmy. You are right. Although Mr. Raven King seems to have misheard me quite gravely... either that or I flustered him so much that he had to leave immediately! I am neither a soul nor a mortal mind - yet furthermore to speak of peace to me is most droll! Though I have no name, the voices of my children call to me always speaking the words "Venia, venia" so that I am now this Venia, Mercury-dono.

I just don't get it. You immortals don't make any sense to me at all...

On one hand you all act aloof and powerful, and on the other you are all full of small vices like duty and honor. Such is the great contradiction. That gods are eternal and so are eternally children.

Nevermind me, nevermind me! How rude it is that I keep musing while you take time to speak to me Mercury-dono! I am not in any danger, far from it, very far from it! My body will not perish because it has many guardian angels that watch over it! Please do not worry about it Mercury-dono. In fact... should a reaper even try to harvest the souls that my body carries, ah... I suppose it would be impolite to speak about my sisters that way. I will just say that they are much less amicable than I am!

In fact, I wonder about my own potential. I have already told you the story of the companion you call Naamah, and the founding of her name and the scars that she wears upon her fluttering heart. Woulds't you also, once seeing the true nature of my being, bind me to eternities unborn? I am the feared one, so it is said, one who has been called both compassion and hysteria. For now I am content to merely speak betwixt the dreams of mortal souls, to offer the comfort of the great mother, but in time not too far from now I will have gathered my strength I think, and my body will let me into this world held so dear.

Then let it be known that should'st that event occur, it will be the end of this world. That this merciful dream will be shattered and the simple thoughts of this finite life be forever undone. Within the sea of compassion, all becomes one and in becoming so, all things are destroyed.

My, my! I ramble, I ramble. Please Rory-san, don't think too much of it~! Enjoy your time as a being locked between gods and humans! Please enjoy this time, in the presence of friends and in the midst of adventure. For it is a joyous time and a time full of life. Don't take things too seriously!

After all, too err is human and to forgive, divine. You and your kind are the only ones to forgive your own selves!

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | A Cell
Katya Rostikova | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warmington | Nadalia

The concept of American style prisons had always bothered the Rising Dawn's Resident Hackivist. In the system in the United States was geared more towards punishment rather than rehabilitation and as a result, the county had an insanely large rate of recidivism. Now that she had been stuffed into a prison cell with two other paragons of society, Katya Rostikova found the concept even more inhumane. It wasn't that she was being treated more like an animal than a human being or the fact that the guards' use of force bordered on war crime, it was the fact that she was bored. The prison cell was boring, the guy next door was boring and the guards were boring (when they weren't exercising their authority to be complete and utter douchebags). It was because of boredom that prisoners became dangerous. In the forty-five minutes that the Model of Modern Adolescence Gone Awry had figured out no less than seventeen objects that could be converted into prison shanks as well as attempted to communicate with other prisoners using the "party line"[1] (No one was picking up). If her cellies were looking at her strangely during her previous escapades, those expressions held no comparison to the ones that they gave in response to Katya's latest act of randomness.

"I know that they say that cleanliness is next to Godliness but I don't think it counts if you bathe in water from the toilet. That angel lover is clearly insane." The Blonde French Chick nicknamed Twit muttered as she watched the cell's newest occupant stuff rolls and rolls of toilet paper down the stainless steel bowl of the toilet and flush and flush and flush andflushandflushandflushandflush.

"Judging by her language, my dear apprentice, I don't think that she is of the Father's faith." The Older Man said in a somewhat amused tone. Sitting next to Antoinette atop the top most bunk in the cell, the two got a bird's eye view of the still butt naked millennial's antics as well as an ear full of her curse laced rant about the prison and its staff... which wasn't very loud considering how much she'd been yelling as of late.


"Does she know that the water she's leaking into the cell is the clean water that we also use to wash and drink?" The Blonde Apprentice asked almost aghast at the blatant way this girl blasphemed without regard to the Father's reach.

"Does it matter? I think she'd getting her point across. More important is the fact that she's bound to draw enough attention that a guard will come. When they do, my child, I believe we can strike and find a way out of this place. We need to rendezvous with the Brigade and find out what happened in Dresden." The Priestly Benedict said before pausing at the sound of iron shod boots marching down the hallway, "Ahh... just as expected."

Of course, if the former priest was expecting a seven foot tall, cybernetically augmented woman dressed in blacked out chrome armor, Katya was going to take the psychic priest to Vegas and make some real money. The silent shrieker stopped her screeching as she looked at the rather familiar femborg that had appeared in front of her cell, the clanky chick that had processed the completed nude young woman upon her arrival to the facility. The Mechanically Augmented Machine Maiden paused for a moment before punching in the cell access code... once... twice... before getting it right the third time.

"Well if it ain't C3P-H0 back for seconds. If there's going to be any Human-Cyborg relations going on, it's going to be me putting my fist through your face. I'm really gonna clean your clock this time you chrome plate cun-" The Foul Mouthed little Computer Hacker started to say before being interrupted by the decidedly more attractive of her pair of cellmates.

"Zut Alors! Taisse-vous s'il vous plait!" Came the jumble of sexy French gibberish from Twit's corner as she hopped off the top bunk and pulled the overly aggressive augmented network intruder away from the mass of metal, flesh and pain.

"YOU WANT SOME TOO FRENCHIE? I'LL KICK YOUR FROG LEG LICKING BUTT TO THE - " Katya started to say before completely ceasing her struggling as she noticed that the Femborg had her optical sensored deactivated.

"Little Miss, would you kinda get dressed so that we can escape this facility?" Came the voice one of BEWP's subordinate colonies through the Guard's Augmented Mouth.

"B3wp? W... what? How? When? Oh yeeeeeeeeah. Duh!" The Rising Dawn Crewmember who was not quite on the top of her game literally face palmed when she remembered spitting in the Cybernetic Guard's face during processing. The spit was probably laced with several hundred of B3wp's nano-agents which started replicating like crazy until enough had been created to hijack the augmented woman's cybernetic and biological nervous systems. Grabbing the orange jumpsuit, the normally defiant young woman made a simple comment as she dressed, "Orange is sooooo not the new black anymore."

"What of these two? Will they be accompanying us?" BEWP's subordinate colony asked as she... he... whatever... gestured towards the Rising Dawn's Resident Drama Queen's two obviously confused cellmates.

"Sure wai not." Katya said as she made her way towards the door, only to be stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm not sure what's going on but it would be safer if we made it look like we were being transferred from the cell to another location." The Pixie Cut Blonde Joan of Arc said. nodding towards BEWP for assistance.

"What your female companion says is correct, Little Miss. Currently subterfuge is the best means of escape until we can deactivate your control collars and retrieve your equipment." The Machine masquerading as another machine integrated to a woman's body agreed with Antoinette's assessment of the situation.

"FIIIIIINE!" Kayta groaned as she waited.

"Well then, now that we have that settled, I believe my apprentice and I will be accompanying you on your escape. We have business to attend to which has been too far delayed by our involuntary incarceration." The formerly quiet former priest said as he joined the group.

"Apprentice? What are you, two wannabe Jedis?" The Quipping Querier queried and received a puzzled look in response, "You know... Star Wars... Jedi... Light Sabers... The Force?" More blank stares. "Uncultured barbarians..."

"Be that as it may, my child, we do have names as well. Mine is Benedict Warmington, Captain in the Army of Freemen and mentor to my apprentice, Antoinette de la Trou." Benedict said in a rather friendly manner before gesturing towards the door, "Now, if I remember correctly, we should file into a queue and proceed with utmost respect, otherwise your friend here will be forced to discipline us."

"Somehow I don't think B3wp will mind that..." Katya said with a grin before introducing herself, "I'm Katya... Katya Rostikova and the mass of nano-agents infecting this cyborg's body is B3wp." Blank stares. "Seriously... did you two grow up in a barn. Next thing you know you'll tell me you've never heard of a computer." Blank... stares... "What...evs..."

With introductions completed, the three cell occupants and their "guard" exited into the corridor and headed towards the cell block's central guard station, a likely place that the cybernetic guard would take the prisoners to be interrogated. Entering the room, Katya noticed a security terminal as well as a decided lack of security cameras. It was likely that whatever interrogation took place in these walls would have been the type of interrogation that human rights organizations would have approved of. The less danger the was of having video leaked into the public domain, the safer it was for the facility and the easier it would be to keep things hush hush.

"Alright. First order of business... lets get these collars off of us" Katya said as she walked over to the terminal with B3wp in tow. With a pass of his... her... whatever's palm over the RFID scanner, Katya was able to login with some limited credentials. Obviously this wasn't the highest ranking rust bucket in the private prison army that had been gathered but she had enough permissions to deactivate the control collars. With a press of a few buttons on the touch screen, the control collars for Katya, Benedict and Antoinette dropped to the floor. Katya's eyes flickered for a moment as BEWP's primary colony came online and connected with the subordinate colony. Feeling a bit better about her situation, Katya's fingers began to dance over the virtual keyboard once again, accessing various files and directories before pausing.

"Biologically Engineered Weapons Platform Phase II?" Katya muttered as she looked over the document, which turned out to be source code. Looking over the code, the Rising Dawn's Resident Coder's eyes widened as she squee'd with glee, "HOLY SHIT! B3wp check this shit out! It's upgraded code for your OS! Rail Gun? Tactile Hacking Adapter? OMG! This is the shit!"

"Little Miss... perhaps we should-" The Machine Colony inside of Katya started to say before going silent, the source code being compiled and installed on every one of B3wp's member agents. Moments passed... and then another... and then another... and then both B3wp and the subordinate B3wp powered up.

"Biologically Engineered Weapons Platform Phase II online. Entering run mode 5" The B3wps said in unison before resuming normal function. Picking up the collars off of the floor, the Subordinate B3wp started running the newly installed Tactile Hacking Adapter.

"If you will allow me, I will modify those collars and disable their ability to be activated. Wearing them will give you some semblance of credibility that you are still a prisoner here."

"NAH NAH NAH... you don't need to do that. I'm going to run a script to disable all the collars in this hellhole." The Mischeivous Machine Girl muttered with a wicked grin.

"Are you sure that is wise, Little Miss? According to the subordinate colony's report, there are a fair number of dangerous subjects imprisoned here that would not hesitate to destroy not only the facility but the general population as retaliation for being kidnapped." B3wp's primary colony asked as Katya prepared to run the script. The girl's fingers hovered over the execute button before hitting the cancel button, "Well done, Little Miss. I am glad to see that you are taking heed of my advice."

"Whatever... it's because you let me out." Katya said warmly as she felt a sensation of relief that she was no longer alone pass over her body, "Just go grab that Nadalia chick from her cell and bring her here while I copy these logs[2]."

"Yes Little Miss, I will go retrieve your comrade." The Femborg playing host to B3WP's second colony said before marching off.

"As for you two... I'll help you guys get out of here but we've gotta help some more of my friends first." Katya said as she started checking the new toys she'd been upgraded with.

Avatar Adventures | Airship Rising Dawn | Surgical Bay Observation
Venia's Very Good Advice...
Rory Mercury | The Raven King | Dolores Selmy Venia

The coldness of the sterile surgical ward's observation room was nothing compared to the coldness the Black and Crimson Clad Demi-Goddess' stare that was leveled on the stranger that had appeared in the midst of the conversation between Rory Mercury and the Non-being known that would later call itself Venia. While his appearance was relatively brief, the words he spoke felt bloated with false wisdom, like an apple whose skin was held in place by the mass of worms that had eaten its pale white flesh. The poacher of souls, who had not even had the common decency to introduce himself to those he had spoken to, was ultimately spared from Rory's Halberd by his sudden disappearance.

"The nerve of that one..." The Far from Demure Demi-Goddess muttered to herself while attempting to quell the annoyance still in bloom inside of her bosom. This masked stranger had thought it a good idea to make an appearance in front of a representative of the Death God Emloy with souls of the departed in his possession? Not only had he been so audacious as to do something that spectacularly ignorant, he had the gall to make statements regarding Rory's nature without having even the simplest of understanding regarding the subject. All the soul thief had accomplished was to put himself on Rory's radar, a position none particularly enjoyed. Calming herself, The Death Lord's Disciple made a note to ask her patron about this being during their next communion.

Returning her attention to Venia... Rory found herself no longer in the observation room but instead standing in front of Naamah's more human guise. The Companion to the Reaper's story was laid bare for the world to see... a story that was all too familiar to one who hailed from the Special Region where harems still flourished inside the Imperial Court. In spite of this fact, Rory, who had existed for over a millennium and outlived all those she loved, felt the pangs of pity for poor Naamah. Watching the seeds of love sprout inside the youthful Naamah only to have the flower wilt away from neglect pierced the woman who was once a Goddess of Love's very being. Rory watched the history of her companion and watched as she cried herself to sleep.

"(I just don't get it. You immortals don't make any sense to me at all... On one hand you all act aloof and powerful, and on the other you are all full of small vices like duty and honor. Such is the great contradiction. That gods are eternal and so are eternally children.)" Venia's words formed in Rory's mind.

Finding herself standing once again in the surgical ward's observation room, the former guardian of the Special Region exited the observation room, driven by a sensation other than duty or honor... friendship. As expected, Venia's voice followed Rory as she searched for the now slumbering Naamah.

"(In fact, I wonder about my own potential. I have already told you the story of the companion you call Naamah, and the founding of her name and the scars that she wears upon her fluttering heart. Woulds't you also, once seeing the true nature of my being, bind me to eternities unborn? I am the feared one, so it is said, one who has been called both compassion and hysteria. For now I am content to merely speak betwixt the dreams of mortal souls, to offer the comfort of the great mother, but in time not too far from now I will have gathered my strength I think, and my body will let me into this world held so dear." Venia continued as Rory exited out of the Medical Bay. "(Then let it be known that should'st that event occur, it will be the end of this world. That this merciful dream will be shattered and the simple thoughts of this finite life be forever undone. Within the sea of compassion, all becomes one and in becoming so, all things are destroyed.)"

As was the nature of life and death. All of existence was born into being, so would it die only to be reborn again. Rounding an intersection in the corridor Rory paused to survey her surroundings, looking for her friend... the first that she'd made since her return to the mortal realm.

"(My, my! I ramble, I ramble. Please Rory-san, don't think too much of it~! Enjoy your time as a being locked between gods and humans! Please enjoy this time, in the presence of friends and in the midst of adventure. For it is a joyous time and a time full of life. Don't take things too seriously!))" Venia said, though Rory was ignoring this last bit of advice. Turning another corner, Rory found herself in front of the Medical bay once again... had she been turning circles this entire time? "(After all, too err is human and to forgive, divine. You and your kind are the only ones to forgive your own selves!)"

Looking through a doorway, Rory spotted a familiar form.

"Naamah..." Rory whispered as she approached her companion and sat down next to her, for a moment taking in Venia's advice and enjoying the presence of a friend.

[1] Prison Party Line: The use of the interconnected sewage lines between prison cells as a means of communications. This is accomplished simply by emptying out the bowl of the toilet and screaming down the drain.
[2] BEWP's Logs will be available in the Character Sheet Section when I have time to write them

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Hangar
Angelus | Kazuya Mishima | Diana

"And look, they listened, how about that? What do you want, Kazuya? Going to call in a mission so soon after we've finished?"

"Fish kisson miss bar crumb tober..."[1] Kazuya growled as he shook of the soldiers while they went back to their posts, leaning on a railing near the Commander's position in order to stay upright.
He seemed rather tired from the whole ordeal, as if the slurring of his words didn't give that away, though he did seem to perk up slightly when-....he socked himself in the face with his remaining arm.
"Ha...ha...I get it...I'm not popular around here...But look around you..." The CEO of G-Corp said as he motioned to the chaos around him.
"Your allies have been captured, have they not? And Bison large...Tell me, who thought Violet could lead an operation like this?..." He then asked before attempting to regain control over his men the only way he knew how: Violence and barking orders.

"SEND UNITS 10 AND 4 TO SECTOR 3, CUT OFF THOSE SAM LAUNCHERS. GET THE REST OF OUR MEN OUT! AND WHO WAS THAT IN THE HALLWAY WHO INSULTED ME!?" He began to yell, slowly starting to bring a sense of order into the room, even as he stood there in a backless patient gown with his ass on display.
"Angelus, full report on what happened down there. Spare no detail...Come here, you little-"
Kazuya then proceeded to grab one of his men before slowly choking him out with his remaining arm for the crime of snickering behind his back.

But when a massive black wounded dragon landed right in the middle of the now rather crowded hanger (I don't believe it was designed to fit 2 dragons), he dropped what he was doing (And the man he was going it to) to bark out "Medical teams, get your head out of your asses and get that unit treated. Fucking hell, how can one man botch a land invasion mission so badly?..."
Right on cue, a number of medical staff sprinted over to Diana's location, while they didn't really have much experience treating a creature as large as her, they couldn't go too wrong with patching up the open wounds and jabbing her with several stimpaks and painkillers.

[1] "This Mission is far from over."

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
That isn't going to work you know.
Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

In-between attacks, the handlers on the other end attempted to run tech support, trying to undo whatever hex or debuff Kalastryn had put on their weapon. However, they would probably be perplexed at the fact that nothing was done to Jenny at all. Sure, she feels the effects of the psychic turmoil spell because she is psychic, but it wasn't placed on her directly. It's an enchantment on the environment around them, thus the handlers trying to fix Jenny would consistently find that nothing was wrong with Jenny.

That said, Kala found out quickly that while the lack of psychic attacks into her direction was very helpful, it wasn't all that there was to worry about. The blades Jenny was using seemed to be able to absorb the energy Kalastryn threw at her and send them back. This... was not expected, as evidenced by Kala being caught off guard and being struck with the full force of the attack. She might not be feeling pain at the moment, but electricity has a certain effect on the body. Namely, the voltage she had taken caused her to convulse just a bit as she fell back down onto the rooftop head first.[1]

Picking herself up off the floor, she didn't have many options without the ability to strike with magic from a distance. Ergo, she really only had one option at this point...

"... Well, I give." she said, placing both hands on her scalp. "I probably pissed you off, a lot, but it's clear I'm outclassed. For your information however, even if I died, I'd be back. Death doesn't usually apply to a master of it for very long, so I don't have much of anything to lose, and the fact I know your machine is making it really hard to give this my all. That all said, I don't have all day, get it over with."

(... Are we on the same page here? Your bluffing right?) Her shadow chimed in, which might have been a problem if Jenny could read her mind at the moment.
(Oh, no. I'm not bluffing, I just came up with the absolutely genius idea of letting myself get captured or killed. The hell do you think!? Of course I'm bluffing!)

There was a certain plan here. Attacking from a distance didn't seem like it was going to work, having been thrown back at her the first time... though, perhaps there was something she could do if she lured Jenny closer...


"... Embarrassing, but it's a damn good thing I didn't intend for that to be lethal."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Vice's Realm | Sloth's Library
"Looks like someone should invest in an inter-dimensional maid service."
Sloth | Envy | Nina and Phillip

Upon exiting the portal, Nina and Phillip seemed to enter what looked like the middle of a large library area given the walls being lined with bookshelves, each one covered in varying layers of dust and cobwebs. The floor was some kind of soft carpet, but even it was dusty where it wasn't hidden under large, haphazard piles of cushions, some of which had a few stacks of books next to them. All-in-all, it looked like a place that could have easily been abandoned for centuries, with very little upkeep even beforehand. It suited Sloth right down to the ground.

Sloth was just ahead of her, speaking to a woman who clearly wasn't Wrath. In fact, the amazonian figure was nowhere to be found. Instead, the woman he seemed to be speaking to was surprisingly around average height, wearing a dark turtleneck sweater, red miniskirt, stockings. She even seemed to be of average build, though the turtleneck made it rather hard to tell. Her face, however, was completely hidden by a curtain of long, dark green hair. But the keen of eye could spot a belt buckle in the same seven-pointed star shape as the medallion on the chest of Sloth's robes.

Of course, the oddest thing about her was the fact that while she spoke, Nina didn't hear her with her ears. She heard it in her mind.

~--are you doing back so soon? Is everything alright down there, did you finish our mission already? I sure hope so, because that means you won't need to call me down...~ Envy trailed off before her head swiveled to look in Nina's direction.

Then she seemed to almost shrink in on herself, taking a step back before turning back to Sloth.

~Who is that? Did you bring a mortal with you? You know we aren't supposed to, Sloth!~ she seemed to cry out.

Sloth held up his hands and made a pacifying motion with them, shushing her gently before he said, "Envy, Envy, it's fine. She isn't staying, I just needed to pop over here before dropping her back off on Earth."

Then he sighed softly and lowered his hands so that they drooped at his sides again.

"Anyway, no, our job isn't done down there yet, so I'm probably going to be calling you for some help sooner or later. Looks like we're going to be working for awhile, given the stuff they're up to." he said sadly.

"If you need assistance, Sloth dear, I'm surprised you haven't called upon my services first." a feminine voice called out.

Floating in almost a foot off of the dusty carpet was an elegantly dressed woman. Tall, with an easy-to-notice figure that was shapely, fitting what most would consider to be the feminine ideal. She wore a purple evening gown that was clearly of superb quality with golden scrollwork embroidered up one side, while a slit up the other showed quite a bit of leg. Around her neck was a medallion, also shaped like a seven-pointed star. Her jet black hair was long and pulled back to reveal a third eye in the center of her high forehead.

Sloth's expression visibly grew cold as he nodded. Envy, meanwhile, took another few steps back and seemed to shrink even more.

"Pride. If I need your help, I will certainly call you. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to waste your valuable time." he said flatly.

She smiled with a similar coldness before she turned to look at Nina. Her expression suddenly grew more pleasant as she floated down so that her feet were barely an inch above the dusty carpet and held out an elegantly manicured hand.

"Why, hello there darling, it's a pleasure to meet you! It isn't often that we get mortal visitors in our Realm. Please, don't let any impression Sloth has given you tarnish our glory for you." she said, waving her other hand dismissively in Sloth's direction, "I am Superbia, Firstborn of the Vices and The One True Sin. And you are?" she asked, her eyes never leaving Nina's.

Pride's eyes were almost like the eyes of a predator sizing up their prey. Piercing, calculating, and with an odd sort of detachment.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | The Canteen
"The trick to a believable lie is keeping it simple."
Farber | Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Laeta Selmy | Saren Selmy | Eddie the Dead | Others

The young Ish only seemed to listen with half an ear as Ruby's friends introduced themselves. They were both older, almost grown-up from what he could tell, and while one seemed to be dressed sensibly enough, the elder of the two was barely covered at all. The way they acted also told him that they were probably sisters. The eldest spoke first.

"I'm Laeta, and this is my little sister Saren."

He gave them an absent nod before the youngest, Saren piped up.

"That's all you need to know about us."

Bringing his attention back to the present, he looked up between the two of them and frowned a little. Laeta took the opportunity to reply before he could speak.

"You must excuse Saren, she's a little rough around the edges."

"Uh..." was all he managed before Saren gave a sharp retort.

"And you have to excuse Laeta, she's a big-breasted brainless whore that hasn't been able to get the most desperate men to fuck her."

A third voice cried out now, this one right next to him and coming from a similar level as his head.

"LANGUAGE. You are in the presence of children!"

He looked over the source of the voice with one brow rising up behind his messy bangs. It appeared to be two creatures, one riding atop the other. The rider, he recognized, was a white rabbit wearing some sort of patterned robes, but it had a blank face save two beady, red eyes. The thing it was riding on, however, looked almost vaguely like a pig-like creature. All he knew was that it had four stubby little legs.

"I've heard worse." he said with a shrug, tuning out the two girls as they continued to bicker, while the white rabbit seemed to answer his question properly.

"These two incestuous idiots are Laeta and Saren Selmy respectively. They are visiting their elder sister who is stationed aboard this vessel as a support officer. In their youth they were Ruby's friends. Indeed, Saren was one of Ruby's classmates during her time in the primary school system. Laeta is a gifted martial artist and a talented painter by nature. Saren is a natural technophile and loves nothing more than stirring up trouble for others to fix."

Farber simply nodded and smiled.

"Oh, ok. I don't understand parts of what you said, but that sounds nice enough I guess. Like what tek-oh-piles are." he told Losko, before adding as an afterthought, "Or how you can talk without a mouth."

By that point, they reached what he recognized as the entrance to the Canteen, though the moment he looked inside he saw a familiar figure hunched over the bar, surrounded by glasses filled to varying levels: Eddie the Dead. There was no mistaking that leather coat and that jaunty hat. He took a few steps back as Ruby noticed too.

"Rats. Maybe he put them somewhere else. Maybe he didn't notice that we were gone."

As she asked the Selmy sisters about some doll, Farber scratched at his head as he thought of some way to get out of the trouble he knew that he and Ruby were going to be in. They weren't supposed to leave, which meant that they weren't going to get those pastries, and instead they were probably going to get a beating, or worse. So, he fell back on the other thing he found he was good at, beyond sneaking around and potentially stealing things.

Turning to the Selmy sisters, Losko and Ruby, he held up a finger to his mouth to quiet them, before he hissed, "Follow my lead!"

Then he stepped inside. Making a not-too-obvious move of spotting Eddie, he held up a hand and waved.

"Oh, Mister... Eddie! I didn't know you got back. I'm sorry about leaving the room, but I really had to go... Do my business, you know? So, I tried to figure out where I'm supposed to do that sort of thing and got lost." he lied surprisingly smoothly, his tone having a believable note of embarrassment, before jabbing a thumb back at Ruby.

"I guess Ruby got worried, so she found me and pointed me in the right direction. After that, we met up with her friends on the way back. So, hopefully we aren't in trouble. I mean, I really had to go!" he said with a little grimace.

Come on, it's not that weird a reason for me to have walked out. Just go for the lie and gimme those pastries you promised! he thought. While his face didn't betray a thing, his tail swished anxiously behind him as he anticipated Eddie's response.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | A Cell
Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Eddie the Dead | Farber | Laeta Selmy | Luke | Saren Selmy

It was readily apparent to the nine year old girl that Mister Eddie the Dead wasn't going to be responding to much of anything for quite some time given the stack of empty glasses that were in front of him and the stack of still filled glasses that were waiting to be drunk. Sitting next to her temporary baby-sitter, Ruby glanced at one of the televisions strategically placed around the room. While there was quite a bit of news regarding something that was happening in Denver, the young girl in the pink dress took particular interest in the a different news story.

Today marks the one year anniversary of the establishment of the Pan Global Space Agency's scientific outpost on the Saturnian moon of Titan. After the discovery of unusually high energy readings on the near by moon of Enceladus by NASA's remote probe Cassini, the PGSA launched the firsts manned space mission beyond the Asteroid Belt.

Over the last year, the scientific staff of Titan Station have been making preparations to travel to Enceladus and begin their research into the strange readings. For more on this historic mission, join us at 9:00 PM Central Standard Time as we interview Doctor James Mills, Chief Science officer at Titan Station.

Before that, we'll cover the ongoing global crisis developing in Denver. Sources near the city have reported spotting the infamous Airship, the Rising Dawn. Our hopes and prayers go out to those in the area...

Shaking her head at the report about the Rising Dawn, she returned her attention to the Selmy sisters, who had paused their strange familial antics to address the question about their sister Dolly... Lola... whatever.

"Come on Ribbons, don't you know what happened?" Saren asked with a strange expression that was devoid of her usual fiery attitude.

As a matter of fact, Ruby Babbage-Lovelace didn't know what had happened. At least, She didn't remember much from back then. Had she even been there during that time? If it happened after moving day... Midsummer's Night... Ruby wouldn't have been present. Concentrating on the memory, the young girl's mind took hold of the memory and felt it materialize in her mind. It HAD been after moving day, Mother Titania and Mister Oberon's yearly tradition where the entire kingdom of Fae moved from one Faerie mound to the next.

"I don't doubt that it'd be the first time Ruby has heard what happened. She moved away the summer that Lola... you know." Laeta chimed in, confirming Ruby's memories of that summer... the last summer she'd seen the sisters before today, "Whatever the case, you're right that Lola isn't here, and to be honest, Mom didn't tell us where we should meet her."

Losko returned not soon after with. belching out an unusually large amount of metaphorical fire and brimstone. Every time she saw Losko, Ruby was definitely glad that she stayed on his good side. As cute and cuddly as he appeared, Losko was super scary when he wanted to be... scary enough to cause Ruby to hesitate in snatching him up and squeezing the stuffing out of him.

"Laeta Selmy, Saren Selmy?" A man's voice chimed in, vying for the attention of the Selmy Sisters. Unlike most men who addressed the sisters, this one grabbed their attention for a reason quite different from the usual, "Please come with me," John turned on his heel, "your sister is in trouble."

"Wait. What happened to Dolly?" The question flew quickly past the lips of Ruby Babbage-Lovelace. The man didn't pause and instead gestured for the sisters to follow him, "What's going on?"

The child was worried... gravely worried about the health, safety and welfare of her friend. As much as she wanted to go with them, she didn't think it her place. Unsure of what to do, the child Magnus removed a small handkerchief from her pocket and pulled on one of the loose threads. The divination... Untangled Skein... told her to stay and wait... and that Laeta and Saren should bring Dolly some flowers.

"You'd better go check on Dolly... and get her some flowers," The Nine Year old said cheerfully, her worries melting away. Glancing over at Mister Eddie, Ruby saw that someone had placed even more drinks in front of him... it actually looked like people were ordering drinks for Mister Eddie in an attempt to see him beat some sort of ship record set by Mister West.

Despite the obviousness of the oblivion that Mister Eddie had trapped himself in, Farber was speaking to him.

"I guess Ruby got worried, so she found me and pointed me in the right direction. After that, we met up with her friends on the way back. So, hopefully we aren't in trouble. I mean, I really had to go!" Farber said to the man that was drinking himself so deep into a hole, it might well have been The Void.

"Don't worry about it, Farber. It looks like Mister Eddie's going to be busy for quite some time... and he didn't bring us any sweets or pastries. I don't think he was ever going to because if he was, he would have brought some, just in case we did stay in the Canteen." The Nine Year Old girl said to her friend, "Besides, it's not like we can't ask Mister Luke to make us some pastries also, right Mister Luke? Ruby asked the bartender with a small but adorably cute smile on her face.

"Besides... if we get the pastries by lying to Mister Eddie, I don't think I could eat them." The Good Two Shoes Girl added, "Since Mister Eddie's going to be busy for a while, do you think that we should go look for something to do? Lots of adults are going to come in soon and I don't think they want us kids hanging around when they do arrive."


Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Canteen Storage
Rugal Bernstein | Lucas "Luke" Cypress

Moments after they left the bar, Rugal brought them into one of the canteen's storage rooms in the lower decks, far away from prying eyes or ears.
He bluntly laid down what exactly he was after: "I'm sure you heard the news by now. The operation was a bust. Armstrong wasn't working with Bison, merely using him as bait to strike at both him and us. Nearly worked as well, not everyone made it back to the ship..."
Leaning against one of the crates in the storage, he let out a slight sigh before adding "Teri was among them. She got intercepted before we could reach Bison. She's most likely with Caim, David and the others. Problem is we don't know where that is and I'm certain Armstrong will use that fact as a deterrent against us."
Luke was right about Ego as Rugal then stood over him, keeping a calm but intensely threatening expression on his face as he explained what he wanted: "You are going to help me save my daughter and painfully murder everyone who gets in our way..."

The bartender nodded slightly, thinking over what would be within his realm of influence, and decided that finding the amulet wouldn't be TOO much out of line...
Closing his eyes and concentrating on the amulet, he then quickly opened them again and grumbled ".....Well, that's not good."
"Care to go into a bit more detail? If that's allowed?" The Ex-King Of Fighters suggested, much in the manner one would suggest someone to leave town rather rapidly.
"I've known about Teri's capture for some time. I got the phone call Nadalia influentially meant for Violet. That said, with the amulet that I gave her, we've been able to keep contact with each other when I go off to do... business . The problem however, lies in that I've just attempted to ping it and... Nothing. Wherever she is now, Teri and your other comrades have passed beyond my sight. I think it's safe to say that this Armstrong possesses the means to nullify or block magic, if I can't pinpoint where the amulet is."
"Wonderful...Most likely T-Minus. Fine, can you sic some demons on Armstrong then? I can't imagine him being a very patient man, might as well give him the express ticket to hell..."
The Bartender shook his head before saying "I'm afraid not. I can only do something like that if A) My personal subordinates or myself are under direct attack, or B) we have another crisis this side of Tomoya again."

It went without saying that the direction of this conversation was not exactly pleasing Rugal, opting to close his eyes for a moment as he took a long deep breath, the fury of several burning suns starting to crack though the service as he asked the following "....Do you mean to tell me...that there is Nothing you can do for the woman you love?...For the daughter I love?"
It is at this moment that all of Lucifer's patience, for all that he had kept quiet, it was finally the last straw.
Standing up, Lucifer looked the King of Fighters back in the eye and shouted, "No, I cannot! Don't you think, if I were able to, if I could, I wouldn't have immediately gone down there and brought her back?! Do you really think I'd just let her wallow in whatever hell hole your enemies have thrown your team to?"



A loud impact shook that entire section of the ship, as if someone had just fired a cannon into a loudspeaker, as Rugal did the only thing he knew to deal with failure: Violence.
And thus, he struck out at Luke with a mighty right hook into the bartender's jawline, the slight sonic boom caused by the blow knocking over several boxes and shelves.
Luke didn't seem to be too fussed about it, he didn't even blink as his girlfriends overbearing dad pressed his fist against the side of his face, one of the perks of being the actual Devil.
Rugal's expression was a somewhat tired looking one as he noticed his Radius bone was now outside of his body and pressing against the inside of his elbow.
"...Got it out of your system?"
"...Not really, but I don't want to break the other arm."

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
"Awwww, Doom's color doesn't work like Kalac-...Kaliam-...fuck..." :/
Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

While they didn't expect Kalastryn to surrender, they weren't about to just let her walk away.
The Cyborg halted her attack before obeying orders to subdue her friend, a stone-y expression on her face as she did.
[You are under arrest for disobeying a direct order from a World Marshall Law Enforcement Unit...] She droned as she advanced somewhat slowly towards Kalastryn, right as she began to do something a bit strange.
She began to blink her right eye rather quickly, winking at her as if there was either something affecting that eye or attempting to get some kind of message out.
Either way, with the other 2 targets in the area posing little threat, she waved her hand as Kalastryn was lifted off the ground by her Psychic powers before getting right in her face, gazing into her eyes in a threatening manner.
It was at this distance that Kalastryn could see there was something out of place with her right eye, while her left one seemed normal enough, that one seemed to be artificial and had a slight flashing LED on it.
Before she could process it much further however, Kalastryn was shoved face first into the ground as Jenny began to put some handcuffs onto her hands.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
".. Report Miia for delaying Kalastryn's rescue."
Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

Here's a question for you all ... what's the best way to wake someone up from unconsciousness? Do you-

A) Lightly tap on their shoulder and plea for them to wake up?
B) Throw a bucket of water on their face?
C) Slap them a few times across the face?
D) Other?

Elise went with option D, since she came up to the sleeping (yet hungover) Lamia, only to do the following ... the Spider Queen putting her icy blue finger nail in her own mouth before sliding it right into Miia's ear. The nail didn't dive far, for Miia cried out with large eyes and shook violently within the yarn of crimson silk.


"Calm down love. It's only a method in waking you up- and I must say, you did a fine job taking out all those pesky cyborgs that tried to hassle us." Miia rolled her eyes with a snare, obviously not happy with being used as a weapon. However when she looked at the guards- something made her heart sink. Knocking them out and maybe jacking them up with the yarn's weight was one thing, but their necks ... they were bent, as if someone snapped them with force. ".. Wait, Elise. D .. don't tell me you ..."

"Honey, it's alright. They're not people like us, and really; they wouldn't of stopped trying to hunt us down. This was the best course of action." As Elise used her fingernail to cut Miia free of the yarn ball, the girl slowly walked over to check out the lifeless cyborgs with guilt in her eyes. She even went so far as to lower herself and place one of their heads onto her lap to gather herself in silence. ". .. You knew, didn't you? That's why you tied me up in that yarn ball, so I wouldn't stop you from-"

"We can discuss this later Miia ... come, Kalastryn is going to need all the help she can get-"

Elise tried to tug on Miia's arm while passing by, but the girl wouldn't budge. The assassin sighed before giving a firm smile with light hearted words, "Miia, Miia ... don't be like that~ they weren't people like I said. All they could do was follow orders from a very bad man. If anything, we did them a favor-"

"How do YOU KNOW THAT?!" Miia hissed, snapping her arm away before rising up like an aggravated serpent that was woken from the nest. "You keep saying they're not people, but what gives YOU the right to decide that?! Isn't that thing above someone Kalastryn knows personally .. ?? I remember during the Bison fight, I overheard Kalastryn and Nadalia talking about someone Bison kidnapped and ... transformed her friend into a monster. Are you going to also declare that Kalastryn's friend is no longer a person???"

".. Miia, you're making this rather difficult. Yes, her friend Jenny is not in control of her body and Kalastryn's doing all she can to free the poor girl. That is why we must support her this very instant."

"SO HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY WEREN'T MIND CONTROLLED TOO??!" Miia lashed out, catching Elise by surprise. In all honesty, the League of Legends champion did not take that into account, slowly gazing back at the bodies whom no longer functioned or moved at all. She murdered them, while they slept from being knocked out ... like they were merely ants. Elise felt a ping of guilt surge into her chest, yet something else pinged them .... a Psychic blast from yours truly.

Miia winced from the assault while Elise stumbled, clinging her head while trying not to pass out. The amount that struck them was like getting hit in the face with a cement block coated in spikes- from the inside. They did manage to recover, Miia realizing Kalastryn was facing someone this powerful, causing the Lamia to ignore the dead soldiers (for now) and race up the stairs. Elise tried to collect herself, but reached out while calling to her partner, "Miia ... wait!"

Miia finally reached the roof of the building, only to witness Kalastryn face first on the floor while 'Jenny' was handcuffing her dear friend. Clenching her first, Miia bore her teeth before charging ahead with her snake body slithering rather swiftly. Of course Jenny wasn't oblivious to the noise, glancing up to notice a rather angry Lamia was rushing her down. Without trying, Jenny used Psychic and lifted the girl up by her neck, making Miia gasp. Despite being a 740 pound snake, psychic abilities were amazing simply because they usually ignored how much one's weigh and with Jenny being such a powerful psychic type ... it was no brainer she could toss Miia like a tennis ball across the street if she felt like it. Thankfully, it was a rather successful distraction as Elise was right alongside Jenny before using Cocoon (a large substance of pink crimson webbing) at Jenny's face. The webbing clamped against the Gardevoir's face, including the fact it blocked her sight of vision. With this, Miia fell to the ground with a hand to her throat- trying to gather the air she recently lost. It wouldn't be long before Jenny destroyed the webbing so out of instinct, Elise used her fingernails to cut the chain between the handcuffs, allowing Kalastryn to freely use her arms (even though the cuffs still hung onto each wrist)

"Forgive us dear, we had ... complications below. I do believe we can now be of assistance in saving your friend, if you don't mind."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie and Ryan

[My Employer's offer still stands. Surrender now and no further harm will befall you. The City is under World Marshall control. You will not escape...]

The Female Titan was about to protest by leaping over to jump onto FULGORE like you would with a Goomba ... and yet she was frozen in place when a series of high-pitched roars filled the sky. Speaking of filling the sky, they also released a cloud of large missiles that made the first RAY's attempt look like weak sauce. I mean the WHOLE area was darkened with metal, which the Female Titan's eyes widened with horror. She may be a 14 meter classed titan with a body that can coat certain parts in crystal ... but she along with her human body within the nape were going to get obliterated without question.

FULGORE did a mission impossible feat by leaping onto each missile as it came down, racing through each one so he (or it) wouldn't be caught in the radius. There was also no way she could outrun them ... she'd likely lose a leg or two and then get stampeded in explosions. All she could do is cross her arms in self defense and hope her nape makes it out, but that was unlikely to happen.

Suddenly, black fire emerged out of nothingness with a screeching noise as it raced across the air and came into contact with the front row of missiles. Consuming them in black fire, the heat immediately set them off in mid air- each missile exploding next to it's replica and the one after that. Soon, the sky was one big firework that shot out an immense shock wave that made all the trees bend backwards and cars flip over several feet. Even the Female Titan was pushed somewhat back, though she did not tumble over. FULGORE was near the end of the backline until he realized this plan was backfiring- the missiles he ran past were exploding, which were catching up to him quickly. He rushed all the faster, but eventually he got blown away by the missiles under his feet (whether he survives this or not, he got hit by the missiles exploding from the domino effect).

The RAYs that were shooting the missiles cried out when the explosions caught up to their wings- the ones being shot out were exploding within the wings. This caused their wings to take critical damage, forcing them to halt on the launch of missiles and retreat to a safer distance from the explosions still happening before them.

When the Female Titan lowered her arms, she blinked with confusion spread across her face. That was when she glanced at someone limping to her side from the floor ... Ryan holding his chest with some blood flowing out of his eyehole. Without warning, the Female Titan's nape ruptured as Annie began climbing out of it, doing what she can to tear the muscle that was clinging to her flesh. The Female Titan's body was now hollow, slumping forward like a doll's body would as the Titan Shifter came down to check on her friend. Even though she was quite drained herself, Annie wasn't slowing down as she jumped onto the titan's leg and finally onto the surface before racing to Ryan himself.

"What was that just now?! What did you do .. ?"

Panting heavily, Ryan did his best to explain himself, despite he was barely able to talk. "Amaterasu[1]. .. I .. it's a forbidden .. . . technique only .. t ... he Uchiha ... are capable .. o-of .. ah, . .. ah, doing."

"Why is your eye bleeding .. . ?!" Annie questioned with concern, witnessing the mask leaking a streak of blood from the eyehole, which the panting grew ever slower and fainter. The sky looked like the sun blew up, and only smog remained ... dark smoke covering what remained of the sky itself and metal fragments falling to the Earth which didn't effect either Ryan or Annie.

". .. J-Just .. . .h- happy .. . t- that ... . . you're . . o .. . . ok ..." Ryan began to tilt over, about to eat the floor face first until Annie caught him in the nick of time. She held him steadily until Ryan was once again on his feet, having a sigh of relief that her friend didn't collapse. With that, the blonde began backing her hands away but out of nowhere, Ryan firmly grabbed them with one hand and pulled Annie to himself with the other, as if he was ... hugging her.


"Ryan, what .. are you doing?"

"S-sshh ... it ... it's going, to .. . to be okay, Annie .... "

"Ryan, stop. This is weird."

"I-I was .. . . scared I mi. .. might lose you th-that ..."

"Ryan, you're getting blood on my hand."

"It's fine . .. . all, will . . . . b .. be fine ... now."[2]

Annie to her own surprise, didn't push Ryan away but instead, remained in the same position. She didn't know how to feel about this sort of treatment, so her cheeks began to flush. Ryan held her closely, his breathes began softening but in a manner of hardly escaping his mouth for the Author was passing out. But despite being on the verge of losing consciousness, he did do one last thing ... he used his Mangekyou Sharingan to wrap them into the miniature sized blackhole that was in place of Ryan's eyehole, both being sucked in with their bodies swirling into it.

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Hangar
Angelus | Kazuya Mishima | Diana | Annie | Ryan

In no time at all, they arrived on the Rising Dawn, right next to Angelus herself (which must of been a big surprise ... I mean standing there and all of a sudden, a tiny black hole shows up and spits out two people) as the vortex swirled both Annie and Ryan onto the Hangar's floor. Annie was on her knees and hands, looking rather timid while Ryan was on his back ... literally out of it like a cheap cigar. He not only exhausted all of his energy, but he went to the point he should of died from overusing his demanding powers. Yet, he somehow survived but ... at what cost?

Standing up, Annie checked her surroundings to gather where they were at ... recognizing Nightmare as the medical team began treating her thousand bulletholes. "We're back in the Rising Dawn, aren't we? ... Hey, you! Medical team, my Auth ... I mean, my friend needs medical care right away." Some stared for a mere moment, but figured they weren't going to risk being barked by Kazuya in case he was waiting for them to take action- so some of the staff bent down to Ryan's side and started doing the simple procedure in checking his vitals, his breathing, all the classic "101" steps in determining if someone's alive and what's wrong with them.

Annie meanwhile turned to Angelus and asked her directly, "I remember you ... you were with us, during the Bison assault. Did everyone else make it out? ... Or, did they get left behind like we were?"

[1] Amaterasu - produces black flames at the focal point of the user's vision. Once created, it can continue burning for seven days and seven nights. The flames cannot be extinguished with water or any other normal methods; only the user can put the flames out. Amaterasu burns any material, other flames included, until nothing but ash remains. Beyond mere offence, Amaterasu's flames can be used as a deterrent, with users surrounding themselves in its flames to discourage physical attacks. Use of this technique puts a great deal of strain on the user, usually causing their eyes to bleed.
[2] Yea I actually drew Ryan and Annie in this submission, though I did use outside sources to help me draw them. Here and Here.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
"Was that supposed to be Morse?"
Kalastryn | Miia| Elise | Jenny

Initially, Kala intended to trap Jenny as she got near with a crude but effective arrangement of dimension doors which would cause her to fall through them infinitely until something could be done to figure out why and how she was being controlled, and break her free.

However, Kala put that action on hold as Jenny seemed to be trying to get a message out.
Is that supposed to be Morse code or something?
Beats me... you going to do something?
just give me a second to think...

While Kala was thinking about what the intended message could possibly be, time didn't necessarily stop. She found herself hoisted into the air and- most fortunately looking at exactly what Jenny was hinting at, the explosive implanted glass eye. Before she could act on it however, she was face first into the pavement again with a pair of handcuffs behind her back.

... Smooth move genius. Her shadow critiqued just before the cavalry arrived.

When Elise cut the chain between her handcuffs, she got up from the paved roof with renewed vigor- she identified a weak spot in her cyber augmented friend. Jenny herself tried to tell her, and there wasn't a chance in hell she was going to ignore it.

"You have my gratitude, I had planned on making a move without your assistance but... well, you see how that ended up." she commented, before hinting "Though I can say getting myself caught wasn't without merit. I know of a weak spot now. We can capture Jenny alive." She said with resolve.

You want to tear up a bit of machinery?
Save the rhetoric, we've wanted to do that all night!

Not taking the time- if only for not being given the time, to make an elaborate strategy, she simply told Elise (and Miia, who she was almost a bit sad to see was still in this position.) "Go for the eyes, then restrain her." She nearly commanded, hoping that Elise's webbing would be strong enough to hold Jenny once she was otherwise saved the possibility of blowing up from inside her skull.

At that point, Kala did something that (especially if you've ever played D&D) wizards and other scholarly sorts unanimously decided was a bad idea for them, and ran to combat the Strider trained, cyborg augmented psychic in close quarters. Making special priority to gouge out her synthetic eye.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: The Rising Dawn | Hotel Room
Queen Chrysalis


"Hahah- Hhaa hahaha hahahahaahaha hahha hahah ahhah ahahahahahh hahah hahhHAHAH HAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, AHAAHAHAH- HAHAAHAH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA-!!!!" Chrysalis laughed hysterically, twitching and shape shifting herself as a crossbreed between human and her original self. Yet her insanity was making it hard to become either form, so the mix made her ... well, it turned her into a freak. Why was she going bat shit crazy you might ask? She was completely bored.

"Yes, yeeeeessss, Ryan will answer me, OH HE WILL ANSWER FOR HIS CRIMES." Chrysalis started imagining her hoof as Ryan's face before mad dogging it with crazy eyes. "Aaannnndddd when I finally see you my pretty, i'll ... i'll BEAT THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOUR FACE UNTIL IT'S NOTHING BUT A PILE OF DOG MEAT!!! AHAHAYAAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!"


Chrysalis calmed down, closing her eyes before taking a deep breath and finally having control of her form once more. She shifted into her 100% original state, the 4 legged Chrysalis with exhaustion in her face. "So much for keeping it together .... for fuck's sake, where is that man? I've waited soooooooo long that I started to drift and- ugh ... I hate when that happens." In case you didn't know, Chrysalis suffered from intense boredom meaning if she was anxious for something or was merely waiting, her brain goes into 'I must be occupied or i'll die' mode. Of course, it's not a sincere condition but it can lead to some dramatic results.

"It's been half a day, and he hasn't answered his god damn fucking phone. Aahahhhhh. AAHUUAGAGHHHHHH!!!!"

"Since he isn't here yet, guess i'll have to ... do I dare say it? I'LL GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE INSTEAD!!!" She yelled on the top of her lungs, laughing in a villainous fashion before shape shifting into her new form, looking much better than the hybrid attempt a few minutes ago. "I may be a bitch, but even I have my needs. Time to mooch off someone on board like a mother fucker."


"My cute ears, the horn on my head ... the round ass, the double D's, the dog collar, the skin- it's WAY too good for any man or woman to resist. I'll have my satisfaction, and RYAN WILL BE SORRY HE NEVER RENEWED MY LIVE MEMBERSHIP!!!" Chrysalis with a wicked smile, came up to the door before literally blasting it off the hinges with her horn's magical blast, the green fumes steaming off the frame's surface. She came through the hall, power walking like a boss ... seeking someone, anyone to provide her attention or perhaps even some loving if you know what i'm saying ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o). However, she stopped when making a turn ... as two guards were talking about something interesting.

"Why do we let anyone just walk right into the brig? Doesn't Violet know we have people like Albert Wesker in there? If he got loose, the maniac would murder everyone, even the children."

"Even the children? Ah, figures. Low lives don't hold back their punches when it comes to anyone."

"We also have Cortex in custody. The freak could probably turn a spoon into some kind of doomsday device if he could."

"Yeah, but the real question is what's up with that N on his forehead? It's so fucking stupid I can't even take him seriously as a highly wanted criminal."

"You say that now, but if that midget were to escape ... your sorry ass would probably be vaporized." While their conversation continued onward, Chrysalis placed her back against the wall with a surprised expression. So he's here? On the Rising Dawn?? ... Ohhhhhh, how my day had finally turned up to be. She smirked before walking casually past the guards and towards the brig.

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: The Rising Dawn | The Brig
Wesker | Cortex | Chrysalis

It was a bit of time since Faber, Ruby, Laeta, and Saren left the brig ... leaving Cortex to recover from hitting his head against the toilet while Wesker hasn't moved much if at all. I mean, what else can you really do in a cell meant for people like them? There wasn't TV, no technology to occupy yourself with, not even basic things that most humans need to have good living conditions. However out of the blue, Cortex heard someone shouting from the entrance to the brig, the guard standing post having to hurry up to see what the ruckus was.

"No, the prisoners did not hire a hooker- i'm a guest of the Rising Dawn you dim witted assholes. Now let me in; i've been waiting around long enough and I won't stand for any bullshit!!"

"Ma'm, we've already had a number of guests arrive here long before you did. We're going to have to hold off on m-"

"Hahaha ha ha ha haaha- no." Chrysalis stated right before all the guards had green magic surrounding the outlines of their bodies before being chucked across several cells past Wesker's, past Deadshot's, and into a wall ... like they were rag dolls. Flipping them off with her middle finger, she strolled in and saw the very man she wanted to see, sitting on the floor within his cell like a sad puppy.

"Cortex, it's been awhile. Do you remember me? I hope so, since you couldn't get enough of my lips." She licked them as a seductive response, walking right up to the bar and eyeing both him and Wesker.

" Shit, looks like you've hit rock bottom haven't you? Well, I won't judge ... i'm not in a better position myself. So what have you been up to buddy?" She asked with curious eyes, and a grin bearing her teeth with fangs hanging out.

Deus ex Machina
Phenomena Intervention

"All things were created with a purpose, things without purpose ought disappear."

Sweat beaded on Georgie's forehead, the cold clinic air did nothing to alleviate how hot he felt. His hands were trembling now, the breaths of the young woman had steadily become shallower over the last few hours, and now he was not so sure that she was still fighting for life. It was as if a portion of her soul had simply bled out of her wounds.

"More cotton," the Coldhand Stitcher ordered. A nurse rushed to his side carrying a heap of sterilized cotton. He picked it up with a metal tong and jammed it into the missing space where the young woman's liver used to be. The necrosis had eaten away at whatever remaining tissue had remained in both her liver and kidneys. It was the bile and acid from her torn intestines, he was sure. She had eaten herself from the inside out. But now the spreading blight was stopped and he had managed to save her gallbladder, pancreas, and adrenal glands by quickly excising the entirety of the damaged organs. Though the procedure had opened up veins and arteries she did not have the luxury of losing function in.

After he stemmed the flow of blood as best he could, keeping in inner walls of her body cavity clean of any clotting blood, he leaned backwards on his heels. His eyes hurt from the harsh lights above. There had been three shifts of nurses already, and he hadn't left the room. He ate his meals through a straw and hadn't relieved himself at all for nearly twentyfour hours. He had done longer operations before, but this was the first time he was fighting a reactionary battle.

The monitor flickered on to reveal the old Chinese doctor. His face was grim.

"I do not need you to relieve me, Wen Fen, your autodocs do not have the nuance needed to keep this child alive." Georgie said quickly and dismissively.

"It's not that," the older doctor said, "we have two family members of the girl."

The observation window cleared to show to young women talking to a nurse. They had long brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. Even from this distance and through his fatigue he could tell that the two of them were immensely beautiful. The older one especially had a goddess' body, which she covered with little clothing.

He failed to see how those two could have in any way been related to the girl he had spent the past day trying to save.

The speakers clicked on.

"I would gladly give any part of my body to save Lola!" the older was saying. There was a gleam in her eye and a blush in her cheeks that suddenly made Georgie very uncomfortable. He could tell right away that her enthusiasm to donate her organs was not born wholly out of selflessness, a fact that was confirmed quickly when she immediately followed her waiver form in a dreamy voice, "I'm also allergic to like, all forms of anesthetic. So you guys will have to tie me down and do me raw~."

Georgie shuddered. It was going to more or less a vivisection at that rate. The memory of his old work haunted him, he had endured the screaming for many years, the pain of knowing suffering, but this girl... he was afraid that her yelps might not be exactly from pain.

"I can provide blood. I'm an O-Type with the same wonky extra antigen as Lola, given that Laeta here will probably need every drop she's stored in those huge breasts of hers."

Georgie let his shoulder slacken. What in the world is wrong with those two!? Are all young people this callous!? He shook his head, No, it is simply that those two girls are both utterly out of their minds.


They wheeled in the older girl on an operating table about fifteen minutes after she had first signed away her body. They had set up a IV drip and a full suite of fresh tools next to her. They had bind her hands and feet to the table with thick leather straps and...

"Did you really not give her a gown!?" the Stitcher snarled at the nurses who backed away.

"She... really... insisted," Joseph, one of the larger handlers replied, "given the time-sensitive nature, I just obliged her."

Georgie shook his head and looked back at Laeta strapped naked to the operating table. At the very least they had the sense to throw two towels over her groin and her chest. Though... her younger sister was right. She had an abnormally large and perky bust, even when laid flat against the table. And with each breath he could see... He slammed his hand onto the table and startled the girl.

"Do you even understand the gravity of this situation!?" he had let himself get much angrier than he would have liked, but it was as if this girl had come to make an absolute mockery of his profession. He knew what she wanted, and what she wanted was what Yana wanted, what he had come to believe that all women wanted. Swearing upon the saints themselves, he despised women of this type.

"I do," Laeta replied coolly, wiggling in her restraints playfully, "and that's why I'm so excited. Take good care of me please." She winked.

Never did Georgie want to kill someone more than this moment. He'd be taking half of her liver and a kidney... it wouldn't be too hard to accidentally pull out something he shouldn't have. Like a lung.

He picked up his scalpel and made his first cut down her midriff after two nurses doused the area in alcohol. Laeta screamed and fought against her retrains, face flushed and tears in her eyes. Red beads blossomed along the down her navel. Georgie pressed his hand against her abdomen and pulled back, hoping to be able to get a better look at where he could cut through the muscle without tearing apart too much of her body. Her skin split, soft and tight as new leather, and Georgie tried to make a cut over her kidney. The blade got stuck in her abdomen. He pulled, but the muscles tightened more. Blood frothed against the air as she flexed - what he hoped at least - involuntarily. He looked at her face. She was grinning ear to ear, the damned demon. There was a snap and the scalpel came loose. Georgie shook his head, the tousle had made him cut through more muscle than... he... wanted... to...

It wasn't the muscle that had be sawed off by the scalpel, but that blade had been broken clean in half by the tightening flesh. The bare blade was now stuck in her abdomen. These girls... aren't human... "Nurse, get me a bone saw."

"Now that's the stuff!" Laeta grinned.


The operation took thirteen hours, and thirteen hours more than Georgie wished to be working on this demon masquerading as a young woman. It had taken him two hours to reach a kidney, another hour to sever it from it's supporting ligaments, and five hours to retrieve a liver piece. After the first hour he had thrown all nuance out the window. The bonesaw had broken as well, so it took Captain Yang's auto-bots to even make headway through the solid mass of muscle that the girl called her abs. By the time they were through, there was so much blood pooled below the operating table that it made a sloshing noise as Georgie moved. Her towels were also soaked in blood, among other fluids. The she-demon didn't seem to mind any of the operation at all, but had fallen into a sort of daze of pleasure halfway through the first transplant.

Georgie sat down, the needle and thread finally cut from the stitched wound along Dolores' stomach. He hoped that they would take to her body, but that was that. He hadn't even bothered to stitch Laeta back up. The girl healed by herself faster than he could have sewn her back together. (As well as growing a new kidney and the rest of her liver back by the time he had finished working on her older sister.) Never had he felt so emasculated as a surgeon than by these... super-human monstrosities. At the very least, Dolores was breathing easily again. He put a hand on her chest and cherished the warm softness between his fingers. The gentle rise and fall of her breath and the steady and strong beat of her heart.

"Let none die," he muttered under his breath. He stood up and left the nurses on clean-up duty to do their work. He was done, and he hoped never to see these "Selmy" sisters ever again for as long as he lived. Except maybe Dolores. He had grown to have a soft spot for the girl. She had the demeanor of a martyr and the grace of a saint.

Misunderstood Intentions
naamah's story

"Why is it that we always know when something is missing, even when it was never there to begin with?"

Naamah opened her eyes to find her vessel sitting next to her. She looked down with pitiful eyes. Naamah tucked her head between her knees. "Do not look at Naamah for Naamah is hurting in the heart. Yes indeed." There was a silence, and then Naamah grabbed Rory's hand and leaned on her shoulder. The tears were still flowing down the young mother's cheeks.

"Naamah had not had tears in such a long time that Naamah had forgotten how to cry." she put a hand over her chest and pat it gently. "Naamah did not remember how it felt to feel this fire. This fire in Naamah's chest. It is so foreign. It beats like a drum. Thuum, thuum, thuum. Naamah is confused Rory. Yes indeed." She rest her face against the nook between Rory's arm and meager chest. "Naamah feels pain, but also happiness. Naamah is so confused. So confused." Her small body suddenly shuddered with a new wave of sobs. Her voice was deeper than seemed normal for a girl her size. Instead she sounded older, more mature. The scarf on her neck shivered with each pulse of wails - lighting up with an explosion of color each time she drew a sharp breath in between sobs.

Naamah continued to speak when her shuddering chest would allow her the liberty of controlling her lungs, "Naamah doesn't understand. Naamah has always been happy. Naamah has been happy for so long. So why. Why now does Naamah hurt so much inside. And why does Naamah feel relieved that Naamah is hurting."

Dis Dude wrote some shit

the silence:
so did this one.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
1 Peter 3:9 - "Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. But on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing."
ARES | Bison| Caim | David | Katya | Mio | Nadalia | Teri | Antoinette | Benedict | Sundowner | Armstrong | Bruiser

" ... Oh. I am Mio, by the way."she stated, giving a small bow, "Mio Kaizuko, dragon of the east, pirate extraordinaire. Choose me as your captain, and booze, bounty and booty will be plentiful! But now, fair lady," the glance Mio gave Teri was very obviously checking her out, "This is a dire situation. Do not worry, it will not take forever to rescue you - and me - from this place. But, and this should be known, ... what the fuck is going on? I was apparently under some kind of spell, then met a beautiful lady with some spiders from a 'Rising Dawn' - good name for a ship, by the way - she joined some kind of fight, I lost her out of vision but could observe dragons fighting.

I wanted to find the spider lady again, as I had promised her to help her in the quest to rescue a fair maiden, a daughter of some 'Rugal', but then people apparently just ... didn't care about environmental damage at all! Why would you waste this many cannonballs on a grassfield!
In any case, I, to my dismay, had to find cover, but was not quick enough and fell unconscious. I woke up in the truck. And now I do not know what this place is, and where to find the fair maiden - unless it is you, of course - and I do not know why I am being imprisoned, which is different from all the times before. So ... if you could explain the situation, I promise to you, I will get us out of here, and find this 'Garm'."

Teri's face flushed a light pink when Mio gave her grandiose declaration of protection, cemented with a kiss to her hand like some knight errant. When the pirate got up to start examining the cell, the young cleric mulled over what Mio had to say and perked up when it hit her, "Hold on... 'Rugal'? Mio, that's the best thing I've heard all day!"

Springing up from her spot, Teri went over to Mio's side, now filled with a new sense of hope, if Rugal was looking for her and wasn't in the cells with them, then that could mean that the other Dawn members may not be too far behind. Maybe Garm had made it out alive too, "Did you see a really big wolf, about the size of a horse. He has pitch black fur, and can talk? Erm... Well, as for your other questions... I think you got wrapped up in something a little bigger than just yourself."
Teri looked around, before gently dragging Mio back away from the bars of the cells, and began speaking in hushed tones, "Okay, so here's what's going on, the man you spoke of, Rugal, he's my dad, well adoptive dad, but it doesn't matter too much - anyways, a lot of people really don't like him, so the less we mention him, the better. If he's out and about, then that means we might have a chance. The rest of us who were brought here, at least the ones I saw, we're members of a group called the Rising Dawn. Why these bad guys grabbed us, I don't really know, but if I know my Dad and I know Bison, they've all been out enemies for a while. Anyways, if you met my Dad, the 'spider lady', and some dragons, then that probably means that they're looking for us now. We might have a chance out of here!"


Teri stopped her festivities with Mio the moment the Machoke choked out her name, her gaze turning to face him.

That voice. She knew that voice. She dreamed of that voice many times, heard the laughter that accompanied it, woke screaming and clawing at the covers. It was him, Bruiser, the one who hurt her so long ago - the one who left her like this; a wreck, a frightened child in the body of a 20 year old woman. It was him who locked her away, and left her to starve. The one who brought the pliers so awfully close that she felt the ghosts of them on her fingertips. The one who stopped at nothing for his pursuit.

Her hands fell to her sides, her eyes growing wide, her expression falling slack. There he was. Not a hallucination, proud and invincible, but a creature of the flesh - the sounds of strained breath blending with the noise of blood pumping in her ear, faster and faster with the panic that gripped in her heart. She couldn't escape this place. There was no way out that wasn't guarded, she could not access her magics, and there no way to make this beast leave her cell.... Well, there was one way.

She felt the seductive pull of an urge, a hunger, gnawing in her gut, the dying embers of an anger that began to swell. The Cleric felt the flames fanning within her stomach, out from her gut and into her chest, the heat coloring her face, and causing her shape to shake, the hunger whispering in her ears, "He needs to die for all he has done. For all he wishes to do. Don't let him get away."
She had done it before, with a Ki powered flame, but this time.. hands would have to do. She was taught by the best, after all. She could almost imagine a hand on her shoulder, and another pointing towards the creature in front of her, it's voice firm and commanding as it explained her lesson,
"What you see before you, is your enemy. Whenever you enter a fight, you must always assume your enemy wants you dead, never underestimate them, especially when downed or in a corner. When you enter a fight, your goal is to incapacitate them, and prevent them from killing you. There is no such thing as 'fair'. Your enemy will exploit anything they see as 'weakness'. They are privileged, for you care enough to spare their lives, but do not show them anything such as 'honor' or 'chivalry'. They will kill you if you do."
The hunger stirred, calling between the the words of the command,
"Make them fear you."
"Show them the error of underestimating a woman."
"Show me what you've learned."
"Destroy him."

The Cleric shifted unconsciously into her fierce stance, the hours of rote and sweat in the training rooms making the transition natural before an encounter. In one moment she was standing still, and the next she was upon him with a punch to the creatures face. What followed was a nasty flurry of blows upon Bruiser; the awful sound of fist meeting flesh filling the air. The Cleric's face burned red from exertion and rage as Bruiser's skull bounced off the hard metal floor and against the onslaught. However, as quickly as it started, the violence stopped. The Cleric stood over her victim, one of her hands cautiously raised in case the downed Machoke tried to pull a fast one in his current state. Not that she she looked any better; hair disheveled, eyes wild and bloodshot, her form shaking with each and every panting breath. She stood there, expecting one more move from the subject of her nightmares, and instead heard, in a rasping and tiny voice,
"...go it...."

Plip. Plip.
Something was dripping.

It was at that moment Teri looked down, and noticed it - blood; caked on her hands, under her nails, on the shoes - was there even some on her face? Horror crossed the young woman's expression, a terrified gasp escaping her throat. It was everywhere, the source of it now begging for her to do him in. In the recesses of her mind she heard that urge whisper again, silk-soft and alluring,
"Finish him."
"I can't."
"Destroy him."
"I won't."
"Why? He's asking you too. You want this. We want this."
"I made a vow."
"We'll be forgiven. Just this once."
"You can make it painless. Just break his neck."
"What are you waiting for? KILL HIM ALREADY!"


Teri practically jumped away from Bruiser, her eyes fixed on her her hands. She did this. Even if he was the one she loathed, she had attacked a man who wasn't fighting back. She almost killed him. As she backed away, the young Cleric found herself bumping into Mio, the brunette yelping in surprise like she had been burned. However, when her eyes met the pirate's, she didn't quite know what to say, aside from a tiny little, "I - I'm so sorry..." as she slumped against her companion; her back beginning to shake with sobs.

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
Arthur C. Clarke's third law - Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
ARES | Viscus | Dimitri

Inside of the Tablet
The Blue Butler paced anxiously in the interior his home, watching quietly as he and Viscus were unceremoniously placed on a table while other items were examined. However, as ARES lashed out, and was subsequentially placed under the subjugation of the EM field, Dimitri's interest was piqued. He had seen the combat android several times before on the Dawn and in combat - she must have been one of theirs. Furthermore, with that dratted field turned away, that would be the perfect time to strike, if somewhat at the expense of ARES. Turning to his comrade/shaky ally/friendly enemy, Dimitri gave a solemn nod, "Well, I believe this is as good of a time as any. I'm going out there. Should we become separated... Give them hell."

Viscus didn't look up from his diagnostics, and bluntly answered, ""If we get separated, follow the trail of screams and despair. You should find me easily enough. For now, I shall merely ask you a simple request: Don't mess this up."

Dimitri was inclined to protest, as was the nature of the relationship between himself and the brutal AI, but instead deigned to borrow from the Users once more - he rolled his eyes, double checked his loadout, and jumped ship to the nearest terminal. Transference was a little difficult, the AI had noted, something akin to static or "turbulence" making his transition between devices a little slower than was the norm. However, in a short time, he had found himself in the enviorns of the enemy's terminal. The first thing Dimitri unzipped from his little selection of programs was his SCOUTER, and began to scan the area.

He found himself in a advanced, if somewhat uninteresting, workstation used by one of the lab techs.
While World Marshall had some of the most advanced technology in the United States, the station was funtionally the same as ones made by the lowest bidder.
As he unzipped himself, the AI saw a IM chat prompt was still open, most likely from before ARES's escape attempt.

>Hey, you get anything from that weird mask we got off that weirdo in C-Block?
>Got a supervisor breathing down my neck, could use an answer ASAP

He paused, looking it over and got an idea - why force his way through when he could simply "ask"? Hands on the digital interface, he replied,

>I keep forgetting the key, so I get locked out of my work. Do you remember it?
>Urg, Christ man, you're useless. V_V
>Key to the lab's Network database or Key to the internal files?

Dimitri paused again, and looked over his interface - would it be too much to ask for both? And if so, what would be a good excuse? ...What exactly was it that was used in dramas again? Something about stress and exhaustion, homelife, that sort of thing. After thinking for a moment longer, Dimitri felt himself wincing as he went for a shot in the dark,

> .......Yes. I'm sorry, I've had a lot piled on my workload, not to mention my partner's been driving me crazy at home.
>Yeah, Marriage is a lot less fun after the first few years.
>Told you that you would regret it.
>Key to the Network database: rst34w65y
>I'll get IT to reset the key to your internal files
>Now, can you tell me what the damn gimp mask does?
>Ah, thanks! How long will the reset take for key to reset for the files? I Can give you the info I got then.
>Hang on...
>Password should be cleared
>Can you access the inventory files now?
>One sec....

The Butler smiled, a quick glance at the terminal's file access allowed him to take an inventory of all of the artifacts (as well as the stolen equipment of the Rising Dawn) and zip it away for his own use later. That, and with the network key, his entrance into the rest of the base a lot easier in the long run. But first thing's first...

-User 389730 has sent Mask.txt-
>Here's the file we have on it. Happy?
>Thanks man.
>Sorry your husband is a bitch
-User 001099 has left the channel-

Once Dimtiri had the key, he was able to access the Network Layer for this Lab. He could see every device connected to it, from Workstations to smartphones to the USB Coffee warmers. Up ahead was a blazing hot firewall with a dangerous looking AI Construct in the form of a Tank parked right in front of it, rotating it's barrel slightly as it kept a look out for rogue packets.

Dimitri stopped his advance and examined the tank with a curious expression. He needed to get through the firewall to access other parts of the lab and help User: ARES, but the tank... The Blue Butler considered reaching for one of his zipped allies, but stopped himself - he couldn't risk drawing his best cards this soon. He'd have to mock up something on the fly, which should be easy, except, "....I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing."

The Blue Butler started to think - he messed with programming already set in a place before; it was something of a second nature to him - he was made that way after all. Perhaps creation was another step in that process, he simply had to start with something familiar, like the books in his home tablet... Books. Maybe that was it! The books weren't really "books" in the proper sense of being paper, cardboard or leather bound together with glue and strings - they were just representations of files, the shelves they sat on were folders, and the pages were the data. If data and files were books, then maybe, just maybe...

Dimitri held out one of his hands as if he were reading any other volume, and began to visualize a book in front of him, it's pages filling with strings of code detailing processes, functions, and other assorted details. As he began this process, the front and back covers of a book appearing, with pages slowly filling up the space between the covers. After another moment passed, the book closed itself, the front bearing "Program 1.exe". Not particularly creative, but it'd have to do. Dimitri looked over the book carefully and muttered, "Now how to execute it..."
Right after Dimitri said "execute", the book flared to life, spinning in the "air" before turning into what appeared to be a simply glowing ball of light. Not technically impressive, but for the job the Butler wanted, it would have to do. Pointing at the tank, Dimitri made a sort of swiping motion before commanding his new program, "Get it away from the firewall!" To his surprise, the glowing ball of light didn't seem too nonplussed by the suicide charge, and shot after the Tank, taking a sharp turn just before hitting the turret. The tank turret turned to face the lightball, and as it's treads began to move in the other direction, Dimitri bolted to the Firewall.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Vice's Realm | Sloth's Library
Or some interdimensional eyedrops
Sloth | Envy | Pride | Nina and Phillip

Nina clumsily stepped into any bookworms wet dream as she felt the carpet hit her feet, her eyes almost rolled out of her skull as she looked at the scenery. Frankly when Sloth had gone on about the Sins having their pure power in this space, seeing the Sins just sitting in a library when she'd just been in a cosmic void of multiverses seemed, kinda underwhelming? It looked pretty nice though, but what the hell was talking? ~--are you doing back so soon? Is everything alright down there, did you finish our mission already? I sure hope so, because that means you won't need to call me down...~

During Envy's introduction talk, Nina continued looking around like a Confused Travolta. As she did a full 360, looking at the different bookshelves, she fiddled with her ear. She was definitely hearing, something, that much she could gather. And as she pulled her finger out of her ear and gave it a brief look. She stuck out her tongue lightly, flicking her hand a bit before Nina's eye caught the sudden movement of Envy shrinking behind Sloth, and immediately hid her dirty finger behind her back.

~Who is that? Did you bring a mortal with you? You know we aren't supposed to, Sloth!~ The voice in Nina's mind proclaimed, which Nina finally put two and two together and figured out this woman must have been who was talking. 'That turtleneck on her's kinda cute, but she could really use a haircut. I wonder if she has the same problem as me?' She thought, lightly waving with her other hand in a friendly manner.

Sloth held up his hands and made a pacifying motion with them, shushing her gently before he said, "Envy, Envy, it's fine. She isn't staying, I just needed to pop over here before dropping her back off on Earth." "Ya he just wanted to show me his... library? His really old library." She confirmed, then started to wonder why they needed to come here to this library. Sure it was nice, but literally the last place they were in was filled with portals to oodles of other locations, wouldn't the portal she'd need to get to the Rising Dawn be there too? Nina turned around to see if the portal to the multiverse was still behind her.

"If you need assistance, Sloth dear, I'm surprised you haven't called upon my services first." Nina turned around again upon hearing the new voice. Nina would like that dress of her's, the brilliant purple with the gold looked quite nice, but the floating part was what caught her eye the most. As Pride talked with Sloth, Nina grabbed her hair so it wouldn't touch the ground before leaning down to check that in fact Pride was indeed floating. 'Aww fuck that's cool~'

When Pride turned to Nina and started floating over, Nina abruptly stood up straight again, dusting her hair slightly. Nina smiled too along with Pride's smile, her's a bit more forced as she briefly glanced at the hand Pride extended out, the one that matched the hand she'd stuck in her ear.

"Why, hello there darling, 'Hiii... poop' it's a pleasure to meet you! 'Uh... poop, should I shake her hand...' It isn't often that we get mortal visitors in our Realm. 'Ya I should but no kidding?' Please, don't let any impression Sloth has given you tarnish our glory 'Well that's kinda rude.' for you." she proclaimed, Nina biting the bullet and shaking Pride's hand anyways. "I am Superbia, Firstborn of the Vices and The One True Sin. And you are?" she asked, Nina going full on staring contest with Pride although 3 against 2 was probably breaking some sort of official staring contest regulations. Nina continued to stare even if her eyes were twitching slightly. "So my name's Nina Zaczoltski, Firstborn of the Zaczoltski family of Steve and Melissa Zaczoltski and wonderer of if I should change it to Alice. And, sorry to say, but you probably owe Sloth an apology there." Nina winced a bit, in that special way you'd do if you saw someone step into poo. "Sloth's been nothing but awesome so far, unless your glory is a not awesome glory. Which if it is, you do you Superbia." She said to Pride, having let go of the handshake and giving her a small two thumbs up.

Nina's eyes were watering a bit now as a sort of last ditch effort to keep hydrated against the almighty power that was Pride's stare. "Also do we always do staring contests here, because I'd really like to close mine now if that's alright? Please?"

Generic NPC 22:
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The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | A Cell

BEWP | Nadalia

The sound of steel shod boots was an alert for all of the prison guards to hug the walls or risk being shoved into the walls. As a general rule of thumb, all cybernetically augmented guards had the right of way not only due to the fact that they could quite literally knock a guard over, crush them and not feel a thing but it was also more expensive to create a new cyborg than it was to hire a full fleshed guard. Of particular note was the seven foot tall female cyborg, Femborg as her fellow prison guards had taken to calling her outside of accoustical sensor range, who had a particularly sadistic mean streak about her. More than a few of the staff had been face planted into concrete walls for being too slow.

Traipsing around in the body of said Fembord, BEWP subordinate colony #1 was unaware of her particular reputation but instead was rather surprised at how polite all the other guards seemed to be in her presence. They parted like a sea and made sure that she had enough room to maneuver without getting a drop of human sweat on her chassis. It felt rather liberating, so much so that BEWP subordinate colony #1 decided that it needed a name other than BEWP subordinate colony #1.

"(Betty!)" Betty thought to herself as she turned a corner and made her way towards the location of Miss Nadalia's cell, stopping long enough to peer through plexiglass wall. Maintaining the subterfuge of being one of the mechanically enhanced prison guards, Betty addressed Miss Nadalia in a rather authoratative manner.

"Attention Prisoner Nadalia! Place your hands against the walls and prepare to be removed from the cell." Betty said loudly, far louder than was needed but loud enough for the other prison guards to scurry off.

But it was going to be rather difficult in getting Nadalia to obey. You see, when someone comes in and crushes your legs like you would with a soda can, no one can really blame Nadalia for simply staring back with a cold, deep stare. There was nothing but silence between the two, for the Iron Queen didn't blink while keeping her eyes on this cyborg.

Suddenly a guard came up to the bars, as if to speak on behalf of Betty with the orders, "Hey, get your ASS UP and place your hands against the wall! Don't make her have to come in ... oh, you wouldn't fucking want that would you?" Must of been awkward to not get a response still- in fact, Nadalia looked less than amused as she slowly turned her head the other way, ignoring them completely with a small huff through the nostrils.

Betty paused for a moment as she calculated the best course of action. Were she to kill the prison guard, there was a very high probability that Miss Nadalia would be convinced that the seven foot tall, armor clad, cybernetically augmented woman was an ally. However, there was also a high probability that the guard's death would alert the facility and Betty's cover would be blown. Were she to have the guard assist her in the removal of Lady Nadalia from the cell, there would be a high probability that the woman could not be convinced that Betty was a friend. The last option was to remove the guard from the situation and attempt to remove Miss Nadailia from the cell through pursuasive arguements.

"Don't start making threats for me, Private Ryan." Betty BEEP (Biologically Engineered Espionage Platform) said as she pulled a query of the Femborg's most frequently used phrases, "Now you can run along because last I remember, I was ordering you not to come out of your quarters until your head fit snuggly in your ass."

The guard blanched and swallowed quite hard, the movement of his Adam's apple was visible even to someone as far away as Nadalia. "Y...yes ma'am" The spineless, brainless, thoughtless idiot said before running off before his head somehow found itself merged with a concrete wall. Watching as he left, Betty punched in the access codes for the cell and opened the door.

"Prisoner Nadalia, stand up and face the wall. Comply now, or... your comrades will be executed." Betty said. She was quite pleased with her ruse and while she regretted having to lie to Lady Nadalia, it was more efficient to lie in the manner than reveal the truth, especially since there was a camera with a microphone installed in the room.

While Betty was feeling pretty good about putting on such a good act ... it might of been 'too' good. The moment she mentioned something about 'i'm going to get your friends killed', Nadalia's eyes turned a bloody maroon red that was so fierce, the pupils were literally fuming with rage.


"Listen to my words, ignoramus one. If I find my companions lifeless upon your very floors, I will wipe out this entire facility ... every man, every living being will find themselves in a calefaction state of agony you couldn't understand. Say such words again in my presence, to dare say such a threat ... and no one shall live on from this very day. Your very world will be smoldered before my flame even flourishes from my very flesh. Do what you may now to me... it'll be the last moments of peace you have before I unravel my wrath." Her teeth was showing, a snarl-like expression where the collar on her neck started to have a spark or so. Despite it was putting Nadalia through a lot of pain, her pyromancy was flourishing through the eyes alone, and veins surfacing through her wrists from how utterly pissed she was. Heck the very cell started to have a heat wave like staring into the desert's horizon.

It was getting warm in the cell, a little too warm, which meant that the control collar on Lady Nadalia's neck was malfunctioning which meant that sooner or later, the failsafe would be activated and Betty's objective would be laying on the floor, in a pool of blood, without a head. That sort of failure would be unacceptable. Although this was only Betty's first mission, she wasn't going to get into the habit of failing missions.

"Prisoner Nadalia, you need only comply with my command to ensure the safety of your friends. Additionally, you should be aware that your control collar has been outfitted with a chemical explosive that will detonate should it detect that it has been compromised and that your powers are no longer being suppressed. This will not only invalidate your threat but your friends shall be killed as well." Betty stated in a rather neutral manner, trying to make it appear that she couldn't give two shits about the welfare of her prisoners and that thte only bother would be having to wash Lady Nadalia's brains off of her chassis.

"I can guarantee that they are currently safe but only if you comply with my commands." Betty continued to say before the inevitable occurred.


Triggered by the sudden increase in heat, the fire suppressing sprinkler system engaged, dousing the two occupants with water. While it didn't seem like the best thing that could have happened to the two in the cell, it was very much a boon as the sound of the water being sprayed in the cell would have drowned out most of the words being said and the spray of water would obscure the view of the camera.

"Lady Nadalia. My name is Betty. I am a subordinate colony to Katya Rostikova that has been used to hijack this unit. Please follow me to the guard post so that we can plot the rescue of our comrades and execute an escape."

The Iron Queen's wrath quickly subsided, Nadalia's face went from murderous psychopath to a surprised look in a manner of seconds. Her eyes began to drift back into their original color, and the Bride of Ash merely closing her eyes with a subtle smile though it was extremely hard to see from how much pain Nadalia was putting up with. Without her pyromancy, Nadalia was after all ... almost as human as you could imagine, so having legs that looked like it got ran over by a truck was going to put someone through a world of hurt. "Very well ..." Nadalia 'surrendered, doing her best to stand up but like a wounded animal- fell to her side in a helpless position. She tried again, and the same result would occur. She was struggling to stand, but her legs wouldn't give the support since they were, well ... utterly destroyed. Somehow by the 5th attempt, she did, placing her hands against the wall and exposing her backside to Betty. However during this position, Nadalia shook with sweat flowing down her face since every second of standing up was putting the Queen in excruciating pain, with any moment leading to Nadalia falling down onto her face like dead weight.

Walking over to where Lady Nadalia stood, Betty leaned over and scooped up the Iron Queen as if she was made of stuffing rather than flesh and bone. While this was the least efficient way to travel the halls, disabling the control collar and injecting her with a swarm of healing nano-agents would have caused far too many questions among the prison guards. For now, carrying Lady Nadalia was as efficient a move as could be made. Additionally, any guard that saw them would not question a prisoner being taken to the medical bay for a quick look over by the medical staff.

"I apologize for the pain that our travels will likely cause you. I've checked this unit's armourment and found a cache of traquilizer darts that will assist you with your pain. You may, however, pass out due to the sedating effects of the drug or it may cause you to see things. Would you like for me to administer the drug?" The Large Hijacked Femborg offered, "Once we get to the guard post, my mistress, Katya Rostikova, will be able to introduce some healing nano-agents into your blood stream and repair your injuries. Please make your decision quickly as the water cascade will subside quickly."

"I refuse anything of the sort. Let my pain course through my body, as a reminder ... of what they did to me." Her tone was civil, but the expression Nadalia had would of made anyone uneasy. Still, thanks to the cyborg Betty took control over- no one was going to question her motives. As they walked through the doors and were finally out of public view, Nadalia again made a surprised expression, seeing Katya right there in one peace. When Betty came close enough to the hacker's line of hearing, Nadalia spoke to the girl with, "So my child, you are safe after all. I was, concerned for you since I heard much protesting within your cell. It relieves me, that the consequences I brought onto myself were not in vain."

You could even say Nadalia looked pretty happy, despite being wet from the sprinklers, and in serious pain that no one should still be awake from ... with one arm ... and the collar on the verge of killing off Nadalia. But otherwise she was pretty happy, sort of.

The Rising Dawn Canteen(?)
Eddie the Dead | Obligation | Cocky little shit

A drink, a drink and a drink.

Drinks were always a favourite of Eddie's, back in the Wastes. The single biggest establishment in Disraeli Gears was the pub, wherein Wasteland favourites such as Meltdown and Nuclear Madman were first conceived. He always liked his drinks to have an edge to them, the sensation of drunken haziness the most desired of all.

But there was no edge to be found in these drinks. Not that it could be helped; over the millennia he had grown rather numb to alcohol, his tolerance sharply rising over time. He once drunk the entirety of Bacchus' wine collection and still had plenty to go before he could be considered tipsy, much to his frustration. Ultimately, he had given up on ever getting drunk again.

So why drink? If the express reason for drinking was to get drunk, and if drunkenness was unachievable, why bother? Simple, because the drinking occupied his mind, and the activity itself was still pleasing even if the goal was impossible. It ultimately helped calm his nerves, and that was what he needed to not crash the ship.

He was still bitter, though. No doubt about that. What else could he be, considering the utter absurdity of his situation? To have his work rewarded with trickery, the fruit of his labours taken just out of reach. And for what? To babysit a child to adulthood in order to give her a bottle of wine? Why was he handed such a meaningless and absurd task?

You have to imagine Sisyphus happy.

He raised his head from his drink. He was no longer in the canteen of the Rising Dawn, finding himself in the insurmountable vastness of the Concert Hall. He sat in the front row, a table with the drinks he had ordered and some more in front of him, as the single entity that inhabited this plane stood upon her podium, a blinding, unpierceable light emanating from in front of her, leaving nothing but her frame visible.

Existence was a song, and she were its conductor.

"I do not appreciate the comparison." he said, quickly adding in a "my lady" in the end. "And besides, I don't think that you've given me an impossible task to carry out for all eternity."

And yet, there you sit, drinking, cursing my name.

Eddie was starting to get nervous. He was walking on a thin line and he knew it. "I am merely annoyed that you took such a roundabout way of giving me this job after you said that it would be the last before I was allowed a holiday!"

And you wouldn't have objected against it, or pondered as to why you should carry it out had I been upfront?

There was a playfulness in her tone, the kind you would expect from a dotting mother or that friend that is more mature than you. Eddie couldn't help but imagine her smiling, but it was the kind of smile that he wasn't sure of and worried him.

"I have reservations on it..." he had to admit, she had him by the balls, "but from my perspective, I can't see why you would have me do such a job other than to play with me. I wouldn't have objected to it, it's not like I could-"

Of course you could, her tone had gotten serious now. Freedom is the gift bestowed on all creation. That includes you. You could have denied the job offer if you so wished. Drink your drinks.

Eddie did as he was told. "But the consequences of doing so-"

What of them? Every choice has consequences, some obvious, others subtle, some short-term, others long-term. The consequence of accepting the job is having to see it through. You are free to decide to stop before it is done, but that also has consequences. It is up to you to decide the road you will take. But nobody said the road is easy to walk. Drink your drinks.

Eddie did as he was told. But as he finished a drink, more arrived. "Nobody said I had to like any of the choices, huh." he sighed, "Well, I suppose I will have to live with this."

Yes, you will. he tone had returned to the soft, playful tone it was at first. Do not treat difficulty as evil. There is no love of life without despair of life. And besides... she turned to look at him, not that he could see her face, Things are about to get very interesting, I think you will find. Finish your drinks.

Eddie grabbed a glass, but stopped just as he was about drink. "I can always refuse to drink them, can't I?"

Of course you can.

"And what are the consequences of doing that?"

That is for you to figure out, if you so wish.

He finished them all. "No, I think I'd prefer to drink them."

And so you choose. She turned back to face the light. I think this concludes this meeting. I shall let you return to your work. But remember this: That which is destined, by the will of Gods and mortals cannot be denied.

"You had to bring Fate into this, didn't you?"

You know me, she said, and Eddie felt it couldn't be bigger a lie. Comprehending a being like her was impossible, he knew, and what he could gather he only did because she allowed him to. I always had a love for the dramatic. Do send Lucifer my regards when you can.

And with that, Eddie's surroundings shifted, as the walls of the concert hall turned to the familiar walls of the canteen, and the the table in front of him turned into the the bar stand he had been leaning on, all the glasses in front of him devoid of drink. Funny, they seemed to have been more than he had ordered...

"Don't worry about it, Farber. It looks like Mister Eddie's going to be busy for quite some time..."

It appeared that while his consciousness had been dragged away to a philosophical 1-on-1 debate the kids had returned to the canteen. He turned to his ward, who had picked up that his focus was elsewhere, but hadn't noticed he had returned, speaking to her impish friend as though Eddie wasn't there.

"And he didn't bring us any sweets or pastries. I don't think he was ever going to because if he was, he would have brought some, just in case we did stay in the Canteen."

Or he had merely hidden the sweets over the counter just in case a certain sneaky sweet obsessed urchin got any funny ideas and started pilfering his stuff. He didn't quite appreciate the implication that he wouldn't fulfill his part of the bargain, though. He felt it was time to weight in and do what guardians do when the children cause trouble. Punishment time was close for the kids.

But then Ruby said something that made him stay his hand.

"Besides... if we get the pastries by lying to Mister Eddie, I don't think I could eat them."

Huh. Is that so, little one? Are you really the little angel you appeared to be? There was more to her than met the eye, that much was true. Such honesty was refreshing. As for the other one, though...

Eddie turned his head and leered at the little imp. Lying, huh? He supposed he had to thank young Ruby for that too. He was too occupied with his meeting to notice what the imp had said, but from what Ruby just said he tried to lie his way out, and that, that Eddie just couldn't let pass.

"Since Mister Eddie's going to be busy for a while, do you think that we should go look for something to do? Lots of adults are going to come in soon and I don't think they want us kids hanging around when they do arrive."

"They might not, but I do," replied Eddie as he leaned over the counter and picked a box of chocolates. "Unlike certain children, I have a policy to keep my promises." he placed the box on the counter and slid it over to Ruby. "I would normally punish you for not listening to me, but you're honest, and honesty is rare enough to warrant a reward." he raised a finger, "That's all you're getting, though. You didn't keep your part of the bargain, after all. The rest of the sweets I will keep for myself, to do as I choose."

He turned to the imp whelp. "As for you..." he got up and squatted down right in front of the kid. Even in squat, though, he still was a head taller than the kid. "Tried to lie to me, did you? Play with fire and you get burned, kid. When you're caught in the act, be a man and admit your mistake. I'd been merciful, but now..." he grabbed the imp from the back of his shirt and raised him as he got up, "Now I gotta teach you a lesson."

He turned to Ruby again, "Be a good girl and stay here while we're gone, eh? We'll be right back." and walked out of the canteen.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
What are these cool quote things everyone keeps putting here? I want to be cool too!
ARES | Bison| Caim | David | Katya | Mio | Nadalia | Teri | Antoinette | Benedict | Sundowner | Armstrong | Bruiser | Shadow/Agent

So not everything had gone according to his plan. Just because he was trapped in a small room with a small army of cyborgs on the other side didn't mean he had already failed. Sure the plan to ditch his "comrades" and take the form of one of the cyborgs (you have no idea how hard it is to replicate the feeling of metal from biomass) had gone well and the next phase to infiltrate the cell block to see what was going on had gone smoothly.

The plan devolved however when they realized he wasn't one of theirs. So maybe he had slipped up and punch a hole in one of the cyborgs while the others were looking. Didn't mean he couldn't recover right? Well running into a dead end room with no way out but the small army of cyborgs on the other side was less bright.

All of this however didn't make the damn Russian right! "It totally does." The Russian responded inside his own mind. Agent simply growled before replying out loud. "This doesn't make you right and you will never be right." He quickly began forming a plan in his head. He still didn't want to blow his cover yet as Shadow so with a quick transformation he took on a familiar form.

Luckily he had kept Taytum in her gun state so the cyborgs would simply confiscate her thinking she was a gun. "Ok now to just act like the Russian idiot." He said altering his voice to sound like Shadow's. "I resent that." Came the short reply inside his mind.

The guards finally busted down the door and he turned before yelling. "Come and get me American dogs!" Sure they may not have all been American but it's what Shadow would have said. The first one went down before the second one did with only a few kicks and punches. Hell he even took down a large group of guards just using Shadow's strength and endurance but the cyborgs poured in relentlessly before eventually wrestling him to the ground with their massive numbers.

His weapons had been confiscated as Shadow/Agent was dragged off to a cell. He had managed to "change" without the guards noticing his true form, that had been difficult. He was thrown into a moderate sized cell as he cursed at them in Russian. He sat up and surveyed his room. Now he just had to sit there and wait because of his own mistake.

The Nightmare | ??? | Help Me

It was one of those rare times when the nightmare threw up a dead end in Simon's path. Never true dead ends, all things considered. A dead end implies that there's no where left to go, but there must always be somewhere, some other descent into the madness of this existence.

This time Simon stepped into a stone room with one mirrored wall opposite the entrance. It was dark, dark enough for Simon to crack out the flashlight. The beam found himself, also holding a flashlight, also shining a beam at himself holding a flashlight.

"Hello stranger." Simon said to his reflection, who greeted Simon in like. "It's good to see a familiar face."

The reflection, naturally, agreed with this notion.

They stepped toward each other, flashlight beams pointed loosely forward. Other hand raised, Simon reached out toward his own reaching hand.

It then occurred to him, standing inches away from himself, hand held poised for a near intimate brush against the glass, that his breath wasn't condensing. There had never been any glass for it to form on.

Stepping back, hand to glock, Simon quick drew and fired a round.


The bullet disintegrated into sparks and shrapnel as it collided with an identical bullet, launched from an identical gun by an identical Simon. When the dots of muzzle flash left his eyes, it was to find them being watched from under the hood of his equally armed and wary doppelg?nger.

"You can't scare me." Said Simon and Simon. "I know I'm me." His doppelg?nger said before grinning.

And just like that, neither of them did.

Once again two discharge bangs filled the air, bullets colliding midway along their respective trajectories into each imposter's skull. flashlights span out of control as the two sources were dropped to the floor, hands flying to grips, once more aligning the iron sights to fire for a third and fourth time consecutively.


Neither of the two shadowed Simons were dead by the time the echoes dissipated.

Simultaneously they lowered their guns.

"So that's how it's going to be is it?" They muttered, equally vigilant in the dim glow of light reflected from the stone floor.

"That's how it's going to be..." They held weapons once more to their heads. This time, however, it was their own heads.

Dark shadows began swirling behind each of their forms as Simon's grin grew wider.

"You want this? Do you? It's going to happen!"

"You're getting one last chance."



A Simon dropped to the floor, sprawling out in a heap where the pair of discarded flashlight beams intersected. There was a hole in the side of his hooded head, from which blood squirted in intermittent bursts.

A Simon, the other Simon, continued to stand with his gun to his head, finger hovering over the trigger like the quivering tail of a scorpion about to slam down on its own back.

"So this is how it's going to be..." Simon said as his smile faded from his face and he lowered his gun.

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Confusing Halls

As Simon's vision returned he awoke in a brightly lit hall. What looked like steel instead of stone now made up the walls. He stood up before asking, "where am I now?" He began to slowly wander the confusing halls of the Rising Dawn.

Avatar Adventures | Denver | Blast Site
The Batter

The entire area was almost entirely rubble. Buildings had been destroyed, where a once tall building stood, now only rubble remained. The concrete weighed hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Slowly, the rubble moved just barely, then it moved more, and more, and more, until a hand shot out followed by a figure pulling himself out of the rubble. His large frame was emphasized with his same stoic expression.

He could sense that the impurity had left and that it was weak. It however was not eliminated and that needed correction. The Batter turned towards the direction of the impurity before he began walking.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Cell
Mio | Teri | Bruiser | Prisoners and guards

Mio turned her head and smiled broadly to Teri as she got excited about the mention of Rugal. "Like I said, don't worry." Teri went over to her, finally explaining what was going on. But first, she asked another question:

"Did you see a really big wolf, about the size of a horse. He has pitch black fur, and can talk?"
"Well, there was this fluffy monster talking to Rugal ... I think they stayed together." she grinned, confident, as Teri already continued.
"Okay, so here's what's going on, the man you spoke of, Rugal, he's my dad, well adoptive dad, but it doesn't matter too much - anyways, a lot of people really don't like him, so the less we mention him, the better. If he's out and about, then that means we might have a chance. The rest of us who were brought here, at least the ones I saw, we're members of a group called the Rising Dawn. Why these bad guys grabbed us, I don't really know, but if I know my Dad and I know Bison, they've all been out enemies for a while. Anyways, if you met my Dad, the 'spider lady', and some dragons, then that probably means that they're looking for us now. We might have a chance out of here!"

"I know of the Rising Dawn. You people saved me from some kind of hypnosis ... but seems like you got in over your head? Judging from what I saw, maybe it's a leadership problem. Individually, the people I saw seemed capable enough.
And I told you already, we're getting out of here! It's always only a matter of time."
Mio was gesturing a wide arc, as the celldoor opened, and an extremely ugly giant, at least as far as Mio was concerned, was thrown into their cell. She walked closer to him, inspecting him, a sound of disgust coming from her lips.


Mio did not expect Teri's reaction at all, was surprised by it and took a step backwards, to watch what she was doing. It was obvious to her what fueled Teri's action: Fear. But other than being afraid, this time, Teri chose to fight. Even if it was something already on the ground. Mio had not expected that from someone seemingly this innocent. But it also was something that made her respect her more. While she was smiling, not an ounce of sympathy for this thing, she was still wondering if it was fair, punching it while it lay on the ground, seemingly not able to defend itself. It would have been wrong to do that in most cases, unless it was punishment for something - and it seemed to be. There could be no other reason for Teri's rage, as evidenced by the actions that followed.

Teri stopped. And the man clearly, and finally, gave up. "...go it...." Teri looked at her fists, terrified of what she had done, then called out, much louder than was necessary:


and jumped away.

As far as Mio was concerned, she guessed there was a backstory to Teri's action. It was not hard to figure out, as the Machoke's first action had been to say her name. Still, she was glad that Teri did not finish him off. This was a prisoner as well, someone rather on their side than on the ones who imprisoned them. Maybe he should stay imprisoned, but for now, their own escape was more important. That said, Teri's state of mind was not the best to figure out a plan. Mio came closer again, wanting to take a closer look at the Machoke, when she bumped into Teri, who let out a yelp, before turning and looking her in the eye, recognition slowly forming. Then Teri slumped against her and started sobbing. "I - I'm so sorry..."

Mio put her arm around Teri and hugged her, softly, not at all concerned about the blood on Teri's hands. "Don't worry, child. I think you had to do what you had to do. This one hurt you, right? Now you have shown him to not take you lightly.

You will remember, right?" she adressed the Machoke, the wit and cruelty of a pirate captain visible in her eye.. "Whatever you have done, you know how close you came to dying this day. You will do what we say you should do, no questions asked, and you might have a chance of redeeming yourself. If not, you will walk the plank one final time."
She smiled, like a benefactor. "That said, Teri has the final decision. But I am always willing to give people a second chance."

She hugged the still sobbing Teri a bit more, and spoke to her again. "You just need to say if it's too much for you. I would not hesitate to kill, yet I also like people rather alive than dead. I rather have more friends than enemies. You did good, Teri. Holding off on finishing him, it shows you have final control over your actions. I would like you on my crew, anytime."
She stopped, and stayed quiet for a while, patiently waiting on Teri to stop crying.

When Teri was finished, she slowly ended the hug, took a step backwards, then another step forwards to the Machoke. "You seem strong. Your face and your arm look pretty shit, but I don't think that should be much of a problem. I have experience." she winked.
"How long do you need to lie around here until you can try punching a celldoor or a wall, to see how sturdy they are?
That said, you don't have a lockpick or some wire on you, by any chance?"

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie and Ryan

The FULGORE once again found itself airborne after Ryan's counter attack as both it and it's supporting fire were blown to high hell in a sea of black flames, the Cyborg barely getting out of the blast zone as he flew though the air.
Much more surprisingly, both the Titan and the unknown mage both seemed to escape his scanners while he free-fell from the sky and onto the top of a ruined building.
While it didn't show though it's metal mask, there was an expression of annoyance as he glanced back towards the now damaged REX units.
The Cyborg called it in, stating [Fulgore to HQ. Target has fled the operations area. Heavy Armor Units are damaged. Returning to Secure Location...]
Doing one last scan of the area, the FULGORE then retreated back into his active cameo before walking off into the smoke and fire of what was left of the city.
[...Next time...]

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
"See what I mean?....Get It? "See"....Fuck you, I earned that pun after all the shit I've been though." V_V
Kalastryn | Miia | Elise | Jenny

Jenny's vision was blinded, as is the case with most beings who get webbing in their eyes.
See, Webbing was rather sticky, imagine getting duct tape put onto your eyeball, not enjoyable as you can imagine.
While her nerves were numbed, it was still playing hell on her HUD and her operator's view of the situation so she did what she could to clean it off until she found herself set upon by Elise, Kalastryn and Miia.
Her Psi-blades swung wildly until they were able to get her arms pinned down and even then, each of their minds were blasted with violent Psychic waves.

That was however until Kalastryn managed to plunge one of her hands though the webbing and grabbed her cybernetic eye.
The Cyborg went rigid for a moment, as if to say "Oh shi-" before it was violently yanked out of her skull, albeit without any blood and containing wires instead of veins.
There was some sparking and hissing from the Cyborg Gardevoir, as you would expect when the main transmitter to her HQ was disabled in such a manner before she finally went limp, right as the eye began to start Making weird noises as it flashed red...

It went without saying that Kalastryn threw it into the air, where it exploded with far more force then it had any right to, raining small glass chips and dust upon them all.
Once the dust had settled, a confused weak gasping began to sound as Jenny laid there, trembling slightly as she did.
[] "....repeat...transmiiiiissson...." she muttered slightly, starting to look REALLY uncomfortable in that cyborg body...

(More coming soon with any luck)

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
[Goodbye my only friend...
...Oh, did you think I meant you?]

ARES | Viscus | Dimitri | M. Lab Tech

Dimitri's distraction worked rather well against the AI Tank, which was programmed not only to engage but track disturbances in the network, moving from it's post as it tracked the lightball and giving him the opening he needed to slip beyond the Anomalous Materials network.
It was a bit tricky to get past the massive-fucking-wall-of-fire and by the time he did, Dimitri had a new understanding of why human's don't like being set on fire.
Still, it paid off as he found himself in the middle of World Marshall's main network, namely where it branched off into the lab him and his allies were being examined in.
It was a vast sea of branching paths, each one linking off to another section of the building and the possibly thousands of devices housed in each.

This sea of software was divided up into sectors, each one of them marked with a security hub, Modeled after Prison Watchtowers, complete with scanning software that for the sake of writing looks like spotlights.
They roamed along all the routing paths, keeping a close eye for anything that didn't belong.
At the top of the hub was a monitor to the Real World, where a tried looking Sys Admin seemed to be having a hard time staying awake, even as her mind was connected to the network though a Cyborg enhancement on the side of her skull.
If he could get in there, he could have total control of the network in that sector and all the devices connected to it.
Keyword here being "if", it had a wide vision radius and while he didn't know what would happen if he was spotted, if it was anything like the rest of World Marshall's human rights record...

Back with ARES, she found herself rebooted not long after she was tazed violently by the guard, only this time, they were much more worried about security and safety.
As indicated by the fact she now found herself hanging upside down and with her arms and legs removed and currently being examined at a nearby table.
The M. Lab Tech (The M stands for "M. Bison's hat") was manning a console nearby, it would seem like he was to thank for her re-awakening.
"Ah, back among the living are we? Good. Now, how about you answer some questions for me? You can refuse but we'll just start hacking into your programming if you do not co-operation and, personally, I'd rather get my answers from the personality construct itself rather then your version history."

World Marshall Secure Location: Anomalous Materials
"Well, I suppose I don't have many other options... do I?"
ARES | Viscus | Dimitri | M. Lab Tech

"Ah, back among the living are we? Good. Now, how about you answer some questions for me? You can refuse but we'll just start hacking into your programming if you do not co-operation and, personally, I'd rather get my answers from the personality construct itself rather then your version history."

ARES looked at the rather pitiful state she was in, looking "down" and realizing that she'd been dismembered. Now, there was something to be said as such that since she was built to feel pain, it was a damn good thing they were already disconnected while she was out. At least, ARES thought so, seeing as how she didn't seem to have much of any other choice in the matter.

"... Well, seeing as how I suddenly have a lot in common with the black knight, I don't see many other options. You can ask whatever you like, and I'll answer. Don't expect anything to be answers to your liking, and I reserve the fifth amendment for use in questions I am programmed to be incapable of answering... for what that's worth." she said, truthful yet ever so bitter.

"... also, I understand that I made a nasty looking gash in one of your colleagues, mainly due to not having proper control over my arms and legs, but was dismemberment necessary? You couldn't just paralyze me? Truth be told I'm fine with answering questions, I just couldn't abide by having my files dug into, considering I have knowledge of a device gone wrong that caused the version of earth I came from to be almost entirely engulfed in a permanent electrical, radioactive, interdimensional storm that blotted out 98% of earth's population overnight. Barring that, ask away doc." she said, though it was very clear she was not at all amused with the current situation.

Capitol Building Ruins: FULGORE Vs Titan Annie and Ryan

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
"Yes, I saw what you meant. I'd have laughed, if this wasn't so depressing."
Kalastryn | Miia | Elise | Jenny

Once the dust had settled, a confused weak gasping began to sound as Jenny laid there, trembling slightly as she did.
[] "....repeat...transmiiiiissson...." she muttered slightly, starting to look REALLY uncomfortable in that cyborg body...

Having taken the prudent decision to duck for cover after throwing the bomb skyward, it took a couple seconds of silence at most before Kala moved again. She had taken it upon herself to stretch her wings out wide over Elise and Miia, like a feathery umbrella to ensure the rain of shrapnel didn't hurt anyone else. There were a couple tiny shards of glass embedded in various places along her wingspan, but she didn't mind. Not at the moment at least.

Rising and slowly walking over to where Jenny was, well, incapacitated, she took herself out of being in her undead state so that Jenny could read her mind if she was trying.

"I think I got the message. Anything else on you rigged to turn the both of us into a fine red mist?" she asked, or rather simply thought repeatedly, hopeful for a reply. Through it all though, now that her nervous system was, for lack of a better term "reactivated" it felt like every bone in her body was broken... truth be told, a couple of them were. Her ankles were very hastily dislocated and relocated while she was trying to keep from being sliced to ribbons minutes ago, and while she had been slowly regenerating her broken leg from being slammed to the ground by Jenny herself earlier, it wasn't completely fixed. She wasn't unable to walk on it, but she still had all the pain and discomfort of a hairline fracture[1] in her femur catch up to her. That, and she could bleed now... her glass embedded wings were evidence of this, making a slow trickle of red down from the wounds. The bruising on her legs would look damn well black as frostbite, especially on her ankles.

It wouldn't be surprising to too many people in that scenario, for the wizard herself to fall over once she actually got beside her friend. It was hard to breathe through the pain of the beating she endured for her sake. Still, while draping one wing over Jenny, she did ask one other question aloud.

"Is there a god forsaken round two to this, or is it safe to get you home yet?"

[1] Hairline fractures are one of the less severe ways to break a bone, breaking without moving the two pieces out of alignment. She basically has a long thin crack along her leg, which is preferable to, say, having a shard of bone stick out of her skin, but it's still a broken bone nonetheless.

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Key Locations
Anjali | TonTon | Cadolbolg

Anjali did not even react at first, trying to gather her thoughts and process all she had seen. Then she said: "Thank you ssoo much! I was not expecting thiss many weird and huge roomsss ... umm ... well, having a room would be nice, thank you. I would be immensely grateful if you could help me find one.

As for other questionsss ... there are so many things here, I do not know where to start. Maybe ... do you know who the red lady was in the bridge room? I could just take a glance at her. Umm ... are there windows like that in the private roomss? I would like to have one ... I do hope they stop the war down on the ground, though. What are these AI Dimitri and Vermilion? I would be polite to them, but if I do not know where to find them, I can not really ask them anything.

"And there is your mother, a dragon ... a really big dragon! She's sso beautiful! How does she care for you? How is she your mother?" Anjali kept her mouth open, as if she wanted to continue to ask questions, but then stopped, and looked at TonTon and Cadolbolg, thinking this was enough at first.

The Cuties looked at one another thoughtfully after receiving a slew of questions, before Ton Ton began answering as best he could, "Red woman in the bridge? Oh, a lady with a hood like this?" Ton Ton pantomimed with the hood of his robe, pulling it up over his head to demonstrate, That was probably AI Vermilion appearing on a display or a hologram. Um... It's hard to explain, but AI's are people, but they're digital. Think like a spirit, but made inside of a computer, those are like special machine things, instead of a spell. So they don't have bodies, but they have feelings and stuff. If you saw her talking to someone, it probably about the ship. As far as I know, she primarily works on flying the ship and keeping the network stuff up and running here. As for the rooms, I don't think they come with windows. But, we could probably try to find you some decorations, so it could be similar to a window. But, first things first-"

The green creature looked up towards one of the several cameras in the hallway and asked politely, "Mister Dimitri? Or...Miss Vermilion? We have a new crewmember and she needs a place to stay."

There was a moment of silence, before one of the overhead speakers crackled to life, a feminine voice answering in return, "AI Dimitri is currently unavailable right now, so I shall aid in his stead. One moment please....
....And done. Anjali, your room is number 1124. It has the basic amenities of a bed, desk, and attached washroom. Should you require anything else in your room; such as a storage unit for equipment or specialized bedding materials, please alert myself or a member of the staff; and it shall be provided to you. Welcome to the Rising Dawn."

After Vermilion's message, Cadolbolg began flying forward again in the direction of the new room, Ton Ton speaking up again "Well that was the Vermilion lady. That's odd, usually the Dimitri guy takes care of stuff about rooms or training areas. But talking to them's easy, you just need to look up, and they hear you. And Cadolbolg, how about you take over in regards to your-" "She's your's too!" "Right - our mother?"

The turtle dragon baby lit up when asked about the dragon in the hangar, and launched into an excited, if rambling, explanation about how Angelus came to be his caregiver,

"So it all started a couple years ago. There was this guy named Puce, and he made me. Like... With magic or something. I was originally made as a messenger. I used to be made of metal you see, and I could blow myself up; but I could put myself back together, so it was fine. Anyways, so after bumping into Mother and Father a couple times before they were properly Mother and Father, I met up with them again in this thing called Twisted Metal, and Mother decided to adopt me, and Father named me! He said it's after a famous sword, which I think is really neat. And since then, I've been working really hard to be strong, just like them. I even made a pact like them with Ton Ton here. That's how we became brothers!"

After Cadolbolg's brief explanation, the trio found themselves in front of the chosen door, Ton Ton speaking up again, "Well, here we are. I hope this tour has been helpful for you. If you need help settling in, don't be afraid to ask. We're happy to help."

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Key Locations
Anjali | TonTon | Cadolbolg

Anjali reacted quite confused about the explanation of an AI, but the description of them as machine spirits made her at least be able to somehow fit it into her worldview. So spirits can work here, freely, and interact with other people. People should not be as shocked about me as I was worried they would be, at first. she thought. As TonTon spoke to the camera, Anjali made note of it as some kind of magical way to interact with the ghost.

Room 1124 she remembered, as she thought about how she would actually rest or sleep. Anjali did not know this yet, even though she started to feel more, not comfortable, but better used to her new old body. It had a certain lightness to it. She smiled to TonTon and Cadolbolg as they explained to her their relationship to their dragon-mother.

"She seems very nice to adopt you like thiss. Your father, too. I've not had much experience with your kind of people, and we were afraid of things different than uss. Seems like the sscary stories about dragons definitely are not true in your mother'ss case. She seemss ... just so nice."

Then, they arrived at Anjali's new room. "Well, here we are. I hope this tour has been helpful for you. If you need help settling in, don't be afraid to ask. We're happy to help."
"Thank you sso much!" Anjali answered, as she opened the door to her room, and inspected it. "I know so much more than I did, before. I don't really undersstand much of it, but I can obsserve, and learn." Before she stepped inside, she stroked TonTon's and Cadolbolg's heads, gently, thanked them again, and promised to meet them later. For now, she wanted to let everything she had learned sink in.

Vermilion had not said too much about room 1124. It was pretty small - still of a similar size than what Anjali had known, all those years ago - sadly without windows, but with a bed and desk of much better quality. Anjali sat down on the bed, testing it, getting used to it ... it was soft, but she felt like she needed something a bit different. The desk was nice, but she never had had her own table before, and right now she could not call anything her possession but her body - maybe not even that - so she was not sure how to use it. She would certainly think of a use for creativity later.

After inspecting her small, and right now very sterile looking, room, she got up again, and looked into the bathroom, curious. It had a sink, a bathtub, and a toilet - something Anjali had seen before, in the bathroom she had appeared in, but not something she knew the use for, now. She would understand it, in time. Figuring out how to use the sink took just a second, and she washed her face again, like she had, in the beginning. Looking at the mirror, it was still the face of a dead person. But with glowing red orbs for eyes, looking back at her curious, and with all the personality of a living person behind it. It was not that bad.

Figuring out how the shower worked took an equally short time, but caused Anjali to get her clothes soaking wet before realizing how to turn the water off again. It was not what she had wanted, but now she realized that she actually liked the moistness. Maybe it was something she had gotten too much used to while laying in the swamp. Still, she did not want her new clothes wet, so she undressed, and hung them above the shower curtain. Her weird snakeskin rags she kept on, not knowing how much privacy she had in her room.

Anjali walked back to her bed, and lay on it, trying to sleep or at least rest. After just a short time, she realized that this was not going to happen. The fabric of the bed felt weird on her skin, and she did not feel tired at all. Not even after all that she had experienced. She still wanted to get her thoughts in order, sure, but it seemingly had to be a conscious act. Maybe she herself did not feel many bodily needs again. At least sleep did not seem to be something she needed. But lying still on this kind of bed still did distract her from actual thought. That said, she got an idea of what she wanted.

With all the grace of a zombie, Anjali walked out of her room and into the hallway, adressing one of the cameras: "Greetingsss, miss Vermilion. I thank you for the room you have provided for me, but ... you said I could get other bedding materialss? Could I ... have some kind of water bed? I mean, some kind of big tub filled with water. Maybe plantss as well? Like a small pond. To lie in and ... sleep. I feel like thiss is what I need."

That can be arranged. Placing order request now.....
......The request has been placed. In the meantime, before your bed replacement is brought in, might I suggest the bath as a substitute?"
the answer came, in a weird, but understandable type of speech.

Anjali scratched her head for a second, then said: "Thank you. I had not thought of thiss ..." With that said, she turned and walked back into her room, forgetting to close the door because a door was a luxury she did not have in her village, and started filling the bathtub.

Some time later, she sank into the bath, with body and head. She did not need to breath, so staying underwater just felt like a lighter way of lying. A way she liked. Sea flowers and some nature in the bath would have been nice, though, as this still felt a bit sterile. Her new bed should have that, at least. And this was not too bad.

So Anjali just lay in the body of water, eyes open, thinking a while about where she was now, what she wanted to do, and how to live her new life as an undead.

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn

On the other hand, the big black dragon, as soon as she got some medical attention and painkillers, just fell unconscious. If medical staff was checking on her, it was a natural sleep, and what they were doing was working, albeit very slowly. There might have been a way to make her regenerate faster, but this was well and good enough, judging from the injuries she had sustained. For now, the dragon did not react to much of anything, just sometimes seemed to growl in its sleep. There was also an uneasy feeling if someone came to close to Diana, like a black cloud hanging over her mind that others could sense as well. It was clearly not targeted at anything, more like some kind of psychic emission, that made people get slightly depressed as long as they stayed close to her. Still, there seemed no lasting harm to it, and Diana was healing slowly.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
ARES | Bison| Caim | David | Katya | Mio | Nadalia | Teri | Antoinette | Benedict | Sundowner | Bruiser

It wasn't many times someone like Bison had a nightmare, though this certainly felt like one.
First, he saw his chance yet again to unify this fractured world under his rule slip away from him.
Second, he was now trapped in another military prison, only this time with even MORE people who might want to violently murder the shit out of him.
And lastly, one of the few people he actually gave a damn in the world about was being beaten to death not 10 feet away from him.
"NO! NO! STOP IT! YOU LITTLE WHORE! STOP IT!" he began to scream at Teri, despite the fact she CLEARLY wasn't paying attention, what with the beatdown she was dishing out.
"DON'T! PLEASE! WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I'LL TURN MYSELF IN TO UNIT! I'LL GIVE BACK ALL THE MONEY I STOLE! I-I-I'LL HELP CANCER CHILDREN! JUS-.....don't make me go though that again..." The Dictator Candidate pleaded, looking far more like the frightened man-child he was as the Machoke awaited his fate, only for the Cleric to finally lose her nerve before finishing the job.
Relief seemed to fill the villain as he nearly lost his footing before stumping down against the side of his cell, rubbing his face and hyperventilating as he failed to summon up anger to mask the pain.
"...oh, we're going to have a lot of fun together..." Sundowner merely bragged before heading back to his post, running his HF machete along the cells on his way out.

Bruiser meanwhile...he seemed less hurt (Okay, maybe a wee bit hurt, what with the blood and broken bones and everything) and more...disappointed as he laid there on the ground panting like a dog that had been shot.
He had been in this state several times and all the while he was thinking "Maybe this time...", recalling all the other times he would black out only to wake up in the medical wing of the prison to the smug grins of his tormentors.
He didn't make any attempt to protect himself, nurse his wounds or even really respond to anything that was happening around him.
The only thing that seemed to get any rise out of him was when Teri stopped for some reason before saying "I - I'm so sorry..."
"...What for?..."

Finally moving himself using his remaining arm, he soon propped himself up with his back to the wall, letting out a gurgling cough before spitting blood on the floor next to him.
"'s just-...Karma...catching up...thought there-...would be more flames and-...stuff down here..." He groaned before Mio turned his attention to him, namely suggesting he merely "Punch the door open".
"...I've this place-...since Bison...asked kill his-...political rival-....I-...don't long ago...that was-...tried it...can't do so arm..." He managed to explain to her, explaining a great deal of the wounds he obtained during his stay as well as what she could look forward to here.

(More posts to come, life permitting.)

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class | Guard Outpost Alpha: Interrogation Room 2
Katya Rostikova | Antoinette de la Trou | Benedict Warmington | BEWP/Betty BEEP | Nadalia

With an agent on the inside, suddenly the intense security protocols used to keep the prisoners here under lock and key didn't seem so impossible, after all, every network had a weakness.
The main issue that might end up biting them in the ass was if another guard showed up to their interrogation room to actually interrogate some prisoners, might be a little awkward to explain why the room was now containing prisoners that weren't having the shit kicked out them.
Still, they seemed safe for now as Betty BEEP returned with Nadalia and they could begin to plot their esca-

*Ring Ring Ring Ring*

Wasn't that conveniently timed?
The Cyborg that Betty BEEP had "Borrowed" was receiving a radio request from her CO: an annoyingly Southern-accent speaking on the other end.
"Sundowner here, Private Ryan just stated to me that there was a few prisoners from A-Class taken for an interrogation. Now, I think you missed a memo there sunshine, because I don't don't recall anyone authorizing that Rising Dawn prisoners be moved from their cells and last I checked, I am the only one that can authorize such "Playtime". Relay your room number, I'm making my way down and you Better have a good explanation for why you violated a direct order!"
Hanging up didn't seem to be an option as somewhat angry grunting could be heard on the other end of the line while that bald Deliverance Reject awaited an answer...

Denver: Outside of Blast Site
*TSH!* "Can we go home now?..." *TSH!*
Kalastryn | Miia | Elise | Jenny | Batter | Ghost | G-Corp Grunts

"Is there a god forsaken round two to this, or is it safe to get you home yet?"

"...N-n-no...I-i-i'm good..." Jenny managed to mutter out as she slowly attempted to move one of her arms to sit upright, though with the connection to her former paymaster's servers now offline, it was kinda like trying to run an MMO on a Nokia 2600.
As a result, every moment she made was twitchy and shaky, nearly smacking herself in the face when she managed to get upright.
"...It-.....feels....w-w-w-wrong..." She whined as her voice kept switching between her "Natural" voice and whatever robotic crap they crammed into her voice box.
While the Gardevoir was getting used to having control over her own body again, a number of rather battle worn G-Corp soldiers began to make their way into the area.
"Menance 1 5 to Actual. Got visual on friendlies, preparing Landing Zone. Sent Evac, over!" One of them ordered over the radio before his comrades went over to assist them.
Well, all but one of them at least.

*TSK!* "Well, if it ain't the Halloween Special of "Chicks with no self-esteem."..." *TSK!* Ghost quipped in as he walked over to them, covered in blood and-...whatever kind of oil those cyborgs put in their bodies.
*TSK!* "Are you guys done with your foursome yet? Or shall I wait for you to make a balls[1] of the next attack against World Marshall as well?" *TSK!" He grumbled, clearly unimpressed with the part where he had to run around engaging World Marshall's forces while the Rising Dawn retreated from the operations area.
His complaints took a backseat however when one of his men said "Sir, recon's got a visual of unknown target."
Looking around, Ghost soon got the same visual, it was hard not too when he was walking down the exact same open street as them.
... *TSK!* "Never let it be said you guys don't do your jobs...fucking moron..." *TSK!* He sighed before doing a quick reload and taking aim at the unknown target known as Batter.

*TSK!* "Hey, Look, I'm about to punch out for the day in about-...10 minutes...-ish, so if you are a friendly, just sit there and be quiet for a few minutes and if you are an enemy, just fuck off." *TSK!*
Just as sociable as ever, Ghost...

[1] Slang: "To Make a Balls of" - To ruin something

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
...Well, this sucks...
Bison| Caim | David | Mio |Teri | Shadow/Agent

David knew that he had to do something as everything went to shit around him for about, what, the 4th time that day?
First the terminators, then the battle with Bison, the part where everything started exploding and now they were in prison and one of his friend's daughters was locked up with someone who tried to torture her to death. (Or was he locked in with her?)
"...Whoa..." He merely stammered when Teri began to kick the shit out of Bruiser SO hard even Bison was telling her to cut it out.
On the one hand, he could only imagine the kinda stress that this could cause her but on the other, it was hard not to enjoy seeing a sack of shit like Bruiser get what's coming to him.
Well, that was one less thing to worry about he guessed as he went back to the much more pressing issue: How the hell do they get out of here?

"Caim, you have any-...right, can't talk..." The sniper went to ask, then remembering that his mute friend was *gasp* mute.
Before Caim could really respond, there was something that caught his eye that the Irishman didn't expect, or rather: someone.
"Holy shit, Shadow!? What the fuck, how the hell did they catch you? You weren't even in our team for this mission!" David exclaimed as he waved over to Shadow a few cells over.
"...So...if you have any plans or suggestions, I'd love to hear them..."

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: The Rising Dawn | The Brig
Wesker | Cortex | Chrysalis

While there wasn't much to do in the brig, there was a lot of things that two mad scientists could talk about to pass the time, least once Wesker finally was up for talking after nearly getting Doom killed the night before.
"-For the last time, you can't just give an animal a jet pack and assume it'll become the Apex Predator of it's environment."
"A Jet Pack, no. But a Jet Pack and the means of which to operate it-"
Both men jumped back when their guards were cast aside like toy dolls, Cortex literally doing so as he crawled up into his corner.
"Please don't be Rugal, Please don't be Rugal..." He pleaded to himself until he was met with a face he never thought he'd see again.
"C-c-c-c-c-c-Chrysalis!? YOU'RE HERE?! OH MY GOD!" He stammered as he nearly broke into tears and went weak at the knees.
"Hang know her?"
"It was from before we even met, she helped me win the Twisted Metal Tournament! She'll totally get us out of here! Listen, Chrysalis, Queen of my heart, you have to get me out of here! They are salvages! Kazuya nearly killed Doom last night and I'm certain he's going to kill me next! Quick, get these cells unlocked and I-i-i-i-I'll figure out a way for the both of us to, the 3 of us to escape. Eh-eheheheh...heh..."

It was kinda sad really, Cortex had no idea that he was basically talking to a gold digger but it was clear on his face that he was at wits end and head over heels for the Changeling.
Wesker meanwhile didn't seem to buy it as he merely watched from his own cell, a cold stare behind his sunglasses not revealing any emotion.

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