The Omega Generation (Looking for 1-2 Players. Read first post and PM your CS to the admins)

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From his hiding place Ben could only wait and watch through his powers what was going on below him. The scents coming up into the attic told him that they were cooking dinner, just as the touch alterationist...Alex...had told him. He hesitated a bit at the thought of what he was about to do. If he was really going to rally them to come at him, would they really stop and have dinner first knowing he was looming over them? No, that didn't make sense, but then what did with this group...

There was a great deal of movement downstairs. He couldn't hear anything through the insulation, but everyone was moving, gathering in the kitchen. Apparently it was dinnertime and they were all sitting down to eat, so he as just going to have to wait it out. And while before he hadn't mattered much, this insulation was really starting to get to him. It was taking everything he had not to scratch his skin off while they lollygagged downstairs. Although less than the insulation bothering him, the void in the omegas that indicated where that alterationist was was missing. he was seperate from the group.

Down below him, there was the sound of moving furniture, rocking and tapping like someone was clumsily climbing up there, but that didn't make sense either. If it was Alex returning, why wasn't he using the stairs to come up? It wasn't as if he had anything to hide, not from the group or from him, unless he expected that Ben expected him to come up the stairs, in which case he's actively try to do something else, namely come up the same hole that he did before.

There wasn't time to cover the distance. Ben had entrenched himself in the insulation for cover, he'd have to climb out and somehow run across the treses with a 2x4 in his hands in a crouching position and still retain the speed and power to strike. It just wasn't possible. No, he'd clearly made a miscalculation, which put him back on the defensive.

More noise below and it was getting closer. It almost sounded like Alex was building a staircase to come up through the hole. But the noise was reduced to a rocking-ticking as he climbed and soon after a hand poked through the hole. A hand with a plate of food! Bens heart raced as he saw that. It was food, just like Alex said he'd do. First one plate, which was set on a 2x4, and then a second one before he grabbed the treses and pulled himself up into the attic, although just like Ben thought, his eyes went straight to the spotlight and the can of food.

"I sure hope that wasn't meant for me, Ben" Alex said aloud to the general space in the attic. With a simple glance he'd divulged what Ben had planned though he didn't even try to find him. Clearly he knew that Ben would be hiding, lying in wait like a snake. This made a situation for Ben. Revealing himself now would reveal that he was planning to kill him when he came back, remaining in the shadows would mean missing out on food...

Betrayal or hunger, it was a hell of a choice, though why he was contemplating it was beyond him. He could get over betraying someones trust, he wasn't going to just get over being hungry. So with a bit of hesitation, Ben rose up out of the insulation and shrugged the bulk of it off, though he kept the 2x4 board as he crept over across the attic.

"You actually came back. I felt everyone moving downstairs and I thought you'd rallied them to charge up here, a little rerun of what happened back at that burning building." Ben told him as he looked at the plate of food. He still had his misgivings about this, and he didn't exactly trust Alex yet. For all he knew, the food could have been poisoned as well, a much easier way to get rid of him with mess collateral damage.

The food had reminded him that he had not eaten anything today at all. He mind quickly forget about where to place his bag and turn his attention to the spaghetti. While Enapay and Dawn were eating it quickly, Roar had taken a slow approach at it. He only took a small portion remembering that the foods also belong to the children.

Right let see if I can eat this without spilling any sauce on my mask.

He uses the fork to dig into it, twirl it around so the spaghetti wrap onto it. He opens his mouth wide which his face correspond with his facial reading that he wanted the mask to open out. The lower part of the mask responded so it now matching along side his lower jaw. The mask had open a bit further out so that any hanging spaghetti won't touch his new mask. He slowly inserts it into his mouth and he tasted it. The taste isn't as bad as he expected. It isn't like the first class meal he usually gets but he still enjoys it.

After swallowing his first bite, he closes his mouth which in turn the mask closes up.

He said "Wow this taste great!"

His mask open again as he continue to eat at a quicker pace. He is feeling he got a better control of the mask open movement.

Erica took a bowl and sat at the table, ready to dig in to a nice hot meal, even more so, seeing as she hadn't got a chance to eat earlier.

She glanced around, seeing everyone enjoying their meal, and smiled slightly.

Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all...

And with that cheerful thought in mind, she began to eat.

"You actually came back. I felt everyone moving downstairs and I thought you'd rallied them to charge up here, a little rerun of what happened back at that burning building."

Alex sighed from the statement as he took the two plates in hand, holding one out towards Ben, who was just finished shaking insulation off himself again. At this point, he was wondering if he was just bringing that up to make him second guess his judgment. "Why are you still on that?" Alex asked frankly. "Maybe it's just me, but I just don't get why you keep thinking we, or I, are out to slip a knife between your ribs."


Meanwhile, Lauren, who had finished making the meals for the children of the orphanage, heard Marcus whisper to her. "Lauren, I need to talk to you in private. It's really important."

"Oh..., sure. Please."

Ben gave the plate of food a careful look. Not as if he could see poison if it was poisoned, but Alex'intentions seemed good enough. However, maybe it wasn't altruism, maybe it was ignorance. The ignorant could become smart and change their minds.

"Why are you not suspicious? You know me, you know what I can do." Ben told him, crawling a bit closer. Though hesitant to do so, he set the 2x4 board aside, though not out of reach, "I broke into this house, stole your food, threatened your safety. I could copy any of their powers downstairs like that firebug and burn this whole place down, or that Enpay kid and crush your skull. Why do you not second guess what you're doing? What reason do you have not to tell everyone down there I'm up here and drag me into the streets so you can go back to doing...whatever it is you do...unbothered?"

Ben gave a pause as he reached out and gingerly picked up the plate of food, holding it up as an example.

"This food could be in the bellies of one of them, keeping them going for another day while you do whatever it is you do. I've seen the kitchen, this place is barely feeding itself. Why give food to someone else if you can't even guaruntee your own next meal?"

After that, Ben became silent to give him a chance to respond, and while he held the plate in his hand, he didn't take a bite of it just in case. He wanted to at least live long enough to hear a response.

Listening to Ben's reaction to his question, Alex realized he was right; He was trying to get him to question his judgment, almost in a paranoid sense. He'd never been in the same situation, having only to alter matter nearby to interfere with the people who wanted to chase him down. He would have to be careful.

Taking one forkful of the pasta he made, he took a second to respond. "I made enough for everyone, so I'll rest easy. On that, you're trying to claim that I am taking food away from someone's mouth, which is possible." Alex swallowed his piece, and took another. "But you stole from someone, whereas I am freely offering you, with permission, the same food from a place which is built on hospitality and charity."

"Also, you claim that we have a common goal, but when you found us, after borrowing Roar's power I might add, you were just seeing us working together for a common goal that was obvious: Stopping the fire. And lastly, if you really felt that way about us, how come you're sitting here and talking with me? You don't want to be forceful or a dick any more than me, which is why you're sitting here with me and eating in peace, instead of 'crushing your skull'. Am I right?"

Marcus went out into the hallway with Lauren. Once he was sure he was where the others couldn't hear him he began.

"Look, I know you've just met me and you don't have a reason to trust me or anything but...there's this kid I've been looking after. His name's Sonny, he's ten years old and both his parents died during the Event. I met him living in an old homeless shelter and I've been trying to help him out. But...I just can't give him what he really needs. And what he really needs right now is a proper home. After all he's been through he deserves that much. And I see you have an orphanage here and...well, what I'm asking is if you can take him in."

Marcus paused, and for a brief moment of poor judgement considered not telling Lauren about Sonny's power, but that wouldn't have done anyone any good. "He's got this power though. He...breathes fire. Anytime he opens his mouth flames come out. He can't talk because of it and he's been communicating with sign language since the Event. I realize that it would dangerous to have him here and that you have an obligation to the safety of the kids you already have here and you don't really have much a reason to help Sonny and if you say no, I'm still gonna try to do what I can for him but...I just want what's best for him, and I couldn't pass up this opportunity to do something for him."

Marcus stopped, exhaled slowly and waited for an answer.

As Lauren listened, she could tell Marcus was worried. When he brought up his young friend's power of breathing fire, she felt a tad nervous. The orphanage was still a mostly wooden building, one of the few which was still standing before and after the Event, and it's age was a factor she had to consider if the orphan could do what Marcus had said.

She took nearly half a minute to respond, all the time her sight switching between Marcus's face and the kitchen. "I don't know if I can. This place is quite old, and I can't risk a fire."

Outside the orphanege, standing on a nearby rooftop, the shadowy figure watched and waited for a chance to strike...

But before he could move to strike, his communicator went off.

"What is it?"

"Change of plans, I'm sending Voltage over to... make sure those pests know who they're dealing with." came the voice from the other end.

The shadowy figure frowned. "Not that geek! I can handle this myself! All I have to do is-"

"No!" The voice snapped. "Do not question my orders, Phantom. He will arrive shortly, and I don't want any problems you have with any of your teammates to get in the way of our plans. Are we clear?"

"Crystal, sir." Phantom sighed and put away his communicator. The things I have to put up with...

Moments later, a nearby fuse box sparked and electricity shot out, coalescing into a human form. Phantrom rolled his eyes. "Show off."

"Nice to see you too." The young man said drolly. He walked over to the edge of the rooftop, staring down at the small orphanedge below. "So, this is where they're hiding?"

"Apparently so." Phantom replied, walking over to him. "So, what does our glorious leader intend for you to do, anyway?"

"To introduce us," Voltage answered, his voice sharp and cold. "The boss has decided they've been in the dark too long, and that the brats should at least know who's in charge here!"

The young man spread his arms, and lighting ran along them, the nearby air crackling and filling with the scent of ozone. Phantom took a few steps back, wary of any stray lighting bolts.

"Do not wory," he told the shadowy man behind him. "I have mastered control of my powers, and I plan to show them off soon."

And with that, he stepped off the rooftop, hovering in the air as lighting bolts leapt from his body, striking the ground, buildings, everything around him as the nearby lights flickered and died, casting the areas into darkness.

"Interlopers!" He shouted, his voice rising over the crackling electricty, "I come to bring you a message from our glorious leader! Come out so I can speak with you. If not, then I will have to tear thishole place down!

Lighting bolts danced around him, making it clear that he was capable of doing such a thing.

And on the rooftop, Phantom just sighed and put a hand to his forehead. "Hasn't that kid ever heard of sublety?"

"I understand," said Marcus "And I don't want to ask you to do something you don't want to do but..."

Marcus almost thought about giving up, but he hadn't heard a definite 'no' and for Sonny's sake he was going to keep trying until he did.

"...I'm trying to give him a normal life here. At least as normal as possible right now and this seems like the best place for him. The only place where he could have a real family."

At that moment one of the children came running. Marcus felt a sting of guilt. He was asking Lauren to put all these children in danger, and despite how much he wanted her to, he knew what her decision was probably going to be. But before Lauren could answer, the kid spoke loudly and quickly.

"Miss Lauren! Miss Lauren! There's someone outside! He's doing some lightning thingy and-"

The child was cut off by the lights shutting off and a shout from outside, a demand for an audience. Marcus didn't know who was outside, but they sounded serious enough to view as a threat.

"Get the kids somewhere safe and tell the others what's going on." Marcus said "I'm gonna go see who's out there."

Marcus didn't wait for Lauren to respond as he left, he didn't even glance in her direction. He couldn't look her in the eye, knowing the choice she was likely to make. All his frustration and guilt would come flooding out. The man outside was a nice distraction. Marcus stepped out of the building and waited until the last child had gone inside until walking towards the man who displayed power over electricity.

"Okay..." Marcus thought "Let's see what this is about."

"Maybe he needs new batteries." said a voice in his head.

"Quiet you," Marcus thought back.

"Hey there," Marcus said to the man. "You don't have to tear down anything. I'm here and the others will be in a minute. What's this message you have?"

Marcus wondered if his new group of friends could take this man down if necessary, and just how conductive he was in liquid form.


For a while, Alex didn't hear anything from Ben, who went to eating his spaghetti in peace. In his mind, he hoped he had won that debate, as short as it was. But even if that was so, he couldn't help feeling sorry for Ben. He was an old version of himself; one who had lived off theft.

Digging more into his pasta, Alex noticed thanks to the hole in the roof that in the time it had taken him from finding Ben's created hole to them eating one on one had allowed the sun to set. The only illumination was coming from the two holes that the ceiling now had. "I should probably patch these up before we leave." he thought as he took another bite.

The thunderous clap of a lightning bolt, plus the sudden darkening of light inside the orphanage, made Alex jolt where he sat, causing him to nearly spill the plate in his hand. "What the hell!? Lightning? It's not..."

"Interlopers!" The voice from outside was dampened by the walls of the orphanage, but Alex thought he could make out a hint of a Japanese accent in it. "I come to bring you a message from our glorious leader! Come out so I can speak with you. If not, then I will have to tear this whole place down!"

Alex swore loudly, not caring if anyone heard him. Hastily setting the plate aside, he glanced at Ben, who seemed just as shocked as he was. At first, he said nothing, offering only a quick look, but then remembered why he was here. "Ben, keep yourself safe." Alex said. He shifted his weight off the crossbeam, aiming for the spot next to the stool. His weight seemed to increase as he fell, but as he came close to the ground, he suddenly realized that with dimmer lighting, he couldn't take into account the distance. While one of his legs went past the stool just fine, the other one was stopped by it, throwing him off balance.

The impact was quick, but sharp pain shot up his left arm and shoulder as he hit the ground, finally stopping on his face and chest. The pain didn't go away quickly; it stuck around, feeling like he had dislocated his shoulder. "Ah, damnit. F***." he swore into the pitch dark. "How could I be that stupid? Damnit. Ow."

He soon managed to pick himself up off the floor, holding his left shoulder and trying not to shed any tears. At once, he wished he could mend wounds instead of manipulate matter. This would've been nothing if he could. But didn't have those powers. Swearing silently to himself as he tried to shake off the pain, he lumbered over to a window of the orphanage. His warhammer was nearby, but all he cared about now was who made that demand. Looking outside, Marcus had already beaten everyone to the guy in question, but the only time he saw his face was when his electrical powers lit his body.

"Oh, geez. What does this ass want?" Alex thought to himself.

Ben jumped up at the sound of thunder, dropping his plate and looking around. As a child, he'd always had a phobia of thunder, and though he's largely grown out of it the sound still made him jump. A storm rolled in that quickly? No, there was still a small amount of light coming through the roof. If it wasn't a storm, was an omega...

Quickly using his senses, he looked over the area. There was the group he followed, and several omegas at long range, and one close but farther than the group, and it felt different. There was a new one here, and if he hadn't been so distracted by Alex he might have sensed it sooner. Cursing himself for his foolishness under his breath he watched as Alex was already heading out.

"Ben, keep yourself safe." was all he said before he disappeared through the hole in the ceiling. This guy...first he found him stealing food, THEN he fed him, THEN he was telling him to stay safe while he went out to meet a brand new omega who was not a friend, who already proclaimed he was going to level this place and everyone in it. Even as a thief Ben still had some principles. He was not going to be indebted to him AND let him do this alone.

Getting up and jumping over the spilled pasta, he headed for the same hole Alex had gone through. Grabbing a crossbeam he dropped out and hung there for a moment while Alex regained his footing, swinging a couple times and then jumping off to the side. This wasn't the time to worry about the other omegas. It was a given that after this was all over they would likely tear him apart, but the immediate threat was outside. He'd deal with the rest later. Alex was already heading for the door, and Ben was right behind.

The morph was already out there as well, looking at the newcomer. Bens focus was on the new omega as well. This one controlled electricity, a violent and nasty power. It was rather rare, but usually always destructive especially in this kind of city. One omega had this power down in the undercity. Ben had been tailing it with a group of others with his power finally manifested. As soon as it did, he became a superconductor and attracted every power source around him. He was incinerated on the spot with the power of the entire electrical grid for seven blocks in all directions...

Still, what had to be done had to be done. Keeping his focus on the shock omega he began to take in its powers. Regulation was key. Too much and he might end up like the other one he saw, too little and...well, it wouldn't be enough. A prickling feeling moved through his body, like the crystal alterationist but more than just his skin. Stepping up next to Alex so he could get a good look at the newcomer, the feeling of his powers was filling him, and showing as the hair on his head and arms began to stand on end, the smell of ozone rising around him while his body charged itself from within. He had nothing to say, but if anyone was going to hold the line here, for better or for worse, he was probably the best bet.

Roar had finish eating the spaghetti but it didn't fill his stomach but he didn't complain. He thought that he should go on a diet anyway. He was heading toward his bag to check the content inside when suddenly he saw a lightning struck outside from the window and then the sound of thunder as the lights went out. The children inside began to panic. He try to calm a few of them down thinking it was just the weather even though the last time he check the forecast mention no lightning lately. When he did calm them down they then heard a voice coming from outside which again the children panic again. He quickly said to them.

"Don't be scare, just stay with Lauren while I, the scary Roar will scare this big bad wolf away with my great big roar!"

The children nodded as they ran toward Lauren. He quickly ran outside and saw Marcus and Alex were already outside. He looks at the same direction they were looking and he saw an Asian man hovering above the sky. It was a no brainer that this guy is an Omegas and from the look of thing a dangerous one.

He quietly said "Who the hell does this Omega think he is? An Raijin?"

Roar then put himself into a stance with an angry and serious look on his eyes. He can tell that this Omega isn't with the government and he already hated the guy already for doing all this to get their attention instead of knocking on the door. Promising his words to the children he will fight this threat since only a bag guy will scare the children so much.

He quietly said to Marcus and Alex "Guy just to let you know my new mask I'm wearing will now allow me to alter my roar range and power. In another word I going to use my roar on this Omegas but when you hear it, it won't put you into fear or paralyze but you will still hear it but this guy will sub come to fear and paralyse."

Despite putting on a brave face he realise that with this Omega level of mastering of lightning power, he can already predict that the Omega lightning speed will travel faster then the sound of his roar. In another word Lightning strike first while the sound of thunder come second.

Erica had been minding her own business, enjoying her dinner, when the lights suddenly went out.

"What the hell?" Putting aside her bowl, she went to the front windows to see what was going on. "Now what?"

Outside, a figure was illuminated in the darkness by electricity that surrounded him liike writhing snakes. Grinnning madly, he shouted, "I come to bring you a message from our glorious leader! Come out so I can speak with you. If not, then I will have to tear thishole place down!"

Erica rolled her eyes. Great...another one of those "Omega-Power wackos", I bet.

Turning to the others gathered nearby she said, "So, who wants to go first?"

Dawn was already racing outside, her face a mixture of horror and panic. Oh no, she thought. Not them again. Not here! Not now!

She almost ran straight into Marcus's back, but stepped to the side and saw the mass of electricity, and occasionally, the source's face.

She had to stop herself from breathing a sigh of relief. Okay, it's not them. I don't know this one. But... who is he? And why is he here?

She decided to speak up. Her voice was shaky, but strong. She hoped the smell of smoke slipping out from under her sleeves and collar would be masked by the smell of ozone.

"Okay, look... um, sir. I don't know who you are or what you want. But these people didn't do anything to you. Just leave them alone."

She doubted her little ultimatum would do anything, but that's what fireballs were for. She was NOT gonna let this jerkoff destroy an occupied orphanage.

The young man called Voltage leered down at the people approaching him. Two girls and a few boys stepped outside, looking apprehensive.

One of the girls, a redhead smelling faintly of smoke was the first to speak up, asking him somewhat timidly to leave.

If this is what I have to deal with, he thought, Then this should be easy.

"My name is Voltage," he said. "And my boss has asked me to come to you to deliver an... ultimatumof sorts."

The other girl glared up at him. "Oh yeah? What coud be so important it warrented taking the power out for a whole city block?"

The Japanese teen only smirked. "He has seen you interefere with our plans more than once, something hich canot happen. But considering your powers, he would like to make a deal: join our organization, and help us create a New World Order... or else, be destroyed."

He grinned wickedly, lighting arcing off his fingers, as if anticipating a fight.

"So... what do you say?"

Marcus turned to acknowledge the arrival of the rest of the group. His attention quickly went back to the floating electric menace.

"Interfere with your plans? What plans? That bomb in the building? Was...was that you?" Marcus demanded, clenching his fist in rage as he recalled the burnt bodies.

Ben listened intently as this omega delivered his message and warning, though he wasn't paying a lot of attention. It was another threat speech, he'd heard them before. Every time a new omega showed up in the undercity he'd try to make himself the new badass in town by proclaiming how powerful he was and ho w he would make everyone suffer if they didn't bow to him. This one was no different.

What did catch his attention though was the sight and sound of electricity arcing between his fingers. This omega had a lot of power to do something like that. Not something that Ben could really compete with. But while some omegas had power, others made do with the illusion of power and fear did the rest. And even if Ben didn't have the power, everyone had fear. He just had to make this one fear him.

Stepping forward away from the group, Ben put himself between the omega calling himself Voltage and the rest of the group. It took nearly everything he had in him, but he ran as much current down his arms as possible. Voltage had electricity arcing over his fingers. Ben held his hands up and rubbed them together quickly, building a little additional static.

"Okay, fine, New World Order, big scary speech. You delivered your message and threatened us, job well done. So now can we have some time to think this over or do you want an answer right now?" Ben asked him. He moved his hands away from each other, keeping the charge in his arms. As he parted his hands, several blue-white ribbons of electricity arced between his fingertips and palms in a crackling display of power. It was as much as he had to give, he had to hope that his bluff would work. Even the others in this group had hesitated when he started copying their powers, faced with someone copying his, this Voltage might rethink his position as well.

That was the plan anyway.

From the window of the orphanage, Alex took his warhammer in his good right arm, and made his way outside until he was just at the base of the stairs that led up to the porch of the building. He hoped he hadn't pulled a muscle or dislocated his shoulder, because what he heard next warned him that this was about to get VERY ugly.

"My name is Voltage, and my boss has asked me to come to you to deliver an...ultimatum, of sorts."

"Oh yeah? What could be so important it warranted taking the power out for a whole city block?" Erica demanded.

"He has seen you interfere with our plans more than once, something which cannot happen. But considering your powers, he would like to make a deal: join our organization, and help us create a New World Order... or else, be destroyed." He grinned wickedly, lighting arcing off his fingers, as if anticipating a fight. "So... what do you say?"

"Interfere with your plans? What plans? That bomb in the building? Was...was that you?"

Alex's mind quickly went back to the scene from hours earlier. He could scarcely recall anything graphic about the scene, but the fire was massive and all his focus had been on making sure everyone was safe when he got there. Maybe he had just shut the images out, or refused to see them until now because of his blind drive to help before. If this guy was responsible, then they had more on their plate than they asked for.

"Okay, fine, New World Order, big scary speech. You delivered your message and threatened us, job well done. So now can we have some time to think this over or do you want an answer right now?"

Seeing Ben stand against Voltage, Alex felt proud and worried all at once. He saw him arc electricity in his hands, borrowing this guy's powers just in case, but he'd been around Omegas that could affect elements or chemical reactions before. Many of them were immune to the powers they wielded; only some were not. He had no idea how Ben expected to hold off this guy by flashing electricity himself.

Looking down at the hammer, Alex wondered if Ben could use it instead of him. If he could arc electricity through his hands, maybe he could use the hammer like a conductor and use it to do smashing and electrical damage on this guy. One smashing hit with a charged hammer would likely disable this guy. Thinking that, Alex began to smirk. "Ah, why am I thinking of action-RPG stuff at a time like this? Focus. He's not a piece of data. I can't Alt-F4 away from him."

That, and he had no idea if arched electricity from a nearby source would stop Ben's heart, or anyone else's for that matter.

Roar is confuse when Voltage said "More then once".

He said to the others "He said more then once, do you think he or this organization were the one who murder Mitch Albarn?"

Roar had no intention to join such a vile group who had cause so much chaos today and even more so a group that intend to harm others.
He heard a familiar voice and he turns around and shows the copy cat. He is surprise to see him return. He thinks that the copycat had followed them this whole time. He also notice that the copycat had started to copy Voltage powers which he felt relief but worry at the same time. He felt he is the most suitable candidate who can fight Voltage on equal term. He however felt worry that he doesn't know if the copycat is fully in control of his ability which mean he could be unstable when using the lightning powers.

"So you're just gonna threaten us, and then proposition us?" asked Dawn shortly. "I didn't like you before, but now you're really getting on my nerves." Her voice was sounding a lot more solid, and she was visibly angry.

She still made sure to keep her smoking to a minimum, trying not to tip the guy off that she was a powerful fire-based Omega. At worst, she thought, he'll think I'm a fledgling, or low-powered. At best, he'll think I smoke cigarettes, if he's particularly dumb.

She continued charging up a good fireball in her stomach, just in case.

"Ugh." Enapay descided he would actually take the time to finish his food when the Omega with electric powers shut down the block, knocking out the power. This affected him very little, as his eyes adjusted near instantly. The teen sensed multiple bodies rushing behind him. "I'll be there in a few," he said through a mouthful of noodles. A couple of minutes passed before he was done scarfing down his food. He then rose from the table and leisurely jogged to and out of the exit.

"Sorry I'm late, guys. What'd I miss?" he said quickly and casually, looking around and sniffing the moist air.

He took in the situation in a flash. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!....Whoa. Okay, okay. Bring me up to speed here. First of all, what in the hell is that jerk doing here and why didn't anybody tell me? I knew you guys were acting weird. Second of all, who in the hell are you two and why should I care?" Enapay went on to say, pointing his left index finger at the electrically charged Ben and the right at the crackling frame of Voltage and the mysterious figure near him, his amber eyes shifting between the two parties.

Something about the Asian teen's demeanor said that he was satisfied with himself and his display of power, but if memory served, Enapay had faced worse odds than this man during his rebirth, in the form of that facilty's security. He wasn't intimidated in the slightest, and it was apparent in his facial expression. "Maybe I should be a little intimidated. I know I'm not nearly as strong as I was when I woke up. And I mean, he's using electricity and I'm pretty sure that's really dangerous....and really fast...Ah, screw it."

"Yeah, you're totally gonna have to repeat yourself, sparkly britches," Enapay said specifically to Voltage in a sardonic fashion.


"Hot damn," Foxhound said rather plainly over the communicator in his helmet, still at his orginal perch. "You seeing this?"

"Every bit of it," Ronda said over the channel.

"Wonder how their gonna handle this one."

Voltage watched his opponents approach, trying to gauge what sort of powers they had. One seemed to have smoke coming from them, another's hands sparked with electriity similar to his own. But that wouldn't be enough until the battle started.

A newcomer arrived, a boy of Native American descent who boldly stood up to face him, amber eyes glinting with hidden power.

"Yeah, you're totally gonna have to repeat yourself, sparkly britches," he said, and Voltage frowned.

"Enough of this!" He shouted, and unleashed lighting down upon the group, forcing them to scatter.

Voltage smiled grimly. This was what having power was all about...

Roar notice something odd. Part of the clouds above Voltage turns white. Before he can utter a word, a lightning struck near them. Roar dive out of the way in time and got up and ran away from his friends. He runs into the nearby alleyway to gather his thought.

As I predicted, he has master his powers. I can't tell if he was toying with us or he cannot aim well when using the lightning strike. His lightning is faster then my sound but if I can sneak up on him and use my monster roar, he will drop light a swatter fly.

He notices that the emergency ladder was lower and he quickly climb onto it. He aims to get to the rooftop and use his monster roar at him when he sees a perfect opportunity.

"Crap!" Marcus yelled as he dived away, feeling the heat and sparks of the lightning attack. He rolled when he hit the ground and shifted into liquid form.

"Go time." He heard in his head. Marcus wasn't sure if it was his own thoughts or if it was from one of the voices, but he didn't have time to consider it. His arm expanded and shape-shifted into a giant fist. Marcus threw a punch at Voltage hoping to get his attention so someone with the ability to make a longer range attack could take aim.

Dawn dashed out of the way of the lightning blast, but her ponytail still stood on end. "Damn! I warned you!"

She moved the pyro-energy from her stomach to her hands, concentrating it between her hands and collecting it all into a large, head-sized fireball, then throwing it at the hostile Omega's head.

As the teenager calling himself Voltage unleashed his lighting attack, Erica dodged them, cursing under her breath. Once out of the way, she willed a sheath of crystal to cover each hand, one forming a crude blade, the other, a small shield.

Not sure if this can withstand lighting... but I guess I'll just have to find out...! She thought.

At about the same time, Voltage was busy spamming his electric blasts over and over, particualy at Enapay, who had mouthed off to him. As such, Marcus' attack caught him off guard, and a fireball from Dawn knocked him off balance for a few seconds.

"You''l pay for that!" He shouted the moment he recovered, then fired another lighting bolt at them.

Roar had made it to the top of the roof and quickly hid behind the air ventilator. He peak his head over to see that Voltage is distracted. He quickly turn the knobs on his mask so that he adjusted his roar for maximum range but change the sound wave to be a frontal sound blast only.

Ok here goes nothing.

He ran out of the vents and unleashes his monster roar at Voltage.

"That all you got?" Enapay taunted, hopping just out of the way of each destructive blast of electricity that Voltage sent his way, of which there were many. Enapay's senses allowed him to determine where Voltage was aiming as long as he had eyes on him. "Agh!" he said as a minor jolt arced off of an avoided blast and shocked his bandaged hand. "You must be fond of me. Seems like I'm the one you're more intent on frying than anyone," he chuckled as he somersaulted out of the way of another bolt, ducking under the follow up blast as he landed. "What do you call yourself, anyway? I bet instead of using your real name, you use something infinitely lame and dorktastic like 'Voltage'. Oooo, scary. Haha!"

Spotting Roar approaching on Voltage's flank, Enapay saw little reason to step in, just yet. He would see how Lloyd's approach played out before he would make his first effort to attack. "Besides, I think I make such a wonderfully irksome distraction."

Enapay continued to gracefully duck, dive, leap, and spin out of the way of the lighting strikes, focusing intently on Voltage's eyes and body language to keep track of where he was aiming.

Dawn continued dodge-rolling-- not nearly as gracefully as Enapay, she was loath to admit-- as she charged up another fireball, this time not bothering to hide the smoke.

She unleashed more fireballs as fast as she could. However, as she fired, they kept getting just a little less powerful. At this point, there were scorch marks all over her clothes, but not her skin.

"Hold still!" Voltage shouted, trying to blast multiple moving targets, some of whom were fighting back with fire, crystals, and their own limbs.

He was so focused on them that again, he was blindsided when one of them unleashed a huge sound blast at him, sending the teen crashing to the ground, feeling a paralyzing wave wash over him.

Before he could get up, a crystal blade was placed to his throat. Its owner, a tough-looking teenage girl glared down at him.

"Now then, tell us... who do you work for and what do you want?"


Not that far away, Phantom cursed as he reached up to his communicator.

"That fool let himself be beaten," he hissed into the microphone, "What do you recommend?"

"Nothing... for now." came the response. "But I'll see if I can get someone else to come..."

With Voltage's, apparent defeat, Enapay leaped to his side, landing in a squated postion, looming over their new antagonist. "So...You were one hell of a pushover weren't you, buddy? I didn't even get to throw a punch. Now that's sad," Enapay mocked calmly, grinning at the teen as Erica held a crude blade to his throat. "What's this guy's deal, anyway?" He asked Erica and Roar. "And do you care to explain to me why that disgruntled hobo is with us?" he continued, nodding in Ben's direction.

Brushing his silky bangs out of his eyes, Enapay stood and began searching for the strange figure that was just with Voltage. "Hey! Where are you?! I know you're watching!" he yelled, looking around.

Marcus dodged with the rest of the group. Using his shape-shifting abilities to bend around lightning strikes and keep Voltage off balance. Marcus smirked briefly once Voltage was taken down. With Erica's blade at Voltage's throat, the advantage shifted.

"I was as surprised as you are homes," Marcus said to Enapay as he walked over, in reference to his question about Ben. "But for now let's worry about Sparky here."

Marcus hadn't seen Voltage's accomplice when he ran outside, but Enapay seemed to have some kind of heightened sense, so Marcus made a quick scan of the rooftops.

With the human sparkler seemingly under control, Dawn allowed herself to drop to her knees again. Maybe it's just a small breeze, but it looks like she's shivering.

Well, my favorite hoody'll never be the same, she thought, seeing all the new black marks and holes. Then she thought about all the little kids in the orphanage she just helped save. How they could've ended up like the ocean of bodies five years earlier... but they didn't. That was all she could ask for. But maybe this hero thing won't be so bad...

She blew into her hands and rubbed them together. I just wish I could skip this part...

"Hey guys," she said to the group. "You guys wouldn't happen to have a spare lighter, would you...?"

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