The NPC's Daily Life - Video Character RolePlay

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The jet was now hovering over a forest, between a couple cities. Ok, guys. We need to cloak the jet. Remember where we parked... he smirked. Come to think of it, where is Rukifell-
Warning: Cargo Bay Doors Opened.
There's that, then... he reached for his communicator. You know I could have teleported you to the ground if you couldn't wait for the landing...
Through the sound of rushing wind, he heard Rukifellth. I'm sorry, but I just want to go on ahead... I'll meet you guys in the city, alright? Dimentio heard him grunt as he jumped out and heard a parachute deploy before the communicator cut off.
I'm surprised he managed to keep a level head as long as he did... he turned to Azimuth and Freeman. Now you two are POSITIVE this jet will stay invisible to their sensors? And please, spare me the technobabble. That stuff makes my ears leak like a sinus on the coldest winter day...

After a rough landing, Rukifellth saw the lights of the city ahead of him. Josei... been so long since I've been here... still, if anyone will know where the Crimson Band is, it'll be Michiko... just hope she'll be willing to talk after everything that happened. If she's still in that alliance with ECHO despite everything that happened... he shook his head. And there's still the question about how that fight ended...

He sighed, heading forward. The others will catch up. But still... what exactly are we doing? Once we find Neko........ then what? Would she come back? Would she want to come ba- I need to stop thinking too far ahead. Find the right person to ask first. Let the rest just happen and plan from there...

Aomori, Japan

(PAC, Josei)
Time: 6:00pm
Weather: Warm, a slight wind as the sun goes down.
Demographics: Mostly female humans, at least 25% NPC.

Almost the same as they left it, Josei is like a calm in the storm. The chalky buildings in pastel colors complement the clouds and the sky. Girls dressed in bright clothes point and laugh as the men walk by, while elegant women in gowns and kimonos don't even look. The few husbands scurry in and out of the house meekly, pausing to wonder at the visitors.

*Stern was leaning against wall.*

The jet should remain hidden, the cloaking device masks everything that could show up on modern scanners.
Course it is still a large, solid object. If someone happens to be walking around they could just smack into it.

*Stands next to Stern*
"The camo hasn't been tested so i dunno if we can be that optimistic. If it rains it will be visible up close. Same thing with magnetometers but those are also close range."

but its probably bugged, wonder if they did more then that.. Shakes his head getting rid of the whole implant scenario.

The search for Rukifelth lead Price nowhere. The closest he had come to the group's location was a blip in middle of the Antarctic ocean and even then, any long range scanner of sort came up with nothing on the group's plane. So instead of looking for the group by himself, he resorted to contacting the only Council Member he knew that was especially good at finding people.

He landed in Josei, intent on finding Michiko after scheduling a private conference with Empress. Price was confirmed a conference and made his way to the lavish castle that Michiko stayed in. He handed over what little weaponry he carried to the castle guards, more of a precaution. After a few moments he was led to the Empress who sat there as elegant as ever in a small courtyard surrounded by beautiful plants and trees. Picturesque paper lanterns swayed in the warm wind as Price approached Michiko.

"Empress... I've been meaning to talk to you about a certain subject matter."

"... ... ... Dominus Price... ... it's been a while. What do we owe this privilege to?" She didn't look up, her clear eyes focused on the small cup of tea she had in her hands. A single handmaiden stood near, putting up a small privacy bubble to discourage any mischievous listeners. The woman, on the other hand, was watching Price very closely, hands hidden in her flowing dress.

Price batted an eye at the handmaiden as she put up the privacy bubble. He walked for a few steps and stopped, respecting Michiko's space.

"I come to you for advice. I've come to understand that finding certain people is one of your many specialties but I seek in finding someone that has almost completely disappeared off the grid. I hope that you can help me, Empress." Price said. He didn't want to put who it was out there immediately nor who asked for it.

She took another sip, clearly in no hurry to answer him. "Finding someone... and you've come this far to "find someone"? It must be... important, to you. It is not... my custom... to help people find things. It's a habit, a talent, maybe, but not... something... I normally extend."

"Then I hope that you hear my appeal for your help or to better put it, Neko's appeal. I... owe her a favor that I intend on following through." Price bit his tongue. He had to convince Michiko to help him and hopefully Neko's name still carried some weight to it even if Price needed to tell a few lies. "If not help then at least a hint, Empress."

"Ah, the Domina... I heard about her unfortunate circumstances in the past few days. ... ... ... Who is it that the Domina seeks, with her infinite power?" While the reports on operations done by PAC were usually kept withing the territory, certain information was given to the Council members, especially if the operations involved persons of interest. She had read all about the Black Widow Operation, and had the opportunity to see a live feed had she so desired. "It wouldn't have to do with... her friends, would it?"

"I'm afraid so, Empress. Most specifically, Rukifellth. Neko wishes to see him and I can't imagine why really but that is none of my business." Price said. He remembered in his head the very words she said to her. "I do not wish to disappoint her, Empress."

"Ah... I see. You must be getting dull, Dominus, if you do not know why her heart aches for him. ... ... ... but as you say, it is indeed a private matter. I suspect... your request will be granted sooner than you think. Rest here for a while, Dominus. Kaila will show you to a room. I will call for you... when I need to." She stood up, indicating the end of their meeting. The Empress had no idea the group had just landed outside of the city, but she did know a few things. If the Chimera was looking for her mate, then her mate would also be searching for her. She was one of their only PAC connections in the east, and if they needed help to find Neko, they would do exactly what Price had done. It was just a waiting game. They would come sooner or later.

Now walking through the upper district, Rukifellth was heading for the palace. Security seems a little more lax... I guess PAC is focused more on going on the offensive... he noticed a couple of the aristocrats looking at him suspiciously. Guess I am a little under-dressed...

So he's probably going to head right for the palace... thing is what we will do. This gives us a good opportunity to get a good feeling on what PAC is doing with little security. They think we'll just be busy catching up to ol' loverboy... Stern. You weren't with us when we were last here. Think that might be any help? Dimentio started pacing back and forth. He knew this wasn't what they were here for, but he wanted something to give them anything like an advantage. At this point, it was almost compulsive for him. PAC might not be willing to let someone so powerful go... so we need to be prepared...

"OH now THERE'S a face I haven't seen in a while!"
"You're a bit far from home, sweetie!~"
"What's a tall glass of water like you doing this far into Josei?"

Jenny, Cammy, and Amanda jumped down from one of the walls. They were shorthanded with most of the soldiers going to stop the WMD advance in Russia, so they volunteered to do patrols. "Where's everyone else? Don't tell me you came here all by yourself?~" Jenny stopped a few feet in front of him, while Cammy and Amanda circled him lazily.

Actually, I was hoping I might get to see the Empress... I was wondering if she might be willing to see an old ally. I had a couple things she'd be more than able to answer... He smiled. He hoped they would stay this friendly after him asking.

"Oooh... do you have a crush on the Empress?~"
"We should let you know, the Empress has no interest in guys like you" Cammy teased.
"Hm, she might be interested in seeing you though. There's no harm in asking."

Without leaving him much choice Cammy pushed him forward from behind, nudging him in the direction of the palace. They escorted him, with no shortage of playful jibes, to the gate. "No worries, I'll take you in. We'll see if you can charm the Empress with your words~" She pinched his cheek, letting the other two handmaidens slip back into the city. They knew he hadn't come alone, and wanted to make sure whoever had brought him wasn't up to no good.

He smiled, walking with Cammy nonchalantly. [i]Well that went better than I thought... Hopefully things can keep up at this pace. We are kinda overdue for a break, aren't we? he smirked and laughed to himself. So things seem to be going well for you three...

On his way out, Price thought about his plea with Michiko. Hopefully she could fish him out of nowhere like intended. When he arrived in his room he looked around seeing the gracefully decorated rooms meant for important delegates not soldiers. Instead of staying inside he left the room and wandered the halls for the time being. As he walked the grand halls of the castle he saw Rukifellth making his way to the Empress.

It was luck falling on his lap a second time. He walked towards Rukifellth and called out his name.

"Oi! We need to talk for a bit." Price said to him.

Hmmm? Who are you? he looked at the person calling out to him, sticking close to Cammy. You don't seem like one of the empress's servants, so that would make you... he looked at Price for any sign of anything red.

"A close friend of someone you know." Price looked to Cammy and then understood why he was here. "Meet me here once you're done with your meeting with the Empress. I'll explain everything."

With that Price nodded to Cammy and went back to his room.

Freeman bumped into the two of Cammys entourage while fallowing ruki. It was only a while ago they left him in a tub full of ice. Saddly this wasn't the weirdest thing in your life.
"And there is the ladies that stole my heart- or was it my stomach. I doubt you'd bother to remember." Getting frustrated with his train of thought crashing like a that laptop he borrowed before.

*Stern was consolidating a plan with Dimentio.*

I may not have been with you then, but likely my association with you lot has been made known to these people by now... but we still have ways to find out what's going on.

*He brought up the interface on his hand and started tapping away at it.

Though I'd hazard a guess that the lax security is a result of sending their troops to the war. It's odd that such an important point like Josei isn't more well defended. Definitely worth checking out, and if we can, we might be able to get a beat on the other two factions. As for how we go about doing that...

*He lowered his hand.*

I haven't got a clue. I had some contacts up this way, but I can't be sure they're still active.

"Yes, we're fine here. Keeping the peace on the native shores and all. Hard to keep things still without as much power." She walked right beside him, matching his steps. When she heard Price, her hands bolted briefly to her weapon, but she relaxed when she noticed who he was.

Cammy smiled wryly as Price stopped them and started talking to Rukifellth. With her current station, she wasn't privy to any of the details concerning Black Widow, but she had heard of the Crimson often enough. "Don't worry, Dominus, I'll bring you back here when your done. I'm sure after all the help you've given us, the Empress can spare you a few minutes."

She led him down the hall to the end, opening a small door that he had to stoop down to get through. The Empress Michiko was talking to a hologram, but as soon as Rukifellth stepped through she stopped, midway through her sentence, without turning around. "... ... ... ... Good evening... Dominus... ... you have good timing. First I would inquire the reason... of your odd visit."

Thank you so much... he said to Cammy before turning to Michiko. I'm looking for someone... and I have it in good reason to believe PAC might know where to find them... I was hoping I might be able to ask for your assistance, after everything you've already done for us...

Dimentio had noticed Freeman had left, but wasn't sure if Azimuth of Sora had joined him. Can you check, Stern? I doubt they'd be of much use, but we need something, anything to give us an edge...

"Mm... you're looking for... ... Chimera... Are your friends with you?" She glanced at Cammy, who didn't confirm nor deny her statement. Jenny and Amanda presumably hadn't found sign of the others yet. "Is there reason why... you're sneaking around?"

With everything that's been going on, one can never be too careful. You of all people can surely appreciate such a mentality... he was hoping she wasn't going to get hostile. Still, you are correct... I want to find Neko. And I think you know where to find her...

"... ... I'd rather nothing... untoward happen... while you try to sneak around. You might cause more... suspicions..." She turned back to the hologram. "Find Dominus Price. He is looking for you..." she waved him off, signaling for Cammy to take Rukifellth out.

"Well, that's our cue. Out we go lover." Cammy smacked his ass when he stooped down to exit, following him out.

I'll see what I can do. Stay in radio contact.

*And with that, Stern jumped down and headed off towards his contact's last known location.*

R-right... he slowed down, walking behind her once she slapped him. You seem a little more energetic than last time we saw each other... he started looking around for Price. So where is Price...?

And now I have a choice... stay here and wait for the idiots... or go do nothing in town... he shrugged.

"Couldn't help but keep my hands off when you just put it all out like that~" she laughed. "Now Price, Price, Price... we kinda left him in the hall, I assume he's wandered off somewhere by now. Hopefully he went back to one of the guest rooms." She led him to an elegant hallway, decorated with silver orchids and gold koi. Cammy peeked into all the rooms one by one until she found Price. "Aaaand here we are! You two have fun, and don't do anything bad without me here~" she winked, licking her lips playfully before skipping off.

"Oh love, the heart and stomach aren't worth enough for us to steal them... why steal what you give freely?~" Amanda greeted, resting her mace on her shoulders.
"We saw your buddy Rukifellth, I assume you're all here, sans one?"

He wasn't quite sure to respond, just turning to Price. Well, she must be loads of fun to hang out with... he laughed nervously. So... you're Price... he stayed a distance away from him just to be safe. Michiko tells me you can help me find the person I'm looking for...

"That's right. Let's cut to the chase before anything else. I know you and Neko have had a rocky past together especially given whatever happened in Nova Scotia." Price let that last part of his sentence sink in as he lit a cigar to smoke. "I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to here first?"

He winced when Price mentioned what happened before. Could you just tell me what you know? I don't care what order, just get it over with... he calmed down, glad to see a good lead to get Neko. And how exactly do you know about her?

"Alright, have it your way. As much as it pains me to say this, Neko is safe right now in the PAC. Well not safe but safer than she was. They give her drugs, tranquilizers and depressants, to make sure another episode of hers doesn't occur. Right now she's away on mission but before she left she asked me to look for you. She wants to see you again, Rukifellth."

Price leaned back on his chair, taking in a light drag before speaking again. "As to how I found Neko relates back to whatever happened in Nova Scotia. I was jumping ship after your little battle with Chimera and Neko just happened to be there as I was preparing to leave. I offered her a chance to leave Nova Scotia and she took it. I put her in good hands and ever since I've been keeping an eye on her. A guardian angel, if you will except until recently Nayr came into the picture. It hit her hard but I feel like a bit of her turbulent past died with him."

So what happened with Ryan? Is he dead? once that was done, he shook his head That can wait, actually... Neko... is she close by? Can I see her? he would wait until he saw her before he would ask what Price knows.

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