Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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"Ah yes, because a pirate would certainly know how to help people more than someone who has made it their life's goal to do just that. I've been doing this for almost twelve years now, I think I know what this city needs more than you do. You can keep the food, I won't be needing it," Alaena replied, clearly annoyed as she stood up from her seat and went over to her things. She put on her vest and belt, followed by her weapons and cloak before grabbing her bow and satchel and heading to the door.

She turned around once and bid a farewell and thanks before leaving, Fletch following after her.

"Well, there are two of them actually. The Bodero and the Yarrakona. I don't know much about em though, except that no one around here really wants to mess with em." Hal explained as Yoje carried him to the docks. Huh. This devil fruit stuff seems pretty cool. Maybe I should look into getting one. They're pretty spendy though...

"Oh, there's my ship! You can just set me down there and I'll take care of the rest." He said, pointing to his wrecked boat as they neared the docks. Hal quickly dug through what remained of his belongings and found his bandages. His wounds weren't bad at all, so it was pretty easy to just stop the bleeding.

A few minutes later and he was ready to go. Although it still hurt to walk, at least he wouldn't bleed out. He walked back to Yoje and flashed a grin at him. "Hey man, I owe you one. You need anything? I'm pretty good at getting quality stuff for cheap. Whatever you need, just say the word and I'll see what I can do."

Peter sighed as she left. "Gonna get herself killed... " He turned back to Grana and Sammi. "So you two seem to have been keeping yourselves busy. Have you seen any of the others?" He got back on the bed, lying down on it.

Inshi had been reading a paper in his office as another man walked in. "Oyabun... we have found a bunch of our men in the alleyway..." He growled. "The archer again?" "No... they were killed much more violently this time... it's someone different."

Inshi put his paper down and stood up, walking to the door. "And the Marines are doing nothing about this?" The lieutenant gulped and said "They're in the middle of some business. Apparently they are transferring personnel." Inshi's growl got louder "And the other men in the sector?" "They... they supposedly found someone they are angry with... something about a con man. Said they plan on taking care of him."

One could almost see his face getting red with anger, heading to an elevator. "Any... OTHER news?" "Uh... some man from the casino is here... says some pirate mentioned having something you might be interested in..." "Well then tell him to give that message to Tozani! I have no more time to deal with petty pirates trying to get my interest! I'd rather he hold it than hold anything offered by a pathetic pirate!" He slammed the man into the side of the elevator, stomping out and walking towards the entrance. 'Uh... sir? Where are you going?" "I'm going to go speak to that sloth Yezeku! Pirates and petty criminals are HIS responsibility!"

A band of Yarrakona men walked into the club that Jacque was in. "Hey hey hey! We got a couple special deliveries for you fine people!" One came up and handed the bartender a crate of some expensive-looking liquor. "For SUCH a loyal customer!" They went near the door and posted up a bunch of Wanted posters "For all you fine hunters here, some new heads for you to bring those pigs at the center of town! Up-to-date, top of the line info!" They finally went to their tables and started bossing around the people in the club, and started getting loud and obnoxious.

Yezeku and his men had finished preparing, and look back at Guligan. "Ok... you can get things ready for me, right? Just call the boys at Porte Carlo and tell them I'm getting ready for a transfer. Good luck dealing with those pirates, man..."

He walked out with a small band of people. "Sweet freedom, boys!"

Another band of Yarrakona thugs, two with a couple bats and one with a long, slender cane walked around the docks, looking all around the ships there. "Oy, man, we've been searching around this dock for HOURS..." "Shut up... I know he's around here..."

There was silence as Alaena closed her eyes to the city around her, the noise of the city soon disappearing as she concentrated on the choice she had. It was either go to the casino and deal with the Buderos, or head on over to the resort and deal with all the Yarrakonas. The choice was easily decided once Alaena realized that the casino would certainly have more civilians in it at night, while the main areas of the resort would be closed.

'That's settled then,' she thought to herself, opening her eyes to the setting sun. She got up and looked south, jumping off of the tower in the center of town and traveling to the next rooftop using Geppo. As the sun set down in the west she continued down south before turning east, and soon enough she could see the entrance of the Ivory Resort. She immediately noticed Oyabun Inshi heading out from the front, moving back into the shadows so as not to be seen. She carefully nocked an arrow and watched him from above, eying him to watch where he was going to go.

Yoje grinned at Hal's offer. "I can't think of anything I need right now, but if I do, I'll be sure to let you know. Right now, I just need to figure out where to spend the night. I heard there was a nice resort down that way...Hey." In the direction he had pointed, there were three armed thugs approaching.

"Hal, I think there are some more gang members here. They don't look that strong, though. I should be able to take them if they attack. It might be better for you to hide."

Sammi finished what was left of the apple she was given and tossed the core out the window. "I haven't seen anyone else from the ship," she informed the Captain. "Who was that woman anyway? She owe you a favor or something? She didn't seem too happy to be going to work on me there..."

The wonderful song was interrupted when the men enter the bar which had irritated Jacque alot. While he did clutch his fist in anger but he had a feeling they were men were powerful due to everyone stop what they were doing in their present including the beautiful singer.

Too bad I can't teach those scum some lessons in manners.

When he heard about the new wanted poster he quickly turn his back to them as he carry out his fail safe plan in case they had his bounty poster.
He took off his pirate hat, bandana and most important of them all his domino mask. He quickly places them inside his jacket as the men went to a table. Lucky for him he's sitting at the bar stool at the furthest away from the entrance so it's unlikely the men had saw him. He's even luckier that that his wanted poster had his photo his trademark hat and mask and not his real face at all.
For anyone who see his face now they will see a disfigure man. His blond hair is messy and it there is a patch of hairless scalp on his right side. The top part of his face and head where his mask and hat had covered are in a smooth reddish colour skin, most likely recovering burn marks. His eyebrows were uneven which again most likely to be burned off as there is a big scar on his forehead. His face had been like this ever since he had taken part in Marineford during Whitebeard war.
When Jacque look back up he saw that the bartender was staring at him which he quick divert his sight most likely he was accidently being rude. Jacque felt no anger toward him since he isn't the first to stare at his face. He simple reaches into his pocket and got out another bag of coins and place it on near the bartender.

He whispers "Here a tap for being a fine bartender and I would like to keep it quiet. After all, this fine establishment become oh so very noisy well even more than it is now twoo."

He shifted his eyes at the men who are making alot of fuss. The bartender nodded which he hoped he will take quiet for a while as he got up and make his way toward the wanted poster wall.
When he got there he is quite shock that his face and as well Peter and the other faces were on the wall. He felt his spine shiver.

I better get out of here and warn the other fast!

Hal chuckled nervously at Yoje's mention of the resort. "Oh, you mean the Ivory Oyster? Well, under different circumstances I could probably get you a good deal on a room there but... Well, that's Yarrakona HQ and those are the guys that trashed my boat." Hal said, as he looked over to where Yoje was pointing.

Dammit, are they still here! Well, at least I got help this time... Hal thought as he took Yoje's advice and crouched down behind a crate. "Yeah, I'll stay here. I'm not much of a fighter. Don't take em on if you don't have to though. I've been hiding from these guys all day, another couple hours won't hurt. Trust me, you don't want to get dragged into this."

Yoje nodded to Hal and turned out to watch the sea. Out of the corner of his eye, he could still see the thugs approaching. If they're members of one of those gangs, those thugs must be bad news. I'd really like to take them out, but it wouldn't be smart to make an enemy out of a group that runs the island. I don't want to cause any trouble for the crew. Guess I'll hope those guys just keep walking.

Grana shook his head as Alaena walked out the door. "Idiot... She's still injured, no matter how good she is at medicine." He then answered Peter's question. "I saw Yoje on the way here, but I couldn't get the chance to speak to him. He looked like he was just going to get a room for the night." Grana walked over to his swords and picked them up, buckling them back onto his waist. "You know Peter, you're both right. You're right in that she's gonna die alone out there. But she's right in that violence is the only possibility for reform anymore. Diplomacy had its day here and wasted it. This isn't my first trip to this island. I told you I was a thief before joining your crew, didn't I? Two years ago I arrived here to evade the Marines, sell some stock, and get food for the journey. It's worse now then it was two years ago, and I'm guessing this trend is only gonna decline. But two years ago, I stole something rather precious from Oyabun Yarrakona that he would kill to get back. Unfortunately, as I was just starting out in my career, I wasn't very good and so he got a rather good look at my handsome face. I reckon I can turn that to my advantage. If I use this..." Grana dove into his hat, pulling out a silver and gold diadem embedded with more jewels than sand on the beach, "I can get Oyabun to follow me into Budero territory, and get him and Tozani to end each other." Grana dropped the Dragon Diadem back into his hat with a determined look in his eyes. "I would be lying if I said I didn't have thoughts of vengeance on the mind, but quite a bit of this is because those two piss me off. I have 30 or so hours left, correct? I'll be back in time."

Peter noticed the gem he pulled out. "I gotta admit, it's a nice gem. Still, you honestly think he'd be that dumb to follow a trap and go into their territory rather than send a mob after you? Still, that could work just as well. Still, you're powerful, but you aren't exactly capable of taking on that many people. I got one of my own injured here, and I'd prefer to look after her than go off playing vigilante. Plus, we probably still have the Marines to deal with. If you want to try and go play the hero without even starting to think up a plan, go ahead." He shrugged and looked out the window. "I'd tell you to try and wait and think it through, but I doubt you'd listen to me."

Inshi had now managed to get near the center of town, unaware that he was being followed. He saw the Marine outpost ahead, and a small group of men came out, seeming to be laughing and joking among themselves.

Alaena stood against a wall in the shadows forming from the remaining glint of sun to the west, watching Inshi as he neared the Marine outpost. 'Just what are you doing Oyabun?' she thought to herself, deciding that it was best just to lay low for now and watch what was happening. She kept her arrow nocked just in case anything should come up. She took a deep breath as she moved a few roofs over from the Marine outpost to get a better view and to potentially hear things if someone spoke loud enough.

"Oh, trust me, I've got a plan. Perhaps not the most well thought out plan, but I think it'll work, especially with Alaena there. I just hope she can figure out what I'm trying to do." Grana rolled his neck as he headed for the door. "Oh, and Captain? I'm hoping he sends a mob. Then he'll be all alone, an easy target for anyone to hit, even with a bow. Although, I think you just gave me a better plan. Just stay in here, no matter what happens. Afterall, the marine outpost is only a block away from here." Grana mused to himself as he walked out the door. "Don't worry Captain- I'm planning to come outta this alive and sail our crew all the way to One Piece. Try and have a crew name and maybe a name for our ship by the time I get back, alright?" Grana laughed as he walked out the door, back towards the Eyes On The Table Casino.
Grana stared once more at the blinking lights that enticed him to come inside. Unfortunately, this was for business, not pleasure. Grana sighed as he went around the back, deciding to take the more...subtle route. Once he had made his way around the sprawling casino, Grana found the same entrance he had once been dragged into. It didn't take him long to find the back entrance, and only a little longer for a Budero to walk out and take a smoke. Grana noted the quality of the suit and even the cigar. "He's a ranker... Lucky me." Grana walked up to the man casually, not in his snow white suit. "Hey, buddy, got a light?" Grana asked innocently. The man looked up, exposing his vulnerable neck. Grana opened a portal and punched the man right in the throat, causing the Budero to sink to his knees, gasping for breath. His last sight was of Grana's foot rocketing towards his face. "Lights out." Grana muttered as he searched the unconscious man's pockets. "C'mon... Mini Mushi, mini Mushi... Aha! Mini Mushi!" Grana took out the small Mushi and pressed the button on its shell. Grana hoped it would connect him straight to Boss Tozani. "Hello? May I speak to Mr. Tozani please? I have something he wants, the Dragon Diadem." If Tozani had been keeping tabs on his rival, Oyabun, at all over the years, he would know the true value of this jewel. All the while, Grana slowly meandered back towards the Marine station, taking to back alleys as often as possible.

Peter tried to convince Grana to stop, but just shook his head and sighed. "He's going to get himself killed one of these days. Honestly, he might not be worth bringing along..." He turned back to Sammi. "How are you feeling?" He started rearranging some of his things, and waited for something to happen.

The band of thugs had managed to see Yoje and Hal, and one of them started walking towards them, trying to see if that was the person they were looking for. "Hey, you two! Wait up for a second..." The two behind him started pulling out some kinves.

Inshi had walked up to the men, and saw Yezeku among them. "You! Marine! We need to talk!" Yezeku smiled and threw his hands outward. "Inshi! What a surprise! Here to see me off?" "What are you talking about, you grinning buffon?" He said, anger clear in his voice. "I'm leaving. Some new guy just said he'd be taking care of things around here."

The two men started walking down the street south. "I have been having someone killing my men. And yet you have been doing nothing about it. And now another person has brutally killed more of my men in an alleyway. And still you do nothing..." Yezeku just shrugged "We had a deal: I stayed out of yours and Tozani's business, and in exchange, you don't come to me to do the fighting for you when the going got tough, and any members who caused a civilian death had to be handed over to me. Well, now the going's getting tough, and what exactly are you doing? You're coming to me for help..." Inshi took offense to that statement, barking at him now. "You are letting some vigilante, some criminals, murder both my and Tozani's men! This is beyond our business, so it falls under your jurisdiction as per our deal!"

Yezeku slowed down as his men now went in front of him. "Can you prove this? Can you prove to me that these very brutal acts aren't just Tozani trying to send a stronger message, or your men going a little over-the-top? ...Besides that, with me leaving, you and Tozani are going to have to......renegotiate. And something tells me the new guy isn't going to think as practically as I am..."

'Okay, there's a new Marine that's going to be in charge. Hopefully they're competent and actually have morals unlike the last one,' Alaena thought as she followed the two men quietly, looking down upon the two from above. She noted that the street forked into two separate ways, and as she went forward she knew that one would be a dead end.

'Time to set up a plan.' She scanned the larger street that the fork led to before jumping over to the smaller alleyway and looking down to see the dead end. 'This shouldn't be too hard to make work,' she thought as she put her arrow back in the quiver, grabbing two more that had small pouches instead of arrow heads. She positioned herself at the top of roof where the fork was, nocking the first arrow and pointing it down the larger street. With that, she waited for the two men to get closer to the fork.

Back in his office, Tozani angrily answered his transponder snail. He'd lost far too many men in the last few days. "This is Tozani. You, however, are not a member of the Buderos. I can only assume you took out at least one of my men to contact me. And the fact that you're telling me about the Dragon Diadem means you don't want the Yarrakona to know you have it, if you even have the real deal. So I'll give you about a minute to tell me why we should continue this conversation"

Yoje saw that the two men had drawn knives and noticed Hal. Oh, well. Sorry Peter.
"Yeah? What is it?" He waited for the man to get close enough to him, then hit him with a swift jab to the throat. Before the others could react to one of their own being taken out, he fired a Tempest Kick at them.

"You chose not to tell us about this?" a few veins were visible on his neck now, clearly unamused. "You might do a good job in cleaning up Tozani's men, but don't forget, you're also a criminal. I'm under no obligations to do anything for either of you. I'd honestly start trying to cover up your tracks now, unless Mr. Gulligan can be reasoned with. And speaking of tracks..." He turned around, looking at Alaena's direction. Inshi turned around, confused as to what he was looking at. "What? What is it?"

The remaining Yarrakona thug tried to lunge at Yoje, yelling in panic, trying to hit either of the men there.

Gulligan sat in "his" office, deep in some random ideas he called "thought". Where to look for pirates....
He turned to one of his soldiers from the boat, "If I were a pirate, where would I go?" he wondered aloud. "With your skill and cunning? Straight to impel down..." the soldier muttered.
"I got it! Pirates drink booze, right? To the tavern!"
"Sir, you go to the tavern and get drunk anyway, I don't think..."
"Nor should you! Thinking is for nerds!"
"But weren't you just..."
"I said let's go!"

'And that's my cue,' Alaena thought as she let go of the string causing one of the arrows to go behind the two men, erupting into a large explosion of fire and smoke. That's when they started to head closer to the fork. Another arrow bomb up down the street made them turn down the alley, with an extra arrow bomb set off to make sure they kept down the dead-end alley.

One last bomb arrow was used to destroy some of the buildings behind them to keep them from running back the way they came. A quick Soru later and she was on top of the building that obstructed them from any way out of the alley. She brought out two arrows and shot at the men's legs to hinder their movement, bringing out two more and saying, "Criminal scum, and a corrupted official. Can't say I'm surprised to see either of you together. Our paths have all led us directly to this point, and for you two it ends here."

Grana shook his head. "Oh, don't worry Mr. Tozani. Your man just went out for a smoke; I told him those things were bad for him and helped him make a healthy lifestyle choice and put him to sleep. If you want, I'll reimburse him 100 beli for the cigar, but that's about it. Oh, and feel free to call Oyabun, if he'll even take your call. I escaped from him two years ago when I stole this thing, I reckon I can run for two more easy. I'm also the man who is to blame for the killing of multiple Yarrakonas in the last few days, and the one responsible for the killing I made in your casino. I'll return the money, and hell, I'll even throw in the Dragon Diadem for free. What I want is safety. I can run from the Yarrakonas for a long time, but this is my hometown and I would like to live here. Unfortunately, that's not possible with Oyabun all over me. So you get your cash plus a hefty bargaining tool with Oyabun. In return, I put on a suit and enter your protection. Deal?"

Sammi offered a one shoulder shrug in response to Peter's question. "Still hurts, but it's not like I'm going to be out of commission for good here." She hoisted herself towards the head of the bed, eager to recline a bit now that she had the space to do so. "Nice to know you care though Cap'n." That's nice though he's asking. More than I got out of anyone on the Thrasher outside of Bob. "So, you listened to what Grana asked and thought up a name for that cruise ship we got running now?"

Peter shrugged. "Don't know. Haven't been thinking much about that. Still, I can't wait to see it once its done. I just hope those guys at the docks follow the blueprints I gave them. Had to make some adjustments to them in accordance with the ship they're working on, but thankfully it's about as big and as spacious as I was aiming for..." He said, starting to mumble around the end of it. "I've got a couple names in mind, but I'm not really sure..."

Yezeku had managed to pull out his double-ended blade and jumped away from the arrow. Inshi moved so that it hit a non-vital area of his leg. Yezeku called out "So, this is the famous Archer?" He turned back to Inshi. "Seriously, THIS is the person who gave you so much trouble? I ain't impressed..." Inshi still held on his wound, pulling the arrow out. "I am not impressed either... my men must be slipping..." Yezeku went up and tried to talk "Hey, listen, I'm off duty right now... I was about to leave this island... this guy here is the guy you want, so why not just let the two of you settle your differences?" Inshi flared with rage "TRAITOR!" "Traitor? I'm an officer of the law... and you're a criminal. What possible reason would I have to try and protect you?" He grinned mischievously.

Alaena watched as the two men dodged her arrows and started to have a conversation, something she was not particularly interested in. She thought over what Yezeku said while the enemies argued, putting one of her arrows back in the quiver and drawing out another. She didn't announce her attack to Yezeku, letting loose the normal arrow to get him to jump back to where the second one would hit him in arm carrying his sword.

"You can go now," she announced to the Marine, drawing the arrow she had put away and aimed it at Inshi, "You, however, will not be allowed to go."

Yezeku moved his sword in an arc so that while the arrow pieced his skin, it was something more resembling grazing shot than going through the center of his arm. "Damn... caught me when I wasn't paying attention. Clever." He chuckled and jumped up the debris behind them. "Lady, I must say, thanks for doing my job for me in dealing with these petty thugs... but the next time we meet, I'm gonna have to take you in. Pray that meeting never happens..." He jumped down, back onto the street.

Inshi seemed to regain his composure. "You caught me off guard, unguarded and unprepared. But now I know what I am up against..." He took his walking stick and seemed to straighten the curved end of it to make it a long pole. "Still, you have done me a favor in revealing yourself to me..." He spun it around a couple times and then moved it behind his back.

Yoje leaned back, dodging the thug's blow. He then morphed into his kangaroo form, and using his tail for support, kicked the man full force with both feet, knocking him into the air. A quick Moon Step and a Shave, and he had caught up to the now falling man. One more kick sent him plummeting into the ground. Upon landing, Yoje made sure none of the others were getting back up, and turned to Hal's ship. "All clear, Hal."
Tozani grudgingly considered Grana's offer for a few moments. "I have to admit, this sounds like a pretty good deal. Tell you what: if you can kill the Archer, I'll even let you keep the Diadem."

"It will never," Alaena replied calmly as she watched the Marine leave Inshi behind to escape. His taste of freedom wouldn't last long with the poison of the West Blue Giant Sea Urchin running through his veins; Alaena estimated he had but an hour before he succumbed to death.

'This one will be gone before that though,' she thought to herself as she looked back at Inshi. "This was going to happen sooner or later, and it was your own fault for winding up in this position. While you were off guard, unguarded, and unprepared I was planning out the next move, learning everything there was to know about you and your organization, and just waiting for the right opportunity," she stated calmly, not letting any anger flow through her voice. She coldly stared at the man that had caused so much hardship in this poor city before letting loose a flurry of arrows at him.

Hal stepped out from behind his crate and took a moment to admire Yoje's handiwork. Damn... He can use Shave too? Note to self: Don't rip this guy off. Hal took a good look around to make sure none of their buddies were around before stepping out into the open. "Nice work man! Except.... they're still alive? That's no good. If they wake up, they're gonna come back with a vengeance. We outta just slit their throats and dump the bodies in the ocean." Hal said, flicking the hilt of his sword with his thumb so it popped out of the sheath, ready to go. "Dead men tell no tales, know what I mean?"

Inshi twisted the rod behind him and there was a loud, distinct *click!*. He thrust the rod forward, and the large spearhead that was on the back of his coat was now attached to the rod he had. He managed to swipe away or block the majority of the arrows flung at him. A few grazed him and got him bleeding, but he seemed mostly unfazed. "You underestimate me, girl..." he spun the spear around and dust all around him began clouding the alleyway.

"Let's just see if I am," she replied, watching as he spun his spear to bring about a cloud of dust to hide himself. Alaena wasn't going to let that happen though. Close combat was something that, while she certainly wasn't bad at it, she knew that there were those better. 'And it's not like I need anymore injures today,' she thought as she reached into her quiver to grab out a few bomb arrows, firing them into the dust cloud. The explosion would hit him if he was still there, and if not it would at least make it that much harder to get closer to her. The high ground she had was a nice advantage, one she'd rather not lose against him. She made sure that her other weapons were ready to go if things got bad, her bowie knife being the her best one if Inshi managed to get in close.

The explosions only raised more dust, and there didn't seem to be any sign that he got hit. Suddenly, he emerged from the cloud, jumping up the wall of debris and landing on a nearby rooftop, turning around and getting ready to charge at Alaena.

Alaena quickly caught sight of Inshi and raised her bow towards him, only taking a split second to aim before firing on him. The first arrow was to get him to go a certain way, and the next ones were to where he would be. This strategy worked greatly for Alaena, and it was very easy for her to change it up quickly if things didn't go as planned. She contemplated using one of her poisoned arrows, but decided against using one of the deadly ones since she wanted to end this now.

Instead she brought out one with a small amount of a strong paralyze venom on it from a lizard that lived on remote islands along the Grand Line and carefully aimed it at him, waiting for just the right moment.

Once again, Inshi deflected the arrows with his spear, and started running towards her, leaping over to the other building, swinging at her to try and hit her, or at least get her bow pointed away from him.

Grana sighed. "Smart move, Mr. Tozani. If I'm the real deal, you lose the second biggest threat to you. If I was a phony, you could just send some men to collect the Diadem and the beli. But whatever. I'll finish off the Night Archer, bring you back something of his to prove it. Oh, and Mr. Tozani? I'm a Medium Long, just in case you want to have a suit waiting for me when I return. See you in a bit." Grana chuckled as he hung up the mini Mushi, warping onto the rooftops to get a better view of the city. "Now let's see... If I was a woman with a personal vendetta against the crimelords of this island, where would I go? Tozani seemed unperturbed, so she can't be at the Casino... Guess I'll just head towards that oyster resort or whatever it's called." Grana began to leap across the rooftops towards Yarrakona territory when he heard explosions. Grana zeroed in on their location. Even if it wasn't Alaena, it was probably a gang shootout, which would give him the ability to gain the Buderos' trust.

However, it seemed Grana's luck was finally turning, as he found Alaena shooting arrows for all she was worth at Oyabun Inshi. Grana didn't really feel like killing Alaena, especially after she had saved Sammi, but that didn't matter much; her death could always be faked. Oyabun, on the other hand, Grana had no such reserves against killing. As much as he would have liked to help Alaena, this seemed to be a personal battle to her, judging by how angry she seemed to be after storming out of the inn. So Grana kept to the shadows, making sure he always kept Alaena within range in case she was about to die. Grana wrapped his black cloak around his body tightly, to ensure he would blend in with the shadows well.

Inshi's spear certainly had a longer reach than her own weapons now that they were in close combat, but it also had a flaw. She kept her bow in one arm and the venom arrow in the other; ducking and weaving out of the spear's reach, backing up along the roof until she neared the edge. It was then she made her move while it was extended out, slipping past the weapon to Inshi until she was close enough for her to stab him in the chest with the arrow. She let go of it and quickly used Soru to try and keep him from being able to retaliate from the attack, reaching her hand to the quiver ready to draw another arrow.

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