Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Alaena noted that her little trick seemed to work, though she wasn't quite happy that it merely knocked the marine onto his back. 'Really need to give these guys a little bit more of a punch,' she mused, counting out how many explosive arrows she had left by feeling the fletching of each one, 'About a dozen left. Should be enough to at least get out of here. No point in prolonging a battle that seems to be stuck at a stalemate. Even if it is just a slight distraction it should buy a little bit of time for everyone.'

Grabbing three at a time, Alaena nocked the groups of explosive arrows and fired them at her two targets: the marine base and at Yezeku. With her explosive arrows depleted, she took out a flaming one and aimed over to her right towards the bell tower. 'Having a sniper up their is one of the bigger problems,' she told herself, raising the arrow higher so that the descending arc would land it right in the bell tower. "An easy shot," she muttered to herself with a smirk before using Soru to quickly leave the immediate area; hoping to find any of the crew members amidst the chaos.

Anabelle could see the end of the alley, jumping down, firing a couple shots to keep Sammi and Marielle back. "Heh. You aren't that bright if you thought you could get away..." she landed, slowly rising, keeping a single pistol aimed at them the entire time. "Still, you made my job easier getting into an alley. Less room to run. And my idiot partner should be here any moment..." She smirked at them, twirling her second pistol, discarding the used shells from the chambers.

"Look, I'm at the southwest dock. I'm going to try and cut him off at his ship, wherever it is. Tell me where he's going so I can take care of him." Gezora said at Cecilia, pacing back and forth. "And don't lose him." He started heading east, hoping to run into Hal on the way.

Yezeku had just gotten back on his feet when he saw no less than a dozen of those oddly tipped arrows heading towards him "Well that's not very nice..." he started leaping around to avoid the blast radius of each arrow. However, each blast was kicking up dust, smoke and debris, and his movements became less fluid and more erratic. Eventually he jumped back further into the street, looking up to the rooftops "Heh, you work fast, you still can't hit-..." it was then he noticed Aleana was gone. "Well... shit. Better get to work on that." He straightened his clothes and dusted himself off, looking around to here Aleana might have gone to.

Hippocrates was heading south, the same direction Anabelle and Holik had ran off. He running, but at a slower pace. When Yoje got close enough to him, he slowed don even more, then stopped. He closed his eyes, turning towards where Yoje was. "Hmmmm... rooftops... either Anabelle is returning or someone has followed me here..." he opened his eyes, a shooting a piercing gaze at Yoje's general direction. "Show yourself!" he called out.

"And you made my job easier by showing that pretty little mug of yours," Sammi retorted as brought her axes up in front of her, holding them so the top tips of the blades were touching. "Though I gotta say, it's nice to know I'll be fighting another woman. Means I don't have to feel as bad when I beat the shit out of you and your little Wild West Blue act there."

Holik was racing through the corridors. Since the shooting had stopped, he knew that either Annabelle had caught them in their tracks or that they had already defeated her. Either way, works out for me. After another turn he could see the figures up ahead.

"And not to point this out to make myself feel better," Sammi continued. "But me and my associate here, we're winning the numbers game at the moment, so I don't like your chances unless your main tactic is to turn and run."

"Oh, she won't be needing to do that, cabin girl," the voice from behind her called out. Sammi turned to find a big ugly mountain of a man holding a trident. The scars on his face reminded her exactly who it was, and the outfit told her a few things. "I can even that matchup right now."

"Holik, you greasy bugger." Sammi said with a scowl. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised someone like you would have jumped on board with these bastard Marines."

"Well you sure surprised me there Cabin Girl. If I had to pick any of those idiots on the Thrasher to survive a Marine raid, you're the last one I would expect to manage to escape. And to get all the way to Porte Carlo? Must have had to suck down a lot of white sauce to earn that kind of passage."

Sammi was seething now. It took every bit of restraint to keep her from launching herself blade first at the man.

"And without that dumbass Hartley too. You know, if you want to see him and all your little Thrasher buddies, I can help you get there. After all, I was the one who told everyone where they were and which they were heading. It was easy to catch Hartley since he never changed his plans up. So it looks like I made the right call ditching that sorry excuse for a boat."

"You fucking son of a bitch!" That was enough to get Sammi to charge at him, but her charge was ill-advised.

Holik quickly sent her flying backwards with a sweep of his trident, knocking her back past a still standing Marielle. "Haha, it's like swatting away a fly! You haven't changed a bit! Except for the bigger tits!"

Sammi rubbed her jaw as she stood back up. "Fuck you Holik! You'll pay for what you did to my ship and my crewmates!"

"Not interested, Cabin Girl." He looked at the other two women in the alley. "I guess you can have her, Shooter McGee. I think the other girl will put up more of a fight than that pathetic little wannabe pirate anyday!"

During the exchange between Sammi and Holik, Marielle had stowed her recent purchase about her person to free her hands, in case it came to a fight. But now the big man had turned his attention to the younger of the two. Marielle turned to face him, hands raised before her in a defensive stance. "None of us have to fight... we can just walk away from each other and forget this ever happened," she suggested, trying her best not to sound meek or afraid.

She didn't think she sounded particularly convincing, since both of the Marines standing before her were heavily armed, and all she had was her Devil Fruit power. The possibility of getting hurt again was becoming very real, especially since it looked like she was going to have to face the bigger man. Still, she doubted he knew of her talent, so that could prove to be an advantage through surprise.

"So... you two know each other?" she asked of both Holik and Sammi, hoping to distract the Marines.

"Know each other?" Sammi asked her companion. "This bastard used to be on my old ship, he lasted about two years before he ditched us. And you know what? It was awesome. Everything was much better the second you left, you old sack of shit!"

"Heh, I'm sure. Bet it's much better now too, with everyone in jail. Besides, I was getting jack shit on that ship, Hartley wanting everything split up even and all. You didn't deserve a damn thing. Marines pay me much better."

"That's all you ever cared about, you greedy scumbucket! That's why everyone hated you!"

"At least I could be useful. You were the biggest waste of a Devil Fruit I've ever seen in my life! A monkey would have been a better choice!"

"Come here and say that to my face, I'll show you first hand how much of a 'waste' it was!"

Holik snorted in derision. "You really want to get smacked again? I told you, you're not worth my time. Why don't you listen your friend there? You don't have to fight. Just come in peaceful, we'll take you down to the station, and you won't even get smacked around...much."

Sammi spit in Holik's direction. It didn't land near him, but the point was made. "Go to hell already, Holik. You look past due as it is."

In the dark, Cecilia easily saw the flaming arrow, shining brightly. It meant she was in trouble, possibly, but it also gave away the position of her roof-man/woman. She quickly loaded a few piercing rounds and fired at the roof and anywhere he/she might have been hiding behind. Hopefully, she could buy a few more minutes before the roof burst into flames.

"Gezora, sir, the pirate is in the alleys, I can only tell you when i see him passing through the streets, and it looks like I'm going to have to take some time away from my scope to make sure I don't get roasted sir..." She took off her jacket to try and smother the flames. I need to be more careful... he/she found me too quick...

The tower was stone, but it would quickly get hot, and the roof might burn too fast for her to do anything for the moment. Instead, she decided to go down the stairs a little to a window facing the same way. It offered more protection, but also less range. Still, she had a decent view of the streets, but definitely not the alleys.

Great, he knows someone's following him. Trailing's no good anymore. Yoje reverted to his human form, staying out of sight. There's no real point to running either. And I've been wanting an excuse to fight this guy since Jingo. Yoje took a couple of steps forward on the roof he was standing on, making himself visible.

"Where were you headed, Hippocrates?" he shouted. "Not after one of my crewmates, are you?"

Gezora was still running, patrolling the area. He could cover a lot of distance with his speed, and he knew the layout of the docks well enough, but he had to keep an eye out for the supplies, so he was going slower than normal. "Useless! Don't even bother if you can't see the alleys! Go bother one of the others if you're not going to be any good to me!" he shut off his communicator, turning around to reexamine the area.

Anabelle was reloading her revolvers during Holik and Sammi's exchange, prefering to be optimally prepared before engaging the others, using their argument to do so uninterrupted. "So are you two done yet?" She said, pointing one revolver at Sammi. "Since the idiot is dealing with the unknown, I guess that leaves you to me." she reached into her shirt, pulling a couple small wanted posters out. "'The Viking.' Bounty of 13,000,000. Not exactly a big shot, but being the third highest on the crew must mean something." She fired a quick shot at Sammi, watching how she'd react.

"Ah, Mr. Taruki... Saves me a bit of effort. I was just on my way to the docks. My men are taking care of your crewmates at the moment. Come now, why won't you come down here and we can talk like civilized people. You seem a little more willing to listen to reason than that girl with the bow..." Hippocrates continued walking, his back now to Yoje, a smug grin on his face.

"S-" her communication cut off. "Sorry..." she whispered with a sigh, switching to a less powerful but more accurate scope. She had to prove that she wasn't useless. Just as soon as she finished her thought, Yoje stepped out into her view, providing her with the opportunity she needed. She quickly aimed at his feet, and fired a normal shot, intending to make him lose his footing and fall.

Is Alaena ok? And what about the rest of the crew? "You sound pretty confident there. How about you come up here to me instead though? My way, there'll be no civilians in our way once we start fighting." Yoje cracked his knuckles. "I will listen to you first, but I doubt I'll be able to resist a battle with you for long."

Just as he said that, a bullet hit him hard in the foot. His foot jerked up in pain, and he temporarily lost his balance on the edge of the roof. Yoje could have used a Moon step to right himself, but he was clearly in a snipers line of sight up there. Instead, he dropped down to the street level, right behind Hippocrates. "Alright, what do you have to say to me?" he growled, angry at his loss of the high ground.

Sammi had turned to face Annabelle as she rattled off her current bounty stats, which made it easy for her to hit the deck as the bullet flew over where she was standing. "Third highest? For the second in command?" Sammi blurted out as she popped back up. "Who the hell is worth more than me? If it's Grana, I'm going to be really ticked off, you know that?"

"You're second in command? That ship must be more pathetic than I thought!"

"Shut up, Holik! I know what you did with that squid carcass Slater dragged up that time!"

"You don't know nothing Cabin Girl! And you never will!"

"Ugh," she turned back to Annabelle. "I don't know how you put up with that asshole. Seriously, there was a fucking party on board when he left the Thrasher."

A sharp whistle was heard in the city of Porte Carlo; ending just as soon as it had began. Alaena dared not do a normal call for her companion; instead putting her hope in that Fletch would be able to hear her and come over. 'It might take him a few minutes to get here. He doesn't have much to go on,' Alaena thought as she closed the window behind her a little bit, before examining the room she was in.

It seemed safe enough from what she could tell; was probably a study of some sort for the shopkeepers below. She quietly walked over to the door and locked it, making sure to not make any noise. When that was done she went over to the desk in the room and took off her quiver. After placing it onto the wooden desk, she carefully took out each arrow and organized them into categories on the desk.

'I need a plan. One that does not include explosive arrows anymore. Once out on the sea I'll need to make some more of the complicated trick arrows,' she told herself, about to pick up one of her poison arrows when she noticed movement in the sky outside the window. It had been brief, but she knew that Fletch had located the area she was in.

The window was only opened for a few seconds; just enough for Alaena to flag down the falcon. As soon as he was in, he was told to stay as quiet at possible. "We're in danger right now. I need you to go back to the ship and deliver a message to Peter for me," Alaena explained to him, setting him down onto the desk as she rummaged for pen and paper. The note was brief, and was barely noticeable on Fletch's leg.

"Be quick about making it back to the ship. Only deliver the message though, I don't need you to come back. It could be too dangerous for you in the skies. There is a sniper about; so be careful and be evasive," she told him sternly, giving him a quick pet before opening the window and letting him go. With that taken care of, she turned back to the assortment of arrows on her desk; picking one up carefully as she thought over a plan to make it back safely.

Once Hal made it into the alley he gently lowered the broken bed to the ground and moved the boxes of supplies onto the ground since the bed wouldn't stand up right anymore. Since the sniper couldn't get him in the alleys it seemed, this would be a good place to catch his breath and plan his next move. Alright, the streets are a damn shooting gallery. I can probably get around there with Shave just fine but.... These supplies are really making things complicated. I guess.... I'll just have to leave them here? Yeah... If I get back to the ship, I can grab acart or have the others help come move the stuff! That really is my only option now isn't it.

Hal waited just a bit longer to get some more rest and think, but he was drawing blanks. There was no way he could move all this stuff alone. He shifted it as much into the shadows as he could managed before leaving and looking for another route towards the docks. Eventually he found an alley that led pretty much right to the docks. With Peter's ship in sight now, Hal took a deep breath and stepped out of the alley and began walking towards the ships. Hopefully anyone around would be looking for someone with stolen goods and wouldn't notice him.

She tried to see if Yoje had been hit, trying to see where he fell. It was slightly out of her range though. As she tried to see what happened a quick movement caught her eye. Huh? Are there still birds and bats out after all that noise? She watched for a moment where she saw the flutter. It was near where the person with the flaming projectiles had disappeared. A few minutes later there was another, and she saw it moving towards the docks. What is that?? It was too fast for her to properly watch, and too small to blindly aim at. Instead she just watched it fly to a boat. Could that be the pirates' boat?

She noticed something else peculiar while she was trying track the creature. There was someone on the streets, going in the same direction. The person didn't have a cart with a bed, but he looked similar... she decided to go ahead and tell Gezora. Even if it wasn't, she might be able to stop him from complaining. She took out her communicator and called him, hoping he would pick up. Otherwise, she wouldn't take the chance of hitting someone innocent.

Come on...

Yezeku was looking around, then shrugged. "Well, it's worth a shot..." unlike the others, he kep his communicator in his pocket instead of on his wrist. He pulled it out, casually walking around. "So... maybe someone saw something..." he sent out a call to the others.

Gezora was rushing back and forth, still scanning the area. On one occasion, he rushed right past Hal. He was willing to ignore the call from Yezeku, but then it sounded again when Cecilia called him. He screeched to a halt, barely 20 feet from where Hal was standing "What?! What is it?! This had better be good!"

Anabelle seemed impressed with Sammi's speed. She noticed her communicator, but shut it off. This'll just take a second... "You're the second in command? The two higher than you are the captain and the girl with the bow. The captain 9/10 times gets the highest bounty, and the other bitch just seems to hog the spotlight a bit more." Anabelle smirked. "Still, you'll make a nice warm-up." She fired another shot, jumping forward to take advantage of any gap in Sammi's defense.

Hippocrates saw Yoje fall and land. He raised his hand up, trying to gesture to Cecilia to stand down. "I do apologize for that. Cecilia must have arrived back at the tower. Still, she will not interfere." He gestured for Yoje to follow him. "Now then... I admit, seeing your talents back in Jingo had piqued my interest." He then heard his communicator go off. "Pardon me..." he held it up and pressed a button, shutting it off. "Whoever it is can wait a moment. Now then... I'm wondering... where did you learn the techniques you know? I have a suspicion, but it might just be a coincidence..."

"I... Oh... w-well... it m-might be good sir..." She fumbled to hold the communicator up, looking into the scope again. "Ah! Sir! Sir can you see if that's a pirate behind you? I'm sorry, sir, I didn't get a good look at the one that was pushing the cart, but they look similar..." The shell beeped again. "Sorry Gezora, sir, I have something else reeeeally important I need to tell someone, just hold on, sorry."

She switched lines, picking up Yezuku's call. "Hello!? Sir? If you can, sir, please head to the docks! I'm really sorry if you're doing anything, it's just, well, I think the pirates sent something to this boat, and it might be their boat, sir, you see..."

Hippocrates's question had caught Yoje off guard. He was expecting something about the crew's whereabouts, not his own past. His first impulse, as it usually was when people asked him questions like that, was to lie. "Some small island in the North Blue. An old man there was afraid of being captured by the Marines or attacked by pirates, so he trained me to get some better protection for himself. What's it to you?"

Whats he so interested in where I learned for? Oh, well, hopefully my lie will satisfy him- oh, stupid Yoje! He's in the Marines. He might actually know my grandfather is a master. Then again, hes on my mothers side, so our last names are different... Yoje struggled to keep his face impassive, waiting to see Hippocrates's reaction.

"Eh? Where did the thing come from?" Yezeku asked. "The other pirates are Hippocrates' problem. There're a couple I want to deal with, that's all." He asked Cecilia. It was just about the only real lead he had, and he figured it wouldn't be that much of a waste.

Gezora started looking around. Unfortunately, unlike the others, he didn't memorize the appearance of anyone besides the captain, who he recalled from Lasklee. "Which one is it? Where?" He started looking around, gripping his hooks tighter.

"An old Rokushiki master in the North Blue... and you just happen to be the one he decides to teach. I find that a little hard to believe... but there might be a couple kernels of truth to this..." Hippocrates mulled, heading further south. "So why you? Why you of all people he could teach?"

Sammi swerved to avoid the second shot, but it still got a piece of her left arm, nicking it. She grimaced, but was able to put the pain out of her mind pretty quickly. "Funny, I was going to say the same thing," she noted. She leaned to the side and slung her right hand forward, hoping to generate enough rope to close the gap to her opponent.

Holik watched the two ladies battling. "Well, while those two are occupied," he turned his attention to the other woman in the alley, "I guess I might as well just get you to come in, since you are being a good little prisoner." He walked over and grabbed Marielle's arm. "All right, come on then."

Marielle flinched as Holik roughly took her by the arm, but regained her composure. He had crossed the line. "You misunderstood me. I said that the two pairs could walk away from one another. But now I'm not going anywhere. You Marines just had to start the fight, didn't you?" It was true; the Marine with the pistols had fired the first shots. With that thought, she brought her free hand over to point at Holik's chest and launched a shockwave at point-blank range.

A small part of Marielle's mind briefly thought that her power didn't have a name, whereas those belonging to others were named. She would have to correct that at some point later.

While Holik was reeling from the blast, she wrenched her arm out of his grip and fired off a second wave to knock him further away, to keep him away from her. "And now look what you made me do," she admonished the Marine. "Suppose we have no choice but to fight now. Can't catch a break, can we?" she noted to Sammi, although her friend wasn't likely to be paying attention. She had her own opponent to consider.

Yoje shrugged, looking up at the sky. "I'm actually not sure. I guess he saw potential in me. I'd already eaten my devil fruit when I found him, and that made it a lot easier to learn some of the techniques."
He snapped his head back to Hippocrates. "So what about my question? Why do you care where I learned Rokushiki?" If he keeps asking questions, I'll have to start adding more truth. Really, I should just attack him as soon as this gets too troublesome.

Alaena quietly closed the window behind her as she exited the building she had hid in; making sure to stay in the shadows of the buildings as she jumped to the ground. Moving over to the edge of the alley where the shops were, she peeked around the store fronts looking for what she needed. Thankfully some vendors had left their wares that were inexpensive outside on their stalls. Two lengths of rope were grabbed before Alaena started to head back towards where she hoped Yezeku was still at.

Her bow was slung over her shoulder as she quickly made her way through the alleys, making sure to check her surroundings every few seconds for trouble. Finally she came to the street that led to the Marine Base, and taking a peek out she saw that Yezeku was still in that same area. 'And he seems to be on his Den Den Mushi; that'll make things easier,' she told herself, using Soru to make it quickly to the other side. She knew that she was not seen by him; her Soru was faster than a normal one after all.

"No idea sir! I think it came from one of the people who was on the roof, the one that shot fire at the roof here, but I can't be sure. Sorry sir, I have Gezora on the other line, I have to get back to him! Sorry!" She switched the lines, keeping an eye on Hal. "Sorry it took so long Gezora, sir, I had to... nevermind... um... the person behind you, I think. The one right behind you, just turn around, he or she's the only person close to you, sir!"

Hal froze as a marine ran right past him, preparing to Shave out of there as fast as he could. For some reason though, the marine never turned back to him. Instead he answered his Den Den Mushi and started shouting into it and asking where someone was. He must not even know who I am.... Perfect! But if he's around, I can't risk leading him straight to our ship. Maybe I could lay low on another boat for awhile like I did on Lasklee. Yeah, better give that a shot.

While the marine was still talking, Hal turned and quickly walked towards another ship. He made sure to glance back at the marine every few steps just to make sure he wasn't coming after Hal.

Gezora hung up and he quickly turned around, seeing Hal heading towards another ship. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a stack of wanted posters, looking through them to see if Hal matched any of them, drawing his hooks.

Yezeku just spoke to Cecelia "Oi, just keep an eye out. One of them is sneaking around the town..."

Anabell noticed the rope. "So that's your power, hmmm? Perfect..." she jumped forward, swinging the heel of her foot at Sammi's arms, the edges in the spurs on her boots extending a little. "I'll just slice through it!"

"It's just something I'd like to be sure about..." Hippocrates said. "Now then... why piracy? There are all sorts of ways you could put those talents to good use..."

Now was the time where her expertize in sneaking came in. Hugging the walls, Alaena made her way to an open alley near where Yezeku was. She didn't have the fortune of him being right in front of one, but it was good enough luck that he had even stayed in the area. One of the ends of the lengths of rope was tied into a loose knot for easier use, and now she prepared herself mentally. It was certainly a dangerous plan, but there were not too many other alternatives. 'Plus, a captured hostage could be of use. And with enough coercion he might even tell me how he managed to survive,' Alaena thought, taking a deep breath.

As soon as Yezeku stopped talking into his Den Den Mushi, she struck. Using Soru, she quickly hit him in the back with all her strength, knocking him to the ground. His double-bladed sword was kicked away from him as she bound his wrists first. "Hope you didn't miss me too much," she said wickedly, taking his Den Den Mushi out of his hand and putting it on her wrist. She continued to bind his limbs with haste before gagging him and dragging him back in the shadows. His weapon was picked up and flung down the alley, before he himself was picked up like a sack of potatoes to be taken back to the ship.

"There are," Yoje admitted, "But this way gives me the most freedom. I never planned to make a name for myself as a pirate, but I never wanted to have to answer to Marines either." He subtly examined his surroundings. There were still too many people around for him to start fighting.
"You seem pretty calm, Hippocrates. Are you really that sure your men can handle my crewmates? And that you can handle me?"

Hal continued glancing back occasionally at the Marine as he got closer and closer towards the nearest ship. Shit he turned towards me..... Oh shit he pulled something out of his pocket.... OH SHIT HE'S GRABBING SOME WEIRD HOOK THINGS!!! Walk faster! No wait, keep walking the same pace. Speeding up is suspicious. But so is glancing back at him all the time.... Fuck, I'm screwed.

Hal was sweating bullets now as he desperately tried to maintain a reasonable pace. Hopefully the marine would leave so Hal could go get the supplies in peace, but Hal was ready to use Shave to escape just in case.

Annabelle's sudden move forward surprised Sammi, but it was playing right into her hands...until the spurs emerged. She tried to bring the ropes back to wrap up Annabelle's free leg, but the spurs already sliced through them, causing Sammi to recoil her right arm in pain. "Fuck," she cursed as she shook her hand, trying to rid herself of the stinging sensation. "Fine then."

Annabelle was now in close enough that the ropes were unnecessary, so she swung the axe she held in her left hand towards the leg that remained planted on the ground, hoping to knock her opponent off balance.

Holik was not expecting anything like what the young woman produced after he grabbed her arm. The shockwave blasted him, and he had no time to react to the second one that came afterwards. He went sent backwards and crashed to the ground, a bit of smoke rising from his now damaged Marine uniform. The condescending tone that his prisoner now spoke with was just salt in the wounds.

"Ugh," he moaned as he slowly got back up on his feet. "I'll teach you to talk to me like that, you little bitch!" He grabbed his trident off of the street and extended it out to full length, as he charged at Marielle, ready to deliver a blow similar to the one he dealt to his former crew mate earlier.

So Marielle was facing another fighter who liked to charge directly at her. Why did she have to get in fights with people who liked to get up close and personal? Setting that question aside for the moment, she tried to think of ways to keep him at a distance. She didn't think fast enough, though, and was forced to jump out of Holik's way and let him carry on past her. As he turned back to face her, Marielle raised her hands and released more shockwaves at him.

"Leave now, Marine, unless you want to get burned again," she warned Holik, trying to stall for time to come up with a strategy to best him. "I have no quarrel with you nor any of your fellows. I'll forgive the insult since we traded, one for one. Just... just go."

Truth be told, Marielle was scared of the Marines and the fighting. Even though she remembered Sammi's advice back in Lasklee, and was aware of the fact that pirates often got their hands dirty, she didn't enjoy it at all. Blades, guns, they were designed to kill and injure. And the mere prospect of facing them in combat frightened Marielle considerably. She didn't want to get hurt, let alone die. She already had more than her fair share of scars.

Hippocrates nodded "I'm confident in my men." He leaned up, inhaling, turning his head in the direction Sammi, Holik, Marielle and Anabelle were. "We seem to be close to some of them now... there are fou-..." he stopped, a slightly puzzled look on his face, but then he went back to his normal expression "Hm... there's something.......off... about one of them. Perhaps that can be examined once they apprehend them."

He picked up his pace. "Still, it just seems so... juvenile. You seek to help others. Why not put your talents to better use? Something that your family can be proud of..."

Anabelle hopped to avoid the axe, falling on her back, pointing her pistols up, firing at Sammi. She knew they wouldn't take her out, but was trying to buy a couple seconds.

Yezeku seemed oddly relaxed with the whole situation. He occasionally tried to hit Aleana with his knees, but it was more an attempt to irritate her than escape.

Gezora finally managed to get the poster of Hal. "hmmmm...AHA!" he started heading towards Hal, thinking he would be an easy target. "Not the captain, but he'll do. Might even lead me to the ship..."

Holik was pissed. Not only did this girl blast him good, but she had the gall, the nerve, to talk down to him like he was some kind of school child. She would pay for her insolence.

He used his momentum to keep barrelling out of the way as the girl fired more shots at him. Once she stopped, he mad a turn back towards his opponent. "Nah," he responded. "Nah, that ain't happening. You can go though!" As he returned to Marielle's position, Holik brought his trident back and swung for the fences, connecting with a shot into her head. Marielle was sent flying across the alley.

Sammi dodged the bullets fired by Annabelle, ready to move in and deliver a swift chop when something hit her. Marielle hit her, knocking her over before she could make her move on the prone Marine. The two collapsed, not far from where Annabelle was lying.

"Blue, not for nothing, and I know you don't like fighting," Sammi mentioned as she crawled out from underneath her, "But do you think you could try and shut that bastard down instead of crashing into me? I'd appreciate it while I try to cut Shooter up over here."

Yoje stiffened when Hippocrates mentioned his family, but hopefully recovered quickly enough for him not to notice. "Something my family can be proud of? Remember what happened on Lasklee? Me and a bunch of other pirates saved an island. We fought the gangs, and beat Harligold when he tried to take over. And all you so called heroic Marines did was clean up after we were done."

He glanced around one more time, taking an extra second looking in the direction Hippocrates said some of his crewmates were. There were no longer a lot of people around, which meant it was time to fight. Hippocrates didnt seem to be expecting it, and if the fight didn't go well, he could Shave away to help out the others.

"So tell me something-" and without transforming, he threw a quick jab at the Marine's face.

Alaena was not pleased with her captive's little kicks; though at the same time she wasn't sure why she expected anything different. She herself in the same situation would be doing anything at all possible to annoy her captor if escaping wasn't a possibility. 'And thank goodness it isn't,' she thought as she changed her course slightly to move away from the sounds of fighting close by. Help would be given to the rest of the crew when she made sure Peter knew what was going on, and once Yezeku was safely tucked away on the ship.

'Which should be straight to the left,' Alaena told herself, halting at the end of the alley to tie a cloth over Yezeku's eyes. She picked him back up and exited the alley, heading to the left to Peter's ship.

After making sure that Gezora was going after the strange figure, Cecelia switched back to Yezuku's line. That's weird... did he hang up? Ah, maybe he got annoyed waiting for me... She quickly tried to call him back, listening to the line ring. And ring. Eh? Where did he go? Did he find one of the pirates? She put up her scope and tried to look for him where she last saw him. Nothing. "Come on Yezuku, sir... pick up..." She started to get worried, deciding to find another point to get set up in. There was no place as high or secure as the tower, obviously, but it looked like all the fights had moved beyond her sight.

She ran down the stairs, a few bullets falling out of her bag and ringing as they fell down the steps. Out in the street she got a little more paranoid. In close quarters she wasn't good without her gun. While she ran towards where she saw him last, she loaded up a few shotgun shells, hoping not to have to use them.

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