Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Sylvester looked at the strange man and his companion. They looked like very imposing and strong fighters the man appeared to use swords and the woman had 2 axes.
"They're defiantly not marinessss careful Yoje thessse guysss sseem ssstrong." Sylvester faced the two newcomers and readied his whip his hand clenched the handle and his muscles tensed ready to strike if he needed to.

He scoffed at the new arrivals, mocking any caution he could have.
"A new challenge?"
"I just can't get a break today can I?"
Sparkles spun his Kursararigama to his right hand, his left holding on to the long slack in the chain.
"The anticipation is killing me faster then you would, are you going to attack or not?"
perhaps they will get reckless and I can finish this quickly

Grana slowly clapped his hands. Normally, he wouldn't be one to antagonize as such, but if they were that cocky, he felt it was necessary to remind them thy they were still only human. "Congratulations! That is the correct answer! You all get to live!" Grana shrugged as he looked at their faces. "I wouldn't try to kill you. No, I usually use...cleaner methods. Unfortunately, my companion seems to have no such qualms." Grana grinned as he heard the hairy human speak. "So sorry to disappoint you, but you are not on my list of things to worry about. Have a nice day, and try not to die in the riots." Grana tilted his hat down rakishly over his face and walked through the middle of them, paying attention to none of them as he walked nonchalantly towards the mansion. "Oh..." Grana seemed to remember something. "To the cocksure one in dire need of a hairnet... would shaving be out of the question?" Grana smirked as he waited for Sammi to catch up to him so they could continue towards the mansion.

He stopped spinning his blade but he didn't let go of it.
Something about him wasn't right, he wasn't going to let his guard down for a second.
just let it go, he will be knocked down a peg sooner or later
"And must you wear that silly hat?"
"Are you going to pull a rabbit out of it while I saw you in half without a magical box?"
Enjoying the rivalry banter he laughed.
This man wouldn't take them seriously so why should he?
This was kinda fun.
"Whats your name?"

Grana sighed. "Oh, well, let me spare you the trouble. I'll just saw myself in half." Grana drew his katana and slashed it through himself, the cloak hiding the actual motion. When Grana turned around, his entire bottom half from his stomach down had seemed to disappear, hidden within one of the portals only he could see. "It's a bit hard to cut what isn't there, dont you think? And yes, the hat is as necessary as the wall of clothes you seem to enjoy wearing." Grana shrugged, a particularly disturbing maneuver in his condition. "But enough of the petty insults. I am Grana Rei. Who are you?"

He decided not to show any shock or awe from the stunt.
Seeing alot in his short amount of time rarely something surprise him even though that was certainly new.
That is impressive, but I could do better if I wanted too
"Sparkles, yes its a stupid name."
Tossing his weapon into his left hand he offered a hand shake with his right.

Sammi had held back, content on letting the Magician try and sweet talk his way into the good graces of this new contingent that had been discovered at the mansion. She silently appraised the lot. Great, so what do we have here? A guy who looks like he could use about two years worth of shaves, some fighter guy and... She froze as she saw the final member of the other troupe. WHAT! Is that a snake guy? Oh my god it's a snake guy! Why? Why is there a snake guy? Oh no, oh no, oh no...

The relationship between Sammi and snakes had been severely strained, ever since an incident when she was 6 and a couple of the scaly buggers surprised her as she was in her backyard back home. Two snakes crawling over someones legs when they aren't expecting it will set anyone off, but Sammi took the phobia to a new level. She hated them since and wouldn't go anywhere near them. So this snake-man before her was a whole new kind of wrong in her book. She was trying not to let the fear show in the face of the other men who apparently were ready for a fight but it wasn't working well.

The hairy one put his sword aside and seemed to be offering a truce. Thank god, we won't have to fight them I hope. Still...EWWW I can't even look at that guy! She kept her head turned off to the side as Grana continued to play the diplomat.

Yoje looked at Sparkles and Grana. "So we're friends now? I'd prefer that to having a fight to the death on my hands." He smiled and relaxed his body from his fighting stance.

"I'm Yoje. Sorry if we got off to a bad start, but- Hey, are you okay?" He gestured at Sammi. "We were only going to fight if you provoked us...I've never seen a pirate this scared of battling nobodies like us." His tone was serious, not mocking.

Sammi was doing her best to avoid any and all eye contact with the serpent man when the fighter addressed her. She closed her eyes and quickly brought her head around to face the one who brought her into this conversation. "Well, with this city now infested with Marines, do you really want to be starting a massive and unnecessary brawl that would pretty much wipe the bounties on all our heads? I know I don't. And you were the ones staring us down first." She was trying to maintain this air of dominance on the situation but the snake guy was making it difficult.

"Staring you down? We were just being safe, in case you decided to go after us. When any pirate with a bounty is a target, that makes sense, don't you think? But you're right. Fighting now would be stupid. We might as well stick together, help keep Marines off each others backs. Do you have any idea where the Butcher is?"

Grana smiled as he shook Sparkles' hand, his lower body slowly appearing like the Chesire Cat as he did so. "We can't choose our names, I suppose." He let go quickly and moved over to Sammi's side, trying to keep the other three reacting to Sammi and himself. For some reason, however, Sammi seemed to be as helpful then as a Devil Fruit eater in the water. "Forgive my companion- we just had to cut through the riots in the streets. There are few Marines left in the blockade, because all of them had to be sent to calm down the riots. Were I the Butcher, I would be waiting down by the docks, blending in with the other pirates until it was easy to slip through the Marine blockade." Grana's eyes flickered toward Sammi for a split second before facing Yoje again. "Shit. I don't know what it is about these guys, but something about one of them is terrifying her. I have to lose these guys and find out what's scaring her as quickly as possible." Grana shrugged. "I guess we're heading different ways, then. We're looking for a friend we got separated from. I last saw him heading towards the mansion, so I think we're good." Grana subtly tugged on Sammi's arm, indicating the two of them should continue forward.

Sylvester saw the pirate girl go pale and had a slight tremble in her legs " Hey are you okay? Are you ssssick?"in the blink of an eye Sylvester morphed into his full human form. He grabbed the pouch that hung on the left side of his belt. He ruffled through the pouch and pulled out a few herbs. They were a bright green color " here thissss sssshould take care of whatever issss ailing you. You sssshould be in good health if we're going to work together." Sylvester said as he put on a friendly smile.

He even sounds like one of them, ugh, oh no... Sammi turned away as she could hear the snake man approach. Upon hearing him offering her something, she opened one eye towards the person in front or her, and was relieved to see that he appeared normal now. OK, now he's just a guy with a lisp. Awesome I can deal with that.

She took the offered herb from the man and could feel Grana tugging on her arm. "Thank you," she said, color returning to her face now that there weren't a bunch of scales assaulting her eyes. "But my colleague here is right, we have to go find our friend so we can set sail out of this place before the Marines lock up everyone in sight."

He noted Sammi's strange behavior, wanting to comment but deciding against it.
strange girl, can't look Sylvester in the eye
"This turned out well not including the marines of course."
"Where are these friends of yours?"
"I can only imagine your company."
His palms were a little sweaty so he put his weapon away.
Not like they know I have one on hand always

"Precisely. Any of you fuck up, I'll kill you myself and make your mates think there was a tragic accident." He smiled, but his eyes were the cold, merciless stare of a shark. "Keep your head on the job, and we'll all be rich and alive."

"What the hell Ezekiel. This is my crew so I punish them when things go to shit. You control me in bed." Nisa said crossing her arms tightly put still placed a hand on his chest and kissed him softly, like she did with all she enjoyed sleeping with.

He allowed her to kiss him, but didn't reciprocate. "Business is business. You spend a fair bit of time on your knees sucking this crew, they've got very little reason to be afraid of you. And fear has a way of motivating that a blowjob doesn't."

Ezekiel turned and looked out at the island and the distant city. "You should get some rest. We've got a busy night ahead of us."

Peter walked around the manor, taking the chance to see if there was anything of use there. "There might be something..." he walked to the office, but noticed nobody was there. "Strange... nobody here. Might as well take this chance to see what caused him to snap." He started examining the entire room.

Back on the ships, the men were getting calls that it was worse than they thought. "Damn! Send some more men in! We need to get this under control!"

Grana's smile slowly disappeared as he saw a wall of white rise up from the village. The white wave of Marines also formed from the mansion, effectively sealing off all escape routes. "Heh heh...shit. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Looks like we have to fight our way through." Grana gently placed his hands on the hilts of his blades. "I hope you three are good at fighting- a few bandits won't compare to an army of Marines." Grana here smirked. "Still easy, so I hope you won't have too much trouble, but can't be compared to 6 bandits. On the bright side, for this many Marines to storm the town, their ships must be completely unmanned." Grana looked down at the town from his position on the hill. He quickly turned around and walked toward the Marines waiting for them by the mansion. "Sammi! Peter doesn't know the mansion got surrounded by Marines! We have to warn him!" Grana broke into a sprint towards the Marine forces. No longer would he aim for crippling blows- the Marines would just have to defend themselves.

Yoje watched Grana and run towards the mansion, and looked at the wave of marines all around him. He's right about their ships being undefended. The marines are just making it easier for the Butcher to escape. He can't be allowed to get away...I have an idea.

"It's Sammi, right? Want to get some of these Marines off your back?" Yoje transformed into his half kangaroo form and used the Moon step to propel himself into the air. From there, he started moving around over the MARINE army, shouting at the top of his lungs. "THE BUTCHER IS ON THE DOCKS! THE BUTCHER WAS SEEN KILLING A WOMAN OVER BY THE DOCKS! HE'S TRYING TO ESCAPE THE ISLAND! THE BUTCHER IS ON THE DOCKS!" Hopefully they'll be too shocked to try to shoot me down

It was pure chaos the second the Marines started showing up at the mansion. Grana had to try and be the hero, charging head first towards the growing throng of soldiers. The fighter guy became...um...something not human. What the hell is that? I've never even seen whatever the hell that thing is. The fighter started yelling at the top of his lungs. And it seemed to work. A large chunk of the Marines headed off towards the docks in search of the higher bounty, however the ones that Grana had charged weren't moving an inch, intent on grabbing the "Magician".

Jeez, that stupid idiot is going to get himself arrested. But Sammi did notice the door was now open for business. Well, at least that worked. With no evil tools in her way, Sammi bolted inside of the massive Governor's mansion. The lobby was huge, and opulent, with priceless artifacts littered throughout. "Shoot, this is going to be harder to get through than I thought." Doing her best to avoid looting what was on full display, she pressed on, looking for the Captain so they could get on their way.

Sparkles fallowed Sami into the mansion.
He picked up a priceless vase in his hands, it was heavy so he placed it back down.
"A lot of loot here, if this place doesn't get touched by the flames we should come back for it."
"Although this friend of yours and this butcher is priority."

Sylvester saw Yoje leap towards the docks shouting about the butcher causing the marines the swarm in chaos. The tall girl had charged into the mansion with sparkles following behind her. The man in the white suit guy ran head first into the massive group of marines attempting to surround the mansion. "yoje can handle himself from what I've seen and the tall girl is with sparkles. White suite is going to need some help." Sylvester thought to himself as he reverted back to his half-snake form. He slithered into the large group of marines he swiped his tail tripping the first few that approached him his whip cracking repeatedly knocking weapons from the hands of the marines. "I thought you could ussssse ssssome help " said Sylvester as he came into talking distance of Grana.

Yoje continued shouting as he made his way to the docks. It looks like I'm on my own for now. I hope the others come once those two find their friend. Until then, I need to make sure the Butcher doesn't get away, and faces justice. It's a good thing there are so many marines and bounty hunters after him right now, too.

Yoje used Shave to narrowly dodge a bullet. Though some of them will be after me, too.

Sammi didn't even notice that the hairy fellow had followed her into the mansion until he started talking. Funny I think I should have noticed... Still, he was saying what they both were thinking. "Let's just see where Peter is and how he's making out. Depending on how it goes, we may just have to grab some of it on the run."

Grana smiled. "Thanks. But I wasn't really planning on fighting all of them." Grana smiled demonically as he disappeared from sight and reappeared with the cliff to his back, behind the Marines. His left hand drifted over his sword as he breathed out, concentrating his power. "Speed without movement, evil without malice...listen to what I say and fear. Magic-Magic: Kamitachi Winds." Grana drew his katana, concentrating only on his trick. The blade disappeared up to the guard. Fragments reappeared everywhere, each disappearing into its own portal. None of the cuts were very deep, as there were quite a few of them, but it was enough to get the attention of every Marine there. Grana quickly sheathed his blade and hid his arms within his cape, taking a few steps backwards. "Men, after the Magician! Get him before he can attack again!" So roared the lieutenant as he charged Grana, the Marines following suit. When the Lieutenant closed in, a slight wind caused Grana's cloak to open slightly, revealing no arms! The lieutenant stopped immediately, expecting a trick, but it was too late; the damage was already done. The wave of marines rushed forward, each eager to claim the bounty on Grana's head, each comically diving over the cliff that no one had seen because they had been so fixated on Grana. As the last marine fell into the water with a satisfying sploosh, the strengthening winds blew open Grana's cape, revealing his missing arms. In reality, they were about 15 feet below him, supporting his body weight on the cliff. Grana grimaced as he returned to the safety of land. "I love that trick, even if it does hurt like hell." Grana rubbed his arms to get the blood to flow through them once more. "C'mon, we have to go help Sammi look for Peter."

Grana walked through the hall of artifacts, unable to stop himself from grabbing a few of the jewels and necklaces on his way through. "I can't believe Sammi complains about money and then doesn't loot any of this stuff..." Grana muttered to himself as he continued through the lobby. He was amazed at the security, or lack of it. You would think so much wealth and such rich people would at least merit a bodyguard or two. Grana chuckled to himself. "Not that I'm complaining." He continued through the hall, noticing Sammi and Sparkles. "Hey, Sammi! We're back! Anyway, have you found Peter yet?"

Another voice from behind Sammi proved a little startling, even if it was a bit more familiar. "Grana, jeez! No, no we haven't seen Peter yet." She noticed the necklace sticking out of one of Grana's pockets. "You're looting already? Grana, we don't know what terms Peter is on with the Governor and you're going to risk a possible powerful allegiance over a couple of pieces of jewelry?" It seemed weird to be saying that, considering how much Sammi appreciated jewelry, but now was not the time for semantics. "You don't take that stuff until after the deal's gone south and then..." Sammi stopped finally coming across the room Peter was in and finding it empty, save for the captain.

"OK, place is abandoned after all, forget what I just said," Sammi replied, helping herself to a silver platter that rested on a table outside the room, before walking in. "Uh, Peter, what are you doing here? Is this what you came for? Cause there is nothing and no one here. I think we're better off taking what we can and getting out of here."

Sparkles fallowed her in holding a suit of armor.
"Oh you found Peter, good."
"Do you think we could sneak out with this, perhaps I should wear it while we leave?"
And how would I attack wearing it?
"Or not, all depends on how much time we have left."

Sylvester stared dumbstruck at the marines charging off the side of the cliff. He turned to the marine currently constricted by his tail "bet your glad you're here now huh." Sylvester said as the marine lost conscious. He uncoiled from the marines limp form noticing grana walk into the mansion. Better follow him.
As he slithered through the halls he noticed a few scraps of jewelry that grana hadn't grabbed "oh that'ssss a nice berclett" Sylvester hissed with pleasure as he slid it on his wrist it was gold with alternating red and blue crystals. As he slithered though the halls he finally noticed the rest of the group ahead " hey did you find you friend " Sylvester shouted as he got closer.

Peter looked through the last couple drawers in the room and turned to Sammi. "Oi, got here just in time. I just finished searching the second and first floors. Either this guy is hiding somewhere on the third floor, or he's not in this building. And all his employees seem to have run off when he made that batshit insane announcement. So we might be the only ones here."

He looked at her companions. "Ok, I recognize the magician, but who are the two behind you? The hairy guy and the guy with the freaky eyes. Make some friends while you were busy?" he smirked as he went to the stairs. "If you don't mind, I'm going to examine the third floor. And make sure nobody else heads here. Or you can come up and join me..."

The one trailing the scent of blood arrived at a spot by the river. He looked around at the scene. He noticed a couple drops of blood in a couple locations. "Hmmmm... blood... seems to be some sweat here as well... and also..." he laughed to himself. "I think someone had a little fun here. Seems our killer had a little meeting. And things got a little rough, by the look of things..."

"I'll have you know that I stole this ship from it's former owner with this very crew watching. I strike enough fear in my crew and I don't need to ordering them around. As for sleep I'll be fine. I just need a meal, not an order." she said snapping at Ezekiel then started to head to her room.

"Have it your way."

He drummed his fingers until she was finished with whatever she was doing, eating or sulking or sucking. "Ready to get to work, Nisa?" He didn't wait for her response, just headed off the ship towards the city. "C'mon, it's going to be a busy night, move your arse."

"Guy with the freaky eyes?" Sammi turned around and saw the snake man was back in full glory. She dropped the platter and whipped her head back around so fast her hair ended up covering her face. Why? Why does he have to do that? "Um,wemetthemoutsidethere,Idon'tknowiftheyarelookingtojoinornot,buttheyhelpedfightsomeMarinesandI'mgoingtogoupstairswithyouYouguysstay
downhereandmakesurewegeteverythingvaluablefromthisplaceOK?" She quickly dashed up after the Captain and left the other three to the task of stripping the first two floors.

Once she was out of sight of the snake man she exhaled a deep sigh and caught up to Peter. "Sorry, snake guy is a bit uck on the eyes. He sounds nice but still. The hairy guy was with him and there should be another guy around here somewhere. He was distracting the Marines with some Butcher talk."

"I can move my ass however past I want." Nisa said turning part cat and walked next to him. "I work best like this." she said smirking and flicked her tail at him.

Seeing that he was getting close to the docks, Yoje dropped onto a rooftop below him and reverted to his human form. He would go the rest of the way on foot. Attracting extra attention would only hurt him at this point. Yoje effortlessly leapt to the next rooftop over. If word spread, then the Butcher should be running into a mob of marines and bounty hunters any moment now.

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