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Seth paused as he approached. He began to wonder if this was a good idea, but he wasn't the one to back out just because he had something going through his head. He stepped over, and sat down. After a few moments of running a few things through his head, he decided.

"....You alright?" Seth whispered, making sure that he was not drawing attention this time around. While he couldn't claim to be the friend of many a Nightshade, he knew enough that they preferred quiet, darkness, and few companions.

Well, here we go. Stupid idea, probably....hasn't stopped me before, and it won't stop me now. SOMETHING must have happened in there.

The Prime Minister waved to Gabriel, a gesture for him to sit, which the man did so timidly. The Prime Minister then turned his attention to Alexander, giving him a slight nod.

"Greetings, Alexander and Gabriel. Apologies for not seeing you both sooner, but that is how my good friend there is picking people out." The Prime Minister said, a small introduction. "I am hoping to ask you to come along with me on my airships. I have a particular task that your personality and skills would be excellent for...."

The Prime Minister paused, noting the expressions, and gave a small grin as he did so.

"Apologies, I was quite ready for Pyromancers to give me trouble, and here I am having them in and out the fastest. You must have questions, and I will answer them for a small while. What is on your minds? Don't worry about the guards, as they won't be doing anything unless needed to."

So this was the Prime Minister himself... interesting. Gabriel had expected an ambassador, or representative or something. Nonetheless, he managed a small smile and straightened a little in his chair, doing his best to look presentable despite his oversized robes. He had many questions for this man, some of which he doubted the other mage, Alexander, would approve of. With that in mind, he launched into the more appropriate ones: the direct and simple.

"There are many things which I feel that I should ask you, Prime Minister, but I doubt you will answer half of them in a place such as this," he began, feeling himself grow more confident with each word spoken until the words flowed freely from his mouth. "First, what is the task? Second, why does it need so many Academy mages to complete it, each with their various elements and ranks therein? Third... why am I needed in particular? Surely there are better mages out there than I, a simple Hydromancer who has yet to attain Adept rank and is not even as proficient as some of my fellows. Even Fei is likely to be better in the field than I am, and we are of the same rank..."

And she is clearly able to speak competently, unlike myself, Gabe finished that sentence in his head. I should apologise to her, through Drew, for not addressing her directly.

Seth kept coming, as Raven suspected. Great. Do I even want to say something to him? Do I have something to say to him? Do I have something to say to myself? I don't know...

Raven sat there silent for a moment, before turning her head slightly towards Seth, black hair falling out of the hood as she did so. "What do you do," she started, maintaining that tamed tone that she picked up after the Prime Minister's words. "What do you do when you walk into a room and have a human you've never even met just break you apart after one glance? When everything that is you is ripped out and calculated by a man who then thinks nothing of using you for his own means and shoves it back in? What are you supposed to do after that?"

Why am I even saying this much? I've never said anything like this to anyone. Not since I got to this damn school. What has that jackass done to me? I'm no better then the rest of the sheep. So easily taken...

The Prime Minister sat and waited quietly, listening carefully to the questions that Gabriel presented, nodding at some of them with a small grin still being formed on his face. After it seemed he was done, he sat for a while, seeming to contemplate.

"Well, you should know that I cannot reveal the task until I am certain of who is coming along for the ride. If they are unwilling to even fly to the task, I cannot trust them to carry through with it. Next, I would not consider this number of mages to be extraordinary. A small unit of mages would be more than enough for this task, and your variety of skills are necessary for what will lie ahead. Ranks I do not care much about, as you all seem to for some reason hold very highly to. Your rank is just a judgement of what they think your power lies at, and doesn't concern me." The Prime Minister answered, seeming to almost give no effort to any of them.

"However, you were chosen specifically because you possess a proper personality, skills, ideals, and workings of what I will need for this particular task. Again, I am not sure why everyone seems to think pure strength is what I am looking for here."

The Prime Minister leaned back, watching to see if any more came from Alexander or Gabriel, seeming satisfied with the answers he had given.

Seth contemplated a small moment before deciding to answer, coming up with something very easily to compare Raven's example with.

"You see that guard over there? If I were to fight him one on one within both of our means, he would break me. Easily. And could throw me around like a toy to finish me. And he would probably think absolutely nothing of it. I would be broken, and there would be nothing to do." Seth said, giving a small nod to the guard.

"But you know what? I'm not willing to surrender like that. Maybe I won't be able to break them like they break me, but that doesn't mean I am just going to sit there and stay the same. I will find a way around it, or over it, or....something. I think people forget that mages break just as easily as people do, and that just because we can be broken doesn't mean we are all done. Plenty of time to be done when we are dead." Seth finished, seeming to get very introspective as he kept speaking.

Hah....Dad, you were crazy sometimes, I'm sure. But sometimes, those things you said and taught were something you knew I would use somewhere. I hope I can visit you after this, and Mom too. However, as you put it: "Business waits for no weather, time, or people." and I got a task now.

"Well with his questions answered so have most of mine. I only have one to add. Will I still be able to send letters to my family and will I get to see them again?" Alexander asked. The other had already asked most of his questions, and this one was the only one he had left before he agreed to this.

Gabriel fell silent, eyebrows furrowed as he thought over what the Prime Minister had said. So it was more for his attitude towards non-mages than any other reason... but he was not entirely convinced. He did not want to just agree to something without knowing more about it other than, 'I need your help with something, and I'm not going to tell you what it is until you say yes.'

He sat back in his chair, arms folded, and studied the Prime Minister's face, listening hard to what he had to say. Perhaps he would say something that gave him a bit more insight into the unknown task ahead... though Gabe doubted that that was likely to happen. He was being very secretive about it. Why was that, he wondered.

"Of course, Alexander. I already was quite aware that you wanted to keep in contact with your family. In fact, if you wish, you could possibly visit them at a later time. I already have such plans in place for a few members of the group, and I imagine you might want to take advantage of it." The Prime Minister said with a small nod. Taking a quick look about, he gave a wider grin.

"So, if there are not any more questions, I will like an answer to as you would like to come along for the journey. I just hope that you realize that things are going to be quite different from your usual living here at the academy. However, you won't simply be getting dropped off, as I am much more reasonable than that."

The Prime Minister leaned forward, his gaze looking quite simply at each of the mages before him, not seeming to give out anything other than a very deep look at each of the mages, appearing to weigh them as he did so and seem to to figuring things out as he judged each one.

Gabriel met the Prime Minister's gaze with one of his own. His opinion hadn't changed in the short time the others had taken to ask and answer a single question. "I'm not entirely convinced. For all I know, you could be leading us into a suicide mission, a crowd of ignorant brutes who would think nothing of killing us at the first sign of a display of magical power, or even some kind of insane ritual requiring the blood of a dozen mages to complete." Gabe's words were chosen carefully, intending to mean no offence whatsoever to the Prime Minister. He spoke in a neutral tone to complement this.

"Simply put, I worry about you not providing us with enough information, and expecting us to just say yes without knowing what exactly we are agreeing to," he concluded. "You have probably heard this before, from the others, but I will say it again since I don't know your answer to this issue."

Alexander nodded at the Prime minister's answer.

"Then I will join you. There were others obviously more paranoid than me, and judging by the fact nobody left the lobby, they probably said yes. So I see no reason I shouldn't either."

The Prime Minister listened intently while Gabriel presented his case, only for Alexander to speak, and he nodded to the mage.

"Very good. I am sure you will find that things will be quite excellent on this trip. You will be accommodated for your letter writing and anything else that may concern you. Now..." The Prime Minister said, turning his attention to Gabriel.

"You fear I am going to lead you to a slaughter eh? That is quite unlike your personality, I must say. So much for thinking mages and humans getting along." The Prime Minister said with a chuckle. "If I was going to send you on a suicide mission, why would the people I choose matter? And why would I choose different ranks and powers and elements? I know you are not quite the scholarly sort, but there is quite a bit to your suspicions which lie unfounded." The Prime Minister explained, seeming to not miss a beat as he touched on each of the points.

"Besides....I hear you claim to want to make a link between humans and mages, and I don't see how you are going to manage that here of all places."

Gabriel was taken aback by the Prime Minister's response. He had not expected that topic to be brought up in front of another mage, and was unsure of how Alexander would take it. He tried not to spread his beliefs around, though they were known to some: he wondered how the Prime Minister had learned of the way he thought of mages and humans co-existing.

"I do not fear anything of the sort at this time. Such things are ludicrous, but are still possibilities. I had to check," he answered. "I do believe that humans and mages can co-exist in peace, if only both sides would see reason. I suppose you have your reasons for remaining silent on the matter, though, and I respect that.

"You are correct, of course, in that residing in an Academy of mages does not exactly help to fuel my vision of a brighter future," Gabe added. "But it is the first stepping-stone... of that which I will freely admit to be an incomplete plan. I am only nineteen: there is a long and hopefully enlightening road ahead of me, I know. But I am committed to it. I will show mages and humans what each can gain from the other, working together to build a better place for both.

"Given your response to my last request, I don't think I will get an answer as to how you know so much about me. So I won't bother to ask." The young mage took a few seconds' pause, working up the little bit extra resolve needed to say the simple words that meant a considerable amount.

"In short... I'm in. This may be a great help to both of us, and I could not pass up such an opportunity to see more than the Academy has to offer."

Raven was trying to listen to what Seth had to say, it was tough. The chaos in her mind wasn't allowing for too much attention to paid to the outside world, but some words were seeping in. "It's tough though," she said. "I...I'm starting to feel I've been broken so many times now I'm more glue than anything. And just when I think I've got it all settled, and I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, this jackass comes in and just wrecks me all over again. That bastard."

The Prime Minister nodded as he listened to Gabriel go over his reasoning and thoughts. At the end, he paused in his nodding and grinned, rubbing his hands together. He glanced at both mages, somewhat pleased for things to be done.

"Ah, very good from the both of you. Now, if there are any more questions, I know that there are a few individuals whom I need to speak with before I finally let everyone go for the evening. Hopefully this will go as smoothly as the rest, and then you can get to saying your goodbyes, collecting your things, and moving them to the airships." The Prime Minister said, seeming quite pleased that something was going onward.

Seth listened carefully, wanting to make sure he didn't misunderstand, as this seemed quite important and he would not want to mess this particular conversation up. However, as it continued, he found himself increasingly unsure of what to do as Raven seemed both angry and tired at the same time.

"Well Raven.....The thing about putting yourself back together don't concern yourself with it. You just stand up, and start to walk again." Seth said carefully, gauging his words. "I can't claim to know your goal, as I don't even know where I should be going or doing. All I know is that it isn't here, and this seems like as good an opportunity to go somewhere else and do something no one else has done. And besides....It will be nice to have to learn something about other mages and people outside of this place over the years. Things changed fast where I was, maybe the world is nothing like it was before."

Seth hesitated for a moment longer, but then decided to place a hand on the shoulder of Raven, more or less as a physical sign of support.

Well, this is either absolutely stupid of me, or I am doing what I am supposed to do. I really need to learn something about other mages so I don't screw up so much. Actually, that might explain a lot of fights too.....Huh, something to think about.

mmmm didn't the prime minister say he was hoping to keep these interviews short? Whats taking him so long to get to me?
Edward was getting a little impatent, anticipation building up like tea on a kettle.
Everyone left out with a different opinion, all of them coming aboard.
He was having second thoughts but wasn't sure from where, then again everyone did.
On second thought he needed more time then he had, he was just going to have to go with his gut.
Well no wories, he will sell me this trip like its a luxury cruise." He muttered still layed down on the spare bench.

Alexander walked back out of the room after thanking the prime minister. He spoke as he walked out.

"Well it seems I'm going with everyone else." He said with a smile as he rejoined the group with Seth.

Gabriel matched the Prime Minister's smile with one of his own. Having cleared himself of his initial mistrust, he was excited to be working with the man. Packing up to leave the Academy would be a simple matter: Gabe knew when to leave unnecessary things behind. He would write a letter to send to his family before leaving, even if they wouldn't reply. They had never really shown that they cared for his magical abilities.

"I have no further questions, Prime Minister, and I look forward to working with you on this task of yours," he said.

Gabriel matched the Prime Minister's smile with one of his own. Having cleared himself of his initial mistrust, he was excited to be working with the man. Packing up to leave the Academy would be a simple matter: Gabe knew when to leave unnecessary things behind. He would write a letter to send to his family before leaving, even if they wouldn't reply. They had never really shown that they cared for his magical abilities.

"I have no further questions, Prime Minister, and I look forward to working with you on this task of yours," he said.

"In that case, I wish you well in your preparation for the trip, and I hope you are at ease with all that has been placed before you. No worries, it will clear itself up in due time. Just need to take care of a few more things first..." The Prime Minister said, standing to wave the two mages out as Aaron opened the door, letting the two leave and then looking over those in the hall.

"Alright, you, you, and you should be all that is left here for now to be checked on. Get on in here and have a good chat with the Minister. Even though you are late, I guess I can give you a pass and all that nice stuff." Aaron said, pointing to Nina, Nat, and Edward.

Seth looked upward at the returning Alexander, putting on a small grin and a nod as he approached.

"Well, that sounds like good news. You learn some cool things while you were in there, cause apparently I missed some with everyone coming out with awesome stories and ideas and stuff." Seth said, a small shrug following.

Well, this is odd. I really need to remember to apologize to Raven now, as all these people have to get very annoying whenever I show up.

Seth made a good point. Whatever Raven had been looking for when she had left her home town all those years ago, she certainly wasn't finding it in this school. All she found was more people to be frustrated with and a little dark laser show.

When Seth made the move to put his hand on her shoulder she flinched, as if to instinctively pull away from the physical contact. However, in her current state Raven wasn't putting up near as much fight as she usually would and she allowed the hand to touch her. First person I let touch me in years and it's a bloody Pyro. Didn't see that coming.

More people were crowding around the pyro, and it was starting to set Raven off a little bit. She pulled away from Seth and stood up as the other mages approached. "I should go prepare for this journey ahead," she explained, not turning around to face the group. "I shall see you all when we rejoin, I assume." With that, she left the Main Hall. A night should provide ample time to pack away my life and leave this school. Another sign that maybe I didn't belong here in the first place.

Gabriel left the meeting room, and promptly became uncertain as to where he should go next, or what to do. There was plenty of time to pack up and get ready to go - it was getting close to noon, judging by the light streaming through the ceiling - but he didn't really know what he should be doing to pass the time. With that in mind, he wandered back over to Drew and Fei, hoping to join any conversation they might be having. He gave the siblings a small wave as he approached.

"Hey... so it looks like I'm in," Gabe said to the two of them.

"Ooooh really? You're going to come too? Aren't you excited?!?" She laughed, tugging on her brother's sleeve again. "Come on, Drew, we should leave for Oublie now! It's a loooong walk, and I want to get there in time for dinner! Where are you going to go Gabriel? Are you going to go back to your room? You could come with us to the city if you want, and we could buy a lot of toys and candy and things for the trip!"

Drew sighed and shook his head, but didn't mind bringing more company. "Kid, as long as you don't talk to my parents, you can come along with us. Come on, Fei, let's get going..." he wasn't looking forward to the long trek, but he did want to see his parents.

After the three were taken into the room, Aaron paused to look upon the group of individuals that sat and stood before him. He wondered what the future held for them, and if they would all make it through the trials that might lie ahead. He shook his head, and then raised his voice.

"HEY! All you ladies and gents can push on out of here if you want. I know you all probably got important things to getting to doing, so go do them! The guards will not bite....last I checked anyways. Go get your things together, and tomorrow morning we are going to be taking off if you are all ready. Otherwise, get there BEFORE noon, or I'll make sure we leave your ass behind!" Aaron said with a slight change in tone at the end, letting the group know that he meant the last part.

Seth watched as Raven left, his hand slipping from her shoulder, and he let it fall to his side. He sat for a moment longer, not really thinking of much of anything until he heard Drew say something about "going", which to Seth with nothing to really to pack, sounded like a heck of an idea.

"Hey, you guys got room for one more? I really don't have much to do otherwise, and I would rather not cause too much trouble on my last day here." Seth said, standing up to walk over to Fei, Drew, and Gabriel.

This is going to get hilarious. I can almost feel it. I would parents react to this kind of stuff? Is there something more to it? I gotta see!

"Yay! Yes, Seth, come with us!" she laughed. "We can get a lot of candy and things!" She took Gabe's sleeve and twirled under it, before skipping around her brother. "We can start walking now, and get there before night. We can stay at the house maybe, there should be enough space, right Drew?"

She went outside, staring at the afternoon sky. "Come on, let's go!"

Gabriel blushed a little as Fei danced around him; he hoped she didn't notice his reddening face. It would result in a very awkward explanation if she did. As soon as Fei returned to her brother's side, Gabe visibly relaxed. Just being around girls his age was awkward enough. He fell into step beside Seth as the group of four walked out of the hall.

"Say, um, Seth... does Fei always act like this?" he asked the Pyromancer, quietly so as not to attract the attention of his fellow Hydro. He had very little idea of what he was getting into by asking Seth about Fei, but he was curious. The few times he had seen her before the Prime Minister's arrival was in an academic situation. Gabe didn't exactly want to ask Drew about his sister; to him, it seemed like he was prying. Seth seemed like the best person to ask.

After leaving the meeting with the Prime Minister, Nydia had been pacing back and forth outside in the hall, trying to plan out just what all she was going to bring. Not knowing how long we'll be gone presents a bit of a problem... How many books should I bring, how many spare robes? I wonder if our duties will be of a diplomatic nature, or a more... battle oriented purpose. I suppose I'll need to bring a mix of my dress robes and some less fancy ones that will be more easily replaced.... Aaron's announcement snapped her out of her thoughts and back to reality though. She looked up and noticed that several of the others had already left.

"Ah... Well, if we're dismissed I suppose now is as good a time as any to go see my father and start getting ready." Nydia said to no one in particular before exiting the hall. As she walked, her thoughts changed from what she would bring to just how she was going to break the news to her father. She was fairly certain he would have mixed feelings about it. Glad to hear she had such an opportunity, but sad to hear that she would be gone for an indefinite amount of time most likely.

As Seth calmly followed, noting the reaction of Gabriel somewhat humorously, he was slightly surprised the young man was willing to speak with him in the first place. He took Gabriel as someone who would become paralyzed by their embarrassment, not talking about it. Regardless, Seth couldn't help but grin at the question.

"I wonder why you would ask, Gabriel. Have you not worked with her before? Isn't she just the greatest oasis of joy around here?" Seth said, grinning ever wider as he spoke.

"Of course, if you want to set something up, I am sure I can manage that, rather than dance around the issue all the time. I mean, it isn't as if this is the first time I was asked about something like this. So, how do you want it to go? Perhaps before her parent's place? Maybe during the trip we are taking? How about this evening?"

As Nydia continued her walk, she was spotted by Cindy Rotunz, who had apparently been keeping watch outside of the Great Hall for someone to speak with. Upon seeing Nydia exit, Cindy made her approach.

"Ms. Freecs, I hope you do not mind if I walk with you a moment and ask a few things, do you?" Cindy asked, approaching the Lightdweller and already setting pace with her. What was apparent was that Cindy was not wearing her usual bring grin, instead appearing much more serious about what was to be discussed.

At Seth's suggestion, Gabriel flinched. He knew exactly what the Pyromancer had in mind, and also realised that his question had been misinterpreted. "What? No! Nothing like that!" he quickly answered to cover up his mistake. "It's just... it's not just Fei who causes me to freeze up." His blush returning, Gabe chose his next words carefully.

"It's, well, girls in general. I, uh... I just can't talk to them, if they're around my age, give or take," he explained. "It's not for lack of trying, though. Before I went inside to talk to the Prime Minister, I tried to say even a single word to Fei. I couldn't do it." Gabe had no idea why he was discussing his problem with a Pyromancer he barely knew, though it was probably common knowledge among his fellows. On occasion, words travelled faster than spells in the Academy.

"Um... please don't mention this to anyone. I'd hate to have that spread all over the Academy. I mean, it probably is, but I don't really want people deliberately using it to embarrass me or anything," Gabriel continued, resuming his quiet tone in case Fei or Drew overheard.

"Oh. A pleasure to see you, Master Rotunz!" Nydia said as she bowed slightly, somewhat surprised to see Cindy approaching her and looking so serious. It was only natural for the masters to want to know what had gone on at the meeting, but it was strange that they had not discussed this with Kerbones beforehand if that was indeed the case. But rather than make assumptions, Nydia decided it would be best to refrain from voicing her thoughts and answer Cindy's questions instead.

"Of course, I would be more than happy to answer your questions, Master Rotunz. What would you like to know?" Nydia inquired, recalling as many details about the meeting as she could.

Seth couldn't help but let a wider grin appear on his face than before. The young fellow was obviously uncomfortable, confused, and possibly not well experienced to street living. Likely sent here away for all his life.

"No worries, my young friend. I've heard far worse problems, and done far worse. Need not worry about that. However, your worry about girls is unfounded. You need some assistance? Maybe I can be there to help move things out. Maybe you just need some pointers? Or perhaps be forced into a position? I can organize those too. Actually....." Seth paused, getting an odd look on his face.

For those who had known Seth for any amount of time, they would recognize this as a point of trouble. Seth already had ideas rolling in his mind, and was already appearing to gauge the distance between themselves and Fei.

Cindy gently shook her head, obviously already predicting what was going on in Nydia's head. Cindy hadn't gotten to where she was without being able to do that from time to time, and this circumstance was no different.

"Calm yourself, Nydia. I have a simple request to put to you. You are aware of a few....younger members that are going to be going on this trip as well, correct?" Cindy asked, keeping the pace with Nydia, letting her set where they were going and what was going on.

"It is particularly about them. While I have no reason to believe they will bring any harm to you, I feel as if taking such young students out of the Academy is...well, somewhat risky, especially for themselves. I know you don't really have to do this, and you can refuse if you want, but I have a very...strange request to make of you. If you want it, of course. Though, I do wish that Alexander was nearby as well...."

"What? Actually what?" Gabriel asked frantically, looking from Seth to Fei and Drew walking ahead of them. Panic seized him, brought on by the Pyromancer's choice of sentences and given center stage with his final word. What did he mean, 'forced into a position'? That sounded scary coming from an older mage, one who was most likely far more powerful than he was. Gabe wasn't sure that he liked where Seth was going with this.

"I don't know what you mean. Is there something you aren't telling me?" Gabe asked, careful not to sound as if he were making a demand of Seth. He noticed that he had begun to sweat a little under his robe: a combination of the sun's heat and his own panic, probably. Again he looked to Fei and Drew to check that they hadn't overheard... though that was getting less and less likely given the subject of the conversation between himself and Seth.

Nydia's pace slowed slightly as the conversation took a turn that she had not expected. Although Nydia did not consider herself to be particularly old, she did recall that a few of the others who would be going seemed to be younger than the rest of the group. "Yes, I'm certain they are all capable mages, but I can understand your concern..." Nydia said as she walked and continued to listen to what Cindy had to say.

Before long, the two had arrived at the gate Nydia would need to use to exit the Academy and head to her family's estate. She stopped there as she didn't want to make Cindy follow her out of the Academy, and turned to give her answer. It didn't require much thought really, she hadn't even heard the request yet and couldn't imagine Cindy asking her to do anything she would not agree with. "Of course I will hear your request, Master Rotunz. Tell me what you'd like me to do and I will do everything in my power to see that it is done."

As they continued their walk, Seth decided that the distance between themselves and Fei was a little too far. Besides, Gabriel might actually try to struggle away from him, which he couldn't have happening if he decided to try and force them to actually speak to one another.

"Never mind. I think I will try something else later." Seth said finally, seeming to come to a decision for the moment.

"I would imagine that you need a little push in order to start speaking with the girls, and I get the feeling that Fei would be a great place for you to start! So I'm just going to have to work out a way for you two to get chatting. Or mostly you chatting, actually. Fei won't have any problem talking to you."

Seth began planning things out again, wondering if perhaps notes would be the answer. He was actually more of a fan of the direct approach, which would probably be quite a bit easier, and possibly much more success. Maybe on the walk back they would be a little closer since they wouldn't be having a private discussion.

Yeah.....that would work out quite nicely. I'll have to probably get Drew in on this, but I think it should work, and he won't have any objections. If not, I'll just have to be a little bit more tricky about it.

Cindy nodded, stopping as well, now realizing that Nydia was going to see her father outside of the Academy, and felt slightly rushed, but needed to let Nydia know her concerns.

"Simply, I think someone needs to watch over these students, and make sure they understand the risks of showing their gifts to other peoples. That, and need to make sure they do not take on a task bigger than they are. I realize that they are not of your elements, and that there are other older individuals coming along, but I would prefer to make sure you specifically know about what is going on, rather than hope someone will help them if they start doing something silly or foolish." Cindy explained, hoping to end things as quickly as possible so that Nydia could make her way home.

"How you go about this, I really can't say myself. Being a bigger sister, watching out for them, and possibly stopping them from doing things sounds like a major task, but I am confident in your abilities and your mind to be able to handle anything of the sort." Cindy continued, finishing her thoughts while glancing about a bit to see if she could spot someone else.

"I understand if you would rather not do this, as it is quite the odd request. However, I think that you are well suited to the task, and would hope you at least would consider it."

It was not an unreasonable nor an unexpected request given what they had just been discussing. And while Nydia had no experience being a "bigger sister" as Cindy had put it, the fact that a Master was entrusting her with this task meant that she must be at least somewhat suited to it. "Well... I must admit, this will be a bit of a new experience for me. But if you truly believe that I am capable of this task, then I will do my best to keep them safe." Nydia replied with a small smile. Though tasks of such a social nature were not her strong point, being relied upon by a Master was a great honor for her.

And it's not as if I'll be alone in such a task. Master Rotunz seems to be looking for someone else to speak with about this, and Seth seems like the older brother type already.

Gabriel looked sideways at Seth, thinking over the idea of just himself and Fei talking. But he knew he couldn't talk to her, he had tried. Not a single word left his mouth in the presence of a girl around his age, ever. Every time he simply froze up; the words never got further than his mind. Many, many times he had wished that he could say just one sentence to someone, but: 'if wishes were fishes there would be no room in the seas for the water,' as the saying went.

"I dunno, Seth... I just can't speak to girls at all. I can speak to other people perfectly fine, even if there's someone I can't talk to in the same group. But if I were to try to talk to Fei, right now, I couldn't do it," he explained. "There's just something... I dunno what stops me, but it's there, and I don't think it's going away any time soon."

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