Eye of the Black Marsh: A Tamriel Adventure

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Suddenly, a frost bitten man runs from the deeper reaches and drops to his knees in front of you. "What the-?" A-Cinder-Rev asks, readying his dagger.

The man looks up and says "Help...the Falmer...." before collapsing.

Valindor walked towards the entrance of cave after he had noticed that the fighting had stopped.

"Are we finished?" he asked the translator.

"Uhhh..." Cinder stammers in response.

Gullstampa finally finished freeing himself.
"And that's why I hate magik people..." he said as he held his face and went to pick up his axe.

"Did I hear that right?" Tar-Sheen asked Cinder, setting her mace back in the loop at her belt. "What are the Falmer doing this far east? I thought they had stayed in Skyrim all these years?" She looked at Gullstampa as he roared. "Easy now big guy, we're done for now, but I'm sure there are more coming. Just sit tight aand there may eve be things to kill later." She said trying to soothe the berserk and now slightly bruised ork.

"Alwight, Alwight" The Ork replied.
"Now, what woz that about Farmers?" He then asked.
"...err...I mean Falmers?"

"That's what he said...guard, do you know anything about this?"

With the riot seemingly dying down, the imperial lowered her weapon, though still eyed the former prisoners cautiously; not to most trusting type. "Falmer?" Weren't they some cavefolk from Skyrim? "No. As far as I know, there has been no sentiments regarding them, either here or in all of tamriel. Now, unless you lot want to stay around? I'll have to make certain of to supposed pardon and you'll be free, I suppose".

Another guard suddenly raced into the mine, yelling "Ma'me! Ma'me! Snow Elves are invading Stormhold! They are pouring in from below ground, they've taken the Warden hostage!"

"Wot?, more baddies?" The Ork said.
He then turned to the Guard and asked "Oi...Can I kill these ones?"

Tar-Sheen stared at the group. It seemed like everyone had been standing around for days, waiting from someone to say something. "Well, what are we standing here for? Should we go save the Warden or just get our stuff and leave. I vote on taking out the Falmar, from what I heard from travelers they're a damn plague anywhere they pop up. So routing them may be beneficial to all of us."

"Yea, And I've gotta lot moar killing ta do before we leave." Gullstampa added.
"So wot are we doin'?"

The frantic guard says "Yes! Please! Save the Warden, all the other guards have been killed already!"

"well, then, COME ON YOU LOT!, WE GOT SUM FARM- I MEAN-FALMERS TA KILL!" Gullstampa shouted to The group as he set off for the Warden's office.

Gullstampa sees prisoners running away from the prison. As he approaches the main building, three Falmer come out from behind the rocks and start firing arrows at him.

Gullstampa saw the Falmers and then ran for cover at try and avoid the arrows.
He then started looking around for something he could use against them.

Gullstampa finds nothing as arrows continue to fly.

"Well...damn..." the Ork said as he couldn't find anything.
"Ah, they gotta run out of arrows sum time..." he said as he waited in cover.

"Guardsman! Calm yourself and aid us. Yes, I would appreciate any help to e given and I will mention it to my commanding offivers. Just don't...!" She tried to stop the orc running off, but failed.

"Run ahead... Right, I'm getting tired of this lad, I can't petition for his release soon enough!" The imperial ran after him, but found herself in the same situation and have to dive for cover to avoid the arrows. With no ranged weapons on her person she had to improvise and threw a weighty rock at one of the heads.

Vote: Tamriel is getting way to low traffic for my tastes. Do we abandon it or continue on?

I would hope that we could continue

Continuing: 1
Abandon: 0

Personally, don't mind the low traffic, just want to go on.

Very well then.

The rock smashes into a Falmer, and the other two retreat.

Gullstampa looked up and saw the Falmers running.
"RUUNNN! RRUUUUNNNNN! I'M COMING FOR YA!!!" he roared as he charged into the prison.

Gullstampa smashes open the gate, to see what seems like an empty, quiet building.

He runs over to it, Axe Drawn and ready for battle.
"COM'ON!!! I DON'T LIKE WAITING!!" He roared to anyone who could around.

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