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Kain Whitestroke-Crypt-Tinsdal

Kain gave a slight chuckle at "Northern Hospitality." He leaned forward on his horse as he responded, "Northern Hospitality? That's a good one. Normally Northern Hospitality involved people shanking the tourists who walk down the wrong alley." He noticed that caution surrounding the men. Some were reaching for their weapons. Kain pointed at the men with a smirk, "Yeah, Northern Hospitality right there."

He was being so open with her, she'd not expected it.

Even if the news wasn't good he'd told her. She had to tell him.

"Thanks, for all that. I'm not sure how to deal with it yet so I think there's something I should tell you.

When I first came to I saw you but I didn't feel you like I do most people. I can sort of sense something around people I guess maybe you could call it sprit, but it's not exactly that, it's nothing to do with soul or mind though. It's just like life; it tells me I can use my powers on someone, is the best way to describe it I guess.

Anyway when I first though it was gone because I couldn't feel it in you and to be honest I was ok with it. But I've felt it in other people, and I've felt my powers returning, maybe I'm even stronger like some of that residual power is still in me.

But that makes you not showing up to my powers all the more curious. I started trying to remember if this had ever happened before, then I started trying to work out what could be causing it. And I wondered, you were further gone more than anyone else I'd ever helped before. I've dealt with people dying and healed them, but usually I'm speeding up natural processes just letting their body do what it's supposed to faster than normally.

But you, I don't know, your heart beat got so faint and then there was a pause and then I started it again. But that pause, felt longer somehow. Maybe I was just desperate but you could have been" the words were coming out "less alive than you normally are" that was the closest she could get to saying it.

"But then you came back, and my powers don't appear to be working on you." She scratched herself leaving a mark. Her hand glowed faintly with the green light. She put her hand to his cheek and sang something. But the energy wouldn't go in, minor energy like that could normally be trusted to earth itself with no real troubles at all.
As she thought.

"I don't know what I've done to you, what I've made you. But I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
What worries me most is that well, most of the time after I've helped the body fix itself it goes back to being normal you wouldn't even know I've touched it.

But you, well what if you when beyond what you'd naturally heal because well I saw you. Saw what he did and I've never seen anything like those injuries.
So what I'm saying I guess.


I don't know

Not a clue really

This is supposed to be the blackest and whitest thing in the world, and then you show up. You're a grey area. There's not supposed to be a grey area. For all I know you're alive because my power is sustaining you, and then that could be what's shielding you from my other powers.

But then if my powers are still holding you keeping you from hitting the ground but never actually stopping you falling. Then what if some day, out of nowhere my powers aren't working anymore.

Or maybe my power's left you and you're alive, but you shouldn't be what if not all the bits are back in you. Then how are you alive."

It's pouring out faster than she can think it through or even check the sense. Maybe she hopes that just voicing ever option she can will add some perspective or stumble into an answer.

"I guess in the end, what I really mean is

You scare me

It's not your fault of course

It's all mine

But you're

I don't know.

What do you think you are?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

"What do you think you are?" The Vessel had asked, obviously feeling a mixture of fear and confusion as to what she saw in front of her, almost to the point of tears. Vergil knew true to his heart that he felt no different, but now with this notion; he too began to feel a series of negiative emotions; fear, sorrow, pain, confusion, and anger. But he wanted to remain strong for his beloved, to not be beaten by the fears that clouded his mind, but Vergil realised that to understand his weaknesses would be a sign on strength. He embraced the Vessel, and spoke to her softly and reassuringly.

"Vessel, what I think I am is alive, and to that I owe you a debt of gratitdue; you have given me a second chance, thank you so much. I feel that my undying love for you is whats keeping me going. There is no sensation of rigor mortis in these joints of mine. But, there is also the fear that should your powers ever cease, that I will return to the darkness; and leave you, I don't want that to happen; for there is so much of our story left to be written, and I want to be there for the epilogue." Vergil said with a smile as he kissed her.

"But, what if your wrong, your powers having no effect on me might just be a side effect from all that negative energy you had pent up inside of you yesterday; and the fact you used a lot on energy up to bring me back, its simply having trouble recognising me because of it." He remarked, trying to sound hopeful that its just a temporary setback.


Kristina Kerrigan - Along The District Streets (The Dean's Crypt) - Tinsdal

The man had given a slight chuckle at 'Northern Hospitality' part of Kristina's statement. He then leaned forward to give a proper response. "Northern Hospitality? That's a good one. Normally Northern Hospitality involved people shanking the tourists who walk down the wrong alley." Kristina was feeling increasingly annoyed at the man, as he cast a gaze over her retinue as they had their weapons ready. He then smirked. "Yeah, Northern Hospitality right there." Kristina gave a brief sigh of disgust, then responded.

"Men, release your hold on your weaponry for the time being, but remain on alert for any other potential threats; we don't know who else could be lurking." She ordered, her men reluctantly following. Kristina then looked directly at the man on horseback, realising who it was; but chose to keep it secret.

"So, what is a man like you doing here?"

Kain Whitestroke-Crypt-Tinsdal

"Business. I'm up here speaking with potential clients and I've been visiting friends in the area." Kain replied back.

"That's good, I mean this is all conjecture at the moment. You could be completely fine." She didn't sound convinced.
"But still my powers have come back. I can feel the others. I almost feel heightened. Like I gained an understanding, of something, I'm just not sure what yet.
But you.
I can't feel you. I'm sorry to scare you. Maybe you're just fine. Maybe it's me with the problem. But something's stopping my power's affecting you.
I honestly have no idea what I did to you, I know why I did it, and I'd do it again and again if I had to.
Do you think there's anyone we could ask about this?"

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

So much had happened. So much was about to happen. The thought of it all had swamped her mind and she stopped for a moment to think things through and sort her world out. Although she had found that her consciousness had strayed and fallen into blind panic about what the future might hold, what dark and terrible actions lurked in the shadows on the road ahead. She shook her head and scolded herself for been so stupid. Worrying now was useless and would only lead to defeat.

"So, are we ready?"

The Vessel was brought back down. She'd sort of forgotten Katelyn was there for a minute.
"Right of course yes. We're ready." She sounded a little put out by the interruption but that wasn't stopping her when a job needed doing.
"So what's our first stop?"

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

'Well.' With a tinge of sadness laced in her voice she spoke as if remembering something she should never have forgotten. 'We can start the search for my sister with a visit to my mother.' Katelyn let a pause hang delicately in the air for a fleeting moment. 'She will have been keeping a lead on her. I'll take you to see her in the Overwatch base of operations here in the North and then maybe you can finally understand what Scarlett was into.'

A faint smile crossed her lips at the mention of her name.

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

Vergil was so lost in the problem with Vessel, that he had completely forgotten that Katelyn was still in the room; felt like she had been away for a long time. She mentioned a trip to her's and Scarlett's mother, who was working for some group called the Overwatch; and the prospect of finally discovering more about Scarlett, only furthered Vergil's curiosity.

"Yes, lets get going Katelyn, Scarlett has a lot to answer for, especially why she was so obessessed with that damned seal. I get the feeling that we'll also discover Tear's own hand in events as well." Vergil spoke with an air of confidence, determined to get to the bottom of these mysteries.

Katelyn Verneer - The Streets - Tinsdal

So the time had finally come. She looked across the room with a thin smile emerging on her lips. Hiding the feelings rising inside from the others in the group. When she had left her mother to begin the search for Scarlett she had not left on the best of terms and Katelyn could feel the apprehension about returning. She knew she had no choice in the matter, with events escalating beyond her control she needed to seek help from her mothers organisation, as much as it pained her to admit it. Widening her smile she nodded to the others to follow and began to walk across the dining room. There was a slight feeling of loss at leaving behind the comfort of the Dean's estate as the accommodation would only take a turn for the worse from here.

Leading the others into the bright sunshine of the morning outside she turned around and made sure that each member of the group had followed. They had. Without a word she led them into the streets of Tinsdal, making sure to take the long route to make some kind of effort to hide the eventual destination. The world was waking up to the new day and people flooded the streets with noise and the smell of fresh baking. A tempting sweet smell that reminded Katelyn life the district was better than most other places in the North. A fact that showed in the sea of faces that passed.

After some time she found the narrow and cramped street. It looked to have been forgotten by the locals and a mound of rotting crates stacked up high against one wall. It looked in danger of falling at any moment. The street emerged into a courtyard. The stone had grown green with moss and other plant life due to neglect and a disused fountain was pressed into the far wall. The face of a God would have at one point poured water from its mouth into the circular bowl that now remained dried and cracked. The weather had long since destroyed the face so it was impossible to tell who it should have represented. Katelyn stopped before the fountain and pulled a single gold Kiel coin from her pocket. She let the group take in their new surroundings for a moment before she tossed the coin into the fountain pool. The echo of the clattering coin seemed rather loud.

Somewhere above a face peered out from a boarded window. Waving down hidden archers.

'I see you brought friends.'

The Vessel walked up to and touched the fountain sad that she couldn't recognise who it was supposed to represent.
"How couldn't I have been here before? This looks just like the sort of place I'd have loved to be."
She looked up.
An archer in the window surprised her.
"I'd say friends is a good choice of words.
But I could say the same with you though.
So what's your name?"

image Along The Streets (Undisclosed Location) - Tinsdal

Vergil followed along behind the group, keeping a close eye on their surroundings, in case they were being followed, or worse. They soon arrived at a cramped and rather narrow looking street; it's existence barely registered with the surrounding populace, shadows of age and mystery were cast high upon its walls. The street soon opened up into some kind of courtyard, and at its epicentre, lay an old stone fountain; it's basin dried and cracked in places, and the face that would of once had water pouring out of its mouth was overgrown with moss.

The Vessel had taken a moment to observe the face, obviously trying to figure out who it was supposed to represent; but not before Katelyn tossed a gold Kiel coin into the fountain, which created a loud echoed, and had summoned an archer from a hidden location. Vergil used his Shade's Vision to see if anyone else was snooping above them, and his assumptions were right, a small group of archers had positioned themselves around the party, all hiding in shadows.

" I see you brought friends. " The exposed archer remarked.

"I was expecting some kind of welcoming committee, considering who brought us here." Vergil remarked in response, casting a brief glance at Katelyn, before returning his gaze to the archer above him.

Daniel De'Silver - The Streets - Tinsdal

Daniel De'Silver laughed. Once again the noise seemed unnaturally loud in the courtyard. The smile on his face showed his genuine amusement at the comment as he vanished back inside the aged building. An agonising moment of tension rippled through the air as the others seemed unsure of what might happen next. An audible click preceded the grinding of stone as the face of the fountain swung aside to reveal a narrow and dark brick passage. It was clear from the different materials used in the passage that this had been a later addition to the building.

Daniel emerged alone and strode out into the base of the fountain. He held an attractive and well shaven face that befitted his young age. Under the long tanned trench coat the metal of his sword glimmered in the light. He looked at Vergil.

"When this building was designed the men constructed this courtyard to amplify even the slightest of whispers as a security measure for a very paranoid man. As such it makes a nice entrance for a hidden base don't you think?."

He turned to Kate.

"You should take them to see your mother straight away. You know how she is."

He turned around to take in the others.

"You are all safe here and if it makes you feel any better you can keep your weapons. Follow me."

Daniel spun around and climbed back into the fountain vanishing into the dark of the tunnel.

"Just a second."
She strummed.
The acoustics were just amazing here, the sound was something else.
She entered followed them in curiosity overriding sense of caution for the time being.
It was sure dark but her eyes adapted quite quickly.

image Along The Streets (Undisclosed Location) - Tinsdal

"When this building was designed the men constructed this courtyard to amplify even the slightest of whispers as a security measure for a very paranoid man. As such it makes a nice entrance for a hidden base don't you think?" The man asked after appearing from a secret entrance that was the fountain itself. He looked young, at least younger than Vergil according to a brief scan that was made; upon which his name was found, Daniel. The group soon entered into the passageway that was shown, Vergil's eye's becoming accustomed to the dark rather quickly. Now seemed the time to answer the question.

"I guess your right, who would of thought to look for a hidden entrance to a secret base inside a fountain; unless of course you already knew it was there, or figured out that something didn't feel quite right about the scene, if you understand where I'm coming from." Vergil remarked with a vague note of slyness, suggesting how someone might have already known about the secret doorway.

Kristina Kerrigan - Along The District Streets (The Dean's Crypt) - Tinsdal

"Ah, a businessman are we?" Kristina asked sounding curious about the man's reason to be here.

"Would this lady be permitted to know what kind of business? Or is it a 'I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.' type of business?" She then asked, being cautious but also sounding not afraid.

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

"So Velen what do you think?" Lorel asked after he had just explained the situation to him. Velen just stood there pondering.

Velen then silently nodded and responded. "We must tell the Dean. So his forces can prepare for this massive war fleet." Lorel and Itsuka nodded at the idea and then moved to find the Dean whom was in the main room sitting with a look of annoyance.

"Do you need something? Sorry, I have lots on my mind at the moment. Can it wait?" The Dean spoke in a very low voice.

Velen shook his head. "I am sorry Dean, but it cannot. A massive war fleet is coming to the North. It will be attacking one of the coastal districts, you must send word to all the coastal districts to prepare for this."

"A war fleet... This week just keeps getting worse and worse... Tinsdal is in disarray from everything that has happened. Alright, I will mass the troops in all the coastal cities. Thank you for telling me this."

"No problem Sir." Velen responded.

Kain Whitestroke-Crypt-Tinsdal

Kain responded to the women fairly quickly after her question, "Oh I wouldn't say Business man, but as to what type of business...Well...I already told you what business I'm here for. I believe I said, 'visiting clients and visiting friends in the area.' I wasn't being vague, that's literally the reason I'm here." It was probably the most truthful thing Kain has said thus far.

When one thinks of Kain is in Tinsdal for, his description is fairly accurate.

Katelyn Verneer - The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

Kate remained motionless before the entrance to the tunnel. In total silence. She had seen the sight of the gaping fountain door too many times before and it never failed to provoke bitter thoughts of a time long ago. She had seen the darkness swallow Daniel from sight and she followed, more than a little nervous, drawing a deep breath to calm the fluttering nerves inside of her. She hated the dark of the labyrinth. The cold chill that lingered in the still air crawled across her skin and she resisted the urge to shiver. She would not allow some childhood fear to overcome her now.

The dark was suffocating but Kate kept her attention on the odd noises of the passage. The sound of footsteps and the occasional crash of loose brick as someone behind brushed the wall. She seemed to follow Daniel for what seemed like a long time down the gentle sloped passage twisting and turning as it cut through the bedrock of the district. Had there been light you might have seen the other passages diverting off into the darkness beyond. Was Daniel taking the long route for the purpose of confusing the others?

She smiled at the sight of the emerging round chamber. A single shaft of brilliant light fell from the roof to illuminate the giant, aged, wooden door in the wall. The lingering remnants of peeled red paint and gold highlighting seemed an unusual mix for the style of the north. The door was opened from the inside. The creaking wood strained to reveal a faded but ornate multi-levelled room housing the giant statue of a smiling goddess. Candles burned to give a soft light to the chamber and the smell of insence lingered in the air.

"Welcome to the library." Daniel remarked aloud. Though it seemed more like the entrance to a temple to him.

"It looks like a pretty expansive knowledge base.
You don't have any medical tomes do you? Perhaps some other scientific literature?"

Daniel De'Silver - The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

"Several thousand I believe." Daniel remarked casually to the Vessel as he kept his eye on Katelyn.

Vincent - Tinsdal - Near the Mortuary

"Not that this little meeting isn't fun, but would you mind if we moved on since you insisted on showing us around Kristina?" Vincent said, his eyes flickering over the newcomer for a second before coming back to rest on the tour guide. They're plan wasn't going at all to how they wanted it, and now they were being slowed down even more.

Dammit, maybe we should have just ignored this and reported back to the Council when we had the chance... Vincent thought to himself.

image Along The Streets (Undisclosed Location) - Tinsdal

A single shaft of light greed the group as they entered a rather large, circular room. Along its outer walls, candles were situated, each giving off a faint fragrance that Vergil recognized as incense; he figured it was related to the large statue of a smiling goddess that appeared to be an important feature of the room. There were a few features that matched it to the fountain in the courtyard, but that had been so destroyed by age, he couldn't be certain if they were the same.

"Welcome to the library." Daniel remarked aloud.

"Hmmph, impressive." Vergil remarked in a rather flat, nonchalant tone.

"But as you know Daniel, books are not what we came for."

Kristina Kerrigan - Along The District Streets (The Dean's Crypt) - Tinsdal

"Yes, of course your right sir. We have definitely spent far too much time here, and there is much more to see here in Tinsdal." Kristina said in a mixture of apologetic, worry, and frantic voices. After calming down for a few moments, she had regained control of herself, putting on a charming smile. She then turned to the man on horseback.

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid we must depart." And after gathering up her group, they soon set off to continue their tour of Tinsdal.

Isabella Verneer - The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

"You are correct Vergil Crawford, they are not." Isabelle Verneer walked from the shadow in the corner of the room behind the statue and addressed the group. She looked at the new faces with a mixture of cation and a smile. Isabelle looked upwards into the face of the statue, at this distance she could see the cracks in the wood.

In the soft light of the room the resemblance to Katelyn was clear, the same hair but streaked with lines of grey, the same olive skin but wrinkled around the features. Isabella commanded a deep, seductive, voice that carried on the scented air a subtle hint to her past life. There was a little of Scarlett in her features, mostly the piercing eyes. She looked back down and her smile widened to accommodate a more friendly manor.

"You are here about my other daughter and it is her carelessness that has brought you to the house of the wind. The answers you seek can be found in the books that are kept here, but you will have little time for research I am afraid child." She looked at the Vessel. Her hands at least. "Maybe when all this has been concluded the time will present itself."

"You know of him?
Do you also know of me then?
If so I'd appreciate you telling me exactly what you know.
I might even be willing to fill in any blanks about myself."

Telnor- The Mindscape

Telnor glowed. Bulbs of light floated around him, each representing a part of him. One of the balls of light float in front of Telnor and grew until it was large enough for Telnor to step through, ready to fight Gelm.

gelm- Tinsdal Prison

Gelm sat against the wall, legs crossed. It was time to defeat Telnor once and for all. It was time for him to take control.

Telnor- The Mindscape

Telnor watched as his mirror self materialized in front of him. Gelm's body was covered in dark flames.His hands ended in claws instead of fingers, the ground around him shifted as if unsure if it was solid or liquid. But the most striking of all were Gelm's eyes. They were a calm blue, a drastic contrast to rest of his angry body.

The land around them was barren and flat. Nothing could be seen for miles and there was no life beyond the two combatants.

"This is it Gelm. I have no desire for a thing such as yourself to control my body any longer," Telnor said.

"If you had no desire for me then I would have never existed in the first place. But deep down you know. You know that you need me. You can't live without me."

"I know I can't live without the emotions you are made of but they will not control me. You have never controlled me and I have no plans for that to change." Telnor raised his hand and the balls of light fired at Gelm blasting the land to pieces. Gelm charged at Telnor slashing at him. Telnor ducked and punched upwards with one of the balls to knock Gelm into the air, Gelm extended his claws impaling Telnor's foot.

"Lets drop the pretense. This fight should be with the weapon we know best. The sword," Gelm wiped blood away from his face as his claws shrank back to their normal length. As he spoke a blood red sword shimmered into being in front of him. Gelm grabbed it and licked the length of the blade with a freakishly long tongue. Telnor showed no response as many of the balls of light formed together to make a white sword in his hand. Only four balls stayed apart from the sword as they floated around Telnor.

Telnor charged at Gelm and stabbed. Gelm parried and and slashed back. Telnor rolled with his sword under Gelm's sword and slashed as he rolled to his feet. Gelm jumped back and the two circled each other, looking for an opening.

Gelm struck first, slashing diagonally as Telnor caught Gelm's blade against his and slide his balde up until the two swords were touching at the hilts. Telnor pushed Gelm back, spun and slashed at Gelm, cutting Gelm across the stomach and black smoke floated out of the wound.. Gelm jumped into the air and black skeleton wings formed as Gelm floated out of Telnor's reach. Telnor started running and jumped as one of the balls light formed a platform around his feet. Telnor ran up to Gelm in this manner, jumped, sliced at one wing. Gelm caught by surprise was unable to defend and Telnor cut off the wing. Telnor continuing with his momentum, turned in the air and another platform formed under his feet and he jumped again, cutting off the other wing. Gelm began to fall smoke exited his wounds. Telnor summoned another platform and jumped. Catching quickly to Gelm, he stabbed him as they fell to the ground.

"Don't thi......nk. This is....... over," Gelm gargled. "You .... will ... never be ......rid of me."

Telnor stood up and withdrew his sword. "I know. But you will never control me." With that he stabbed downwards one last time into Gelm's heart. Gelm burst into a multitude of lights that flew away. The lights that had assisted Telnor joined those from Gelm as Telnor grew. He grew and grew until he could no longer see the ground he was standing on. He grew until he could see two windows that peered out into a small room. Eventually he could see through his eyes again, and control his limbs and the rest of his body as well.

"Well. I feel like I was gone a long time. Its good to be back. I wonder if anyone will come free me from this place.

Kain Whitestroke-Crypt-Tinsdal

Kain was slightly put off to have the group walk away from him like that, but that was soon the least of his problems. He was starting to hurt again, but not in his arm this time but his head and chest were starting to burn as well. He swiftly took out his vial and poured half it's horrible contents into his mouth but it didn't even slightly alleviate the pain. His hands shook and his skin turned pale white. Kain fell backwards off his horse and coughed up small droplets of blood on the ground. The air felt even colder than it did before and Kain shook and coughed until the pain suddenly stopped.

Bystanders were beginning to observe the episode and Kain decided to quickly leave. He climbed back on the horse and galloped off again to scout the Mansion's perimeter.

Isabella Verneer - The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

She heard the girl speak and Isabella turned her head to regard the Vessel with a cautious glance, masked by a smile. "I wish I could, Andria Velkan, but in life there are somethings you must discover for yourself."

Isabella reached out and with a gentle touch turned the hands of the Vessel so her markings faced upwards. She studied the leaf and the blood drop in the faint light, sighing a painful sigh, before turning her hands back.

Katelyn looked on with a strange look.

image Along The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

"So then, Sera never killed you in the first place then; just another one of her little white lies, should of expected as much, given who she was." Vergil remarked to Isabella whilst he looked around the room to see if anyone was watching them from above.

"Anyway, to the business at hand; what is the deal with these forsaken Sigils? Why are they so important to the Warfleet?"

Isabella Verneer - The Temple of the Wind - Tinsdal

Isabella smiled at the thought of that time, so long ago, the cold of the snow, the bitter chill of the wind, it all seemed so clear now. Sera had acted for herself of course, of that there could be no doubt.

"She did Vergil, but she had her reasons, and Scarlett... well. She told you the truth, at least as far as she knows." Isabella paused as if regarding the Sigils. "The Sigils are the key to the capture of the North. To open the door of the elements and reclaim the future for all. That was Sera's legacy. A bright new future beyond this darkness. This place was once a temple to one Sigil, there are more like it, but enough, I will tell you more when you return."

"Return?" Katelyn questioned aloud.

"Yes. You have a friend named Telnor, no?"

Katelyn looked confused and turned to the others.

image Along The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

"Indeed we do Isabella, Telnor is still currently residing in jail after a little drunken incident of his own doing. But he is a friend, and friends don't bail out on each other." Vergil remarked as he remembered the last time he saw him, being dragged away after fighting some invisible entity. But the way that she seemed to know all of their names caused him to question her abilities.

"You know I find it interesting that you know our names, despite us never have met you before; and the fact that you have all this information about the Warfleet so readily available. What I want to know is, how?"

Isabella Verneer - The Temple of the Wind - Tinsdal

Isabella smiled at Vergil. She liked him already. He was smart. "Sera." Isabella let the name echo around the thoughts of those standing before her for a moment. "She is the reason that we exist and that we know of the danger of the Warfleet. Sera feared that her master, Kalyn Vaalender, would betray her in the end, and to her credit she was right. So when she had the chance to kill me at Scarlett's birth, she chose instead to spare me and send me to this place, using the life debt that I owed her to establishing the Overwatch. A group designed to keep track of the threat of the Warfleet."

Isabella paused. "When Sera was young she was apprenticed to Kalyn Vaalender, a man not who he seemed, and despite her skill in battle he was more interested in her connections to the Warfleet. You see Sera was born on the Warfleet and it is a rare occasion that one of their own leaves the confines of the fleet. So he used her to gain leverage over their armies for his own purpose, control of the North. Sera had her own plans too, so she is far from innocent in all of this, had Scarlett not stopped her all them years ago our lives would be very different."

Isabella noticed the change in facial expressions. "Yes. Even Scarlett can act for more than herself when the time arises. As for the Sigils, well, that was our own research. As I said Sera had her own plans and she had discovered the Sigils while on a job for Kalyn. She used them to lock away her "legacy" - we believe a means to controlling the North - and hid them, but overtime the Sigils were found by different users, and some even lost completely. The Warfleet hopes to use the Sigils to unlock Sera's legacy and take control of these lands. We tracked each of the six down and when we learnt of Sera's death and the transfer to the girl Teara we began tracking Scarlett and those who she travelled with. Some of you where easy to find out about, Lorel and his friends, Telnor, Andria. Those who had nothing to hide anyway."

Isabella looked at Vergil. "You Vergil where a matter of greasing the right palms in your guild. The honour of thieves is not all it seems these days when you introduce a little coin. Anyway, to take on the Warfleet you will need to be at full strength. You will need all your friends. And the Sigils. I suggest you start with your friend Telnor."

image Along The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

"Greedy little buggers, they certainly have lost their way since I last saw them. I shall be having words with them once I get back to the Tooth." Vergil thought to himself, obviously annoyed that his guild would sell him out for some coin.

"Of course, Scarlett and Sera had a difference of opinion regarding the state of the world the last time they encountered one another; and from what I could gather, it was the same difference." Vergil said with a slight smile, referring to when he saw them argue at Lord Nehelem's Estate back in Grim.

"So, I take it then that whoever is controlling the Warfleet at the current time, will have had Scarlett taken to one of the three coastal districts nearest Tinsdal. And, if my geography hasn't gone rusty, then they would be Aga, Isuan, and E'na correct?" He then asked the group as a whole.

"So it's a fleet of ships and a secret organisation hunting down magical artefacts.
I really shouldn't be as used to all this as I am.
I guess the first question is where do you need me? Where can I go that'll help you?"
Part of her wondered where they could get information about her but another part admitted she was exactly ever secretive.

Isabella/Katelyn Verneer - The Temple of the Wind - Tinsdal

The smile on Isabella's face retreated. With the shadows of the room playing across the features of her face making the look all the more haunting. "We..." She lost the words to speak. "Lost track of Scarlett along the coast. She could be in the hands of the Warfleet. Yes. There will be time for that later..."

Isabella turned to the Vessel. "When the Warfleet lands we will have use for a healer across the districts but until then you must recuse your friend. Kate, take them, and see to it that this, Telnor, is freed."

"Yes Mother." Katelyn replied. She turned around and faced the exit. The thought of Scarlett on the Warfleet had caused a worried expression to sink into her face. "Come. There is no time to loose."

Isabella Verneer - The Temple of the Wind - Tinsdal

She lead the group in silence from the base and out into the bright light of the streets of Tinsdal. Immediately it felt colder. Walking out from the courtyard they found Lorel and friends walking the street, apparently they had been looking for them. After a few stops the team arrived at the prison just as dusk had fallen, a fierce orange glow burnt across the sky as the veil of night dropped. The prison looked imposing in the failing light and the gate had been shut. Guards patrolled everywhere.

"So, any ideas?" Kate remarked with a sigh.

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