Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@Malyc: Never open an Insta-Gator past its expiration date. Ever!

@Mortis: Why not? Nothing bad has happened out of this one...

@Malyc ...yet.

@Berenzen: True enough... but, since I'm already dead... HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!

@Moris: What does it do? Make an instant gator?

@Jak: That's the theory i'm going with...


@Jak: Precisely. Though you should make a note to pick up an Insta-Gate kit while you're at it. They come in a box and are fairly cheap. So remember, always Insta-Gate the Insta-Gator. Always.

Freaking colds! It makes it incredibly hard to sleep >.>

Finished Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now on to the films and alternate endings!

@staika: I feel for you man, having a cold sucks. Right now, all that torments me is the occasional sore-throat. I'm waiting for the winter to come. LET'S GO!

@Nouw: Bleh. I hate New Zealand winter. Far too much rain for my tastes.

@CA: I don't mind the rain, just that my weaksauce body can't handle the cold at night. My house isn't very warm so I end up relying on electric mats. Auckland does receive the most rainfall in NZ but I suppose a change in climate makes that point useless.

@Nouw: We're warm enough at my place, but it does get insanely hot in the afternoons 'cause my room has a west-facing window. So I end up shutting the blinds at 3 PM. =/

@CA: Lucky, I end up shutting my blinds at 7pm when the sun hits my room. I expect the night to be cool but I am wrong.

@warmth/rain: Hah I'm just happy we're above freezing today

*Checks outside temperature*
-10C? Well then it's warmer today...

*pokes head into SK* Wow a lot has changed since I was forced to leave. *pokes head out*

@Steke: Only -10 C? We were at about -20 this morning in Minnesota...

@Steke: @Malyc: What's with the black & white avatar things?

@Lizmichi: Forced to leave? I feel like I'm missing something here...

@sky: I believe they are from a music video for the song "Bad Apple" I should know I made them both :P

Edit: Found the video

@Jak: Michi has had complications recently, largely in the form of her education, which have led to her being unable to effectively participate in SK (and the roleplays she's in, to an extent). Perhaps the word 'forced' is an exaggeration.

@Michi: If you read this, feel free to correct me on any mistakes I may have made.

@Raven No you're right and it's not my fault they wouldn't let me have internet for 3 weeks and that my laptop is fucking up.

@Liz:Oh, I thought you meant we "forced you to leave".

@Skye: I blame Steke... He got me into this song "Bad Apple"

And the english version

EDIT: Damned ninjas... In my defense, it's after 1 am here so... nap time.

@Malyc: A lovely song I must say. Cool animations too.

@Malyc Glad you like it, it's originally from this "ancient" Touhou game.
Can't say I remember witch one though.

@Nouw ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ALL MUST BE ASSIMILATED! Nah, but is's a cool song, even though it's not what I listen the most to.

Also, is it unusual to be able to name most of the characters in the video?

Interesting, I prefer the English dub.
Must be because I can actually understand the words. :p
That or I'm not an Otaku.

...or both.

@Zero Well so did I for a long time, the lyrics and vocal are both really good on that one. But now, I prefer the Japanese version.
If you listen to them both, you can hear that the sound-quality on the Japanese version is a bit better, and I now get a little annoyed whenever I listen to the English version for that very reason.

@malyc: *looks in, notices name* i think you meant sky

although i did recognize your avvie as being from that. i love the video, although it seems to put my drawings to shame with simple black and white.

@Skye: O.O

I did... but like i said, it was after 1 am and i had had 2 crown and cokes (mostly crown) and a colorado bulldog by that point so... probly not at my fullest attention ability.

@malyc: that is no excuse, you must do better to pay attention to who you are talking to :P

@Skye: Psh. Your drawings are awesome. ^_^

@Skye I have seen some of your things in Deviantart, and I have to say it's quite good.
Also, the Gentlemon hat is far above awesome.

One of the most fun things in the world is watching your cat attack a piece of string. I swear my cat finds the most random of strings and amuses herself to death with them.

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