Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Berenzen: Whoops sorry about the late reply, I was out bowling and I only checked my phone for a sec and I didn't notice your comment >.>

Thanks for the help I'll be sure to check them out. I'm not really picky on what type of horror book it is as long as it's horror. I just really need to learn the writing style since I haven't really read any horror books before so I'd like to learn how they write them in books and such since that usually helps me with my writing.

@staika: Forget Lovecraft. His work is way too dry to appeal to anyone outside of the snooty English intellectual audience.

I'd go with Poe. "Bernice", "Pit and the Pendulum", and "Murders in the Rue Morgue" are all good reads.

@RaNDM G: The internet seems to beg to differ. Then again, it is the internet.

@Nouw: New avatar... nice. Stupid Question Time: is that you? =P

@CA: Thanks ^^. No question is a stupid question! It's a rather fair question since all you know about me is that I'm young and Korean. As much as I'd love to say it is me, it is not me. It's a dancer, you may take offence to that statement, from Youtube. Linky.

@Nouw: I'm not offended... why would I be? =/

It's just that my preferred form of dance is different, is all. I definitely don't have the flexibility that that person does... maybe that's why I get slightly lower marks in my Latin American medal tests than I do for my Ballroom. In the latter I can use my long legs to my advantage; I can cover a good portion of the dance floor if I'm allowed to.

Slight Tangent: In a sense, I'm like Garrus in Mass Effect 2. I have reach, but my partners have flexibility. Disregarding any sexual themes in that quote, of course... >.<

@CA: Lol innuendo.

In other news, my death is canon now because I can't be fucked to go over it

@CA: Must...ignore...innuendo. Yeah I understand what you mean and I apologize for assuming you'd be offended. Interesting how different dances use different skills. I assumed otherwise about flexibility and dance.

@Nouw: Yup. There's a world of difference between Ballroom and Latin. Different steps require different methods of execution: in Ballroom dances there's a much stronger focus on which part of the foot you use, such as the heel, toe or inside edge. In most Latin dances you're meant to look much less rigid, and use your arms a heck of a lot more as opposed to Ballroom's standard dancing hold.

Oh, and my Latin shoes add an extra inch or two to my 6'5" figure, while my Ballroom ones feel more like my regular everyday shoes.

@CA: Thanks. I just learnt the difference between Ballroom and Latin ^^.

@Nouw: rdhotcalipepr! :D

Granted, I do prefer the stylings of takeSomeCrime, but still rdhotcalipepr! :D
She's also kinda cute. <_< I MEAN! Uh...

@CA: This goes against every fiber of my internet being, but for that ME2 reference... lol.

I'm... I'm so ashamed...

*sees ME2 reference*


I find this incredibly relevant to this discussion.

@WarP: Yay you know her ^.^. And hey, everyone thinks that ;). At least you're not like the countless pervs in the comment section. *shudder*

@Nouw: Oh god... them! I got scared shitless for her when she was accepting mail from fans for her one year vid. I was worried some creep was gonna send her something nasty! D:

One thing that I love about her is that it's clear that she loves what she is doing. Compare her to someone like takeSomeCrime, however. As much as I hate to say it, TSC is the better dancer.

He's much more in control, he's much more choreographed, it's much more planned out, it's much more professional. However, you kind of get the impression that he's sort of an intense guy, or that he's not that fun to be around. His moves, while impressive, are not so much fun to watch if it looks like he's taking this a biiit too seriously than he needs to.

Now, rdhotcalipepr, while her dancing is much less planned out, is much more fun to watch, because it's clear that she's doing something that she enjoys.

It's clear that she's making things up as she goes along, but she does it with so much joy in her steps. To quote a somewhat less creepy comment: "It's like she's dancing like no one's watching her, even though they are."

Plus she likes Ratatat. That just automatically puts her high on my "do not kill" list. :D

... God, did I just compare two YouTube dancers in the thread? Man, I'm bored. :P

@WP: Wow, she's a joy to watch... That came out wrong.
@Nouw: Ah, so you're I see the source of all this. Like the new avatar.

@Jak: You're saying it like there's a way to make it not sound wrong. :P

@Dancers: Those guys are good. I like Marquese Scott personally.

Marquese is the first one.

How does he move like that?

@RaN: D:

My god... The human body was never meant to move like that...

I will say this about the whole dancing scene, however: Nine times out of ten, I will bloody hate the music that's playing. Especially if it's dubstep. And even more especially if it's Skrillex.

Apologies to Skrillex fans.

@WP: Isn't that the truth. If only people could dance to better music. but then again I don't think people can dance to the music I listen to >.>

@Totally unrelated: My dog always seems to jump up on the couch when I am the only one home. I think she knows that I never yell at her for getting on the couch.

@WP: Same here. "Bangarang" and "Ruffneck" I can listen to, but most everything else sounds like a mess of "wub-wubs" and record scratches.

@staika: @RaN: Good to know I ain't alone on that.

Problem is that the dance was made for the music. I can still see it apply to non-dubstep music, however. It's just that it's never been done. :(


You've been proven wrong.

@Jak: Cheers :).
@War P: Personally I like rd a little moreOkay maybe the fact that she's a gamer tipped the scale a little ;). Then again I can't really think critically of dancers which is probably I judge them based on factors like 'do they look like they're enjoying themselves?'

@RaN: .___.
That I have.

Well, at least you gave me hope that I have a better chance of dancing like this guy:

@Nouw: She's a gamer?!
Goddammit. I gotta stop falling in love with girls on the internet. :P

@War P: Kindred spirits man.

And in unrelated news, playing the Hitman:Blood Money tutorial over and over again is very boring. I must remember to save after the Hideout >.>.

@Nouw: I wish I could play something other than Bastion, Duels 2012, Plants vs. Zombies and Red Alert 2... I gotta get myself a decent computer. And you probably know as well as me that NZ's game prices are blatantly unfair to us Kiwis.

@CA: Which is why I love using Steam. I can get games for the price we deserve to get. But I like having a case too... Well on the bright side, at least you're discovering and playing games you might not have played if you had a better computer.

@Nouw: I actually owned all of the above before my computer died. And in my experience, Steam's prices are often double that which Americans and Canadians pay. I mean, I have an account and I use it a lot, but... there are some games I own that I really, really want to get back into playing.

Specifically, Jade Empire, Mass Effect (1 and 2, since I don't own 3 yet), and some games that I picked up in the Holiday Sale late last year. Those games being Saints Row 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Deus Ex HR. And with a new machine I could also get Skyrim... I have a lot of catching up to do. >.<

@CA: I'm now pondering the validity of my previous statement. Sites like the offer new games for cheap prices a few months later, like Steam, except I get the case but I have to move around. Nevermind :P.

I hope you manage to avoid spoilers until you get to play them. I can't trust my self with spoilers. My curiosity gets the better of me >.>.

@Crazy Dancing People: Nobody beats:

@Nouw: It hasn't been easy, what with all the controversy over ME3's ending, but I have done my best to avoid anything and everything ME3-related. At least, things that I didn't already know.

What do you mean, move around? Like, they make you dance for the games? XD

@CA: Now I can't get the thought of 'Space Marine' pointing a gun at me out of my head.
"Dance Nouw, DANCE!"

Get a ride to the store is what I meant :P.

@Nouw: Ah... you lazy bugger. =P

And the moment you said 'Space Marine' I read it in the voice of Indrick Boreale.

@CA: I commend you for avoiding Mass Effect 3 spoilers for this long. I spoiled things a far back as the leaks, and then I just thought ,"fuck, I'd be a sucker if I stopped now, wouldn't I?" :P

@TW: Pfft... People don't need dubstep for good dancing.

This guy is insane, and he never uses any dubstep.

Damn... mad skills...

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