We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"So is Scarlet threatening to kill us?" Jio stifles a laugh. "Somehow I am not intimidated."
He sees Sara. "Oh, pardon me. I'm Jio Freed." He bows. "EMily and Winona have told me much about you. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Oh, you have the hot sauce?"[color] Jin takes the hint and bows, like Jio. [color=blue]"As you said, my name is Jin, and I would love to try this 'hot as the surface of the sun' sauce of yours. Though, I do wonder which is hotter. Your sauce or my flames." Jin replies with a wink.

OoC: @Wacky I remind you that in his normal form Jio can't heal and trying to kill him would simply release Satan as any time he nears death in the series, Satan was released. Something that I don't want to happen.
@Drak You just can't let female character be around without hitting on her, can you? lol

"Oh, Sara... this is Four."
Sara brings herself up again. She stands at a full 6 feet tall.
"Pleased to meet you." She bows

I decide to start fixing the new hole in the ship.

OOC: Taking a shower.

"And it is a pleasure to meet you." She says with a smile.

Sara takes a vial about 3 inches tall and about half an inch in diameter. In it is a very strange watery blue liquid.
"This is it. As hot as the sun. Or should I say, hot as the core of the sun. EMily must have given you the wrong impression." She makes a devious smile. "This thing contains a special chemical inside, one that I've formulated during condensed matter research. It reacts with the enzymes in the saliva to produce even more capsaicin. You may taste something like Wasabi combined with a dense Thai peppers mixture when you first try it. But be warned, it exponentially gets a lot hotter... fast." She tosses the vial to Jin.

OOC: Capsaicin is the oil in peppers that produces the "hotness". Also condensed matter physics is like physics based chemistry.

@Salty: Of course not! Where's the fun in that?

"And a pleasure to meet you too" Four purred in response.

"Hotter is better. Trust me, I play with fire all the time." Jin smiles as he catches the small blue vial. "This will be good. I can't wait to try it."

"Oh, God. As long as you don't make me eat any. Deal?"

"I can't wait to see what happens."

"Winona, do you want to go and eat something from the ethereal plane?"
"Sure! I'm in the mood for some food."

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Four walked over to Jio and Jin and said, "Soooo, how's it going fellas?"

"You should learn to like spicy foods more, Jio." Jin says before looking at Sara. "Nor can I." He gives a devilish smile.

"I do like spicy food. But you're simply insane."

Seeing Four, Jio responds. "We're fine. Anything interesting happen? Other than Sara's arrival, I mean."

OOC: I'm back.

I finish with the repairs faster then expected. 'Must be all the practice I've been getting.' I think with a note of bitterness. I silently walk back outside to see what the others are up too.

OoC: Black in here is for a minor one shot character.

"AEanna 'killed' Regulus earlier today. Other than that, you didn't miss much." Four said.

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"Oh, yes. Speaking of Regulus, I wanted to speak with you two." She said in a very parental tone. EMily and Winona's stomachs seemed to turn sour at the thought that they might have screwed up.

"What is it? Is this about EWa?"
"Did we... s-screw s-s-s-something up?"

"I get the feeling that killing Regulus isn't quite what I think it is..."

"We could only be so lucky."

Sara gave a very supportive smile.
"On the contrary Winona, you two performed very good. I'm very impressed with how you guys have been harnessing EWa better and better. But there is one thing that Regulus said that made me think..."

"What is it?"

OOC: Anyone is free to chime in and comment on this conversation if you want to.

"It's that, Regulus mentioned about you sharing some of the same power as the early universe. Even though EWa has no connection to those hellspawn it mentioned... I wonder if EWa's power is truely stemming from that time in the universe."

"The same thought crossed my mind as well."

"She stabbed it with a magic sword and it disappeared, and not like how it usually did. I don't know what else to tell you." Four said to Jio and Jin.

"Just what happened with Regulus?"

"I wouldn't put too much stock in what Regulus says."

"Yeah, he's like Satan. There maybe some truth in what he says, but it's mostly lies for his convenience."

OoC: I kinda hope he isn't. I personally had some plans for that Soul Gem. Maybe...

Sensing that i have nothing to contribute to the conversation I stand a bit away from the others and start throwing rocks for the lasers to zap.

"Regulus mentioned to us, while Winona and I were EWa, that at near the beginning of the universe, his kind was banished by some sort of hellspawn that glowed teal and harnessed the powers of the early universe. Regulus really expressed his hatred for them. It felt even more hatred towards them than the people he hates in Deadside."

"But so what though? I mean like... electroweak theory is a law of nature, it doesn't mean that we're drawing power from the early universe. It's been performed in labs before."

"But I wonder if that's the key to unlocking Electronuclear fusion. MY combination with EWa to form an even higher being. By calling to the early universe by sending us back through time."

"Like I said, I wouldn't trust everything Regulus says. He might have had some truth, but it was likely wrapped in lies and deceit."

"You girls are hoping to find an even more powerful form? Do you ever get tired of this?"

Once EMily and her sister started pulling out words like 'electroweak' Four realized she didn't have much place in the conversation anymore. She walked over to where Tanner was. She thought what he was doing looked like fun, so she joined in on throwing rocks into the air.

"The dark being is something that we hope to confront and destroy someday. Even the mightiest weapons on the civilizations we've visited are no match for the defenses of the dark being."

"We don't have greed over power. The electronuclear form and even the unification form must be achieved if we are to face him. However electronuclear form is something at a magnitude of energy far greater than the electroweak form. No device that we've encountered is able to simulate such energies, and we need to experience such energies if we hope to gain its power."

"We won't stop trying until we've found the answers."

OOC: To give you an idea: Electroweak is achieved at 100 GeV. Electronuclear is achieved at 10,000,000,000,000,000 GeV. And Unification with gravity at 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 GeV per particle. Where a GeV is a gigaelectronvolt, a unit of energy that's worth 1.6E-7 Joules. Very small it seems, but a GeV is a LOT of energy for an electron.

I smile as Four joins me. "The other RU's used to try and see how small of a rock they could throw before the turret wouldn't be able to find it. Of course they should have known that, but it's hard to find way to amuse yourself on an alien planet. I never joined them though..." I say to her.

"Why didn't you ever join them?" Four asked Tanner.

OOC: Also, for those of you who've taken a peak at my DeviantArt and have seen ENya electronuclear and Una Unification: I will not be bringing in those characters into this thread. They are far too powerful, and I'm going to save them for my own storyline outside of this one.

"I guess I didn't see the appeal...and they never invited me anyway..." I say to Four, purposely not looking at her.

"You simply seek power to confront this 'dark being'..?"
Jio was silent for a moment and looked at his left hand. At the '666' mark. He had once suggested that this 'dark being' could have been Satan when talking to EMily. It was a distinct possibility that he couldn't really ignore. And yet...
"Don't you think there are more important things than 'power'? Satan seeks power. That is all he wants. All he desires. Satan sought the perpetual energy that he said originated from something called 'The Big Bang'. If you simply seek power, even for the purpose of protecting others, I don't really see how you three are better than him. And he sought answers. He sacrificed his whole planet to get those answers. And I defeated him once, by uniting the whole world in the spirit of hope and trust."

"Jio. You okay?"

OoC: Kinda worth noting that Satan was a scientist, named Lucifer, before he was Satan.

"Why wouldn't they ever invite you? You're a nice guy, they must have liked you." Four said.

"...I don't think they did." I say bluntly.

Sara's voice became a lot more commanding. "Do you REALLY THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT!? I am well aware of the magnitude of what this involves. Jio, I said... We aren't greeding over power. Do you have ANY idea how unknown the mechanics are of the early universe? The energy of the early universe grants us the knowledge of how it works. Knowing this, it completes our understanding of the universe and the laws of the universe become more clear. And yet the only way to test unification and electronuclear is to send particles at billion of billions of gigaelectronvolts."
She calmed herself down.
"Remember Jio, our understanding of our power comes through understanding the universe around us, how it works and shapes the world. I know power isn't everything, but right now it's one of the only paths we know of. And from it, it will reveal so much." She smiles.

"Did they just not take the time to get to know you or something?" Four asked. She was having a hard time believing what Tanner said and wanted to know if there was something else behind it.

OOC: @Saltyk, Edited the above post a little.

EMily's and Winona's heart rates were a little frantic at Sara's outburst. But were a little relieved to see Sara smile after all of that.

OOC: Character development all around it seems.

"I...it's probably because I didn't make myself very...approachable...that was always my problem...but it's not like they hated me or treated me badly. They still treated me like a fellow soldier and I trusted all of them with my life...I just never got very close to anyone...except..." I stop talking.

"All I know is Satan sought this same knowledge. That was his ultimate desire. The Power of the Beginning. Of the 'Big Bang'." Jio turned and walked away from the girls. Something that he never would have thought he would have done before.

"I'm sorry about that. Kinda a touchy subject for him, I guess." Jin looked a little nervous.

Four noticed Tanner stopped right in the middle of saying something. "Hmmm? Who was it? How close were you two? If it hurts too much to talk about you don't have to tell me."

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