We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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R looks at Ferdinand. "Looks like I'm stuck here so... Hi." she says, forcing a smile.
I am talking to a duck. This is a thing that is happening.
She lets Tanner go. "Sorry..."

Ferdinand shrugs, "Hello. Names Ferdinand, Officer of Imagination. What tanner said is true."

Roland wavered, Doctor Com...
He seems at the verge of tears.

Last post.

"Oh dear. I'm so sorry." Winona came over to hug Roland.

"What?...Doc's dead?" Rose asked, tears welling up in her eyes.

Jin walks up. "If you ask me, we should have ignored them. There's every reason to believe they were lying. Worst case scenario we held a better hand for negotiating. They needed our help to survive. We could have used that to ensure they leave in peace. Now, they might just return in force to attack again. They're pretty stupid, it seems, too. They might just forget how much damage they suffered attacking us."

"Is Roland okay?" Jio asks as he approaches the group.

OoC: I find it kinda hard to care about Wacky's characters... Probably just me...

"Not a problem." I say to R, understanding why she is acting the way she is acting. "Tell you what..." I say as I drape an arm around her shoulder, "Most people don't spend all that much time in my ship over there, so you're free to stay in there as much as you want...however, my ship tends to get holes blown in it...so you should really do everything you can to keep any holes from being made if you want a safe place to stay." I say to her as I lead her to the ship.

OOC: @Saltyk. I try.... I try so hard. XD

"It is true." EMily's tone dropped. "It all happened so fast..." Her expression saddened, and so did Sara's.

R stares at Tanner. "Thanks. I guess. Uh... I think I dented your ship." she says nervously.

"Hmmm... well, sometimes you just gotta grit teeth and bear it.
So these guys are a bunch of marauders, but nothing would be gained from fighting them. Supose we walk up to them and go 'hey! this is for droma-whatever his name is!' and attack them, we'll probally have a war on our hands.
We don't have to like these guys, but there's no avoiding them. So we just gotta tolerate them. Just like record companies...
That's my take on the matter."

Roland seems to be closer to crying, "He's... he's dead. That I know. Mental warfare, probably..."
He bursts into tears.

OoC: Really? Yeah... I'm not all that good at writing angst, unless I hit really, REALLY hard. then it hits hard. Remember the funeral? Doctor Com's past?

As EMily and Winona comforted Roland and Rose, Sara turned to Jin.
"It turns out that those Orks were telling the truth. When we went in to investigate their reactor, we found out that if we had not intervened, the particle and energy level would have eventually fluxuated to a point at which it would spike beyond the tolerance levels of their reactor. The explosion would have been the equivalent of a massive solar flare wiping out all life from one face of this planet. Almost makes me wish they were lying...."

Rose burst into tears along with Roland and hugged him. She buried her face in his chest and cried.

"So no body will kill me right by the way uhh Tanner right luggage put a hole in your ship no one would let him in so he just made his own door"
"He didn't mean to do it Tanner we just wanted to get in and Rincewind why did you yell at me

"Maybe... no, you are right. I just hope people understand." Laguna walked off, still down but a bit more chipper.

OoC: Switching characters.

Lambda had floated back into the ship when she saw Tanner walk out. He seemed a bit depressed, and while Lambda didn't really understand emotions, she knew some poeple neede time. She floated in the ship, idly running scans.

OoC: @Nailik How does it feel using your powers for good?

Roland stops crying for a moment, and wiped his tears from his eyes.
"Well. He's dead. I-I suppose I'll ha-have to deal with it..."

OoC: Headcout; Who cared for Doctor Com? Who here will miss him? And what did you think of him?

@wacky: I didn't mind him. He was a decent character. I prefer Roland though.

I stop for a moment. "Don't worry about it. Maybe I'll teach you how to fix it." I say in a somewhat playful manner. "Go on in, but be careful. This is a military vessel so there are a lot of dangerous things in there." I say to R.

OoC @Gear: Its rather hard. I'm meant to be evil! xD

OOC: @Wacky. It's hard to tell. For one he seemed incredibly random, and eventually his power kinda got controlled but still. For two, his death was just kinda like 'huh? Well that came out of nowhere.'

OoC: @Wacky I was kinda neutral. He was interesting, but there were several times, such as that lolcat insanity, that his powers got a bit grating, and the death? Definition of anticlimax. That said, I will miss him. He was funny. And that funeral scene? I hate MLP, but I get the feeling that if I was a fan, my keyboard would have drowned.

"I doubt it matters to those guys. They remind of the OPTs from the Zenom Syndicate. They didn't need a reason to fight. It helped, but a lot of them would kill a person because they wanted to. Fortunately, most of them weren't much of a match for me. Except the leaders and Shuri. But Shuri wasn't really that bad, in the end. I heard he helped a guy save his sister from the Syndicate. Not sure on the details, though. Anyway, I went off on a tangent. Those beasts are little more than monsters looking to fight for the sake of it. Mark my words."
Jin looked at Sara. "We still could have used it to our advantage. Simply helping them without a guarantee of a permanent peace or them leaving wasted the opportunity."

Jio puts his hand on Roland's shoulder. "I'm sorry."

OoC: @Slenn So, you agree? I'm not alone!
@Wacky I'm pretty indifferent to all of your characters.

OoC: Headcout; Who cared for Doctor Com? Who here will miss him? And what did you think of him?

Meh...I'm pretty indifferent.

"Do you have inn-sewer-ants on this ship I could give you some I'm a clerk where I live and give people inn-sewer-ants"
"No don't even think about it Twoflower do you remember the last time you offered somebody inn-sewer-ants Anhk-Morpork was light on fire"

R looks at Tanner, and pulls out the revolver. "I'm not just some girl who fell out of a plane."

OOC: Food for thought: where's the one place she can actually put her holster. Hint: It's not her leg.

OoC: Bra?

Roland sniffels, "Well... he wouldn't like me crying over it. I'll try to respect him, even in death..."

OoC: Might bring him back, but diffrent, from a weaker point in time.

OoC @wacky: There's no way of saying this without sounding like a prick, but no, I won't miss him.
Never cared for him since the very few moments of seriousness were curbstomped by the maelstrom of ridiculousness.

Sara took a deep breath, and sighed before speaking back.
"Then it is a decision I will learn off of for the next time I am confronted with that type of scenario. I sensed a danger level, and I reacted. That reactor would have gone off in minutes had we not gone in there, but I see your point. Laguna was there chatting with the orks as well. But he was only humorously conversing with them aboard the ship."

@wacky: That would kill the effect of his death though.

OoC: @Trilby I'm assuming she has a belt. I'll keep assuming that even if evidence contradicts that.
@Nailik I won't lie. I was being nice in my previous post.

@Wacky: Ehhhh, I don't have much of an opinion to be honest.

"Y-You're right. I don't think h-he'd want us to be sad." Rose said to Roland, tears still rolling down her face.

"Well, I dunno about you guys, but I'm heading back to that space ship thing.
I've got a band name to discuss!"
Eddie started walking towards the ship but stopped and turned to Sara.
"Wait, I havn't seen you around.
I'm Eddie."

I pat the woman on the shoulder. "Right...just try not to touch anything, please." I say to her. I catch a glimpse of Lambda and go into the ship.

OoC: Yeah, but the thing is: He'll know nothing about us, and... well, that was kinda the point. And face it: There was no effect in his death. The point of his death is basically a re-birth, to re-shape Doctor Com to a diffrent person. I want to re-craft Doctor Com as someone new.

Roland nodded, "Well... we'll just have to move on. Lets talk to eddie. You guys need a singer?"

"Rincewind I hope there isn't anything dangerous happening"
"something dangerous is always happening Twoflower"
"I hope someone doesn't get hurt"

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