We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Tarkus orders Lysandros and Caim to resume patrol since it is no immediate threat. "There is only the Emperor, from your lack of knowledge I assume you fall out of the Imperium's borders as well."

OoC: So... does Jio have three degree burns and stuff from the lightning or is he just unconscious? Cuz it seems like no one is doing anything about him lying there...

@Zeph: Probably just unconscious...hopefully

OOC: ....................Tribes................................ Ascend.........................................................I have a history with a guy in our physics club who was obsessed with the original Tribes... but I'm not going to go into that. XD

"It's quite alright. My name is EMily." She curtseyed.
"Winona." She did so as well.
"Sara." She bowed.
"Gwen." She said squeezing her face out of the hug.



Charlotte then turns to Gwen. "Just an odd question out of the blue... Do you girls have last names?"

@Rosh: Ya I hope so too.

Joe makes his way over to the pit with the others. As he looks into the crater he sees Jio. "What are you guys standing around for!?" Joe says as he jumps down to Jio. "Jio! Can you hear me?!"

OOC: Cue, 'he is unconscious, lets take him back to the ship' line... GO!

Dionysius turns to Tarkus.
"Is that what they tell imperials nowdays? I am from the wilderzone, the area that rejected the empire."

"Well, technically our last name is 'Mason' since we were raised under James Mason since we were little. But we usually just use our middle names as our 'last' names. My full name is Gwen Gravity Mason."

"Emily Maxwell Mason."
"Winona Weak Mason."
"Sara Strong Mason."

OOC: I had to have those names fit in somehow. XD

"It musn't have been the Imperium then, you would fallen had you rejected the Emperor's word." Tarkus says.

"So this is somewhere else? A different time?" Dionysius replies curiously.

Charlotte smiles. "Ah, I see, I see..." She returns to Laura's side

Laura looks over at Dionysius. "Great more Imperial things As far as we know this is 2012 Earth... We shouldn't even be here. We Infinite Stratos Pilots came from the year 2032."

"And us four are from the years 2998 to 3020 AD. But we were born in the year 30,102,594 AD."

... RAKA!!!! Your back :)! also what have we decided for WAOA3?

OoC: Am I doing something stupid right now? Is Jio already in the ship? I thought he was still in the hole everyone is gathered around as they are talking with each other.

@Zeph: @Salty: is gone for now. sooo......

Charlotte turned to the sisters. "Kenneth and Angel took us on a time travel adventure once. It was... entertaining to say the least."

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"2012? Oh my...
He shook his head.
"I am from the year 3950, so I must have traveled in time and space! I did not know such a thing was possible!

Tarkus removes his finger from the trigger, resting it on the trigger-guard. "I suspect its a warp anomaly, we shall deal with it soon enough with fire and steelt." He heads over to jonah to see how his research was going.

OOC: Back. But I might be lurking anyways. My sister is going to be moving into me and my dad's house, and I have to arrange a bike repair with the bike shop downtown.

@Rosh: Ya, but Jio is in a hole right now...

"Joe just bring him back to the ship. He actually looks fine other than a little worn out. Where did he get off to?" Joe's Brain told him.

Joe nodded and pulled Jio through a portal he quickly scrawled onto the ground and brought him over to the medical bay with Roland and Rose. Joe then made his way back over to where the others were.

'Who's that' Joe thought as he walked up to Dionysius

The sisters returned to their studies. EMily continued her research on magnetic monopoles.

"I suppose I can stay with you folks, if you wish to have another warrior in you group."
Dionysius removed the disk from his spinfusor and puts it on his belt. He then looks at Joe.
"Hello little one, I don't know how to say this, but you seem a little... Two dimensional."

"Really?!" Joe says in surprise. He looks down at himself, then twists in a way that it looks like he's looking at his back. He then fully twists and walks up beside Dionysius. "I hadn't noticed!" Joe laughs in a sarcastic tone.

"My name's Joe, what's your?"

Jonah mumbled to himself. "Interesting, very interesting." He says as he examines the knife while Tarkus appraoches. "Brother Librarian, what have you found?" He asks. "Ah Tarkus." was the answer. "I do believe this weapon is a power weapon of sorts, after thorough examination I have discovered it has armour piercing qualities like that of a power weapon. I theorise that it could slice power armour even, but I will not willingly tarnish sacred wargear to test this theory." Tarkus looks at the strange weapon, wondering how it could act like a power weapon yet it did not shimmer with the same power field.

Dionysius chuckled.
"I am Dionysius, of the Diamond Sword tribe. How did this, this loss of dimension happen?"

"I'm a stickman, I've always been like this Dionysius." Joe smiled. "I come from the 2D realm, a place where 'depth' doesn't exist."

"Most intresting, I have never heard of such a place."

"Ya, I'm not surprised, most people don't know about it." Joe shrugged. "Not that it's an issue, but when most people see me they have this overwhelming need to point whatever weapon they have at me... but you didn't. Thanks!" Joe said happily.

OoC: Back. Woah, a LOT happened while I was away. Anyone mind telling me what I missed?

OOC: @Gear. There was a fight with one of Jio's enemies, Medea. The Roseland got shot down and we rescued Rose from the rubble. Oh, yeah.... Rak's back. :)

OoC: Rak's back just as we were planning to leave.


OOC: Well, we fought Medae, that chick with the whip (Salty) and Jio got through his mental block, rescued Rose and Roland from the rubble of Roseland. Um... The Avengers was awesome! Um... OH Raka showed up for a couple minutes!

OoC: @Zeph: Two words: Puny god.

OOC: Gear, go to Earth they said, it'll be fun they said.

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