We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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@Zeph: We started it when you were off doing the science.

@@kirke NOOOOOO...... i dont want tophat to go :( but i need raka to bring sasuke back... and he wont be bad guy no more :)

OoC @Silver: Sure do. Nailik9999. If any of you wanna add me, be my guest.
Also, I might as well make the first step and make a post that is in-character.

Eddie sat against the side of the ship, idly polishing his axe.

OoC: @Silver Whatever happens, Tophat wont go beyond this thread. If nothing else, it'll just go back home and lock down.

@kirke sad....
all my charactes have a forth wall breaking campain to encoruge people to stay and not to kill tophet (i dont mind kirke, but i lioked him :))

OOC: Well, I did promise to draw our characters at some point, while I haven't been able to do the drawings, I have a deviantART account and I have a sizable amount of you guys as my friends here who I can PM when I would be done with drawings.

OoC @Slenn: I already started with that.
Been drawing stuff for both Random and Salty.

@slenmn sounds cool,

@Nail: Your Skype is Nailik9999 right?

OOC: @Nailik Oh yeah hows that turning out?

Actually, unless something is happening later tonight, the Thalmor could show up then? Or during the day tomorrow? They don't actually have to show up after Kesler and Regulus die for her to stick around

AEanna sat in theshade under Tanner's ship, etching the finishing touches into her large mammoth sculpture. It had come out looking very well.

OOC: Yay! Let's make some in-character stuff happen!

Rose and Four woke up in the medical bay. Rose was still laying in her bed, wrapped up in bandages and in pain from the wounds she sustained in the ship crash.

"I'm gonna go find you something to eat sweety. Will you be okay here by yourself?" Four asked Rose with loving concern.
Rose gave Four a weak nod, and Four walked out of the ship.

Dionysius saw Eddie, and walked over.
"Hello there, that is quite the weapon!"
OoC: @Silver I just can't think of an feasible way to bring Tophat into the next thread, and it really would be out of character for it to try and follow the others.

@kirke i found a use for sasuke being with the group, one last act of revenge(?) for what it did to him, he will take it through the portal... as wearing it as a hat.... for old time sake, *sigh* those were fun.. you know, when we had a plot, 1200 pages ago

OoC: Ok, I got dinner kinda soonish so we cant start anything big, but I can do a little jamming before it's done. Let's just say Laguna knows abput the crash and everything, because really, who could sleep through that?

Laguna walked into the med bay, looking at Rose. "She okay?"

OoC @Zeph: Yup.
@Berk: See for yourself.

Eddie looked up at the new guy, he kinda looked likea Space Marine, that made Eddie a little on edge. But then again, he didn't act like one of them.
"Thanks. It was my mother's.
I havn't seen you around. You new here?"
Eddie asked Dionysius.

OOC: What were the circumstances behind the Roseland crashing? Because if AEanna was present for it, there's no way she would have left Rose without healing her if she was badly injured.

OOC: @Nailik...
Holy balls, that is fantastic. I mean really, I personally like the look of that more than my actual Skyrim character! Bravo man. Bravo.

"I am. I do not quite know how I ended up here, but I figure that if I stick around I'll find out."

OoC: @Silver Ah, the old days, if you can shoehorn that in I will be very impressed, but also quite cross.

"Hey, Sara. Are we ready to eat lunch."
"Yes, let's eat. I will gather the sandwiches." Sara went into the ethereal plane to gather the sandwiches Schrodinger had prepared for them.

Sara came back out with 4 wholesome sandwiches for them to eat.

"Winona... why are you still having Schrodinger make foot long peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?"

"I dunno. 'Cus they're easy to make and they fill the belly with warm gooey goodness?" She giggled.

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Sheesh, sometimes I think you never change."

"I see.
Say, what's up with that crazy armour? You with those Space Marines?"

OoC @Berk: Why, thank you! ;D

"I think she'll be fine. She just needs to rest for now. We should find Eddie, or maybe AEanna they should be able to help." Four said to Laguna as she started to walk out.

@Random: Medea (@Saltyk's villainous angel) smashed into it and tore it apart. That's why it crashed anyway.
@Nailik: I agree. That is very good. You think you could make me a picture of Four if I gave you a description of what I think she looks like? If it's not too much hassle I mean.

"they fill the belly with warm gooey goodness?" She giggled.

OOC: And Winona wins Inappropriate Out of Context Quote of the Day!

"I am not, I am from the tribe Diamond Sword, the armour is simply for protection. No handheld weapon that I know of can penetrate it with a single shot when my shields are up."
He says quite proudly.

I gotta go for 10ish mins, BRB

OOC: @Trilby. Great, now we gotta make a list of these things. XD

Laguna nodded and followed Four. "Yeah. Dont worry about her though, It's no big deal. If I can stay alive in the fights we have, Rose is gonna be just fine. "



Joe walks up onto the ship and looks around, he never noticed how flat the desert was.

@Nail: Added you on Skype

"I see. Nice.
I don't wear armour myself. The power of rock is all the protection I need."
Eddie got up and flung the axe on his back.
"I'm Eddie, Eddie Riggs." He said as he offers to shake Dionysius' hand.

OoC @Drak: I could, but I'd put it on my to-do list.
@Zeph: That's odd. I don't see anything.

OOC: Nailik Really wish I actually had a novel in the works now. I'd offer you a contract for the cover art.

AEanna finished her sculpture and held it up, admiring it. It really looked like the practice had paid off. Placing it in her satchel, she got up and stepped out into the sunlight to see what everyone else was up to.

"I hope your right." Four said to Laguna, trying not to sound defeatist. She walked out of the ship and saw Eddie. She waved to him, trying to get his attention.

@Nailik: Hey, I'm in no rush. I'd appreciate if you could, but you don't have to if you're too busy.

*Rachel walked around the ship*

Rachel:Seriously, is there not one drop of tea on this ship? How very annoying.

"Like I'd ever let you guys down."

OoC: Hey @Hatchy. You read up on the big OoC chat we just had?

Dionysius held the heavy spinfusor in the left hand, and shook Eddies hand.
"Dionysius. Tell me, how does the power of rock work?"

ooc: @Gear, if you mean about whever or not you lot are going to continue with RPing then yes I have

"Well... Actually, I don't understand it fully myslef..." Eddie said to Dionysius. He then saw Four wave to him.
"Excuse me for a bit, looks like they need me."
Eddie walked over to Four. "Wat's up?"

OoC @Drak: I'll do it eventually, but not just yet.
@Berk: Contract? Pfft. I'd do it for free. xP

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