We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Jio and Jin walk out of the ship.
"Where is everyone?"
"I seem to sense something in the distance that way."
"You sense? How can you..."
"I don't know. Maybe it's my expanded powers? Anyway, let's go."

Jio and Jin start running towards where the group is chasing Regulus.

Roland sighed, "Okay. I'll look her out..."

Diane looks at Rose, "Get him! Apologize! Tell him you heard him!"

OoC: Alright. But still, I just thought to point out that the ship doesn't work how you think it worked... @Drak, what do you think of all this? and in truth... it sorta messed up my plan for getting him and Rose into the new thread.

Gearhead mk2:
Laguna sighted the monster. "Whatever it is, it's between us and Winona. We have to fight it."

OoC: Cant help but listen to this while we're fighting this thing.

Alright, last two posts for those who missed them.

EMily fired her Solar Core Laser at the beast. Gwen increased the gravity below it to drag it down. And Sara encased herself in diamond armor and fired a fusion blast from her sword.

The flames come close to me, but I'm just barely out of the line of fire as I skirt around the side of the monster. The intense heat alone almost damages my suit though. It's a good think this suit is made to handle temperatures that high. I think as I run, trying to keep Regulus withing sight.

OOC: G'night folks.

"Apologize?! But I didn't do anything wrong!" Rose shouted indignantly.

Four yelped and boosted into the air to avoid the flames the Bloodthirster attacked with. "Outta my way!" She yelled as she started shooting at the demon with her guns.

@Wacky: Well @Salty and I planned this out together, so I'm happy with how it's going so far. Besides, @Trilby already invented a way for characters to get to the next thread anyway.

Joe walks up to the others with icecream in hand. The bloodthirsters tail then smacks it out of his hands and onto the floor.

"My... my icecream..." Joe says staring at the waste of dairy product. "YOU!!" He shouts at the Blood Thirster. "YOU OWE ME AN ICECREAM!! You stupid Blood Thirster!!!!"

"They're fighting something. We should hurry."
"What I wouldn't give for an O-Part with the High Speed movement effect..."

OoC: @Gear & @Nailik I kinda like Nail's better.

OoC: Alright. However, would it be possible for the romance to be sparked again?

Diane sighed, "I suppose. Just tell him you heard him before he goes mad with sadness and anger."

OoC: The demon who did this is dead, right?

Roland started to slowly walk off.

Laguna rolled out of the path of the flames, and fired at the monster.

Sniper also avoided the flames and fired at the monster.

OoC: @Wacky It was an Angel, and no. She was called back as she didn't have permission to act in the first place. Wouldn't matter as her powers are not limited to her being alive. Once something is broken down, it stays that way.

Okay, I think you are looking at this wrong. You should see this as an opportunity. The Roland Rose thing was kinda stagnant. And honestly, Roland was just Rose's boyfriend. That was it. That was his entire character. Nothing else. This gives him a chance to grow as a character. Use this to make a better character. You should use the relationship to build and support a character, not build the character around it.

The sea of flame was sepperated by AEanna forstbite spell. The two smaller jets seared past her with intence heat.
The eyes of a skull decoration on the deamon's armour flashed red and the beam and fusion blast fired by EMily and Sara dissipated before it even hit the Bloodtrirster. It also seemed unphazed by the gravity from Gwen.
The skull flashed red again wich stopped all the shots fired by Four and Laguna ans Sniper.
The Bloodthirster took to the skies and made a slashing motion with its giant axe, sending waves of flame towards the group.

OoC: Heh. AEanna must love this foe.
Also, who's fighting?

OoC: Um... so are there any groups? Are we using Ven's groups style? Or is this an all out brawl?

Lightning flames exploded out of Joe, shield everyone close to him from the flames.

OOC: Should I just assume there is no way for Tanner to keep up with Regulus, @Nail?

OoC: I'll have Jio and Jin enter the fray during Round 2. So, if they are in Group 1 they will arrive during the third action of the fight and the fourth if Group 2.

OOC: I will be fighting. But I may be late in response. Something unexpected has happened within our family, and I'm getting anxious.

OOC: AEanna would freaking hate this, but like I said earlier, the appearance of... basically a balrog type monster would surely be suitable grounds for a Gandalf the White style intervention, am I right? Particularlly when we already had a character who specialised in killing big fiery monsters?;)

OOC: @Slenn That doesn't sound good. Whats up?

"Um...okay." Rose said. She walked over and said to Roland. "Um, R-Roland?" She nervously said to him, trying to get his attention.

@Wacky: I'd rather it didn't. Just seems boring to me for everything to just go back to normal. Plus that would pretty much render everything that happen irrelevant.
Also, I am fighting @Nailik.

OoC: @Slenn everything okay? If you need to go, we won't blame you. Family is important!

OOC: Fighting. And @Slenn, hope it's nothing serious.

OOC: My sister has ended up in an abusive relationship with a guy who's stalking her and has assaulted her before. She exited our house claiming she needed to get art supplies. When in fact she was just talking to the abusive boyfriend before she left over Facebook. And now my dad is driving after her.

OoC @Tanner: Basicly, yeah. Should Tanner continue to go after Regulus, it will order the deamon to go solely after him.
@Slenn: That's... quite something. Do you need some time off?
IRL matters comes first afterall.

OoC: @Slenn Jesus... Dude, if you have to go, just go. Take all the time you need. Just get your sis away from that guy, and call 999.

@Slenn: Ya, that's not good...

@Gear: 999?


Sounds serious. Won't hold it against you if you want to get off to deal with that.

OoC @Tanner: Basicly, yeah. Should Tanner continue to go after Regulus, it will order the deamon to go solely after him.

...You don't say...

OoC: @Slenn Holy shit, man. If you need to go. Go. No one will hold it against you. We can handle some things ourselves. I'd be beating that guy if he hurt my sister.

OOC: Sorry to hear that Slenn. I agree with Nailik, IRL comes first. On the plus side, thats a situation that you can probably resolve one way or another? I immediately thought you were talking about a terminal illness in the family or something. An abusive boyfriend could be dealt with, by warning him off or taking legal action if necessary.

OOC: @Nailik. That would be good since I have no idea when they'll be getting back.

The sisters had an emergency call from Schrodinger for matter at their own time on 3020 AD. They left.

"Please, fight for our sister!"

OoC: Alright then... In truth, I can't think of any way to re-make him, other then that, since... well, just read this.

Roland ran. He didn't want to see her again. He walked and walked. He felt time around him slow. He felt everything change. He pulled out his knife. He had nothing. Little to nothing, anyway. He was... alone. He felt alone, freindless. In truth, there was nothing much to his life to begin with. Nothing to move forword, nothing to look back upon. He had nothing.... Rose was all he had, and he lost her. This angel... he would find her, and get rid of her. She took all that mattered to him. Now, he felt like nothing. He had lost everything, and Rose came like a ray of hope... and now she was gone.
He stood up, and ran. He just ran. He didn't know where, when, or how... he just ran. He ran and ran and ran. He felt powerful. He felt weak. He felt like nobody. He felt lonely. He was alone.
He ran for 3000 miles in that short timespan, and felt like he got nowhere. He lost everything that mattered in his life... he lost it all.
He looked to the sky. He had nothing left to lose.
He just began walking.
Embrace me. Join me. I will make you whole.
So he did. He had nothing else to lose. He lost his home when scarlet attacked, his belongings... he, in truth, had nothing left but rose, and she was gone.
He laid down, and waited to die. He supposed that was all he was, in the end. A host. A bad host. Nothing but a bad Host.

Diane sighed, "Too late. You were too late... damn, I never thought someone could break his heart like that..."
She looks at Rose, "Nothing you can do now. He's gone. He'll proboably embrace whatever that thing in his head was..."
She walked off.

OoC: Well, there goes the one character I felt was... really worth something anymore. Oh well.

Doctor Com watched as Roland fled. He knew that First guardian had taken control...
He also saw the giant flame monster, so he brought out his Knife.

OoC: Might bring them back after the reset, then maybe I can re-build him. But, in truth, I doubt there was any chance of him to be rebuilt with a broken heart...

OoC: English emergency number. Sorry, force of habit.

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: @Slenn Jesus... Dude, if you have to go, just go. Take all the time you need. Just get your sis away from that guy, and call 999.

I think it would be 911, but that's a good idea. My own sister was in a similar situation a few years ago.

OoC: Ah! Ok, it's 911 over here, good to know that its 999 over there!

Joe looked over at EMily as she left. "Her sister?" He looked around as Sara and Gwen also disappeared. "Something happened to Winano?"

I keep running after Regulus...

OoC: I'd think it would be real easy to hit 999 by accident... You learn something new everyday, though.
@Wacky That is what would have made it interesting. Give him some diversity to see him struggle through in the group. Not something that we heard about, but something here and now. Something personal. You're missing an opportunity and you don't even know it.

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