We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Diane nodded, "Thats good. Tell me, did you compare the gaps with your memories with what you wrote?"

Doctor Com shrugged, "I think so."

OoC: Yes. Yes he truly does.

Eddie was wondering what the hell a Nu ism but decided that that should be a question for another time.
"I bet, it's not everyday one is placed in a new body.
Still, this is your body now, better get used to it, no?"

OoC @Gear: Meh. I disagree.
I never seem to be able to do what I want my chars to do.

Bang:Master Joe are you alright?

*Bang helps joe to his feet*

@Zeph Did you just say...

"I feel horrible..." Joe said shakily, taking the support of Bang. "All I remember is looking around the desert while Jio was looking for Winona, then I felt dizzy... and now I'm here..."

"I suppose you are right. But I do not know what to do. I am not even sure that I can return to Sector Seven. I do not really have anywhere to go, or anything to do."

OoC: @Nailik Your characters always do great. Me on the other hand, there's always a crucial aspect of my characters that I trip up on. Arakune's crazyness, Hazama's sadism, Laguna's goofiness, Lambda's emotionlessness... I can never get it right.

"No, I haven't." Rose simply replied to Diane.

OOC: I wouldn't know anything about what you guys are talking about. I've only seen a few random episodes of FMA.

"Let's get back to the ship, can you walk? Or do you want me to carry you?"
Dio takes of his helmet and looks at Joe, concerned.

*Bang looked confused*

Bang:So it like you appeared from no where? Maybe you got caught up in Miss Rachel's spacial teleport and was teleported here with us

Doctor Com nods, "So be it. I suppose there's some magic whoblah to explain it, but for now, lets relax."

Diane nudges Rose, "Do it."

Roland continued to walk. The sky seemed to speed up as he walked, step by step. His toung felt like sand, his heart felt like lead, his mind was torn to bits. He reached the coast, and looked at the sand.
"After nine days... I let the horse... run... free...
'Cause the desert.... had turned... to sea...
There were plants... and birds... and rocks and things...
There was... sand and hills... and... rings...

He gazed onward, into the ocean. He slowly pulled out his pistol. He stares at the smooth clean polish.
The ocean... is a... desert, with its life... underground,
And a... perfect... disguise... a...bove...
Under the cities lies... a heart... made of ground,
But the Beings... they lost... their... love..."

He closes his eyes.

"Then stay with us.
This lot seem to travel around alot, and what better way to pick up new expiriences then to travel the world?"

Eddie said to Lambda trying to reassure her.
"Let's start by leaving this musty room.
You might wanna try walking instead of flying, to get a better feel with your new body, ya know?"

OoC @Gear: I can't say anything about Akurane, but you played the rest just fine.

"No Bang, we had a fight with a Bloodthirster yesterday. I guess in all the confusion everyone left me..?" Joe said as he looked over to devastated landscape.

Joe tried to take a few step, but he was really shaky. "If it's ok, I wouldn't mind a piggyback..."

Doctor Com looks at Joe.
"Get on."

"You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name..."

Bang:....that battle was....

*Bang seemed to stop for a moment*

Dionysius easily lifted Joe up, and carried him towards the ship in his arms.
"No problem at all."
OoC: @Zeph I think I remember you saying that he is 5 ft tall, am I correct?

Rose shrugged and started flipping through her black notebook. "It still doesn't seem right. Things don't line up with my memory." She commented.

OOC: Say, since not much is happening right now, (and since I'm apparently the only person who hasn't asked this yet) what do you guys think of my characters and how I play them? You guys from the last thread can feel free to comment on the characters I used back then too if you want.

Charlie floats back to the group eerily, limbs and head limp with blood dripping from his fingers.
Freddie, R and Greg walk behind him.

@Drak: I like them.
By the way, I had an idea for WAOA3 which would bring Asha back in. It would let you develop her. It would mean this thread's Mia, Conall and Rose not going through though.

OoC: @Drak I think you do them good.

"Um...." Lambda looked down at the razor-sharp edge of her leg armour. She shrugged, and disabled her antigrav. She clunked to the floor, took a second to regain her balance, and grunted satisfeid. "I do not think I hav ever just walked before with my armour on. It is... slightly odd." She treid taking a step forwad, and fell over almost immedeatley. "Perhaps there is a good reason for that."

OoC: @Nailik Other people always seem to do what I'm trying to better than me. Regulus was a better Hazama, Joe was a better Laguna, John was a better Lambda.
@Drak Reginald and Yes-Man were fun, Rose is good, Shannon seems good so far, and Four is the threads poster character IMO.

@Kirke: 4ft actually, in WAOA fully stretched he was 6ft, but I felt that was kind of silly, so in WAOA2 @Salty: once brought up Joe's height and I made the decree that he was in fact 4ft. Just like all the alternate reality Joes.

OOC:What did I miss guys

OoC: Drak, you do your characters wonderfully! I love all of them I've seen!

Dine flipped through the pages to where Roland gave her her lightsaber, and taught her how to use it.
"Does that fill in the blanks in your memories?"

OoC: How do you think I'm doing with a somewhat sage, somewhat hardened pinkiepie trying to help?

Roland sighed, and held the gun to his head.
"Felt good to be out..."

Doctor Com follows.

OoC: @Zeph Wow, Dio is almost as wide as Joe is tall then, he is at the shoulders 75 cm wide in armour, and Joe is 120 cm tall.

@Drak: Preginald has to be my favourite. But you've done a great job.

OoC: I forgot to mention Phoenix Joe in my question yesterday!

Eddie chuckled.
"Two options then; either you take your armour off, or I'll hold your hand.
...Or you could continue flying. So that's three options."

OoC @Gear: You did fine with both Hazama and Lambda.
When I played Hazama, he may have been more sadistic, but I don't think i could ever get the humor right.
And Lambda is the perfect blend of emotionless and humanity. While I felt I failed at portraying John's emotionless and just made him indifrent.

Dionysius walked inside the ship, and put Joe down on a bed.
"There we go. Take care now."
He walked over to his sleeping spot and went to bed, still in armour.

OoC: I need to go now, good night!

"I don't have any blanks...at least I didn't used to think I did. All this does is just confuse me." Rose said as she continued reading.

@Trilby: Well @Silver seems to have his heart set on bringing Mia and Conall into the next thread, so that plan's probably a wash.
Also @All: I appreciate the praise you guys. Nice to know you think I'm doing a good job.
@Wacky: Honestly, I think a hardened Pinkie Pie just doesn't really work. That's just my opinion though.

OOC:If off, good night to you all!

OoC @Drak: Kidd was the shiz.
I felt Dalia had potential. Pitty you got rid of her. Reginald was fun to have around.
I'm kinda indrifrent to Four and Yes Man. And I like Rose.
Too early to say anything about Shannon.
Once again, Kidd was the shiz. :D

Diane nods, "Didn't Laguna ask you to remember some memories that were kinda fuzzy, that had someone in there that you couldn't remember?" she said.

"...of the rain."

OOC:So what have I missed guys

Lambda stood up, turning her antigrav back on. She floated over to a chair, sat down, and took off her leg armour, revaling bare feet. She stood up, balanced perfectly. "Maybe I need to spend more time outside of my armour."

OoC: @Nailik With Hazama, I did get the humour right, if nothing else. I distncly remember one line to Charlotte. "Aw, what's the matter? You used to be such a sweet kid. Did the mean green-haired man do something to you?" TBH, I think if we collabed on a character like Hazama, Kefka, or the Joker, they'd be the perfect bad guy.

OOC: Now that we're on the subject, I might as well ask the same question as Drak: What did you think of my characters and how I played them? And @Drak: I really thought that Reginald was my favorite. Kidd was very interesting, and I never saw his betrayal coming.

Joe didn't exactly like the medical bed too much, but he was too tired to draw or move to his hammock so he rolled over and went to sleep.

After a few minutes, Joe's Brain hopped out of his head. "Ugh... Even I'm not feeling so good..." The brain said. Before it went outside it got some food and stuffed it into Joe's pocket. "There... that's somthing for him when he wakes up. Now to go talk with Lambda." The Brain walked its way out the door of the ship and looked for the lacking lady.

"Yeah, I'm guessing that person must have been that Roland guy. Things seem to line up enough to suggest that."

@Slenn: I'd say I like them.

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