We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"I see. Well...those all sound like perfectly reasonable reasons to go back to her, so I'll leave the decision up to you." I stop and lean forward. "However, I want you to promise me something." I say as I look intently at Lambda.

Sniper finds Shannon near the ship. "What are you up to?" he asks after walking over to her.

@All: For the next thread, I think I'll bring back Sev. I'm currently using RD on the AA and having limited Pony Powers is off when you're as needy to break the world as I am

And who's this Jaguar guy, for that matter? Read the TV Tropes page, and noticed he's the only Banned User

Diane hears R, and sprints to her.
"Omygosh, was she blue? Was it a she? What did it look like? Did it have a rainbow mane?"

Roland shrugged, "I suppose I summoned you without knowing it to prevent me from killing myself."

OoC: The color change is a slight voice change.

Last post. Jag was a guy with less then average Gramatical ability, and tended to overpower his character. We would have beared with him for a fair bit, if he could write.

"I don't know. Maybe?"
"I did sense a hole in space, but it shut. Maybe she went in there..." Greg says.

@Chillz: He was... a problem.
Let us never speak of it again.

"You saw it too? Maybe I'm not going crazy then." Rose said to R as she strolled up next to her.

"Target practice." Shannon responded to Sniper as she put her gun away. "What's going on with you?"

Lambda looked Tanner in the eye. "Promise? Whatever it is, I will keep it."

Dash started pawing at the ground. She was bored again.

"So... uh... if you don't need me I think I'll go back to that spaceship... kay?"

OoC @Drak: Remind me. Where is Rose?

OoC: That was meant for everyone but Lambda, it's saying the group as a whole needs to be reasonable with her since her situation is beyond their regular understanding.

@Nailik: Where everyone else (except for Roland and RD) are, inside/near Tanner's ship.

OoC: Edited my last post.

Diane started to jump in joy, "Its Rainbow Dash! She must have found a hole in the fabric of timespace and landed in this universe oh its so happy I could just party!"
Streamers and balloons seem to pop out of nowhere.

Roland stiffled a laugh.
"Good luck. The ships 400 miles away. If you can... would you mind bringing me along? I want to apologize to someone..."

Doctor Com looks at Lambda, and shrugged.

"Technically, most people owe their existence to exactly two people, but that's besides the point." I say to the...talking......brain...I'm able to tear my gaze away from it and back to Lambda. "Good. I want you to promise me that, if and when you go back to the professor, you insist, demand if need be, to be treated as more than just a tool, or a pawn, or anything less than a person. Promise me that you will stick up for yourself and won't let Kokonoe control you unfairly." I say sternly.

"Where did you get a gun? Can I see it?" Sniper asks Shannon.

"That may be, but you and Lambda both have thoughts of your own.
Just because one person gave you life doesn't you you owe them your allegiance."
Eddie said to Joe's brain.

Jio begins to stretch and yawn. "Guess I needed it, though. Those powers tend to take it out of me after a while."

OoC: I'm really sorry, but I have got to say this. Am I the only one that finds Wacky complaining about Jag's characters being OP, hypocritical?

Dash narrowed her eyes and grabbed a nearby rope. Some knotwork later, the two were tied together, with Roland riding the pony for extra support.

"I'm RAINBOW DASH! I can do anything!" she proclaimed loudly, soaring into the air. Roland held on tight, the two were going faster than the speed of sound.

Dash spit out some feathers.

"Stupid birds, never beats the taste of one of Pinkie's..."

OOC: *evil grin* CUPCAKES

@All: And seriously, who's that banned Jaguar guy?

The brain would have smirked if it could. 'Nice Jerome.'

"I didn't say that. I just said it's a harder subject to talk about than regular people. Joe for instance has never seen or even hear the Creator, but he'd do everything in his power to help and protect him. I know it's not quite the same for Lambda, but there is that feeling of... 'service'... for a lack of a better word."

OOC:What have I missed guys

OoC: Touche, @Salt... my characters do tend to be a fair bit overpowered... considering the fact I control 2 gods, an omniscentinet, the guy from Problem Slueth, ect... yeah, your right, I'm a hypocrite....

Roland held on tight, hoping he dosn't fall off. He also knew that this shouldn't be possible afterwords, but he was thinking of how fast he was going.

OoC: @Chill, you know, The Medic from TF2 tried to turn the group into cupcakes. Everyone thought Diane would, and the Medic did.

Lambda gave Tanner a hug. "I promise, to you and to myself, that I will be my own person. No-one will manipulate me. Not anymore."

OoC: @Chillz Whiny bitch with annoying characters that regularly godmodded other people into his plots, made nosencical fights come out of nowhere, and kept saying that this RP was all he had, he was skipping school and hurting teachers so he could play, his life was falling apart since we didn't let him in, blahdy blahdy blah. It was disturbing at first, but then he just got intolearble.

Shannon shrugged and handed Sniper the handgun that Greg had given her. "Some shouty cyborg guy gave it to me. I don't think I ever caught his name."

"Technically I owe my existence to just one person. Or four people, depending on how you look at it and define the words 'existing' and 'people'." Four chimed in for no particular reason.

@Gear: Sounds like an arse. Controlled Chaos (despite how contradictory it sounds) is best Chaos

@Wacky: But do you know the relationship between Pinkie Pie and Cupcakes?

@Salt: I do too.

OoC; @Wacky Don't forget the 4 Imagination Officers that you claimed were stronger than Satan and who claimed Satan wasn't a multiversal threat (I'm still laughing about that). Now, Roland is apparently, a God. No one can ever cause pain to your characters. Your weapons and vehicles are indestructible. Your powers don't even make sense. Apparently, Ferdinand is supposedly powerful (also more powerful than Satan I believe you claimed). How about Doctor Com when you initially brought him in. Oh, that Minecraft villain that just spawned mobs in multiples of 10,000 at any given time. Seriously, pot meet kettle.

OOC:What did I miss

"Why the hell would you help to protect someone you never seen before?" Eddie asked Joe's brain.

OoC @Salty: I'm with ya all the way.

OoC: All to well. Brony myself, if you couldn't tell by the fact I'm playing a version of Pinkie Pie that travels the multiverse.

Roland waited for Rainbow to land.

OoC: Well, at least when I write plots, they are halfway desent, and I don't bring fights out of nowhere, and at least have halfway decent grammer.... and No, Roland is not a god. Imagination and Ferdiand could be considered gods... anyway, I re-evaluated it, and Ferdinand is weaker then Satan. Imagination is still above satan, but still, slightly decent fight. Yeah, @Salt, your right... god, I have no sense of scale! Honestly! And Roland... well, he currently is going completely insane, and could snap. And now, he dosn't have any powers, but still has the-man-with-no-name in his head. Yeah, your right... I'll tone it down in the next thread, hopefully... God, now I fell like an idiot... Thanks, @Salt. Better now then next thread.

OOC: Would you like to specify what kind of hand gun it is, @Drak or is it not really important?

I hug Lambda back warmly, though it was a bit awkward considering she was now 2d. "I'm very glad to hear that." I say to her.

@Outis: Well @Trilby only described it as a 'large handgun'. And I don't think it'd be incredibly important to specify anything to be honest.

Dash landed on the spaceship and took a well-deserved breath.

"You okay back there?" she asked, looking at a bewildered-faced Roland. Dash shrugged him off and banged her hooves on the ship again.


Lambda held on to Tanner a bit longer, then let go. She waked out of the room, put her discarded armour back on, anf booted up her antigrav. She floated back to the others, and began gathering energy.

OoC: Anyone wanna say goodbye to Lambda, now's your last chance.

R looks at Rainbow Dash. "THE PONY'S BACK!"

OoC: You know, I think I should stay out of fights... I always am too Overpowered...

Roland collapsed, the air brought knocked out of him.
"I never expected that..."
lazy ass... Get off it, and get this body fit.

Doctor Com waved goodbye to Lambda.

OoC: Roland is now malnorished, dehydrated, and has a few scratches.

OoC: I know I had Satan, but honestly, I tended to power him down. And I have two villains I'm trying to power down so that the group can actually beat them, but still keep their powers somewhat decent.
@Wacky I'd give you Imagination being over Satan's basic Demon form (the main one he used), but not his True Form. And even in his basic form, his absorption powers would factor in.
My main reason for this is that "Only a man may beat a Monster."
Anyway, if you're actually serious, I may stay for the next thread. (I was thinking about quitting)

Eddie decided to speak to Joe's brain another time.
"We can finish this chat later." He said to the brain as he walked up to Lambda.
"So, I take it you're leaving?" He asked her.

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