The Tower of Druaga (Game Thread)

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"I repeat, do not test me, Atticus. You will not defeat a Grand Master of the Monastery of Dakesh." Faunra heard. Through the crowd she could see Damien draw his breath in preparation for one of his words of power.

Her pace increased dramatically. From the corner of her eye she could make out the guards beginning to take notice.

"Not good, not good, not good" she repeated in her mind.

Lacking time to think, Faunra skidded to a stop between the two, interposing to stop any unneeded blood shed. As she did so, she couldn't help but think of the familiarity of the situation as she braced herself for the blast of magic.

Aleister watched with interest from a table at nearby tavern, as a group of travellers tried to organise a passage on a boat. They were arguing about various methods of payment, some tried to barter items for money, whilst some stone like creature, wished to extract some crystals from one of the nearby pillars.

Two other members of the group, a woman dressed in high quality armour, and some sort of lizard like being approached the tavern, probably wanting to get away from the noise. He decided to inject himself into the topic of conversation.

"I take it that your not going to try and sort this problem out then."

"I repeat, do not test me, Atticus. You will not defeat a Grand Master of the Monastery of Dakesh."

Atticus didn't need to defeat a Grand Master of the Monastery, only put him to sleep. While he moved for his slingshot, he also reached for a purple pellet, sleep gas, ready to through it towards Damien's mask but stopped as a voice broke through.

"Masters, I could attain the crystal element by fusing with it. Then I could chip some off of myself. The pillars would remain undamaged, yet we would have gained a piece of them."'

Stonefuse, a citizen of Hurricos, ever obedient and ever...strange. Atticus had almost forgotten about his peculiar ability. It was so simple, how had he overlooked this? And here he was willing to fight Damien, a grand Master of the Monastery. Why the hell would Atticus ever do that?

"Oh, well that's...extremely useful. If Damien's alright with it, though. Are you, Damien?"

Prail eyed the new one up, refreshing to see such free interjection for once.
Her radials pulsed slightly and a flyer was quickly sent to circle him. Once it was back and reabsorbed into her she noticed the blade slung across the new man's back, a finely crafted blade no doubt and she could feel something coming off it unsettling.
Something about him though his willingness to butt in it charged her.
She turned round and some marched back to the main group arriving she gave a sharp blow from her horns demanding their attention. This was followed up by her eyes she look everyone she could in the face. This conflict was beneath them and she wasn't letting any of them get away with it.
Now who's going to be the first to answer her?

Aleister watched as the lizard being sent a small flying object, that circled around him briefly, then when back to it, and seemingly melded into its skin. It seemed to notice the blade of his former master, Krios slung across his back.

"The Edge of Soul is a fine piece of craftsmanship, made of a metal that is a durable as diamond, yet, light as a feather. Regardless of its weight though, it packs one hell of a strike. And that's only just for starters, why... I've said too much for now." He remarked, stopping mid sentence, as he was interrupted by a loud noise from the lizard's horns.

Aleister soon got up from his chair, and put his own blades back in their scabbards.

"Perhaps a fresh perspective is in order to solve this problem. With a clear insight at least, you can freely interpret the facts without being forced to make a decision. Any way, the name is Aleister." He quickly announced, and raised a hand, as a sign of welcome.

"You do not know the meaning of honor, and this argument will end only in a death.It is clear to me now that you are willing to stoop to any level to attain your goal."

He turned his back on Atticus, he was a lost cause, he knew when a man stopped caring about how his goals were achieved. He looked at Atticus and saw nothing but the start of Mark's descent.

The lizard's horn gave him pause a moment, before he began his way to the docks once again.

Ramirez was running back. "Prail! Atticus! Come over here, I think Martres has solved our problems!"
Zavier walked idly back from the dock, while water flowed beneath and men loaded their craft behind him. While some members of their party (he looked at the grandmaster at this thought) might be able to swim there, Ramirez didn't like the odds of trying to swim across the entire ocean in plate mail. But here was the boat, that would take us to Gaieocos, and that was as far as we needed.

Answering the call to come Prail followed Ramirez.
The Vessel looked a little unstable but she could probably get the job done providing she was treated well enough and given proper guidance. Of course as long as she was able to keep Prail out of the water everything should be fine. Lallowens weren't famous for their water skills after all, even if they did come with their own snorkels.

Caedis lingered in the tavern's bustling crowd. It was a fun atmosphere but it smelled heavily of alcohol and the ocean. But as she mingled with the crowd, it had taken Caedis a full pint to figure out that Faunra was missing. Whatever drew her away from the Tavern must have been important because she knew that Faunra was one not to avoid the tavern for its information gathering possibilities.

She moved swiftly back to where they seperated and saw the Atticus and Damien conversing next to a pillar. Caedis moved in a hurry. Even from afar she could see the looks in their eyes. Conflict shone greater in a man's eyes than his actions. But before she could get there she saw Ramirez come screaming towards the pair with a solution to their problem. That was good, the alcohol mixed with her anger would have caused a bad outcome.

Immediately she went to Atticus to ask what had just happened between the two.

"What happened?" Caedis asked.

"Oh, well that's...extremely useful. If Damien's alright with it, though. Are you, Damien?"

The human skin layering Stonefuse as a disguise certanly wouldn't fool anyone and brought unease to all who looked upon him, but he knew this not. Standing like a statue, motionless, without the need to breathe, he turned his head to look at Damien, ignoring the dance of Faunra's cloak as she rushed pass him to stand between the Grand Master and Atticus. A strange sound erupted behind him, but he didn't pay any more attention to it than he did to Faunra.

"You do not know the meaning of honor, and this argument will end only in a death.It is clear to me now that you are willing to stoop to any level to attain your goal."

"Shall I not do attain the crystal then?"

"You do not know the meaning of honor, and this argument will end only in a death.It is clear to me now that you are willing to stoop to any level to attain your goal."

Atticus just sorta stood there for a moment, Stonefuse staring off blankly.

"Oh, Well...the 6,10 steel warrior slightly hates me. Fantastic. What to do now-"

"Perhaps a fresh perspective is in order to solve this problem. With a clear insight at least, you can freely interpret the facts without being forced to make a decision. Any way, the name is Aleister."The man raised his hand in greeting.

"Oh hello there. Sorry you had to see all that, we were just having a bit of a-"

"Prail! Atticus! Come over here, I think Martres has solved our problems!"

"Oh, well isn't that just fantastic. Let us just finish this and-"

A device emanated from Prail.

"This is beneath you. Stop this at once!

"Oh, I know this, it's just that-"

Caedis ran up quickly, confused with the confrontation in front of her.

"What happened?"

"Oh don't look at me, I was just trying to-

"Shall I not do attain the crystal then?"

Atticus had had it.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! By the fields freshest grain, everyone shut up! Just shut up! Yes we shall take the crystal, I just wanted some stupid crystals, I don't care what's above or beneath me, great we found a ship, hello there mister we're fine thanks, fuck honor and fuck you!"

Atticus stood there breathing heavily.

"Get the stone and let's go."

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! By the fields freshest grain, everyone shut up! Just shut up! Yes we shall take the crystal.."

Walking through the sudden crowd that was before him, Stonefuse raised his hands, placing them upon the pillar, and started his transformation. The skin on his hands started to vanish, the strange crystal taking its place. When it reached his elbows, he released the pillar, and started smashing one of his hands with the other. The crystal was strong and resilient, but it was bound to give in to his relentlessness. With each hit a screeching sound could be heard, though it would seem to Stonefuse that his hands were not the same as the pillar. They were missing... something. It was strange, but everything he saw for the first time was also strange and this deserved no more than a moments pause.

Nearby guards and anyone who was in the area was bound to notice this behaviour, but Stonefuse was blind to that, instead saying with a deep, electrostatic voice that reminded of rumbeling stone:

"The material seems to be the same, Masters, but it seems to lack some sort of energy."

He continued to bash his arms.

Zavier walked back from the docks. Everything had ended satisfactorily, as he had hoped. The fare for passage was somewhat higher than he would have liked, but the slightly higher cost was well worth the convenience of moving forward a few days earlier than they would have otherwise.

Prail, Atticus and Ramirez were coming down by the docks. "Ah, good to see you arrived so quickly." Zavier greeted them. "It seems that one of the captains by the docks is willing to take on several extra passengers for a small fee. With luck, he says we should be on our way out of this level by tomorrow morning." He looked over the group, "Does anyone know where the others are? The man I booked our passage from said that he was leaving soon and wouldn't wait terribly long for us."

Damien arrived at the docks,"Tomorrow morning you say? How much of a small fee?"

He noticed Atticus, his response being a small sigh and a shake of his head, not able to feel anything but pity for the man. His path was becoming twisted, but it was up to Atticus to change it. There was nothing anyone could do except for him.

"We agreed on a price of three silver coins per head. Between us we should have that much, at least. Though my question remains unanswered: where are the others? We will be departing soon, and should stay together." Zavier looked around. Why do I get the oddest sense of foreboding whenever I can't keep an eye on whatever my companions are doing? He thought.

"The material seems to be the same, Masters, but it seems to lack some sort of energy."

"That's all fine and dandy Stonefuse. Just hurry up." Atticus said with some attitude. They began walking down to the docks and met up with Zavier.

"Does anyone know where the others are? The man I booked our passage from said that he was leaving soon and wouldn't wait terribly long for us."

"Yeah, don't worry they're right behind us." Atticus answered

Atticus was still cooling down. Damien's beliefs were a bit too rigid, this level could afford to lose at least a few gems. So what if they came from the pillars, what was the problem there? Perhaps there was meaning to him, and usually he would be ready to learn about them, but they had to get moving. This level had nothing to offer him and they couldn't afford to stay here much longer anyway.

Atticus noticed the steel warrior looking at him before turning to shake his head. Seems like their little argument really was bothering him and Atticus began to feel pretty bad.

"Eh, I'll have to apologize to him at some point...for now, let's just get moving." Atticus unknowingly said aloud.

"Sorry about the wait." Caedis said, bringing up the rear. With Atticus' outburst she made sure to keep an eye on not only him but Damien as well. Damien for his "code of laws" that he keeps too close to his chest and Atticus because of his behavior. Not that it was necessarily erratic but if something like this comes up in the future then hopefully she knows how to deal with it.

She passed by Zavier on the way to the boat and compared to the other two he was an even trickier one to watch. "Thank you for the deal, Zavier. What did you do to get this kind of treatment?" Caedis asked although the tone of her voice suggested that the question was merely rhetorical.

Zavier shrugged. "I can be quite persuasive when the situation calls for it." He ignored the tone of the question. They didn't need to know the rest of the bargain. He offered one of his rarest volumes to the captain for his inconvenience, to be paid once they reached their destination. With any luck they would be at least on the next level once he found out that it was a cheap forgery.

Caedis didn't trust him, that much was obvious. That was fine, as far as Zavier was concerned. He didn't trust anyone in this group either. It was irrelevant, really, so long as they helped him climb the tower.

Faunra sighed in relief as Damien walked away toward the dock. She was glad no one had decided to kill each other, glad that Zavier had found passage, and exceedingly glad that she hadn't needed to go toe-to-toe with the pile of flesh, steel, and magic - she liked her head where it was.

"Eh, I'll have to apologize to him at some point...for now, let's just get moving."

Faunra sighed again; maybe some common sense was getting into that thick head of his. Checking to make sure no one, especially Damien, was watching, Faunra slipped her knife out from her sleeve and back into it's sheath, thankful she didn't need to use it.

Turning, she made her way down the dock toward the newly acquired vessel eager to escape any further attention - even when she had not done anything wrong, she hated the feeling of a guard's stare.

"Thank you for the deal" she heard Caedis say to Zavier as she headed to the small water-craft. The two of them exchanged a look that was hard to read - distrust perhaps? Either way, it wasn't really her business.

Stepping aboard the rink-dink little boat, she turned to Zavier. "Thanks for the timely save. Remind me I owe you one" she offered before adjusting her cowl and settling on to the boat while tossing her last three silver at the boat captain

"I hope the next city will have fewer guards" she thought to herself.

"Oh hello there. Sorry you had to see all that, we were just having a bit of a-"

Aleister stood apprehensively back, as the man in orange overall went into a loud outburst.

"-problem I take it concerning the covering costs of a boat journey for you and your companions, its quite alright. If its money that is troubling you, I could cover the costs for a couple of your group, on the pretence that I tag along." Aleister remarked as he puled out a handful of gold coins from his pouch.

The night air was cool and refreshing. From the sides of the deck, gleaming lights could be seen from jewels on the riverbed and scales of fish swimming by. The crew worked long into the night, and when everything had been loaded they had a few hours to sleep, gamble, and tell stories.

When the light came over the horizon, they prepared to cast the ship off. Warm air drifted overhead, while the spray of the water coursed against their skin. It was time to bid Minalca farewell.


Even in the morning, people were gathering outside to travel or set up shop. Citizens, climbers and families all scrambled tightly through the dirt streets on their way to their destination. Overhead walkways weaved in and out on upper levels, connecting the taller ruins.

A place of travelers, vagabonds, slayers of mythical beasts, scar-covered swordsmen, heroes bearing magical swords, temple defilers, ruthless thugs or intrepid explorers, who despite its incredible dangers are drawn to the Tower of Druaga.

There was one more adventurer watching them.

In a way, this climber was a disappointment. He didn't have spiked armor or a greatsword decorated with skulls- in fact, he might have been a priest or a monk; he wore a cassock that had been floured with dust, and heavy buckled boots with square toes. The face was handsome and regular, with none of the marks and twists which indicate a person who has been privy to great secrets. His hair was black and of a ragged, matted length. His forehead was high, the jaw round and slightly fat, his eyes a shallow brown. The lips were full and sensual.

That was what Nathan Ramirez saw. It was what Caedis Saevio, Faunra Scarlet, and Aliester Cole saw. But Veritas saw something different. At first it seemed to be a man. But as he looked on at the figure, he saw his face was morphing and would begin to look like something- and then it would shift again, as if it couldn't make up its mind who or what it wanted to be.

When man realized one of the group had seen him, he moved back and disappeared into the crowd.

Ramirez sat on deck, unarmored and unarmed. Leaning against a mast and passing the time by conversing with his comrades and ship crew. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but it was as good as he could have hoped for. They were moving, their goals getting closer and closer.

As he stepped on the deck, the squeaking of wood beneath his feet could be heard. Stonefuse, still banging his hands, was able to chip off only a few, fingernail sized chunks off of himself.

"In Druaga'a name, stop doing that! It's distracting!" Potiatus looked at the massive golem, unsure as to what he was seeing. It's not an everyday sight to see a man or.. something gargantuan as this. "He must weigh at least a ton."

"Leave your weapons in the--" That's when he noticed this colossus had none. "Well, those hands of his could crush rocks, why would he need a weapon?"

"Just lay down in the cargo hold, I can't have you ruining my ship."

Dignifying the Captain with one empty look, Stonefuse followed his masters. As he entered the cargo hold, he layed down, as he was told, and the wooden planks cried out as he did so. Still clutching the shards he retrieved from himself, ever still and unmoving, he, as always, waited for his next command. He didn't even notice when they set sail.

Aleister watched in turn as each of member of the group he watched passed from the dock onto the wooden vessel. Deciding that now was as better time to get acquainted with these people, from which he had a feeling that he would be travelling with for quite some time. As he reached the dock, he was stopped by Captain Potiatus.

"Excuse me sir, I'm afraid you'll have to relinquish your weapons before you can board. For safety reasons, as I'm sure you can understand. You can reclaim when we reach the other side."

"Of course Captain, perfectly understandable." Aleister remarked in a pleasant manner, removing each weapon as he spoke, and handed them to an attendant, who quickly disappeared onto the boat.

"A word of warning, don't damage them, otherwise, I'll damage you." He then threatened the Captain in a rather cold voice, a nervous look appeared on Potiatus's face.

"Just pay your fee and get on board, we'll be setting off soon." Potiatus ordered, pointing to the boat.

Aleister leisurely got on board, after paying his fee, and decided to rest in the cargo hold, and felt the boat slowly pulling away from the docks.

Veritas was not sure what he had just seen. He took a few deep sharp breaths. He needed to conserve his energy; using his water abilities was very draining as he couldn't really control them, but he never let on to that. He grinned and said "Glad we're getting outta here! Because I sure as hell am not touching that water again! It gave me...the creeps"

"I'm afraid you'll have to."
That wasn't happening. After all they were attached to her.
Shame she hadn't been able to get much to eat.

Actually thinking about that.

She sat on the edge of her boat. No need to worry about balance.
She dipped her tail into the water where it sat still as a frozen lake. She could feel vibrations; the water was teaming with movement. It wasn't long before the first fish came to eat at her tail. There was a splash, her tail flicked with extreme speed.

She withdrew placing her tail back on deck. Each spike had at least one fish on.
It was a pretty good catch. She'd already released flyers to start eating them. They picked away at the fish with their hooks nimbly removing any bones before savagely tearing at the flesh.

Prail could wait to take the birds back in. She blew out of her horns to call the others in case they were interested.

Zavier followed his companions onto the deck of the ship. "And you, Mr. Martres." Captain Potiatus said as he walked toward the ship. "Weapons off." With a mildly annoyed stare Zavier unbuckled his saber, the dagger at his hip, and produced his small pouch of throwing knives. The captain took them and handed them to a nearby crewman. Zavier, however, didn't make any move to remove the two knives from his set he had hidden up his sleeves at all times. Only a fool goes anywhere completely unarmed.

Just before Zavier was allowed onto the deck, the captain stopped him once more. The man leaned in close and gave a furtive glance about to ensure no one was watching. "And the rest of the payment?" He whispered. A small smile came to Zavier's lips as he pulled out his forged book.

"Here we are, Matius's 'Treatise on Druaga's Tower and Divinity.' First edition. It's safe in my possession, I assure you, captain. You will receive it when we arrive at our destination, and not beforehand." Zavier said, "Though I am surprised you were willing to take us on as passengers for such a small fee." Potiatus's eyes had an almost predatory quality to them when Zavier revealed the book, did the man know how easy he was to manipulate? All he had to do was seem ignorant of the book's real value and Potiatus was begging to transport them. Zavier gave a small shrug and put the book back in his bag before walking off.

Aleister could hear the call from Prail's horns above him, and decided to investigate what the matter was. He carefully walked passed the sleeping Golem, known as Stonefuse, and made his way up onto the deck. It seems that Prail had caught some fish.

"My my, that certainly is a impressive catch you have Prail, perhaps I could cook them for you. After all, I am talented in the realms of fire magic." Aleister remarked, as he summoned a small ball of flame in his hands. The glyph on his shoulder seemed to give off a warm glow, that took some of pain away from his muscles.

Caedis payed her dues and hesitantly relinquished her spear to the attendant. Not only that but the shortsword that she keeps in her rucksack. She made sure to keep an eye out on the crew in case they even attempt something that would otherwise deserve a "violent" reaction from Caedis. She was not the one to gleefully play along with what rules are placed before her and neither will she openly break it.

At least she wasn't at it alone as the others had to give up their weapons as well and that means Damien too. Caedis wished she could have seen that sight as she walked on the deck of the ship and watched the waves move around them. Caedis saw some of the others go below and thought did of doing so did come up but that was quickly drowned away when she looked at the waters. To some it might not be as mesmerizing but Caedis saw otherwise. She loved to watch the seas. It would always remind her of those long-lost days on the sun-baked shorelines of Helliot. The gentle waves collapsing on the sandy beaches unable to take back the earth or flood it with its influence. She leaned on the railing and looked into the blue waters below. Caedis spit into it.

"I need another drink..." She said to herself solemnly awaiting the ship's departure.

Oh great fire. What was it with these people and fire?
But she probably should give them some.
She used her tail to remove half from her pile it was a fairly neat division and to her made perfect sense.
From her half the flyers were done extracting bone and were now devouring the white meat in seconds.
Some enough the birds were done and she'd begun reabsorbing them.
The landed on her skin and began to blur becoming shapeless and floppy before dissolving entirely. All that was left of them were a few red marks.
Oh that was a little disappointing fish on this level didn't taste nearly as good as they did at home.

You'll have to leave your weapons in a separate compartment.

"Very well, Captain."

Damien unbuckled his sheath, made sure that the safetys covering the hilt were on, and handed it to the Captain,"I would appreciate it if you kept this in your personal cabin, sir,it's extremely dangerous,and anyone wielding it besides me is liable to lose body parts,this is simply for safety reasons."

He took the curved dagger he kept at his back to the Captain as well, asking him to keep it with the sword. It wasn't anywhere near as dangerous, but he didn't want to have to go to two different places to retrieve his weapons.

"Uh,uh,sure," Captain Potiatus stammered, a bit afraid of the man of steel in front of him,"But I'll have to ask you to relinquish your shield as well."

"My shield?Whatever for, you asked for weapons, and my shield is simply my wall, a wall I use to protect myself from whatever should try to destroy me, nothing more."

Captain Potiatus sighed, but accepted that the man would not give up, he reluctantly took the sword and dagger to his cabin for safekeeping, as well as for his own enjoyment later, should he decide to see what sort of "danger" the sword contained.

Atticus found a nice place to sit, his back against a railing of ship. He looked out over the docks and across the bay. His little outburst had tired him out and he wasn't sure if it put him a good light with the rest of the crew. Eh, nothing to do but get to the next level. Until then, he decided to start setting up some equipment.

"Hey, overalls, I'm going to need to ask you to put away your weapons until we reach our destination." A crew member quickly said to Atticus.

Atticus wasn't sure how he felt about giving up his slingshot, but figured a small lie wouldn't hurt anyone. Though Atticus felt he was being a bit paranoid, he was one of the only long-range fighters on the ship. If they were attacked, Atticus could easily blow the attackers out of the water.

"Oh no, these aren't weapons. They're are my weather equipment. Nothing to fear."

The crew member eyed Atticus suspiciously, but didn't react. He wasn't sure what was and wasn't a weapon on the farmboy inventor. In the end, the crew member decided to cut his losses.

"Alright, fine. Just don't do anything that would mess with the ship."

"But of course."

The crew member left Atticus to his business. Atticus set up small water wheel, dangling over the railing and into the water. He then set up the Rod, and it began drawing electricity out of the air. It soon began to power the strange little communicator he'd created. It made a few beeping sounds and suddenly someone picked up.


"Who else Uncle Fergus?"

"Sorry, it's just that one day I fear you won't be answering that little thing."

Uncle Fergus, one of the few people who really payed attention to the weather as much as Atticus did. He was Atticus' main relay on how the farming was doing and how the weather was changing.

"Don't worry about me, just tell me how everything's going down there."

There was a long pause on the communicator.

"Atticus...I do not wish to press you, but you must hurry up. The winters keep getting longer and harsher. The temperature is already dropping this year and the trees are shedding their leaves too early!"

"What?! You're supposed to have at least 6 more cycles to-"

"Yes, well now it seems we'll only have 2. You've been at this for 8 years! Please, find something, right now everything looks fine but...I don't know. I'll say hi to the family for you, we've working overtime to farm everything before the weather get's bad. I gotta get back."

Atticus dropped the communicator and simply sat there slack jawed. Great, he was on a timer Atticus looked out, feeling slightly hopeless, but a sense of duty also followed his gaze. His only worry right not was to make it to the next level.

He heard someone spit into the water next to him, it was Caedis.

"I need another drink..."

"You and me both, sister."

Aleister disengaged the fire, and felt the glyph go cold. He then took the neatly made pile of fish, and took it to a reasonbly flat area of the ship, this is where he would prepare them.

"Thank you by the way, I'm sure that the others will enjoy them, once their properly cooked that is." He remarked, thanking Prail for the fish.

Aleister sat down, and removed a small knife he carried in his boot, making sure that it wasn't spotted by the crew of the boat, and mistake it for a weapon. He carefully cut along the body of the fish, making sure he removed any bones along the way.

He then set up a means in which to properly cook the now gutted and boned fish. Aleister then triggered a weak fire, and started to grill the fish; first on one side, and then flipped them over with the knife he used to cut them. After cooking them for a few moments more, they were done.

The cooked fish seemed to have a slightly golden brown colour, and looked appetising.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to our travelling companion Prail, who has kindly shared some of the fish she caught, I've just been able to prepare us a little light lunch." Aleister announced. Before the others arrived, he quickly cleaned the knife, and returned it to his boot.

Veritas frowned. This was rare. "I'm afraid I cannot eat. As much as it pains me but something tells me the water here is tainted, and I have no wish to consume a denizen of a cursed locale". He sighed. No lunch it was.

Zavier found a place along the deck to set his bag down. Everyone was preparing to have some fish for lunch that Prail caught. She was an interesting one, that, of course, was assuming she could even be classified as "she". He had never seen or heard of anything like her, though that wasn't terribly surprising, the Tower of Druaga was home to all manner of strange and horrifying creature, and that description fit Prail.

"I could use some lunch." Zavier said, after Aleister had finished cooking the fish.

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