The Tower of Druaga (Game Thread)

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Faunra was stunned by the images from the candle. What kind of magic were they? How could they even work? What else could they do? She wondered these questions for some time before an idea came to her. Standing up, she moved to Prail, intent on asking her a question that might solve their communication problem.

"Prail. Those candles hold information right? Is there a way to have one teach us your language. We probably can't speak it, but it would mean we could finally understand you. Is this possible?" Faunra asked. She had long wanted to figure out a way to speak with the woman?

Faunra hoped Prails language had better pronouns...

"Alright I deserved that, are we cool or at least ice with that?"

"I'll let that be your first warning as well. No puns, alright? Atticus had to find out the hard way." Caedis went back to her corner of the camp and leaned against her pack.

The warmth of the animal the Conney had brought was well worth the risk of bringing it around and it with the serene, arctic night, sleep had almost fallen on Caedis. She tried not to but the day's travels had worn her out for the time being. Caedis brought her legs close and leaned her raggedy head of hair into them and swiftly fell into a light sleep.

Prail cast her mind back, Faunra was right, the most important candle of all, potentially the candle to end all candles.

The college had been divided on whether or not they should even produce it, some saw it as wrong even to try the idea to make all that information available so easily, what if the enemy captured it.

But in the end desperation won out and the candle was produced. The finest minds in the city poured everything into it, millennia of knowledge more science that pretty much any other level and right at the end, understanding. The key that held the rest of it together.
This was the big one; she'd done her best to save it.

She pulled it from somewhere, barely any was left, a white chip that sat in the palm of her hand smaller than one of her fingers. Just enough to hold their language.
Of course there was a problem, part of the reason Prail had waited.

She wrote something down. Her communication skills weren't so good but they were enough.

"Oh." Cecilia said lamely, she remained silent with Faunras inquiry, and smiled after the Caedis incident in wry way.
"How do we decide this? I'm the newest in this little cadre, voting? Letting Prail choose? Volunteers?"

Sitting down on the cold ground, she rested her chin in her hand and eyes flickered towards everyone.

Conney sat on the opposite side of Wooly, trying to fall asleep but being kept awake by the groups chatter. Even though she'd wanted to get out of her town and explore part of the level for herself, Conney wasn't exactly giddy about having to guide this particular group of climbers. So far since their arrival, things had gone to shit. They were nearly killed by something that doesn't awaken for years on end, her town was hit by a storm they'd never seen before, a random group of "things" wearing old mining suits, and somehow part of her town was blown to bits. Old Eisengrad had always had its share of mishaps and strange happenings, but things were starting to reach ridiculous levels for her taste. And being around these climbers, who were now talking about fields and candles, wasn't helping.

"How do we decide this? I'm the newest in this little cadre, voting? Letting Prail choose? Volunteers?" Conney heard the map maker ask. Conney didn't really care about whatever it was they were rambling on about and after another day of trekking through the same boring set of mountains was ready to nod off, but decided to give her own bit of "insightful advice." She shambled to the front of Wooly.

"As much as I'd adore to hear you all go on about this, maybe you should wait to talk about this tomorrow, in the morning. You know, when as we walk through nothing but vast, white emptiness, till we reach the forest." Conney sad, sarcasm dripping off her words.

Atticus pulled himself from his homesickness for a second to address the issue. "She actually has a point. I'm not exactly sure how Prail's candles work, but so far I can tell that they're not as specific as, 'learn language.' Plus, the fact that this candle only works on one person worries me." Atticus said, reflecting on the other times Prail had used her candles and the one he had.

"Prail, this is an important candle isn't it? If so, I don't think any one person in this group is really fit for whatever knowledge it holds." Atticus pulling himself close again. Conney stared at Atticus for a second. What was his deal? She shrugged, petting Wooly as it slept.

But when he said the other thing about no one deserving it, she couldn't agree. She shook her head and only held out the candle more firmly.
This needed to be done.
She didn't even bother listening to whatever Conney had said.

Faunra thought it over, thinking about the conditions of the candle. To be honest, she had hoped the power could effect more then one of them, but if her understanding of "1" was correct, that it was out of their control, it would have to do. she thought about the decision for several minutes before adding her input.

"Prail: you should choose. Knowing the language doesn't help if you don't want to speak to each other." she said, letting her opinion be known. Then she made her next point. "If you are looking for input however, I suggest Aman... Cecilla, for several reasons. 1) You two seem to be getting along well. 2) If there is any important information contained within the candles, she seems the best person to record them in a more... permanent way, even if they have less detail as a result. She would need to understand your language to write down as much as possible. 3) She's a scholar, if she can learn the language the easy way, maybe she can teach the rest of us some of the basics there after."

After finishing her explanation, Faunra sat back by the fire, where the heat felt just right. Several seconds passed in stunning quiet. It wasn't that surprising - Faunra doubted she had said that much at one time since the group had been formed. It was also a highly logical argument, which given how "emotional" she and Aliester had been for the past few days, was likely a major shift in perception for them. She put her hand to her side, grabbing a little snow and rolling it into a ball - fully expecting Atticus to make some comment on how he "never thought she was that smart."

Atticus popped up again, staring at Faunra. That made absolute perfect sense in every sense of the word "sense."

He'd considered taking the knowledge within the candle for himself so he could understand the cradle more, but decided against it. Even though being able to speak to Prail would be useful, he probably wouldn't be able to actually speak to "her" on a more personal level. However, Cecilia and Prail had been speaking to each other like they'd been chums for awhile and she also had a pretty decent memory, being able to remember the map destroyed in the blasts was an example of that, so she could contain more information. Plus, actually being able to speak to another human being would make understanding things easier.

"Faunra has a pretty flawless argument. Cecilia, you have the right amount of credentials, fantastic memory, becoming pretty 'chummy' with Prail, and therefore are probably the best candidate for this gaining of knowledge." Atticus said, still a bit surprised. He wasn't as surprised that Faunra had said it, he was more surprised that this obvious answer whooshed over his head due to his own paranoia.

"In the end though, it's your choice whether or not you want to use the candle." Atticus said, putting it out there. "What's it gonna be, Cecilia?"

As much as learning and understanding was such thrill for her in most cases Cecilia was still hesitant. She knew the reasons were well.. reasonable, giving a half hearted shrug.
"If I must." Keeping her voice level and calm, she took a deep breath.

"Anyone objects or would care to chip in then?" Cecilia was looking towards Prail, her eyes wondering what would be revealed and her mind thinking of the significance.

Aleister had been sitting up, and listening to the conversation about who should receive the knowledge from Prail's candle. He decided to offer his own perspective on things.

"How about we all sleep on the matter, it might put things into a much more clearer perspective, and with it we may find people who are just as deserving of the candle as Cecilia is. Whilst she is the most obvious candidate, given Faunra's reasons, it wouldn't help to think on other possibilities."

Faunra shrugged at Aleister's suggestion; everything was better with sleep so she couldn't disagree. "sounds fine to me" she said, reaching into her back to pull out the heavy clothing she had been using as a make shift bed roll since the explosion had destroyed most of her supplies - another reason she couldn't wait for the forest, new bed roll material.

Standing from the fire, she walked over and lay next to Aleister, similarly getting ready for sleep. they had taken to sleeping near each other over the last week, if only out of Aleisters constant worry for her continued health. She didn't mind it really, she understood where it came from; she had almost died after all, but it did get a little irritating. The being together most of the time was however a nice perk.

She closed her eyes, thinking about the day. She had been wise like an owl, cunning like a fox, and now she was out like a fire.

Caedis pushed her head up from her light sleep, panting and looking for some water. She took her canteen and splashed her face with the water even though the temperature around the climbers was cold enough to freeze if it wasn't for Conney's creature. Caedis put it on her face, as if there was something on her face that wouldn't come off. Then after a few scrubbing she looked back at the climbers who were almost falling asleep from discussing something that Caedis had missed. She got up, now awake and not going to sleep anytime soon. Caedis fetched her spear, which was lodged in the ground and took a few steps to a rock jutting from the ground.

"I'll take watch." Caedis said. It wasn't the first time sleep has been pulled away from her because of a dream and it certainly wasn't going to end anytime soon.

The last of the climbers appeared to be turning in for the night, as the fire was extinguished. Prail had tried to argue that they should use the candle now, but everyone else was a bit tired and figured they should use it for another time. Cecilia just shrugged at Prail, not really sure how to react. The lallowen defiantly turned in for a night, deciding to try later tomorrow when they were out of the mountains. Damien was still slightly awake and Stonefuse simply stood in his usual position, sleep non-existent to the golem. The rest were long gone.

"Hmm, well the good thing is they don't appear to be heading for the other towns" A spiky haired and pointy eared fella said watching the climbers fall asleep. He was far off in the distance yet could see the camp clearly. He sat there for a few seconds, and his facial expressions varied. It was if he was speaking to someone who wasn't there.

"Well sir, what am I supposed to do if they do start moving towards a town?" He said, frustrated with whoever he was talking to. "I'm pretty sure the rocky one, Stonefuse I believe, can see through our stealth somehow. Also, he doesn't sleep. Ever. I also doubt I could wipe their memories quick enough before one of them took me down, especially after seeing what they did to practically an army of those damn things." Spiky haired said, remembering how his comrads had described the confrontation they'd witness near the castle ruins. He paused a bit, listening more to someone who wasn't there.

"Don't need to tell me twice. Though, I am curious as to how they acquired a map to...where ever they're going. They appear to be heading for the Scarce Forest. The only reason they'd be going anywhere at all is so they can find a portal, but there are no known portals in that area. Well, there is..." His eyes widened in realization. "Sir, I know where they're going and you know what I'm going to say. the spiky haired man was gone a moment later.


The next day, the group finally made it out of the mountains only to be greeted by howling winds and looming gray skies. Atticus looked huddled near Wooly, the lumbering creature still waking up and giving off rays of heat. As he grumpily held onto the behemoth, he kept looking between the map maker and their guide. He raised his voice to overcome the sound of wind rushing by. "Morning ladies. Mind explaining to me why I don't see foliage in front of me?" Atticus asked while, trying to sound cheerier than he really was.

"The forest is only a few yards and it should only take us about a few minutes to reach it." Ceclilia said, one of her ghost limbs pointing out at it as she wrapped her own arms around herself. "What she said!" Conney said, jumping into the conversation. "So don't get your panties in a twist, we'll be there soon."Then Etrius bumped into her, his wings being fluttering a bit. The winds were so strong, the Seraphim was nearly being pulled off the ground. Etrius pulled his wings in close, not fancying the idea of flying around in a storm he didn't have to.

Aleister held Faunra as close as Etrius held his wings. Faunra found it slightly irritating, mainly since she could walk on her own again, but was glad he cared about her that much. She was more focused on getting to the forest and restocking than anything else at the moment. Damien was in his usual state of thinking and Caedis suddenly wished she had a drink. Stonefuse trudged through the snow, Veritas slightly clinging to him. Zavier and Nathan held the rear, discussing something Atticus couldn't make out. And finally Prail stood a few feet away from the rest of the group, enjoying the weather. As they walked, Atticus made out a growing tree line off in the distance and before long, they were at the foot of the forest.


Faunra was positively giddy by the time they reached the forest. She did her best to hide the fact, trying to maintain her reserved expression, but there was a quickness in her step she couldn't hide - if only because she was nearly dragging Aleister; who refused to let her range farther then arms reach. It was a little suffocating, being treated like a kid, but then again she was acting somewhat childish with her hurried pace to the forest. She couldn't help it; the forest with it's tall/thin columns, perfect seclusion, abundance of all the things she needed, and relative safety, it was like the city without the smell. She knew it was somewhat stereotypical - an elf that likes forests - but she couldn't help it, it was an elfs natural environment; of course she loved it.

When the group reached the forest, she was the first to reach out and touch one of the trees, feeling it's presence, a light smile on her face. Despite the action, which appeared as though she was somehow communing with the tree, the action was entirely non-mystical; she just wanted to feel the living wood again. Not since the jungle level before had she felt so at home... well, excluding the couch perhaps.

Her actions, despite being completely satisfying, did serve a practical purpose. in feeling the tree, she was gaining a feel for the weight, strength, and flexibility of the trees - determining what would make good arrows, what would make a good new bow-string (until she found an animal to use), what would make the best fires, and what kinds of animals to expect. Her first tree was a hard, old tree - likely older then the town they had come from. She snapped a few low lying branches from it, careful to take only those that received little to no sunlight so as to leave the tree unharmed, and started her work. The harness of the wood would lend itself to arrows against armored targets, standing a better chance of cutting through the even harder metals. Catching the scent of the sap, she quickly realized the wood would make for good fire wood for cooking, adding a thick smoky taste to any meat cooked above it.

The second tree was even better - a young sapling. It was springy and taut. Withdrawing a knife, she cut three tiny strips from a branch, again careful to leave no lasting harm. She had barely cut them before she was washing them in the snow and winding them into a new string, borrowing sap from the older tree to strengthen the line. it would take the better part of the day, but with enough time, care, and sap, she would have a new bow string of excellent quality.

She checked a few trees for signs of life, but here she failed. They were still at the edge of the forest - all the good sport would be deeper in, where they would hold the advantage of the cover the forest provided - she would have to wait a while before she could start a new set of armor or a new cloak. This fact tempered her mood slightly, but far from ruined it.

All information the trees had to offer having been gained, she turned to look at the forest. she watched how it was spread, where it was thinnest and thickest, and where the undergrowth was thickest. He scan returned her a fair bit of information. rejoining the group, she let he new knowledge be known. "The forest over to the east is thicker - if we head that way, we will likely find a source of fresh, non-frozen water, maybe a mile or so off. We'll also likely see more game and edible, but there will be more predators as well. What more, the path will likely be slower going because of the undergrowth."

"The forest over to the east is thicker - if we head that way, we will likely find a source of fresh, non-frozen water, maybe a mile or so off. We'll also likely see more game and edible, but there will be more predators as well. What more, the path will likely be slower going because of the undergrowth."

Cecilia listened to Faunra speak, carefully observing before the way she was at home around the forest green, her own mind was busy mapping every inch and direction like a scientist with a dissection.

"Sounds like a pleasant plan, we could move throughout the forest as we like, either way I'll guide us to where we need to go in the end." Looking over at Conney and her big personal heater.
"Though perhaps we should choose a path were that won't crash and smash everything for the world to hear?"

Cecilia was feeling happier as it was even with the whole candle issue needing to be resolved, a change in scenery was welcome from white, white, and lets not forget white! Stretching her limbs and leaving ghosted ones rather crossed for cold, she looked at the trees and thought of climbing up to take a look around.

Then again Etrius or Faunra could do that easily in their own sense.

Prail had had a long night to think over everything.
She agreed with them of course what they said had made perfect sense to her.
She wanted this resolved and so made her way to Cecilia.
Making the final offer of the candle.
It was hers if she wanted it; otherwise well Prail would appreciate her input more than anyone else's.
Prail looks ahead, frozen jungle, she recognised the sounds well, there were monsters moving in there.
Big ones.
This will be fun

Atticus was following along with what the others were saying while examining the forest. This place was probably the only source of foliage and fresh, unfrozen water for miles so it had to be teeming with some form of life. So far they hadn't encountered a lot of wildlife on their journey through Abzerosa, but so far evidence hinted that not a lot of them would be friendly. Hopefully that didn't mean finding prey would be an issue, they were running low on rations anyway. Atticus heard a number of branches loudly cracking as the large creature known as Wooly entered the forest. "Geez, we might as well be wearing giant bullseyes on our chest..." He thought frustratedly.

"Though perhaps we should choose a path were that won't crash and smash everything for the world to hear?" Cecilia said looking over at Conney. The sniper didn't seem to really seem to react to her words, she was simply staring at some of the trees. Suddenly Conney ran straight at a tree, momentarily ran up it's trunk before jumping off it and to an opposing branch. She hauled herself up and mumbled something along the lines of "They're not buildings but the principle seems the same," under her breath. She stared down at the climbers from the tree.

"I'll scout ahead a bit, head East like ears said, and see if I can find a good spot. Just look for the rising smoke. Oh, and don't worry about Wooly. He'll try to keep quiet and shouldn't be a bother...but if anything happens to him, someones getting one right through the head." She said with a grin on her face. Before anyone could object, Conney was running and leaping through the treetops. Soon she was out of sight.

"Uh...what?" Atticus said, trying to figure out what was going through her head. "You know what, forget it. Let's just get moving. " Atticus said, moving closer to Wooly. Etrius took to the sky, trying to get a better view of the forest. The group started heading East.


"Bit of a squirrel girl there..." Cecilia said absently, at least East would be easy and take no real map to head towards. Remembering tales of mazes and forests or even wide stretches of open plain, where many a climber would get lost simply by a step in the wrong direction.

It takes but one moment to be lost, and hundred more to be found was another saying from her oh so venerable mentors would teach in. They tended to stick like sap, and at least got what hours of explaining in to a summary.

Feeling like it needed to be done she walked over to Prail as the group moved, "Lets get this done, then maybe you can everyone how much you despise them." Her tone was good humor and bright against the background.

The candle blew up. Staggering Cecilia significantly.

Prail moved with surprising speed catching her fairly well.
The woman looked dazed.
Prail made a few noises from her horns, nothing unusual for her.

When Cecilia's eyes lit up slightly Prail let out a louder burst of sound.
Still gibberish.

The candle exploding shook Cecilia to her core, the dynamite one still a memory fresh in mind. As her mind and world was disorientated, she felt a great weight upon her skull and an odd pressure in the back.
As Prail spoke she began to understand each sound and inflection like she'd been learning it a life time.
Numerous noises interrupted with a stretch or cough. Squinting and standing up on her own to face Prail Cecilia took a deep breath..
A clear sound like Prails is heard "s-s-so that means..." Her voice switched with a stutter to common tongue, and back to Prails.
With a look of utter astonishment she bodily picked up Prail and swung her around in an embrace, repeating a few sounds, although not as loud as Prail could, it was still easy to hear.

Realizing what she was doing she placed Prail back down, and uttered the last thing Prail had spoke to her again in reply. Then so everyone could hear.
"It Worked."

Caedis continued to trudge through the forest but stopped when she heard the excitement from Cecilia and Prail. It looked as if the two were on common ground now or to better put it, at least one understood the other. The device that Prail used seem to put on a small light show but the falling snow from the tree tops made it hard to see a bit.

"That's good..." Caedis said beneath her breath. She wrapped her scarf tighter around the bottom half of her face as the cold was starting to get to her. "At least now we can understand her!" Caedis said to Cecilia and jokingly to Prail who was also caught up in the excitement.

Whoa, that was an impressive lift the girl had on her.
Prail wasn't used to anyone picking her up after she weighs a tonne or so.
Prail spoke some more.
She had a lot of say, it'd been too long way to long.

"At least now we can understand her!" Cecilia replied in kind, "We could probably even sing the songs of her people." Chuckling and feeling oddly light headed.

Cecilia was surprised as Prail spoke, brief reply to Prail.

"Okay, so a few things apparently we should probably clear up with the downtime and not being ravaged by Yeti's yet. She, he, Prail is wondering why we consider Prail female, I can try to explain on my own but any idea on what to say? you've all known Prail longer."

Atticus took a break from watching Wooly to jump into the conversation. Being able to talk to Prail would make things a bit easier for them all, and Atticus figured he'd be the first one to get the ball rolling. So far, from the lack of rising smoke, Conney hadn't found a feasible clearing for camp yet, so they might as well pass the time somehow.

"Well Prail, the reason I myself assumed you were female was because...uh...hmm, you know I just kinda guessed. Certain female animals tend to be slightly furrier or in this case, scalier than their male counter parts, plus I didn't see a bulge down there so..." Atticus trailed off as questions he'd pushed away suddenly flooded back in.

Prail responded to Cecelia first (2nd translations)
Then once Atticus had given his answer she paused for a bit.
She looked puzzled.
Sitting back down a bit she contemplated, talking to herself and Cecelia (3rd+3.5th?). She looked around inspecting her companions but not finding anything worth noting.

Cecilia frowned a bit at he idiocy, "Animals and beasts differ, especially in this tower... but for most human or humanoid species we define them by two areas."
Making a hand motions she almost indicated her chest again, but remembered it lacked as much definition as others.

"The chest, tends to be larger below the neck and more rounded out, while the-" Motions to crotch,
"Is either larger with things hanging for males, or flat and smoother for females between the legs."

Sighing deeply, "Would you care for me to draw a picture?" Cecilia decided to tackle it straightforward and get rid of the awkward conversations.

She nods saying something quickly.
Curious as to exactly what all the fuss was about, the whole thing was alien to her no doubt.
Maybe it would help explain those things that were apparently jokes that people sometimes said.
She also considered the potential that she should provide her people's equivalents. She probably had a candle for that you could find most information on wickis now adays.

Faunra just silently watched the exchange, mildly amused. It wasn't quite as awkward for her as the others - elves had a thousand years to get a grip on the concepts of gender and sexuality so it lacked the same forbidden nature that the shorter lived humanoids gave it. Still, she couldn't help but make her own comment.

"The common tongue depends on pronouns to be used fluidly. The language has only a few of them, and most are either masculine, feminine, neutral. The former two don't really apply, but the neutral ones are considered rude when referring to a person. As for why we refer to you in the feminine... I think you sound feminine to me but that's it." she said offhandedly.

When the more learned members of the group gave her a strange stare she added. "I may have lived on the streets, but I'm 12 decades old and hardly stupid - you learn strange things with enough time."

Cecilia listened as Prail spoke again in her own way, and she opened her mouth, then shut it again like a fish gasping for air. Raised in the Guild these kind of issues rarely arose, most were human or humanoid enough to get this kind of thing. Faunra's point was well put but didn't quite fit in this case.

"Most of us prefer wearing clothes and not openly showing that kind of thing." Looking around Cecilia realized the rather lopsidedness of the conversation.

"Prail is wondering why draw if they are common aspects, and should be obvious in telling genders apart."

Aleister watched the discussion between Prail and Cecilia with a little bit of interest. Sad that he didn't get this once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to actually understand the Lallow language, but saw Cecilia as the appropriate candidate for such a gift. He had tried talking to the lizard before, but saw the language problem as barrier; perhaps there was a way he could work around this little hazard. To occupy his time as the group travelled, he began tossing between his hands a ball of lightning magic, to help train his reflexes. He decided to offer what pearls of wisdom he could muster.

"Because it is not always that obvious. Looks can be deceiving." Aleister remarked out of nowhere, drawing a little bit of attention to himself.

Atticus scrunched his face a bit. "Well excuse me for not being more interested in Prail's 'lady bits.'" He thought to himself, noticing the minor disappointment in Ceclia's response. Atticus glared at the woods heading East. Nothing but more trees. What the hell was Conney thinking? "Oh boy, I'm in a place I've never been before probably filled with predators i can't even imagine...BETTER RUN STRAIGHT INTO IT ALONE!" Atticus looked at Damien, who simply trudged along. Atticus tried to guess what he was thinking. "Why didn't we create a word for shutting people up?" Atticus chuckled a bit, amused by his own thoughts.

"Because it is not always that obvious. Looks can be deceiving." Aleister suddenly said, balls of lightning bouncing between his hands.

"Yeah, sorta like how Faunra's over 100 years old." Atticus said, slightly remembering how confused he'd been when Faunra explained that to him. "Boy, that's gonna be fun in a few years. You'll be an old guy and she'll still look pretty young and..." Atticus stopped as he realized how depressing that sounded since logically, if she was "lucky", Faunra would out live Aleister for centuries.

"You know what, forget what I said." Atticus said, picking up the pace a bit.

"Yeah, sorta like how Faunra's over 100 years old." Atticus said, slightly remembering how confused he'd been when Faunra explained that to him. "Boy, that's gonna be fun in a few years. You'll be an old guy and she'll still look pretty young and..." Atticus then stopped mid sentence, realising how his depressing this sounded. Aleister just sighed, dissolving the electrical ball instantly.

"Wow Atticus, you really had to go there didn't you. I was going to enjoy my life, even more so if Faunra was beside me. But you had to go and bring in the age difference, frankly, I'm a little hurt by that remark." Aleister said slightly discussed tone of voice, as he went back to tossing a elemental ball around, this time ice.

"Wow Atticus, you really had to go there didn't you. I was going to enjoy my life, even more so if Faunra was beside me. But you had to go and bring in the age difference, frankly, I'm a little hurt by that remark." Aleister said quietly, before returning to his juggling. Faunra just shrugged the thought off - that's what it meant to be an elf; cursed to watch every non-elf they know die by either war, disease, or if all else fails, age. It was an omnipresent truth she had grown to live with.

And people wondered why the elves were so insular; it was better to remain separate from concerns of the short-lived peoples so as to avoid attachment to them. From what she knew of the elves, the idea of perusing a relationship - romantic or otherwise - with those not of the Fae was frowned heavily upon for just such reasons. It was also why any progeny from such a relationship was so pitied - half elves would be similarly cursed to watch their shorted lived family wither and die while knowing their elven parent would likely out-live them by a century or more. Faunra knew that every attachment she had made with the group, Aleister in particular, would have been discouraged at best and forbidden at worst.

It was a good thing her brother was the only other elf she had ever met else she might have had to explain herself at some point. Besides, all things considered, climbing the tower was a suicidal choice of goals - the odds they would actually live long enough for the age difference to matter were astronomically thin. and if, by some chance they lived that long, then the passing of Aleister would be a pain for that day and no sooner. Faunra wondered when she had become so jaded, before thinking "Oh yeah, 12 decades".

"I don't think the idea of me "not being beside you" is really a problem, the opposite is far more likely. Honestly, the only person I know who is likely to outlive me is Stonefuse, so I guess the age difference is just an inconvenience for me - one I am more then willing to accept." she said, the last part directed at Aleister.

Damian tromped through the forest, his plated feet digging deeper into the snow not only because of the weight of himself, but the heat from the contraption on his back. Listening to the conversation behind him, he'd been tempted to put on his helmet to stop the incessant complaints, but knew that it was still useless in that regard, it'd still work as a way of protecting his head though.

"Quiet, all of you, we're in a strange forest and your talking doesn't help the fact that we may be attacked at any moment. Forget what you think you know and what you can hear,smell, or see. The Tower is a strange place and I still don't trust this level to let my guard be broken by any of you."

The talk of life spans was a strange one.
Prail was not used to the times of other races.
Life span wasn't so much a concept for Lallowen, they were too good at growing back parts that had lost or gotten old for it to really matter, and you lived until something or someone stopped you, there was no just dying of time, time couldn't kill. Prail didn't even know how long she'd been alive she'd lost track; she knew she was no longer a child after all she was old enough to mate. After that the years stopped mattering.
She had a few questions bubbling up. They needed answers.
So she asked them.

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