Battlegrounds : A Pokémon Role-Play { Closed } - Day Two: On the Road to Jade Forest

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"Alright, we'll settle this later then. All the fancy footwork in the world can't help you if you can't land the knockout punch. But I guess we'll see. I'm looking forward to it."

Robyn kept looking at this new challenger to her status. Yeah, I'll look forward to winning. That's what I'll do.

"Shall we get going?"

"Sounds good to me!" Robyn confirmed as the decision was made to move along. "Faster we get set up to compete, faster I can prove that Nina's going to beat whatever this region will throw at her! So let's go!"

"Well, I wasn't talking to you, and since you want to join in on this conversation, perhaps you should give your name first before I give you mine. You don't want to be rude, after all..." He said, smirking as he turned to the new face that spoke to him. He then turned his attention back to Heidi, looking as calm as he did before. "And you didn't introduce yourself either. But since you've been a lot more friendly, I guess I'll give you my name first. Name's Russel." He extended his hand to Heidi, but found himself distracted when he saw the Ponyta's head under the seat. "Uhhhh... is she ok?"

He's right. That was rude of me and he pointed it out. Erika's mind had jumped a gap because of the Morgan's confusion between the Ponyta's name, or rather lack of one, and Heidi's. "Sorry you're right. That was rude of me. I thought you'd have overheard it given a name mix up right before you asked for the chairs. I'm Erika." Erika said in a quieter tone so that Morgan could hear her apology and explanation, but not interrupt the conversation he had gone back to.

The replying grin was, admittedly, unexpected. It seemed Morgan showed more surprise at the grin then he would've at a frown (or a scowl). Either way, her ecstatic gleam caused him to show a smile of his own, chuckling lightly as he put a hand to his head in sheepishness. He took a sigh of relief in his thoughts.

"Phew. That could've went worse. If i've ever learned anything from my younger cousins, it'd be never to anger a female preteen." He thought with some reassurance. She might've not seen the reason behind his unique choices in name, so he felt it'd be somewhat appropriate to explain himself.

"Yeah...! Y'know, you have the whole "white hair, blue eyes, pale (well, paler than mine) skin" thing going for you, so the first things that came to mind was winter-related stuff. But, i'm thinking of just going with Ice Queen (or maybe just Ice? Justice? Queenie?). Some might find Snowflake to be degrading, y'know?" He elaborated, accepting Erika's apology with a quick nod and "it's fine" before returning his attention to Eurydice. He leaned in a little closer (but not too close; he didn't want his personal space invaded), and lowered his voice.

"Actually, I can one-up this offer. See, back when I was in basic training, the lenses of my glasses were wayyyy thicker, completely noticeably so. I'm sure you can imagine all the dumbass nicknames they gave me then. But, the one that stuck (the one I-actually-didn't have a problem with, amazingly) was "Specs". If you want, you can call me that. So, when you get tired of writing six letters, you can write five." He told her with reassurance, sitting back in his normal position. He realized something, a gave a look of impression.

"It seems i've been here, holding a conversation with a mute, little girl. Huh." He thought matter-of-factly.

Heidi shook Russel's hand and giggled. "Don't worry about it. I would have asked you sooner or later anyway. I'm Heidi." She looked towards where Eurydice's Ponyta was sticking her head and saw the Pokémon under the chair. "That one yours?" she asked Russel, pointing towards the Gulpin under the chair.

While the other girl that seemed to be joining in on the conversation was rude, Heidi figured it was no reason to judge the girl by it, especially since she apologized. "No hard feelings as far as I'm concerned. I really like how your hair looks like. How did you do it?" She wasn't interested in dyeing her hair, but if she saw someone with a dyejob she liked, she wasn't afraid of telling that person she did.

Yani flew over to where Ponyta and Gulpin were, lowering down to see Gulpin better. "Yan! Yan, yan." Ooo, new friend! Hello there, friend. She wanted to get to know this new Pokémon better, just like she was trying to do with Ponyta.


She wrote out his nickname with a flourish, quite pleased that he trusted her with it. There was just one problem she had with "Ice Queen".
Ice queen, n.: a cold and haughty woman.
Below that, she wrote Me, and an arrow pointing to the nickname. She knew he didn't think she was cold, or haughty, having given his reasoning earlier, but she didn't want to be called that around other people. And if she couldn't be called that around other people, what was the use? Instead, she wrote out Snow on the whiteboard. It did accurately describe her and wouldn't cause any confusion.

Eurydice suddenly realized that her Ponyta had stuck her head under a chair. She couldn't see what it was, but quickly brought her fingers to her mouth and let out a short, sharp whistle to call it. When the pokemon trotted back, she lightly smacked her nose, then shook her head. She pulled out a card that said NO in big letters, showing it to her.

Ponyta sniffed the odd ball, snorting at it. It smelled like soup. She couldn't get her head any further in to get at it. It smacked her nose. It didn't hurt: it was pretty small. Still, it was enough to get Ponyta to whinny, and try harder to get under the chair.
She snorted again, finally retreating back to Eurydice. It still glanced occasionally at the Gulpin.

"Alright! Onwards!" Alix chipped in with a laugh as the four got on their way towards Professor Willow's Lab. Roughly ten minutes later, they arrived outside the aforementioned building. The outside was painted in red and cream, so it resembled a Pokémon Center, but it was larger, for one thing, and had far more windows. If anything the Lab looked like a cross between a Pokémon Center and either an office building or the Hoenn Weather Institute. The words "Willow Pokémon Research Lab" were emblazoned on a sign above the double-door entrance.

Alix led the way into the lobby, and was pleasantly surprised to find a good number of Trainers already there, along with almost as many Pokémon wandering around. She headed up to the reception desk to find a sign telling them to wait until Professor Willow was ready to meet them. Giving the receptionist a nod of hello, she turned back to the others.

"Well... I guess we wait for a while then," she commented before looking down to Matti. "Okay, mister, you can go say hi to people now. Just be careful, and stay where I can see you, kay?" She doubted the Togepi would listen to her, but she set him down on the floor anyway. The instant she let go he dashed off to look at the big - by comparison - fiery-looking Pokémon that Alix didn't recognise.

"Togeh!" Matti curiously poked at the Pokémon's hoof before he ran away to investigate the large Pokémon that resembled a dragonfly.

"Huh? So that's where he went off to...' he said, seeing Munchie just as he hit the Ponyta on the nose. "Munchie! Don't be rude! Say you're sorry." He turned back to Heidi "Yeah, he doesn't do well with bigger pokemon at least not until he gets to know them..."

Munchie went over to the Ponyta, nudging her hoof with his arm, trying to shake it to say he was sorry. Gulpin... "That's better." Russel said, turning back to the others. Munchie then turned to Yanma, once again extending out its pudgy little arm in a welcominging manner. Gul?

Russel then noticed the next batch of trainers coming over. "We seem to have quite a few trainers getting ready for the Gensia League... That professor better hurry up..." he said, sitting up straight and offering a chair to the new arrivals. "Oi. New applicants, I take it?"

Munchie noticed the little egg walking over to them, right behind Yani and near Ponyta. He gave it a inquisitive look, but turned back to Yani. Pin.

"Tin foil, a strong dye kit, and a lot of my mom's help. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to keep the colour while taking on the challenge without her help, but I'm sure I'll figure something out." Erika answered Heidi. Erika shifted her focus to other trainers' Pokémon currently interacting on the ground. 'Should I let Burtha out as well?' Erika thought before giving herself an internal headshake. 'It would be bad if one of the trainers in here had food on them and she took a dive for them.

Just then another group of trainers entered the Research Lab. Much like the people already in the waiting room, this group seemed to look very diverse as well. It took a second before she saw it, but the Elekid with one of the people sent a line of visible panic across Erika's face. A dull throbbing became present across the lightning flower one her back and neck. Erika's body became completely tense.

Caleb trailed behind the group the whole time, not saying much and generally keeping to himself. He saw the expansiveness of the city and was amazed at the height of the buildings as they drew nearer, almost giving himself vertigo as peered upwards. By the time they arrived at their destination, Spike had already taken a place behind Caleb's head, nestling himself atop the large, full backpack. When they all had shuffled into the waiting room, the lanky teen felt even more out of place with the number of trainers and Pokémon present. Spike was visibly excited as he stood on his makeshift perch and peered around Caleb's head, clutching its sides with his claws as he did so.

"Gah!" Caleb exclaimed, feeling the sudden pinch of claws above his ears. "Spike, ease up, will ya?"

The Elekid paid little heed as he held a firm grasp, too lost in his curiosity and forcing Caleb to pry his arms loose. The Trainer adjusted his glasses shortly before glazing over the others in the quaint room. He noticed a girl with short brown hair with an interesting shade of red all along the fringes seemingly fixated on Spike, though rather than an expression of interest it appeared as if she was greatly concerned, almost frozen in place. Caleb, uncertain of just what to make of this only gave a small and smiled shyly, struggling to maintain eye contact as his minimal reserves of social confidence waned at an alarming rate.

Morgan gave a grin as Eurydice wrote down his nickname in a extravagant-yet-elegant fashion. Seeing it written down made him reminisce a bit, back to the past months he'd spent in boot camp. He was broken from his memories as he watched the young mute have a small frown accompany a gesture she indicated through the means of her whiteboard.

"She doesn't like Ice Queen, I'm guessing?" He thought as he looked on. He found his assumptions to be correct as she written and presented a new suggestion, a simply put 'Snow'. Morgan almost couldn't believe his eyes at the simplicity of it.

"That's perfect. What didn't I think of that? Maybe I should stop over thinking these types of things." He replied. He began cycling through the possible variations of such a name, but paused as Eurydice emitted the shrillest of whistles. Following the act, Morgan watched endearingly as the young trainer disciplined her Ponyta. He couldn't help but chuckle at the strangely adorableness of the whole thing. And just as he turned his attention away from the two, even more trainers had entered the research center. The waiting area was certainly starting to become cramped and loud as people talked over other people. He performed a inconspicuous headcount as he watched a Togepi excitedly skitter along the ground.

"Whoa, that's just as rare as a Ponyta...I wonder who it belongs to." He muttered as he began surveying faces, hoping he could match the trainer to the pokémon.

Robyn should have expected that there would be quite a few trainers tempted to the islands by the prizes offered by the League, but she didn't expect the lobby of the lab to be as packed as it was. People and Pokemon filled the room, and some of them looked imposing. The Ponyta for one, looked like it could stomp Nina into the dirt with ease. The Yanma flitting around the area, could probably scoop her up and drop her like nothing. That...blobby looking thing...Gulpin, that's it. That Gulpin could probably eat Nina. The type matchups in Robyn's mind told her that head to head, she and Nina would be in trouble early.

Nina didn't seem to mind though. the bright lights and various sights of the lab had snapped her out of her trance-induced trance. She started bouncing up and down in Robyn's arms again, towards the other Pokemon. Her new friend had already been allowed to join them.

Robyn looked down at the energetic Grass-type. "All right, fine. You can go play with them. Just be careful and don't get too close to that Ponyta's flames, OK?"

"Peti!" Nina smiled at her trainer.

Robyn put Nina down on the ground and she moved as well as she could on her stubby legs to where the other Pokemon seemed to be gathering. Nina looked over at where the Pokemon from earlier was, but something about the fluttering Pokemon above gave her pause. It was too much like them. Instead, she wandered over to the similarly colored thing under the chair. "Lillil!" she offered in greeting.

Robyn meanwhile looked over the other trainers in the room. Apart from the people she already met, they all seemed like potential threats...except for one guy in the corner. He was dressed shabbily, and the hair was a bit messed up, but he looked somewhat familiar. Have I seen that guy before?...I can't tell... Still trying to figure out if she was just experiencing some weird deja vu or not, she hung around her established group while waiting to see if they would be able to meet with this Willow person before too long.

"Saaandile..." Dune's curious cry was partially blocked by leaves and the sounds of nearby bird Pokemon. Elias couldn't see them from his current vantage point, which was halfway up the tallest tree he could find, but they sounded uncomfortably close. Taking a solid hold of the branch in front of him Elias leaned down to reassure his Pokemon.

"I'll be right back. I just want to make sure we're going in the right direction. Keep an eye on the pack, okay?"

"Dile. San." Dune made a wide circle around the tree, sniffing the ground and nudging aside some of the fallen leaf layer. When the Pokemon was satisfied that the ground was trustworthy he lay down with his tail curled around the pack.

"North is...that way. And I'm supposed to be going...this way. Huh. Well there it is." Sunlight reflected off of the many windows of the building making it practically a beacon. Elias recognized half of a Pokeball though part of it was obscured by the tree in front of him. His goal accomplished Elias began climbing back down the tree.

"Pidge!" A cloud of feathers suddenly filled Elias' field of vision. One of the bird had found him at last. Squawking loudly the irritated Pidgey beat Elias with its wings.

"Hey! Ow. Back off. Shoo!" Elias swung a hand at the bird but it darted out of reach. "Pidge. Gey. Gey" Unsatisfied with his rate of descent Pidgey began diving at the trainer's head. "I'm leaving, I'm leaving." Elias grumbled. He reached blindly for the next lowest branch.

The branch he chose was thinner than he thought. With a loud crack the branch gave way, sending Elias tumbling to the ground "San!" Dune burrowed under the leaves and dirt in frantic scramble to get out of the way. "Woah!"

"Ow." Elias rolled towards the road, away from the tree. "Pheh." Once he'd spit out a few leaves he checked his clothing and gear. "Shirt. Shorts. No holes. No rips." He had some new mud streaks on his socks and left shorts leg but no permanent damage. "Well", Elias observed while brushing leaves and was that a feather from his shirt, "I call that a successful scouting trip. Let's go."

"Di-" Dune's slow response faded as he disappeared into a beam of red light. Elias pocketed the Pokeball and jogged towards the building he'd spotted from the tree.

He arrived only slightly out of breath and leaned against the door before pulling it open. The front desk clerk seemed busy but spared a glance and pointed finger for Elias. "...waiting area." Elias read the indicated sign aloud. Easy enough. Hooking his thumb through the carabiner attacked to his belt loop the trainer entered the waiting area.

Gulpin managed to greet all the other Pokemon when a new one came forward. He walked over to the energetic little green plant, extending his arm towards her. Guplin. He was glad to get to be seeing all these new Pokemon. After seeing almost nothing but Zigzagoon, Poochyena and Tailow during his and Russel's time going around Hoenn, it was nice to see some more friendly Pokemon.

Russel noticed another new trainer walking this way. "Geez, how many more are there going to be? And what's taking the professor so long?"

Yani wasn't entirely sure what the Gulpin meant by extending his arm, but she flew down to grab it with her legs. "Yan!" Yay! She flew back up a little to hover above Munchie. She then noticed a new Pokémon arriving, along with another one. Seemed there were more people there now, so in Yani's mind that meant more friends to play with. She flew over to the Togepi and landed briefly on it's head. That seemed to be fun for her. She flew up again and flew over to the other new Pokémon she had no idea what was, but was eager to know. "Yan, yan! Yan yan?" Hello, friend! What kind of Pokémon are you? she asked the Petilil.

"Heh, I see. Well, maybe with time, he'll be comfortable around other new and bigger Pokémon." Heidi giggled after her response to Russel, then adjusted her glasses on her nose before turning back to Erika. "Ah, I see, I see. I'm sure you'll find some way."

It seemed to be getting lively in there as she noticed more people arriving inside the lab building. One of them had a Togepi, a rare Pokémon to see. Another of them had another Pokémon she didn't recognize, just like Sam's Pidove. She wondered if the girl and her Pokémon both were from Unova like Sam and Willow, but she'd have time to ask later. Another guy entered after the small group of people, making for a lot of people and Pokémon now inside there. After taking a look at the new people, she again looked back towards Eurydice, who seemed to be having fun with the guy who thought her Ponyta's name was Heidi. She giggled at the thought of that and hoped he'd learned her name. Maybe she was a little rude earlier. Well, she'd apologize after they'd meet Professor Willow.

Nina tapped appendages with the her new friend under the chair, as the Pokemon she spotted earlier came flying in. Again, Nina was a little timid around her, due to some similarities the Bug-type shared with some other Pokemon she knew, but when she spoke, she seemed friendly enough.

"Pet...petilillil. Peti. Petilil. Lil! Um, hi...kind of pokemon. I dunno really. I can grow though. Watch! Nina concentrated on using her Growth move and got slightly bigger. "Lil!"See!

Once Jason directed the latest Trainer to the seats and benches, he quickly tapped out the last sentence of the email he was working on, fired it off and turned his attention to the crowd of Trainers and Pokémon in the room. Eleven now stood or sat, talking to one another. That seemed like a decent enough number. Professor Willow liked to speak to roughly a dozen at a time.

A brief call later, the door marked 'To Laboratories' opened and Kayla Willow stepped through, emitting a loud, "Ahem," to get everyone's attention. "Professor Willow is ready to see you all now. Gather your Pokémon and follow me to Laboratory One," she instructed. A short trip through a hallway later, the eleven Trainers, and some of their Pokémon, were standing before Gensia's Pokémon Professor. Professor Willow shared her dark - though ever so slightly greying - hair, slightly pointed ears and Caucasian skin with her daughter. She wore a full-length white lab coat, hair wound up in a bun, thick gloves and black-framed glasses.

"Welcome to my Research Lab, Pokémon Trainers. I am Professor Willow; you've met my daughter Kayla," she formally introduced the two of them. "Here in Aquamar City, I study two major subjects. First, how Pokémon adapt to their environments in order to survive. Which leads me to the second: the differences between Gensia and other regions, both in terms of Pokémon and otherwise."

"Mother often corresponds with other regions, asking them to send over specimens for examination. She compares them to species found here to see how they are different," Kayla explained.

The Professor nodded. "In addition, my occupation as a Professor places me in charge of starting your journey here in Gensia. I have here a Pokédex for each of you, as well as six Poké Balls each as an introductory gift for everyone." She indicated the table laden with miniaturised Poké Balls and larger handheld devices. Alix led the way to collect one of the Pokédexes, as well as accepting the gift of the Poké Balls even though she already had eleven.

The Gensia Pokédex was a small creation, slightly larger than a mobile phone. Light blue and grey in colour, and rectangular in shape, it featured a panel that Alix flipped open to reveal two screens. They blinked into life when she pressed the power button, and one of the two quickly displayed new information when she pointed the small camera on the back of the device at Matti, onto whom she was still holding.

image#175: TogepiSpike Ball Pokémon
Height: 1'00" / 0.3 m.Weight: 3.3 lbs. / 1.5 kg.
Ability: Serene Grace(Moves used by this Pokémon are more likely to cause additional effects.)
Moves: Growl, Charm, Extrasensory, Metronome
It transforms the kindness and joy of others into happiness, which it stores in its shell.

After a couple of minutes, everyone had collected a Pokédex and some Poké Balls. Professor Willow spoke up again. "Alright. It looks like you're set to head on out... the next order of business should be where to start you off. Kayla, which would you recommend? Jenna at Chalcedon City, or Barrett's Gym in Kalita?"

"Barrett's the more accepting of the two, as I remember," Kayla commented. "Besides, Jenna might be a bit much for newer Trainers. For a Gym Leader, she's a bit harsh. Especially on the rookies these days, from what I've heard."

The older Willow nodded, taking her daughter's counsel into account. "Alright. Trainers, we recommend that your first Gym challenge be that of Kalita City, southeast of here. You'll have to cross the bridge to the mainland, then turn south and follow Route Two to the City. You might also want to stop off at Lazuli Town and Lake Lapis, where you might find some Water Pokémon to add to your individual teams."

"Of course, Mother forgets to mention Route One just outside Aquamar," Kayla chipped in.

"And with that, I believe our business here is about ready to wrap up. Kayla, be a dear and show everyone the way to the bridge," the Professor instructed. "If anyone has any questions, my daughter is a good person to ask. I wish you all luck on your journey."

Kayla led the way to the door from which the group had come, everyone soon following her out of the room, and subsequently out of the Lab and into the street. "Right. This way, everyone," she stated, beckoning to the younger Trainers as she made her way towards the city gates.

When ushered into the lab, Robyn was just expecting another bull examination just to confirm she could be a trainer and and to be sent on her way. It was a pleasant surprise when Willow gave them a fresh batch of Pokeballs as well as a shiny new piece of technology with them. It looked like her mom's old cell phone that she had been using for the past nine years. She popped up the flip screen and Nina jostled a little bit in her arms at the action.

"Nina, come on," Robyn said as she tried to get the Plant-type under control. In the process, the Pokedex turned onto her only Pokemon.

image#548: PetililBulb Pokémon
Height: 1'08" / 0.5 m.Weight: 14.6 lbs. / 6.6 kg.
Ability: Own Tempo(Prevents the Pokemon from being confused.)
Moves: Absorb, Growth
The leaves on its head are very bitter. Eating one of these leaves is said to refresh a tired body.

"Huh. I guess that's why someone tried to take a bite out of you, Nina," Robyn noted. "Would have thought it would grow back by now though..." There was no time to dwell on that though. The group was being led outside.

Being back out in the main part of the city again was just like being at home for Robyn. Granted, Aquamar had nothing on Castelia's scrapers, but still it was an imposing city nonetheless. However, the main attraction at the moment would be the tour guide. Willow said she was someone to ask about things, so Robyn was going to do just that to try and get a leg up on the competition.

"So, Kayla," she started as she walked up next to Willow's daughter. "Let's say one of us does well enough in this League to get up to the top guns around here. The Elite 4, or the equivalent, I guess. Maybe even the Champion. What sort of Pokemon do you think would be necessary to defeat such a group of people? Like a preferred type? You know what might work?" Robyn was probably getting ahead of herself, but she was confident that the Gym Leaders of the nation would be no threat. Hell, Burgh was a gym leader in Unova, and he was a hipster twat.

Russel waked behind the others into the lab, being the last to get his Pokedex and Pokeballs. He activated the Pokedex, pointing it at Munchie. "Let's see what this has to say..."

image#316: GulpinStomach Pokémon
Height:1'04"/0.4mWeight: 22.7lbs/10.3kg
Ability: Luiqid Ooze(When the opponent absorbs Hit Points from this Pokémon, the opponent loses Hit Points.)
Moves: Smog, Pound
Almost all its body is its stomach. Its harsh digestive juices quickly dissolve anything it swallows.

"Huh. I could have figured that out. Still, digging the tech. Looks nice, too." he shoved it in his pocket, putting the pokeballs in the pocket on his vest. He heard the professor talk about where to go first. "Oi, the lake sounds pretty good to me. Sounds like a nice spot to check out." He checked his own Pokenav, seeing where the two mentioned cities were. As they got outside to the city, he piped up "So Kayla... how long was it since the last batch of trainers came through? You all seem pretty busy around here. And are there any special rules for the gyms in this region?" He wanted to know just what he was in for in the Gensia league, both in terms of the Gyms and an idea on how many other trainers he might have to deal with.

Munchie stuck around the other Pokemon, turning to Russel and nodding when he mentioned the lake. He was close enough to Russel's leg depending on how the other Pokemon would react.

Ponyta started to get nervous, fidgeting anxiously as more pokemon and trainers came in. Eurydice tried to calm her down, but decided it would be better to just return her to her ball. The pokemon wasn't good in tight spaces, and seemed to get claustrophobic rather easily. She took out the red sphere and offered it to Ponyta, who disappeared in a flash of light.

The professor finally came in and gave them an introduction. A lake hmm...? I don't know how well I'd do at capturing a water pokemon with Ponyta. Hopefully they don't have any water moves yet, or I might need to get someone else to help me. A water pokemon would help against any ground pokemon, but I still need a pokemon to help with other water pokemon... THe extra pokeballs went in her backpack with the others.

When they got outside she released the Ponyta and jumped on her back. Eurydice leaned back and aimed the camera at her Ponyta. She already knew what the Kanto pokedex read, but was curious to whether this region had something different.

image#077: PonytaFire Horse Pokémon
Height: 3'03" / 1.0 m.Weight: 66.1 lbs. / 30.0 kg.
Ability: Flash Fire(It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.)
Moves: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Baton Pass
As a newborn, it can barely stand. However, through galloping, its legs are made tougher and faster.

She couldn't wait to get out into the grass and see what kind of pokemon were here. It would be interesting to see!

Being a trainer wasn't such a bad job, Elias decided. 'You get really cool gifts and a guide.' One who knew how to walk at a decent pace. 'And you get to go to a gym. Gyms.' Gyms, plural. He'd read about Unova's gyms while on the way to Gensia. Though there hadn't been that much info. Just a short paragraph stating that the gym leaders existed and there were eight of them. Elias flipped open the Pokedex, watching with interest as the lower screen brightened to display a keyboard and the upper screen remained dark. Recalling what some of the other trainers had done he decided scan his own Pokemon. Elias shifted through the empty minimized Pokeballs to take the single occupied one of his pocket.

"Dile?" The Sandile asked after it materialized. Dune yawned before walking to keep pace with his trainer.

"Just hold still for a second. I think." Elias answered. He held up his new toy and angled it until the black screen lit up with color.

No. 551
image image


Name: Sandile
Type: Desert Croc Pokémon
Height: 2'00" / 0.7 m
Weight: 17.2 lbs / 15.2 kg
Ability: Moxie - This Pokemon becomes stronger in battle when it knocks out another Pokemon.
Description: They live buried in the sands of the desert. The sun-warmed sands prevent their body temperature from dropping.
Item: N/A
OT: Elias Lanford // 53504

"Hey. That's cool." Elias grinned. "Look, it's you." he pointed the screen towards Dune briefly. "Sandile!" Dune didn't know what was going on but he was happy that his trainer was happy. Elias flipped the screen back in his direction and scrolled through the data. 'Wait, when did I get an ID?' he wondered. Was that in one of the papers he hadn't read yet? Or was it automatically assigned by...Someone? 'Weird' Not wanting to be left behind he began walking again to stay with the group. The last thing he needed was an interrogation at the gate for traveling alone.

The other trainers had questions but Elias couldn't think of any. He was too busy trying to fit the Pokedex in with his gear. He turned the device around in his hand. It felt like the shell was metal and it was weighted. It could probably withstand a simple drop. He would have preferred something with a clip or even a basic lanyard though. Something he could secure to his pack but have easy access to. He knew from experience that sensitive electronic devices and rocks don't go together. His C-Gear had been shipped off twice for repairs after some of his more adventuresome adventures.

'Maybe I can buy a cover for this in the city.' Elias thought. Kalita City, that's what the lady had said. Elias put the Pokedex in the lower left pocket of his shorts, securing the metal snap affixed to the cloth with a quiet click. He shook his leg gently to test the additional weight. 'That'll have to do for now.'

Morgan found himself slowing his momentum as his path into the narrow entrance to the Laboratory was halted by Eurydice. Finding it fairly easy to look over the short girl, he realized her Ponyta was experiencing trouble in such an enclosed space. She solved the dilemma by placing the Pokémon in its ball before moving on. Morgan listened along with the crowd as both Willows gave their intertwining spiel of the Gensia region, his interest really piquing when the Pokédexes were mentioned and presented. He watched as one of the trainers stepped forward and helped herself to the Professor's gifts, along with noticing the Togepi from earlier cradled in her arms.

"Welp, that mystery solved itself." He thought. Soon, other trainers were easing their way up to the table as well, gladly helping themselves to the provided commodities. Morgan soon followed suite, and after dumping the complementary pokéballs in a pocket on his bag, he picked up one of the newfangled articles of technology.

He flipped it open, and the screens came to life. He glanced around him, and noticed how fellow trainers released their Pokémon to record their data. With some caution, he relinquished the sole pokéball from his belt. It seemed like the Laboratory was littered with expensive equipment, and he really didn't want to cause a scene by letting Chase out in the middle of it.

"D-do we have to take them out?" He mumbled in protest. Luckily for him, the pokédex began to act. As the camera aligned itself with the white button of the pokéball, data was being transferred into the 'dex's software. Soon enough, information for a Chinchou dinged onto one of the screens.

image image

Light Screen

#170: ChinchouAngler Pokémon
Height: 1'08" / 0.5mWeight: 26.0 lbs. / 12.0 kg
Ability: Volt AbsorbWhen struck with an electric-type move, the host receives a health boost.
It discharges positive and negative electricity from its antenna tips to shock its foes.

"I guess there's more than one way or acquiring information." He said with a bit of a sigh. Soon after, the aging Professor Willow finished talking, and the group was lead out of the facility by the middle-aging daughter. There were many questions being asked as the group began towards the city limits, but Morgan was only interested in asking one.

"So, what kind of Pokémon should we expect to see? From what i've read, watched, and experienced, sometimes Pokémon'll only show up depending on what type of region they inhabit. Do those same rules apply here in Gensia?" He asked, still fiddling around with his pokédex.

Caleb waited until the small rush to the table of Pokédexes and Poké Balls was over before stepping up to collect his own. Individually, he handed each of the five Poké Balls to Spike who was still perched atop the backpack and put them in one of the pockets with the others. Caleb then picked up the handheld device, flipped it open like the others had and pointed the camera behind him towards Spike. Suddenly, information appeared on the screen displaying the Elekid's information.

imageNo. 239 ElekidElectric Pokémon
Height: 2'00" / 0.6mWeight: 51.8lbs / 23.5kg
Ability: StaticContact with the Pokémon maycause paralysis.
Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Dizzy Punch
Elekid rotates its arms to generate electricity, but it tires easily, so it is only able to charge up a small amount.

"Hmm. Well, this will come in handy," Caleb thought aloud, inspecting the Pokédex and looking for a means to access its internal components. It would seem that he'd have to finish his personal research some other time, as the group began moving on and out of the lab. He quickly shut the device and stored it in the webbing of his backpack strap. Following the rest of the group through the streets, he listened as the others asked their questions.

Heidi followed everyone else into the room that the Willow daughter was leading them into. She stayed close to Eurydice to keep an occasional watch on her. She listened to what the two Willows had to say and, once they were presented with them, grabbed a Pokédex of her own and one batch of Pokéballs, which were put into the pocket on her backpack where she kept her other Pokéballs, Great Balls and the Duskball.

Yani wasn't far behind, hovering over Heidi's head while everything was happening. Heidi flipped the Pokédex open and scanned Yani, like most of the others had done by now. She took a look at it once she'd scanned her.

image#193: Yanma Clear Wing Pokémon
image image
Height: 3' 11" / 1.2 m.Weight: 83.8lbs. / 38.0kg.
Ability: Speed BoostThe Pokémon slowly gains speed in battle
Moves: Tackle. Foresight. Steel Wing.
If it flaps its wings really fast, it can generate shock waves that will shatter windows in the area.

"That would certainly explain a lot." Heidi said to Yani, remembering all those times when Yani had decided it would be a good idea to see how fast she'd fly. Close to buildings. With lots of windows. Yani just looked at her with a quizzical expression, which Heidi sighed and giggled at. "You can be a real prankster when you want to. Or even without realizing it."

The two of them followed the group closely, staying near Eurydice and Ponyta. Heidi waved to her and Yani examined her like she'd done before, just from a little more distance. There weren't really any questions that Heidi had. She just looked around herself, admiring the tall buildings of Aquamar.

Kayla laughed a little at Robyn's questions. "I'm sorry. I find that a tad amusing. To answer your questions, though, the eight Gyms and the Elite Four are rather diverse. I would recommend that everyone build a team to match: a good team of six should be able to cover, well, not every base, but at least most of them. As for the Champion... well, where's the fun in me telling you now? You're only just starting out." She gave another light laugh before Russel piped up with questions of his own.

"The last group of Trainers came through... six or seven days ago, I think. Yes, it was about a week before you all came along," she answered. "Special rules, you say... well, as you would expect, each Gym has their own specialised type of Pokémon. With that comes the freedom to theme the Gym however the Leader pleases. Barrett, for example, favours Ground-type Pokémon. However, his Gym in Kalita City is a simple one, since he is often the first port of call for Trainers new to Gensia. Barrett usually has just a simple arena in which battles are conducted," she explained.

Morgan was the third to ask questions of the older Trainer, and Kayla was happy to satisfy his curiosity. "I'll assume that by 'type of region' you mean things like forests, caves and bodies of water. Each Pokémon does have its own natural habitat, of course: you wouldn't see a Pidgey, Taillow or Pidove living under a mountain, or a Geodude building a nest by a river. Or perhaps you mean Pokémon that are unique to a foreign region... well, in my travels I haven't met any Pokémon that I haven't seen here in one way or another. So perhaps the Pokémon from your home regions aren't as unique as you originally thought," she suggested with a knowing wink to the sailor.

Alix now spoke up, having thought up a question of her own. "So... what can you tell us about the wild Pokémon here? Are there any in particular that you would recommend for beginners like us?"

Kayla's answer should have been obvious, in hindsight. "To each their own, kiddo. The region's a big place: you'll find out which ones you like more than others once you give 'em a try. Experiment, see which Pokémon you think works best, and don't be afraid to take a chance on a Pokémon you're unsure of," she finished as the group reached the city's gates and passed through them onto the open road.

Gensia's Route One was a simple one: lush fields of thick, knee-high grass were bisected by a long concrete road on which the occasional car drove by. The bridge from Aquamar City to the mainland was in plain sight ahead of them. The Trainers, however, took a more natural route: a worn-down dirt path a good distance from the road.

After a couple of minutes' walking, Kayla stopped and turned to the younger Trainers. "Alright, people, I'm gonna issue you all a little challenge of my own. I'm going to leave you all here: I'll be waiting at the bridge's pedestrian entrance. You guys, however, will have noticed that we're right in the middle of some nice tall grass in which Pokémon make their homes. If you think you're up to it, try your hand at catching some before you catch up to me." She reached down to one of the Poké Balls on her belt, pulled it off and released the Pokémon inside. A massive brown, yellow and red bird Pokémon, easily as tall as Kayla, emerged from the Ball's bright light.

"Pidg-ott," the bird declared in what sounded like a regal tone of voice, as Kayla effortlessly climbed onto the bird's back as if she had done it countless times before. "See you all a little later, eh?" she said cheerfully before the Pidgeot began beating its wings. It easily gained a good amount of height before it spun in midair and carried its passenger off.

Alix let out a low whistle at the sight of such a creature, but turned her attention to Kayla's challenge: catching Pokémon. "Well... let's see what there is to see," she suggested as she stepped off the path and into the grass.

Russel shrugged when Kayla mentioned the little challenge to the trainers. "Huh... a ground gym. That could be trouble. Might stop by the lake first..." He said before he started heading down the route. He noticed a bunch of the pokemon flying by, and a couple scurrying through the grass. None of them really interested him. However, one did managed to catch his attention: a Taillow swooped down and tried to peck Munchie a couple times. Russel tried to smack it away, but that just made it start trying to peck him.

"Oh, so that's how it's going to be?" he muttered, grabbing Munchie and placing him on his shoulder. "Munchie. Smog." Munchie opened his mouth wide, and coughed out a cloud of purple smoke right at the Taillow. It coughed and sputtered, its flapping becoming eratic before it finally managed to get out of the cloud, flying away. Munchie prepared a second Smog, but Russel held up his hand. "Give it a minute..." The Taillow was almost completely out of sight, but it was going slower and slower, until finally, it stopped, plummeting to the ground. "Never fails..." He smirked. He then noticed a trio of Zigzagoon gnawing at his feet, a couple trying to jump up to his backpack. "You know what to do, Munchie. Time for some pest control..."

Munchie looked down and sent out a large cloud towards Russel's feet. Most of the gas would dissipate after a couple feet, so nobody around him would be at risk of inhaling the smog. He held still as two of the Zigzagoon fainted. The third managed to get away. "Meh. Can't get'm all..."

Russel wasn't expecting any of the other trainers to talk now that they had left the lab, but he took a look back to see who else was still nearby while Munchie started looking at a pair of Starly circling above them. "In hindsight, carrying a pouch filled with berries might not have been my brightest idea..."

Eurydice had a big grin on her face. This Pokedex showed a lot of information. 66 pounds? You've put on some weight. She aimed the camera at Yani next, seeing as it flew near her and Heidi. The page for Yanma came up. I wonder if we could just get a pre-loaded Pokedex. It doesn't make sense to give everyone empty ones when we can go to the library and pull out entire books on a species? She wondered what would happen if they found a completely new species.

Finally, they got to the tall grass. Eurydice was rearing to get into it, and her Ponyta, picking up on her excitement, immediately sped into the nearest patch. A Pidgey flew up out of the leaves, angry at being disturbed. Her Ponyta slid Eurydice off before charging at the bird, trying to slam into it. Eurydice cheered her on, clapping and jumping up and down in excitement. It wasn't a pokemon she wanted, even though she made the mental note to look out for a flying type pokemon for the ground gym. Even if she was able to train Ponyta, the type advantage would be murder.

Morgan couldn't help but watch as the younger Willow departed, the mighty wings of her Pigeot picked up many a gust, blowing back his hair and clothes. Soon she was gone, and the group of trainers began dispersing into the woods, all eager to find new friends. Morgan was hesitant however, as it seemed he had encountered a problem.

"So, how will I do this? Can't really go looking for pokémon when the one I have doesn't want to listen to me." He thought. He sat along the tar road, opting to not step foot into the tall grass, not until he could think of something. Maybe he could tag along with one of the trainers he met? Maybe ride on their coat tails, picking up what they didn't...

Behind him, the sound of rustling grass was heard. For an instant, Morgan gave a thought that it might've been one of the trainers. That idea was scrapped. He expected some sort of greeting or reply, and didn't receive either. A hand began to edge towards his belt, ever so hestitantly. If Chase tried to run away out here, there'd be a chance he wouldn't find him this time. The rustling neared, and Morgan braced for an attack. He turned, caught a glimpse of the creature. It was a small, four-legged thing, a majority of its body covered in gray fur, while its face and snout was adorned with darker colors. It sniffed the air before looking towards Morgan, the sailor assuming it must've gotten a trace of his scent.

"Fuck, it's a Poochyena." He thought flatly. He's had one too many an experience with these types back in Hoenn, and last he checked, they usually weren't all that friendly. He unclipped Chase from his belt, and slowly raised it, a sign of battle. The Poochyena showed a look of curiosity rather than agitation, and continued edging towards Morgan. It wasn't growling, nor baring its fangs (other than the ones that protrude from its bottom jaw). Maybe it wasn't here to protect its territory or anything. Morgan lowered his pokéball, and held his hand out towards the pokémon, equally as curious as it. The poochyena sniffed at his fingers before stepping closer into Morgan's space. The sailor sighed in some relief.

"Hm, the Poochyena here must be calmer than the ones in Hoenn." He muttered. The pokémon looked up toward him quizzically as it heard its name.

Luckily for Erika, Kayla Willow appeared before that trainer and his Elekid got too close to her. Erika let out a silent sigh of relief and followed the woman elder to herself at a distance away from the electric type Pokémon and its trainer. After the brief introduction, Erika accepted her Pokédex and gift of six Pokéballs from the Pokémon Professor.

When prompted to leave, Erika followed Kayla Willow out to the first route. She didn't have any questions that hadn't already been answered or were just being asked by the other trainers, so she just listened to Kayla and started to play around with her Pokédex.

In a short time Kayla stopped them and issued the challenge. A small smile crossed Erika's face. 'I gladly accept your challenge,' Erika thought as she scanned the Pidgeot before it went out of range. After a bit of scrolling, Erika confirmed that it evolved from a Pidgey via evolution as a Pidgeotto. Pidgey was promptly added to her mental "want to catch list."

Not wanting to wait another second Erika dashed alone into the tall grass that group was in the middle of. Her bullheaded charge once again turned up a problem as she ran into an Electrike a fair distance away from the rest of the group. Erika came to a dead halt from mid run; she slowly tried to back away from the Pokémon she just ran into out of instinct. Erika was almost out of sight when a though hit her, 'wait I'm a trainer now. I shouldn't back away from a Pokémon out of fear.' A bunch of sparks became visible on the Electrike's fear and the dull pain returned to her lightning flower. Maybe I'm over estimating myself and should let Burtha out while keeping my distance.

Erika detached the sole Poké Ball on her belt buckle and pressed the center button, releasing her Swinub. Erika was about to command her to attack the Electrike before realizing that she never scanned her Swinub. "Hold still for a moment." Erika commanded as she pulled out her Pokédex and scanned her Swinub.

No. 551
image image
Name: Swinub
Species: Pig Pokémon
Height: 1'04" / 0.4 m
Weight: 14.3 lbs / 6.5 kg
Ability: Thick Fat - Ups resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.
Description: It has a very sensitive nose. It can locate mushrooms, berries, and even hot springs buried under ice.
Moves: Tackle: Normal, Physical.
................Odor Sleuth: Normal, Status.
................Mud Sport: Ground, Status.
Item: N/A
OT: Erika Park // 27718

With her Pokémon scanned Erika now knew its most basic information for certain. "Burtha use Tackle," Erika commanded and pointed towards the Electrike; the Pig Pokémon charged at the Lightning Pokémon. Erika quickly scanned the Electrike before Burtha made contact.

The Swinub caught the Electrike off guard, and sent the Pokémon sliding sideways through the grass after it made contact. The Electrike growled as a wave of electricity was sent towards the Swinub. The sight of the electric attack made Erika shake a little in fear. She squealed when it made contact with Burtha, before she remembered that electric attacks didn't affect her ground type Pokémon.

"Keep it up! Use Tackle till you win!" Erika shouted at her Swinub as it charged again. The Electrike was ready and dodged this time, once again sending out a wave of electricity towards the Swinub only for it to once again have no effect. The Swinub turned and used Tackle again, this time making contact and sending the Electrike sliding back once more. The Lightning Pokémon wimped a bit in pain before letting out a loud bark. Both Pokémon charged for the other, and met head on with their Tackle attacks. After they made contact both Pokémon rebounded backwards. A few seconds later the Electrike collapsed on the ground and Burtha returned to Erika's feet.

Erika knelt down to pet Burtha without taking a worried eye off of the Electrike. She reached into her bag and pulled out a Poké Ball. As she raised her arm to throw it she froze as the pain in her neck and shoulder worsened. No. Not now. It's too soon. I know I shouldn't run away since I'm trying to be a trainer, but maybe battling them at a distance is best. Maybe I'll catch one eventually, but I don't think I could properly handle it right now. Erika was awash with fear and self-hate as she returned the ball to her bag.

After rustling around in the grass for a minute or so, Alix could hear a familiar low growling coming from somewhere nearby. There were some Poochyena about. Alix remembered the little Dark-types being ferocious, when they wanted to be. Still, they were cute, in a sense. And easy to raise, according to some of her friends back home. She kind of wanted one, partially to see if her friends were right, and partially because, well, she liked them.

She pushed aside a thicker tuft of grass, and found one of the grey Pokémon chewing on what looked like a berry. Upon seeing the strange human nearby, the Poochyena jumped to its feet, its moment of docility vanishing. Its eyes narrowed and it started a somewhat loud growling. Alix set Matti down in front of her feet. "Come on, Matti... let's see how you do in a battle, eh?" she suggested, careful to keep one eye on the Poochyena in case it attacked.

"Togeh?" Matti asked, sounding concerned. He was smaller than the doglike Pokémon, and lighter in weight to boot. Alix was aware of this... just as she was aware that Extrasensory, a Psychic-type move, was entirely ineffective against her chosen opponent. She would have to rely on the random nature of Metronome.

"You can do it, Matti. Show him a Metronome," she told the young Togepi. Matti wasn't so sure about it, but he raised his arms and waggled them back and forth... then the movements got into a rhythm, and his eyes widened, presumably in shock. Then out of nowhere, Matti ran over to a tall leaf of grass and yanked it out of the ground. The grass straightened up, forming what looked like a long sword. Alix wondered how Matti found the strength to carry it.

Matti promptly ran up to the Poochyena and smacked it with the blade of grass. The Poochyena yelped and sprang back, baring its fangs. Matti dropped the grass and tried to run at the sight of the canine's canines, but the quadrupedal Pokémon was faster and caught up to him, smacking him with a short Tackle. Matti squeaked and tripped over, rolling inside his shell and coming to a halt at Alix's feet.

Seeing easy prey, the Poochyena pursued Matti... but stopped short at the sight of Alix, who was standing him back up and brushing dirt off of his shell. "You okay to get back in there, little man?" she asked him. Matti turned to face the Poochyena and raised his hands again. "Give him another Metronome, Matti," Alix commanded. Matti began moving his arms back and forth. The rhythmic motions started up again, and this time Matti's eyes narrowed. He charged the Poochyena, crashing straight into it and delivering a Headbutt to its flank. Stunned, the Dark-type whimpered and dropped to lie down on the ground. Either it didn't want to continue the fight or Matti had hurt it too much. Matti ran back to Alix, unsure of what would happen now.

Now was the perfect time for Alix to take a hand in the battle. She reached into the satchel at her hip, pulled out a Poké Ball and did her best to aim at the Poochyena before carefully throwing it. The small device bounced off the ground once before it hit the Poochyena and opened. A ray of red light shot out of the device and surrounded the Pokémon, drawing it into the Ball before it fell to the ground.

The Ball began to noticeably twitch. Once, twice, three times... Alix had her eyes locked onto the Ball as it wobbled back and forth. Then an audible click was heard. The Poochyena had been caught. And on her first try; Alix was a bit amazed that it had worked the first time. She picked up the Ball, looking at it with a little awe. Out came her Pokédex, which she opened and experimentally pointed at the Ball.

image#261: Poochyena Bite Pokémon
Height: 1'08" / 0.5 m.Weight: 30.0 lbs. / 13.6 kg.
Ability: Quick Feet(If suffering from a status condition, this Pokémon becomes faster in battle.)
Moves: Tackle, Howl
A Pokémon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted.

So apparently Pokédexes worked on Pokémon still in their Balls... that was new. Still, it was an easy way to scan a new addition to the team. Proud of herself now, Alix put her Pokédex away and picked up Matti again, holding onto her newly-filled Poké Ball with one hand. She made her way out of the grass and back to the path: just the one catch would be enough, she reasoned.

For someone who had spent most of their life in a city surrounded by a desert with a perpetual sandstorm and a forest shrouded in darkness, the feeling of being out on a wide open country road was a nice change for Robyn. There was nothing overhead but a blue sky and the occasional Flying type gliding on the breeze.

There seem to be a lot of those Flying types around here anyway. Robyn was actively scouting the local flora and fauna for Pokemon. She wanted to get off to a fast start and start assembling some partners for Nina, who could help take down the seemingly endless supply of Pokemon with the upper hand type wise. Plus, everyone was officially challenged by the tight-lipped younger Willow.

She ducked off the dirt road and went right into the grass, as quickly as she could. She wanted to get the drop on any Pokemon that might be sneaking around. Nina followed after, ready to battle, but there was no need. This particular patch was empty.

"Hmmmmm, gotta be some Pokemon around here somewhere, Nina," Robyn said scanning the area.

Nina stood up on a nearby rock, intent on looking with her trainer. When she glanced towards the trees however, she found that the watcher, was also the watched. A little brown Pokemon was standing up on it's tail, it's arm raised up similar to Robyn's. It was looking right at Nina. "Lil! Petilil!" she cried to her trainer.

Robyn looked over and saw the uninvited spectator, and smiled. "Looks like we have our first recruit. Let's go Nina!"

As the two gave chase, the young Sentret realized that it had been spotted and took off into the the trees, giving a cry as it ran. The bumpy terrain was hell on Robyn's knee. She had to be very careful when placing her leg down, which forfeited any advantage she had in speed on the Normal-type. Nina was doing her best to keep up, but her stubs were not built for fast movement.

The Sentret was not the best with orienteering however, and quickly found itself trapped in front of a very large tree. When it tired to go around, large roots blocked it's path, and that gave Robyn enough time to catch up and corner it.

Sentret turned, realizing that Robyn had halted it's escape. "Tret? Sentretsentret!" it issued as a warning.

Robyn was having none of that though, and now Nina had caught up to the party. "All right Nina, let's get ready to battle!"

Sentret saw it had no choice and immediately propped itself back up on it's tail, in an effort to make itself look bigger. "Sennnntret!"

"We can do that too. Nina! Growth!"

Nina stepped forward and focused on itself, growing slightly. She approached her opponent, in an effort to try and intimidate it. All that earned her was an attack, as Sentret leaned down and Scratched her atop her bulb.

"Don't take that Nina! Use Absorb!"

Nina started glowing and from the two leaves on the side of it's head, a red beam emerged and struck the unsuspecting Sentret. A lot of fight left with those beams. It couldn't even support itself on it's tail any more, falling back against the tree.

"Awesome!" Nina reached into her sweatshirt pocket and produced one of the gift Pokeballs from Willow. "You're mine now!" She tossed the Pokeball at the fallen Normal type and it disappeared into the ball, the energy matching the Absorb attack it had just been struck with. A couple of shakes followed, but the attack had done it's damage. The ball clicked shut at sat on the ground.

"Yeah! We did it Nina!" Robyn was ecstatic to get her first capture so quickly, and Nina shared her enthusiasm. "Lillil! Petilil!"

Robyn sat down at the base of the tree, to get her wind back after chasing her first capture through the wood. She looked down at the Pokeball now in her hand and back at Nina. One more Pokemon probably won't be enough if we're going to start taking on Gyms. Burgh had a lot of Bug Pokemon to use and they had ways of dealing with their weaknesses. So this Ground guy Kayla mentioned probably has a way to deal with Nina as well. As she thought about what else she could use to beat a Ground type, she looked up in the sky, and realized the solution was above her this whole time. Or at least it could be.

"Here Sentret, come on out."

Robyn released the button on the ball and Sentret reappeared on the forest floor. It was a little dazed from it's experience with the ball, but it recognized the person who had cornered before. "Tret! Sentretsentret!"

"Sentret, I know we just met, but can you do something for me?" Robyn pointed up into the branches. "Can you go up into this tree and see if you can't scare up a Flying Pokemon? You know what I'm talking about, right?" Sentret nodded. "I want to try and catch one of them, but I can't send Nina up there for it. Could you go up there?"

Sentret was still looking a bit miffed over the way it had been lost so quickly to this girl, but it gave another grudging nod.

"Thank you," Robyn smiled as she lifted the Sentret up into one of the branches above. "Do your best!"

Sentret ran up into the canopy as Robyn watched it disappear amidst the leaves. She was unsure if newest member of her team would be able to get the job done, but she didn't really have any other options. Her leg wouldn't allow for climbing like that and Nina certainly didn't have the limbs for it.

It wasn't long before there was a rustling sound heard above in the branches. It didn't last long before a cry was heard, and louder rustling. Something was falling.

"Tretttttttt!" Sentret cried in a high pitched voice as it fell. Robyn tried to move into position to catch her falling Pokemon, and she got lucky. As Sentret broke out of the canopy, Robyn was in position to catch the light Pokemon in her arms.

"Sentret, are you OK?"

Sentret sported a fresh mark on it's stomach, but looked up at Robyn. Any feelings of animosity were waning now that the girl had saved it from a long fall. "Sentret! Sentret! It buried it's face into Robyn's chest, thankful for the cushion she provided.

"OK, OK, that's enough. I'm glad you're all right." She held Sentret out in front of her. "You find a Flyer up there?" Sentret nodded. "Shoot, I wish I could get up there and get it."

"Tret! Sentret!" Sentret looked determined now, much different from the first time it went up.

"You want to give it another try, Sentret?" This question was met with another nod. "OK! I'm sure you can get it this time!" Robyn lifted Sentret back into the tree, and it dashed up for another attempt.

Robyn was a little more worried this time. For me just catching it a few minutes ago, Sentret really seems to be trying its hardest. I wonder if the bonds these Pokeballs create really is that strong...

The thought process was broken by more sounds of action in the leaves, lasting a little longer than the first clash, but again, there was a cry and the growing sound of branches breaking.

"Oh shoot..." Robyn cursed as she tried to get herself in position to catch Sentret again, but this time her hearing wasn't as pinpoint, and she her a thud on the floor behind her. Oh no. Oh no, damn it, please be OK Sentret. I'm sorry I put you up there again. I'm sorry.

Nina went up to the Pokemon now on the grass behind her. The fall did some damage to it and it was barely moving. "Lil?" She poked at it. "Lillil! Petilil!"

Robyn put her hands up to her face, not wanting to see what had happened to the first Pokemon she caught. Damn it, I knew it. Sentret got hurt bad, and it's all because I had to have a flyer. How could I have been so stupid? It's probably more messed up than I was.

"Tret? Sentret?"

Robyn looked up. Sentret was standing on the branch above her, looking down. "Sentret."

"Oh Sentret come here!" Sentret jumped off the branch into Robyn's arms. "I was worried about you! But then...what fell?"

Robyn turned around. Nina was poking what looked like a bird surrounded by cotton balls. One would think having such a cushion on it's body would prevent it from taking a fall like that, but the Scratch marks on it's face showed that it didn't have much of a say in the matter.

"Bluuuuu...," it eked out.

"Oh wow, that is...pretty hurt. We better get it some help." Robyn pulled out another Pokeball, and tossed it gently as the fallen Pokemon. It didn't put up a fight as it was absorbed into the ball, and clicked shut.

"Shoot, OK good work guys," Robyn complimented Nina and Sentret, "but I'm going to return you now. We need to get that Pokemon to a Center after a fall like that." Both Pokemon returned to their balls as Robyn looked back towards where she thought she had come into the forest. "Now let's see if I can make it back to the road without wrenching my knee up."

Heidi mentally accepted the challenge issued by the Willow daughter and started to look around the grass for Pokémon to capture. Yani flew close by, ready to fight when her trainer would give her a command. They searched for a while, finding a fair number of Pokémon for Yani to fight, but none that looked particularly interesting to Heidi for capture. Sure, she saw some double types, like Pidgeys and Spearows, and even some Budews, all of which she scanned with her Pokédex, but none which particularly interested her.

That is to say, until she noticed one that she'd seen many times back in Sinnoh. A Starly who was chasing after some Wurmples. While not a Pokémon she liked in particular, it was something she was familiar with. "It's supposedly a good one to catch if you're new in Sinnoh, so why not here?" she thought out loud to herself. The Starly stopped the chase and looked towards Heidi and Yani, tilting his head a little while he looked at them with a quizzical look. "You'll be mine! Yani, use Tackle!" Yani nodded. "Yan, yan!" She was ready to fight, and tackled the Starly who was, quite honestly, shocked by this ferocity towards him, but he wasn't going to go down without a fight.

The Starly got back on his feet after having been thrown down so surprisingly by Yani. "Star! Starly!" He answered with a Quick Attack, quickly flying towards Yani to attack her. The attack hit, and Yani buzzed upon the impact, then answered with a Steel Wing of her own. Heidi hadn't told her to use it, but Yani thought it wouldn't hurt to use one. The Starly was surprised by the attack, and fell towards the ground. Yani flew over towards him, and looked over him, seeing if he was alright. Which seemed to be the case because she got a tackle from the Starly followed by a growl. Yani buzzed away, flying towards Heidi.

"You did well." Heidi told her. The Starly was still up and about, flying towards them, but Heidi was quick to grab one of the empty Pokéballs and threw it at the Starly. It came as a surprise to the Starly, but he couldn't evade it, getting sucked into it via a red beam that came out upon contact with the button on it. The ball landed on the ground, shaking. Heidi waited in anticipation to hear the click, but it didn't come as the Starly broke out of it. "Dammit! Maybe I should have weakened him further..."

Thinking over her options, she sent Yani again. "Yani, use another Tackle!" Yani nodded and tackled the Starly again. "Now, follow it with another Steel Wing!" Yani did as her trainer wanted her to, and soon enough, the Starly was on the ground. Heidi threw another Pokéball at him, which again he got sucked into in a red beam, but this time with less struggle. The Pokéball shook a few times before a click was heard. "Yes!" she called and picked up the Pokéball. She let him out of it and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "I think I'll name you George. Seems like a good name." She giggled as the exhausted Starly just let this girl hold him in her arms.

"Oh! I'm almost forgetting." Heidi picked up her Pokédex from one of her pockets and scanned George with it.

image#396: Starly Starling Pokémon
image image
Height: 1' 00" / 0.3 m.Weight: 4.4lbs. / 2.0kg.
Ability: Keen EyePrevents the Pokémon from losing accuracy
Moves: Tackle. Growl. Quick Attack.
They flock around mountains and fields, chasing after bug Pokémon. Their singing is noisy and annoying.

"What? No. That's not correct. It's not noisy and annoying. Hmpf. Some info you are. Although the former info there would explain why you were chasing after those Wurmples." George only sighed and couldn't bother to do much other than be held. "You'll make a good addition to the team." Heidi said to him, which got a bit of a smile from him.

Alan quietly followed Alix and the others to the lab where plenty of other Trainers seemed to have gathered. He wouldn't have minded chatting with some of the others there, but Clay occupied his attention for most of the time because the Tyrogue's bad mood seemed to have worsened considerably. Clay trudged slowly behind Alan with a scowl on his face the whole way to Professor Willow's lab and all the way to Route 1 as well. It wasn't hard for Alan to figure out why either. He had promised to a race to the lab and had decided against it in favor of traveling with fellow newcomers to the region after all. Even Alan might be a little upset if it had happened to him.

Thankfully, Kayla had offered him the perfect opportunity to turn things around. He wasn't one to pass up a challenge, and her challenge to them to capture a Pokemon here in the tall grass would be no exception. A good battle would probably be enough to cheer Clay up and since Kayla had mentioned the Gym Leader Barret used Ground types, it would be good to pick up a Flying Pokemon and have Clay practice against a type he wasn't very good against.

"Alright Clay, listen up" Alan finally said, looking down at Clay. Clay looked back up at his Trainer, still scowling a little but obviously willing to listen. "Sorry about not having that race earlier like I promised. But now I have an even better way for you to train. Think you can handle it?"

Clay growled fiercely in response but Alan could see that he wasn't going to back down either. "Good. Now, we know that our next opponent uses Ground Types. That's not really a good or bad match up for you so we're gonna improve our odds by catching a Flying Pokemon. The odds are against you here so you're gonna have to push yourself to the limit. Are you ready?"

Alan could see the determination in Clay's eyes as they lit up and the Tyrogue began nodding vigorously, excited at the idea of such a fight. "Good, good. You have the right attitude when it comes to training at least... Now then, just gotta find a good bird." Alan said with a grin, turning his gaze up to the sky. After a bit, he spotted a tough looking little bird that seemed promising. He pulled the Pokedex out of his pocket along with a Pokeball and scanned the Pokemon.

image#276: TaillowTiny Swallow Pokemon
Height: 1'00" / 0.3mWeight: 5.3lbs / 2.3kg
Ability: ScrappyEnables moves to hit Ghost-type Pokémon.
Moves: Peck. Growl. Focus Energy
It has a gutsy spirit that makes it bravely take on tough foes. It flies in search of warm climates.

"Well, reminds of a certain other tough little guy I know. Think he'll be a good opponent?" Alan asked after reading the Taillow's information out loud to Clay. "We just have to wait for him to land now...." Alan continued, watching the bird closely until it descended into the nearby tall grass. That made Alan a bit nervous since the last time he'd set foot in tall grass, he'd been mauled by a Miltank. But he would just have to get over that if he wanted to get anywhere on this journey.

"Alright, get the drop on him. Go in and tackle him!" Alan commanded and Clay darted into the grass towards his unsuspecting foe. Alan heard the Taillow cry out in surprise as Clay crashed into him and threw him roughly to the ground. The tiny bird recovered quickly though and scrambled back to it's feet, letting out a fierce growl that sounded out of place coming from such a small bird.

The growl seemed to have caught Clay off guard too as he hesitated to deliver any follow up blows. The Taillow seized the moment and closed the gap between the two, pecking fiercely at Clay. The sight of Clay getting beat on by a bird that was half his size was somewhat amusing to Alan, but he knew that if Clay actually lost this fight it wouldn't be good for his morale. So tough for such a little guy... He'll definitely be a good asset for the team. And learning to fight against him will be a good lesson for Clay.

"Remember what I taught you Clay! You can't just use brute force to get you through every fight. That bird is quick so you have to be quick too! Use your Foresight to read it's movements and land a decisive blow!" Alan called out to the weary confused and tormented Clay. Hearing that, Clay began to focus on watching the Taillow. The next time he went in for a peck Clay managed to sidestep, throwing the Taillow off balance and leaving it wide open. "Alright, you know what to do!" Alan shouted, and Clay immediately followed up with another Tackle.

The Taillow hit the ground hard once again, but did not rise as quickly this time. Alan took advantage of this and tossed the Pokeball he was holding at it. A red light shot out as the ball opened, sucking the Taillow inside before falling to the ground and shaking for a bit. A few moments later there was a click which seemed to indicate that the capture was successful. "Alright, he was a tough one but you got him Clay! You did good, but I hope that this shows you still have a long way to go." Alan said, giving Clay a friendly pat on the head as he walked over to pick up the ball.

"Now then, we have a new buddy and sparring partner for you. Let's think up a good strong sounding name for him eh? I like.... Samson. Yeah, Samson sounds like a good name." Clay nodded eagerly at this. Alan figured that this would be good for him. He could plan out a training routine for Clay but he couldn't exactly spar with a Pokemon even if his arm were still in good shape.

Since it seemed like a good time to take a quick break, Alan made his way over to a tree by the road and sat down against it. Even something as simple as that was awkward though with the cast keeping his left arm locked in a bent position. "Man, I can't wait for this arm to get healed. It's so stiff...." He muttered to himself as he reached into his bag and pulled out two protein bars for himself and Clay, handing one to the Tyrogue as he sat down next to his trainer. "Here ya go. A little snack to celebrate a job well done."

"We'll rest up here for another minute or two and then move on. Gotta meet up with Kayla and show her that we did her little challenge."

Excited over getting a new Pokémon, Heidi started by putting George into his ball again. He'd fought well against Yani, and deserved a rest. Yani was as excited as her trainer, and looked around for more Pokémon to fight. Heidi and Yani took some time to fight a few Pokémon, a few Rattatas, Lillipups, Sentrets and Pidgeys were Yani's main pray.

They both sat down after a while and rested against one of the trees, Heidi a bit exhausted while Yani seemed to need the rest more. She sat on Heidi's head and enjoyed the mix of sunlight and shadow from the tree they were under. Heidi patted Yani's head who buzzed in delight. "You're doing well, Yani. And one day, you'll be a big Yanmega and will be able to carry me around instead of the opposite." She giggled at it and Yani buzz-laughed.

Heidi stood up and Yani flew back into the air as they both looked around for more Pokémon. As it so happened, they'd been sitting under a tree that seemed to be filled with Pokémon. Not just any Pokémon either. It was filled with Combees. Sparks practically formed in Heidi's eyes at the thought of having more Bug Pokémon on her team. "Sweet! Now if we could just find a female amongst them, that would be even better. Yani, fly around and see if you can't find a female Combee."

Yani buzzed as she flew up into the tree, looking around. Heidi picked up George's Pokéball as well, and let him out. She grabbed a Potion from her backpack and sprayed it on George, making him perk and liven up. Heidi smiled at that. "George, I'd like you to help Yani to look for a female Combee." she said as she pointed towards all the Combees up in the tree. George looked up, then nodded and started flying around as well. "Remember, a female Combee has a red triangle on the middle face's forehead!" she called to Yani and George.

The two Pokémon flew around, searching for a female Combee. All over they looked, but saw nothing but male ones. Until Yani spotted a female one and buzzed at George. "Yan yan!" Over here! George quickly flew over to her and saw the female Combee. They nodded to each other, than tackled her both at the same time. The Combee was startled, and fell towards the ground with Yani and George on top of her. The other Combees apparently didn't take well to them attacking their future queen and all went to rescue her. However, Heidi and her two Pokémon would have none of that. While Heidi ran towards them and grabbed the female Combee, Yani and George fought off the male Combees that attacked. Not that Yani was doing much good since their Gust attacks were taking their toll on her.

Once Heidi was far enough, she picked up an empty Pokéball and poked the female Combee with it. The two tackles from Yani and George seemed to have been enough to weaken it, along with the fall it had suffered. In her hand, the Pokéball shook and after a little bit, a click was heard. "Sweet!" She looked back towards Yani and George, and figured she'd help them now that she'd caught the Combee. She picked up Yani's Safari Ball and George's Pokéball and called them back with the red beams that came out of the two balls, then hid behind a tree. The male Combees were confused as to where they had gone, and upon not finding them, they gave up and went back to their tree, sad to have lost their future queen.

Meanwhile, Heidi returned to the path forward, happy to now have three Pokémon. All dual types, two of them Bug types and all three Flying types. That Ground gym was as good as won now. She reached into her pocket and picked up her Pokédex, then scanned the Combee's ball.

image#415: Combee Tiny Bee Pokémon
image image
Height: 1' 00" / 0.3 m.Weight: 12.1lbs. / 5.5kg.
Ability: HustleThe Pokémon trades accuracy for power
Moves: Sweet Scent. Gust.
The trio is together from birth. It constantly gathers honey from flowers to please Vespiquen.

"Not anymore, you will. I think I'll name you Eve. Seems like a nice name." Heidi mused to herself as she placed the Pokédex back into her pocket.

Russel and Munchie had spent quite a bit of time just poisoning any Pokemon that tried to go after them. Munchie seemed to be getting into the swing of knocking out the pokemon. It was clear he was getting stronger. Several Rattata, Zigzagoon and Patrats were going at his legs, trying to get to his backpack, smelling food. "Ok. First thing when we get to the next town... getting repels." he said.

After dealing with a Sentret, Munchie's stomach growled. "Oi. I imagine using all that gas must be taking a bit out of you. Maybe we oughta take a quick rest..." He noticed one of the trainers heading for a tree. "Well, that seems nice. A shady tree, and likely some berries up there. Whadaya think, Munchie?" he said, moving his shoulder to nudge Munchie. Gulp! Munchie seemed happy at the mention of a break.

He walked over to the tree, noticing the Tyrogue and his trainer. Russel went over to the opposite side of the tree so he wouldn't disturb them "Pardon me..." Once he was on the other side, he looked up at the tree, examining whatever was growing there. "Hm. Oran Berries. A nice find. Common in this kind of location." He set down his backpack, opening it. "Ok... there seem to be about 25 or so berries... but only ten of them seem ripe enough to pick..." He poked Munchie. "Ok, you can drop down nine, and have the tenth for yourself." He said, and Munchie nodded in agreement. Russel put Munchie in his hand, extending it as his up as he could, climbing a little so Munchie could jump to one of the branches. Once Munchie was off, he slumped back to the ground, opening up his backpack. Munchie went to the first berry, picked it, and threw it into the open bag. He then turned to the next branch, mustered up what energy he could and jumped to it.

As Munchie worked on harvesting, Russel, put his hands behind his head and leaned back against the tree, laying down. "Ok... so, you've gotten a bit tougher dealing with all these Pokemon. But the first gym leader is still going to have a type advantage, and probably be at a high level." He said, half to Munchie and half to himself. Munchie nodded, throwing down the fourth berry. "We can't just go forward and try to make him pass out with smog. And pound isn't going to get us much further, either. We can't win this in a straightforward fight. We'll have to outsmart them."

Gulpinpin? Munchie said, hopping to the next branch. "Well, I could get another pokemon... but I think we can do better at the lake. That's why we're going there first. Maybe we can find another strong Pokemon. And if not, we can get some last minute training." With one last *plop*, the ninth berry fell into his backpack. Munchie grabbed the last one, opening his mouth wide open and swallowing it whole, sighing happily once he finished it.

"Ok... come on back down." After a couple seconds, Munchie jumped down from the tree into the backpack. Russel went to look over, seeing Munchie try and pick up a second berry. "Munchie!" he said sternly. Munchie gave him a sad look, holding up the oran berry. "Look, if you asked, I would have said yes." Munchie's face lit up, once again eating the whole thing in one bite before Russel picked him up out of the bag. "But in exchange, we're going right back to training once I rest up. We'll go after some bigger targets. You aren't going to get any stronger just using Rattata as targets."

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