We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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After a decent amount of negotiating, Laharl managed to convince Flonne and Etna to return to working for him once again. So then they all left the planet, with Flonne leaving behind a pleasant goodbye note and Etna taking all of her stuff with her.

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Aww...Jean will be rather disappointed that she didn't get to say goodbye to Flonne...

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Jean woke up and went outside.

Flonne noticed Jean coming out and waved to her. She skipped over to meet her halfway and stopped in front of her. "Oh I'm so glad you showed up in time Miss Jean! I almost had to leave without saying goodbye."

"L-leaving? You're leaving already?" Jean asked, already sounding sad.

@All: Back....

Phoenix slowly wakes back up as does Katrina, but Katrina was already gripping the amulet back to Lore. Home... she thought.

"I'm sorry. I know we made plans, but my Lord is insisting that I return with him to his castle. And I really don't want to make him mad. Please don't be angry at me." Flonne replied starting to sound sad herself.

"I-I'm not mad at you Flonne. I understand. Thanks for sticking around long enough to say goodbye." Jean said. Then, after a moment of indecision, she scooped Flonne up and gave her a tight hug. "G-goodbye Flonne. I'm going to miss you." she said, shedding a few tears.

"Ohh! I'll miss you too Miss Jean!" Flonne said as she hugged Jean tightly back and started crying considerably harder than she was. "I'll try and come by and visit when I get some vacation time."
Etna rolled her eyes at the display, while Laharl turned around completely to keep from having to look.

"I'll be l-looking forward to seeing you again." Jean said as she rubbed Flonne's back, trying to get her to calm down.

Phoenix slowly got herself up and saw from a distance that Flonne, and Etna were leaving. She simply closed her eyes and relaxed.

"M-Me too Miss Jean." Flonne said. She started to calm down and smiled a bit. "T-That's the way to think about it, l-look forward to the future..." She opened her eyes and saw Phoenix off in the distance and took one hand off of Jean to wave to her.

Phoenix opened her eyes and saw that Flonne was waving at her. She started walking towards them, a little sad smile on her face. "G-G-Goodbye Flonne! Etna! I'll miss you two!"

Jean nodded, gave Flonne another squeeze, then let her go. She then walked over to Etna and hugged her, saying her goodbyes.

"Oh don't worry too much Miss Phoenix. I promise I'll come by and visit you and Jean someday!" Flonne said to Phoenix. She started wiping her eyes with her sleeves as she gave Phoenix a wider smile.

Etna was a little startled by Phoenix and Jean's affection towards her. What did I do to deserve this? "Yeah, well...I might come back and visit too. Only because this is the closest place with nice beaches though." She said, making no move to hug Jean back, or push her away.

Phoenix only nodded at Flonne and Etna.

"I'm glad to hear that. Look me up anytime you're here." Jean said, then told Etna where she could be found. She kept hugging her for a bit, then let her go, stepping away and wiping her eyes on her sleeve.

Phoenix stepped to right side of Jean and smiled alittle. "We'll see you guys... Later. Goodbye Flonne, Etna."

"Goodbye Miss Jean! Goodbye Miss Phoenix!" Flonne shouted. She walked over to where Etna and Laharl were and started happily waving goodbye to Phoenix and Jean.
"Yeah, see you later, I guess." Etna said with a nonchalant wave.

"Let's just get out of here. All these lovey feelings are starting to make me want to vomit." Laharl conjured up another glyph, and with a massive flash of light, the three of them were gone.

Jean leaned against Phoenix. "I really am going to miss them..." she said sadly with a small sigh.

Phoenix sighed as well. "Yeah... So now what do we do Jean?"

"Well...I dunno..." Jean said.

"Should we... be heading back to Than's mansion? For you know... Everybody to come back? Or..."

"Hmm...I suppose that is something we could do..." Jean said.

"Well... What do you want to do?" Phoenix asked.

"Well...it kinda seems that trying to hang out wouldn't be worth it, since there's only me, you, Tao, and maybe Crystal and Katrina." Jean said.

Phoenix nodded. "And I think... Tao, Crystal and Katrina will be leaving tomorrow probably..." a sad tone rang though her voice.

"Oh..." Jean said, sounding very sad now. "N-not that I don't want to spend time with just you." she quickly added to Phoenix.

Phoenix was silent for a moment. She turned to face off in the distance. "... I personally don't know what I'll be doing now..."

"Oh? ...Oh..." Jean said, her mood sinking even more.

Phoenix turned back to Jean and hugged her. "But. I wouldn't mind figuring it out... With you, since I don't know anything here."

"Y-yeah. I could totally help you with whatever!" Jean said as she hugged Phoenix back.

Phoenix kept hugging Jean. "Well... When is Than going to have the people come back though?"

"He's working on it. It's a very big task, you know?" Jean said.

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"I wouldn't know..."

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