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Katrina smiled. "I wouldn't worry about it too much. Been around, enjoying this little... bar pub thing."

"Oh yeah, name's Katrina Banks. Pleased to meet the both of you."

Puce looked up from where he had been preparing Katrina's meal and smiled as he placed it in front of her.

"Stuffed Chicken Breast wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon with a side of Fresh Roasted Parmasean Asperagus." Puce informed her.

"It's good" Responded Kurumu who already had her own plate

"Awesome!" Katrina hungrily dug in. "Soo... You two like barkeeps or something?"

Puce smirked for a second and nodded while Kurumu shook her head.

"Well I'm the Barkeep along with Hadrian, he's asleep in his room I think. Kurumu is a server and plays piano." Puce answered as he filled a glass with some White Wine.

"Before that, we were adventurers." She responded, obviously missing that lifestyle.

Katrina continued her eating. "Really now? Adventuring is always fun, I do kinda miss that as well."

Puce nodded and prayed that Katrina didn't make any references to any arrows or knees within the next breathe. Luckily she didn't and all was good.

"So you're retired then?" Puce asked as he took a sip from his bottle of "La Mort D'amour."

"We've kind of been forced on an extended vacation as it were."

Meanwhile Fenris was watching Jake and wondering if it would be alright to ask a few questions. He coughed, well... he mimicked a cough as closely to a cough as one could get if they had never coughed in their life. The effect sent a cloud of Deathclaw breathe onto Jake.


"You have questions, I have answers. I think I know where this is going, judging by what I've read, but go on. Speak your words into the aether. They become more real once outside one's head."

Natsuki was eyeing this guy carefully. He was a weirdo...


Fenris scratched the back of his head as he wondered what his first question would be. Would it be to ask this man if he was one of the Makers? Would it be to ask him if he could put to rest the question of the Deathclaw colony's origins and perhaps put Natsuki's troubles to rest or would it be...

"What manner of creature are you?" Came Fenris' voice.


"What manner of creature are you?"

"I am a human being. It's just that I have a power which extends into this dimension powered by creativity. Where I come from, I am normal, but my mind has such influence on other dimensions that I am something far greater in them."

He looked at the Deathclaw flatly.

"Now, are you also going to ask what you have not spoken, the sum of which I have just seen in the text, or are you going to dance around it all night?"

Last Post... for tonight

Fenris looked at the 'Human' in extreme puzzlement as he tried to put the square peg in the circular hole. Eventually however, he made it fit.

"So you are able to read my mind." The Deathclaw said in alarm as he tried to clear his mind of any and all thoughts that he could possibly be thinking. But he, being a Deathclaw, had never been any good at meditation.

"Very well... are you what my Deathclaw brethren call a Maker and do you know how this colony got started and why?" Fenris asked as he wondered absently what Maker flesh tasted like.


Instead of answering immediately, the Writer began to chuckle.

"Dear sweet deathclaw, you do not understand. The Writer who would be Jake does not read minds. He reads words, he browses passages, he looks deep within subtext to define meaning..."

Jake took a drink of his lovely-lovely Surge and immediately felt a terrible nostalgia for this incredible drink. He then returned his eyes to the hulking monster.

"In this world, my words have power, because I am one who breathes events and narratives into other worlds. Much as a god is responsible for me and everything around me, I have set in motion...certain things."

He now stood up, both drinks in hand.

"I do create and I do manipulate. My pen will cut through any sword, no doubt, even Yoruichi's Zanpakuto. I have made...alot of things. It is said that I have one of every kind of character under the belt. Not true, but I have so many that it is thought so."

He drank from both drinks at once, Two-Face style.

"It's a funny thing, Fenris. I do not KNOW how the colony here was started. The implication that it was Jack was started elsewhere. It is, however, possible for me to make it true, as this world is somewhat open to suggestion. That right there would be the power of post-modernism made manifest, creating the truth from fiction like a self-fulfilling prophecy."

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get philosophical with this man. He has taken numerous courses in his background and his use of such musings along with his writing and ranting on post-modernism could render the world very much changed...

Knife looks at Jake and rolls his eyes at his overly long speach. "Bloody self inserting, over powered author avatars." He mutters under his breath.



The Vessel thought for a moment but then looked up; the sun had jumped across the sky to a completely new place.

"Why does that keep happening?" She sounded worried.

"How can time flow so quickly? I'll retreat into my thoughts for a second and hours will pass. How on earth does that work?" There was genuine distress in her voice now but she shook herself getting back to the question she'd considered.

"I mean I can understand the feeling of creation I get when I write music but I'd assumed that the feeling of the gods were so much more complex. It feels weird to think of them as so relatable."

Katrina waved her hand slightly. "Kinda of. Being a DragonLord means being ready to protect the people in any time's notice, so adventuring has kinda gone to the wayside."

Puzzled Deathclaw is Puzzled

Despite the fact that Fenris was widely regarded as one of the most intelligent members of the colony, even his intellect has its limits. Another head scratch and another rumbling sigh escaped his lips as he tried to piece together the string of words that was given to him.

The Deathclaws, through the lack of proper tools designed for their hands, had never been artistic in nature or particularly literate. As a result, they had a hard time grasping such concepts.

"The implication is that you rule along side others, or rather your influence on this world is like a suggestion while other Makers suggest things as well. The sum of these suggestions is what occurs in this reality?" The Deathclaw hazarded a guess as to what this all meant.

"If it was not Jack, Natsuki's father, that started the colony, surely you know of his fate?"

So this isn't the first time...

Puce heard the words that Knife muttered as he sensed the energy inherent in the sound waves that escaped Knife's lips.

"I take it that this isn't the first time that you've met one of these... 'people'?" Puce whispered to Knife as he leaned over the bar to get close enough to Knife to hear him.

"Frankly, I think if these Writers/Makers/Gods/Authors were all this strange, I would hesitate to meet another one."

As Puce started a conversation with Knife, Kurumu continued hers with Katrina.

"So you're stuck on babysitting duty?" Kurumu asked as she filled up her glass with more Red before thinking of the last incident they had before coming to the Pub.

"As for us, Puce and I, we're sorta stuck here. If we leave through the Main Door back to our dimension, there's a rather nasty Demon waiting to eat us, as if there wasn't already a Daemon Prince after me..." Kurumu said, remembering her deal with Lucifer.

"But enough about that... where's your dragon anyways? Can't it turn into a human? I had a friend named Angie that could turn into a human... though she had to be granted a wish for that to happen."

Daytime, Rhino Cafe

Mark sat in one of the over stuffed love seats that was in the middle of the Rhino Cafe as he started reading through the posts that people had left in the Pub.

As soon as he started reading the one regarding the vessel, he braced himself for her appearance. Pausing, before he went to post, he stood up and ordered a Chai Latte for the woman, paying the $3.50 for it and waiting patiently.

A few minutes later, he sat down and started to read her words and hearing them as he read. This time she was seated next to him and talking.

"I have to apologize for the time and space skips that you've been experiencing. It's the only way that I can compensate for the delay between our communications. If I didn't do this, I'd have to wait until I got home to communicate with you. Since this happens, I can effectively communicate with you regardless of where I am." Mark stated as he offered her the Chai that he just purchased.

"The good thing is that the time distortions that you're experiencing have no physical effects on your body, I hope, but it might seem a bit distressing initially. I'm sure this will stop when you return to the Pub." He said as comfortingly as possible.

"As to being relate-able, I think that it's the best way to think of Gods. If you can't relate to a God, why do you worship them? Why should ever have to tell yourself that 'Gods work in mysterious ways?'" Mark asked, not letting the fact that he had no belief in God or Gods be known.

"Besides... I'm even hesitant to say that you are speaking to a God in the first place. I'm just a guy." He concluded simply as he sipped his Dirty Chai Latte with Soy Milk.

"Gods aren't lactose intollerant." Mark thought to himself.

Boogie nights.

The Jake tilted hit from side to side a bit, then took le swig.

"That's a close-enough approximation of how it works. And whether Jack started your colony or not is up in the air, held in uncertainty until he can explain it himself."

He now leaned against his table.

"As to his fate, I may as well say it since I know Natsuki's just feigning disinterest to listen in secretly... He's not dead. The Kadouclaw materializing mid-flight caused severe malfunctions, including with his ejection seat, so he made a daring escape from his vehicle by leaping out himself...and hitting a plateau by mistake. He hasn't responded because his suit took 100% damage and he's in the middle of Legion territory, kicking large amounts of ass. That's why he hasn't been back the last two years of Natsuki's life. There's a massive wall of men and a fair distance keeping him from getting there, and he's had to WALK the whole time."

Well at least he's still alive

Fenris paused as he looked at Jake and then over to Natsuki to see if she had registered the fact that her father was alive. He was relieved for Natsuki's sake that he was still alive. Perhaps she wouldn't have such a grudge against Fenris' "people" since Jack was still alive.

"That is good to know, Jake. I, for one, am relieved to hear that Jack is alive." He stated as he felt a pang of hunger once again.

Walking over to the gift basket of food stuffs that he had brought, he pulled out a few slices of cheese, some avocado, bread and freshly made mayonnaise. He quickly made a sandwich and began chewing on it.

"I hope he does make it out of this Legion territory safely." He said as he chewed.

A few moments later, the sandwich was finished and he began the process of cleaning his teeth. He looked over at Jake and pondered whether there was a writer above the writer and how many tiers up it went. So he asked.

"So as I'm talking to you, the man at the table is writing down your actions and thoughts. Is there someone above him? And if so, above him? How far up does it go?"

The answer to whether or not Natsuki was reacting was that she appeared to be putting her armor on now and checking all systems. She was career military. Now that she had received new intel, she was wasting no time in acting on it.


"That is good to know, Jake. I, for one, am relieved to hear that Jack is alive."

"Oh, I wouldn't kill him off. Wouldn't make any sense. He's Enclave's top-of-the-line in soldiers."


"I hope he does make it out of this Legion territory safely."

Suddenly, Natsuki chimed in even before the Writer could speak.

"He'll make it. I guarantee it."

"What she said."


"So as I'm talking to you, the man at the table is writing down your actions and thoughts. Is there someone above him? And if so, above him? How far up does it go?"

Even as Jake prepared to ask that, the man writing at the table giggled uncontrollably. There was also a "Mwa ha ha ha haaa..." type ominous laugh echoing throughout the bar.

"You are mistaking something here. I am not an infinite recursion of Jakes, a picture within a picture or a wheel within a wheel. I'm a stable time loop. the man sitting at the table is a part of me, writing. By writing about this bar while he's in it, he makes me and therefore himself happen, which in turn is a vicious cycle that keeps on going. EXAMPLE..."

Words appeared behind Jake as the seated Jake was writing them:

The Writer standing took a final gulp of his beloved Surge and Writer sitting let out a belch...

The Writer standing took a final gulp of his beloved Surge and Writer sitting let out a belch. The words then disappeared as the Writere standing took out a notepad and a pen and wrote down something else:

The Writer sitting was now wearing a top hat and a false moustache.

And lo, the Writer sitting was now wearing a top hat and a false moustache! Furthermore, the two aspects of the Writer when switched places And continued going on as if nothing happened.

"I'm aware that this is more than a little confusing, even more-so then you consider that I'm without REAL power back home."

Once again... dafaq? Last post for a few hours

Fenris shook his head in confusion as if someone had put a cellophane bag over his head and tossed it into a paint mixer. The act was nothing short of perplexing, as if watching an illusionist at work without the benefit of sleeves or fishing line.

"Pardon the expression but... the blazes?" Fenris asked as he looked back and forth between writer and subject as they transitioned between positions.



"I was guessing something like that, well my theory was more that there was some time going on I can't experience on account of this being a higher plane.

I'm not sure how I feel about humanising the gods. I'll have to consider these moments when I'm not taking so much in.

So are there other's here? Could you perhaps introduce me?"


"Pardon the expression but... the blazes?"

"Ah, yes, well... How do I put this?"

"Oh, just tell 'im. Stringing him along will just hurt more."

"Fine, fine."

Yes, there was a brief argument with himself there. Once settled, he returned to Fenris.

"By putting myself in the place where my narrative powers extend, I am effectively creating reality FOR myself by certain immutable laws. I am 'The Writer', therefore my power is in the written word. I do not see into your mind. I see the words of what actions transpired instead. That is how it works. By the same token, I am rooted to a form here, but the rules are fluid on it because I am capable of writing about myself, reshaping my existence in this bar because here I have an impact on reality. It's like suddenly walking into a world and discovering that its laws give you super powers."

Katrina shifted to face Kurumu with a smile. "Young DragonLords have to scout around. As for me, those days are long gone unfortunately." she finishes her plate and puts it to the side.

"Ouch... Tough break. Though I guess its nice to have this many people wander around the Pub, so its never lonely." She paused for a second.

"As for my dragon, he'd rather not try to shapeshift into human-form. Give him headaches he says. I've had him since he was a young hatchling..." Katrina experiences a little bit of nostalgia remembering those days.

"Pfft, count yourself lucky," Knife says (somewhat) quitely back to Puce, "Last time I met three of them, at once!" Knife shakes his head, as if dislodging his long distant memorys. "The only good thing that came out of that encounter was meeting Doug, funnily enough."

Meanwhile back in the pub someone else has entered

Two stars orbit her at around shoulder height. She glows with an arcane light. Her hair wavers in a breeze that shouldn't be there. She looks around; curious as to how on earth she'd ended up here. She looks out of the window before becoming confused.

"What time is it exactly?"

The two stars orbiting her fadded away.

The Vessel then The New Stranger

Mark looked up from where he sat in the middle of his living room now. He had a friend over and they were taking a break from watch Memoors of a Geisha.

"Hmm. Well this is my Friend Michelle Stadler." Mark said by way of introduction.

She said something that The Vessel didn't understand before Matk realized that he had to Translate.

"She says 'Hi!'" Mark said with a smile.

Puce looked up from his conversation with Knife and waved the newcomer in.

"Welcome, stranger comr on in. Food? Drink?" before he realized her second question.

"Reallu it's ummm... Well there's no time here."

Kurumu smiled at the thought of raising a dragon fom a hatchling.

"How'd you get him?"



"Tell her hi back from me." There was something slightly suggestive about her voice before a more innocent question.
"Does she know who I am? She looks a bit surprised?"

To the first question.
"No I don't thanks."
The second was less dismissible.
"There's always a time, there wouldn't be an always if there wasn't and of course there's an always, there always is." She spoke with a strange authority "Anyway if there wasn't time here then I'd have already been here before I arrived. Not to mention we're having a conversation.
Now again, what's the time?"

Oh the twisted tails we weave

Mark looked over at The Vessel with a hint of a frown before he turned back towards the young woman, blonde, dressed in the manner suggestive of an artist and began to talk.

"Michelle, this is the Vessel... that's the name she goes by... well she's from the Pub... The Pub as in the Role Play I've been going to on the Escapist. What? No I don't sleep with her... wait what? You're kidding right?" Mark sputtered as the girl walked out of the room for a moment.

"I just had to check my posts in the middle of a movie break didn't I?" Mark sighed as he leaned back on the couch.

Puce shook his head.

" We're in the middle of a temporal anomaly. Telling the time would be much like trying to tell the time in the middle of winter in the Arctic circle using a sun dial. Suffice to say, time only exists in a way that allows us to see a sequence of events within the Pub. However, when you go back out through those doors, you'll return to the moment you left your world." Puce said, a bit confused by his explanation.

"In other words, he has no idea what time it is because there aren't any clocks in Nexus." Kurumu stated as she looked over towards the newcomer.

"Well, when I was young, and studying an Academy, A local sect of DragonLords came around, presenting a dragon egg to the children to see if it would hatch. And I was chosen. Dom, my dragon, was sssooooo cute when he was a hatchling!<3" Katrina squealed slightly.



"What's a movie? And what's she saying?
I don't want to sleep with you by the way, I'm..." She tried to remember the exact word. "Homosexual I think's the word. Speaking of which who's your friend?"
The Vessel turns to the new woman offering a hand.
"So what do you know about me?"

"So what about powers that only work at specific times? Also how come you can look directly at me for so long."

The Door the pub opened to a overweight looking man with steel armour and a green tunic.
He grunted like a bulldog with every step he took on his way to the bar.
After getting on a bar-stood, he slapped his hand on the counter and shouted "2 Doom Equis! And don't gimme any of that Normal Crap, Doom made his own Brand for that very reason!"


If there was a moment that could be called absolutely awkward, it would have been Mark acting as translator between Michelle and The Vessel.

"I just showed her your stats that your creator listes for you. She says ... 'interesting'." Mark said as Michelle smiled at the Vessel.

With a sigh, Mark continued to act as translator.

"A movie is a sequence of pictures shown in sequence. If the sequence progression is fast enough, you get the illusion that you're seeing motion." Mark answered as Michelle unpaused the movie.

Puce shrugged as this issue had never come up.

"I suppose if it's all times and no time atthe same time then you're free to use your powers at will." Puce hazarded.

He nodded to the Newcomer the guest book logged as Doom and grabbed him his drinks.

[color=#CC8899]"Hey there stranger." Puce said with a smile.

As Kurumu listened to Katrina's story, she quickly started plotting on how to get her very own hatchling.

New Character Eh?

Hey There Diablo!

Took All My Sweet Time To Reply.. I'm Sorry XD

The pub's main room was becoming quite nice, modern even. Yoruichi had some sweat rolling down the side of her head, but she was so much in 'the zone' that she didn't notice the two new comers, or the interesting conversation everyone else was having including how godly this Jack fellow was with Writers powers and what not.

When she did decide to take a break, she turned and stopped with a poker face on. "Oh.. hmm Hmm!"

She coughed, then suddenly Shunpo right in front of Doom and placed a hand on her chest.
"Welcome to the Pub, here is Puce with your drinks as you requested." Puce didn't intend on giving the drinks to Yoruichi, but he didn't fight her for them ether so with that she just naturally took them from Puce and offered Doom the two drinks happily. She also looked at the other girl whom seemed to have fire for hair.

"Would you like anything miss?"


Caramel Frappe:

Doom was about to start getting mad drunk until Yoruichi showed up.
"Welcome to the Pub, here is Puce with your drinks as you requested.".
Those words went WAY over Dooms head as his eyes followed her hand as she placed it on her chest.
".................What?..." He finally said without his taking his eyes off them.

Caramel Frappe:




"Fascinating, it's an interesting illusion for sure. I wonder what the equivalent with sound is.
So how do you get the images? They look really life like?"

"If you've got ylem I'd appreciate it." She decided to try even though they'd probably not even heard of it.
She looked around.
It was a fairly quaint place.
"So who is everyone?"

"So who is everyone?"

Doom pulled himself away from Yoruichi cleavage for a split second as he head someone ask (In-Directly) who he was.
"You really don't know who Doom is? Doctor Victor Von Doom, Divine Monarch of Latveria, Ruler of Doom's World, Master of all Doom survey's, Resident Top Tier of Every EVO Completion since before records began!?" He briefly shouted before taking a drink of his own brand beer and resuming sharing at Yoruichi.

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