The Pub ver. 2.0: Meta RP and Character Workshop (Always Open)

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Captain Anon:
Just when you thought it was safe to go posting...

While waiting for someone to post at Wild Horses, Malkos the Deathclaw stepped into the bar, saw the Gunslinger wannabe, and immediately went into eviceration mode. The pounce was quick, the claws could rend metal asunder, and the creature was intelligent like those who support this bar. Bits and pieces of Woon go everywhere, and then the Deathclaw sat on the stool.

"I'm having a bad day with gun-toters today. Give me something hard."

There was some chuckling from the seat of the Writer.


OOC: fuck you Jack, Christ can't innocently roleplay in peace without someone butting in and fucking everything up.

David respawns, runs up and places a bomb on the creature's back, then jumps back and fires at it with his revolver a few times "catch me if you can asshole!!" he said opening the door and jumping out and teleports back to The Mall.

the bomb was right in the middle of it and probably wouldn't be able to reach it in time to stop the bomb from blowing up

"Well that's just rude." Knife says, drawing his MTS shotgun from the pocket of his jacket and shooting the Deathclaw in the chest, blowing him out the front door of The Pub from the force of the blast, mostly for revenge, though also to stop the bomb from ruining the bar.

David comes back a minute before knife Kicks the Deathclaw out when knife pulls out his gun David pulls out his as well and helps blow the creature out the door "thanks Knife man that thing was an asshole" he said putting his weapon away.

David walks over to the bar and sits down on a stool "so how you been my good friend? alls well at The Mall i hope" he said turning to the bartender "2 shot glasses, whiskery, kindly leave the bottle" he said taking off his hat and placing it down on the bar again

Now that was the most exciting thing to happen to her in a while.
"Did you have to do that? I thought it was kind of cute." She lamented the beautiful creature's departure.
What also caught her attention was the weapon.
"Lot of power and anger for such a tiny thing. What exactly is that?"

David turns around as he hear the woman talking to knife and him "i think she's talking to you mate" he says turning back around and waits for his drink

Nicholaus sat listening intently to the others as he wiped down glasses and began hanging them up.

Zero Rei calmly entered the Pub in quiet, unassuming clothes, rather then the usual grimdark attire xi chose to drape xirself in. Xi was looking for a bit of relaxation, having been worn tired in xir previous exploits, but at the same time xi was bored, somewhat adverse to long periods with nothing to do.

Xi leaned back in xir chair and called for a glass. Thinking of the first drink to come to xir mind, having never really ordered in a Pub before and being socially awkward as it was, xi cried out "Barkeep, a pint of yay-ger!"

Xi didn't know what a pint was either.

"Heh, well you know what they say about big things in small packages." Knife says, leaning his MTs on the bar. "But a pocket universe containing an exploding star helps too I guess."

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