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"Thanks Lucifer."Hellen said. She then drank the Whiskey, and went to her room.

Black woke up in her room and sighed to herself. Hmm....Maybe should have a look around here....surely there's something productive I can use my time on.....Or maybe not.... She thought to herself, then left her room. Black had a look around and found a room called 'Training room'. "Perfect...." She said to herself as she entered the room.

It's always nighttime in Hueco Mundo.

The answer to Puce's thought-question was in the form of a telepathic 'Because I hate that fucking song...' from Elsie while she had been probing Roy's own thoughts. Then, after she told him what was up, he confessed to have no idea how to deal with Abhoravoric Poisoning...before pulling out a strange gauntlet.

Neil: What's that, mister?

Elsie: Uhh, Puce? I felt that just now. If that gauntlet's going to bring even MORE trouble, you don't have to do it. We can figure something out. He's not dying (again) and he's not going anywhere, so don't do anythng foolish.

After rolling out of bed, Rex half-sleepwalked half-drunken stumbled through the halls to the Main Room and sat down next to Hellen and Lucifer.

"Yo, you two. Mind getting me some non-alcoholic?" He was still rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes.

I know that... it's just one of those statements of the obvious...

Mark looked over at Jake and made a quick confession...

"You know... I haven't actually thought what would happen if the Infinity Gauntlet were to be used and who or what would actually be pulled into the Pub if it were to be used. It could be Thanos... it could be the Sinestro Corp in the guise of Smurfs. Hell it could be Umbrella Corp for all I know..." Mark admitted. It's not like he ever put much forethought into the consequences of his actions in the first place.

Looking down at the monitors, he noted that Puce had put on the Infinity Gauntlet. As he did... each of the Six Soul Gems (Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality and Power) began glowing brightly as they sensed that they had a new master.

Puce felt the power of the Infinity Gems seep into his very bones as the Gems sync'd themselves with his mind and thoughts.

"Reality... it is mine to control..." Puce said, his voice sounding as if he was speaking through some sort of Godly microphone... and sure enough, Reality bent to Puce's will, dispersing the Abhoravoric Poisoning that was affecting Roy. Sure it was a cheap was to settle things but when you have a Gauntlet that allows you to become Godly... you use it when you have no idea what to do.

Pulling the Gauntlet off of his hand, Puce and his voice returned to normal.

"Eh... what's the worst that could happen?"

Dimension #980: Hive Fleet Rendezvous

In unison... billions of voices screamed out as one in a language that none but them understood for those who heard it were soon destroyed or consumed.

"[We have located the Gauntlet... prepare to breach the dimensional barrier...]" The Tyranids thought in unison.

Kurumu's currently face down ass up in Dragon Chow

Lucifer looked at Rex and nodded as he pulled out a bottle of Doctor Pepper imported from Mexico... that meant made with actual sugar.

"You know... maybe you should have some coffee too?" Lucifer stated as he placed a mug of Cuban Coffee in front of Rex, chuckling to himself.

"I'm guessing we're keeping this PG-13" snip

Rex takes the bottle and shoves it into his jacket, then reaches for the coffee Lucifer handed him. He suddenly turns and sees Kurumu's face buried in a bowl. He pauses for a second and slides the mug back to Lucifer.

"I'm going to assume she's drunk. ...You happen to have a camera on you, mate?

Black walks back out of the training room. " what to do...." She muttered, as she made her way near the bar and sat down on a sofa chair, closing her eyes.

After seeing Black emerge from the Training Room, Rex leaves the coffee where it is and heads off to it again.

Very interesting.


It is of course well known that careless talk costs lives, but the full scale of the problem is not always appreciated.

For instance, the words Puce spoke the words "Eh... what's the worst that could happen?". At the very moment that Puce said this, a freak wormhole opened up in the fabric of the space-time continuum and carried his words far far back in time across almost infinite reaches of space to a distant Galaxy where strange and warlike beings were poised on the brink of frightful interstellar battle.

The two opposing leaders were meeting for the last time.

A dreadful silence fell across the conference table as the commander of the Vl'Hurgs, resplendent in his black jewelled battle shorts, gazed levelly at the the G'Gugvuntt leader squatting opposite him in a cloud of green sweet-smelling steam, and, with a million sleek and horribly beweaponed star cruisers poised to unleash electric death at his single word of command, challenged the vile creature to take back what it had said about his mother.

The creature stirred in his sickly broiling vapour, and at that very moment the words "Eh... what's the worst that could happen?" drifted across the table.

Unfortunately, in the Vl'Hurg tongue this was the most dreadful insult imaginable, and there was nothing for it but to wage terrible war for centuries.

Eventually of course, after their Galaxy had been decimated over a few thousand years, it was realized that the whole thing had been a ghastly mistake, and so the two opposing battle fleets settled their few remaining differences in order to launch a joint attack on Hueco Mundo - now positively identified as the source of the offending remark.

For thousands more years the mighty ships tore across the empty wastes of space and finally dived screaming into the very heart of Hueco Mundo itself where, due to a terrible miscalculation of scale, the entire battle fleet was accidentally swallowed by a small kid..

Neil: Urp! 'Scuse me...

With the poison out of his system, Roy let go and his manifested power began to deflate like a balloon, almost.


Neil: Agh! Dad let off a stinker!

Elsie: Oh god, my nose!

Oops. Super-sensitive nose there. Roy emerged as his power retracted, leaving him disoriented for a moment, then looking over towards the other two, especially at the boy.

Roy: Neil...?

Neil: Uh huh.

Roy: Welcome to the land of the l- Okay, this isn't a living world here, but welcome to life, I guess. Why are you six?

The kid shrugged.

Neil: I dunno.

Elsie: Thank you, Puce. Should we head back to the bar? Before something else goes wrong?


"But what could go wrong, truthfully? Is it really as unpredictable as the author, Mark, had stated? What if there really was a signal from the gauntlet going everywhere?"






"Mr. Lister, sir! This is incredible! The hyperdrive of the Trojun is reacting to a curious reality wave distortion!"



"A curious emission from beyond time and space... Very well, then I shall track it down and make the universe...MINE!"



"Whoa man, The Cheat! Did you feel that? I think we're walking into something...Dangeresque!"


And so on...

Black opened her eyes, she looked around the room a little. "I still don't see the appeal to this places....then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....and I don't not behold that sort of eye...." She muttered to herself, then poured out a cup of tea and sipped on it. I should go soonish....I can't leave it to late....

I should go soonish....I can't leave it to late....

From the writer's booth, Jake happeend to hold up a sign - Wile E Coyote style - stating "Time has no real meaning here in reference to the outside world. There is no rush.", and then he resumed his usual tasks.

Black put her cup down on the saucer. "Thanks for the tip..." She remarked to Jake's sign. "But weaver time moves or it doesn' can still waste it...." She said, then sat back in her chair.

Rex walks out of the Training Room and waltzes in with a slightly dopey smile on his face. He gives a little wave hi to Black before sitting back down and leaning back in the chair.

bad things coming might need backup

*something doesn't feel right, i got to warn Prue and the others* goes over to the pub phone and trys calling Prue to see if he might need some help so he leaves a message "hey Prue i don't know how this thing works but oh well anyway the reason i called is because.....well i....feel a giant disturbance in time and space, something very bad and very big is coming your way send me your location and i'll try and get there as fast i can and i'll try and help as much as i can" he said as he finished the message and hang up and waits

Black woke up in the chair she had fall asleep in and looked around the room a little. she was about to get up but her phone started ringing.

She picked up the phone and answered it.
"Black here....who's calling..."
"Hello Black it's me Ron.....I was just checking to see how your getting on with things...."
"Fine...I'm just taking a break..."
"A break? where does someone like YOU! take a break?"
"I believe it's called a public house....or Pub for short...."
"Oh right....anyway back to the subject, I know you've been searching for her for a while now..."
"yeah...3 years...."
"Yeah....I know you haven't had my time to rest but we need to find Yomi and Yuu....before they find you...."
Black sighed a little.
"I know....I just have the terrible feeling Ron that...I'm going to have to fight one or the other...."
A large buzzing sound could be heard coming from the phone.
" put them over there.....we can't do that....Black I'm sorry but Ill have to chat another time..."
She said, then hung up the phone and put it on the table, she sat back in her chair and took a sip of tea.

Oh the forms...

Mark read the post Jake had sent him and chuckled in amusement knowing at that moment a Tyrannid fleet was on its way to rip Hueco Mundo a new one. However... due to the size of the fleet and the number of being being transported across the dimensional boundaries that separated the Hive Fleet from the Pub... it would be a fair amount of time before they were finished filling out the customs papers in triplicate.

The Pub briefly resonated as the hive mind sighed in aggravation simultaneously as they had to fill out a new form declaring their goods.

"Well the Tyrannid Fleet won't be coming for a while... customs paperwork can be a..." Mark started to say as the Pub's Main Doors opened up.

"Don't tell me they finished already." Mark said as the beings that opened the doors entered. However it they were humans... and this might be good... right?

For most of the Pub's patrons... it would have been good. However for the resident Angel and Fallen Angel... this was bad.

The men that entered were lead by a woman who carried a rather bloody looking canvas bag. The tips of Angel Wings could be seen peeking out of the bag's top. They were members of a Drug Cartel.

However... their drugs were not the drugs that you would typically see on the streets. They were made of processes Angel Body Parts and Bodily Fluids. Even the Angel Bones were ground into Angel Dust.

The Angel Hunting business had gotten rather slim in their dimension due to the demand... and now they were on the hunt for better hunting grounds... Heaven and Hell perhaps.

The woman sat down at the Pub and looked at Lucifer with a smug grin, her fingers resting on the pommel of a knife she wore at her hips.

"Have you got a clean glass I could use?" The woman asked as she pulled out a hip flask as Lucifer slid the glass over to her. The contents of the flask, when poured into the glass, appeared to be rather viscous and blood red in color. Lucifer... who had lead the rebellion and slaughtered a number of his kind, recognized the smell of Angel's Blood anywhere.

Puce nodded in agreement that it was indeed time to get back to the Pub and lead the group back towards the door to the Pub.

As they stepped through the door, they found Lucifer jumping across the counter, attempting to snap the neck of a woman who had her knife pressed up against the Devil's throat.

Planet ISO 9000's revenge!

"There aren't enough Tyranids in existence to actually handle Hueco Mundo. The sheer total number of Hollows that exist - just by counting it from Hollow to Hollow - is the total number of human beings that have died with unresolved regret or malice in their hearts to be Hollowfied since mankind was considered an intelligent being. Lower the number by virtue of the devouring and combining, of course, but it just means that some Hollows have more extreme power than others."

That said, an angel-hunter came a'calling and the Writer observed this for a moment with curiosity...and all too soon, Puce and company now returned JUST in time to find the Devil trying to kill a newcomer.

Roy: Do I want to know?


Elsie: Does it directly affect us?

"Probably not."

Neil: Can I have a cookie?

"Ask your parents."

Neil deadpanned at the writer. He didn't need Jake to answer every frigging thing. In any case, a cookie appeared in his hands, courtesy of Yoruichi.

Elsie: Seriously, though, I'm a fight-tastic girl and I don't even know why there's still fighting in here!

Don't Mind Me... I just watched Traffic

Mark made some sort of noise between a chuckle and a snort... and snuckle(?) at Elsie's remark since it was Yuroichi's responsibility as the Bar's Bouncer to ensure that shit like this didn't happen.

However... it seemed the Yuroichi was now Neil's Nanny.

"You know... I've always had this obsession with the illicit drug trade... call it a side effect of living in a border state." Mark explained as Puce pulled apart the woman and Lucifer, who had a thin line of red across his neck at that very moment.

"What in the Gods' names are you doing?" Puce asked Lucifer as the Eternal Adversary settled down, straightening out his tie.

"That C**T and her friends are Angel Butchers... and knowing them... they've probably slaughtered every Angel and Demon in their dimension and now they're looking to expand." Lucifer said... knowing the dark desires of men like the back of his hand.

"The Pub would make a perfect base of operations for a crew of Angel Hunters... a place with access to an infinite number of dimensions with a load of Angels and Demons in each one."

The thing about Drugs that have been made from processes Angel Parts is that, unlike their Chinese Herbal Medicine counterparts, they work as advertised. So a human who drank a large amount of Angel's blood could in fact receive the powers of an Angel ... at least until the drug wore off.


Jake read the post and snorted at Mark.

"I'm sorry, but... Oh here, let her explain."

Zwoop! Yoruichi was now standing near the booth.

Yoruichi: Which were you planning for me to do? Defend Lucifer from a slayer of angels or a slayer of angels from Lucifer? The way I see it, both should be thrown out after one kills the other.

Now, let's focus back on the group with Puce.

Roy: Uhh, question? Wasn't there someone in the bar already that had been fiddling around with angel's blood?

Mark nodded and looked over at Puce... and continued to nod as Lucifer looked at Puce with a look that could only be described as ... wanting to rip his intestines out of his anus.

"If I remember correctly Puce was feeding Dragon's blood to Hadrian. Of course there was this one time where Hadrian was also given a sample of Angel's blood. I'm not sure if the blood was farm raised Angels or Free-Range Angels however." The Writer said as he started thinking of Angels more like poultry than Divine beings.

"And if there was anything that I was expecting... it would be that my beer glass wasn't em... never mind." Mr. Marky Mark said as his glass was quickly refilled.

Lucifer settled down and looked at the woman who was now seated at the counter, drinking her Angel's blood all the while gnawing on some sort of jerky... let's assume the jerky is made of beef... even though we all know what kind of jerky it really is.

"It's surprising to see Lucifer here... since he was the first one that me and my crew butchered when we were just getting into the biz." The woman... let's call her April... said as she gave a rather glee filled smile.

"I had an Ex named April that swore she would rip Cupid's wings off if she had the chance."

Ah, the old blank snip treatment, eh?

"I was not aware that angels were raised like chickens. This poses far too many questions..."

And the explanation behind April brought up more that...forget it. Writer wasn't going into it.

Roy: How the heh you kill an angel?

Yoruichi: The same way you kill a Shinigami or a Hollow. You cut it apart with something powerful.

Elsie: Here's a better question. How did you kill something like Lucifer when Hell is so dangerous and unapproachable that even an Arrancar wouldn't want to go in there. I mean, I've heard tales...

Roy: Different devil, different hell. If there's a Lucifer in our world, he won't be nearly as killable as what SHE found.

You mean the Mark forgot something... erm... Treatment

"You know... I read this book called Vamped where the Vampire/Human population flipped... it came out before that crap movie Daybreakers... anyways... since there were so few humans left, they started using Stemcells to create the blood needed for Vampires to survive... though the actual human blood content was less and less. Think 15% actual fruit juice labels on juice and you've pretty much seen it. Anyhow... in that particular train of thought... humans were raised on farms for the ultra rich to hunt down and drain."

Mark paused for the moment as his new train of thought bashed through the line of what was safe and what was blasphemous... you people of faith have been warned.

"So... if humans can be raised like cattle. Angels can definitely be raised just like cattle... except you don't have to work about feeding or watering an Angel... they don't even have excretory systems." Mark explained as the scene panned to April responding to Roy's question as to how she killed and butchered Angels.

"Well this thought explain things." She said as she pulled a sword from the scabbard on her back. It was a broadsword type of number that had a pommel and hilt fashioned to look like intertwined snakes. The blade itself was an unnatural shade of red.

The blade looked familiar to someone in the room because it was his sword... It belonged to Lucifer.

"Yup... this baby here has gutted over 1,000 Angels... of course that's not including the ones that YOU killed Luci."


The Writer didn't say a damn thing about Mark's line of questioning. All he could think of was that 'Vamped' rang a familiar bell for some reason. Meanwhile, we have April answering by way of showing off a certain sword.

Roy: I...think we have established by now that this Devil holds no relevance to your Devil, your hell, or your stock-in-trade. This one opened a nightclub, apparently.

Neil: Mom, why's she killing angels? Aren't they good?

Elsie: I dunno. Supposedly, I'm evil, according to Shinigami.

She decided to pose this to the angel-hunter, seeing as how she wasn't trying to listen in on Writer conversations.

Elsie: Why ARE you hunting and cultivating angels? Are they really that bad?

Just then, the door opened and a man in a trenchcoat walked in.

"Angels? Bleedin' scary buggers when they wanna be. Strutting around 'cos they're close to god, many times so full of arrogant, tunnel-vision'd, hubris that you want to slap one just so's you can see the look of shock on 'is face on account of not believin' that anyone would ever DO that."

John Constantine, everybody!


Prior to John Constantine's Entrance

April turned towards April with a smile... though not a particularly comforting or warm smile as she sheathed the sword back in its scabbard.

"For the money, love. You see... where I come from, people can't get enough of Angel drugs. About 99% of the population in my dimension is a junky and so my crew and I... we're just cashing in." April said with that same grin on her face.

"But my crew and I love the rush hunting down Angels... fallen and not. The Hunter continued to state as she ordered a drink... a normal drink.

Enter John Constantine

April turned towards the door and her smile got even bigger.

"John FUCKING Constantine." She stated as she got off the stool and walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him and probably to his surprise, gave him a kiss that made it look as if she was a bit more than familiar with him.

Mark looked over at Jake and smirked.

"Alternate Dimensions? Alternate John Constantines. Mark said with a smile of his own.


"So it would seem..."

Definitely to his surprise, though the funny part...? John's presence was a surprise even unto the Writer. Still, when April pulled away, we do indeed have a surprised Constantine.

John: Steady on, girl. I only just walked in.

Not that he was complaining, of course. The Writer now walked up to him.

"Hang on, lemme handle something. John, what're you doing here?"

John: Well, they say the Devil an' the Wandering Jew meet at a certain tavern every now and again. There's the Devil. Are you a Jew?

"I'm Catholic."

John: Well, nobody's perfect.

"Seriously, though, John. What reason do you give for being here?"

Here follows an explanation in which John toasts Alan Moore.

"Me-Dammit, ENOUGH! Why...are I didn't send for you."

John: I'm in 'ere for completely legit reasons. A smoke an' a drink an' to take the piss out of Old Scratch.


Mark was quite grateful that it was THAT Constantine that Jake was talking about and not the "Whoa... I know Kung Fu... EXCELLENT!!!" Constantine. However there was still more unanswered questioned that needed to be asked.

"So... this is NOT someone that you called up?" Mark asked Jake

"And he's just showing up for a drink? He heads to literally NOWEHRE to get a drink?"

Of course, Puce and Kurumu, having no idea who John Constantine was sidled up to the Bar and asked the man if they could get anything to drink.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" Puce asked before asking.

"And who is this Old Scratch?"

ConstanTYNE, not ConstanTEEN.

"Well, you know how you get characters that talk through you and act according to their will? There is...a tendancy for characters not of your own creation to have even more free will because you did not write them. John was created by Alan Moore and then continued unto his own comic book under a long series of different writers, plus he's aware of that problematic existence which is - as he puts it - 'the bad craziness'. You understand..."

Plus, he's John. What can you do? Anyway, he looks Puce over and then nods at him.

John: I'll have me a pint and a dab of whiskey for afters, and gimme 40 Silk Cut if you've got any ta' spare.

His preferred cigarettes, for all those following along.

John: An' of course, I was referring to the Devil in our midst. Not exactly the same bastard as where I come from, but you note the signs pretty quick.


The Pint was poured as was the whiskey. Cigarettes were pulled from the shelf and placed in front of John before Puce settled down to watch the interactions between Lucifer, John and April. Whatever was going to happen, Puce would try his hardest to ensure that nothing major was going to happen... like dimension ending major.

"There you go, John was it?" Puce asked as he observed the newcomer known as John Constantine. He didn't look like much but of course... looks were everything.

"I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting this John... and I have met many Johns." Lucifer stated though his choice of words could have been chosen much more wisely.

"I'm sure... I've heard you're polite enough to give your Johns a reach around." April says as she settles into a bar stool next to John and orders a scotch... neat with a drop of something special... they didn't have many dragons in their realm.

At the Writer's booth, Mark sat there amused at Jake's explanation of how differing Writers can have a varying effect on a continuum.

"That would be amusing to have people trade off characters for an arc... just to see how the characters react." Mark mused as he thought about various "bad craziness" situations that could happen in one of many continuities that he was apart of.


With John, one can never tell. This could be indeed him simply stopping off at a pub...or he could be having that one last drink before the end of the world. I mean, what has John faced? Demons, angels, mythical beings and lesser gods, ghosts, a massive empathy curse, vampire-succubus hybrids that eat anything with pheramones, raw madness incarnate, a fear machine, a wounded room, the Laughing Magician, a muti-using warlord, the ice man, a Xanatos Gambit that led him into prison, actual romps through hell, cyberspace, and the Beast of Eden.

But given that John just chuckled at April's joke, he must be doing alright for now.

John: Cheers. John Constantine's the name, dealing with the sleazy magic underground is me game. If it's ever pulled a supernatural wobbler, I've tangled with it, whether I'd like to or not. F'rinstance...this pub.

He gestured to it after taking a drink of his beer.

John: S'not a place I came to by design. Happened on it, buggering all through the back of me head with a psychic buzz. Didn't know what was inside. It was like a present at Christmas where you shake it around and know there's somethin' in there, but ya can't tell what until ya open it. Strange presents too. Devil and an angel hunter, a family with holes in...'cept the kid, and a pair a' blokes talking reality manipulation like we can't 'ear it from across the room.

Meanwhile, across the room...

"He's onto us..."

Shaking his head, Jake answered to the thing that Mark said then.

"I wouldn't go TOO FAR with that. I use to roleplay as Deadpool, and he attacked me while I was writing up the profile so he could do it himself."


Mark nodded to the reference that John was onto them.

"Of course he's onto us. The way we've been talking I'm surprised that half the Pub isn't trying to beat our faces in what with each of us have probably done to our characters in other verses and write ups, role plays and cooperative narratives." Mark said as he picked up his glass of beer and spat it out as he found that someone had changed the beer to piss.

A quick look over to the bar was all it took to locate the culprit: Lucifer. Probably pissed that he had summoned a bunch of Angel Hunters and Drug Peddlers to the Pub, not an environment particularly conducive for a Devil on Vacation or one that was trying to keep an eye on an investment that he had made earlier... or he was paying Mark back for that rather off hand comment about reach arounds that Mark had made through April's mouth.

"Blech... I'm not surprised given his rather flagrant use of breaking the fourth wall." Mark said before the events in the Pub proceeded.

Puce looked over at Mark and Jake and rolled his eyes. The way Jake was talking, he certain he was a writer just like Mark, whom he had met in a much earlier adventure in his life.

"They're from a dimension where they hold no real power, yet when they travel to a subdimension that's attached to theirs, they hold some amount of power... just as the ability to cause all sorts of improbable events to occur all at once.

And suddenly... an idea was spawned... not in the mind of the Writers, nor in the minds of any of the established cast of characters... rather... in the mind of someone who made a living hunting beings of power and serving them up to the masses in powder or injectable form.

[color=deepskyblue]"So... tell me more about there writers." April asked, her voice crooning as she said it... much to Kurumu's annoyance. A question could be asked... but in a manner that took advantage of a man's natural weakness? That was just uncalled for.

First, the imprisoned Pols Voice, last Stalfos...

Jake looked surprised at the beer-piss thing, then Massacre chimed in.

"I don't do such crude things myself. I just prefer to kill."

"It's okay. I get better."

In the meantime, April did not have an affect on the Writers, of course, nor Roy because of obvious reasons. John, however, was just fine with this. They weren't HIS writers.

John: Seen the like, myself. A bloke fancies himself a decent maker of chapter an' verse, decides to start creating. Somewhere below 'is frame-reference, a world forms and joins with everything else on its level, where compatible, sort of like a Dreamverse only it's composed of narrative and plot device rather than wishes and nightmares, per se. Worst type is the one that lives in the dimension he's governing. Whatever he wants to happen, he forms it into reality faster than you can say 'post-modernism'.

Empowered Writers and Authors were, in fact, living avatars of post-modernism. Reality became malleable to their fiction...which soon becomes reality. John lowered his voice, though.

John: Dunno what makes 'em tick, though, love. The one I handled was human, through an' through. Gave 'im a smack around before anything witty came ta' mind."

And so?

Mark looked up, as he grabbed a different glass and sniffed it before taking a nice long swig of the beer. It stayed Beer.

"The thing about this Lucifer is that he's rather out of touch with being his evil self. He was all for his mission and down for the cause when he was supposed to be the Arch Nemesis of God Herself... but you know how eternity goes. Eventually the job gets boring and you go on vacation. The longer you go on vacation... the rustier your work related skills get. He can't pull a decent prank to save his life." Mark said as the spotlight returned to the patrons seated at the bar... sitting there... drinking as if they were waiting for something... perhaps Godot? Here's a hint... Godot never shows up.

April looked over at John with a smirk. He was thinking small time. Sure these Authors or Writers were human in their own realm and frail enough... but step into a world that they controlled... they might as well have been called Gods. There must have been some sort of biological process at work or neural pathway in the mix... kind of like how Superman derived his power from a Yellow Sun.

"If they're human in their own realm... perhaps... that's the best place to hunt them down. When we bring them into our world, and they develop the power to bend reality to their wills. She stated eying Jake and Mark with desire... for more money than anything else.

Godot prefers coffee, right?

"Has he gone native like Caliban?"

The Writer made no attempt to establish what Caliban he was talking about, only to hint that it wasn't the one working for Darkseid.

John: "Aye, that's the rub", love. Once ya got 'em, ya gotta figure out what makes 'em go. And once they're in a place of power, killin' 'em gets alot harder than angels.

Quite a bit more than snorting the ground up bones of Saint Nick.

John: 'Ere's the real question. Say you grind 'im up and serve up whatever give 'em their power. Who do ya sell it too? S'not angel power or demon power. By that right, it's gods. The buyer could smite you, get the money back, and Bob's your uncle a new Writer is born.

He wasn't being a cynic and a nay-sayer on purpose. John had seen fair number of ladies killed or hurt along the path in his life, many times his fault and some of them with ambition being their curse besides. He understood she was experienced and even formidable with that sword, but there's limit to everyone's capabilities.

Godot? Nah... He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink, He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink... *Punches self in the FACE*

Mark looked over at Jake and shrugged.

"You know recently authorities confiscated a shipment of pills that were headed from China to Korea. They, of course, were labeled as herbal supplements, however on analysis, they found nothing herbal about the powder that was inside said pills. The pills contained the powdered remains of dried aborted fetuses. Needless to say there was an outrage, however there were many people that were willing to step forward and swear by those pills effectiveness..." Mark said as he ordered a plate of dumplings.

As he was doing this, he listened in on John's conversation with April before he opened his hatch to Jake.

"You know that John's forgetting the first rule of Drug Peddling or Weapon's dealing... save the best shit for yourself." Mark said as the plate of dumplings arrived. Picking one up with a pair of chopsticks, he looked at the translucent pinkness of the flesh inside the dumpling before he tossed it under the table to a waiting Chihuahua.

"I figure, if I'm going to be here for any extended period of time... I might as well bring the Dog. This is my dog Buster..." Mark said as he looked under the table to see the Chihuahua sniffing the dumpling curiously before mowing down on it.

It was at this moment that a series of events unrelated to the Pub, but involving it all the same occurred.

Looking down at the security cameras, Jake and Mark saw a view of the birthing chambers where Lilith was in the process of repopulating the Deathclaw Colony under the Pub. It wasn't the sort of the thing that most people would choose to watch but the Matriarch's safety needed to be assured. A portal opened up next to her and a radioactive shock wave, sensors would have registered the blast as having come from a 1 Gigaton Nuclear Warhead, blasted into the chamber where it was quickly swallowed up by a second portal.

Looking curiously at the second Portal, Lilith did what any rebellious Deathclaw raised in the Really Wild Wastes would have done. She walked into the portal to see where it would go and was soon followed by her Cousin Jac.

The second thing that occurred was that Lucifer was now in possession of a rather official looking legal document. He looked over at Mark and grinned widely before placing the document into his jacket pocket.

"I hope I got something good for it..." Mark said knowing that there would be only one reason why Lucifer would be carrying around a legal document and looking at him in that sort of "I've got you now" fashion.

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